Suits s06e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Suits" Jessica Pearson in court.
I haven't seen that in a while.
We took over an Innocence Project case.
He killed my girl! But I believe that Leonard Bailey is innocent, and I'm going to make sure that he gets the fair trial that he never had.
By tracking down some junkie witness? Maria Gomez never had a chance to be heard.
Leonard Bailey's alibi witness is dead.
That doesn't mean her testimony is.
You want me to testify to what she told me? My protégé took the liberty of drawing up a sword affidavit.
You can either sign it or you can lie under oath that this isn't true.
Are you saying that this case needs to be re-opened based on Leonard Bailey having inadequate representation? It sure as hell is our plan now.
You set me up.
I'm gonna make sure the world knows it.
You can tell the world anything you want, William.
But you got no proof.
Either way, I suggest you sign this deal.
- Hello? - Hey, it's me.
I'm coming home.
- We did it.
- We did.
[rousing rock music] Whoa, how many people are joining us? Wasn't which Scotch you'd want, so I went ahead and ordered them all.
What if I'm in the mood for a beer? You just got out of prison.
You're not in the mood for a beer.
Yeah, you're right.
Welcome home.
Oh, damn that tastes good.
That's not even the best thing I have for ya.
- It's an offer letter.
- Take a look at the number.
This is the same money I made as a junior partner.
Because you are a junior partner.
The best there is.
And we need you.
I just got out of prison.
I'm not trying to go back.
You're not going back, because even though you'll be acting as a lawyer, your title's gonna be "consultant.
" Look, Harvey, I appreciate the gesture, but everyone left that firm because of me.
I'm not gonna do that to you again.
- Mike-- - No, listen to me.
You've done enough, you don't have to do this for me.
I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing it for me.
I miss working with you.
I miss working with you, too.
Then do me a favor: just think about it.
If the answer's still no in a few days, I won't bring it up again.
[solemn music] Because you're never here, that's why! We've been over this, Virginia.
I do my part.
That's the problem, Alan.
You think your part is just getting a paycheck.
A paycheck? This family lives like no other family we know.
Jessica, honey-- What's going on? We're just having an argument.
It'll be okay.
You don't need to sugarcoat things for her, Alan.
And you'd know this if you were ever here instead of out doing whatever it is you're doing.
What I'm out doing is saving lives, and you know it.
Well, maybe if you worked as hard on our relationship as you do for your patients, what's happening wouldn't be happening.
What's happening? Your father and I are taking a little break for a while.
How long? I don't know, baby.
I don't know.
Harvey? I'd love to chit chat, but I've got trial in an hour, so unless it's urgent I just wanted to thank you.
For Mike.
You don't have to thank me for that.
I wanted him out as much as you did.
I know, but you didn't have to back me when it came to Sutter, and you did.
You would've done the same for me.
And now that he is out, let's get back to the business of keeping this firm alive.
If I were you, I would start by locking up Jim Reynolds.
- Excuse me? - What're you talking about? I'm talking about the fact that your first client is shopping for another attorney behind your back.
Don't tell me, you're about to pounce.
I'm not trying to poach your client, Harvey.
But if you can't keep him, I will.
I appreciate you coming down here, Robert, but it's not exactly your style to give the competition a heads-up.
When I was kid, the Yankees and the Red Sox were the best damn rivalry ever.
What's your point? My point is, after Bucky Dent hit that beautiful home run in '78, the Sox fell off a cliff.
It wasn't any fun anymore.
You're saying you don't want to dominate the division? I'm saying you fell off a cliff.
And if you want a chance to get back in the game We better keep Jim Reynolds.
And you better get on it right now.
Because I may not be looking to pounce, but every firm in this city is.
Damn it.
The last thing we need is Jim Reynolds leaving right now.
What happened to calling, like he did last time, instead of going behind our backs? I'll tell you what happened.
He's getting pressure from his board like he said he would.
And you said we'd get back on our feet by the end of the month and we did.
And that's exactly what you're gonna tell them.
What do you mean me? Did you not hear what I just told you five minutes ago? I've got trial in an hour.
I don't care.
You've been his lead attorney since they got here.
If you don't go over yourself, we're gonna lose him.
- Then take Louis with you.
- Jessica-- Harvey, all you have to do is open up our books and show them we're standing on solid ground.
Or you can make this the priority and get a continuance.
It's a death row appeal, Harvey.
How's it gonna look if I start a trial saying that my business is more important than a man's life? You don't say that.
You come up with some other reason.
Whatever reason I come up with, that prosecutor's gonna make it look like I don't care.
And I'm not taking that risk.
- Jessica-- - No, enough.
You want to thank me for having your back with Mike, then take care of this.
[tense music] Suits 6x10 P.
See the money, wanna stay for your meal Get another piece of pie for your wife Everybody wanna know how it feel Everybody wanna see what it's like I'll even eat a bean pie, I don't mind Me and Missy is so busy, busy making money All right All step back, I'm 'bout to dance @elderman The greenback boogie Donna, where the hell is Gretchen? - I have no idea.
- Well, you need to find her.
Harvey, what's going on? What do you need her for? I don't need her, I need Louis, and I don't know where he is.
Well, why didn't you start with that? He had an emergency meeting with a client and he ran out of here.
- When? - Half an hour ago.
I saw him at the elevators before he left.
You tell him the second he gets back I need to talk to him.
Harvey, what's going on? Jim Reynolds is threatening to leave.
What? Harvey, I was there the night he put Jessica on notice.
If he's leaving, then you don't have time to wait for Louis.
I know, but if I can't make it work with Reynolds, I'm gonna need Louis the second I get back.
I'm on it.
[tense music] What the hell is this? You know what that is.
It's a subpoena.
I signed your affidavit.
You have what you need.
Did you really think you wouldn't have to testify that Bailey had an alibi? What I didn't think was that you were going to paint me as incompetent.
We did what you should've done 12 years ago.
Represent your client.
And you weren't even forming sentences when I handled this case.
Well, I'm forming sentences now, so instead of being angry, you should be thanking us for not bringing an action against you on Leonard's behalf.
- Bring it on.
- Georgina, you made a mistake.
We're giving you the chance to fix it whether you like it or not.
I don't give a shit what you think you're doing.
I'm not here to fix it.
I'm here because of this.
Then I'll see you on the stand.
Harvey, what're you doing here? I'm here to stop you from breaking your word.
Then I suggest you turn around and walk out of here as fast as you can.
Look, just hear me out.
The night you spoke to Jessica, we'd lost 75% of our revenue stream.
But since then-- Listen to me.
My taking meetings has nothing to do with your revenue stream.
Then what the hell's this about? It's about the rumors that you tanked William Sutter's case.
- I didn't tank shit.
- I told him that.
I don't believe any of it.
Well, it doesn't matter what you believe, Jim.
Because the board believes it.
And let me guess, you're the board.
Donald Mannis.
I'd shake your hand, but I wouldn't want your shady ethics rubbing off on me.
The only thing that's rubbing off on you, Donald, is a load of bullshit from William Sutter.
Your former associate was in prison with his son-in-law, and the day Sutter goes down, your guy gets out.
You may call that bullshit, but his story adds up to me.
And this company can't have an attorney who's willing to turn on his own client.
You see what I'm dealing with? I only took those meetings because I'm being pressured to take those meetings.
I get it.
That asshole wants your job.
He doesn't just want it.
If I don't let you go, he's gonna get it.
And the one thing that might've changed that was Jessica coming in here and showing him how important we are to her.
You are important to her, Jim.
But Jessica's in trial right now.
Then you should've sent Louis Litt, because the last thing that asshole needed to see when he walked in here was you.
Your Honor, permission to treat the witness as hostile.
On what grounds? The witness hasn't even said anything yet.
On the grounds that five minutes ago, she told me she'd sooner deny Leonard Bailey a new trial than to risk looking incompetent.
Is this true? Yes.
Then permission granted.
Casey, when you were Leonard Bailey's public defender, did he tell you that at the time of the murders, he was in the apartment of a woman named Maria Gomez? Yes.
Which means he not only had an alibi, he had a witness that could testify to it.
Is that correct? Yes.
Then why in God's name didn't that witness ever take the stand? Because she left town without telling anyone right before the trial started.
- Did you try to locate her? - Yes, I did.
- How hard did you look? - I did my best.
The truth is, you didn't look for her at all, did you? That's not true.
I did everything I could to try to find her.
But you didn't.
And if you had, there would have been an alibi witness that would've told the jury that he couldn't have possibly have committed those murders.
That witness was a drug addict with a prior conviction, and she would have been eviscerated on the stand.
Then why did you try to find her at all? Let me suggest an answer.
You did try to find her, because you knew if you did, Leonard Bailey would be found innocent.
But you dropped the ball.
Leonard Bailey went to death row.
And you'd rather let him stay there than to admit the truth.
Casey, in your estimation, was Leonard Bailey innocent? Objection, Your Honor, calls for a conclusion.
Your Honor, they opened the door to this when they put her on the stand, and no one is more qualified to answer than his own attorney.
I'll allow it.
Casey? I thought Leonard Bailey was guilty.
And I still do.
Louis, the next time you have an emergency meeting, you better clear it with me.
I'll keep that in mind for the future, Harvey.
But the reason I had an emergency meeting was you.
What the hell are you talking about? Jensen Analytics heard a rumor you tanked Sutter's case and they're threatening to walk.
What'd you tell them? What do you think I told them? I told them William Sutter's a lying son of a bitch who'll do or say anything to get what he wants.
What did they say? They said if Jessica's oldest client's leaving, why should they stay? Goddamn it.
Harvey, if they think that, then it's just a matter of time until all our clients think that.
Which means we need to get Jim Reynolds to stay.
What're we gonna tell Jessica? We're gonna tell her if she doesn't do something about Reynolds soon, she's not gonna have a firm to come back to.
Rachel, listen to me, it went as well as it could've.
You don't have to look so worried.
How can I not look worried? Mike, that woman said that she thought he was guilty and the prosecutor got it on record.
And Jessica got it on record that she was incompetent before he did that.
The jury heard it.
Yeah, but you saw the jury as well as I did.
They're not convinced.
Put Leonard on the stand.
Mike, we haven't prepped him yet.
He's not ready.
Rachel, just listen to me.
When I was on trial, I didn't just give the jury a reason to let me go.
You gave them a reason to want to let you go.
Exactly, and it turns out, they were going to.
And I was guilty.
What do you think they're gonna do for a man who's actually innocent? [somber music] What are you doing here? I needed to see you.
Me too.
Had a rough day.
Got some bad news.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Louis What's wrong? I had a doctor's appointment this morning.
Well, whatever it is, we can deal with it together.
Modern medicine is a wonder.
There's almost nothing that they can't-- I'm pregnant.
Oh, my God.
I mean, I knew the Litt sperm were powerful, but this has to be some kind of record.
Don't tell me.
It's his.
Louis, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
I'm usually so careful.
I don't care.
Louis, I don't think you know what you're saying.
No, I know exactly what I'm saying.
I love you.
And if being with you means raising another man's child, then I'll raise another man's child.
You say that now, but it hasn't sunk in yet.
That's not true.
I'm gonna say the same thing tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that.
Then say it to me then.
But it has been a long day for both of us.
And I think we should both just get some sleep.
Tara, please come home with me.
Good night, Louis.
Jessica, we have a problem.
Not what I want to hear on my way out, Harvey.
Then you're not gonna want to hear that you need to be at Jim Reynolds' next board meeting.
That doesn't sound like you put out the fire.
What I couldn't put out were the rumors that we threw Sutter's case to get Mike out.
Are you kidding me? That's what this is about? Jessica, it's not Jim.
He's loyal and always has been.
Don't tell me.
It's Donald Mannis using this shit as a power play.
And I walked right into it, because I showed up without you.
Son of a bitch.
Jessica, the only thing we can do is hold onto Reynolds and hope the others fall in line.
All right, set up a meeting for Tuesday morning.
The trial should be over by then.
But Harvey, it won't make a bit of difference if Sutter's out there telling the world we're the kind of lawyers that throw cases.
You do what you have to-- you shut that man the hell up.
Who's he? Leonard, this is my fiancé, Mike.
He used to work at the firm and he has an idea.
Let Leonard tell his story.
That's risky.
We're giving them the chance to paint him as a drug user and a criminal.
They're already doing that.
And they're not gonna stop.
Leonard, this is as much your call as it is ours.
What do you want to do? I wanted to say my piece last time, but that lady didn't let me, so please, put me on that stand and give me a chance to say it now.
Is the defense ready to call their next witness? The defense calls Leonard Bailey, Your Honor.
We'd also like to request that Ms.
Zane be permitted to question the witness.
Objection, Ms.
Zane is a law student, not an admitted member of the bar.
She's also been a practicing paralegal for the last eight years.
I don't care if she was the President of the United States.
She's not a lawyer and they're laying grounds for a mistrial.
Your Honor, it's obvious Mr.
Bailey's first attorney didn't care about him at all.
But Ms.
Zane fought to have this case taken on, and she's the reason we're even here today.
Which is why Mr.
Bailey is simply asking that she be with him now.
So unless the prosecution is so unsure of its case that he can't handle a law student, we ask that she be allowed to question the witness.
Prosecution withdraws its objection.
Then your request is granted.
[knocks] Harvey.
I thought I might get a visit from you.
And I thought I told you to keep your mouth shut.
Well, I stopped taking advice from you when you sold me out.
Now get the hell off my property before I call the police.
There's only one problem with that, William.
This isn't your property anymore.
What the hell are you talking about? At 8:00 a.
tomorrow morning, it's being seized by the government.
This is a Homestead state.
Turns out, I did a little checking, and you closed on this house before you sold the last one, which means they can take it and they're going to.
What do you want? You're gonna repair my reputation.
And you're gonna start by calling every member of Jim Reynolds' board and telling them that you spread those rumors about me because you're a lying son of a bitch.
And what makes you think they'll believe me? Because you're a hell of a salesman, William, when you're motivated, and I'm pretty sure that when you get out of prison, you're gonna be motivated not to live on the street.
I was getting high with my friend Maria.
I won't deny that.
But all I did to those kids was try and help them.
Help them how? Me and Maria got hungry so we went to get something to eat.
That's when we saw them.
Lying there on the sidewalk with blood all over 'em.
Maria, she, uh she freaked out, But I wasn't thinking, so I just ran up.
I mean, they were kids, you know? They--they were in trouble.
So then what happened? Well, I yelled for Maria to get help.
But the boy he was already gone.
And the girl, she just kept asking for help, over and over.
I stayed with her.
And then the police came.
And the next thing you know, I was being charged with murder.
Leonard you were married before you went to prison, weren't you? My wife, she left me two years after I went away.
She said she couldn't handle it anymore.
And what about your children? Do you still see them? I haven't seen my son in over ten years.
And I hadn't seen Maya until you found her and told her I was innocent and you were going to prove it.
That's her right there.
Leonard, is there something that you would like to say to her? I lost 12 years for a crime I didn't commit.
But I won't regret any of it if it ends up being the thing that got me clean and reunited with you.
Because if I died with you believing your father did this She doesn't think that.
She knows that you didn't hurt those kids.
I have no further questions, Your Honor.
Your Honor, we reserve the right to cross examine the defendant.
But for now, since he's claiming he knows what it feels like to be an aggrieved father, I'd like to call Victor Forrest to the stand.
Thank you for agreeing to do this, Mr.
I know how difficult it must be for you.
Would you mind telling us a little bit about your daughter? What can I say? Kim was our everything-- she was sweet, kind.
Incredible sense of humor.
She played soccer, didn't she? Used to watch her run up and down the field.
Never got tired, she just kept running, big smile on her face.
She had such a beautiful smile.
It's obvious you loved her very much.
I didn't just love her.
I tried to protect her.
I warned her about boys.
And I said, "If you're ever in trouble, you call me.
" And the thing that gets me is, she did call that night.
Not to say she was in trouble.
To say she was coming home.
But she never did make it home.
No, and I don't care what some junkie witness was gonna say.
They found that animal standing over my little girl's body.
Her blood all over him.
He took away my everything in one night.
And he did it for money to buy more drugs.
And how do you feel about the speech he gave to the jury? He talked about getting a second chance with his family.
What about my family? Our lives were ruined that night.
My little girl never even got a first chance.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Forrest did you actually see Leonard Bailey kill your daughter? Of course I didn't, but that doesn't mean-- No further questions, Your Honor.
Donna, can I talk to you for a second? Well, since you asked so nicely, I'll even give you two.
I have some bad news I have to give Louis, and since he and I are finally in a good place You want to know how to break it to him without blowing things up again.
How bad is it? It's not good.
Then do what you just did with me.
Approach him with respect, pull the Band-Aid off, and if you have that same look on your face as you do right now, he'll send you on your way with a handshake.
Thanks, Donna.
Stu? It was nice having you here.
What? You should've seen yourself thunder away at Kendrick today.
You were amazing.
And if I were Dawson or Downey and I had to choose between you and your father to represent me on this, I'd choose you any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
What're you talking about? I'm talking about "A Few Good Men.
" Mike, I don't have time for movie quotes right now.
I'm not trying to quote a movie, Rachel, I'm trying to tell you that it doesn't matter what that girl's father said.
You're still in this, and you were great up there.
Wait a minute, her father.
What about him? He called Maria a junkie witness.
How would he even know that she was a drug user? What do you mean? The same way I would know.
Leonard and his public defender said so on the stand.
No, but he used those exact words when he came at me trying to get me to drop this whole thing.
- He came at you? - It's fine, I handled it.
But he did try to intimidate me.
And a man who would intimidate you might do the same thing to Maria Gomez.
Yeah, but I don't think he intimidated her.
I think he did the opposite.
What're you saying? I'm saying I think we need to pay that man a visit.
[dramatic music] Louis, do you have a minute? Tell you the truth, Stu, I kind of have a full plate right now, so unless it's a matter of life and death, I'd rather it wait.
This can't wait.
We have to move out.
What do you mean, "move out"? We're relocating.
I wanted to tell you in person so there's no hard feelings.
Oh, bullshit, you can't do this.
Louis, I don't have a choice.
Sutter went bankrupt two days ago, and they owed us under their contract.
They're offering us their space to cover their obligations and I have to say yes by tomorrow.
You wouldn't even have those obligations, Stu, if it weren't for us.
I know that, but I can't tell my bosses I'm passing on a fortune in free rent 'cause you guys did me a solid.
Well, then you tell them you have a lease and I'm gonna sue your goddamn ass.
Louis, there's a clause in the lease that gives me a 30-day out and you know it.
Stu, please.
You cannot do this to us now.
Not tonight.
I'm sorry, Louis.
I hate to hang you out to dry and if I could help you in another way, I would.
But we can't rent this space.
[glass shatters] I have nothing to say to you.
Please, Mr.
Forrest, you confronted me when I didn't want to talk to you, and I gave you the respect to hear what you had to say.
You can at least hear what we have to say.
You got 60 seconds, then I'm calling the police.
Go ahead, but when they get here, we'll tell them all about how you sent Maria Gomez away so that she couldn't testify.
- That's insane.
- Is it? Because a woman who was never in the court record as a drug user went to a rehab facility she could never afford and you know enough about her to call her a druggie to my face a month ago.
That's not proof of anything.
And that's not the answer of an innocent man.
Look, Mr.
Forrest, I can't begin to understand what you've been through, but right now, the wrong man is sitting on death row because of what you did.
- I didn't do shit.
- Please.
Can't you imagine what this has been like for Leonard Bailey, what his life has looked like for the past past 12 years? The only thing I want to imagine is what my life's gonna be like after that man takes his final breath.
Your time is up.
Louis, is everything okay? What do you mean? I mean, I saw what happened with Stu.
I know he's leaving, but it's gonna be okay.
Harvey's gonna fix things with Jim Reynolds, we're gonna get more clients-- Tara's pregnant.
It's not mine.
What did you tell her? I told her I'm going to stay with her and support her every way I can, because I'm in love with her.
And what did she say? She said we need to sleep on it because it hasn't sunk in for me.
Then what were you so upset about? What if she's saying that because she can't decided what she's gonna do? - Louis-- - How do I know she didn't wake up this morning and decide to run back to him? That's not what's going on.
This is a huge decision and she wants to make sure that you're in it for the long haul.
Donna, I would never go back on my word.
That's not true and you know it.
You make impulsive decisions and you go back on them all the time.
- This is different.
- How? Because it's a baby.
I would never do that to a baby.
I hear you, but all I'm saying is, don't do something rash.
Because this isn't something you can change your mind about.
You got to be kidding.
You went to see the victim's father without telling me? Jessica, we didn't have time and we had to know.
And like you taught Harvey and Harvey taught me, it's better to ask forgiveness than permission.
You're not asking for either one.
You're asking me to accuse the man of obstruction of justice in open court.
Jessica, we looked the man in the eye, and I'm telling you, he did it.
I don't give a shit if he did it or not.
There's no way on the planet we can prove it.
We don't have to prove it if you can break him on the stand.
Are you out of your goddamn mind? - It's the only way-- - It's not the only way.
And I'm not doing it.
What're you so afraid of? Don't you dare say that to me.
That man's life is in my hands because your fiancée told him not to take the deal.
And if we attack the father and it backfires, we lose the jury for good and his life is over.
Jessica, this guy wants to tell everyone the truth because he's proud of it.
You just need to lead him right where he's dying to go.
And what if I can't do that? Mike has something that might help.
What're you talking about? I'm asking if you've seen the movie "A Few Good Men.
" - Donna, what're you doing here? - Waiting for you.
Because I've been calling you and texting you and you obviously haven't checked your phone.
I haven't checked my phone because I've been going to every client we have reassuring them that Sutter's gonna recant his bullshit and Jim Reynolds isn't going anywhere.
Yeah, well, if you don't do something soon, you're gonna have to recant that.
What the hell are you talking about? Jim Reynolds called.
They moved his board meeting to tomorrow.
- We need to talk.
- I don't believe this.
I'm about to give the most important cross examination in my life and you're showing up now? Jessica, we left you a dozen messages.
Jim Reynolds' board moved up the meeting.
Then tell them to push it back because I can't go right now.
Goddamn it, don't you get it? They moved it up so they can get it over with.
They're gonna fire Reynolds and they're fire us.
And he made it clear that you need to be there.
Jessica, Louis is right.
If we show up without you, we may as well not show up at all.
Is the defense ready to proceed? Your Honor, I'd like to ask for a half-day continuance.
On what grounds? It has to do with my law firm's survival.
Then let her associate take the reins for half a day.
She's not ready for this.
Well, she was ready for the other thing.
That was different and the prosecution knows it.
What I know is whatever's happening with your firm is not my concern.
So either let your associate handle this or handle it yourself.
But this case is moving forward.
Do whatever you can.
I'm not abandoning Leonard to some corporate power struggle.
This isn't a goddamn power struggle.
We're gonna go out of business.
I can't think about that right now, Louis.
That man's life is on the line, and I'm not hanging him out to dry.
Pearson, are you ready to proceed? We are, Your Honor.
Defense would like to recall Victor Forrest to the stand.
Jessica, what a surprise.
You never come to my office.
When did you get home from school? This morning.
Oh, if I'd known you were coming-- I didn't want you to know, Dad.
I have some news.
What is it? Is everything okay? I got into Harvard Law next year.
And I'm going.
What? I'm going to be a lawyer.
What happened to our plan of you becoming surgeon? That was never our plan, Dad.
It was always yours.
Don't you speak to me like that.
I'm not speaking to you like anything.
I'm telling you the truth.
You want the truth? Doctors save lives and lawyers are nothing but power-hungry bottom-feeders.
They don't have to be and I'm not going to be.
- And I raised you better.
- No, Dad.
You raised me to do what inspires me.
And what inspires me is to be a lawyer.
You go to that school, you're gonna get infected with their lawyer mind-set and when you come out, you're not gonna give a shit about your fellow man.
If you think that, then you should've spent more time with me.
Because you don't know me at all.
Pearson? Ms.
Pearson, are you ready? Mr.
Forrest so many lives were ruined that night.
Your daughter's, her boyfriend's, yours.
Is there a question? Someone had to pay for that, didn't they? Yeah, they sure as hell did.
Is that why you paid for Maria Gomez to go to rehab to keep her from testifying at Mr.
Bailey's trial? What? Objection, Your Honor, she's putting the victim on trial.
My client is the victim here.
Pearson, you better back this up fast.
Then ask the witness to answer my question.
I never even heard of that woman until yesterday.
Your Honor, the defense would like to admit into evidence the admissions form for an Allison Dobsen into the Pathways Rehabilitation Center from 12 years ago.
Wha--who is that? She was Maria Gomez's roommate.
And I'm gonna put her on the stand.
No, that's can't be.
No--you can't do that.
And she's going to say that Maria told her that she felt terrible about abandoning her friend.
- Objection, hearsay.
- No, she won't.
And she's going to testify that you paid for Maria to be there.
I had nothing to do with anything.
That's not what she's going to say.
- I don't care, she's lying.
- Why would she lie? She just wants to put the record straight.
- The record is straight.
- Not according to her roommate.
- She's lying! - Objection, badgering.
How could you know? Because Maria Gomez didn't have a roommate! What did you just say? Yes, I paid for her.
Because she's a junkie who'd say anything to get him out of what he did, so I got her out of the way 'cause he did it.
- Mr.
Forrest-- - He did it! Your Honor the defense asks that Mr.
Bailey be exonerated and his sentence be commuted immediately.
Marsden? We have no objections, Your Honor.
Then the jury may be excused.
And Mr.
Bailey you're free.
[gavel bangs] [uplifting music] I can't believe it.
We did it.
We did it.
I can't thank you enough.
You don't have to thank me, Leonard.
You just have to walk out that door.
That was one hell of a cross.
Well, I'd like to say it was no big deal, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it was the most satisfying moment of my entire career.
What's this? Got a call from Jim Reynolds.
He said that if you didn't show today, they were gonna sign with me.
And we both know you didn't show.
You want to merge? I said all that stuff about rivals because I didn't want to say this in front of Harvey.
But I know you tanked the Sutter case for Mike and I can see what you've been doing for Rachel.
So this isn't just professional.
For me, it's personal.
- Robert-- - Jessica, you got to knock down the mountain.
Without help, you're not gonna be able get back up.
Please, take my hand.
I appreciate your offer more than you know, Robert.
But I've had my name first for too long.
I can't go back to having it last.
Jessica, if you don't do this, you're not gonna have it anywhere.
Then so be it.
Besides, we both know lawyers are nothing but power-hungry bottom-feeders, anyway.
You two don't look like Jessica Pearson.
Then again, it doesn't really matter, because in 15 minutes, your firm is no longer going to be in the employ of this company.
Maybe not.
But while we are, I think you're gonna need one more chair.
What're you talking about? We're talking about your brand new largest shareholder.
What shareholder? Hey, guy.
Stu Buzzini.
This one at the head of the table looks good to me.
[clears throat] Look, I don't care who you are or how many shares you bought.
You're not a member of this board.
No, but as of next quarter, I will be.
So either you keep these two as your lawyers and Jim Reynolds as your CEO, or at our next meeting, you'll be out on your ass.
You can't do this to me.
That's where you're wrong, Donald.
We can and we did.
Because he just bought up your company and you messed with the wrong goddamn Marine.
What the hell are you talking about? Yeah, what are you talkin' about? - He's quoting "A Few Good Men.
" - Finally, somebody gets me.
- I got your back, bro.
- Don't bro me, dude.
- You got it, Chief.
- Hey, can I get in on this? Both: No.
[door opens, closes] [keys clatter] Hey.
I got you a present.
[giggles] You didn't have to do that.
I know.
I know we're not supposed to take pictures in there, but I couldn't help myself.
This is unbelievable.
What you did for that man is unbelievable.
[poignant acoustic music] Harvey offered me a job.
Back to the firm as a consultant.
What are you gonna do? I don't know.
What is that, a cup of tea? Just a moment of quiet reflection.
Well, to hell with that.
This is a moment for celebration.
That's right.
'Cause a man's life wasn't the only thing saved today.
Don't tell me.
You managed to lock down Jim Reynolds after all.
We did.
The firm is safe, Jessica.
Thank you.
But it's not my firm anymore.
It's yours.
What do you mean, "ours"? I mean, I've decided to step down.
- What? - Jessica-- Listen, somewhere along the way, I forgot why I became a lawyer in the first place.
And it wasn't just to fight for money and power.
It was to fight for something more.
Bullshit, you're not fighting for something more, you're running away.
- Louis-- - No.
We bust our ass to save this goddamn place, she decides to up and leave? We committed to this.
Louis, she isn't doing this to you.
She's doing it for herself.
I don't give a shit why she's doing it.
It's selfish and self-serving and it's not gonna happen.
Do you think I want to goddamn want do this, Louis? I have to do this.
You can't just throw this all away after we gave everything to save it.
That's enough.
Louis, after the partners left, we swore we were gonna dedicate every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears we had to this place.
But we didn't.
Harvey and I focused on getting Mike out, Jessica and Rachel focused on Leonard Bailey, and you focused on finding love in your life.
[stirring music] - That's not true.
- Yes it is.
I'm not ready to give up the firm.
No one's saying you have to give up the firm, Louis.
You just have to let me go.
You sure about this? Tell you the truth, for first time in my life, I'm not sure about anything, and it scares the shit out of me.
But I'm sure I have to do this.
To Pearson Specter Litt.
All: To Pearson Specter Litt.
[knocks] You busy? Of course not.
I know you told me to sleep on it.
I didn't know if that meant take a day, two days.
I've never really been in this position before.
- Louis, I'm sorry-- - Here's the thing.
I tried to sleep on it, and all I could do was picture a life without you and your beautiful unborn baby and it just made me crazy to think I wouldn't be part a of it.
But Tara, you need to know that I am not gonna say yes today and change my mind tomorrow.
And I don't know how to give you that reassurance without asking you something first.
[poignant music] Oh, my God, Louis.
Tara Messer.
Will you marry me? Yes, Louis.
I'll marry you.
What're you doing here? I wanted to talk to you before you left for Chicago.
I'm glad, but I wouldn't have left without saying good-bye.
I didn't just come here to say good-bye.
I came to see what you think about me coming with you.
What about the firm? I'm leaving the firm.
Jessica, if you're walking away from everything for me-- No, I'm not doing this just for you.
I'm doing this for me.
I don't want to be a corporate lawyer anymore.
So, if you don't want me to come to Chicago with you, I won't.
But I'm walking away no matter what.
Then walk away with me.
You gonna be okay? She was my mentor.
But yeah, I'm gonna be okay.
You want to be alone? No.