Summerland (2004) s01e01 Episode Script


Summerland By.
DC 3 o'clock, quick There's nothing like a guy that spends 8 hours a day in the gym.
No no no no no, it's more like a 3 or 7.
Oh, that's a little more in the ballpark? I think I might have to go over there and find out what time high tide is.
Hold on there, sludge, I've got dibs.
You have never remotely been interested in pretty boys.
If I'm not back in 3 days, I'll send a postcard.
Hey, Susannah! Ava! Your office called.
You know that presentation you thought you were giving at 3? Oh, he's not doing this to us again.
Yeah, they moved it to nine.
- Oh, Nine? - Nine? 9 o'clock, let's roll it up girls.
Ava, you're looking good out there? But you're not committing to the wave yet.
It's hard to commit to the wave when the wave is grinding your bones into the sand.
How do I keep my feet on the board? How do you know the sun will rise? How do you know that the hand that smashes you down is not the hand that lifts you up? Well I'm glad we got that cleared up.
Hogarth Country, Kansas Wipe those feet before you come into this house young lady.
There's a reason God created the doormat.
You know, there should be a law declaring that people don't have to follow rules on their birthdays.
Including going to school.
Well when you're governor of Kansas, you can make whatever laws you want.
Until then get those hands washed.
Mom you won't believe it.
There's a fish in the barn swimming around.
Dad says we need to move to higher ground but I say we should leave it where it is and turn this place into a fish farm.
Happy birthday sweetheart.
Thank you daddy.
Isn't there another kid that lives here? Blonde guyabout this high? Sorry.
Ah Alarm clock's got the flu or something.
If I'd ever tried sick alarm clock on my dad I can't guarantee I'd be standing before you today.
Yes sir.
-Hello! -Hey! Looks like the brand new 13 year old got something special from California.
Auntie Ava! Thank you.
Oh wow.
4 days in sunny California? Including spa treatment, volleyball on the beach and backstage passes to the Spring Collections at Fashion week.
Ahhhh! -Wow.
-I have to call Auntie Ava right now! Um honey, the time zone Dad, surfing.
Nikki, breakfast.
We're fine! We're great, we're more than great.
-We've been ready for over a week.
-Hell yes.
I mean my designs are on.
-Your presentation is kick ass.
-Hell yeah Hell is exactly what it's going to be my friend.
Red checks everybody, get your red checks out.
Unless you want visit from Mr.
Who died and made you the grump around here? You know in my next life I'm going to come back as somebody who always knows where her check book is.
Good morning.
Thank you.
(x7) That is the best present I've gotten my entire life! Happy birthday.
I love you Nikki.
I love you too.
Oh hey, my mom wants to talk to you.
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.
You think you could have run that by me and Bob? Karen, backstage at the collections.
You know how obsessed she is.
She could get Mark Jacob's autograph.
It's on a school week.
2 days of school is not going to make a big difference in her life.
That's not for you to decide.
Okay Karen, I'll talk to her.
And tell her what? Mean mommy said she couldn't go? We really need to go.
U know Karen, I do have to go.
I have a really important meeting this morning at 9.
Infact you're never going to believe this but I'm showing my line to Ian.
If he likes itI could get my name on my own collection.
What? I didn't say anything.
Yeah, you have a way of not saying anything that can shatter a person's ear drums.
Okay, so what are you going to do if he doesn't give you your own collection? Why are you saying that to me? Because I know what you do.
Ava, you have a really stable situation right now don't go- What? Rock the boat? Why does rocking the boat always equal seeking it? It's always something with you, Ava.
A job that doesn't work out, a guy in Italy You know, I happened to be in love with that guy in Italy.
For how long? Karen, what are youdad now? Mom, school bus.
Karen I do have to go, I'll call you tonight.
Yeah, I'll talk to you later.
-Thanks -Pleasure -Ava!!! -Oh Yeah, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Oh wait a minute, I have to find my a.
-God bless you Johnny.
-Break 2 legs.
Ian wants a word with you before D day.
Oh, just Ava.
Come in.
I'm out of my head excited to see what you're going to come up with.
It must be a shame though.
You off running your own show.
Where does that leave development? I've been training Kristoff for a year.
With all do respect, there are things that you are that Kristoff will never be.
I'm going to help Susannah- The good news is though, if this works out, and I hope that it does.
You and I will be working much more closely together.
Travel for instance.
They, uh, screwed up and got me an extra ticket to Osaka for the superstore opening.
And you know how I hate flying next to an empty seat.
Once again Ian, I would really like it if you'd stop that.
Well, can't do anything with the ticket anyways.
So when the ball's in your court Ready to face the lions? We're thinking high end editorial In magazines that no one can afford a thing from Driving sales through 3 markets, the urban trending mid Market mall dwellers And every girl everywhere who wants to feel like she just got off a plane in Miami in time for Mojito on the beach as the sun goes down.
I don't know anyone who would wear a dress that long in the year 2004.
I think we should look to the Japanese in these matters.
Maybe we should have a field trip.
Head over to Osaka, take the temperature of the world's headlines.
Um actually, Ian, me and long airplane flights don't mix.
Just the thought of it makes me want to throw up.
Is there something wrong with me here that I'm just not getting it? Please, if anybody feels strongly that I am way off base here Tell me.
I wanna hear it.
Look, keep it in your department.
Kick it around.
See what it morphes into and then we'll take a look at it when you think that you're ready.
When we think we're ready? That's the spirit.
You may want to count to 10 before you walk away from Ian Straub.
-You may want to leave a little safety zone between yourself and Ava Gregory.
I'm sure that I don't have to remind you that every scribble you contemplating doodling on a scrap piece of paper while you were here belongs to me.
I think that what you saw today is the only brilliance that you're ever going to see come out of that deceptively blonde head.
You think the only thing I know how to sell is your sorry - ass - last - year - wanna-be - Hong - Kong - sidewalk- knock - off - trash? Hello? Where? Bradin, there's heavy flooding all the way down the valley.
Are they sand bagging the den? Yeah, I going to meet daddy there.
We're probably going to be there all night.
Alright, well I coming.
No, you're staying here and watching your brother and sister.
All bed times still apply.
Sharon, I'm calling your mother from the car, she'll come pick you up.
If it's a question about money Oh no it's not about money.
Oh, okay, it's about money.
And work space and credibility, coming up with ideas that our worst enemy doesn't already own.
I could always go down to Beverly hills and get the start up money from my parents.
I could also feed my feet into a wood chipper.
I'm sorry, I'm not going to give them the satisfaction.
Ah Susannah, nobody said anything.
It's a long road to zero.
Right there is your pot of gold.
-Right where? -Zero.
Here we go.
Can I just say that right this minute you are free as it is possible for anybody to be.
Yeah free as the wind over dunes and your phone bill is 30 days late.
Hey Johnny.
-Oh do you mind if we.
-Oh go yeah go If I ever hear that you need help, money, anything, and didn't ask me for it- Goooo.
She's going to leave.
Go ahead.
All you have to do is hold out your hand.
Oh, I couldn't do it to him again.
I know myself.
You know, he just might make you happy.
-Susannah -Yeah -Jay's right.
-You're scaring me.
Where's that plane going? Okay, you're really scaring me.
It's the 5:15 non stop to Paris.
And there's another one leaving at ten.
When you say fashion, when you say cutting edge couture, do you think of southern California? No ma'am you do not think of southern California.
You think of PARIS, France.
I know better than to stay in one place too long.
Right there, there's our airfare.
Well if we share a seat, -We'll knock on a thousand doors.
-We'll sweep floors -It will be just like maracash.
-Only without the arms Oh my god, we're totally going to PARIS.
-We are going to Paris.
-But not really Yes information.
Yes, in Playa Linda.
I need the telephone number for Far Horizons.
It's a travel agency.
Oh I'm sorry, can you hold on one second, that's my other line? Hello? -My parents.
-Bradin? Bradin? Bradin, what is it? The river, it broke through Bradin, honey talk to me.
My parentsthey'redead.
My sister and her husband were killed in an accident.
Bob's brother -Johnny wasn't it? -??? ( She ever make an honest man out of you? Oh no, we just live together.
I mean, we all live together.
So, where are the kids? Upstairs.
Escaping from the casserole ladies.
Ted I want you to know that I'm gonna help the kids get settled with you and Grace for as long as you need.
And then after that I'm just a two hour plane flight away.
Hey Ava, we need to talk.
-Ava! -Oh, there's my baby.
Hi? Hey -Hey aunt Ava -Hi Nikki -I'm so glad to see you.
Bradin you need to eat something.
Both of you do.
Come on.
I loving mother and father are taken from their children.
But not before that the mother and father's heroic labors helped save the lives of we'll never know how many of their neighbors down the valley.
How does God make a decision like that? We'll never know.
But we can know beyond any doubt that Bob and Karen are looking down on their children from the green fields of heaven.
In a place where the only river that jumps it's banks is the ever flowing torrent of God's mercy and understanding.
-Ava -Excuse me.
A lawyer came up from Topeka this morning.
He gave me a look at the will.
Ted, I know the farm is in really bad shape so any financial help you need with the kids- Ava, Karen and Bob left the kids to you.
To me? Why? That was my question.
Karen never told you? We talked about it but that was years ago and over a lot of pinnecolatas.
A lot of pinnecolatas.
How old is the will? This year.
The lawyer tells me Karen was very clear on this point? And Bob? How clear was he on it? Well, Bob always had faith in Karen's decisions.
So I Was she crazy? Ted and Grace are the parents around here.
Not me.
I'm just- You're just what? The fun aunt from California.
Who has loved those kids since the second they were born.
Oh my god.
This is really happening.
I have things to decide.
Do I take them straight back to California in the middle of the school year? There's only a couple days left.
What am I saying? I can't take them to California.
Everything they know is here.
I have to move back.
Where does that leave and Paris and starting our own line? But Bob hated California so I have to think about what he wanted.
You need to think about what 3 college educations and one wedding and 2 rehearsal dinners I can get a job here.
I can.
Karen you never left one jar of peanut butter off a shopping list how could you not leave me instructions? I know what I have to do.
I have to ask the kids what they want to do.
Oh no no no no no What they need right now is a grown up to tell them what's going to happen next.
So do I.
You have all of us.
I have to tell them.
They don't even know about the will.
Nikki? Nikki? Show your steel Bradin.
You're the man in the family now so let's see that back bone huh? So if we're made in the image of God then he's just like us right? So doesn't that mean that there's days when the old mighty doesn't feel like dragging himself out of bed.
A lot of people's parents you get the feeling that they're only married because they think they're supposed to be.
But my mom and dad were like going steady.
All the time.
So don't you think that it's kind of good that They got to go to Heaven at the same time? Derrick it's time to come in sweetie.
Just remember I'm a plane ride away.
I will come out on weekends to help you whenever you want.
Not home.
Karen knew I wasn't a farmer.
She knew why I left here.
I'll get one of those new apartments on vista boulevard.
That way I can be close to you and we can open a workshop.
Whoa whoa whoa hold it right there.
You have a home and there's plenty of room in it.
-Johnny, that's crazy.
-Why? Because these are children, not chiwawas.
She's got a point.
The family I was living with before you guys moved in couple of teen-aged kids and it was well it was a little tough on the romantic side of things.
B-but we can make it work.
-For Ava? Damn straight we can.
Seven people.
We're lousy with space.
Johnny can take the downstairs den.
Jay can move out to the boathouse.
You're a guy.
It's the guy thing to do.
Read the instructions.
Well more privacy.
There ya go.
Nikki can have the third floor.
Bradin and Derrick can take Jay's old room and you and I can set up a workshop in the upstairs den.
But you're not moving out when you need help more than you've ever needed it in your life.
Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, think about it.
Really think about it.
Are you sure? It doesn't matter if we're sure.
It's what we're doing.
Thank you.
Well, you need to tell them now.
I didn't see anything.
I swear I swear I swear.
I just want to know where the wash clothes are.
Um linen closet.
Right outside your room.
Thank you.
That's not funny.
I just scarred him for life.
And so the day begins.
-Hey are you okay today? -Yeah -Did you have the evil green truck dream again? -Yeah Hey, just remember I'm right There.
Just up the stairs.
-Good morning you guys.
-Good morning aunt Ava.
Hey, guess what came in the mail.
Double chocolate cookies straight from your aunt Grace's kitchen.
Oh can I have one? Can I have two? Ah you can for the price of one little kiss right here.
Uh, before breakfast? oh, she's got a point there.
Hey, guess what I found out.
On Monday there's a camp starting on the beach.
Swimming, volleyball, tide pools, and it gets out the second week in August.
Ava that get what you pay for jersey is refusing to cooperate if you continue to get materials off the ribbon table- Oh my god where are my sun glasses? Too much blinding beauty first thing in the morning.
I do need to talk to you though.
You guys I will be right back.
One second.
If we put a line and cheating supplier that's not murder is it? -Oh not at all.
-You can take that off.
Well we're going to have to go with it quick because the courier is coming at 10.
We're going to have to?come up with a whole new collar thing -Susannah.
it's one minute to 8.
Breakfast time.
-Okay but I'm not sure Susannah, something has to stay constant in these kid's lives.
Oh no.
Is it okay if I steal a cup of coffee? Oh hey, can I just ask you to join Susannah up stairs.
I'll bring some coffee to you.
Anyway that day camp.
I was talking about it uh ends the 15th of August which- That way.
-Ava, this is.
-Children inside.
Reaching back into the debts of time.
Into the plies of scene error.
Hold on.
Stand back kid.
You want a slug.
Uh Johnny, breakfast is about to be served at the table.
So besides the day camp so I found this really great program at the art museum.
Okay everybody, breakfast is ready.
Uh, Jay! Susannah! Breakfast! Oh.
Wow Nikki this looks really great.
But don't feel like you have to cook for us everyday I mean you're going to spoil us rotten.
Aunt Ava I need your advice.
Did you know my mom's birthday is next week? I knew that.
Well I still haven't figured out what to get her.
And when I do get her something, how am I supposed to get it up to her in heaven? Derrick.
Your mom will always be alive in your heart.
In all of our hearts.
But a real physical heaven, well that's not really a place- Um, where people need presents very much.
And even if they did it's a little tricky because no one has figured out how to get them there yet.
-No? -But don't worry because your mom, she never really cared about getting stuff.
In fact, she always told me that the best present she ever got was you.
Really? Me? Bradin, I also found out that basketball tryouts are 2 weeks before school starts.
I don't think that I'm going to be trying out.
-Come on, who made regional all stars last year? -That was last year.
Excuse me, I'm not very hungry.
Thank you Nikki.
Ava trust me, you're talking to the world's foremost expert on being depressed, alienated, and 16.
I don't know.
Karen made them wear water wings until they were 10.
He's got surfing in his bones.
I can feel it.
I mean look at the way he's watching the waves.
He already hears the voice.
Here we go.
Oh, I forgot.
You don't hear the ocean.
You just hear 600 dollar pairs of shoes saying "take us home the other shoes are being mean to us".
Hello They were screaming it in my ears.
So what's the voice saying? It's saying that things live and die and everything changes.
And that's alright.
It's what the universe gives us.
I've never seen him unhappy before.
He was always such a happy kid.
Nikki's in ticking bomb denial.
Derrick's trying to send presents to heaven.
Hey one problem at a time here.
-Yeah we're just starting out.
-Yeah we're getting our stride.
If you think you can get him to try it.
I'll ask him to help me in the shop.
Hey this board would be the perfect board for you.
I didn't get a chance to do a whole lot of surfing in Kansas.
Star athlete like you? A few lessons and you'd be ripping it up.
Uh look Jay.
I'm sure you're a great teacher but um, I don't really want to learn how to surf right now.
Me? No man, I don't teach much anymore.
Besides, Erika does a far better job of it then I ever did.
Um, do you need help with anything else? No, um, actually, we're okay.
Um okay, well, you know, I guess if you don't try something you never know if you're gonna like it.
We got her.
Ava! We got her.
-Lydia Channing is going to look at our line.
-Lydia Channing? Is going to look at our line.
Tomorrow, 10:30, VIP lounge at the airport.
She has a layover between London and Tokyo and she is going to look at our line.
-Are you kidding? -So you need to get that brilliant head upstairs and get back to work because we have a lot of work that we have to.
Oh, one second.
Hey Nikki! It's beautiful outside.
Do you want to go for a swim before dinner? Dinner's in 15 minutes.
You know, I never got to give you your birthday present.
So fashion week starts on Saturday I thought that you and me could go.
We could play hookie and we could even get backstage passes- Who will watch Derrick? Well Susannah could watch Derrick.
Nikki, every designer you have ever heard of will be there.
My mom never left us with babysitters.
Well Susannah's not exactly a babysitter.
I've known her since the first day I got to California.
I just don't think it's a good idea to go.
Well one of them made a friend.
Does that help? And if the man and woman do it twice by accident or something they get twins.
I guess that kind of makes sense.
So if that's how people get here then how do they leave, I mean if they want to go to heave.
You mean like check out? They get dragged to the bottom of the ocean by a giant squid.
No, someway that doesn't hurt and that doesn't take too long.
Hmmm I'll think about that one.
Check with my sources.
Could you do it in a hurry? Because my mom's birthday is next week.
And I know exactly what I'm getting her.
-What? -Me.
Did I miss you or what? If you hurt my brother, if you even scratched him- What's going on here? What? Whoa whoa, it's okay.
She's a friend of mine.
The key was still under the rock.
I didn't know that wasn't your room anymore.
I'm sorry everybody.
Come on Christie, that's let these lovely people get to bed.
-I'm really sorry -It's okay -I didn't know.
-It's alright.
Okay everybody, back to bed.
-I'm really sorry.
And so the day begins.
So you keep paddling and paddling and paddling look back at the wave and right when it's about to come you pop up onto the pop up position.
Okay well, you allright? Here we go.
Both shoulders forwards.
Your eye on the wave.
Way perfect Is it for some reason we have to do this part in the sand? I mean, it's not like I can't swim.
Well we don't usually just let the student right out of the gate but you? You look the like you've got the stuff to skip first grade.
Let's go farm boy.
Show these city slickers what you've got.
Beginning of the summer is where you are now.
Some people.
The sun goes down and you can't get them out of the water.
Go Kansas.
I've got it for you.
Ancient practice of the Indians.
When they're ready to join their ancestors They sit There in a big tree and wait for the big spirits to take them to heave.
-And it works? -I just said it does didn't I? Catch you later.
Ava don't get me wrong.
But every time you talk to Nikki you put on a totally different voice.
What voice? I don't know.
kind ofcheerful.
Look, I only met your sister a couple of times But I just don't think that she talked to her children that way.
I'm not trying to be my sister.
-Oh wow.
-What is it? -Karen's diaries.
-Oh my god.
Every night.
She would write and write in these and I would die of jealousy that someone could be that disciplined and organized.
Or obsessive and compulsive.
Terms also associated with disorder.
-Don't do that.
Aren't you dying to know what's inside? I'm not about to violate my sister's privacy.
What are you afraid you'll see? Dear Diary.
Today the kids were really happy, we played scrabble, I made a chocolate layered cake and everybody had thirds.
-Hey, none of that.
-Mmm, -Are you okay today? -Yeah, I'm great.
-Alright! -??? ( Hi! Get your read hot pizza! Step up here, I've got the works, a little double cheese -some garlic and onion, you don't have a hot date do you? -No.
-Derrick, pizza two minutes before dinner? -Sorry.
T-There's dinner? If only I had known.
What kind of example is about that? You know how mom was about Derrick and snacks.
Nikki, A, a slice of pizza won't kill him, okay, B, you're not mom and C, if I want eat pizza I'll eat pizza.
Dinner is ready.
If anybody's hungry.
I know I'm not.
Nikki, I'm sorry I didn't mean- Nikki! um, I'll keep dinner warm incase you're hungry later, okay? Mommy? Daddy? Mommmyyyy? Dadddyyyyyy? Mommmyyyy? Come here Derrick It's okay, it's okay.
It's alright.
I'm right here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Nikki you wanna cuddle up under grandma's comforter and watch an old movie? Nikki? Nikki? Nikki, please? What? I just don't want you to feel that you have to fill your mother's, I mean acting this way isn't going to bring your parents, Nikki! Nikki, please.
I really wanna talk to you.
Nikki! Hey! Hey! Up stairs.
Come on.
Susannah, we can't break down her door.
Tell that to the cops who know how to get to this house all too well.
What the hell is going on? I just- I said something really insensitive and now Nikki has locked herself in her room.
-Bradin? -Nikki, open this door right now.
Wait, were you out on your board.
-You were surfing at night? -At feeding time? There aren't any sharks.
Yeah but There are rocks.
There are sandbanks.
This is outrageously irresponsible.
Alright alright, don't shout at him.
We pushed him into this.
-Nikki, open this door right now.
-Susannah, will you stop yelling at her? I don't know if you're ready for a surf board carrying on like this.
I knew he wasn't ready.
-Oh that's the way, blame yourself- -What is your problem? Did you think of your aunt? Did you think of your brother? Your sister? -You were on a surf board at night in the ocean.
-I'm not matter you.
Susannah! Will you stop banging on that door? Did you hear what she said? There's a scared little girl up there.
-So we're supposed to let her get away with this.
-She's suffering.
So am I.
So are you.
We're not sleeping.
So are the neighbors.
Hello? Nikki, open this door right now.
-Tell me, what were you thinking? -You're the irresponsible one Nikki! Nikki! She went outside.
Ava, Ava, Ava, listen, I know last night was rough but you can't make it happen.
You have to let it happen.
Hey ava, I know the last thing that you want to do is race off to the airport for a meeting but we've got about two hours.
Did you just move in? I live in Kansas.
-Good morning.
-Hello Bradin.
What's up? Okay, can I ask you guys something.
Kind of like advice Try thinking about something else.
Baseball always worked for me.
Really clever there Johnny boy.
No, look it is about this girl.
Well if you've got a year we could tell you all the things we don't know.
Speak for yourself mate.
Although if you ask my ex you might not think I'm the go to guy in that area but uh give it a whirl.
If there-if there's a situation where this girl is like a 12 the guy doesn't stand a millionth of a billionth of a chance.
-Would you ask her out anyways? -Yes.
That's a easy one.
Yeah man.
If you're feeling it for a girl you never don't make a move because of the odds.
-Whoa whoa whoa, it's not a question about the move -What are you talking about? If she's at 12 you're better off laying it low, keeping it cool.
Let her come to you.
Like that's ever worked for you.
Bull by the horns Bradin.
Life's too short, baby.
Life's too short to rush in and get the door slammed in your face.
Hey hey, Don't underestimate the guy.
-I was talking about you.
-You're killing me.
You're killing me.
To the top? Let's go.
Nikki! Oh Nikki.
Hey the Canadians pulled out of Johnny's deal so he has to stay in the city and put it back together.
Jay has a lesson and Susannah and I have to be at the airport in 20 minutes so you and Derrick need to go with us.
No, I promised Derrick that we'd dig for cives this morning.
Well you can do that this afternoon.
Hey, I've bring you inside, you can meet Lydia Channing.
The sun is too bright in the afternoon, his skin isn't used to it yet.
Well that is why God created SPF 50.
Do you know what they put in that stuff? Nikki, turn around.
I think you know how important this meeting is and we really need to get going.
I think he even got a little bit of sun stroke yesterday.
He felt kind of hot to me.
Really? Well honey are you okay? -Ava -That doesn't work.
You're just measuring the difference before your skin temperature and his.
You need a thermometer.
-I don't think we have one.
-You don't have a first aid kit? -I'm okay, really.
-You hear that? He's okay.
When he had 105 and my dad had to take him to the hospital he still said he was okay.
I don't think he has 105.
And ava we have a micro scopic window of opportunity here.
Do you even know what you're looking for? Honey, I really think he's okay.
-We'll be with him every second.
-What happens if he gets car sick? I don't think that's going to happen.
Nikki, could we just please, get in the car now.
I just don't think it's a good idea for us to go.
Nikki, this is really important.
Can't Susannah take the clothes and go without you? It's us we're selling.
The team.
Not just the clothes.
Please Nikki, can you and Derrick just get in the car now? No.
-You plus The clothes.
We'll be fine.
-Ava Me plus The clothes.
A- okay.
Um, you couldn't make it because you are in New York meeting with Donna Caring about a line of handbags.
Morning Stud.
Ready to suffer? Go go go go go go go, Yeah! Ow.
Oh, god.
That was awesome! -You have practicing while I wasn't looking? -Yeah, a little.
-You okay? -I'm fine.
I'm great.
Just a little cramp.
Break's over man of steel.
Let's get back to work.
You're still leaning too far forward.
Bad habits I guess.
My buds and I used to go skiing in Colorado every winter.
Oh, I bet you're a killer skier.
I like surfing better.
-Yeah? -Yeah.
You get to do it with less clothes on.
You know, Beck is playing in Sam MCgell tonight.
-There's still some tickets left.
-Oh, that is so cool.
Maybe it wasn't a big enough tree.
Don't look so upset okay? How about this? Little Indians, what They would do is lay The elders of The tribe on a rock in The middle of The ocean to The setting sun and The rising blurred them away to The great hunting grounds of The sky.
A rock in The ocean? Is There one near here? A wise man speaks but once.
And, what do you do right before The drop? Kind of crouch down.
It's actually a bracing yourself thing more than a crouch.
-Hey, okay? -Let's get out of here.
I hate this place.
It's haunted.
Hey, who was he? It doesn't matter who he was.
He must have been pretty bad.
What matters is that you're not like him.
You're not like any of those guys.
Don't ever be The kind of guy who takes a girl to Spanish cove and makes her feel like she's The whole world and then just promise you won't be that kind of guy.
-Just promise.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Hey, were you serious about Beck tonight? Yeah, it's at 7 at The Pavilion.
How about I meat you at Gilligan's at like 5.
We can watch the volleyball on the beach.
Last one to the pier buys coffee.
-So? -I think I'm allergic to jet fumes.
-What happened? -Nothing terrible.
It's just that the smell gives me that weezing thing where a small animal is dying inside my windpipes.
-Susannah -I was in and out of there in 4.
8 minutes.
Because you talked really fast? Because, she waswhat's the word? Surprised? No maybe it's closer to insulted that designing part of the partnership thought that Donna Caring was more important than she was.
She was like.
what am I some department store in Milwaukeeyou send a rep? Did she even look at the clothes? I showed, I assumed she looked.
She said she'd call us.
Ava you cannot Let a 13 year old girl be emperor of The world.
No matter what she's going through.
You just can't.
IT's what my mom did to me and everyone around me pays for it every single day.
What am I supposed to do? Yell at a little girl who just lost her parents? If Nikki lets Ava in she has to let her mom out but she's not happy being that way.
It's a burden.
Which she picked up by her own choice and she'll put it down when she's carried it as far as she needs to.
Thank you all zen all The time radio.
I quit my job at Ian StraubIan Straub as a out of salutary for your sexually harassed behind.
not mine.
Look, I know what you're going through.
What we're all going through but that is a very big dent you just put in the front bumper of my career.
I've tried.
Believe me I've tried.
And I don't trust myself to try again without breaking atleast 2 out of the 10 commandments.
You've known her The second longest.
What do you expect from her? This is not a normal situation and Nikki is not your normal pain in the neck teenager.
What, you think that always seeing it Ava's way equals always being Ava's friend.
Um we need to talk about what's happening with Nikki I'm going to figure something out.
Well let's not get all dramatic here we just have to sort of- -Excuse me, Aunt Ava.
-Uh yes sweetheart, what is it? What happens when you die? What does it feel like? Honey, the doctor said that your mom and dad didn't suffer, remember? That's not what I mean.
I mean, what's it like? After.
When you're on your way to heaven.
Well I don't think that anybody's come back to tell us.
Yes They have.
Near death, you read about it all The time.
Yeah sure if we're going to lollipop land here- Okay so if it doesn't happen then why are all The stories all The same huh? Why is there always the tunnel? The bright light? -There's a light? -Super bright.
And you go right into it.
But is it scary? Going through the tunnel? Well from everything I've heard.
Not at all.
It's more like a letting go.
-Like uh, flying.
Yeah, free from the world and all it's cares.
Thanks, I'm going to go and play now, okay? I love you auntie Ava.
Bye you guys.
Ava we need to find a way to come together about some of The stuff that happens around here I know but can we talk about it later I've been unbelievably unfair to Susannah and we really need to get some work done so can you keep an eye on Derrick? -Yeah.
Sure -Thanks.
-Hey Nikki, uh, can I get your help for a second? -Sure.
Which one of these do you think sells the outfit better? I don't know.
Actually, fashion isn't something that emperors of the world know very much about.
Oh honey.
I-I didn't mean that If you didn't mean it then why did you say it? Sweetheart, I just meant that sometimes when you're feeling bad you treat people in this house Sweetheart? Honey? What's going on? What did she say? Oh nothing, she's just going to go take a nap.
Which sounds like a pretty good idea.
Hey! What's up little dog? -Is that cologne? -Hey, please, aftershave -Where are you going? -Out No, where are you going? To hang out with a friend down at the pier.
Which is none of your business, I can't believe I even told you.
WELL I'm glad that life is a big party for everyone all of a sudden.
Is that how much they meant to you? Who are you to tell me what to feel? Or how to show it? You don't think I miss them Nikki? Every second? Yeah well if one of us died do you think that Dad would be out partying right now? I'm sure mom wouldn't be acting like some psycho control freak either -Listen, Nikki, stop it! -No! Listen to me, you are not mom.
You have no say in anything I do.
-No, you don't care about them, -You understand? -Nobody cares about them! -Stop it! -I'm going down to the pier.
-Whoa, to do what? To watch volleyball and do stuff.
What stuff and who's going to be supervising? My surfing teacher.
Don't worry, okay, I'll be back at 10.
Unless if he gets lucky.
Nikki, everybody handles things differently.
Maybe it's not such a bad thing that Bradin wants to get out and be with other people.
I honestly believe that your mom and dad would want to see you happy.
You should think about getting out with other people yourself.
There's this guy in my yoga class and he brings his daughter sometimes.
I think she may be in some of the same things that you are.
What do you know about me? About some guy and his daughter? If you knew the first thing about guys you wouldn't be sharing a house with a bunch of your friends at this point now would you.
-Nikki! -No but you're too screwed up for That is enough! For you to show that kind of unforgivable rudeness, no not rudeness, meanness, cruelty.
There is no excuse for that none.
Do you hear me? -I'm going up to my room.
You are not.
You are staying right here.
You know Nikki, you're not the only one who lost someone but everyone in this house is trying to make this work except you.
All you're trying to do is make yourself feel better by making other people feel worse.
When you push people around.
When you mess things up with my work.
So you'd better step up and act like a member of this family instead of a selfish baby my sister never raised you to be.
-Hey, did Derrick come in here? -What? No.
I was reading The paper and I looked away for 10 seconds and I looked up and he was gone.
-Derrick! -Derrick! / -Derrick! -Chris, what rock? -I don't know.
-Did you see which way he went? -I don't know.
Alright, alright, there's 2 brother's point and The rocks at Spanish cove.
That's all the rocks there are around here.
I'll call The lifeguards.
Setting sun, rising tide.
The bright light.
-Derrick! / -Derrick! -Derrick! / -Derrick! Johnny! Over here! He's not moving.
-Derrick! -Derrick! -Derrick! Buddy, hey hey! -Derrick, wake up! Am I in heaven yet? No honey, you're here on earth with me where you belong.
Hop down buddy.
Come on buddy I got catch you.
Ready? Come here? I got you.
When will I get to go to heaven? Oh, a long time from now.
80 years, maybe more.
80 years is forever.
Yes it's a long time.
It should be long.
It's wonderful that it's long But mom and dad are There right now.
I know.
Do you remember when your mom and dad would love it when you'd tell them what you did at school or on The weekends? You have to live a very long time so you can store up lots of stories for when you see them again.
Because 80 years is barely enough time to do everything There is to do here on earth.
Yeah, I've lived on this beach for 4 years and there's so many shells to dig up and people to meet that I haven't had The chance to build a sandcastle.
And There is millions of beaches in The world.
And you have to build sand castles on many of those as you can.
So that when you do get to heaven.
You can spend The first 1000 years telling your mom and dad about all The things that you did and all the people you met while you were hear.
Plus, I'm really selfish I love you so much I don't want you going anywhere.
I want you and Nikki and Bradin right here with me.
Hey, don't.
It could have happened to any of us.
I let him out of my sight and he was this close to gone.
It won't happen again because I won't give it a chance to happen again.
You outta be careful of those man eating patio chairs.
Especially when you're not walking in a straight line huh? -Get off of me.
-Hey, come on, I'll take you inside -Leave me alone -Whoa whoa, what's your problem? You! You are my problem.
No, I'm your savior.
You go in there like this- I don't need your help.
-Get off me.
-Whoa Hey hey hey!! Take it easy.
Jay! Get off of him! What are you doing? Bradin are you okay? You're drunk.
He's drunk.
Let's get him inside.
What's going on? Jay, why are you beating up my drunk nephew? What? I wasn't beating him up I was trying to stop him from beating me up By beating him up? Seriously, he came after me.
Bradin's bringing out the beast.
It was more than that.
Now, he was angry, at me I wonder why that could be.
Oh, maybe something happened on his date.
His date? No it wasn't a date he was just hanging out with his surfing teacher.
His surfing teacher.
-You didn't.
-I did.
You gave an adolescent male Erika as a teacher? He was all set to say no to The whole thing.
So you used her as bait? I still don't get why he'd be angry at you couldn't keep it behind the zipper.
No, we were having a beer at Gilligans and I don't know, he must have come along at the wrong moment.
How could you not know what would happen? -Well how would he know? -No, I should have known.
Erika and I aren't evenit was just the moment.
Everything with you is just the moment.
You better put some ice on your eye.
-Is he okay? -I don't know.
Nikki are you okay honey? Please go away! I don't want to talk right now.
No just a room.
With an ocean view.
And if there's a hot tub.
No, there's no problem with where I am now.
It's just uh Anything is fine.
Yeah I've just gotta get out of where I am, I'm uh Yes three bedrooms well 4 if it's not through The roof.
As soon as, no no reason for The hurry it's just um I just want to save a very old friendship.
Not fit for service.
They don't really take kids where I am right now.
No yeah, anything you have.
Just- you know let me know.
Thank you.
I guess you couldn't sleep either.
Wanna watch TV or something? See in real-estate you blink, you're out of the game.
See like there, rain equals mudslides which means forget selling anything near a hillside.
Only some years you don't get the advanced warning.
Did you lose your shirt? Yeah, shhhh.
When you went to that movie last night, that was a date, wasn't it? Yup, it was.
Dating anybody yourself? Noooo.
I was just wondering why Aunt Ava wasn't the one you were on The date with? Uh well, I did go on dates with your aunt when we were in college.
And then a little again in law school.
But the reason I don't any more is because I really really like her.
Uh just because you think a woman is a great person doesn't there's no reason to take the chance that you mighthurt her feelings.
Or take a chance that she might hurt yours? Yeah, yeah, that too.
Yeah, uh, oh boy.
Having a relationship and keeping one going is harder than it should be for some people.
Some people think that it's kind of like a phobia like a fear that it's hard to get rid of.
So it's like some kind of disease? You could call it that.
-Well I hope that you get cured really really soon.
-Oh yeah, why is that? Because I'm comfortable with you.
Oh well, I'm comfortable with you too.
No, stop the knocking.
Oh, you feel that thing in the air? It's the winds.
You never know what they're going to bring in or out? One thing for sure.
Summer's here for real now.
Too loud.
Did you get the license plate of the tequila that ran you over? -What do you want? -A little morning after tonic.
An uncle of mine sends it from back home.
It tastes like the deremations of hell.
But it does the job.
Trust me, I used to have hairs on my chest.
Listen, uh, I'm sorry Bradin, I didn't know -You didn't know what? -Come on, we don't need to do that Is she just another chick to you? One in a million right? None of them mean anything to you, anyway.
-Well they all mean something to me.
-What's the difference? -Bradin, you're 16.
-What is that supposed to mean? Huh? She's out of my league right? I'm supposed to leave her to you? You want my pity? You're not gonna get it.
It's supposed to mean she's too old for you.
It's supposed to mean that you have the surf the beach all ahead of you.
Okay, you're a natural surfer, you're not too bad looking.
You're gonna be fighting them off with sticks.
Just don't throw away this summer, of all summers on someone as -complicated as Erika.
-You don't even know her.
Actually, I think I do.
You're the bad memory at Spanish cove huh? I-I can't help how she feels about me.
I didn't see you trying very hard yesterday.
That's fair.
If you hurt her, I'll kill you.
-What's in that stuff? -I don't know, but it's working.
Nikki? Nikki? She hasn't been out of her room.
-Alright, you.
/ -Ava, I.
-You uhyou first.
-No, me first.
I don't know what to do.
How could I not know what to do? I should know what to do.
Are you looking at me? The great protector of the young.
Incase you haven't noticed Nikki and I haven't really It's the blind leading the blind.
I'm going to take her back to Kansas.
Just for a little while.
Just till things calm down.
I'm going to go tell her.
That will get her out of her room.
You bet it will.
It'll give her the big idea that if you throw a big enough tantrum the world will bend to your will.
The fact that happens to be true is something that she's too young to know.
Well what else can I do? -I'm going to go say I'm sorry.
-Are you sorry? Susannah I lost it with her.
Yeah, yeah babe, you crossed a few lines but so did she.
Johnny my sister trusted me.
She gave me her three crystal vases and I dropped them.
Yesterday for the first time you were yhe real thing with Nikki.
It was the only chance that you had to making it work with her and you took it.
And my bet is that since you've stopped running around trying to be Karen, she will too.
Listen, you can't wrap them in cotton wool and lock them in The cellar until they're thirty, you just can't.
Well what are you saying I should do? -Zero.
-That again? He's right.
Ava, you have done and said everything you can.
Yeah she's going to be alright because you love her and you've made sure she knows it.
Only she can walk the path she has to walk.
And no one can walk it for her.
Oh my god I'm starting to sound like Jay.
Yeah it's the f word Ava.
-Do you have faith? -In you I do.
I thought that you had a surfing lesson this morning.
I don't know.
It looked like you were having such a good time with it.
You kind of get knocked around out there.
I don't think you'll break.
But Bradin, as long as you are living in this house you will never ever drink alcohol again.
Bradin, We had a lesson half an hour ago.
Where were you? -I don't know I just- I -You don't know? And where were you last night? You promised you would never be that kind of guy.
You swore it and what did it last night 2 hours? I waited for you forever.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's just, something came up at home.
You know and I didn't know where to call.
I'm really sorry.
You're not the only one who made a big mistake last night.
Now pick up that board and march.
I'm through with guys who think they're doing you a favor by sharing space with you on planet earth.
Aunt Ava, why did you and Johnny break up? Oh, um, well, you know, it's funny, Johnny, I couldn't really be- Oh god, I'm so hungry I could eat roadkill.
I'm hungry too.
What's for lunch? I don't know.
What's for lunch? Lunch? Okay, um, lunch of course.
How about some of aunt Ava's famous turkey, avocado, cheddar cheese, chilli tacos? -Okay / -Sure -Sounds great.
It's from uh Playa Rentals and Roomates.
-Why, why would they be calling here? -Yeah, it's not for me.
Yeah we've been getting a lot of wrong numbers lately.
Someone should at least tell them that.
Hello? Susannah, it's for you.
Returning your call from last night.
Actually, um, somebody who she's living with right now was really horrible to her and that person who was horrible is extremely sorry like you can't imagine how sorry she is and she hopes that maybe Susannah doesn't really need a new living arrangement anymore.
Thanks anyway.
So big weekend coming up.
Everybody want to Kayak to Pelican Island? Wind should be up.
Could be a good work out.
-Sounds like a good one.
I'm down.
-You want it? Okay baby.
I was thinking about checking out the martial arts Hong Kong film festival down town if anybody wants to- Chaki Chan! He's Chinese.
Choppy water? Movie theaters? On the biggest flea market sale of the years? Okay look, if Nikki and I aren't back in 3 days, somebody drag the harbor.