Suits s02e14 Episode Script

He's Back

Previously on Suits One hundred and thirteen female employees across all 22 divisions.
You know what they have in common? All denied promotions due to the fact that they're women.
How often does Louis ask you out? Every single day.
There are laws to protect you from sexual harassment, you know.
What are you doing here? Delivering champagne.
I see you can afford it since the money you've been stealing from our clients hasn't been going to your wife's cancer treatments.
Hey, Monica, how's it going? What the hell are you doing? Trying to get Monica Eton to file a sexual harassment suit against Daniel Hardman? I know you think you're trying to help me, but drop it.
Mike pull it off? Yep.
He suspect you were in on it? Nope.
Sign this confidentiality agreement.
I'll waive my claim.
One time offer, take it or leave it.
I've decided to farm out the case.
Let me guess.
Daniel Hardman.
Please state your name for the record.
Sloane Moseley.
And what is your position at Folsom Foods? This was all established during my client's first and second depositions.
I'm sorry.
I'm just getting up to speed.
I like to establish my own facts.
Or manufacture them.
Excuse me.
Let's show opposing counsel some respect.
Regional Vice President of marketing and research.
And how many female executives work alongside you? Three.
Making a total of four.
In a department of nine.
Is there a question? Yes.
What is the ratio of men to women Senior Partners at Pearson Hardman? Well, she has no knowledge of that.
Then, I direct the question to you.
And I have the answer, but it's not relevant to this case.
What do you mean? Jessica Pearson's hiring and firing practices are directly relevant to the case.
If the next question isn't regarding Folsom Foods, this deposition's over.
Folsom Foods? Ah.
So sorry.
As you know, I just took over 45 different cases.
I get confused.
I thought we were deposing Pearson Hardman today.
What the hell are you talking about? Oh, my God.
Did Did I forget to give you the subpoena? Pearson Hardman is being sued for wrongful termination in the amount of ten million dollars.
You have been served.
Wrongful termination.
You're lucky you're not in jail.
It's not on his behalf.
It's on Monica Eton's.
I actually got the idea from you.
Excuse me? What this firm did to that woman was unconscionable.
You piece of shit.
Monica Eton deserved to get fired.
The eight women I'm going to stack the jury with might disagree with that.
Not once they learn she was sleeping with you while you were embezzling from this firm.
And how exactly are they going to learn that? One of the three people in this room is going to tell them.
I'm guessing it won't be you.
I'm afraid it won't be one of you, either.
You going to kill us? Oh, I won't need to.
You're bound by the confidentiality agreement Jessica signed the night I left.
"All knowledge of any activity of Daniel Hardman shall" I know what it goddamn says.
You signed it so quickly, I wasn't sure.
I know a shakedown when I see one.
What do you want? It's not what I want.
It's what Monica wants.
And what is that? Payback.
You see, when Mike Ross brought that trumped up suit to her, she was very upset.
It brought back the memory of what you did to her.
I didn't do shit to her.
That wasn't how she saw it.
Yet you didn't lift a finger to help her.
I wanted to at the time.
But I couldn't very well attack my own firm, now, could I? Never stopped you before.
But you can't mention that, either.
We're done.
Harvey, will you escort this piece of filth out of the building? Make sure he doesn't commit any crimes on the way out.
Oh, by the way, Mike Ross Virtuoso job drafting that complaint.
All I had to do was search and replace "Daniel Hardman" with "anonymous.
" Almost as virtuoso as the job he did convincing you Lawrence Kemp signed that affidavit.
Must stick in your craw.
Having to walk by my name day after day.
Oh, we'll get to it.
First, we had to turn your old office into the new conference room.
When Jessica and I engineered our coup, she had that sign down within minutes.
Van Dyke.
Jessica wanted it down the second you were gone.
I told her it was too soon.
You asked her to be name partner and she said no.
And you know why? Because deep in her heart, she doesn't trust you.
She trusted me to kick your ass.
But I saw that look back there.
She didn't tell you about the confidentiality agreement, did she? See the money, want to stay for your meal Get another piece of pie for your wife Everybody wanna know how it feel Everybody wanna see what it's like I'll even eat a bean pie I don't mind Me and missy is so early Busy, busy making money All right! All step back I'm 'bout to dance The greenback boogie What the hell were you thinking? I don't want to discuss this, Harvey.
He gave up his partnership, his money, and his voting rights.
It was a good deal, I did it, and it's done.
And now, it's come back to bite us in the ass.
We have to settle.
I am not settling.
Our backs are against the wall and we're going to drain our resources on a case that we can't win just because you boxed us in? It was a take it or leave it offer.
I had one minute.
I wanted to be done with the man, so I took it.
You told me never to make rash decisions, and then you do this.
I told you, I didn't have a choice.
Did you have a choice when you decided to keep it from me? I didn't think it would ever come up again.
That is not a good enough reason.
What did he tell you? He told me you'd never put my name on the door.
He told me you'd come after me someday.
Maybe even threaten my family the same way you threatened his.
All something you never bothered to consult me on.
I didn't have to.
You'd have told me to do whatever it took.
That's not the point.
Well, what's the point? You kept it from me.
I let it go.
Because I knew he was just trying to get into my head, the same way he's trying to get into your head now.
What's going to happen when he deposes you and you can't tell the full story? I don't know, Harvey.
But I trusted you to beat him before.
And I am trusting you to beat him again now.
Uh, do you have a minute? That's about all I have.
I'm under pressure.
I've got to get this done.
Yeah, I know.
We're all swamped with this Folsom Foods thing.
But, uh, I need your help with a case that's a little more personal.
I am swamped with Folsom Foods, but I came in early to carve out an hour to work on something personal of my own.
What is it? Harvard application.
Rachel, that's great.
It's great if I get in.
And I'm not going to get in if I don't get this done.
And I'm not going to get it done if people keep bothering me.
Do people keep bothering you? No.
So, this is going well, then.
Less than one out of every 12 people who applies gets in.
What if I'm not one of those people? I don't know.
Maybe you'll get in somewhere else.
You're kidding me.
I don't want to have a fallback.
You mean a backup? A logical plan B? Mike, I've been half in, half out of committing to this for years.
I'm done with that.
Going to law school is committing.
I don't want to go to law school.
I want to go to Harvard.
Just because your father went there doesn't mean you need to go there too.
That's not why.
You want to work at Pearson Hardman.
And if I don't go there, then I can't work here.
Do you need any help? No, it's okay.
I'm going to do this on my own.
I'm so sorry.
What did you need help with? It's okay.
I'm going to do it on my own.
Donna, I need your help.
With what? Hardman.
I want you to convince Harvey to let me on the Monica Eton case.
I'm sorry, Louis.
I can't do that.
Donna, come on.
He made me look like a fool.
He did the same thing to me.
Well, I need revenge.
So do I.
See? Then, why won't you ask Harvey for me? Because Harvey needs to handle this himself.
So, this has nothing to do with any residual issues you've had with me and my past behavior? No.
Yeah, because I never told him.
I never told Harvey how sorry I was for trusting someone that betrayed us all.
Louis, he knows.
I mean, that bastard wouldn't even be here right now if it wasn't for me.
He'd just be some partner skulking around, never having won if I hadn't voted for him.
Look, it's going to be okay.
Success is the best revenge.
Revenge is the best revenge.
Where are you going? It's only 10:30.
You going to dock my pay? I'm serious.
I've got some really good stuff here.
First of all, Hardman's non-compete is still in effect.
He can't even be practicing law.
In New York.
Where the hell do you think we are? He's working out of Jersey.
He's got an office of one.
Bank account.
Car service.
Cell phone.
I mean, all of them are based in New York.
We can fight it.
That's exactly what he wants.
What? Articles of incorporation, office, land line, company car, all in Jersey.
He's constructed it so we'd be tempted to fight him, waste our time and resources, then lose.
Okay, fine.
Then, what we need to do next is dig into Monica Eton.
Hold on.
You're on Folsom Foods.
Not Monica Eton.
Harvey, they're using the exact lawsuit I wrote, word for word.
I know how to fight it.
Did he tell you that? No, he didn't need to.
I read it.
I mean, he didn't just get the idea from me.
He got the whole execution from me.
He's doing that because he's trying to get in your head.
This isn't your fault.
We did this together.
Then, let me help you fix it.
I'm sorry.
Those papers can't help me and neither can you.
Har Oh.
Yes, I I know who you are.
I just wasn't expecting you.
Um, I don't live here.
You must be here to see my dad.
Yes, I am.
Please come in.
Uh, he's just in the back.
He TiVoed the game.
Jets? Giants.
Man after my own heart.
Why is it the defensive line is always packed with a bunch of big, strong black guys, and the offensive line's packed with big, fat white guys? Well, I don't know.
But looking at you, you've got a foot in both camps.
I guess you're not here to ask a favor.
I'm here to do you a favor.
Get rid of him while you still can.
You do not know who you're in bed with, Robert.
I went to law school with the man.
Well, he might have been a prince back then, but he sure as hell isn't one now.
Then enlighten me.
Because from what I know, he left the firm to take care of his wife.
When he came back, you forced him out.
That's nowhere near the full story.
What else is there? I'm listening.
You signed a confidentiality agreement.
I am precluded from speaking on that topic.
Then, I'm afraid you're precluded from convincing me to take him off this case.
What's it going to cost you to violate the agreement? Give me a number.
Hmm? I'll assume it's in the millions.
You said I didn't know the kind of man I was in bed with? From the looks of it, I'm in bed with the kind of man who's got you by the balls.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Enjoy your game.
Oh, by the way, Giants lost by one.
at the two yard line.
Alright, Harvey.
It's the middle of the night.
You wanted in.
What can I do for you? I need to talk hypothetically.
Uh, is this "hypothetically" about a suit being brought by an ex-name partner against his firm? Because you know I can't talk about a case that's on my own docket.
Would you prefer I tell the IRS about a hypothetical conversation I had with an up and coming judge nine years ago? Give it to me.
The name partner in question was the one she had an affair with while he was embezzling money from the firm.
So, bring it up.
Make your case.
We can't.
He got you to sign a confidentiality agreement.
But the spirit of the agreement was to shield him.
If we had a sealed hearing, how would you rule on tossing the confidentiality? I'm afraid you'd lose.
Why? If he were the plaintiff, it would be one thing.
But he's the attorney.
I can't punish the woman for her choice of attorney.
What if he doesn't make that argument? He will.
He came to see you too.
Two weeks ago.
Sorry, Harvey.
Excuse me.
I'm here for my Oh, I know what you're here for.
Jessica's deposition.
Three o'clock on the nose.
I'm nothing if not prompt.
You're nothing if not an asshole.
Is that why you're sitting out here? To call me that? No.
I just wanted to personally escort you to the conference room.
Lucky me.
We'll see about that.
My old office.
Harvey wasn't kidding.
My idea.
It took a while to feng shui the evil out.
Look, Donna, I understand You piece of shit.
Is that all you've got? Oh, I will go right now.
Are you going to sue me? Because I don't think anybody here is going to testify.
I never meant to hurt you.
You mean when you planted that memo and got me fired? I did no such thing.
And any implication otherwise from within this firm is actionable.
Yeah, right.
But you never meant to hurt me.
I'd imagine whoever planted that memo thought that you would bring it forward.
And if you had, the only thing that would have happened to you is you would have been scolded.
And Harvey's career would have been over.
So, it really is like that between the two of you.
You can go now.
Jessica's deposition is in the other conference room.
Please state your full name for the record.
Jessica Lourdes Pearson.
Monica Eton's reviews from '03 to '07.
All excellent.
Agreed? Yes.
Then, why was she let go? That was determined by a variety of factors.
Was one of the factors that she was having an affair with a partner? I'm so glad you brought that up, you little son of a bitch.
Because Off the record.
So soon? I told you this would happen.
He's baiting you into breaching confidentiality.
And I'm ready to bite down and drag him in with me.
We can't afford it.
The affair itself was not a factor.
With whom was she having this affair? I refuse to answer that.
Why? Were you in love with him? In love with him? I thought she was bottom feeding.
I might have actually vomited when I heard.
That's enough.
We're not answering this line of questioning.
Move on.
You said my client's dismissal was due to a variety of factors.
And then you said it wasn't the affair and it wasn't job performance.
So I ask you, what was it? Was it a personal dislike? Were you jealous of her? Or do you just hate other women? Tread lightly, Daniel.
Let's try some questions your client can answer.
Were you in a relationship at the time of my client's dismissal? Excuse me? Jessica Pearson's personal life is not an issue here.
I beg to differ.
And since your client can't seem to find her words today, I, for one, can testify that she was not in a relationship at the time.
She's always been married to her job.
And she wants her female associates to be equally committed.
So that as soon as they have anything else in their lives, in other words, sex, she cuts them loose.
This is bullshit.
Then tell me differently.
We're done here.
The truth is, Monica was younger than you, prettier than you, sexually active, and of child-bearing age.
All of the things you are not.
And you fired her for it.
We going to talk about what happened? Not tonight.
Jessica, I Son of a bitch all but called me bitter and barren.
He did call you that.
But it's only going to get worse.
And you should have jumped to my defense sooner than you did.
I'm your lawyer, not your husband.
And if I didn't jump in when I did, we'd be broke.
Look, I told you before.
We need to settle.
And I told you before, we're not settling.
Don't you see what he's doing? He's trying to make this case about gender.
It's not.
It doesn't matter.
You can't be the name defendant on a gender discrimination case while we're suing Folsom Foods for the same thing.
I am not capitulating to that man.
Then you're going to look like a fool.
That's enough.
You're not calling the shots.
I am.
And whether you think my call is wrong or not, it is still my name on that goddamn wall.
You Hey.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I don't want to bother you if you're still working on your application, but I need a favor.
Uh, no I finished.
Uh, what do you need? I need to see a transcript of Jessica's deposition.
That's confidential.
That's why I need your help.
Rachel, please.
I need it.
By the way, congratulations on finishing your application.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Are you looking for anything in particular? No, not exactly.
Oh, my God.
It just keeps going.
It's worse and worse.
She had to sit through this.
Oh, God.
This is all my fault.
Uh, Mike No.
I, I used you to get to Monica.
And then I used her, and now he's taking it out on Jessica.
Yeah, you couldn't have known it was going to lead to this.
It's okay.
No, it isn't.
I need to use this.
Either you print it or I type it up from memory, but I have to.
Why? You said you wanted to go to Harvard so that you can work at Pearson Hardman.
Right? Yeah.
Well, if I don't fix this, there might not be a Pearson Hardman.
You can't talk to me.
Actually, I can.
I don't have any equity in the firm, and I'm not working on this case.
You're an interested party and you drafted the original complaint.
Any judge in the world sides with me.
Listen, Monica.
I'm not trying to set you off.
I'm trying to take responsibility here.
For what? For doing exactly what you just said I did.
For drafting the original complaint and starting this whole thing off.
I'm sorry.
No, no.
The only thing you're sorry about is your little maneuver backfired.
Yeah, but it didn't backfire on me.
It backfired on Jessica.
That's too bad.
That's exactly what I'm happy about.
What? Jessica didn't screw you, Hardman did.
Daniel Hardman didn't show up in my office to fire me without cause, notice, or a letter of recommendation.
She had cause.
Did she? When I told her I knew nothing about Daniel's embezzlement, do you know what she said? "I don't care.
" And then, five years later, she sends you to turn me against him.
That's just it.
She didn't.
Look at that.
The attack dog defends its owner.
Blame me, you can even blame Harvey, but Jessica had nothing to do with it.
If you think I'm going to buy for one second she wasn't behind you coming to me with that lawsuit, you are even more naive than I was.
Would you please just look at what he did to her? I don't have to.
Because I don't care.
How are you? I'm fine.
Um, you know, I wanted to tell you I can't really talk right now, Louis.
Right, because you've got the deposition? I'm meeting Daniel.
Well, it was really It was really nice seeing you.
You, too.
I'm a little busy at the moment.
Monica Eton.
I know.
Look, Harvey didn't want my help.
But I thought that maybe you would.
Harvey is right.
I need you on top of Folsom Foods.
This is about Folsom Foods.
What do you have? If you can get Monica to admit that her affair was with Daniel, then this isn't about gender anymore.
Because they were both dismissed.
A man and a woman.
Puts you back in the driver's seat on Folsom Foods.
You got a line of questioning? Right here.
You ready? He is.
I want you to let him take the lead on this.
What? Not a discussion.
Where are you going? Oh, I'm not spending another moment in the same room with those people.
Miss Eton.
Him? You're bringing in the B team.
As you pointed out, the B team drafted this suit in the first place.
And ran you out of Dodge.
Right into Jersey.
Well, if he doesn't do well, he can always approach my client outside of her place of employment again.
Hmm? I guess he must have learned from you not to always tell Dad what he's up to.
You want to know what he learned from me? Not to let some two-time loser get in his head.
Miss Eton, there's been a lot of talk about the affair you had while at Pearson Hardman.
I have just one question.
Who was that affair with? I never said I had an affair.
But your lawyer said you did.
Your people said it was irrelevant.
I didn't and it's not.
And I have a lot of questions about it.
Which we won't be answering.
Well, you'll have to in court.
We're not in court.
No, but you are on the record.
But since you don't want to answer the question, let me ask you another question.
If you didn't have an affair, then what reason could there possibly be for you to be fired? Because I was being harassed, and I made it clear I didn't like it.
Harassed by who? Don't answer that.
Oh, no.
My client is going to answer the question that your associate asked.
And we're going to get some things on the record right here.
No, we're done.
I was being harassed by Louis Litt.
What? Go on, Monica.
He asked me out repeatedly after I rebuffed him again and again.
He would stare at me, wait at the elevator, outside my office, the diner, everywhere.
Anything else? Yes.
He was partner, and I had to say no to him.
And it made me feel disgusting every single day.
Will people corroborate your account? It was common knowledge within the firm.
Any number of people knew, including him.
Let the record show that my client indicated Harvey Specter.
Monica, I have one more question for you.
To whom did Jessica tell you to hand in your resignation? Louis Litt.
So, in conclusion, you were being sexually harassed.
It was well known.
Jessica Pearson dismissed you.
And you were actually told to hand in your resignation to the very man who did the harassing.
Yes, that statement is entirely true.
Thank you, Monica.
Gentlemen? I get it.
That was your plan, to blame it on Louis the whole time.
Monica always was a good lawyer.
Nothing she said in there wasn't true.
What's it going to take to settle this case? Whatever do you mean? We break confidentiality, Monica loses, you get your 15 million dollars.
But we're not going to do that and you know it.
So, you want to settle with Monica and get out of your jam.
I want a number, and it better be less than three.
This isn't about numbers.
It's about responsibility.
Monica wants to see a jury find Jessica guilty.
You want to see a jury find Jessica guilty.
I assure you, it is Monica.
I don't really care whether a jury finds Jessica guilty or not.
You just want blood.
It's already there.
Because of you.
Well, nonetheless, I smell it.
Allison Holt, Robert Zane, both came after you.
And now, you have 45 cases you can't afford.
So, pay me 15 million dollars.
Fight Monica and lose.
Fight Monica and win.
Doesn't matter.
Any way you slice it, I'm going to bleed you dry.
They promised a brunette.
Well, I guess there's a few.
I want to talk to you like a person.
Kenny G? What's on your mind, Louis? I know Donna told me that, uh, you didn't need my help, and I know we haven't really spoken since you ripped up my letter of resignation, but I want to help.
I need to help.
Trust me.
It's not a good idea.
He's using Monica the same way that he used me.
And no one knows that better than me.
I know.
If I could just talk to her outside the confines of everything, you know, if I I just know I could convince her to drop this case.
I know it.
Harvey, please.
I'm begging you.
What's this? Just read it.
Mike led the deposition.
Starts out bold.
Oh, he shouldn't have asked that.
That's a rookie move.
What What? "Rebuffed again and again.
" She felt disgusted.
Common knowledge.
She pointed at you.
That doesn't mean No, no, no, no.
You used to tease me about her.
Remember how I used to stare at her? That was teasing.
This is bullshit.
They're twisting everything.
They are.
He is.
Drink your drink.
What are you doing here? I needed some air.
How did you even know how to get up here? Donna.
You? Donna.
I lied.
The essay? I couldn't do it.
Just think of it like a closing argument.
Why should they take you? Exactly.
Why should they take me? Why do you want to be a lawyer? Just Don't think.
Tell me.
My dad.
Why? Do you remember when I told you that when I was a little girl, people would just tell him how smart he was? Right, it had nothing to do with him being black or white.
He was just amazing.
And I want to be amazing too.
You are.
Am I? Because every time I sit down at that keyboard, I think, "I'm a paralegal.
"That's all I've ever been.
That's all I'll ever be.
" Did I ever tell you about my interview with Harvey? No.
But I'm assuming it went well.
He laughed me out of the room.
Are you kidding? No, I'm not.
He basically told me I didn't even belong in the interview.
He actually told me to leave.
What did you do? I decided I didn't give a shit what the other applicants had that I didn't.
If I was going through that door, he'd have to pick me up and throw me out.
Well, you must have said something.
Yeah, I told him I'd be the best damn lawyer he'd ever seen.
I wish I could have been a fly on that wall.
Yeah, you have no idea.
What the hell is wrong with you? Me? You tried to settle with Daniel.
You're damn right I did.
Did you read what happened in that deposition? I don't care what happened in that deposition.
I do.
You're out of control.
What did you just say to me? Mike Ross wasn't ready for this.
He volunteered.
He went to see Monica Eton.
You've done the same.
I'm a senior partner, not an associate.
Me to you.
You to him.
You want to know why he went to see Monica? I'm sure you're going to tell me.
Because he doesn't know the idea to stir her up against Daniel was yours in the first place.
He doesn't need to know.
So you don't trust him with that, but you trust him to go up against Daniel himself.
He came to me with a way to put us back in a position to win Folsom Foods.
Well, it failed.
We're behind on both.
Excuse me.
I just wanted to apologize to you both for yesterday.
It was a good idea.
It just didn't have the right execution.
What are you saying? I'm saying it was a good idea.
But the questions were being asked at the wrong person.
Three on one.
All for a deposition of little old me.
Would you be more comfortable over there, where your old desk used to be? No need.
We won't be here long.
Our confidentiality agreement prohibits most questions.
Actually, it only prohibits disclosures.
We can ask you any question that any lawyer who hadn't signed a nondisclosure agreement could ask.
We just can't make statements.
I'm sure if you were to ask Judge Henderson, say, out by his pool, he would agree.
There's no court reporter here.
I thought you might want to talk off the record.
If you ask me anything about embezzlement, I'll deny it.
If you bring any proof forward, it's a violation of our non disclosure.
That's why we won't be asking about your embezzlement.
We'll be asking you about your affair with Monica.
And if you lie about that, we won't be the ones who need to come forward with proof.
Because we found six people working at the hotel who are willing to provide it.
You didn't.
Room service, concierge, housekeeping.
You really should tip better, Daniel.
Maybe you want a cigarette? Remind you of the woman you cheated on? Go ahead.
Ask your questions.
Did you have an affair with Monica Eton while you were employed at Pearson Hardman? Yes.
I did.
Any other questions? I think we're good.
Yeah, you got me to embarrass myself.
But you already did that the day you told everyone in the office about my affair with Monica.
You, and you.
I know what you told Monica about Jessica not knowing, but take a good look.
She was behind it.
Who needs a cigarette now? And as far as my admission goes, you were still the one who fired her 24 hours after you found out.
That's what a jury's going to focus on.
Nobody's going to care about what I did.
You piece of shit.
There's the fire I helped nurture.
You didn't nurture a goddamn thing.
You don't teach.
You don't inspire.
You don't mentor.
All you do is betray.
Like you betrayed me at that last vote? How dare you? How dare I what? You were more than happy to help out when it served your purposes.
I voted the way I did the second I realized it was all a lie.
And look how it turned out.
You're a senior partner now.
You're welcome.
You think I give a shit? I think that's all you ever cared about.
You know what I cared about? Monica.
She was so smart and so beautiful.
And I knew she was out of my league, but I kept trying.
Because I just thought if she just got to know me And then, I found out that whole time, she was With me.
Yeah, with you.
Why are you telling me this? I want you to know exactly what it is that you twisted, so you know exactly what it was that put me over the edge.
Are you threatening me, Louis? Threatening you? No.
I'm telling you.
You ever do anything to me ever again You ever so much as tell me the incorrect time, I'll kill you.
I will rip your smug face off your fat neck and I'll kill you.
You here to depose me again? Didn't go too well for you last time.
No, I'm here to say I'm sorry.
You were right.
About Jessica.
You really didn't know it was her.
Welcome to the world.
Stings, doesn't it? Yeah.
It does.
So you came all the way here just to tell me you're sorry? No.
I didn't.
Jessica was wrong to fire you, but she didn't fire you because you're a woman.
She fired you because she didn't trust you.
I know that.
So, then, you also know that keeping this suit alive is sticking it to her.
That's the whole point.
The whole point is that she is not the only one you're sticking it to.
What I said about Louis Litt is factually accurate, and if you think I'm going to drop the case because of him I'm not talking about him.
I'm talking about the 113 women who are suing Folsom Foods right now for gender discrimination.
Those cases are their own thing.
They're being told they can't get where they want because they're not good enough.
That has nothing to do with me.
Who's being naive now? He's using your suit to drive us into the ground.
And driving us into the ground means losing these cases.
What do you want? Just read these files.
Decide for yourself.
Do these women deserve to be treated the same way you were? What makes you think I would even care? I'm naive, remember? Mike Ross went to see Monica Eton again.
At your direction? On his own.
Goddamn kid.
He's another you.
Not exactly.
He went to apologize for lying to her the first time.
He didn't lie.
We did.
Like the two of you lied to me about him being a lawyer? How about we call it even? It's nowhere near even.
Isn't it? What's this? He got her to settle.
There wasn't an offer.
There is now.
This does not get us off easy.
Hell of a lot less than She doesn't deserve a dime.
Doesn't matter.
I was right to fire her.
That's not what this is about, and you know it.
He made me look like a fool with her then.
And he's made me look like a fool with her now.
No one cares what he said in that deposition.
You think I give a shit about what he said in that deposition? I meant getting me to sign that agreement.
You can't win every move.
I should have seen it coming.
You made a decision under the gun.
I let him put me there.
We beat him because you kept your cool when I wanted to lose mine.
Keep your cool now, sign this agreement, and let's beat him again.
You look happy.
So do you.
Pressure's off.
No more essay.
You finished it.
I had a breakthrough.
What was it? I'm a paralegal.
Rachel, please tell me that that doesn't No, I don't I don't mean that in a bad way.
I mean it in a great way.
You know what the length of an average corporate lawyer's career is? Thirty years.
Because they hate it.
Not me.
I've been here longer than 75 percent of our associates, and I love it.
Which means when you get out, you won't be disillusioned.
I'll be unleashed.
And that's what I told them in my essay.
In other words You're going to be the best damn lawyer they've ever seen.
I'm going to Harvard.
You really are.
What? Oh, nothing.
It just, uh It just hit me.
You're not going to be here anymore.
I mean, you'II You know, you'll be there.
I guess I'll just have to get used to that.
I guess I'll have to get used to that, too.
You going home? Unless there's something pressing.
No, I was just going to, uh Hey, what happened here? What are you talking about? It's off.
Looks fine to me.
It isn't.
Wait a second.
Your eye for detail.
One record askew, and I don't hear the end of it for a week.
You scratched my Miles Davis.
It was me.
What were you thinking? I was pissed.
You're so emotional.
I lost my cool.
You shouldn't have done that.
I know.
I shouldn't have hit Hardman.
You didn't.
I did.
When? Right before Jessica's depo.
Closed fist? Open palm.
Bitch slap.
Damn straight.
How'd it feel? Good enough that I did it again.
Look at you.
You're beautiful.
You have a date? As a matter of fact, I do.
Bitter and barren, my ass.
Someone special? You never know.
Could be the one.
And, um, why don't you go ahead and take that damn name down? You keep showing up here, Laura's going to kick your ass.
Oh, you'd be surprised at the strength of a jealous woman.
She has nothing to worry about.
Once again, I guess you're not here to ask for a favor.
You want to know who Daniel is? Read his own words.
He's not the first man to have an affair.
Maybe the first to turn around and sue his former colleagues for his own actions.
That's all you have? Tip of the iceberg.
Believe me.
He will turn on you if you let him in.
No one's letting him in.
He's a contractor.
He's not a partner.
He's not of counsel.
He's not an associate.
I'm telling you.
Kick him off of Folsom Foods.
Don't let him in your house.
And I just told you, he's not in my house.
You're in my house.
What if our houses were the same? Oh, no.
You're moving pretty fast.
I told you.
My wife's the jealous type.
You offered a merger once.
Let's settle these cases, get it done.
You hate him that much? Yes or no? Here's the problem.
Merger looked good before.
But now, we have you on the ropes.
So, when Pearson whatever goes under, we'll pick up the pieces for free.
You do not have us on the ropes.
Oh, you'll get it tomorrow.
We're filing to try seven different cases in seven different jurisdictions all at the same time.
Rocket docket.
It was Daniel's idea.
He'll see you in court.

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