Succession (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Nobody Is Ever Missing

1 What are we talking? Like ten days? Then we go in for the kill? Why are you so jumpy about this, Ken? About taking the company out of family control? Forever? I don't know, Stewy.
Why would that make me jumpy? (INTENSE VIOLIN MUSIC PLAYS) I wanna destroy ATN.
If there's anything you can get me.
Corporate cover-up of crimes of institutionalized sexual abuse.
Greg shredded the paper material, just thought family would be safest.
I know all about the cruise division horror show.
Gil wants to go to town on you, but maybe I can get him to hold off, if ATN stops the personal stuff.
- So, just to be clear - Oh yeah, I'm blackmailing you.
I'm threatening to destroy my father.
TOM WAMSGANS: Are you fucking around on me? I'm not fucking around on you.
Did he mention the launch? Does he know that I've accelerated? I got Sandy on the line.
It's about that bear hug letter.
An acceleration.
This weekend.
KENDALL ROY: No way, no, no! SANDY FURNESS: You told Frank Vernon.
- KENDALL: I hinted.
- SANDY: We have to go tomorrow or risk a leak.
Deliver the letter.
World blows up.
STEWY HOSSEINI: You think there's a chance he'll do a deal? He'll never retreat.
It'll be hostile, hostile, hostile.
Bro, he is a fucking brontosaurus.
Always wants to fuck, but never can get hard.
Dude, it's good to demonize the enemy before - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- It's good to demonize him before you have to kill his ass.
- SHIV: Siblings? - STEWY: You have to.
TOM: Siblings and partners.
OK, just so you know, I want Willa in this.
So - SHIV: Uh - OK.
Is that - Is that appropriate? - Connor.
Oh, no.
That's fine.
It is appropriate.
But is it is it appropriate? It's not gonna be problematic? No, it won't be problematic.
Connor, come here.
- Willa's a call girl.
- Not anymore.
And sometime it might come out and hurt my profile, or Tom's profile, and I don't want to be horrible, but come on.
You get it.
Right? OK, I get it.
But if you don't allow it, I'm gonna punch Tom in the face and I'm gonna rip my shirt open, I'm gonna take a fuckin' dump on the ground.
I'm gonna go apeshit, because she's the woman I love.
Do you get it? OK.
- You're in.
- You're so weird.
PHOTOGRAPHER: OK, is that everyone? - Rava.
- Rava, come on.
Get in.
- TOM: Rava, come.
- Yeah, yeah, go on.
- Get right in there.
- OK? Is that everyone? Roman, I'll take that one, but can we do a serious one for the parents? - Yeah.
- Is that Roman.
Do it seriously.
One, two, three.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) STEWY: I just added that we're not subject to any financing conditions.
- Print three of these.
- STEWY: Yeah.
OK, so, I guess the only question left is this: who actually is gonna deliver it to him? - Wait, are you serious? - Well, we have to make certain that he has had eyes on it.
Yeah, I know, but I assumed you.
I assumed you.
Fine, I just guessed if we were planning to fuck your dad to death to make our fortune, I might offer to actually do the fucking.
- Are you scared? - No.
Fuck you.
Are you? Yeah, man.
I'm scared.
So if I'm scared and you're fucking pretending not to be scared, then fucking you should do it.
Seriously? I mean, Jess could do it.
Fuck it.
I can do it.
OK, are we ready or what? Sorry, it should be printing.
But it's not? Uh shit.
- What? - I think it got sent to a different printer on their Wi-Fi network.
Are you fucking serious, Jess? - Where is it, Jess? - I don't know, it doesn't say.
Oh, fuck.
Wha Uh, well, you you need to find it, Jess.
- Like now.
- Yeah.
- (DOOR OPENS) - Hello? Hey? No! What the fuck! No! Not now! Wh Hey.
How ya doin', buddy? - Earrings.
- Necklace.
- RAVA: Hey.
Hey, I'm sorry, kiddo.
Bud, you OK? Hey.
What happened? - I - What I thought he was someone else.
I shouted.
I didn't mean to yell.
It's like five in the afternoon, Ken.
You OK? Yeah, I'm great.
I'm good.
- Just, uh, some big moves.
- Mm-hmm.
OK, well, you wanna yell at your other kid before we go, or? - We'll see you later.
- OK.
Hey, listen, I'll see you guys later, OK? Hey.
Jess thinks she has it.
You should go, just in case.
- OK.
- You good? We doin' this? Yeah, I'm doin' this.
You'll email Gerri and the board? Yeah, just tell me when it's delivered.
What, you don't think I can deliver it? No, it's just, only 15% of men, when it comes to it, actually shoot an undefended enemy soldier.
He shot first.
(CHATTER) ROMAN: satellite.
As a gift, I thought it would be cool if we could show it live on a big screen.
SHIV: No, absolutely not.
I don't want to have a big fucking dick blasting off at my wedding.
- It's not a big fucking dick.
- Yeah, it is, it's a rocket.
It's not the fault of rockets, or dicks, they both happen to be aerodynamic in shape.
SHIV: You're unbelievable.
This is not happening.
- Hello.
- Hi, Marcia.
Is my father available? Everything is OK? Yeah, it's I just need to have a word.
Come in.
It's Kendall.
LOGAN: Tell him if he wants to stop me buying papers and stations, he can fuck off.
We're good to go.
Come on through, son.
Do you maybe want to come out, Dad? No, come on in.
I'm not on the can.
(CLIPPERS BUZZING) Nice service, right? Pity it wasn't Catholic, but there you go.
Fuckin' all those kids hurt the brand.
This isn't a nice thing, I'm afraid.
Read this.
- What is it? - It's a proposal to buy Waystar for $140 a share.
We're asking you to come to the table, open the books.
It's great value for shareholders.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
There it is.
I'm not gonna get into feelings.
(HUMORLESS CHUCKLE) Is this a fuckin' bear hug? That's right.
- No.
- Well, fine.
We have the financing.
Let's just see what everyone thinks.
You know, this is just the situation that has arisen, and you're very tough, and so am I, as your son, so I think this is just the way it has to be with us.
I'm I'm not sorry for what I'm doing, which is correct, but I I'm sorry for how it makes you feel.
And I'm sorry it had to be today.
It was out of my hands.
- Here.
- No.
Fuck off.
Do you even know what you're doing this for? Ideas I I have, you know, have wanted t-to do things - Uh-huh, uh-huh.
- to save the company, and and do just do do things that are You see? You can't even fuckin' say it.
I can I can say it.
Then say it.
Do some good things.
Do good things.
Be a fuckin' nurse.
LOGAN: Marcia! MARCIA: What is it? What are you doing? Gerri.
Where's Gerri? And Karl.
Karl is in New York, Logan.
What is it? I need Gerri.
I need Karl.
I need Get out of there.
Get out of there.
Come on.
What is it? Bear hug.
It'll Ohh.
They'll go hostile.
It fits.
It makes sense.
- Today? - Oh, I don't know.
I don't fuckin' know.
It's not a good position I'm in.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) If they have financing, and major shareholders, and I'm here, and tomorrow by tomorrow I need I need a lot of things I don't have.
Senator Eavis.
Connor Roy.
Huge skeptic.
Massive skeptic.
- Good to know.
- Yeah.
Socialism, huh? Wow! I got a big problem with you and everything you stand for, my friend.
- Hi, baby.
- Hey.
- You good? - Yeah, I'm good.
Listen, I look at you and I see Weimar, I see hyperinflation.
I look at your face and, no offense, but I see dead babies.
- Well, that's very interesting.
- You know what I mean? I can't say I agree, but, um Look, would you excuse me for a minute? Oh, yeah.
Great to joust a little, Senator.
Yeah! That's the best he can do? Connor, he's gonna be the next president.
Really? I just wiped the floor with him in a debate.
He buckled under intellectual scrutiny.
He was lucky that wasn't televised.
Is it him? You don't want a rocket launch 'cause of Senator Bluhhh or whatever? Would it help if it was a rocket full of Muslim granola? Roman, no, I just don't want a rocket at my wedding.
Stop being a kid.
"I'm Shiv.
I'm an adult and I'm important" because I work for a man with glasses.
" Is he a Jew, by the way? - Oh, come on.
- What? It's just a simple, friendly, slightly racist question.
Oh, grrr! You used to be fun.
When did you become one of them? - One of who? - Like dancey bullshit, like, "Oh! We can't say that" kind of people.
I'm sorry I don't want to come to your freewheelin', good-time, N-word-shoutin' hoedown.
N-word, B-word, C-word the world isn't fucking nursery school, and people don't like to be taught.
- (PHONE CHIMING) - Oh, right.
Well, I'm glad you've been watching our programs.
You shouldn't do that, not with your IQ.
Whoa-ho! Hardee-har-har.
Excuse me.
I actually have to go watch a fuckin' satellite launch in Japan that I'm actually in charge of, that Hold on! that I reorganized for you, but you're too fucking carbon-neutral to enjoy.
Yeah? Uh, yep, I got it.
It's streaming, it's connecting.
(GRUNTS) Yeah.
OK, no.
It's good.
It's good.
Wish everyone luck, OK? In Japanese, obviously.
Come on.
There we go.
Yeah, man.
You fuckin' did it.
Drinks, drinks, drinks, drinks, drinks.
Fuck yes, drinks.
Um, Jess? - Hello.
- Celebration.
It's a cele-fuckin'-bration.
You did it, man.
Wow, that's good.
Are my pilots still on the clock? Check if any of them have the hours to fly me home, or scheduled.
But you don't want to look panicked.
Huh? Yeah.
Tomorrow, maybe.
Where are we on the Oh.
Emergency phone board meeting for later.
Tonight? Or is that tomorrow? Tomorrow.
They're gonna have deeper pockets, better prep.
Find out where that fuckin' shrunken California raisin is.
The President.
I think that's smart.
Come on, come on.
Let's go.
The financials are hard.
We need political support.
Let's get goin'.
- CONNOR: Will.
- Hey.
Listen, baby, I got something I need to tell you.
- OK.
Is every - Um Let's go over there.
Right by the kings.
This is perfect.
- OK.
- Mm-K.
- OK, listen - Yeah? I think I finally found a job I want to do.
OK, what is it? President of the United States.
- Yeah? - Really? You don't look excited.
No, sure, sounds like a fun project.
- Is this about the play? - No.
Because I loved it.
You don't want to waste your money putting in on, but running for president, that's a sound investment? Plus, I'd be planning to spend on, you know, making sure your history was cleaned up.
The president, Willa.
This is big.
Sure, but you know, nothing's more powerful than art.
No, sure, you know, apart from the power of the executive branch.
Drama can change minds.
Yeah, but not really.
I could outlaw drama.
I mean, I never would, but I'm just illustrating the power of the position.
- OK.
- But, right.
CAROLINE: Roman? Meet Denis Linton.
Denis is police, and he's also the something commissioner? Police and Crime Commissioner.
That's right.
Anyway, he knew your father and me back when he was doing something even more boring.
- Isn't that right, Denny? - Thanks for lookin' after us.
- Hey.
How was it? - Yeah? - TABITHA: The launch.
- Yeah, it, um (PHONE BUZZING) - I'm sorry, what? - How did it go? He's been coordinating a satellite launch.
- Fascinating.
- How did it go? Uh, it, uh Great, actually.
It went great.
- Yes? - Yeah.
This is amazing.
Congratulations! - Thanks.
It's very exciting.
- (PHONE BUZZING, CHIMING) CAROLINE: Go ahead and get a drink.
- Oh, yeah.
- Celebrate.
Look at you.
For tonight, shall we Ohhh.
For tonight.
For tonight - Can I top you up, sir? - Nah.
What the fuck?! Jerk! Oh, great.
- Sorry, sir, I didn't mean to - Well, you did, ya fucking prick.
Go on, fuck off.
Get out of here.
Fuck off! - Sir, I thought you said yes.
- Stop mumbling.
Don't look at me! Get the fuck out.
Where do you find these people, huh? Amateurs.
I don't want to see him again.
OK? (PHONE CHIMES) Do you think maybe you can fetch me something stronger to - Sure.
- Thanks.
Thank you.
Hey, what's up.
Can I help? Um, I'm very busy with on another matter, but are you across this? I've had 40 calls about the launch.
Uh, unh-unh.
No, that's weird.
I haven't gotten any, I don't think.
- Yeah, it blew up.
- It blew up? Yes, it exploded on the launch pad.
Um, OK.
It's weird Yeah, wow, they really should have told me that.
That's, um that's naughty.
How bad is it? Is it bad? I'll reiterate.
It exploded.
Pow! On the launch pad.
So, yeah, I'd say that's bad.
Are there, like, um - Dead people? - Yeah.
Well, I don't know.
Yes, I mean, the scale means there's likely casualties.
- It's very unclear.
- Mm-hmm.
Because I did put a lot of pressure to accelerate the launch, even though there were concerns.
- You did? - I did, yeah.
Oh, fuck.
I just thought it would be nice for it happen on Shiv's wedding day, like fireworks, like big fireworks? - Well, you got that right.
- I'm just telling you because I sent a lot of emails about it, and there's no use hiding that, because I just want to say I think it's for you to know, as general counsel, so you can, um protect me? Well, I can try.
But fuck, you're looking at potential corporate manslaughter.
If you can just sign there.
ROMAN: I give you the bride and groom! (ALL CHEERING) (BAND PLAYING) (MUSIC CONTINUES) Hey! (INDISTINCT) This has been a very memorable day, a day that, well, I'll I'll never forget as long as I live.
And I wanted it to be perfect perfect for Shiv.
And it is.
No one no one can ruin this.
It's wonderful to be surrounded by those that we love, trust, and hold very dear.
Because there is nothing more important than family.
So to family! ALL: To family! He's joking, right? - (APPLAUSE) - (BAND RESUMES) (WHISPERING) Excuse me.
- Oh - Hi.
Um so, how about we do London tomorrow? - Mm-hmm.
- OK.
I put together a list of investor calls.
Karl will make initial contact.
And a poison pill should you consider it? Yeah.
I will have the options for our poison pill defense.
So you have the president in 25, and the EU commissioner in the morning.
- Yes? - Yes.
- Have you told the others? - The others? The kids.
Is there an advantage? N-No, I mean, just to, you know, just to tell them.
- Yeah? - Sure.
ROMAN: I'd like to welcome Tom to the family.
I don't feel like I'm losing a sister.
I don't feel like I'm gaining a brother, either.
- I don't feel anything.
- (LAUGHTER) It's a mental disorder.
It's called borderline personality disorder.
- (LAUGHTER) - Why is everybody laughing? Who wants to hear about the bachelorette party? - I do! - Yeah? Well, you're out of luck, 'cause nothing happened, we just we knitted and made salads, did some yoga.
And no one will tell you different, because we killed the stripper.
- (LAUGHTER) - But seriously, I would I'd like to thank my dad because I'm contractually obligated.
No, I would actually like to thank you.
And Tom, I would like to also thank for being my rock.
- MAN: Aww - Aww You're a good guy, Wambsgans, and I like hangin' out with you.
- (MOUTHS WORDS) - And so here's a toast to me and to Tom.
- (APPLAUSE) - (BAND RESUMES) (NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE) CAROLINE: I just want to say I know we haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but that's difficult when your father's stolen you away 'cross the Atlantic.
And I know you probably think I'm deliberately trying to make you cry or steal your limelight, but I just wanted to tell you, in front of everybody, that you're special, and, after my own fashion, I love you.
So I just wanted to say that in public, because I'm getting on and I might not be in good enough health to say it when you remarry.
(LAUGHTER) I love my wife.
And I just I just love saying the word "wife.
" - "Wife.
" "Wife.
" "Wife, wife, wife, wife, wife.
" So she's my wife, and, um.
she's my life.
- And, uh - ALL: Aww And I'm gonna stop talking now, because I feel like I'm gonna cry, and it would be crazy to cry, because I'm so happy right now.
So, thank you all for coming, and I love you all.
- ALL: Aww - (APPLAUDING) (BAND RESUMES) Oh! I'm gonna sit down.
My feet are killing me.
Excuse me.
Could I? Yeah.
Of course.
What was that text message you sent before? Some kind of anti-proposal? "I won't do it if you won't"? Look, I just spoke to Gil, and it sounds like, well, he thought he was being very subtle and all, but something has happened, and I wondered what the fuck that was.
Happened with what? In terms of burying whatever it is we know and not being afraid of ATN anymore.
Well, that's an interesting perspective.
I brought you in.
What did I do? I'm gonna make him win.
He's gonna win anyway.
I might not agree.
Well, yeah, look, I don't want to play the bleeding heart here, but there is a reason I work with him, and it's because of inequality, and Oh! Inequality! Well, if you can't handle it, then fuck off.
Who are you? I'm Shiv fucking Roy.
And I'm gonna have two very grateful people the next president and my father.
LOGAN: Honey.
I'm sorry, honey.
I'm sorry, but you need to talk to your brother.
You all need to chat.
(BAND PLAYING) Excusez-moi.
Hey, Kenny, can I grab a word with you? I'm sorry, bro I didn't give you the full full picture.
Thanks, Con.
So what the fuck? Hmm? Dad told us.
How could you? It, uh, it was out of my hands.
- (LAUGHS) - You're a real piece of work.
You act like you're a fuckin' guy, like a decent guy, but you're a piece of shit, man.
- We can talk, yeah? - Mm-hmm? There's no need to talk to me like I'm the enemy.
I think we get to talk to you however we fuckin' want.
The fact is, I was I was forced into this position against my wishes, I didn't want to Poor Kendall.
- Boo-fuckin'-hoo.
- Dude, I'll answer any questions you have.
I have a question.
What the fuck are you doing? I'm I'm trying to save the company.
By fucking us.
Look, if this works, which undoubtedly it will, you'll all be very, very, very rich, and, I hate to say it, but maybe it's for the best for this to no longer be a family-run operation.
Well, no, because, for one thing, our inheritance is all in stock, so if after this Dad goes fuckin' nuts and pisses it all away, nothing.
CONNOR: Kendall, the fact is, right now we're somebodies.
Any doofus can have a few million bucks.
- Come on.
- SHIV: Come on? You plotted a takeover! What the fuck is wrong with you? To fundamentally alter the nature of the family on my wedding day? Do you have any conception of how goddamn selfish you are?! This isn't about a fuckin' dress.
Fuck off! I know it's not about a fucking dress! No, it's not.
This is about the future, our future, this is about the next thousand years! The Thousand-Year Reich? Uh-huh.
That will endure for eternity.
I mean, wake up.
This is just a little maneuver.
OK? You don't need to get sentimental.
Sentimental? You think this is us just being sentimental, just for the hell of it? The lack of thought to do this to Dad today Come on, Shiv, let's not pretend.
Yeah? This isn't about Dad.
This is because you like the power.
It gets you close to the Hill.
And Rome, you couldn't get a job in a fuckin' burger joint, let alone a Fortune 500, without some nepotism.
And Con, you like the glamor it gives to a fuckin' freak show in the desert.
No, Kenny, I could just do with the assistance of the family firm on my ambitions to become President.
That's it.
You're all living in a fuckin' dream world.
(DOOR OPENS) So how's the torture going? I don't have to I I'm I I ought to go.
I (SIGHS)I know what you're trying to do, OK? I'm not gonna let you.
I shouldn't even talk to you right now.
Oh, I don't think there's any reason not to, legal or otherwise.
I'm not getting into it.
So you don't think that you owe us an explanation? I don't owe you anything.
What have you had your entire life that I didn't give you? I'm not getting into it.
I'm doing this thing.
OK? I don't owe you fucking anything.
I blame myself.
I spoiled you.
And now you're fucked.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry you're a hothouse flower that you're nothing.
You're curdled cream.
Maybe Maybe you should write a book or collect sports cars or something.
But for the world? Nah.
I'm sorry.
You're not made for it.
You're a fuckin' beast.
(BEEPS) Yo, uh, do you have any more? Uh-huh.
Um, you know, it's just that tomorrow maybe we should bo We got a huge day tomorrow.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
You got, like, just a little, though, in case in case we want for tomorrow? May Uh, I don't know.
- You want to look? - Are we good, man? Are we good? Yeah.
We're good.
- We're golden.
- Yeah? Because Sandy wants us to check in at 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00, GMT.
Wise, wise.
Yeah, I can just do with a straightener.
Take the edge off.
Yeah, I just don't th I don't have any, man.
I'm sorry about that.
(BAND PLAYING) - ROMAN: for no reason.
- CONNOR: Shit.
Did anyone die? I don't know.
But it's fine.
It's gonna be fine.
Nobody Yeah.
Hey, were you kidding about the presidential thing? No.
Why? - Why? - Yeah.
Because, I mean, generally speaking, people don't like you.
Shut up.
Shut up.
You're an idiot.
No, I could do that job.
I can do that job.
But why would you even What do you want to do? Well, I would launch a campaign against the Great Dangers.
Wh Eh What are the Great Dangers? Honestly, this is from my readings, and sadly, you can't say this because the permitted public debate has shrunk to the size of a fucking nut, but, frankly, usury and onanism.
Usury an anun unoonan Usury and onanism.
Unsecured debt and masturbation.
The spilling of good seed.
That sounds dope.
Well, it's not for public consumption.
I mean, this is from my readings.
Well, yes, of course.
- And I don't want to pay tax.
- Well, duh.
Gerri! CONNOR: Like a protest, like Thoreau.
He had it right, let me tell ya.
Did you hear yet? Did you hear anything? - About? - Japan.
Like, how many, like how many died, how many did they find? - Yeah, you didn't hear? - No.
- None.
- None.
Like "none" none, - none at all? - No.
Two guys lost thumbs, and there might be an arm they can't save, but they might.
Oh, my God.
So you you're Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? It's just an arm and a couple of fucking thumbs? - It's so sad.
- Oh, my God, Jesus, no, that's great.
Not gonna ruin a party over a couple of fuckin' thumbs.
TOM: Hey, wait.
How ya doin'? - Uh, great.
- Listen, I'm sorry about Kendall No That's Hey.
Guess Guess who just didn't kill anyone, but maybe only lost a couple of thumbs? - I don't know.
- This guy.
Hey, so I heard.
- Yeah, well - I just want to say good luck.
- Good luck? - Yeah.
The place has gotta change, I feel.
Like the old shit, the nasty politics, like, the the stuff at the cruise lines? You know about that? Because I helped clean it up, you know? But Hey, so, listen.
Um Do you know where I can find, uh I could use a little sumpin'-sumpin'.
I wish.
But I, you know, I made copies of a few key documents related to all that stuff, in case I got into any trouble at all? So I would just think, like, anybody would be wise to keep me in a good role.
(CHUCKLING) Greg the motherfuckin' Egg.
Look at you.
Some guys smoke weed around the back I think might know.
You little Machiavellian fuck.
I see you, Greg.
I like it.
Hell yeah.
Do you wanna talk about how this takeover affects you in the business? - 'Cause Ow.
- You look amazing.
I mean, you're in on merit.
- But if it's successful - You look amazing.
you know, it'll be tough, but I think you you're good.
I don't really care about that.
All I care about is getting into this beautiful dress.
- If Gil takes off - Can I rip it? No.
If Gil takes off, I don't even know if I want to go back inside, especially now Shiv.
Let's just fuck.
You're very forward, sir.
- I'm very forward? Oh.
- Yes.
You know, I don't care about our plan.
I didn't get married to you for the plan, or because, you know, I just I know that you're hard and you're tough, but I just want to get in, I want in, I want in on you.
You know? Let's go to Let's go to fuckin' New Zealand, become sheep farmers.
- Sheep farmers? - Yeah.
- Can you scuba? - You know I can scuba.
Well, let's go and teach scuba then.
Let's get out! You think? (LAUGHS) Tom, I gotta tell you something.
And I should have told you before.
Uh I've had a little number.
You had a little number? Yeah.
And you know, because I thought we were both grownups and we had an agreement.
That we were gonna behave in a very grownup manner.
Did we? Well, yeah, I mean, I always implied, I thought.
Do you want to say who? And if I've got it wrong, then I'm really, truly fuckin' sorry.
What it Nate? I want everything to be open and honest from now on.
Can I send him home? (BREATHING HEAVILY) - Yeah, sure.
- Good.
I'm I just think I'm just I'm just not sure I'm a good fit for a monogamous marriage.
- OK.
- Is it OK? - Is that OK to say to you? - Of course.
I kinda wish, I guess, maybe we'd talked about this before our wedding night.
Me too.
I just think I was in such a total mess when we hooked up, and I needed you, so much, I was in a very bad way, and we've got the business angle that works, we're good on that, we have a plan.
But in terms of the relationship, I'm just wondering if there's an opportunity for something different from the whole box set death march.
The box set death march.
You know, just a different shape of relationship.
It could be exciting.
Maybe, I guess.
- It's exciting! - It's exciting.
Yeah! Because we've torn everything else down.
Right? Love is the last fridge magnet left.
How do you mean? Well, I mean that love is it's like 28 different things, and they all get lumped in together in this one sack, and there's a lot of things in that sack, it needs to get emptied out.
There's fear and jealousy and revenge, control, and they all get wrapped up in really nice fuckin' wrapping paper, and it just looks really lovely and nice, - but when you open it up - No, no.
You're right.
It is.
It's Love.
It's bullshit.
Yes! But I I do love you.
I love you too.
Fuck! - I want to get this dress off.
- Get the dress off.
What's up, man? What you, uh, what you got goin' on back here? - Nothin'.
- No, it's cool, it's cool.
You can just smell it from down there.
It smells like the kind bud.
Hey, didn't I see you get some shit earlier? You OK? My dad's a fuckin' bastard.
No, yeah, it's cool.
They paid me up.
- For like the whole shift? - Yeah.
And a sweetener.
- Nice.
- It's actually pretty good, 'cause now I can just go home.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
Uh, dude would it be weird to ask if, uh Oh, do you want a smoke? - Uh, yeah, sure.
- Here.
But But also you know, for the party, like, big party tonight, and I just wondered, you don't have a connection for some powder, do you? (LAUGHS QUIETLY) Uh - Yeah? - Yeah.
(MUSIC PLAYING OVER SOUND SYSTEM) Uptown girl She's been livin' in her uptown world I'll bet she never And also I'm probably not the right strategist for you.
Would you consider yourself a Democrat? Oh, now, don't box me in, Nate.
Hey, dude.
Can I get in? Hey.
Uh, we're just talkin'.
- Whatever.
- Yeah.
All right.
- Hey, man.
- Hey, man.
How are you? I'm good.
What a night.
- I know.
- Lovely.
Hey, listen, I'm so sorry, but there seems to be a little mix-up in your accommodation.
- Oh, right.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry, but there's nowhere for you to stay.
OK, well, I'm sure I'll figure something out.
But it might be smart for you to leave directly, - to find something.
- Are you serious? Yeah.
I'm serious.
I get the message.
It's fine.
Let's just keep things cool, I think you need to stay calm.
We're grownups, Shiv's a grownup I think you need to go fuck yourself.
And if I ever see you in the same room as Shiv again, I will pay men to break your legs.
And if I go to jail, which I won't, so be it.
Um Fine.
I'm gonna head out, I'm just gonna finish this My mom and dad made a contribution to the wine, so I'd really rather you didn't drink anymore.
- Are you kidding? - Excuse me.
Thank you.
Put it back Nate.
- Come on.
- Put it back, Nate.
Put my fuckin' wine back.
Put it the fuck back.
There you go.
Don't make a fuckin' mess.
And now she's looking for a downtown man That's what I am Oh whoa-oh whoa-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh (SNORTING) (GASPS) Ohh.
Wait, I Hang on.
What is this? Ket.
- Uh, no.
- Special K.
No, I need a different different vibe tonight.
- Hmm.
- I was after some coke.
I mean, I know someone, but no, this is ket.
But you know someone? - Yeah.
- Let's go for it.
- Is that cool? - OK, I don't know if I should drive right away.
No? I can drive.
- Yeah? - Yeah, sure.
- OK.
- I'm good.
- Ohh - You OK, bud? I'm fine.
Buddy? Gonna be able to find the way? Yeah.
Let's get some air in here, yeah? (RAP MUSIC CONTINUES) - (GEARS GRINDING) - You all right there? Yup, just fuckin' stick shift.
You're used to an automatic? Uh-huh.
Plus, I don't drive that much.
- Why not? - Because I'm incredibly rich and I mostly get driven everywhere.
- You're incredibly rich? - That's right.
I am fuckin' loaded beyond your wildest imagination.
- How much further is this? - Should I kidnap you? Yeah, if you can fuckin' walk, you should kidnap me.
(LAUGHS) - I know a house.
- Oh, you know a house? Like a place to fuckin' keep me? - Yeah.
- (BOTH LAUGH) It's got a cow shed.
I could keep you in there.
It's only got a corrugated iron roof, so it's gonna be fuckin' cold.
Hey, I mean, what do you care? Ha! Yeah, exactly.
(GASPS) (GRUNTS) (EXHALES) (FLIPS SWITCH) And do it, and do it, let's live it up and do it And do it, and do it, and do it Let's do it, let's do it, let's do it, do it, do it Here we come, here we go - Hello.
- Hi, Mom.
Naughty one.
Roman told me.
I don't think any the worse of you.
- No? - No.
Well, good.
Have a dance.
Go on.
Rory, have a dance.
(MUSIC, CHATTER) - Hey, man.
You good? - Yeah.
Why don't you just leave us.
- Hey.
Hey! - Hey, Con.
You holding court over here? I am talking with two beautiful women, yes, I am.
Nice to meet you.
- My brother Kendall.
- Hi.
Hey, listen, I'm sorry.
- You know, about - Yeah.
I am.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) Oh! Hey! Come here, buddy.
Give me a hug.
What are you guy doing up? It's way past your bedtime.
- Couldn't sleep.
- We slept this afternoon.
Oh, you're jet-lagged, yeah? Where have you been? Look at you two.
Hey, they were lookin' for ya.
- Yeah.
- They want to dance.
- You guys look great.
- You wanna dance? Look at you goobers.
How to chase my blues away I've done all right up to now It's the light of day that shows me how And when the night falls Loneliness calls Oh, I wanna dance with somebody I wanna feel the heat with somebody Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody With somebody who loves me Oh, I wanna dance with somebody I wanna feel the heat with somebody Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody With somebody who loves me (SEARCHING STATIONS) - WOMAN: A flat, I suppose.
- MAN: You mean you like it? Why yes, as a flat.
And a flat's what we're looking for.
Darling, do be sensible.
In a year's time well, two year's, yes we'll think about mortgages, and I'll work up the strength for the traveling bit, but we're gonna need all available cash for Hope! (SOFT CHATTER, LAUGHTER) Bad news about my hymen.
- KENDALL: Yo? - It's gone.
- MAN: Hey, Kenny.
- WOMAN: Morning, Kendall.
Good to see ya.
ROMAN: Morning, Mr.
- Yo.
- You good? - Yeah, yeah, pretty good.
Little hung over.
Yeah, kind of a weird vibe with the, uh, with the service folks, like the Hobbit-y people? There's like, I guess, a caterer, a guy, like, got in a crash, and was high, or, like, I don't know, nobody knows.
But some bad shit went down.
- Really.
- Yeah.
But the word is, like, the family the family line is that we're not gonna let it spoil anything.
- Right.
Oh, good.
- You know? - Good.
- Yeah.
But, uh, he So, um is he OK? He I guess he died.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Bad shit.
Really sad.
How's the scrambled egg? Has it congealed? What's that? How's that scrambled egg? It's been sittin' there for like an hour.
Kendall, Logan wants a word with you.
(DOOR OPENS) - Hey, son.
- Hey.
LOGAN: Thanks, Col.
You want something? Oh, no, I'm I'm good.
I I just, uh Mm I'm good.
Did you have an acceptable evening? Uh, uh-huh.
Ya know.
I was up all night organizing my defense.
I don't know if you know, but the caterer I had an issue with died last night.
Oh, that's terrible.
- Did you know? - I I knew.
I-I knew bec because I just found out.
But, uh, it's a it's a shock.
So, our guys, uh one of our guys, found a keycard to your room near where this kid went into the water.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Maybe he, uh - And And, uh, - maybe he - Amir saw you last night, rather damp.
The police are here with Caroline.
MARCIA: We just want you to check if you had anything stolen last night.
I don't I don't think so.
Maybe you should check again.
Um LOGAN: This kid, I think he might have been a thief who broke into your room and took your card.
Let me handle this.
I know the guys, they know our guys, they're good guys, so we'll let them know what was taken.
Dad, I I I Yeah.
This has been quite stressful.
Why don't you get in my car and we'll drive you to the plane.
And then you can relax.
Um I, uh, I don't know Yeah, yeah, I think that would be good.
I mean, uh nobody did anything wrong, and, uh, ya know, it sounds like, so Mm-hmm.
Tell Sandy you're out.
Tell Stewy the thing looks like a shit show.
Go to the desert, dry yourself out.
You have not been yourself.
There's nothing I don't I don't think, um, and I wasn't there, so This could be the defining moment of your life.
It'd eat everything.
A rich kid kills a boy you'd never be anything else.
Or, you know, it could be what is should be: nothing at all.
A sad little detail at a lovely wedding where father and son are reconciled.
(SOBBING) You're my boy.
You're my number one boy.
(KISSES) I'm sorry.
No, no, no, no.
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