Suits s07e04 Episode Script

Divide and Conquer

1 - My son was imprisoned too.
- Says your son died of a heart attack.
- There's something they're not telling me.
- That kid? He didn't just up and get in a fight without good reason.
You don't know what you talking about.
- Look, are the guards corrupt? - No! He just died! I need Mike to drop that case.
You telling me to go back on my word because your client's bullying you? It's one pro bono.
He can drop it.
If I give you an assignment, you do it.
Since I got here, I have had to take shit from Louis.
And now you're asking me to waste my time and my ability on something like this.
We can't have you setting a precedent that Alex's clients can run roughshod all over us.
The only reason that you're pissed about this is your new honeysuckle friend canceled lunch on you for me.
I can't let them get away with this without handing it off to the one lawyer I know who cares enough to see this thing through.
If our firm is associated with that case, we lose a huge client.
- I'm not working on it.
Then you're gonna put that in writing and you're gonna deliver it to Alex's client.
I was just wondering.
Have you redone the assignment that Rachel gave you? Not yet.
I had a ton on my plate.
- You're fired.
What kind of best man would I be if I didn't offer for you to have it here? Pretty shitty one, if you ask me.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks, Harvey.
[keys jingle] You sure he's not in? I hate to walk in on the man in his tighty-whities.
- [laughs] I don't think Harvey wears tighty-whities.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Rachel.
I don't wanna think about what the man wears.
Well what do you think? This is great! If you're a bachelor pushing 50 and you need to impress women.
No, no, no, no.
What are you doing? Don't go in his fridge! Rachel.
The man gave us his keys.
Trust me.
He knows we're gonna go through his shit.
So basically you came here to look at what he eats and to say that this is a "no" for the wedding.
Of course it's a no.
But the fact is why are we even talking venue at all when you don't even have a date? We're gonna get around to that.
Just like you got around to the announcement? - What? - Your mother said that she arranged for a photographer, but you cancelled.
Same with the florist.
What's going on? - Nothing is going on.
Mike and I are both really busy getting our careers off the ground right now.
Rachel, that's just it.
If you can't focus on your wedding, how are you gonna make time to focus on your marriage? Now, that's why you came here, isn't it? To give me sweet advice like that.
Well, that, and to tell the mighty Harvey Specter I took his toilet bowl for a test drive.
Dadyou're not doing that.
You know how to suck the fun out of everything, don'tcha? [softly] Oh, my God.
[contemplative music] You.
Where the hell is Stephanie? - She's not here.
- What do you mean, she's not here? I just got off the phone with a client, and she never filed their motion to dismiss.
- That's because I fired her.
- You what?! She was the smartest fourth-year we had! She was also insubordinate, and I made a decision.
I don't give a shit what you made.
She was working for me on Delta Securities, and I need her back.
- Okay, Louis, I'm not getting her back.
What kind of message does that send to the other associates? - Better than the one we're sending out now which is that this firm is a Goddamn joke.
- Louis, you need to calm down right now before this goes in the wrong direction, 'cause this isn't about Stephanie.
This is about Tara and the fact that you haven't been dealing with her.
- This has nothing to do with Tara.
This is about Harvey running this firm into the ground.
And how exactly has he been doing that? Let me run it down for you.
I'm pissed at him.
Mike's pissed at him.
And the last time I saw you, you were pissed at him.
So instead of telling me that you're not gonna hire Stephanie back, why don't you go tell the lord God almighty that if he is not careful, he's not gonna have a kingdom to rule over anymore! [dramatic music] - Morning.
- Harvey, I'm sort of busy, so if you're here to shoot the shit-- I'm here to give you this.
- What's this? - It's my way of saying thanks.
- For what? - You know what.
Harvey, I dropped the suit because you asked me to.
You don't have to give me anything in return.
Has anyone ever taught you how to be gracious? Open the file.
This's a pro Bono.
I figured you didn't get to complete your one-for-you this time, so it's only fair.
Plus, you didn't want me to sue you for violating our agreement.
- Doesn't look good to have Robin coming after Batman for breach of contract.
Seriously, Mike, I know how hard that was for you, and I don't want there to be any bad blood between you and Alex.
- I don't have a problem with Alex, Harvey.
- You sure? I'm sure.
- Sure? - Good.
- All good? - You should go.
[light music] Let me guess.
You're bored being C.
, you miss me, and you want back on my desk.
I never want back on your desk, Harvey, and I'm here to tell you that your honeymoon as Managing Partner is over.
Is this about me not calling a vote after you undermined me in that meeting? I'm gonna let that go because you need to understand that right now people are mad at you.
- Relax, Donna.
I took care of Mike.
- Good for you.
You're one for three.
- Maybe you didn't know this, but that's good enough to get you into the Hall of Fame.
You know what, Harvey, instead of being so arrogant, maybe you could figure out a way to keep all of us happy.
Starting with your number two.
- What's that supposed to mean? It means Louis is out of his mind at the moment.
You poured fuel on the fire, and if you asked me to choose between the two of you for Managing Partner right now, I'd choose Alex Williams.
- Donna-- - Listen to me, Harvey.
If making me C.
wasn't just some bullshit move to make me feel good, you'll get your head out of your ass, listen to what I'm telling you, and realize you've got a problem.
[somber music] See the money, wanna stay for your meal Get another piece of pie for your wife Everybody wanna know how it feel Everybody wanna see what it's like I'll even eat a bean pie, I don't mind Me and Missy is so busy, busy making money All right All step back, I'm 'bout to dance Suits 7x04 Divide and Conquer The greenback boogie [soft piano in background] Harvey.
Retirement suits you.
- I'm not retired.
- You look retired.
I look relaxed.
There's a difference.
Now, what's going on, Harvey? The last time you flew to Chicago this often, Michael was still playing.
I'm in a situation at the office.
Well, the first thing to do when you're in trouble is admit to yourself what you did to get yourself there.
What do you think I did? I made a deal with Mike to come back.
I made Donna a partner without thinking it through.
I hired someone against Louis's wishes.
And all those things are colliding with each other into a big pile of "people hate Harvey.
" Well, at least it's not a big pile of "people hate Jessica.
" - That's your advice? [chuckles] No.
Harvey, my advice is to give a big piece of new business to the person least likely to let anything go.
- Louis.
- Nine times outta ten.
I can't just manufacture that overnight.
Harvey, do you remember that time we poached Trotter Systems from Zane? You gotta be shitting me.
That was a prearranged deal? I worked my ass off to get Trotter.
You did.
And you completely forgot that you were pissed at me about some bullshit neither one of us can remember anymore.
- Rook to bishop four.
- Exactly.
Now, take a look at your menu, 'cause I'm starving.
When, exactly, do you think I'm gonna stop coming to you with these things? The truth is, Harvey, you don't need to come to me anymore.
You just do it 'cause you miss me.
[mellow music] Hey.
Can I talk to you for a second? Yeah.
But I only have a few minutes.
I have court.
I met with my dad at Harvey's apartment this morning.
Don't tell me.
He said a bachelor pad is no place for his special little girl to celebrate the biggest day of her life.
Well, Mike, you have to admit the only reason that we changed it from the Plaza in the first place was because we didn't want the attention.
But now that you're a legitimate lawyer we don't have to worry about that.
Rachel, it's okay.
I just want you to be happy.
- So you're not mad.
- Not at all.
Because now that it is at the Plaza, I called and made an appointment with the wedding team for us to go over some menu options.
Wait, wait, wait.
You made an appointment in between when I said it was okay a second ago and now? Yeah, y-you didn't just notice me do that? It was crazy fast! - You're fast.
Mike, seriously, I appreciate you being so understanding.
The appointment is tonight at 7:00.
Rachel, I have a meeting tonight with my pro Bono, and I can't put it off.
Can you do this one without me? Of course I can, but I wanted us to do it together.
Rachel, listen to me.
I know youright? You're gonna have a thousand questions.
You're gonna want to narrow down the choices.
I promise you I will be at every other meeting.
I'll take care of it.
- All right.
Love you.
- Love you, too.
[soft music] Why aren't you playing from the men's tees? If you're here to insist that my daughter gets married in that love shack of yours, that ship has sailed.
- Oh, I don't care if she gets married at the Taj Mahal.
I'm here to take you up on Jessica's arrangement.
What arrangement was that? The one where you do me a favor and I give you a big one in return.
What the hell do you think letting Katrina Bennett and Company walk over to you without a fight was? I didn't ask you to do that.
I don't care whether you asked me or not.
It's been a thin quarter, and I'm no Goddamn Santa Claus.
- Robert.
- Okay, Harvey.
You want a favor? I'll give you one.
Instead of you asking me for a handout, you should watch your backside, because you've got a missile coming straight for you.
- Bratton Gould.
- Yes.
Bratton Gould.
What'd you think they were gonna do when you took their senior partner and marquee client out from under their noses? - I knew they'd try to retaliate, but I didn't think it would happen this fast.
Well, today's the day.
Let me tell you something.
I have no love for them.
So I'll do whatever I can to help.
But like I said, it's been a thin quarter.
And I'm not letting you get one of my clients.
[somber music] [background chatter] Oliver.
What are you doing here? - I need to talk to you.
- If it's about the case, I can't do that, and you know it.
- Please, I just need a minute.
- Oliver, we signed an agreement.
I can't be doing this.
Not to mention I have other cases.
The guard's testimony doesn't match their version of events, and I can't prove it.
What do you mean? The prison claims the doctor was on the premises.
The guard says they had to call him.
I asked for surveillance video to see if he was already there.
They said they can't disclose it because it would violate HIPAA rules.
[whispers] Shit.
What about surveillance of the parking lot? - They're saying that footage is gone.
- Then they're definitely hiding something.
- But I can't prove it.
And if I don't get something, I can't move forward with this case.
[anticipatory music] Listen, Oliver, like I said, I can't discuss this case.
What but what I can tell you is that if you can convince someone that you already have something, that's the best way to get them in the room.
I get it--I convince them I have the doctor's time card, and he was nowhere near that place, I can get them to settle.
- Like I said, I can't help you.
Good not talking to you, Mike.
Harvey, we need to talk, and it can't wait.
Then walk with me, because Bratton's getting ready to poach our clients, and Louis needs to know.
He already knows.
They're making a play for Delta Securities, and that's not their only move.
- Don't tell me.
They're coming after my clients too.
AC Technologies.
But, Harvey, they're not trying to poach.
They're suing for patent infringement.
Aw, shit! Louis, whatever you're doing to keep Delta Securities, take a breath.
I need you to listen to what I have to say.
- Oh, I'm done listening to you.
You wanna manage this firm into the ground, you go right ahead.
But when your bullshit puts one of my biggest clients on the block, that's when I'm done playing good soldier.
Listen to me.
Bratton's not just coming after our clients--they're trying to divide and conquer.
What are you, Caesar now? This isn't the Roman Empire.
I don't care what it is.
You think it's a coincidence they're forcing you to close on one of your clients while suing one of mine for patent infringement? You're saying I can't keep my own clients? Louis, all he's saying is you should switch clients and play to your strengths.
- Pass! Look, I get it-- you don't want Harvey's help because you're mad at him.
But the least you can do is to go Alex.
He came from Bratton.
He knows their playbook.
- I don't need their playbook.
And he's the reason they're coming after us in the first place.
- Okay, Louis, do it your way.
But you better be good and ready, because Bratton knew enough to come after a client you almost lost a year ago and to sue mine for something I don't know anything about.
Which means they've got someone inside this place telling them what to do.
[lightly tense music] [soft edgy music] Louis, can I talk to you for a second? No, you can't, because right at this moment-- I know, you're gonna meet Delta Securities.
And Harvey already made it clear you don't want my help trying to keep them.
But I have something-- - No buts, Alex.
I don't want your help.
I don't want whatever you have, because I don't trust ya.
- Trust me? What the hell are you talking about? - For all I know, you were the one who gave Bratton the inside information on us in the first place.
You know what, Louis, if you think that, then why the hell don't you fire me right now? If it were up to me, Alex, I would.
Your Honor, I don't care what they say.
We filed our patent before they did.
Well, beating someone off the line doesn't mean that you didn't jump the gun to do it.
And our losses are growing by the day.
Specter, you'll have your chance to refute him at trial.
All right, listen, you want me to be honest? I haven't felt prioritized lately.
Are you kidding me? Who was there when you had to restructure in '07? Not to mention, I just saved your ass last year.
And that was then.
And now I feel like I can't even get you on the phone anymore.
- Your Honor-- - That's enough.
I find the evidence Mr.
Walsh is presenting compelling enough to let this go forward.
There's only one problem with that, Your Honor.
We just took one of their partners, all of his clients.
They're pissed about it, and now they want some get-back.
You being willing to give me your phone number isn't the point, Louis.
- Well, it should be.
- Who are you? - This is Alex Williams, our newest senior partner, and he was just stopping by.
Alex-- I'm not just the newest senior partner, Tim.
I'm also the partner that Bratton Gould just lost.
Your Honor, they entered into a fee-waiving partnership agreement yesterday with a company that's suddenly claiming infringement against one of our clients today.
Your Honor, their client caused real damages.
If that's true, those damages will still be there in eight weeks, which means the only reason you'd be upset right now is if this action is nonsense.
So which is it-- eight weeks or drop the case? Morelli's expense reports for the last three years.
The guy spends more time in Vegas than David Blaine.
And now you know.
Just like you already know that Louis kills for you out there whether he's taking your calls or not.
I'll call you tomorrow about the acquisition, Louis.
Thank you, Tim.
[soft dramatic music] [police radio chatter] Nice move, finding out about that partnership agreement.
Nice move telling our client he's not gonna be billed for last quarter.
Nothing eases the pain of a bullshit lawsuit like cash in your pocket.
- Speaking of which, I've been back at work for three weeks now.
Thinking it's time I got a raise.
Easy, tiger.
Mike, seriously, I thought you were busy with that pro Bono.
I am.
Donna said you needed my help, soI gave it to you.
Thanks, Robin.
Ah, you're welcome, Batman.
[energetic pop music] Louis, really you didn't have to do this.
- What, are you kidding? You saved me after I was an asshole.
You didn't have to do that.
- Yes, I did.
Because I don't care how you acted.
We're all in the same boat now.
I guess we are.
Boy, you reallyhave no love for your old firm, do you? If I'm being truthful with you, I was never gonna get where I wanted to be as long as I was there.
- Name partner.
- Name partner.
You know, I thought of leaving Pearson Hardman at one point.
- Bullshit.
No, it's the truth.
I even got a headhunter and everything.
- I thought you loved it there.
- I do.
Doesn't mean that I didn't feel unappreciated and overlooked.
I find it hard to believe anyone could overlook you.
Well, they did, and I got to thinking I can be the best lawyer in the world, and it won't change how they see me.
Like you must have been out sick or something the day the name partner gods came down saying who's gonna make it up the God damn mountain.
That's exactly right, and it turns out I wasn't sick that day, and neither were you.
And if you ever feel overlooked again, I would hope that you can come to me so I can help fix it.
Means a lot to me, Louis.
Well like you said We're all in the same boat now.
[pop tune resumes] Rachel, do you have a minute? I need your help.
- Yeah, of course.
What's going on? - I think Stephanie Patel may be helping Bratton poach our clients.
What? Since when is Stephanie at Bratton? Since this morning, and it's a long story, but someone gave them inside information about us, and given that she just started I need you to go over there, and I need you to get her to stop.
Me? How am I supposed to do that? I don't care if it means offering her her job back.
But whatever it is, it has to happen tonight.
Wait, Donna, you can't be serious right now.
- It's the only way that we-- - Donna, Louis eviscerated her, and you fired her.
There's no way she's ever coming back here.
You don't know that.
Not to mention the fact that I have a meeting this evening with the wedding planner, so-- I don't care what you have tonight.
We need to do something, and we need to do it now.
[quietly] Okay.
What's going on? Harvey took a chance on me, Rachel.
He went out on a limb, and now I have been promoted to a position that people think I'm not ready for.
I didn't mean it when I said that.
I know that.
But if one of the first things I did ends up giving Bratton a roadmap to picking this firm apart, I will never forgive myself.
And Stephanie might not talk to you, but I know she won't talk to me.
I'll go see her, Donna.
[lightly edgy music] [somber music] [elevator bell dings] Anything else you want me to fix for you before I get back to my case? - I'll let you know after I see Louis.
- What do you mean? I mean if he couldn't stop Bratton from poaching his client, us doing what we just did only gives us a split decision.
- But you said Louis made it clear he doesn't want your help.
He may not want it, but if that shit's not taken care of, he's getting it whether he likes it or not.
[soft dramatic music] Louis, before you jump down my throat again-- Relax, Harvey, I'm not upset with you anymore.
In fact, I even came to an agreement with Alex after he locked up Delta Securities.
- Good.
- What about you? Do you need my help with your lawsuit? It's taken care of.
Don't tell him I said this, but Mike jumped inside his phone booth and put on his Superman outfit.
Oh, that's great.
So I guess this means there's only one thing left for you to do.
Well, I'd say there's only one thing left for us to do.
You want me to go with you? Your name's up on that wall, isn't it? [clears throat] I see you got your own office.
What are you doing here? I know that you didn't feel valued at Pearson Specter, and I wanted to apologize for my part in that.
I also just--I wanted you to know that it was never my intention to get you fired.
I hope you're not here to offer me my job back.
- And what if I said I was? - I'd say I wouldn't take it.
Okay [exhales] in that case, I am here to find out if you're giving your new firm privileged information.
Let me get this straight.
You havethe nerve to fire me and then come here and accuse me of breaking attorney-client privilege? How else is your firm getting so much information on our on-going cases? - You think I'm the only person with a grudge against your firm? Harvey Specter declared war on this place long before I got here.
And not only am I not giving them information, they don't need my help, and they didn't ask for my help.
Just to be clear, Stephanie, you've lied to me before.
And breaking attorney-client privilege is a dis-barrable offense, and if we find out that's what's been happening here-- - No, Rachel, I didn't lie to you.
Like you said, I used a loophole.
'Cause I'm a good lawyer, and I'm also an ethical lawyer.
So if this firm is getting inside information from Pearson Specter, they're not getting it from me.
[tense music] Hey, Mike, wait up.
Oliver, what are you doing here? I was just waiting for you so we can grab that beer like we talked about.
- Except we didn't talk about grabbing-- - Just walk with me.
God damn it, Oliver, I told you-- - Mike, relax.
It's over.
The bluff worked.
What do you mean, it worked? I got a number, and it's good.
What? This offer's not just good.
It's too good.
What're you talking about? You think they're not gonna pay? - I mean this isn't the number you give to make someone go away.
It's a number you give when you need them to go away.
You're saying you think there's more cases like this out there.
- I'm saying that when someone acts like this, there's more to find.
Which means you need to convince Mr.
Reyes to turn this down and keep looking.
Are you serious, Mike? This is more money than this family's ever seen.
- And you convince them-- What? That I'm gonna find all those other cases? I already bluffed 'em once, Mike.
And the only reason we were able to make this case is because we threatened to sue them over a specific guy.
- Then knock on the door of everyone that has come out of that place and find more guys.
- Mike If there are other victims out there, I feel for them.
But I'm representing Oscar.
He's suffering.
And I don't feel right telling him not to do this.
So if you want this done, you're gonna have to do it yourself.
[line ringing] Rachel, please tell me that you got her to back off.
- It wasn't her.
- What do you mean, it wasn't her? It had to be her.
Donna, I apologized to her.
I threatened her, and I cajoled her.
Trust me--it wasn't her.
Rachellook, I didn't mean that stuff that I said before about not caring about your appointment.
- I know.
- Well, did you make it? 'Cause I'd hate to think you missed it for nothing.
I'm walking in right now.
Don't worry.
I'm right on time.
I'm so sorry.
Rachel Zane.
Deborah Kaplan.
Did my assistant give you the wrong time? Because I had us down for 7:00.
And it's almost 8:00.
I know.
I had an emergency at work, and it couldn't wait.
But my understanding was it's a two-hour appointment.
So I was just hoping that we could go over as much as possible.
- Of course.
The truth is, I usually take the first hour to offer you a glass of champagne and try to get to know you anyway.
But the champagne is still cold, and we can just dive right in.
You still double-billing to pay for that house in the Hamptons? No.
I'm working late to pay for it.
And the one in Vail and the apartment in Paris.
That's a lotta homes.
Sounds like a man who's compensating.
[chuckles] So how're you doing, Harvey? - Oh, he's doing great.
'Cause we just shut down your pathetic assault on our firm.
- Is that so? - You're Goddamn right, that's so.
Then might I ask what exactly are you doing here? We're here to tell you that if you try this shit again, the same thing's gonna happen, only next time, we won't just play defense.
We'll hit you with a tortious interference suit in the neighborhood of a billion dollars.
[slap] Well, you better get ready, 'cause next time starts right now.
[laughs] What, are you kidding? You already threw everything you had at us once.
Didn't make a dent.
- Not everything.
By tomorrow morning, I'll be poaching 20 of your clients, and I'll be suing another 20 of his.
And that little trick you played in the courtroom today? It isn't going to work tomorrow.
- Tom, you made your point.
You're pissed off that we brought Alex over, but this doesn't have to-- - I don't give two shits about Alex Williams.
Lawyers grow on Goddamn trees.
I want my clients back, and I want the 30 million in billables that come along with them, hand-deliveredby you.
- That's never gonna happen.
- What do you think, Harvey? Do you think that's "never gonna happen"? Like I said, whatever you throw at us, we'll throw it right the hell back.
With what manpower? You wanna pick a fight with a little regional law firm to flex your muscles, go ahead.
But we're five times your size.
This is a fight you started.
And this is a fight that you cannot win.
So you give me back my clients, or your legacy at Pearson Specter Litt is going to be that you were the one that put them in the ground.
[dark music] Let me get this straight.
I got an offer for more money than I'll see my whole life, and you want me to turn it down based on a feeling that whatever happened to Chris happened to other people? - It's not a feeling.
It's an instinct that comes from working on hundreds of cases like this.
And if you take this deal, you're never gonna get the answers you want.
You'll never know what happened to your son.
And I have another son and two daughters, and this changes their lives.
- Mr.
Reyes-- - Are you telling me that you can prove they had something to do with my son's death? Yes.
I believe that Oliver can get enough to-- - No, not Oliver.
Because you're the one who took my case, and then you backed out.
- I told you, there was a conflict.
- I don't know what that means.
Then listen to me right now.
I know that you know my parents died in a car accident.
But what you don't know is that after they did, a lawyercame to my grandmother and made her an offer.
She took it, instead of going to court.
And I am telling you, she regretted that for the rest of her life.
Oscar, there's no price that'll make the pain go away.
Then what will? Doing everything you can to make sure no one else ever has to feel it too.
[somber music] At least, that's the closest I've ever gotten.
And you think turning this down will do that.
I think Chris is gone and we can't ever bring him back.
Which means this is about more than just money or justice.
It's about stopping other people like him from dying.
And I think it can be done, but even if it can't we gotta try.
[somber music] Tell them no.
[phone rings] - Harvey, how'd it go? - Listen to me.
I didn't think it mattered before, but they've got someone feeding them inside information.
I need to know who it is.
I'm already working on it, Harvey.
'Cause this is your chance to prove to everybody I made the right decision giving you that promotion.
We need to talk.
- From what I hear, you need to spend less time talking and more time looking over your firm.
And you said if I needed help doing that to let you know.
All right.
Let's have it.
What do you need? It's nothing you haven't proposed to Jessica before.
You gotta be kidding me.
You want to merge? I'm not talking about a real merger.
I'm talking about putting out word that two of the best firms in the city are now one of the biggest firms in the city.
You don't have the manpower to fight him, do you? Bratton's making this an arms race, Robert.
If I don't have the numbers to fight a war, I have to at least make it look like I do.
- I can't do it, Harvey.
- Robert, it's a bluff.
A bluff with nothing but downside for me.
That's not true.
When this is over, you can have your pick of the clients that came over from Bratton.
- When this is over, I'm gonna look like I backed away from a merger, that I can't be trusted, not to mention that I look like I'm so weak that I needed to merge with a struggling firm like yours to begin with.
- Is that what you think we are--struggling? - Harvey you need me to answer that then you've got an even bigger problem than Tommy Bratton.
[lightly edgy music] Harvey, please tell me Zane went for the merger idea.
- He didn't.
- Damn it! We're gonna drown without any help.
- Then we'll get help.
What do you think we've been working on? I thought you were trying to find the leak.
- We were, but we can't.
- And since Zane might say no, I put out some feelers with headhunters to see about getting some first-years and paralegals.
The problem is, we need a minimum of 2 dozen each to handle the workload, but it's gonna run us over 3 million a year.
- Then we'll get a bridge loan from your guy at Fidelity.
- We already used that line of credit last year when we expanded the 42nd floor.
- Shit.
- Harvey, what the hell are we gonna do? I don't see a way out of this.
- I have a way out.
Give them what they want.
I'm not giving up your clients, Alex.
I do that, I might as well let you go.
Then let me go, because I'm not gonna be responsible for driving you in the ground.
- No, I'm not gonna do that.
- Why the hell not? Because you're one of us now.
And I agree.
Well, what are we gonna do? You're gonna go back to finding out who's feeding them inside information, and you two are gonna figure out who they're coming after first.
And I'm gonna figure out how to beat this son of a bitch.
[dramatic musical buildup] Mike, hey.
How'd it go? - He turned the offer down.
- Thank God.
I thought you'd be disappointed.
That was before I found this and this and this.
- Holy shit.
- You were right.
As soon as I started looking in the right places, all the apples started falling from the tree.
There's gotta be at least 20 complaints of prisoners being denied their release date.
And every one of them involves injuries and some kind of vague disciplinary action.
They're not just cheaping out on medical care.
They're manufacturing revenue.
[laughs] Oliver, this This is unbelievable.
You got a class now.
There's only one problem.
I don't have the resources to handle this alone.
Oliver, we've been over this.
I signed an agreement that said I wouldn't touch it.
I can't cross that line.
- Jesus Christ, Mike.
You're telling me you care more about some piece of paper you signed than about these men's lives? No, I don't, but I signed it.
Which means if I get involved and they find out, the case gets tossed, and Oscar gets nothing.
You lived a lie for years.
You're telling me you can't keep a secret about working one Goddamn case? - I gave Harvey my word.
- So what the hell am I supposed to do? - You're supposed to convince Nathan to give you the resources to pursue this.
And when I can't and I have to go back and tell Oscar that we can't move forward with this that's gonna be on you.
I know how to take down Bratton.
Alex, we've been over this.
I am not giving up you or your clients.
I'm not talking about that.
I got something on him.
Why is this the first I'm hearing about this? You know why.
Because whatever it is, he's got the same damn thing on you.
Son of a bitch.
You should have told me this before.
I couldn't.
You never would've hired me.
I meant when they started coming after us.
I was hoping I wouldn't have to use it.
Well, now I do.
What is it? - I can't tell you.
- Are you kidding me? As long as I don't tell you, you're not party to it.
I'm not gonna expose you like that.
I'm gonna take care of this myself.
If you're gonna do that, then why are you even coming to me? Because you took me in.
I'm a part of this firm now, and if I do this, I'm not sure what's gonna come of it.
That's not good enough.
You go over there and do this, you sure as hell better make it work.
[dramatic music] All right, good.
We'll wrap this up tomorrow.
I was wondering when you'd come crawling back.
I'm back, but I'm not crawling.
I'm here to tell you you're backing the hell off my firm.
I know what you're here to do, but let me ask you this.
Does your firm know what it is that you did? No.
But if you don't let this shit go, they're not gonna be the only ones I tell.
And not just what I did.
What you did.
I let this shit go, and it comes back and hits you in the ass.
You're gonna sign something saying I had nothing to do with this.
I already did.
Just like I also prepared something for you to sign saying you won't so much as look at any of our clients for the next ten years.
[lightly edgy music] - You're willing to do this.
- Like I said.
I already did it.
[paper slaps down] [pen scratching] It's on you now.
It is.
Is it done? What do you think? I think you probably went in there and said something like, "You're gonna drop these lawsuits "and you're gonna forget about coming after any of our clients.
" And he said, "Our clients? Don't you mean my clients?" And I said, "No, motherfu--er, I don't.
"Because I'm at Pearson Specter now, and he's not getting my clients.
" You're twice the man he is, Alex.
- What do you mean? - I mean if the ship were sinking, Tommy Bratton would throw his best friend overboard to get himself to shore.
You, on the other hand, would offer him a life raft.
Thanks, Harvey.
No, Alex.
Thank you.
Hey what are we gonna tell Louis and Donna about how this all went away? We're gonna tell them we did whatever it took.
And for the record, Louis is right.
You are one of us now.
Don't tell Louis I said he was right.
Don't worry about it.
I only listen to every third thing you say anyway.
[quiet music] [knock on glass] - Hey.
- Hey.
- I just realized I never asked how the meeting at the Plaza went.
Um I canceled it.
- I don't understand.
- I got there late, and the woman started showing me options anyway.
But I realized I was spending more time thinking about who was feeding Bratton Gould inside information than I was about what color our napkins were going to be.
So you don't wanna have it at the Plaza anymore? No, that's not it.
Mike, what's wrong with us? We can't even find the time to keep one appointment.
Rachel, come on, our schedules are crazy right now.
And that's exactly what I told my dad when he brought it up.
Brought what up? He said that if we can't make time for each other right now, how are we gonna make time for our marriage? Hey.
You are the most important thing in my life.
If you wanna drop everything right now and plan the wedding and the honeymoon and start picking out baby names, then that's what we'll do.
That's the thing.
I don't wanna drop everything right now.
I wanna get married but I also really care about what I do.
Maybe your father's right.
- Mike-- - No, I mean that he's right about how hard it is for us to throw ourselves into our wedding right now, but he's wrong if he thinks we never will.
- What does that mean? - That means that I care about what I do too.
And right now I gotta go take care of something that I should have taken care of before, but when we get home, we're gonna crack open a bottle of wine, and we're gonna talk all night about the kind of wedding we wanna have.
And then we are gonna pick a date.
Really? Really.
[emotional instrumentals] Harvey, I know you're coming in here to-- Donna, relax.
I came over here to tell you that it's over.
Why don't you go home and get some rest? I know you've been working around the clock on this thing.
I'm sorry, Harvey.
- What do you mean? - You promoted me.
You had faith in me, and I never found out who it was--I let you down.
Donna, you haven't let me down in 12 years, and you didn't start now.
Besides, whoever it was doesn't matter anymore.
[mellow pop music] [line ringing] [phone rings] [ringing] Hello? It was you, wasn't it? What was me? Don't bullshit me, Jessica.
You called Tommy Bratton and gave him the roadmap to me and Louis, and I wanna know why.
If you figured that out, then you already know why.
- I want an answer.
You came to me saying that your house was divided.
And whether you like hearing it or not, Harvey, nothing unites a divided house like an attack from the outside.
That doesn't mean you pick up the phone and call him.
I didn't call him.
He called me.
He was coming anyway, Harvey.
All I did was mention that I didn't like the way I was treated on my way out the door, and if he wanted to get to you, he should play you against Louis.
Jessica, I called you for advice, not so that you'd go behind the scenes and manipulate things.
- Harvey.
- You said I was ready.
- You are.
And now they know you are, and they're behind you for the next time.
- I guess I should thank you.
- You're welcome, Harvey.
But you pull something like this again I won't have to.
Good night, Jessica.
Good night, Harvey.
[mellow pop song] [phone rings] - Well, look who it is.
- What are you doing? Just getting ready for trial tomorrow.
It never stops, does it? - What's that? - The work of being a lawyer.
Doesn't mean you can't make time for The more important things.
- Speaking of the more important things--I set a meeting with the planner at the Plaza.
It's gonna be wonderful.
Thank you.
Aw, you don't have to thank me, Rachel.
All I want is for your wedding to be exactly what you want.
And what I want is gonna take some time, because, Dad, you were right.
I want toenjoy it and make time for it.
So Mike and I are gonna set a date, but it's not gonna be for a while.
Well, it doesn't matter when it is.
As long as you're happy.
Because there's something else I wanted to say.
I heard this idea of a fake merger between us was floated.
- Let me guess.
You think I should have helped Harvey out.
What I was gonna say was even though it was fake, I got kind of excited about the thought of working with my dad.
[soft music] I never thought I'd ever hear you say that.
Well, Katrina told me that you said something once that I was afraid I'd never hear, and [sighs] It meant everything to me.
And what's that? That you think I'm a great lawyer.
And that you're proud of me.
Rachel I may not say it often enough.
But I think it all the time.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too, baby.
[emotional music] [phone rings] [ringing] - Hello.
- Oliver, it's me.
Sorry, Mike, I can't talk right now.
I'm kinda busy being overwhelmed by a case I can't handle.
I take it you couldn't convince Nathan to get you more people? - No.
I couldn't.
Well, in that case I'm in.
What about your promise to Harvey? You let me worry about Harvey.
[soulful music]