Suits s07e10 Episode Script


1 I want to work with you on the pro Bono, predatory lending, taking advantage of people of color.
We have 123 plaintiffs who were all steered into higher-rate mortgages.
And he's using fools like you to cover his own ass.
I would never work for a place that engaged in discrimination, and I more than happy to say that on the stand.
This case isn't about race or money.
The man who heads up this company is a predator, and your aunt worked for him 25 years ago, made her life a living hell.
- Because she was black? - Because she was beautiful.
Your Honor, I would like to introduce this document.
Unless he has the actual memo it refers to, this article itself is inadmissible.
The reason that I would like to have entered that article is to show that he buried the memo.
- That is a lie.
- It's not a lie.
I can prove it.
He's calling me to the stand in two days.
Then we need to get you prepared in front of an audience.
- A mock trial? I'm not putting Donna through that.
I've been subpoenaed by the Attorney General's Office.
You are asking me to go personal again.
And I won't do it.
I am asking you to protect me again.
And I am telling you it's okay to do it.
Do you regret putting Harvey over this guy? I regret putting Harvey over myself.
What was wrong with the other one? What? That's the third tie you've put on.
Oh, I just didn't like how the other two looked.
Harvey, what's going on? I've never known you to second- guess yourself before trial.
Nothing's going on.
I just needed the right tie.
Does that maybe have to do with this man coming after Donna? No, just has to do with the fact that I have to rely on Louis to prepare my own case.
It's okay that you're worried about her.
I don't feel threatened by you having another woman in your life that you care about.
In fact, your loyalty is one of the things I've always admired about you.
- It is? - Yeah, of course.
You've felt betrayed at one time or another by almost every person you've ever cared about, and in spite of that, you protect them whenever they're threatened.
Of course I do.
Anybody would.
No, not anybody would, but you do, and that's why Donna and all the other people in your life are lucky to have you.
Thanks, Paula.
Good luck today.
Alex, wherever you're going, turn around.
Malik subpoenaed Donna, so it's all hands on deck.
And I'd love to help, Harvey, but I need to get to another deck.
- What happened? - Bratton Gould happened.
I thought we took care of them.
We took care of Bratton, and now the other one wants revenge.
- How? - How do you think? - Shit, Pfizer.
- Yup, Pfizer.
- You need help? - Harvey, if I needed help, I wouldn't have landed Pfizer in the first place.
Go get 'em.
Well, that was the 42nd time we've read that.
Have you changed your mind? - Nope.
That boy was stupid for telling Elizabeth to go away in the first place.
- What are you two reading? - What do you think? Ah, Elizabeth.
You know, we got the idea for your middle name from her.
That's not true.
Well, you are just like her because she doesn't let boys tell her what to do either.
And she's also just like her mother.
Now, go read over there for a minute.
I want to talk to your aunt.
- That girl is something else.
- Don't I know it? What's going on with the guy at work? You don't need to worry about that, Robbie.
I can take care of it.
I'm telling you, the best way to take care of it is to quietly get yourself transferred and not make any trouble.
Well, that is not who I am, and if you don't know that by now-- Yeah, I know, I know.
You, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Laura, hell, a man can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a strong-willed woman.
- Am I interrupting? - No.
I was just thinking about the case.
So was I, and I think I have a way to keep it from getting dismissed.
All right, let's hear it.
The company says they have protocols in place to prevent discrimination, but we also know that they have a CEO who takes advantage of women.
If you're talking about Jasmine-- I'm talking about women.
- What's your point? - My point is, a man who did what he did to Aunt Jasmine has done this to other women, which means-- Rachel, that's not discrimination.
That's harassment.
- No, Dad, it's treating a group of people differently, which is the definition of discrimination.
And it sets the stage for us to argue a pattern.
Then I guess we need to find someone he's done this to before.
That's the thing.
I think I already have.
[soft knock at door] Is it time? I'll be there in five minutes.
I just need a second to gather myself.
You can take all the time you need because we're not doing this trial.
Louis, what the hell are you talking about? Malik's gonna come after me on that stand, and you're supposed to get me ready.
That's what I'm saying.
You're not gonna have to get up on that stand at all.
What's going on here? We got a library full of people waiting for you two.
I was just about to come down there, and now Louis is trying to tell me that I don't have to go up against Malik.
Louis, the judge issued a subpoena.
She's got to take the stand.
No, she doesn't.
Don't you see? You worked in the DA's office.
She was your secretary.
And you both worked on the Clifford Danner case.
Holy shit, it's work product.
It's covered under privilege.
Louis, you're a genius.
Let's go clear out that library.
Hold on a second.
The whole point of doing a mock trial is to prepare me.
What's the downside of still doing that in case this doesn't work? The downside is that I won't have enough time to prepare the argument for court.
- I don't see how that-- - Harvey, do I need to tell you that when I'm finished, you can't be the one to make it? - No, you don't.
- Why not? Because Malik's trying to make this case about me, which means the more we can have Mike talk, the better.
See the money, wanna stay for your meal Get another piece of pie for your wife Everybody wanna know how it feel Everybody wanna see what it's like I'll even eat a bean pie, I don't mind Me and Missy is so busy, busy making money All right All step back, I'm 'bout to dance Suits 7x10 Donna The greenback boogie Hey, what's going on? Where are they? It doesn't matter.
The mock trial's off.
- What do you mean it's off? - Louis came up with a work product exemption argument.
Donna doesn't have to testify at all.
You got the judge to agree to that already? He didn't agree.
Louis is gonna work on it, and you're gonna argue it, so why don't you get down to his office and get busy? Harvey, that's a great plan, but are you sure we're not skipping this just to save Donna embarrassment in front of the firm? No, Mike, we're skipping this thing to stop that asshole from going after her in open court.
I get that.
It's just that when someone is special to you, it canmess up your judgment.
And when I want your advice on my personal life, I'll ask for it, so unless you think you can't handle it and I have to tell Louis to do it-- I can handle it, Harvey.
Then walk yourself down to Louis' office and get ready because we're shutting this son of a bitch down today.
Hey, Shelley, is he in? Never mind, I'll just go see for myself.
Alex, wait.
Is he expecting you? I sure as shit hope not.
Did you really think I was gonna let you get away with poaching my client? I didn't think anything, and I'm not poaching anyone because we signed an agreement not to touch any of your precious clients with a 10-foot pole.
No, you just happened to manufacture a hostile takeover of my biggest client.
I have a legal obligation to assist my client in whatever decisions they make, and if that obligation happens to result in me drinking your milkshake, well, that's just a side benefit.
Well, while you're drinking that shake, choke on this.
My client is suing yours for unfair business practices, and there's no way the FTC lets a company suing their competitor get acquired by that competitor.
In that case, you better be ready to file another one because this thing is gonna get tossed before you get back to your little office.
I'm ready, Eli, and in case you forgot, the last time one of you two went up against me, his name was Tommy Bratton, and I don't know if you noticed, he doesn't work here anymore.
At first, I tried to laugh it off, but Arthur kept hitting on me, so I told him I wasn't interested and asked him to stop.
- And did he? - No, he didn't.
Finally I didn't get a promotion that I'd been promised.
He said it was because of poor performance reviews.
Which you understood to mean that you wouldn't sleep with him.
When I accused him of that, he said if I brought it up again, I would lose my job.
Six weeks later, I was fired anyway.
Arthur Kittredge made my life a living hell.
Your Honor, the prosecution calls Donna Paulsen to the stand.
Your Honor, I move to have that witness disallowed.
On what grounds? On the grounds that he's only calling the witness because he has a personal ax to grind.
Your Honor, we vehemently deny these accusations, but it doesn't matter because what they're claiming isn't discrimination.
It turned into discrimination the second Arthur Kittredge passed her over for a promotion because she wouldn't sleep with him.
That's outrageous and inflammatory, and even if it were true, what does any of it have to do with how a company determines who gets what mortgage rate? I'm trying to explain to the court why you'd call a witness whose testimony is privileged.
How exactly is it privileged? Because it's work product, on a case, by the way, that made Harvey Specter's name instead of yours, and now you're trying to use it to smear his reputation.
Your Honor, Clifford Danner has nothing to do with Elmont Investments.
Donna Paulsen's work on it is covered under privilege, and this entire case should be thrown out right now.
And if you'll pardon my French, that is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard.
You can think whatever you want, Counselor, but the 12th Circuit in California felt differently.
Your Honor, we have precedent.
We have testimony.
- And we have a pattern.
- Ms.
If there is a culture of discrimination within your company, the CEO is a reasonable person to ask about it.
Kittredge will submit to a deposition in the next 24 hours.
[gavel bangs] Your Honor, the only reputation being smeared here is mine, but more importantly, I agree.
Clifford Danner has nothing to do with this.
In fact, if anything even remotely resembling that name comes out of my mouth, feel free to hold me in contempt, but in the meantime, unless the defense would like to bring up what I had for lunch in the third grade, I'd like to call my witness.
- [mouthing words] Your Honor-- Ms.
Paulsen, please take the stand.
Paulsen, could you please state your employment history prior to becoming a legal secretary? I was an actress.
And were you able to make a living at that? No, I worked as a waitress to supplement my income, but I don't see what that has-- And how much do you make now, Ms.
Paulsen? Somewhere in the six figures? - Yes.
That's quite an improvement on minimum wage plus tips, wouldn't you say? - What can I say? I'm very good at what I do.
And was shredding a document related to the Coastal Motors Case that your firm tried years ago one of the things that you were good at doing? Oh, shit.
How the hell does he know about that? Doesn't matter.
He knows.
Paulsen, I'll ask you again.
Did you destroy evidence on that case? And I'll remind you that you're under oath.
The document he's referring to was fake.
It's not illegal to get rid of fraudulent documents.
Did she know that when she destroyed it? It doesn't matter, so unless he plans to prosecute the witness for doing her job-- I plan to ask the witness questions.
I'd like the chance to do that.
- Your Honor-- - Mr.
Specter, back off.
The witness will answer the question.
- Yes, I shredded the file.
- At your boss' request.
- No.
- Ms.
Paulsen, were you fired during the Coastal Motors trial and then rehired one week later? - Yes, but I-- - And since then, you've become your firm's chief operating officer, but you're not a lawyer, are you? You don't need to be a lawyer to be a COO.
- And do you have an MBA? - No, I don't.
Of course you don't.
All you have is a bachelor's in theater, and you were a part-time waitress, part-time actress when you quit to become a legal secretary, which is what you were until Harvey Specter made you COO overnight.
Tell me, do you have any of the qualifications normally required for that position? I have been at the firm longer than anyone.
I know how it works-- Oh, so do I, by breaking the law and then rewarding the people that do.
That's a lie! Well, then how did you get your promotion? Because there's only two ways I can think of when you're not qualified, and they're both pretty distasteful.
Objection! That's inflammatory.
Answer the question.
I'll tell you how I got it.
I asked for it.
You asked for it? Well.
You know, if that's all it takes, maybe I should ask Mr.
Specter for a pony, except I don't think that's all it takes.
I think it takes destroying evidence, getting fake fired, and a little acting ability to pull it off.
- Your Honor, he's testifying! - Yeah, well, then I'll wrap it up because if she was willing to destroy evidence in that case, she's willing to do it in this one, and that is why the memo referred to in that article no longer exists.
- Your Honor-- - I've heard enough.
This case is moving forward, and I'm allowing that article to be admitted as evidence.
[gavel bangs] Jasmine, I told you the best way to handle this was quietly.
And I told you that man deserves to be exposed for what he is.
You think I don't know that? Then why won't you take my case? Because what people deserve and what they get aren't the same thing.
- And what happened to the big brother who said he'd always protect me? I'll tell you what happened.
You told him you were gonna handle this your way.
You won't do this because you're worried how it'll look to your bosses at that fancy law firm.
So what if I am? I worked my whole life to get into Harvard Law, and then I got hired at the kind of place that doesn't hire people like you and me.
I got my toe in a door that's usually slammed in our faces, and if I take a case like this out the gate, they'll let me go in a heartbeat.
Maybe they will, but if you ask me-- I'm not asking you, Jasmine, but you're asking me to risk everything for a case that I can't win.
No, Robbie, I asked you to do this because that man shattered my life, and I don't know how I'm gonna pick myself up, but I thought at least I could do this knowing that you had my back.
You just make sure you get your foot all the way in that goddamn door.
- Harvey.
- I know what you're gonna say, that we should have had the mock trial.
Well, I don't want to hear it.
I wasn't gonna say that, Harvey; I was gonna say that if he puts her on the stand again in front of that jury-- - It's gonna look even worse than it did just now? - Jenna-- You're not gonna talk your way out of this.
The last time we were in there, you said when it was over, we'd win.
Well, instead of us winning, he gets to use a memo that doesn't even exist.
Not that doesn't exist, that you didn't write.
What are you talking about? I think what Harvey's saying is that Malik put the squeeze on someone in your company, and to get him off their back, they went to the newspaper and said there was a memo that you wrote.
Even if that's true, you're never gonna find out who wrote it.
Then instead of starting with the person who gave it to the paper, we're gonna start with the person they gave it to.
- Louis, hey.
- Don't "hey" me.
I want to know why I went down to the bullpen and I was told by own associates that they can't get to my case because every one of them is busy working for you.
Because Eli Gould is coming after Pfizer.
Shit, that's your biggest client.
- I know.
- When'd you figure that out? Last night when I saw this.
If I'm reading this right, you have about 36 hours till they go to the board.
I filed my first suit this morning and gave Eli a song and dance about the FTC, but he's no fool, and all that does is buy us time.
Well, then you take all the associates you need, 'cause we're gonna do whatever it takes to protect our client.
We? Alex, I told you, you're family, and there's no way I'm letting Elias Douchebag Gould hurt my family.
George Clark? I'm Mike Ross.
Oh, the guy David wrote that article about.
And I'm the guy that's gonna sue you for defamation unless you help us out.
And why would I help someone out who's threatening me? I'm not threatening.
I'm promising.
Because you ran a story about a memo that my client supposedly wrote that you didn't even give her a chance to refute.
I didn't need to give her a chance; I had verification.
From who? That's what this is about.
You want my source.
You're damn right we do.
And you know, I do that, and I'll never get another one.
And we prove that memo's fake, you'll be lucky getting a job doing movie reviews for "The Potomac News" because that article doesn't just imply my client's guilty.
It implies that I buried the damn thing.
Well, considering the nature of my source, you probably did.
What did you just say? I didn't get it from Elmont Investments.
I got it from somebody who knows you.
- Bullshit.
That's not possible.
- Knows him or works with him? The person who gave it to me had a working relationship with both of you.
As far as I'm concerned, that's verification, and if that's not good enough for you, then you go ahead and sue me because that's all I'm gonna say.
There you are.
Where's the food? I was thinking we could go out to dinner instead of working through.
Rachel, we only get one shot at this.
We need to be ready.
We can't go out.
We're preparing for this deposition.
And what if I told you that we don't have to do a deposition at all? A settlement offer? You got to be kidding me.
Dad, the terms are good.
I don't care how good they are.
Once I get that bastard in the room, they're gonna get better, and they only came to you with this because they knew I'd tell them to kiss my ass.
Except they didn't come to me.
I went to them.
What? You goddamn undercut me? I didn't undercut you.
I negotiated a deal because I am worried about what'll happen if you get in that room.
What did you just say to me? You couldn't keep it together with a loan officer.
How's it gonna go when you're face-to-face with the man that hurt your sister? I'll tell you how.
I'm gonna crack that man wide open.
Or you'll lose your shit and we'll get nothing.
Oh, you don't know what you're talking about.
Dad, I once convinced a man to put his life on the line instead of taking an offer because I believed we could win, and I'm telling you, I don't think we can.
Rachel, I took the coward's way out once before.
I can't do it again, and I'd rather take my shot and go down swinging than walk away from the ring.
Then we'll do it your way.
But on one condition.
You're not taking the shot.
I am.
Donna, hey, how'd it go in court? I would have asked you earlier, but I had a ton of doc review.
I really don't want to talk about it right now, Louis.
What happened? Because obviously something's wrong, and I'm your friend, so I'm here for you.
- Bullshit you're here for me.
- What? I asked you to protect me, but all you did was protect yourself because you didn't want to ask me the same kinds of questions that Malik did.
What do you mean that Malik did? All Mike needed to do was-- He didn't ask me about Clifford Danner.
He asked me about Coastal Motors.
- Oh, my God, the memo.
- Yeah, the memo.
And then he put me on that stand, and he came after me just like I was afraid he would.
Donna, there was no way we could have seen that coming.
What we could have seen coming was, if he got me up there, he would twist the facts, and he would imply ugly things.
- About you and Harvey? - Yes, about me and Harvey, 'cause it's always about me and Harvey.
Last time, this time-- - Donna-- - God damn it, Louis, I begged you to help me.
I even asked, "What if your plan doesn't work?" but you didn't listen, so Malik rattled me, and he humiliated me.
And he said I am only COO because I slept my way there, and he made it sound plausible, so now that's on the record thanks to you.
Me? Harvey signed off on this just as much as I did.
I really don't care what Harvey did, Louis, because I came to you for help, and you left me high and dry.
Louis, forgive me, but I don't understand what you're so upset about.
I'm upset because Donna laid into me like the whole thing was my fault.
Louis, don't you see she was just venting? I don't care.
I gave them a foolproof way to get her out of testifying and they dropped the ball, not me.
If that's true, this shouldn't be affecting you so much.
So there has to be an explanation as to why you're so upset, and perhaps it has to do with you not going through with the mock trial like you promised you would.
This is about her, not me.
You don't think that questioning someone about their intimate relations when you're feeling shame about your own might touch a nerve? I don't believe this.
You're saying this is about Sheila? I'm positing it might be.
Well, I'm positing what touches a nerve is that I come to you for help, and you're saying this is all my fault.
I'm not saying it's your fault, Louis, and I'm trying to help you.
Louis, you know I would do anything I could to help you.
Well, you're not, and instead of waiting for you to tell me that my time is up, I'm gonna go ahead and protect myself and get the hell out of here.
Okay, if they know us, that narrows it down.
Yeah, to 1,000 or 2,000 people.
1,000 or 2,000 people didn't used to work for us.
You know what? This doesn't make any sense.
We've just had this case for a week.
By that logic, it would have to be someone who works here now.
Or it could be someone who works here from time to time.
What are you getting at, Donna? - I'm getting at Holly Cromwell.
- Why would he go to Holly? Because that reporter would believe that she has access.
If Malik needed to enlist someone to do something like this, who better to do it? And on top of that, she has no love for any of us.
If what you're saying is true, Malik just went from strong-arming someone to fabricating evidence.
No, he didn't.
Jesus Christ, this guy's good.
What are you saying? All he did was give a story to a reporter.
That's--that's not fabricating evidence.
That's not even a crime.
Well, he admitted it at trial knowing it was false, and that sure as hell is.
Harvey, he didn't admit anything.
We did, because he baited us into doing it.
He held up the newspaper as if he was about to enter it, but then he said "document" and held up a folder with the other hand.
Donna, we need a transcript to make sure what Mike's saying is true.
I don't need a transcript, Harvey.
I've got it all right here.
I'm telling you, you entered that article.
Well, it may not be a crime, but if Holly comes forward, he's gonna lose, which means I'm going over there right now.
- No, Harvey, I am.
- Donna, you were the one who made her refuse to come here in the first place.
She'll never listen to you.
Harvey, that son of a bitch humiliated me and told the world I don't deserve my job.
I don't want to just prove him wrong.
I want to make him regret he ever met me.
- Ready for your deposition? - As ready as I'll ever be.
It's a good plan, Rachel.
It should work.
Do you want to head up there with me? I can drop you off on the way.
No, no, you go ahead.
I got something I want to take care of before I head in.
- Malik case? - Actually, Paula Agard.
Yeah, she called about a half hour ago.
She wants to get Harvey something special, wanted to know if I had any ideas.
- Why did she call you? - I don't know.
I guess maybe she thinks that I'm Harvey's best friend.
Or maybe because the person that knows Harvey the best is the only person she'll never call.
Got something on your mind? It's just, Donna was here the other night, and she told me about this guy from years ago and she chose Harvey over him, and I asked her if she regretted it, and-- - And what? - I guess it just made me wonder if what she really regrets is never telling Harvey how she feels.
Anyway, I've got to get going.
- Louis, we have a problem.
- What is it now? I threw everything in the book at Gould.
None of it worked.
On top of that, they just moved up the timeline.
Then you're gonna need to contact the board about a corporate amendment.
Louis, I'm telling you we've looked at everything: supermajority, golden parachute, poison pill.
What about the crown jewels? You go through their divisions, and you find the one that's most valuable.
I know what the crown jewel defense is, Louis.
The problem is, even if I could find a buyer and agree to terms, there's no way we could push it through in time.
Wait a second.
We don't need to push it through in time.
We just need to make them think we did.
Are you crazy? A bluff is never gonna work.
They know every legitimate buyer in the country.
I am not talking about a legitimate buyer, and I am definitely not talking about them being from this country.
- What are you doing here? - I'm here to apologize for what happened the last time we met.
You're here because you want something.
You're right.
I do, but please just hear what I have to say.
You have 30 seconds.
You told me that you find out what makes people tick and you use that to get what you want and it works because people don't see the bigger picture.
- That's right.
- What you didn't tell me was that you learned how to do that because your stepfather's an alcoholic, so you learned to read people and be who they want you to be to protect yourself.
That's not something to judge you for.
[sighs] Okay.
I accept your apology, but I can't do what you're here to ask.
He has something on you, doesn't he? I haven't exactly led a crime-free life, Donna.
Now, if you will excuse me-- We can defend you against anything he has on you.
I can't risk that.
Because given the history you just admitted you judged me for, if I ever stand in front of a jury with women on it-- Holly, please.
We need this.
I'm sorry, Donna.
If I could help you, I would, but I can't.
Kittredge, 90% of your executives are male.
Is that correct? - I wouldn't know.
I evaluate my employees based on their work and not their gender.
And what about the color of their skin? I believe you had a meeting with Lisa Davies.
She's one of our senior loan officers.
You mean the woman of color you sent in to hide your crime? What is this? I thought I was here to answer some questions about our loan process.
And I'll get to that, but first I would like to ask you about Alicia Taylor.
- Who? - The woman that you fired because she wouldn't sleep with you.
You did do that, didn't you? Alicia Taylor has no bearing on this case.
She's everything that's wrong with this case.
I'm sorry.
Is there a question? Yes.
Do attractive women intimidate you, Arthur? No, why would they? Because they're strong and they're powerful and they know what they want.
I value my female employees like anyone, and you have no proof otherwise.
Then answer the question or take the fifth.
Have you ever tried to sleep with someone and then retaliated once they rejected you? The answer is no.
I haven't.
Of course, things are different for women who don't work for me.
I'd ask you out in a second.
- Watch yourself.
- Dad, I've got this.
It's all right.
I know where he's coming from.
I mean, after all, he's your father, but he's not blind.
I mean, he knows you're attractive.
- Arthur.
- As a matter of fact, if it were up to me, I'd be willing to settle this for one date, maybe two.
All right, that's enough.
You see, that is the irony here.
I am being accused of discriminating against people of color when in fact I have always preferred women of color.
There's just something about them.
You know, they're exotic.
Like you, Ms.
Zane-- - You son of a bitch, I'm gonna make sure you're the one that loses everything and not the people that you prey upon.
- Dad.
- You mean people like your sister? - You're goddamn right I do! - Dad.
My sister meant everything to me, and you stole her light, and I'm gonna make sure that you pay for it if it's the last thing I do.
Well, I'm afraid it's not gonna be with this suit because you just admitted it's nothing more than a trumped-up vendetta, and we have it on record.
Took me a while to remember, but once I did, I knew exactly how to take care of you.
What did she say? That she was the source.
But let me guess, she won't testify.
No, she won't, but I will.
Donna-- She admitted that he contacted her.
That's what you said we needed.
I said I needed her to say it, not you.
Well, why can't it be me? My word is as good as hers.
- It doesn't matter.
- Why not? Because in this situation, it isn't.
You mean the situation where he made it look like I would do anything for you because I-- I don't care what he made it look like.
It's not true.
I wanted to get back at him so badly.
And I wanted to be the one to do it.
- You were the one to do it.
- How? You realized it was Holly, and the truth is, she was never gonna say yes no matter who asked.
So what are we gonna do? Mike and I are gonna use what you gave us to put a gun to Andrew Malik's head, and if we do it right, he is gonna regret the day he met you.
Okay, I'll call you in the morning, Mom.
Try to get some sleep.
Robert, what's wrong? Jasmine died two hours ago.
Oh, Robert, I'm so sorry.
I could have helped her.
I should have helped her.
- No, don't do that to yourself.
- Do what? Face the truth? That man ruined her life, and I did nothing.
You were there for her in every way possible for the last two years.
She didn't die from that.
She died 'cause she got sick.
But I wasn't there the one time she had asked, and maybe if I was-- I finished my homework! Daddy, are you okay? Daddy got some bad news, sweetheart, so why don't we give him a minute? I keep catching you lost in thought.
I keep thinking about this goddamn case.
So was I.
Well, I hope you got something 'cause I really shit the bed in there, just like you were afraid I would.
Dad-- We should have taken that deal, Rachel.
You were right.
Maybe not.
In fact, maybe you should have that one-on-one with Kittredge after all.
What are you getting at? I was thinking he used your weakness against us, so why don't we use his weakness against him? Isn't that what we tried to do with that deposition? Yeah, but like you used to yell at the TV on Sundays, if running it up the middle isn't working, then do us all a goddamn favor and call an end-around.
You were really listening to all those games, weren't you? Not the games, Dad.
I was listening to you.
Mike, what are you doing here? I thought you and Harvey were going to see Malik.
We are, just not for another hour.
Just wanted to talk to you about something.
- What is it? - Donna, Rachel told me that when I moved out because of Logan Sanders, you told her to give me some space because things work out the way that they're supposed to.
- But she didn't do that.
- Well, that's my point.
Mike, where are you going with this? Tell Harvey how you feel.
What? I know that it's not my place to say this, but, Donna, I wouldn't be with Rachel if it wasn't for you, and if I let you lose something that might make you as happy as we are and I didn't say something, I would never forgive myself.
So if you think there is even the smallest chance that you might ever want to be together and you don't tell him that soon, you might lose the chance to tell him at all.
Mike I appreciate where your heart is, but two people have to want to be together to be happy, and Harvey and I don't want to be together.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
- You want me to do what? - You said before that you would do anything in your power to help me.
Well, now I'm asking.
Louis, I meant in this office, and you know it.
You're asking me to pretend to be someone I'm not, which is a violation of my license.
Not according to Munley v.
Marowan, it's not.
I don't know what that is.
Well, that's 'cause you're a psychiatrist and not a lawyer, but what I need you to be is the head of a German pharmaceutical company.
- Louis! - Stan, please.
I already let Donna down, and I can't do anything to help that, and if I let someone down that I care about twice in two days, what kind of partner am I? More importantly, what kind of friend? Louis, I'm sorry.
Violation of my license or not, what you're asking me to do is unethical, and I won't do it.
[dial tone humming] Well? I'm sorry, Alex.
He said no.
Well, did you come to cut a deal? 'Cause I'm all ears as long as it includes an admission that you lost and I won.
Oh, we're here to talk about an admission, but not the kind you think.
Yeah, we're here to discuss an admission of fabricated evidence into court by you.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I did no such thing.
We know you didn't do it yourself.
You had two idiots do it for you.
If it's all the same to you, Harvey, I actually don't consider myself an idiot.
Ah, you have a point.
You were the one who figured out he baited us into entering that newspaper for him.
But, to be fair, though, it was Donna who figured out that he went to Holly Cromwell because it gave the whole thing credibility.
It's not a crime to give someone a piece of paper and have them drop it off at an address.
But it is a crime to lie about it under oath, and I'm gonna put you on that stand.
You can't force me to testify in my own case.
I'm afraid you opened the door to that one when you made Harvey's character an issue, because if his character's at issue, then why isn't yours? Look, I broke no laws, and we all know that Janet Stanger is guilty.
And if she's guilty and you're as good as you think you are, you should have gotten her convicted without planting that bullshit.
So which is it, Andy: do you want to be humiliated on the stand, or do you want to drop this case right now, you evidence-manufacturing piece of shit? Arthur, I appreciate you meeting me on such short notice.
And I appreciate the opportunity to have somebody grovel at my feet.
Look, I know the position we're in.
The fact is, the judge hasn't ruled on your motion yet, and-- You want a settlement.
I'm just talking about something that allows me to save face with my clients.
As I said, I appreciate the opportunity to have someone grovel at my feet.
What the hell is this? That's what you're going to pay us.
This is three times what it was before.
I know, because as of now, you've been notified of Arthur Kittredge's behavior, which means the next time it happens, you're all personally liable.
A man who did this once is gonna do it again.
You son of a bitch, this is not gonna work.
Oh, I beg to differ because I don't know if you noticed, but it's just me here today.
So what? So while we're here, my daughter, the woman you wouldn't think could hold her own in a boardroom, she's with your board right now explaining how you're not worth it anymore.
Because in case you haven't been in a courtroom recently, most juries aren't made up of rich, old white men.
- Bullshit.
- You're bluffing.
It's not bullshit.
We got to them before you did with a take-it-or-leave-it offer.
The choice is yours.
You take the settlement and you remove your CEO Or you could roll the dice with a jury not of your peers.
Either way, you are done.
Harvey, hey, what's going on? Don't tell me that Malik tried to weasel out of that agreement.
No, it's all good.
I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for bringing me this case in the first place.
Does that mean we're even for the prison thing? We're even.
Thanks, Mike.
Harvey did you talk to Donna since last night? No, other than to text her we won.
Why? - Nothing.
- Don't worry, Mike.
I know she's had a rough time.
I'll tell her we stuck it to Malik and we couldn't have done it without her.
I was hoping you'd still be here.
What do you want, Alex? To give you what you wanted all along, me on my knees begging.
- I'm listening.
- You won, Eli.
I can't stop you from taking Pfizer, but this wasn't about them or Tommy Bratton or anything else.
This was about me leaving, and now I'm asking what it will take to get you to back off my firm.
Okay, then Pearson Specter can keep Pfizer, and all you have to do is come back here with every other client you have.
That's what you wanted all along, isn't it? You had your client go after mine to put me in the position of having to screw Harvey over.
That's right.
That agreement may have stopped me from poaching, but there's always a workaround.
So which is it, stay there a diminished man without your best client or come back here where you belong? You know what, Eli? I think I'm gonna stay exactly where I am, at Pearson Specter Litt, with every damn one of my clients.
- Excuse me? - You just admitted that you orchestrated a takeover attempt for the sole purpose of breaching our agreement.
You son of a bitch.
You set me up! - That's right.
You had us, Eli, and now you don't, because like you said, there's always a workaround.
Let me guess.
The price for you not handing that over is that I owe you one.
Well, look who's on their knees now.
Good night, Eli.
I'll be in touch when I need you.
- Did it work? - Like a charm.
Oh, thank God.
I couldn't stand the thought of letting down another person in the office.
Louis, from what I've seen, you've never let anyone in this firm down.
Well, I did.
And it's time I made it right.
What are you doing here, Andy? I came here to tell you that you may have won the case, but I still wanted to get back at you, so I decided to come after your old mentor.
If you think Cameron Dennis can't handle whatever you throw at him, you got another thing coming.
I'm not talking about Cameron Dennis.
I'm talking about your other mentor, Jessica Pearson.
- What did you do? - I didn't do it.
You did, when you let her take the bullet for you with Mike Ross.
Andrew, this is between you and me, not Jessica.
Wow, look at that.
Andrew, huh? Not Malik or Andy, Andrew.
Listen to me, what she did for Mike Ross doesn't involve you.
Oh, it involves me because she admitted to being a party to fraud in front of the New York State Bar.
Funny thing is, no one seemed to care.
Well, I did, so I whipped up a motion to have her disbarred, and when a motion like that comes from the Attorney General's Office, man, it is amazing how much people start to care.
- You son of a bitch.
- Ah, there it is.
That's the look I came here to see.
The only thing better would be if I could be there when you have to tell Jessica Pearson that you cost her her license to practice law.
Have a nice evening, Harvey.
Louis, pick up the phone.
This is the third time I've called.
We need to get to anyone we know at the New York Bar on the phone tonight.
Andrew Malik's trying to have Jessica disbarred.
Not trying.
He already did.
- Jessica.
- Harvey, put that phone away.
This is happening, and there's nothing we can do about it.
There's a hell of a lot we can do about it, and we're going to.
No, we're not.
Listen to me.
We knew this could happen, and I said it doesn't matter because in Chicago, nobody's going to care.
I don't give a shit about Chicago.
I care.
And it's not your decision.
Jessica, we can't have a name on the wall of a partner that's been disbarred.
What the hell do you think I'm doing here? No, I'm not doing it.
Yes, you are.
Harvey, it's time to take my name off the wall.
Not like this, not after all we've been through.
I'm good with this, and it's not my firm anymore.
It's yours.
I'm not ready.
You've been ready for the better part of a year, and you know it, so the only question is, are you going to fight me on this, or are you gonna accept it? And what if I say I accept it? Then you need to go and talk to Louis because you've got two things to figure out: how much you're gonna spend to buy me out and how are you gonna spin this thing? [somber music] [knock at door] Donna, you have a minute? A minute for what, Louis? So you can tell me how it wasn't your fault that you didn't prepare me to be on the stand? A minute to say I'm sorry.
You were right, Donna.
I should have prepared you for Malik, but I didn't because I couldn't bear the thought of asking you about Harvey in front of a room full of people.
Louis, I knew that would come up.
I was ready to handle it.
But I wasn't, because of Sheila.
What does Sheila have to do with-- I slept with her, Donna.
I told you she was getting married.
When I was writing down questions, I kept imagining someone putting my life on trial, and I just--I couldn't take it, so I took the coward's way out, and I didn't prepare you.
I understand, Louis, and I accept your apology.
Thank you, Donna.
Louis, what is it? Ever since I left that hotel room, I've been stuck.
We were together again, and it felt just like it did before, except it wasn't because she wasn't mine, and since then, I've been counting the days until my soul mate marries someone else and walks out of my life forever.
- Louis-- - I know she's with another man, Donna, and I know she says that she loves him, but all I want to do is just say to her, can't she see the man she was meant to be with is standing right in front of her face? I'm so sorry.
I should have told her when I had the chance, but that's something I'm gonna have to live with for the rest of my life.
Good, you're still here.
Where's Louis? 'Cause I have some news, and I think you should both-- I'm sorry, Harvey.
I just had to know.