Succession (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Which Side Are You On?

1 There's a potential opportunity for some acquisitions.
Local TV? No one watches TV, Dad.
Why shouldn't we do all the news? ROMAN ROY: Well, Kim Jong-Pop, because that's not how things work in this country.
It's really happening! We're getting married.
That is a very romantic way of looking at a prenup.
He's actually acting kind of strange.
- Like inviting me to Thanksgiving? - Dad? He kept pouring, and it just went everywhere.
- It was like he didn't even see.
- ROMAN: Dad! Hey! Whoa! TOM WAMSGANS: All you have to do is do a little bit of shredding.
Don't make it a big deal.
It's okay.
It's a job.
Shooting bolts into cows' heads is a job, but I I It's not how I wanna spend my Thanksgiving.
You just invited me into the chicken coop.
I'm gonna eat you all.
One by fucking one.
I wondered if you could do me a favor.
Well, that might cause some ethical issues, 'cause there's a world where my guy and your gal ends up wrestling for the Democratic nomination.
You lost, Grandpa.
- (ALL CLAMORING) - MAN: Are you all right? KENDALL ROY: Take your hands off him, okay? I've seen all I need to see.
- So, are we doing this? - Don't ask me.
He's your father.
I'd be doing it for him.
This is fucking impressive.
You hooked this shit up, friend.
Hey, brother, I just wanna say you killed that shit.
My man.
Absolutely killed that.
For sure.
What's up, bro? Good to see you.
You're fuckin' imperial right now, OK? I think American Diablo is your best album.
Thanks, guys.
Much obliged.
All right, man.
All right Are we supposed to follow him? - What's gonna happen? - Just be cool.
So, this guy's your boy, right? Yeah.
Hey, listen, can I talk to you about something? - Mm-mm, sure.
- Um Oh, here she comes.
What's up? So he's just decompressing, apparently, but he's really down to connect.
Oh, he's decompressing? What from his voyage to the bottom of the fuckin' rap ocean? - His show was a shitty show.
- (LAUGHING) But the label got a room for you guys.
- Right here.
- I'm sorry, what's your name? - Jess.
- Jess.
Can you just remind him he's the guy that owns the company that owns the company that owns the label - that pays his fucking ass? - Absolutely.
Yeah, just don't say those words.
Oh, my gosh, look at this.
Huh? Look at this.
Warmed in this airless box for like, what, let's say six hours? And this goo? Is this delicious fucking goo? Look at that.
Mmm! So, listen, I need to say something, but once I've said it I'll have said it, and while it's not a big deal, it's delicate.
- What is it? You fucked the company? - I haven't fucked the company.
- Scientology? What is it? - Look, we're friends, we go back, I can trust you.
Right? No.
Sure, but on money stuff, I can trust you? No.
Because we're calling a vote of no confidence on my dad.
What the fuck, man.
It's the best way forward right now.
This is fucking terrible.
Bro, you're gonna fuck the company.
You're fucking with my money, Ken.
Look, I'm telling you, it's just cleanest.
He's lost it.
He's going to D.
tomorrow to piss away our political capital and position us permanently in a dying sector.
- Do you think you can win? - Of course.
It's finished.
I'm informing you, not courting you.
Because I have to work with whoever's left.
With me.
So are we good? Can I count on your vote for Team Future? I can promise you that I am spiritually and emotionally and ethically and morally behind whoever wins.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYS) What's the matter? I'm pissed because I have to come down to him like a fuckin' FedEx guy.
Why can't he come to us? Well, I guess he's the president.
Fuckin' Californian shrunken little raisin.
I've seen ten of 'em.
He's basically a fuckin' intern.
Are you OK, Karl, on all this? Yeah.
- On the law? - Yeah.
Gerri walked me through it too, so I wish she was here and not you.
(CHUCKLES) Well, thank you.
She has to stay in the city for board meeting prep, so It was a joke, Karl.
And I'm guessing if I say cortado with almond, you're gonna look like I'm some kind of jerk, right? (DOOR OPENS) I will have a black coffee, please and thank you.
Is this safe? I don't think we're gonna bump into anyone here.
So how'd it go with Stewy? It went great.
He's in.
Well, that's great.
So I think we're all good.
Shall I just run it one more time before we open our kimonos in public? GIVENS: Logan.
Once the vote is proposed, he's recused out of the game.
So we have Kendall, Roman, Frank.
Three votes in favor.
And Asha.
Your pet.
That's good? Rock solid.
Already floated and noted.
Paul, Dewi, Datu they're old guard, they'll go Logan.
Yeah, well, sure.
I mean but sure.
OK, Uncle Ewan, uh, he's still a possible, right? Um, you could maybe stoke the old resentments? Lady Macbeth, gettin' your little fuckin' screwdriver in.
It's not a fucking teddy bear's picnic, Roman, - it's a massacre.
- Lawrence? Dad would sell Vaulter for parts.
Lawrence would be crazy not to vote with me.
Except Lawrence hates you.
We have three for Logan, five against, three unknowns.
Come on, this is bullshit.
Look, we push, Lawrence is ours, Ewan could be ours, Ilona could be ours.
Gerri can't vote, but she can talk for senior management.
This is done.
There's being cautious, and there's being fucking time-wasters.
If you want me to do this, you gotta look worst case.
Lawrence, Ewan, Ilona, all in play.
One more makes us sure winners.
We, uh we hit Lawrence.
MAN ON PHONE: I got the call.
The nuclear reactor is sealed off.
- The infected have been shot.
- Oh, that's great.
That's great.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
- We're good.
- OK.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
- Yeah.
Goodbye forever.
- Hope so.
WOMAN ON TV: three men to own half the wealth of America.
I have just been given the all-clear.
Ohh! I feel I can breathe again.
Honestly, honey, it's like this 900-pound gorilla has finally stopped fucking me.
Now, is this the thing I don't want to know about? Yeah.
And it's gone.
I think I'm good.
I think I'm good.
The circle's tight.
TOM: He's good.
He's my little R2 unit.
I don't know.
Arrgh! I don't This I don't fucking know! (SIGHS) Should I stick with her? Is that a president? Maybe.
I don't know.
Now, not to be Groomzilla, but can we talk about menus? 'Cause I really, really love Lake Como, but I'm worried about the fog.
One thing is, people don't change.
You know, a candidate can't change.
You can primp and plump and repackage, but if you want to change someone fundamentally, - forget it.
- So, should we go very old New York classy? Oh.
Uh, I Sorry, I had a pretty shitty phone call with my mom the other day, and just to smooth things over I said that we might have the wedding back in England.
- You what? - Yeah.
- Is that a biggie for you? - Excuse me, Shiv.
Tom, it's just a wedding.
The planners will figure it out.
- "Just a wedding"? Shiv.
- Yeah.
- It's our wedding! - Oh, Tom - It only happens once.
- I can't do this right now.
- Tom.
- OK.
No I'm trying to think about work.
And I'm looking forward to it, but I just can't get into it all, all the details.
I mean, the wedding might be in England, but it might not.
OK, OK, sorry, sorry.
ROMAN: So, I'll take Lawrence, and you firm up the others, yeah? That's OK.
I got him.
No, I know the guy.
I see him at every fucking fakers party, phony soft opening that I go to.
We're like two peas in a metrosexual think pod.
Look, are we doing this? Are we running a fucking company together, or what? Just 'cause I like a joke doesn't mean I'm a fucking clown.
Look, Rome, I'm just trying to - I got it.
- I know you're not a clown.
- I'm not.
- It's delicate.
Oh, it's delicate? I didn't realize it was delicate, the little nuances.
Lawrence fuckin' hates you, man, he does.
- And he likes you? - Yeah.
He likes me.
People like me.
I look like a matador and everyone wants to fuck me.
I see him around.
I know the guy.
- Trust me.
- OK.
KARL: Gerri says there are multiple indicators he wants to be sympathetic to our expansion.
You think so? If he waves this through, he gets hundreds of local TV stations most amenable to talking about what a great fuckin' guy he is.
He just needs to be prepared to take a little political heat is all.
Four more years, we're Proctor & Gamble of the news.
Uh, I'm heading to Washington.
Do you mind if I miss dinner? I need to figure out about Joyce.
No, sweetheart, that's fine.
If you need to think about your commitment to Joyce, then go, do it.
Go to Washington.
Yeah, I just wondered if I picked the right horse.
No, I get it, I do.
Slide her under the X-ray machine, baby.
- OK.
Love you.
- You, too.
Hey hey, guy.
Hey hey.
Everything OK, Greg? - Yeah.
- Sure? Good.
Good good.
You know, you can, uh, you can talk to me about anything.
You know? Oh, yeah.
Well, I Thanks.
Fantastic resource.
So, Shiv is going to Washington, so why don't, tonight, why don't I take you out? No? What, for real? I thought you were gonna say "take you out and beat the shit out of you," or "take you out and put a bullet through your dumb fuckin' brain," or something else, you know, funny like that.
No, Greg, I'm not some beast.
Well, actually, I finally got paid (LAUGHS) Attaboy.
It's like they're not paying the light bill here, but, um, but I actually got paid, and I was thinking about maybe going to, um, have you ever visited California Pizza Kitchen? (LAUGHS) No.
Dear Lord, no.
It's pretty delicious, Tom.
No, it isn't, Greg.
I mean, you might think it tastes delicious, but They make a Cajun chicken linguini just how I like it.
But that's not how you're supposed to like it.
OK, you probably have quite an undereducated palate.
So, let's go out, and I'll teach you.
And I'll show you how to be rich.
OK? It'll be fun.
He'll be just along the hallway here, Mr.
I have been here before, and I do know how hallways work.
Someone will be with you shortly.
What a fuckin' song and dance, eh? (CHUCKLES) - Ah.
- Mr.
I am so sorry, but the president passes on his sincere apologies.
He's currently dealing with a matter of homeland security.
He's sure you'll understand, but he's going to need to offer an alternative face for this discussion.
"Alternative face," what the fuck does that mean? If I drop my pants, I can show you an alternative face.
How does that sound? LOGAN: Have I been snubbed? Find out if I've been snubbed.
KARL: I don't think you've been snubbed.
Is this a snubbing?! Just fucking find out! Holy shit.
Wamsgans! A fuckin' black eye? You should see the other guy.
(LAUGHS) The guy who jammed his dick in your eye? Let's just say, uh, I was in bed, with Shiv, so What? She punched you? No.
Things just get a little hot and heavy.
A little freaky-deaky.
So Fuckin' our sister? That's cool, man.
Yeah, it's kinda weird when you talk about that.
ROMAN: No, I think it's really cool.
Like, what's it like, like, to bang our sister? So what's goin' on? Clue me in.
Uh, we just finished, bud.
Yeah, I'm gonna go, uh, eat a fucking elk or something.
See ya later.
Oh, hey, Tom.
Just to say I know you've been eating a lot of shit for me that I don't know about, and I appreciate that.
And I want you to know: I like you.
You're Team Kendall, man.
Lot of stuff goin' down, but you're on the team.
Thanks, brother.
Here's to us.
To us.
Uh, so I do need to ask something, but, um we're cool, yeah? Like, we're fuckin' disruptors, Yeah? Yeah.
But, um what would you say what would you say if I told you that there was gonna be a vote of no confidence tomorrow? Kick out the old man, in with the new guard.
Romey and the homey.
You and Kendall are thinking of killing your dad? - Well - That's a little Greek tragedy.
Yeah, Oedipus.
Did I say that I was going to fuck Marcia? No.
Although I definitely would, 'cause she's hot.
But that's, you know, that's like phase two.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- (CHUCKLES) - (KISSES) I'm sorry I'm late.
Yeah, no.
No worries.
This place has changed.
Uh yeah.
I mean, well, e-everything changes.
We've changed.
What's this? Shiv Roy goes soulful.
Does not suit you.
It's like you're wearing a turtleneck and a stick-on mustache.
All right, yeah.
Well, I do have feelings.
So, uh, congratulations on Senator Miller.
Thank you.
Not exactly the fuckin' Southern Strategy, gettin' a bunch of Jews, blacks, and media studies professors to vote in a Democrat in New York state, but still Fuck you.
You've seen the numbers.
Yeah, there's a number of ways of analyzing the numbers.
I did a fucking good job, in the teeth of a scandal.
At this point in the cycle, I knocked it out of the fucking park.
So here's to me.
How's everything in the People's Republic of Gil Eavis? Amazing.
So, go on, Shiv, what is this? OK, uh, well I want you to think about joining us.
- Me and Joyce.
- Why? Because I need a piece of shit on the team.
What do you think? I THINK: Is it a good idea? You and me? - Uh, yeah.
Why? - Historically speaking, we found it quite hard not to fuck each other.
It's great to see you on such short notice.
I finished most of 'em, Grandpa.
Your mother says you don't have any money.
Until recently, but actually, um, my pay came through.
And now I'm incredibly rich.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Well, uh, I'm sure you're going to be very happy.
Thank you.
She also told me to feed you, so eat up.
Honestly, I think my stomach might have shrunk during my my period of poverty.
The waste in this city is obscene.
Finish it.
So, how come you're here you're in town, uh, if I may ask? Well you're a grownup, allegedly.
So here's what grownups do.
Kendall is gonna call for a vote of no confidence against his own father at the next board meeting.
S-Sounds like a huge deal, but it's just procedure or It's a wanton act of egregious selfishness.
In keeping with everything else I've come to loathe about this rat's nest of a family.
So are you gonna tell Logan? I'm gonna keep my snout of the trough, thank you very much.
And my advice to you is: paddle your own canoe.
Hmm? (PHONE BUZZING) Hello? MARCIA: Kendall? Marcia.
I was wondering, if you're not busy, if you don't mind joining your father for dinner? Did he ask to have dinner with me? Yeah.
He's home alone, and I have something I cannot miss.
Um just him and me? Yeah.
Is it a bad time? Do you have something planned? Uh, no.
Of course.
Um, no, I'm I'm around.
Thank you.
I've left some steamed fish.
Merci beaucoup.
OK, su Mmm.
When I had their monkfish, I thought I was gonna shit, puke and cum all at once.
That sounds delicious.
Although I don't actually have much of an appetite.
Well, you better find one quick, 'cause this is one of the most exclusive popups in the city, and we're having the full tasting menu.
How come the the wine list doesn't have any prices? Because they're obscene.
Look, here's the thing about being rich, OK? It's fucking great.
OK? It's like being a superhero, only better.
You get to do what you want, the authorities can't really touch you, you get to wear a costume, but it's designed by Armani, and it doesn't make you look like a prick.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
If I was going to come in with you, what's your vision? Well, it's me and Kendall.
Fuck Kendall.
OK? You.
What's your vision? You know what? I ended up in a book shop the other day, and I just started laughing.
I was looking at all the books cramming up all the walls, and I just thought, you know, about the olden days, all the fucking monasteries and the Bibles and the sermons and the "Did Jesus say this? And "Do you mean that?" and all the words and what have you.
All gone.
No one gives a fuck.
You're saying we're going post-literate.
People are gonna read, but the old world, it's gone.
Papers, gone.
News, gone.
"Tune in to ABS at nine to be told what to think.
" No.
It's all about the morsels, man.
Feed me the fucking tasty morsels.
Keep me interested.
That is where we're headed.
Tasty morsels from groovy hubs.
Tasty morsels from groovy hubs.
Um, look, man, I'm dumb, but I'm smart.
I'm too dumb to know how to fix our whole company.
I don't have the attention span.
This is probably the most interesting thing that's happened in my whole life, and I'm thinking about six other things.
But I am smart enough to know what needs changing, and I'm smart enough to spot the people who can help us, Lawrence.
So are you in? Well I'm on the side of change.
Yeah, you are.
(PHONE BUZZING) Sorry Oh, fuck.
Mind if I take this? LAWRENCE: Go ahead.
Sorry, fellas.
Keep it sexy.
Yeah? Marcia asked me to have dinner with Dad.
- He knows.
Does he know? - I don't know.
Did he mention me? What did Lawrence say? Uh, he's in.
For real? Yes, for real.
Fuck you.
OK, great.
Oh, Jesus.
What What now? - Ortolan.
- What's ortolan? It is a deep-fried songbird.
You eat it whole.
- Oh, my God - This is a rare privilege.
And it's also kind of illegal.
- Oh, I have a - For the head.
The exact purpose is debated.
Some say it's to mask the shame; others, to heighten the pleasure.
(CRUNCHING) Oh, my God.
That is so good.
Did you eat it yet, Greg? - Not yet, no.
- Eat it, Greg! (CRUNCHING) (GREG MUMBLES) Um, it's a rather unique flavor.
Yeah, it's the gamy, brainy hit, my friend.
Can we have some more wine, please? You trying to seduce me, Tom? Yes, I am! Yes, I am, Greg.
All the things we've seen, all the things we've done we're in this together, man.
Is that Is that what this is, this is about the thing? We have a bond.
- You do? - Yeah, sure.
I was an outsider once.
Young guy from St.
Paul, alone in the big city, and it was hard.
And you create this kind of protective shell, but underneath, we're all just little nudie turtles.
I gotta level with you, because if I eat any more songbirds, I'm gonna hurl.
My grandpa already bought me dinner tonight.
Your grandpa? What's he doing in New York? He's come down for this vote of no confidence in Logan tomorrow.
Did you know about that? What? You serious? Yeah, he's come down especially to vote.
It's a big deal, right? Yeah.
Hold on.
Hold on.
You say you want me but really, you don't.
It's so exciting when you know more about me than I do.
You want me for my edge, 'cause she's not edgy enough.
You should be workin' for a winner like Gil.
You know I'm a considerably more successful - political strategist than you are.
- Shiv, you work with what you got, and what you got is bleachh.
I've been grooming Joyce for three years.
- Appeals to everyone.
- Exactly.
Which is a little like appealing to no one.
She's nice.
That is a horrible thing to say about anyone.
Look, Kendall told me how you're marrying this guy, this corn-fed basic from hockey town.
- Yeah, Tom.
He's a great guy.
- Sure.
Great guy with the square head.
And you're workin' for the nice black lady.
- What are you trying to prove? - You're such a fucking prick.
You should be with an exciting bastard like me.
I tried playing with you, and you broke.
Your father's on a call in the den.
He asked if you'd wait a moment.
Oh, sure.
(SIGHS) (PHONE BUZZES) Tom? Uh, hey, can this wait till tomorrow? You're gonna want to hear this.
Ewan is in town, and he knows, and he's come to vote.
What? Hold Hold on.
Who's your source? Uh, I can't reveal my sources.
(WHISPERS) But it's Greg.
Uh, Tom, you do not breathe a word of this, OK? My lips are sealed.
All right.
Thanks, Tom.
I appreciate it.
It's not a big deal.
Team Kendall.
My God.
My God! It's actually happening.
It's happening.
The troops are taking Saddam's palace, man.
This time tomorrow, you and me I could I could be like the I could be like the third most important guy in the company.
I mean, it's the storming of the Bastille.
Let us eat cake.
I mean (LAUGHING) I don't know what we're talking about.
(EXHALES) Thanks, Richard.
(TV ON) Hey, Dad.
You shouldn't eat this shit.
You're not the boss of me.
TV: (CROWD ROARS, REFEREE'S WHISTLE BLOWS) Did you want to talk? Marcia said you wanted to see me.
Yeah, she's got her own game goin' on.
What does that mean? You know what it means.
You've got your game goin' on.
I've got my game.
What What's, uh, what's your game? Everybody's got a game.
So what's goin' on? What's the action? What's the story? What's goin' on? You heard about my meet? You heard it was a snub? What? Uh Oh.
Yeah, I heard, um Uh, I heard real security alert, but who knows, it's tough to read.
Oh, fuck.
TV: (SPORTS PLAY-BY-PLAY, REFEREE'S WHISTLE BLOWS) I could do something about this.
OK? Haven't had one of these in, uh I don't even know.
You gonna eat it? Yeah, I'm gonna eat it.
Hey, good.
(LAUGHS) - Cheers.
- Cheers.
Oh, fuck! Every fuckin' time! (DANCE MUSIC PLAYING) Thanks, man.
Should I get us some beers? No, no.
No need.
Bottle service.
I ordered vodka.
Come on.
Whoa! (LAUGHS) Go ahead, man.
Hey! So this is what you do? You, like, go to a club, and then you come to, like, this other part where the club sort of isn't? Yeah! Yeah, that's it! This is 2,000 bucks a pop.
Why? No reason! We're being totally ripped off! Is this gold Is this gold leaf? Uh-huh.
Drink the gold, my friend.
And then later you and I can have a 24-karat piss.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) FRANK (OVER PHONE): Any news? Um, we have Lawrence.
That'll make our sleep easier.
If I can sleep.
Which I won't.
I think I'm just gonna call Sarita and check Ilona's out of the action.
Oh, do we need? You're not worried that could stir things? Just to cover all the bases.
Hey, Frank? Listen, is is this Is this, like, objectively horrible? You know, w-we could hold off.
We could put this together next quarter Ken.
You made this happen.
It's hard enough to get five people together for a fuckin' dinner.
You might never get another shot.
And it's the right thing to do.
You're a good son.
Night, Ken.
(CLEARS THROAT) (LINE OUT RINGING) - Hello? - Sarita, hey.
Sorry to call so late.
I You know, I was just, uh, thinking, and and It's nice to hear your voice.
Yeah, it's nice to hear your voice.
I don't know, I felt bad, and I wanted to check in on your mom.
Uh, I assume she can't make it to the board meeting tomorrow, sadly.
I have to go, Kendall.
Potato Head.
Tom? He's a He's amazing.
Well, I'm pleased.
- Uh, but It is great.
- Shiv.
You're convincing me.
You are.
It's the constant sort of weary repetition.
- "Tom's great.
" - He is.
(CHUCKLES) We're not gonna fuck tonight, right? You know I'm getting married, too.
Oh, really.
Car model or failed actress? Ouch.
There she is.
She's actually a French doctor.
That's nice.
I mean, it doesn't mean we can't do other stuff.
- Uh - Theoretically.
I'm getting married in March.
I'm getting married in May.
- It's not a competition.
- Sure.
But only one of us is getting married in lilac season, and it's not you.
- NATE: Come on.
- SHIV: What? I have to say I am feeling You're feeling what, Nate? I mean, we could masturbate in separate rooms.
- Oh, God! - No.
It's quite modern.
- No.
Come on! - Or Or Just, for old times' sake, last one.
Absolute last one.
I could just, you know, the old traditional simply stick it in.
Like a gas station, right? Just stick it in.
So a French doctor, huh? She sounds far too nice and interesting for you.
She's not that nice.
Deep down she's status- and money-obsessed.
Like you.
This is nice.
This is like being friends.
You know.
He's very interested.
I think you should do this.
You're hot, you're so hot right now.
Come on.
We should be good people.
Uh, I know.
Wouldn't it be nice to just wake up in the morning and not feel like a fucking piece of shit? - Hey, Shiv.
- Morning.
You know you're amazing, right? Uh, yeah.
I guess.
Come meet Gil.
He's not a pipe dream.
He's gonna go all the way.
So, we behaved ourselves.
They're gonna write songs about how good we were.
Shiv? You're a blonde beast.
You should do whatever you want.
Bye, Nate.
I think it's gonna be tight, but, uh you know, all the variables swing our way.
Hey, what's up, Jess? JESS (ON SPEAKER): I have Ms.
Shinoya on the line.
Sarita? WOMAN: Hello? Ilona.
Ilona, hi.
How are you? God, it's great to hear your voice.
Y-You're up.
Um, did did you get my gift? Yes.
So, my daughter told me you don't want me voting in today's board meeting.
Is that right? No, no, no.
That's That's not it at all.
That's, um C-Can I explain? That's Well, I'm letting you know that I will be dialing in.
Well, look, there's some issues.
I know you haven't Look, could I Could I come and talk it through? Kendall, I will be dialing in.
I'll be there in an hour.
OK, thanks, Ilona.
- (KENDALL STAMMERS) - (ILONA DISCONNECTS) You're gonna go all the way out to her? To Long Island? - Yeah, I can - Is there time? I can make it.
I can make it.
I think I think I have to go.
You ready? Let's go.
Sorry, Mr.
Roy, the skies are closed.
Temporary flight restriction.
There's a possible terror threat.
No, no, I need to go, pal.
I'll pay whatever fine they hit us with.
Let's go.
We can't do that, sir.
FAA will pull my license.
Uh, OK, I'll handle the FAA.
Or What is it? The AHS? I'll handle it.
Whatever you lose financially, I'll make up in perpetuity.
OK? Sir, if we take off now, we can be shot down by an F-16.
Yeah, but not really.
Right? Airspace is on lockdown.
There's nothing we can do.
Whoa whoa! Yo! How long to get to the city? Financial district? Man, we should get a round of fuckin' shots going, right? STEWY: Make it happen.
Will do.
It's nice to see the war criminal.
Cleans up well.
ROMAN: Yeah, nice guy, lovely guy.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - Whoo.
We good, then? Solid? Right? I heard Logan started on time even when he was airlifted in from Aspen with a shattered femur.
That is true.
Yep, no.
That is correct.
(HORN HONKING) Hey, is your phone working? C-C-Can I get like a motorcycle courier? Anything? Can you call your office? Sorry, no bars.
They're evacuating five blocks each way from the Stock Exchange.
RADIO: lower Manhattan.
NYPD has shut down - the West Side Highway - Gerri.
Can you hear me? Hey, where are you? Hey, listen, I'm I'm I'm almost there.
The traffic's stopped.
I need you to stall.
What? What's that? It's a bad connection.
I can't really hear you.
Gerri? I'm in a tunnel.
OK? Stall.
Well, how far are y Uh, I - (CONNECTION DIES) - Shit.
What? (WHISPERS) He's in traffic.
Don't do this.
He's asking us how long can we stall.
- GERRI: Fuck, fuck, fuck.
- FRANK: Great.
It'll be all right.
He's not gonna be too late.
- MAN: Here he comes.
- LOGAN: Morning, morning.
ALL: Good morning.
- Oh! Quite a turnout.
- Yeah.
Frank, will you whip us through? Uh, I I just got word.
I think Kendall will be a few minutes late.
Request for a late start? - LOGAN: No! - FRANK: No? He can catch up.
Fuck that! Where is he? Stuck in traffic.
That's all I know.
OK, come on, come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Yup, yup.
It's twelve noon, and I'd like to call the meeting of Waystar Royco to order.
- Roll call.
- What? Roll call? Logan Roy.
You're here.
We've never done roll call.
What is roll call? - We're doing it today.
- Why are we doing roll call? Because that's how we do it.
Right, Noah? - So Logan Roy is here - Huh.
Frank Vernon, present.
Kendall Roy, absent.
- Roman Roy.
- Yo.
Ewan Roy, absent.
Ilona Shinoy, absent.
- Datu Kassma.
- Present.
- Dewi Swann.
- Here.
- Paul Chambers.
- Happy to be here.
- Asha Kahn.
- Here.
- Lawrence Yee.
- Here.
Sir! - Stewy Hosseini.
- I am here.
Chairman, we have a quorum.
Uh, we also welcome our esteemed general counsel Gerri Killman to the meeting.
Thanks, Gerri.
So everybody has a copy of the agenda and the minutes of the last meeting.
- Is that right? - ALL: Yes.
Do any of you have any questions that have come to you immediately after looking at them? I know that I-I have a few thoughts we might have to take a look at.
What thoughts? Just wait a second and I'll get to it.
Who's this? Ewan? (CHUCKLING) Well you just can't keep away, huh? Thought maybe I'd show up for once.
Watch the fun.
Great to have you.
They wouldn't let me in downstairs without a passport.
Has it started? (HORNS HONKING) (PHONE BUZZING) Kendall.
Hey, where are ya? We've already started, man.
We've started.
Tell Jess to put me through the polycom.
Yeah? - (ROMAN WHISPERS) - FRANK: So, let's move along to item 3.
- Frank.
- Mm-hmm? What's "Performance issues?" Sounds fucking vague.
And why is it so high on the fuckin' hit parade? - (PHONE BUZZING) - (STAMMERING) I don't know if we're actually gonna hit those today.
Maybe we can bump those.
FRANK: Can we bump 'em? OK, then.
Let's bump it.
What the fuck's goin' on? I think Kendall wants to make a comment.
He has a a thing that he's going to speak I think Ilona is going to phone in, too.
JESS: He's on the line.
I'm putting him through.
What is this? What the fuck is this? Hi, Kendall? KENDALL (ON SPEAKER): Hey, guys.
Can you hear me? I apologize.
I will be there shortly.
Where are we at? We are at your item.
Performance issues.
(SIREN WAILING) Uh You want us to wait? Where are you? Fuck that.
We're movin' on.
Gerri, Noah, if we wanted to halt proceedings until We're not halting proceedings.
- We're moving on.
- No, no.
It's OK.
It's OK.
I can do this.
Dad, this is big.
Look I love my father.
OK? My father is a legend.
I worship the ground he walks on.
Nothing will ever detract from what he's built and what he's done.
But he is currently unfit to run this company.
- (KENDALL PANTING) - Speak up.
I can't hear.
Not only because of his refusal to take the time to recover from serious health issues, but because every day he refuses to retire, he is one day closer to destroying his own legacy.
He took on levels of debt that threatened the very existence of our firm, he is lining up dead-weight acquisitions in a sector that he has a historic regard for but which is a non-growth area.
We face existential battles in scale, and he is facing precisely the wrong direction.
He is making decisions for a future that he no longer understands, and we don't have time for missteps.
What used to take ten two, three years.
Our entire ice cap will melt.
He is gambling our last dollars at the track on a horse that's ready for the glue factory, and I am calling for a vote of no confidence in him as CEO and chairman.
I'm afraid since you are the subject of the vote, you need to recuse yourself, Logan.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Fuckin' amateur hour at the fuckin' circus.
You don't get to vote, and you don't get to comment, is the situation.
You really should leave the room.
OK, fine.
Would you mind? Guys.
Is he there? Is he still in the room? I'm sick.
I can't move.
Fuck that vote.
He can't be in the room.
OK? Guys FRANK: Let the minutes reflect that Logan Roy was asked to recuse himself.
LOGAN: Let the minutes reflect that Logan Roy shoved his boot up Frank's ass.
All in favor of the vote of no confidence in Logan Roy? Me.
My hand is raised.
More in sorrow than in anger.
Oh, no shit, Judas.
Frank! Nice to see you back.
Asha? I see you.
And I see you, Logan.
Oh, Jesus, this is just un-frickin'-believable.
Stewy? Stewy.
Listen, as a major shareholder, and in the absence of any real clarity here, I think it's the view that this is a family matter and abstain.
- Against.
- Strongly against.
FRANK: We have Ilona on the line.
ILONA: Hello, Logan.
After consulting with my family, I am voting in favor of the motion.
Thanks for nothin', Ilona.
Fuck off.
(BEEP) Ewan? Go ahead.
What are we on, 4-2? Go on.
Join the rats.
Let's finish this, huh? I vote with Logan.
DATU: I think we should take the time to consider this properly when all parties are here.
LOGAN: Datu, we're voting now.
FRANK: Logan, please, can you stay out of the conversation? DATU: In which case, Logan.
I stick with Logan.
LOGAN: Kendall, you counted right there? You all right? Four against four, this is your best shot? Lawrence? I don't have a dog in this fight, Kendall.
I abstain.
FRANK: So, currently we've got four votes in favor of Logan to remain, four of stepping down, two abstentions.
Uh, Gerri.
Do you want to say anything to speak to the senior management teams' attitudes here? - Shut the - GERRI: Well, you know, I'm an independent observer, non-voting, a general counsel, so I'm not sure that's appropriate? Right.
Very professional.
Hey, Roman? KENDALL (DISTORTED): Roman.
Put your hand up, bro.
Roman, can you hear me? - Uh - Is your hand up? Kendall, yeah.
Are you there? Roman Uh, you're kind of cuttin' out.
Roman - (STATIC) - (CLICK) He's off the line.
Come on, son.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
You better be smelling your fuckin' armpit, Romulus.
ROMAN: Um (ELEVATOR DINGS) I think it's a tough one, you know? I think, uh - It's tough, but maybe - Roman for me.
FRANK: I'm not sure we can count that for you.
- Roman? - Against.
He s-started to vote, I'm not sure he can change that.
- He can fucking change.
- You shouldn't be here, you shouldn't be speaking here, you should be out of this room.
- This is illegal.
- Whatever.
If you count 'em out, deadlock.
Continuity prevails.
I'm chairman.
Casting vote.
I win.
It's fucking over! (KENDALL PANTING) What's the vote? LOGAN: My son.
That was your best shot.
You lost.
I think there's some doubt as to whether he lost And Kendall, Frank, Asha, Ilona, off the board, fired with immediate effect.
- I don't think you're able to do that.
- LOGAN: Security! I am in the middle of turning a fucking tanker.
- Frank, you're fired.
- I have some doubt I'm in the middle of turning a fucking tanker! Do you hear?! Frank! You're fired.
Without exit package.
Asha, goodbye.
Somebody send a telegram to Ilona telling her she's no longer required, and my best to her cancer.
I think we all need to take a beat.
- Meh meh meh fuckin' meh.
- Logan, stop.
Is it wise to fire the board with the share price this weak, heading into a political fight? Take it like a fucking man.
You're out.
You're fucked.
You tried to kill me, but you failed.
And you're dead.
Now fuck off! Oh, go on, cry me a river.
Get the fuck out.
Straight out! Passes canceled.
We'll send along personal belongings.
KENDALL: Just need to get some things, OK? No goodbyes! Thank you! KENDALL: Get your fuckin' hands off me.
(THUMP) And what the fuck am I gonna do with you? I don't know, Dad.
LOGAN: Jesus.
- Can I just get some stuff? - No.
- GUARD: Thank you.
He-e-ey! God, that was the journey from hell.
Spent 30 minutes in a cab not moving.
Honey? Tom? - Hey.
- Hey.
You OK, sweetheart? Yeah.
I think somebody poisoned me.
I'm working from home.
Oh, someone poisoned you? - Hmm.
- Oh! With booze? Hmm.
- Hey.
OK, I got you something.
- Oh, thank you.
- I missed you.
You only been away, like, 14 hours.
Yeah, well, sorry for missing you.
- Oh.
What? What the fuck? What? What's happened? (STAMMERS) Well, more.
T-Tell me more.
What's happened? Did it happen? OK, call me right back.
The world's blown up.
Oh, fuck! What do you mean, "has it happened"? - Did you know? - What? No! - Fuckin' Kendall! - Has it happened? Did Has it happened? Wait! Kendall? Call me back.
- You knew? - Yeah.
I think too much "abolgoll" hurt my tummy.
SHIV: Connor.
You heard? CONNOR: Yeah, Kendall called for a vote of no confidence on Dad.
Kendall? Who the fuck else knew about this? - Roman did.
- Roman knew? I don't know why you'd expect anything different.
Not a single one of them told me about this.
It's complete bullshit.
Oh, Shiv, you know I don't like to take sides.
But I'm on your side.
Fuck you.
- You knew? - Yeah, I tried to call you.
- Not hard enough.
- I did! - He's fired half the board.
- What about Kendall? - Fired.
Frank, Asha, fired.
- What? The rebels are getting shot in the town square.
I'll talk to you later, Tom.
Are we the rebels? (PHONE RINGS) - Yes? - I have the White House.
The president will join once you're on.
They're very apologetic.
- Tell him I'm on.
- Yes, sir.
(BEEP) Yes, he's on.
Hello, Mr.
He'll be with you momentarily.
He'll be right there.
Thank you.
Oh, much, much better.
No need for an apology.
Well, you really had a terrorist problem.
I've just taken down a terrorist myself.
My son.
From all of you good workers Good news to you I'll tell So, can you help me with this FCC red tape bullshit? - Which side are you on? - Good.
Which side are you on? And you, Mr.
- My daddy was a miner - And you.
Thank you.
And I'm a miner's son And I'll stick with the union Till every battle's won Which side are you on? Which side are you on? They say in Harlan County There are no neutrals there You'll either be a union man Or a thug for J.
Blair Which side are you on? Which side are you on? Oh, workers can you stand it Oh, tell me how you can Will you be a lousy scab or will you be a man? Which side are you on? Don't scab for the bosses Don't listen to their lies Us poor folks haven't got a chance Unless we organize Which side are you on? Which side are you on? Which side are you on? Which side are you on? (SONG ENDS)
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