Suits s08e03 Episode Script

Promises Promises

1 Previously on "Suits" I'm here because I want you to come home.
Back to the firm? Yes, and not only that, you can get the ten best associates from Robert Zane's stable to come with you.
And what's in this for me? I'll make sure that you are the youngest senior partner we've ever had.
As of this morning, we're merging with Robert Zane.
When I came over, you said my name would be the one to go up next.
You have my word.
Your name goes up next.
Alex, what are you doing? I'm going through every one of Samantha Wheeler's files, 'cause a fight's coming, and I'm gonna be ready.
Katrina, are you sure you're gonna be okay firing people you've worked with for years? I'll tell you what I told Louis, that if I'm going to grow in my role here, this is something I'm going to have to learn to do.
I gave you an order, and you blatantly ignored me.
I did do what you originally asked: to objectively evaluate the associates.
I don't care.
Brian is staying.
Gavin Andrews is a hell of a lot more than meets the eye.
And a guy with your history would want to be more careful about who he gets into bed with.
Tell me what you're talking about, or get out of my goddamn office.
I admit I'm starting to see what you see in her.
That's all I was hoping for.
Now I can tell you why I was hoping it.
What haven't you told me? Her name goes up on the wall next.
I mean, how was I supposed to know she was married? - I don't know, maybe her wedding ring could have tipped you off.
I was 23, you know? I wasn't looking at no damn rings.
You really had some balls when you were younger.
Still do, thank you very much.
Now, why don't you get to it? - Why don't I get to what? - Harvey, you've got plenty of friends to have drinks with, most of them prettier than me.
You've got something on your mind.
Let's hear it.
- Robert, do you remember when you told me you promised Samantha her name would go up next? - I do.
I made Alex the same promise.
- Why you telling me now? - Because we're partners.
I don't want to keep any secrets from my partner.
Then I guess there's only one thing to do.
- What's that? - Kick the can down the road.
Because there's no way both of us are gonna be able to keep that promise, and for all we know, one of them could get hit by a bus before we have to make that call.
- Then I guess it's a good thing both our names are already up there.
- Sure is.
- Another drink? - Yeah, make it a double.
And where are you going? To make room for that double.
[sniffs] Excuse me, would you mind giving me a minute to? Oh, I'm so sorry, I-- I didn't hear you come in.
Um, I'll just go.
- Are you all right? Uh, yeah.
I, um--I just got a phone call.
Um, it's not important.
[sniffles] Excuse me.
- No, you stay.
I'll use the one downstairs.
Take as long as you need.
For what it's worth I hope everything's okay.
[sniffles] Thank you.
[sniffles] [dramatic music] What are you doing in my home? I'm here because I have a way to get your Renoir back, but I'm gonna need something from you.
- And what exactly is that? - Give your ex the villa in Bordeaux, and guarantee she never pays a nickel of upkeep.
- And why would I do that? Because you asked me to get that painting back and this is the only way that's gonna happen.
No, I mean why would I do that when your firm is about to sign my biggest competitor? - What are you talking about? - I just learned Samantha Wheeler's about to sign Delta.
- God damn it.
- See, I thought I made it clear that if I sign with you it is because I trust you.
Using me as a stalking horse doesn't make me feel like I can trust you.
- Gavin, that's not what's going on here.
- I told you, that painting is personal to me.
I'm gonna tell you why.
My father was not a wealthy man, but he had an education.
If there's one thing he appreciated more than anything, it was art.
Every Sunday, we'd go to a different gallery.
We'd walk through-- he would tell me everything he knew about every painting there was.
You know who his favorite artist was? Renoir.
I paid $8 million for that painting.
It's worth twice that now, but I would never sell it because every time I look at it I think of him.
Gavin, I told you I'll get that painting back and I will.
And I'll tell you something else-- There's no way Samantha Wheeler's signing Delta goddamn Airlines.
Alex, what a pleasant surprise.
Cut the bullshit.
I just found out you're going after Delta Airlines.
Not just going after, it's practically a done deal.
That was fast, since you only talked to Delta after you found out I was pursuing Gavin Andrews.
One had nothing to do with the other.
And I said cut the bullshit.
You did this because you knew you'd either sign Delta and I'd be out in the cold, or Gavin Andrews would accuse me of using him as a stalking horse and I'd be out in the cold.
- If you're so sure of that, then what are you doing standing here ruining my morning bagel? - I'm here to tell you to back the hell off.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
Listen to me.
I don't know how you did things before, but around here, we don't stab each other in the back.
- Then what do you call going after my old client for the sole purpose of making me look bad? Because I'm not gonna let that slide.
Not to mention I warned you Gavin Andrews isn't worth the trouble.
You don't want to look bad, or the client's too much trouble? Which one is it? - It's both, and if you can't see that then it's not my problem.
What I see is you standing between me and a client, and if I were you, I'd get the hell out of the way.
Well, then you'd better sign your guy fast, because I'm already on the one-yard line with mine and I'm about to punch it in.
Suits 8x03 Promises Promises See the money, wanna stay for your meal Get another piece of pie for your wife Everybody wanna know how it feel Everybody wanna see what it's like I'll even eat a bean pie, I don't mind Me and Missy is so busy, busy making money All right All step back, I'm 'bout to dance The greenback boogie [soft music playing through speakers] [groans] Hey.
Good morning, Robert.
- It will be once this damn hangover wears off.
- Out late last night, yo? - Uh, no, I was here forgetting my age and matching Harvey drink for drink.
Now, what can I do for you? - Robert, you know, if you're hungover, I can whip up my nana's special remedy.
I just need some sugar, tea, a little steamed milk, and, of course, two of my cuticles.
Thanks, but I'd rather have the hangover.
It's about the tea, isn't it? Because she's from the old country and I can substitute-- - Louis.
What in God's name did you come in here for? Okay.
The other day when I was feeling left out, you and Harvey let me know that you clocked me.
Well, I realized that there's someone that I haven't been clocking.
- What are you talking about? - When I brought Katrina over from you, I told her that she was gonna be the youngest senior partner in firm history, and I want to fulfill that promise.
Now, let me get this straight: you're holding me to a promise you made to her so that you could steal her from me.
Robert, that's not the point and you know it.
Katrina is a great lawyer, and it's time.
Maybe it is time, but senior partner isn't just "lawyering," Louis.
It's about managing people, and I don't know how good Katrina Bennett is with people.
Well, then you tell me.
What can she do to prove herself to you? [knocking on glass] Excuse me, Mr.
Specter? - I know you, you're-- - From last night.
I, uh wanted to return this.
You were very kind.
Thank you.
It's nothing.
I was just hoping everything was okay.
- Actually, that's the reason that I'm here.
- What do you mean? - I was upset last night because I got a call from my mother.
She needs an operation, and I can't afford it.
What are you asking me? I've worked enough overtime hours to make having that operation possible, but they won't pay me overtime because my title is Facilities Manager.
I don't manage anything.
I was hoping maybe - I'd be able to get you your money.
- Yes.
- Listen, Miss? - Anna.
Anna Reed.
- Anna, your employer is my landlord, so if I get involved things could get very complicated.
But it's a simple matter of paying me for my work.
If that were true, why would he listen to me when he didn't listen to you? Because people like me don't matter to people like them.
I'm just the lady that cleans their toilet.
Please, Mr.
I'm not proud to ask you for this but my mother needs this, and when it comes to taking care of people we love, pride has no place.
I can't promise anything, but I'll try.
Thank you.
I knew you were kind.
Don't tell me you're dating the cleaning woman now.
- And what if I was? - I'd say congratulations.
But why don't you tell me why she was here.
I ran into her in the bathroom last night.
She was crying.
The building isn't paying her what she's owed, and she asked me to look into it.
You mean, she asked you to pick a fight with our landlord, who I shouldn't have to tell you is a mean son of a bitch, and this is a bad idea.
- Robert, I'm not an idiot, and I'm not picking any fights with David Fox.
I'm gonna talk to the man for two minutes.
If he doesn't see it my way, that's it.
Trust me.
Okay, Harvey.
I trust you.
There you are.
Been looking all over for you.
Louis, if there's any chance whatever it is can wait It can't.
I need you to supervise Brian Altman.
- What? Louis, I am in the middle of a case, and there is a huge meeting in an hour.
Well, then have him help you with it.
I don't need any help, and I can't be mentoring someone right now.
It's not mentoring; it's managing.
Then have someone else manage him.
Damn it, Katrina, this is your chance to be senior partner.
- Oh, my God.
- That's right.
I just talked to Robert Zane about making good on my promise to you.
and I shouldn't even be telling you this-- no one can know.
He's on board as long as you can show that you are a manager.
Okay, uh Look, then just do me a favor.
Please just tell Brian to familiarize himself with Bigelow Textiles and meet me in the conference room in 45 minutes.
Katrina, is something going on? Why would something be going on? I don't know, 'cause I just told you that your dreams are coming true and it looks like you ate a bad clam.
I'm sorry, Louis.
This is amazing news.
I'm just crunched for time.
So, please, just tell Brian to be there and I will handle him from here on out.
Okay, I'll let him know.
[contemplative music] David Fox.
I'm Harvey Specter.
Of, uh, Something, Something, Specter Litt? Don't tell me us changing our name is gonna be an issue again.
- No, it's not.
Donna Paulsen saw to that in your new lease.
Well, Donna has a way of getting what she wants.
Speaking of what people want, why don't you tell me why you're here.
- I need your help.
There's a cleaning woman on our floor who can't afford to pay her mother's medical bills.
Turns out technically she's a facilities manager, which means she's not eligible to make overtime.
A maid with a manager's title.
I mean, sounds to me like she's being empowered.
You and I both know that title is just a way to get around paying what she's earned.
- I don't know any such thing.
- Oh, bullshit.
She's your employee.
- Wrong.
I contract all my cleaning services out to another company, a company I don't run.
You're gonna tell me that company is anything more than a piece of paper and a PO Box? Why don't you pay them a visit and find out? Listen, David, all I'm asking is do the right thing.
Pay her for her work.
- You know, why don't you reach into your own pocket? 'Cause that's what you're asking me to do.
And I do this for her, I gotta do it for everyone.
And if you don't do it for her, you will have to do it for everyone.
You'd better watch what you say to me, 'cause in case you forgot, you're still living under my roof.
- And if you don't back off, I'll take that roof and everything else you have, because you just violated half-a-dozen laws by threatening a tenant.
- You want to take me on, you go for it, 'cause I didn't get where I am by letting people like you push me around.
Last time, Donna kicked your ass.
Well, I'm not Donna, so you pay my client what you owe her.
[tense music] - Alex.
- We need to talk about Samantha Wheeler.
- What does that mean? - It means she's making a play for Delta Airlines, and I want you to stop her.
Delta would be a huge client; why would I want to stop her? Because she only went after them to stop me from signing Gavin Andrews, and team mates don't do that to each other.
This team mate talk sounds great, but you just went after one of her old clients.
I didn't choose Gavin because he was hers.
I chose Gavin because he was the most valuable client to Robert Zane.
The fact that he was hers just wasn't gonna stop me.
Wasn't gonna stop you, or was icing on the cake? What difference does that make? Well, considering what you're asking me to do, it makes all the difference.
- Louis, after Zane ended up as managing partner I wanted to take her on, but you said I should make a friend of Zane instead.
So I went after Gavin to impress Robert, and if you're not gonna stop her, I might as well just have gone after her in the first place.
All right, Alex, okay.
But giving up a client with eight-figure billables is going out on one hell of a limb, so I do this, you better deliver Gavin Andrews.
I will, Louis.
You have my word.
Samantha Wheeler.
You and I need to have a little chat.
Louis Litt.
To what do I owe the pleasure? - Oh, you know who I am.
- Well, a man like yourself needs no introduction.
- That is very kind of you, but I'm not here for you to blow smoke up my ass.
Let me guess: Alex realized he wasn't gonna stop me on his own.
He realized that you were trying to undermine him, which is why I'm here to tell you that you're gonna stop pursuing Delta.
I don't believe this.
Are you seriously coming in here to tell me I can't sign one of the world's biggest airlines? Yeah, I am.
And this isn't a discussion; it's an order.
I hope you've had a chance to think long and hard about this.
Because I'd be careful what you wish for.
You trying to intimidate me? Just giving you a little advice.
Well, listen here, sweet face.
I get it.
You're the it girl.
Well, you know who I am? I'm Litt man.
And you can try to sashay your six-foot frame around here like you're Brigitte Nielsen in 1985-- turn me into a puddle, get me to capitulate.
Well, I got news for you: it's not gonna happen.
All right.
I'll drop Delta.
I knew you'd see things my way.
But someday you're gonna come asking for a favor.
Might not be today, might not be tomorrow, but it's gonna happen and when it does I'm gonna remember this conversation.
And Louis? If you think I couldn't turn you into a puddle, you are wildly mistaken.
So we're clear.
You'll drop the client.
I have to go somewhere now.
- Mm.
I'm sure you do.
What's going on? You look lost.
I'm not lost.
I'm just under the gun.
Have you seen Katrina? - No, why? Bigelow Textiles is in the conference room and the meeting was scheduled for five minutes ago.
I don't know what to do.
- Easy.
Katrina's never missed a meeting in her life.
If she's not there, she will be.
Just go ahead and start.
- Thing is, I just got the case an hour ago.
I'm hazy on the particulars at best.
I think I should cancel.
- I don't think that's a good idea.
- But what happens if I start the meeting and she doesn't show up at all? And what happens when you cancel the meeting and she shows up three minutes later? - Donna-- - Brian, look.
I know your value, and I believe that Katrina knows your value, but the truth is, not too long ago, you were on the chopping block.
If you've been invited in on this case, you're being offered another chance.
And canceling a meeting that Katrina's running a little late to isn't the way to prove myself.
No, it's not.
[sighs] You're right.
I'll get it going.
[mellow piano music] Harvey.
Is there a reason why the 49th floor toilets have been backed up? - Why would I know that? Because when I called to have it fixed, they said they couldn't get to it for another four hours and in the mean time, maybe you could take a look at it.
Son of a bitch.
You, you, you.
Drop what you're doing and meet me in the conference room.
- We're working on something I don't give a shit what you're working on.
Conference room, five minutes.
Donna, I'm in the middle of something.
I can see that.
Do you mind telling me what that something has to do with those toilets? It has to do with the fact that David Fox wants a fight and I'm gonna give him one.
- A fight about what? He doesn't want to pay our cleaning woman overtime.
Hang on, so you're pulling the associates off the Vistech merger to help her? Fine, you want me to use different associates? I will.
- I don't care what associates you're using; I want to explain to you that David Fox is no joke.
And as noble as it sounds, you don't want to get in a fight with him over something like this.
I know that, Donna.
That's what I said to Zane.
- But - But what? Harvey, this isn't what we do.
- Mike would have done it.
And Mike's not here anymore because he finally came came to terms with the fact that this isn't what we do.
Look, if you told Zane you knew this wasn't worth it, then you already know I'm right.
[somber music] Okay, Donna.
You're right.
Tell those associates to get back to whatever they were working on.
[breathing heavily] Mr.
Bigelow, nice to meet you.
I'm sorry we're running a little late.
I'm Brian Altman.
- Where the hell's Katrina? I'm sure she'll be right here.
In the mean time, can I offer you-- No, no, no.
I don't have time for the meantime.
If Ms.
Bennett can't bother showing up on time, she can play catch-up when she gets here.
Okay, I see you're in a hurry.
Let's go through the report from the top.
I don't need you to read me the damn report.
What I need are some answers.
Um, all right.
What do you want to know? What kind of exposure are we looking at, here? Well, Kineserve claims you improperly broke your contract, but the board minutes don't indicate any bad faith on your part.
That's the good news.
- And the bad news? The minutes don't show any discussion of good cause for terminating the contract, either.
No good cause? Did you see the delivery manifests? Um, I'd have to take another look at them before weighing in.
- Another look? What about the stress test results? Right.
Let me just find that.
- You haven't even read all the goddamn minutes, have you? I must have just missed that part.
If you'd just let me find it I can see what's going on, here.
Katrina didn't think I was worthy of her attention, so she pawned me off on some incompetent, second-rate associate.
- Mr.
Bigelow, I can assure you that is not the case.
Katrina values your business very much, and I am a fully capable attorney.
Not from what I see.
And if I can't be handled by a competent attorney, I don't see why I should be handled by this firm at all.
Please, Mr.
Um, if we could just reset, I think we got off on the wrong foot.
- You wanna reset? Get your shit together, 'cause I'm not about to sit here and watch you bumble your way through something you're clearly not prepared for.
And the next time you call me in for a meeting without Katrina Bennett, don't bother calling me in at all.
[tense music] I don't believe this.
- Brian - No, you sent me in to a meeting by myself, and you're, what? Out taking a stroll around the park? - Please, not now.
- Yes, now, because I just got my ass handed to me by your client.
I wasn't taking a stroll; I was in the bathroom in a stall because it's the only place in this entire building that's dark and quiet.
- What are you talking about? - I had a migraine.
One of the worst I've ever had.
And when it was time for the meeting I opened the door, but even with the sunglasses the light made it feel like there were icicles in my head, and I couldn't leave.
Brian, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea you get migraines.
I haven't had one since high school.
They're triggered by stress.
- You mean like the stress of having to fire a bunch of associates.
They started the day after.
- You need to tell Louis.
- No.
Louis is the last person who can know about this.
Why would you want to hide this from him? Because you don't get nine shots at senior partner; you get one.
You're up for senior partner.
I am.
No one is supposed to know about this, not even me.
And if suddenly I start getting migraines that make it seem like I can't handle the job No one's gonna find out anything from me.
But Bigelow is pretty pissed.
- Well, Bigelow isn't going to be at the motion to dismiss tomorrow, so as long as I win that, we'll be fine.
In the meantime, I'd better go face the music with Louis.
Brian, you don't have to do that.
If I don't, he's gonna find out about your migraines.
[sighs] Be direct.
Tell him you're sorry.
He might not be happy, but he'll respect you.
If ever there were any doubt about you being a valuable associate there isn't anymore.
- Anna, it's Harvey Specter.
- Mr.
I didn't expect to hear from you so soon.
Does this mean that-- - I'm afraid it's not gonna work.
- What? I tried talking to them, and there's nothing I can do.
You mean you don't want to make a problem for your firm.
- No.
Anna there's another firm out there I can recommend to you.
I can't afford to pay another firm.
You wouldn't have to.
Look, the guy who used to do cases like this doesn't work here anymore, but he used to work at a clinic, and I'm talking about setting you up there.
[sighs] I should have known you'd pawn me off.
- I'm not pawning you off.
I promise, I will go down there and make sure one of the two lawyers I know handles this personally.
If you trust this firm, then I trust you.
I'll be in touch.
[somber music] Yes, absolutely.
I agree 100%.
Never again.
Hey, Louis, can I talk to you for a second? Sure as hell can, 'cause I wanna know what the ---- happened in that meeting.
- That's what I came-- - You know what, never mind.
I don't need to hear it, because I just got off the phone with John Bigelow, and he tells me that you couldn't answer a goddamn question.
- I know that, and I just-- He also says, and I quote, "I never want to be in another meeting with Brian Altman again.
" I--I'm sorry, Louis.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? That's all you have to say for yourself? Because you just let down Katrina.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you? - I do.
- I do not think that you do.
Because she wanted to fire you, Brian, and I wouldn't let her.
Then she gives you a second chance, and you do this? What the hell is your excuse, Brian? Do you just suck at your job, or are you actively trying to undermine a direct supervisor? - I guess I suck at my job.
- Something like this ever happens again, forget about being fired.
You're gonna wish you were never born.
Now get out, because right now John Bigelow isn't the only one who never wants to see your face again.
[indistinct chatter] Hi, can I help you? Is Nathan Krueger here? Nathan's in Philadelphia on a case.
- How about Oliver Grady? - Oliver's out with a client.
Is there something I can help you with? No, thanks.
Can I tell them who stopped by? It's okay; I've taken enough of your time.
[contemplative music] - Is that what I think it is? - Renoir.
Signed, sealed, and delivered.
Mind telling me how you pulled it off? Absolutely, as soon as you hand me a signed engagement letter.
You know what, I'm gonna do you one better.
Why don't you take out your phone and check out the latest edition of the "Journal.
" I don't believe it.
You issued an announcement saying we're your new attorneys.
I told you, you're my guy, and I don't mind the world knowing it.
- So where do you want this? - I don't give a shit, 'cause it's not gonna be here long.
What? I'm shipping it to the Cayman Islands where a certain airline company's gonna pay me $55 million for it.
I thought you said it was only worth 16, and that you'd never sell it.
Well, that's the thing about art: the value is in the eye of the beholder.
I want you to behold this.
You want me on-shore 55 million from a blind trust in the Caymans? Gavin, I have to tell you, this looks a hell of lot like laundering money.
- Well, then it's a good thing you don't know that for sure, because if you don't know it you can do it, and you're going to do it.
I get it.
You gave me a bullshit story about this thing having sentimental value to rope me in.
then you put out an announcement saying we're your attorneys.
And now, if I don't do this, you drop us and the world thinks we shit the bed inside of a day.
You catch on quick.
- I'm not doing it.
- Maybe you will, maybe you won't.
But you'd better think about how you're gonna explain to Robert Zane how you signed me and lost me inside of two days.
[tense music] There you are.
I've been waiting for you to give me something to do.
There isn't much left to do, so I'm handling it myself.
Katrina, come on, there's a ton of work left.
I can see you're still in pain.
There must be something I can do.
I'll be fine.
What if I turned all the lights on? Would you be fine then? Katrina, 'cause that's what it's gonna be like in court tomorrow.
- Brian.
I heard what happened with Louis, and I'm not going to let that happen again.
Listen to me.
I knew what I signed up for when I said I'd keep your situation a secret.
- And I appreciate it.
And now I'm going to go into court tomorrow and do the best I can.
Katrina, you gave me a second chance, and when you did, you admitted you were wrong.
Not everyone would do that.
And someone that would is exactly the kind of person I want to have leading me as a senior partner.
So if you won't let me do this for you, at least let's do it together.
[quiet dramatic music] Okay, Brian.
We'll do it together.
Alex, whatever it is, I'm meeting a client for dinner.
- That's okay, I just have one question.
Did you know? - Know what? That Gavin Andrews was gonna ask me to launder money for him.
I don't believe it.
You knew it the whole time.
No, I didn't.
But I knew he was gonna ask you to do something.
Then you and I are gonna go upstairs and figure out how to get out of this, right now.
Are you out of your mind? I'm not going anywhere near that man's account.
Yes, you are, because you knew my history and you let me sign him anyway.
Are you fucking kidding me? I brought up your history.
And you knew I was in no position to trust you.
And what I was I supposed to do about that? You could have given me some goddamn specifics.
'Cause there's no way you didn't have something that would have convinced me you were telling the truth.
And how was I supposed to trust you wouldn't use whatever I said against me? - I wouldn't do that.
Oh? So if I had said, "Hey, Alex, don't sign this guy.
He's gonna ask you to cover up a murder.
" You weren't gonna use that? Is that what he asked you to do? This conversation is over.
You made your bed.
Don't come crying to me because the sheets are dirty.
- I'm not gonna cry to anyone.
I'm gonna tell Zane exactly what this man is all about, and we'll see what happens when he finds out whatever shit you did.
You don't think Robert knew? Why do you think he didn't fight for Gavin's business when we left Rand Kaldor? You're saying Zane knows you did illegal shit? I'm saying, Robert Zane knew what kind of a client Gavin Andrews was, that I knew how to handle him, and that I stopped wanting to.
Then help me get out of this.
- Why should I? - Because we're on the same team, and that's supposed to mean something, especially when it's about breaking the law.
Please, Samantha.
I should have listened to you, but I have a family.
I can't afford to do something that'll hurt them.
[sighs] Okay, Alex.
You are a family man.
He is not.
- What are you saying? I'm saying, you're the kind of man that would go to any length to protect your family.
Gavin Andrews is the kind of man that would go to any length to protect himself.
[tense music] So all we need to do is open with material breach, show severability doesn't apply, then close with impossibility of performance.
We do all that, it'll drive the stake right through their claim.
We? Yes, we.
Because although I'm feeling better, you did this as much as I did, which means we should do it together.
You sure? I'm sure.
I do believe that's the first time I've seen you smile since we started this whole thing.
I was just thinking about my senior year of high school.
This is how I used to do my homework.
You had an associate write your papers for you in high school? - I had a study partner.
He was my best friend.
We used to write our papers together by flash light.
Never thought I'd be doing the same thing years later.
You in touch with him? No.
But I feel like I am after tonight.
Now you're smiling.
I know it sounds cheesy.
No, I was just thinking about where we were a week ago when I thought you were cold and heartless.
And I went from that to being your best friend in record time.
- I wouldn't say best friends.
Well, you can only say stuff like that to me because we're, like, best friends.
Well, I don't know about that.
But we are close enough for me to tell you that you're going to go to court by yourself tomorrow.
But I thought you said you were feeling better.
I am, but you did all this to help prove that I could manage people, and what kind of manager would I be if I didn't give you a chance to prove yourself to John Bigelow? You sure? I'm sure.
[tender music] What do you mean you gotta go down to Central? How long's that gonna take? - It's gonna take as long as it takes.
- What the hell is going on, here? - Robert, you all right? You look like hell.
- The elevator wouldn't stop on our floor.
Had to get off at 45 and hike the rest of the way up here.
God damn, man, you gotta keep in shape.
That was only five floors.
- Is that really the problem we need to talk about, Louis? - No.
In fact, an hour ago, the elevators weren't working at all.
- Shit.
And now this ass clown says that he needs to have landlord's approval to order a simple fuse.
- What? - I said that he's-- I know what you said.
I wanna hear it from him.
What do you want me to say? I got orders from my supervisor.
No new parts without Mr.
Fox's specific approval.
Louis, I know what's going on here.
- What are you talking about? - I'm talking about the fact that this is no goddamn coincidence.
[dramatic music] Anna, it's Harvey Specter.
I've got good news: I've decided to take care of you myself.
- [stammering] Because I showed up to work this morning and they told me I was fired, and that I shouldn't bother applying to any - Anna, I got something I can't reschedule right this second.
I'm gonna have to-- - Please, Mr.
I was in horrible shape before, but now I don't know what to do.
- Look, I'll tell you what we're gonna do: I'm gonna call you back in five minutes, you're gonna tell me exactly what happened.
because I'm not gonna let them get away with this.
Okay, Harvey, what the hell is going on with that cleaning woman? - Robert You said you weren't going to pick a fight, and you did.
And now our elevators aren't working.
You wanna know what's going on? David Fox just retaliated against Anna by firing her, and I'm about to knock his teeth out.
- You will do no such thing.
- Relax, Robert.
We can handle a clogged toilet or two.
Did you hear what I just said? I'm not talking about toilets.
The man just shut down our elevators, and I'm not gonna let us start losing clients because you decided the cleaning staff is more important than the needs of this firm.
I didn't do anything that you didn't sign off on.
You said that you were gonna have a two-minute conversation with the man, and if that's all you did he wouldn't be sabotaging our offices.
Well, you know what, Robert? I don't care what he's doing to us.
I care what he's doing to her.
- What did you just say? - I said I don't care what he's doing to us.
- Well, I do.
- Excuse me? - You heard me, Harvey.
I don't know what it is you think you're doing, but it needs to stop.
- I don't believe this.
You're siding with him.
- Yes, Harvey, I am.
And you're not gonna want to hear this either, Harvey, but I am too.
Because if you keep escalating this, it's not just gonna be about broken elevators.
He's gonna find a way to kick us out of the building.
Well, none of you are gonna want to hear this, but I don't give a shit whether he kicks us out of the building or not.
- That's enough.
You don't go to war with the guy that owns your house over something like this.
End it, and end it today.
[dramatic music] [copy machine humming] May I join you? You don't usually ask that.
And you haven't made your own copies since we were at the DA's office.
I guess I haven't.
Harvey, I thought that you were gonna take this thing to the clinic.
That's what I did, Donna.
But Nathan and Oliver weren't there; there were cases piled high on every desk; and nobody there would care about her the way I needed them to, so I turned around and I walked right out.
- I see.
- How did I get here, Donna? I'm at odds with Robert and Louis, and now even you, over something two months ago shouldn't have even shown up on my radar.
I'll tell you how you got here and I can't believe I didn't see this the second you started this thing.
Harvey, you're missing Mike.
- What are you talking about? - Don't you see? This case has Mike Ross written all over it.
And you didn't walk out of that clinic because Nathan and Oliver weren't there; you walked out because Mike wasn't there.
Well, what am I supposed to do about that, Donna? Because this woman needs help, and I am not gonna throw her out on the street.
- Tell you what I'd do.
I'd call Mike.
If there's anyone who's been in a situation like this before, it's him, and he's the best person to figure a way out.
But Harvey, you've got to do it soon, because Robert and Louis are right.
You have to let this thing go.
[tense music] - Is it done? - It is done.
Wasn't so hard, was it? - Not for me.
What's this? The hell did you do with my money? I found you a legitimate business opportunity.
In the goddamn Cayman Islands? Funny thing: most people want to repatriate their money, which means you can make a pretty sweet deal by investing locally instead.
You can't do this.
You don't have the authority.
I do now, because you're looking at the new trustee of your account.
- That's impossible.
- Is it? Pretty smart making your niece trustee to insulate yourself.
Of course, when I told her you set her up to take the fall if authorities ever found out where your money came from, she was more than happy to sign over control to me.
- I don't believe you.
Pick up the phone and call her.
She's kind of pissed at you, though.
Thanksgiving might be weird this year.
You son of a bitch.
You sold me out.
No, Gavin, I didn't.
I did what's in your best interest, regardless of the fact that you're too stupid to see it.
- You're fired.
- I don't think so.
Because if I can do this to you, imagine what I can do for you.
But if you ever ask me to do anything like this ever again, I won't just turn you in.
I'll sign over every nickel of this trust to your niece, and every other relative you've ever screwed over.
Are we clear? We're clear.
[dramatic music] [knocking on glass] Louis, can I talk to you for a minute? Of course.
But first, I understand congratulations are in order.
I heard you won in court today.
That's the thing.
It wasn't me who won, Louis; it was Brian.
- What? - Just let me explain.
Explain what? That the client said "no Brian" and you didn't listen? I don't care what the client said because two years ago, another client said, "no Katrina" and "no Rachel," and you told them to go to hell.
So why should I be any different as a manager than you? - Because, Katrina, the situation was different.
You didn't shit the bed; Brian did.
No, Louis, he didn't.
I did.
What are you talking about? I've been getting migraines, Louis.
I used to get them as a kid, and ever since I had to fire those associates, I started getting them again.
And you were afraid to tell me because of senior partner.
Yes, and I was supposed to be in that meeting with Brian, and he didn't tell you about it because he was protecting me.
So it wasn't Brian's fault; it was yours.
It was.
And I know you're gonna have to tell Robert everything, and I know that probably means I won't be senior partner, but I can't let Brian hurt his career for me.
Katrina, the only thing I'm gonna be telling Robert is that you're gonna make one hell of a senior partner.
[hopeful music] - Is that what I think it is? - If you think it's the plan to put this Fox thing to bed, then yes.
[chuckles] This is good.
Mike's a pretty smart guy.
- It is good, but Mike didn't come up with it.
- I did.
- Well, now that you mention it, I do see a bunch of flaws.
Seriously, Harvey, this is great, but why didn't you talk to Mike? Because I thought instead of calling and asking for a solution, I'd rather call and tell him a story with a happy ending.
- And you don't send in the puppy to clean up the dog's mess.
- Something like that.
- In that case, you're gonna need this back.
- No, I'm not, because you're gonna be the one to give it to David Fox.
- Why me? - Because we still need to get him to agree, and we can either do it with a sledgehammer or a velvet glove.
I get it.
You're saying I'm a sledgehammer.
Something like that.
Listen, Harvey, if you're gonna send me in there to negotiate this, I need to know that I have carte Blanche to do what it takes to close him.
- I know.
You do.
How'd you think of this? Easy.
I just thought, "What would Mike do?" [rousing music] Donna Paulsen.
- David Fox.
- You know, if you're here to harass me about this cleaning lady, then you can just turn right around.
I'm here because of this.
You're filing a class-action lawsuit? We're not; East Side Legal Clinic is.
Which means that no matter what you do to us, it's not going away.
And if you try to fire anybody else, you'll be getting another one of those.
And it won't be for overtime; it'll be for retaliation.
You'll be in court for the rest of your life.
Why are you here instead of Harvey Specter? Because if Harvey were here, he'd drop that down walk out, and go to war with you.
I, on the other hand, have a compromise.
- Which is? - Give Anna Reed her job back, you start paying those people what they're worth - And? - You get free legal services from Harvey Specter himself for the next year.
Oh, come on.
There's no way he agrees to that.
Oh, he'll agree to it, all right.
So you mean he doesn't already know about it.
No, he doesn't.
But he gave me the authority to close this thing, and that's what I've determined it's gonna take because neither one of you is gonna compromise unless you know the other one is getting shafted.
- One condition.
- Nope.
This is take it or leave it.
- You won't even hear my condition.
- No, I won't, because I have no interest in going to dinner with you to close this deal.
So what's it gonna be? War or win-win? You set up the paperwork in the morning, we got a deal.
I'll do you one better.
I'll send it down in the morning.
I got better things to do with my time.
[rousing music] What's this? Floor-level tickets for the UFC at Barclays.
- You did your homework.
- I did.
Like you told me I should have done with Gavin Andrews in the first place.
I assume that means you took care of him? And the horse he rode in on.
Anyway, I know we'll probably end up going toe-to-toe plenty of more times before it's all over, but for now, good night.
You're more than meets the eye.
I know you think we're in competition for the same thing, but we're not.
What are you talking about? Robert Zane made me a promise.
The next name that goes up on the wall is mine.
Why are you telling me this? Because we're never going to trust each other if you think I'm trying to get ahead of you.
I'm not.
Because I already am.
Good night, Samantha.
Good night.