Suburgatory (2011) s02e10 Episode Script

Chinese Chicken

In high school, there's practically no limit to the number of things you can try your hand at.
In a surprise move, I had recently signed up for liking Ryan Shay.
A year ago, I would've looked over there and thought, "what a bunch of dumb jocks.
" And now I look over there and think "Hey, Ryan.
" I think this whole adoption thing has really helped humanize him, you know, like when we found out about Dave Thomas.
Suddenly his frozen dairy dessert tasted bittersweet.
Good day, Miss Altman.
Keeping it tight, I presume? What's wrong with you? I didn't know if people at school were supposed to know about us or not.
Know what? About our love and how tender it is.
Don't be weird.
I don't care.
You hear that, Chatswin? She doesn't care! Tessa and I aren't embarrassed to express how tender our love is.
It's extremely tender! Yeah! Congratulations, Tessa.
I had no idea things were so tender between the two of you.
No one in their wildest dreams expected you to snag a football player.
It would be like that runner with no legs winning the Olympics.
Listen, you're a football girlfriend now.
And we're going to look past your negativity and smugness and embrace you, because that's what football girlfriends do.
You can shadow me till you get the hang of it.
Don't worry.
You're in good hands.
Amber's trained some of the best football girlfriends in the field.
You should put that on your college application.
Why would I go to college? I've already met my future husband.
From now on, before signing up for things, I should remember to read the fine print.
Look at that fine print and look at the D.
, George.
Just look at it! This printer is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I met garry Shandling.
With this printer, I can finally print people's dreams come true.
But this isn't my dream, right? Don't be silly.
You're a monarch.
See how lush and saturated you look, George? Even Yakult said you look saturated.
Thank you, Dallas, this is very sweet.
- I appreciate it.
- Should we start cutting the tabs? I have to go meet Noah.
- George? - Huh? What is that? Oh.
That's just some files and stuff.
They don't look like files.
They look like more of my flyers.
Yeah, that that that's what I said.
Sometimes my Southern accent comes out from my semester in Charleston.
Honey child.
They just made it so damn hard.
This is where we bake the treats for the goody bags that we give to our boyfriends on game day.
We don't do it for the thank-yous because they don't say thank you.
We do it because it's tons of fun.
So this is where we do our boyfriends' homework so they can focus on practice.
So we do this for the thank-yous? Tessa, no.
There are no thank-yous.
We do this because it helps our guys to concentrate on victory, and over time, their victories will start to feel like your victories.
And that's it's own reward.
You'll see.
And this is the pep rally nerve center.
Looks like a sweatshop.
We call it the devotion pit.
It's where we make the T-shirts, banners, and miscellaneous sundries that express our love, loyalty, and allegiance.
So you girls are basically mindless servants struggling to uphold outdated gender roles? Now you got it.
And the longer you serve, the louder you cheer.
You'll see.
It's Derek.
Let's go, Derek! Way to dial that phone, baby! Good phone answer, Joan.
Derek may have been into it, but some people find relentless cheer-leading Stifling.
You know, to to me, each one of those flyers might as well say, "I judge you, George Altman.
I judge you for not being successful enough.
" Dallas is judge-y.
She is.
When she met me, I was not a skylight king.
Look, if you're the skylight king, then she's the queen.
All right, and that, my friends, is what they all want.
They want status.
They they want stability.
They do.
Why do you think I became a dentist? I could've been anything.
Have you ever seen me on the uneven bars? He's like an eagle with arms.
And two legs.
And a monkey's face.
He's like a monkey.
It doesn't seem fair that they can thrust these roles upon us.
Forcing us to build miniature cities in our basements.
I'm building a miniature city in my basement.
- It's actually pretty cool.
- Okay.
Forget skylights.
If you could start any business right now, what would it be? I'd be in the business of rocking.
Ooh! Bad boy.
I was in a dad band a few years ago.
I played the bass guitar.
Slapped her silly.
Named her Rhoda.
I'm a big fan of that TV show.
Loved it.
Never missed an episode.
Guys, we're dads dads who rock.
Why is it we are not rocking out together? - I don't know.
- That's a good question! Then what say ye? Dads, shall we redefine who we are and define who it is we want to be? Yea, verily, shall we do something that our partners can't control or dictate? Shall we call our band "Sheila's Pets"? No, Fred.
No, we shall not.
That is a terrible name.
So how are you and the football girls getting along? Great.
I knew you'd hit it off.
Amber's had a really interesting journey.
She always wanted to date Renaldo, our tight end, but she used to be fat.
Then she lost a ton of weight and then they hooked up.
Yeah, that's really interesting.
Yeah, it is interesting.
It's interesting and it's inspiring.
Really inspiring.
Yeah, she's got a great story.
Ah, that reminds me, I'm supposed to give Renaldo a noogie at 12:45.
I better go.
So wait.
Did you actually think that girl's story - was interesting? - Nope.
So why aren't you being honest with Ryan? Okay, you know how sometimes I can be a little negative or smug? - Preachy at times.
- Right.
- Soapbox-y.
- Okay, Lisa.
I'm I'm trying not to do that.
I'm just trying to be supportive.
Well, I guess conformity's a small price to pay if you want to date a big, beefy football player.
So what, football's a better sport than lacrosse? Yes, Malik.
Ignore him.
Maybe this is what it means to be dating Ryan, right? You know, some people's physiques lend themselves more to lacrosse, which which is a lot harder than it looks.
You are embarrassing yourself, Malik.
No, you are.
Fawning over football players? I'd like to see one of them make a fast break while maintaining his cradle.
Nobody knows what you're talking about, Malik.
Do you want to go sit No.
Eat your food.
Don't cause a scene.
Okay, so tonight we're working on the giant paper banner that the team will run through at the pep rally.
Typically, we work with puffy pens and glitter, but if you want to try something else Don't.
It's best if you just stick with the puffy pens and glitter.
I love your enthusiasm, Tessa.
All right.
You got this? I've played my fair share of "rock band.
" I'm talking four stars for "Black Hole Sun" on "Expert," brosef.
All right, not bad.
Getting funky now.
Funky? I'm gonna funking funk the funk out of Rhoda tonight.
Rhoda's a filthy lady.
This is pretty sweet, guys.
Pretty sweet.
I have to say, it felt good to finally tell Sheila I found a deer tick and had to run to urgent care.
Okay, I I hereby declare the first rehearsal of full-on Fatherly Assault or Fathers of Mass Destrocktion in session! Yo! I see.
So Sheila's Pets isn't even on the ballot.
No, and and since we're talking about it, I'm also vetoing the "Chickity China" song from the set list.
- What?! - Yeah, that's not the name of the song, and no one wants to sing it.
Nobody wants to sing about Chinese chicken? - I don't.
- N neither of us do.
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken Yes, I'm familiar with it.
Still a no.
Sit down.
Let's do this.
Here we go.
- Is that a frog? - What? Are you are you drawing a frog on the banner? You're not you're not supposed to.
I just know how to draw them, so Yeah.
I would I would just stick to the letters, because if we draw pictures, the players will stop and look at 'em instead of Destroying the artwork we spent all night making? You seem a little bit on edge.
If you snip the tip, you can catch a buzz.
Makes the night go faster.
I know another way to make the night go by faster.
Know what it's called? Going home! Tessa.
Keep your voice down.
What's that? Oh, you think it's dumb we can't draw frogs? I agree! I I never I I never said that.
Come on! I'm sure there's all sorts of things you girls wish you could do, but you can't, because you're here.
You know what's better than being here? There's nothing better.
She's drunk.
I smell alcohol on her breath.
Well, it's called Going home.
I didn't want to get on a soapbox, but I am on one.
Girls, your needs are just as important as a football player's.
Look at Stephanie here.
She's hungry.
She wants to go out for a slice.
How did she know that? And you.
What's your name? I'm Derek's girlfriend.
What is your name, child? I want to say Joan.
I bet you do.
You look like a Joan.
And what about that girl over there with the bloody Jersey wrapped around her hand? Shouldn't she be seen by a doctor? Sean says it's in my head.
It's not in your head.
You are bleeding from your hand.
She should be in urgent care, and we should all be at home watching TV.
It is 9:30 on a Wednesday night, and there has gotta be something good on.
I'm going home to watch it.
Who's with me? Day after day I'm more confused and I look for the light through the pouring rain you know that's a game that I hate to lose and I'm feeling the strain yeah, ain't it a shame? Oh give me the beat, boys, and free my soul I want to get lost in your rock 'n' roll and drift away oh give me the beat, boys, and free my soul I want to get lost in Fred's rock 'n' roll and drift away Oh! Drift away, Freddie! Drift away! Yeah! What in blue blazes are you doing? - Uh, Sheila - Your filthy noise is polluting the entire neighborhood, particularly the lead vocals.
You're pitchy, George, very pitchy.
But the base was good, right? - I'm pitchy? - Yeah.
I'd like to see you do better.
" Hit it.
So this ain't the end I saw you again today I had to turn my heart away smiled like the sun kisses for everyone and tales, it never fails you lying so low in the weeds I bet you gonna ambush me you'd have me down, down, down down on my knees now wouldn't you, barracuda? Oh, oh, oh, oh So Sheila's Pets? No, man.
Th this is a dad band.
But Sheila is undeniable.
You saw her.
Guys I have been in a lot of bands in my life high school punk bands, college alt bands, I was briefly a member of Five for Fighting before they got big and I have never in my life, felt the kind of spark I did tonight.
What are you saying? I'm saying I think we should let Sheila in the band.
Get a hold of yourself, man! Guys, we could be good! Do you understand what that means? We could be good, not dad-band good, but real-band good.
Look, I joined Fathers of Mass Destrocktion or I was also thinking Meinvater Band because we stood for something.
We stood for not hanging out with our wives and taking back the night.
What about the hanging out, George? What about the chips and dip? Guys, I'm sorry.
I think considering I'm the lead singer and the guitarist, and I started this band, I gotta make the call on this one.
I have to do what's best for Sheila's pets.
Well then you do it alone.
My friend, you do it alone.
Come on, Fred.
Our garage wasn't the only place spirits were down.
And finally, the quarterback that I would pay a dollar for the one, the only, Ryan "The Body" Shay! Come on, Chatswin.
Where's your spirit?! What the hell? Where's all the football girlfriends?! Whoo! There is very little pep at this rally.
I might've had one of my soapbox incidents.
Yeah, I kinda liberated the girls from their servitude and unintentionally empowered them.
Ryan's gonna kill you.
Who did this?! Huh?! Show yourself! It's okay.
Get up, boys! We can win still! We can win.
While I had dashed Ryan's dreams of glory, - George had hired some session musicians - Yeah! - And was making his own dreams come true with Sheila.
- * I want candy hey, I want candy Hoo! Put some stank on it, George.
Come on! Whoo! Whoo! All right, let's take five.
Let's take five.
Sounds great, guys.
I know rocking's a thirsty business, so I Oh! Oh, Sheila.
We don't take requests.
I just thought George's band was a daddy-only thing.
Isn't that what you told me, daddy? Well, you know what? It was, uh, but then - The thing is, uh - George? Yeah? Tell your piece to hit it.
We have a no-Yoko policy.
We lost the game.
I'm sorry.
No one even got to run through a paper banner made of paper.
I know.
That's everyone's favorite part of football, Tessa.
That's why half of us started playing in the first place.
I mean, how can we beat a team that got to run through paper when we haven't had the advantage of running through paper ourselves? Is it possible you're putting too much importance on running through paper? Is it possible that you're crazy? Look, Ryan, those girls making your banners they're out there pursuing their own interests.
They're eating pizza and becoming well-rounded people.
Their sole purpose in life cannot be to worship their boyfriends.
You did this? I didn't mean to dismantle the system, but yeah, I did.
And I'm really sorry if you're upset.
I should've known you didn't really want to fit in with my friends.
You always have to shake it up.
You always have to make people think.
I am a thinker, Ryan.
I think.
I thought you liked that about me.
Think again, thinker.
Think again.
Dallas, let me explain, please.
There's nothing to explain.
You started your little band with your little friends so you could avoid doing fun printing jobs with me.
Look, Dallas, now I I know you want me to be rich and powerful and to grow my business into some huge empire, but part of me is unwilling to admit that I am this and and not this.
A toilet? Oh, that was supposed to be "Rolling Stone.
" But you know what I mean.
George, I will support you whether you want to be the skylight king or the King of Leon.
Whoever the hell he is.
Really? Because you were coming at me so hard with those flyers.
It it kind of felt like Like you were trying to change me.
I spent $7,000 on a printer, George.
I sure as hell better use it.
Look, sometimes when a woman spends too much money on something she really doesn't need, she tries to cram it down everyone else's throats to justify the purchase.
Surely you can understand that.
Well, I'm sorry, Dallas.
I I guess I was being a little defensive because Steven was such An absolute skid mark on the pristine panties of my soul? No matter how much money that man had, it wasn't enough to keep me.
I'm glad to hear you say that.
You know what? Our band does need some flyers.
Now do you know anyone that has a $7,000 printer who could help? You know I do.
What's the name of your band? Uh Interception.
I'm really sorry about yesterday.
It's possible that I overreacted a little bit.
But you made me think.
I didn't want to, but you made me, like you always do, and I think that everyone needs to be cheered for, not just us guys.
So bros? What's this? I want you to see how good it feels to run through paper.
I don't want to run through paper.
I did your thing.
Now you're gonna try mine.
I want you to know how good it feels to have someone rooting for you.
Three, two, one! Go! I had to admit, it was pretty exhilarating and a little embarrassing.
Whoo! Crush those numbers, Tessa! Destroy that math! Yeah! Are all the parks clothing-optional? Yeah, but I haven't been able to find any nude figurines at that scale, so Okay.
"Chinese Chicken.
" And, you, you get to name the band whatever you want.
I don't know, George.
I think it's kind of ruined now.
And if you love Sheila so much, why don't you marry her? Please don't.
Look, you have every right to be upset with me, but it's it's been One week since you looked at me cocked your head to the side and said "I'm angry" Five days since you laughed at me chickity China the Chinese chicken No, Fred.
No, it's too soon.
It's never too soon.
Hot like wasabi when I bust rhymes, big like leann rimes because I'm all about value bert kaempfert's got the mad hits you try to match wits you try to hold me but I bust through gonna make a break and take a fake I'd like a stinkin' achin' shake I like vanilla, it's the finest of the flavors.