Summerland (2004) s01e05 Episode Script

The grass is greener than you think

-= COLIN: The cheetah is the fastest land animal on Earth.
Mara's newest addition isn't just quick-- it's very rare.
This one's from Namibia, where they have been hunted almost to extinction.
My dad makes a spectacle for every animal he buys.
Last year, the white rhino.
We had African drummers and chorus.
Drummers and chorus? Yep.
This isn't about that cheetah, it's about my dad.
Consider yourselves very lucky to have seen one.
That's if we ever get the chance.
Just a second.
Pupil response is normal.
Great, well, let's just get her out the cage.
Colin, give me a break Your dad seems like a good guy.
You mean stepdad and, eh, Danny's all right.
Where is your real dad? Uh he's back in the States.
What's up for this weekend? I don't know, but I I have a n bikthat I'm hoping to try out.
Now that's an event I'd like to attend.
COLIN: I had to jump through hoops to get this magnificent creature on the Mara reserve, and, uh, if Dr.
Clarke ever lets her out of her cage You're good to go.
Okay, are we ready? Let's all count to three.
One ALL: two three! (cheetah purring) That's embarrassing.
(chuckles) SPECTATORS: Aw KATIE: Oh, yay.
(cheering) (laughter) Cheetah.
Hey, uh, what are you doing tomorrow? Nothing.
Life was so much easier when I lived 15 blocks from Barney's.
Well, you could come hang out by my pool if you'd like.
Are a bunch of kids from school going? Well, I was actually thinking it could just be you and me.
I'd really like that.
I was hoping you would.
(both chuckle) (sighs) Are you asleep? Not anymore.
Why aren't you on a game drive with our guests? Because they haven't left their room.
They've been in there all day.
Skipped lunch, too.
Did you check on them? Why ruin a good thing? Okay, what's the protocol here? When did we get those? Danny.
Hey, it says "Do not disturb.
" Well, they have been in there for 24 hours.
Unless they're incredibly jet-lagged or (woman moaning, man laughing) Is he okay? (gasping): Um Hey.
Okay, I guess we'll leave them alone.
(chuckling nervously): Let's go.
If that's jet lag, get me to the airport.
(passionate groaning) I hope we got enough food, 'cause those two are definitely working up an appetite.
Are you a little jealous? (chuckling): Jealous? Well, yeah, that you haven't had a chance to, uh, work up an appetite lately? I am a hardworking guy.
I think I've got an appetite.
In fact, I would say (clears throat) Th-Those two, they're on vacation, okay? They're away from, you know, work, responsibilities.
Life, things that might take one away from one's appetite.
KATIE: If you want to come, just ask.
I wouldn't be caught dead tagging along with you.
Where are you guys going? To Mara, to hang out with Oliver, and Jesse is trying to worm his way into my day.
I'm sure Oliver felt bad for you because Emily invited me.
Oh where's the sunscreen? Okay, hold it, both of you.
Have you totally forgotten what you're doing today? Saturday is chore day.
You were serious about that? Oh, yeah.
The barn's got to be cleaned out so we can load in the gardening supplies.
Well, can't it wait? No.
Our brochure says we grow our own organic vegetables.
We never had to do chores back home, at least not on weekends.
Well, sweetie, in case you haven't noticed, we're not living in a pre-war co-op with a nice super named Vinnie.
This place needs a lot of work and everybody's got to chip in.
Yeah, and you guys asked for more free time on the weekdays.
You got it, so you got to pick up the slack on the weekends.
Go to Mara when you're done.
You got to be kidding me.
Mia and Chase are helping me in the library, so for you two, the barn awaits.
(phone rings) The sunscreen is above the fridge.
All right, then.
Please don't call here again.
(sighs) What's going on? That was Thom.
He was calling for Jesse.
Apparently, the prison psychiatrist has convinced him to try and repair his relationship with his son.
What about Mia? He knows I wouldn't even consider that.
What'd you say to him? I said no.
He just can't walk back into Jesse's life.
Well, the good news is that he can't walk anywhere for three to five years.
Maybe he just wants to talk to Jesse.
(voice breaking): I don't know.
I just have to, I have to think about this.
JESSE: People are really going to flock to the Blue Antelope for their fresh, homegrown garden salads.
KATIE (scoffing): Yeah.
"Lions, zebras? No thanks, but do you have any arugula?" (groans) I would give anything to be at Mara right now, lounging by the pool, reading some trashy magazines.
Mooning over Oliver.
Grow up, Jesse.
Oh, you know you're wasting your time.
You're not his type.
Everybody Lauren's his typemakes mistakes.
He likes bad girls-- Veronicas over Bettys-- and you are so Betty.
I am not.
Oh, come on, like you've ever broken a rule in your life.
You're wrong about me.
I can be bad.
Really? Yeah! Maybe not in comparison to you, but I have my moments.
Let's go, then.
Come on, let's go to Mara.
Right now? Yeah.
(grunts) Jo will kill us.
What are you worried about? You're a bad girl now.
You can't leave me with all this work.
Sure, I can.
That's one of the perks of being the bad boy.
Later, Betty.
Jesse! Oh, my God.
What took you so long to get here? I'm asking myself the same question.
Do you want a drink? OLIVER: Hey.
Where's Katie? She's doing chor.
That's too bad.
Well, Jesse, I guess this is your lucky day, then.
My dad just got a brand-new Jeep.
I've been wanting to take it out and give the shocks a workout.
Are you up for it? Uh, just 'cause your date didn't arrive doesn't mean you can hijack mine.
Okay, well, just for a little while.
I promise I'll bring him right back.
Is that cool? You had better just hope that I'm here when you get back.
Trust me, she'll be here.
You sure you don't want a guide? No, thanks.
I've got this.
Carlson used to work as a guide at The River's Edge Lodge.
Thinks he knows the area better than I do.
Don't you, Carlson? (music playing on sound system) Hey, The Stremes.
You know them? Yeah, man, I saw them live at Roseland's in New York.
My cousin in San Francisco burnt me their album.
Yeah, they got a new one out; it's even better.
I'll get it for you.
Cool, thanks.
Come all the way to Africa and I find someone that's got good taste in music.
I like it.
Hold on.
WOMAN: Whoo! MAN: Yes! Whoo! They could be playing Uno.
I know what's going on in there.
When adults talk in code and make dumb jokes and don't explain them, it means one thing.
(woman moaning) S-E-X.
They're having sex in there.
Of course.
I knew that.
Like you even know what it is.
Like you do.
(woman laughing) Don't tell me my dad has you working Saturdays, too? Work? Well, if by that, you mean restocking supplies and taking inventory.
For a "vet in training," I see very few animals.
Katie, um what's sex? Um CHASE: She doesn't know either.
KATIat?! Yes, I do.
Come on, Mia.
I'd better get this stuff inside.
(sighs) Whoo! Whoo! (both shouting and laughing) That was awesome! Where'd you get that? I borrowed it from dad.
I thought we could have a little target practice.
That is, if Mr.
New York City has ever shot a gun.
Only handguns in the hood, yo.
I'm a natural.
Beginner's luck.
Try that one over there.
(gun cocks) Let me show you how it's done.
Oh, yeah.
Let's see.
(groan echoing from distance) What the hell was that? Oh, my God! (gasps) Man, that-- There's a lot of blood.
This is messed up, man.
Do you have anything that we can use, like a towel or something? We've got to go! We've got to get out of here, mate.
Look, no, just come and help me please.
Are you crazy? We're not even supposed to be here.
Look, I promise I'll make an anonymous call to the game warden when we get back, okay? No, look, this cheetah's gonna die if we don't do something.
And we're dead if my dad finds out about this.
You don't know his temper.
I'm gonna end up at boarding school-- All right, enough! Just give me a second to think, please.
All right.
I got an idea.
(phone ringing) (ringing continues) Blue Antelope, Dr.
Clarke speaking.
Really? No, I could definitely come over.
Yeah, 4:00 will be fine.
(speaking Tswana) Bye-bye.
A local farmer found a Hyalomma tick on one of his ewes.
He wants to screen for Nairobi sheep disease.
I take it you're expecting Thom to call again? I have absolutely zero expectations of him, so no.
What did you wind up telling Jesse? Um I didn't.
I'm, uh, I'm not going to tell him.
Really? Wow.
I mean they didn't just put Thom away for fraud-- he is one-- and he's just gonna disappoint Jesse all over again.
If I were Jesse, I would want to know if my father tried to get in touch with me.
I do not see the benefits of Jesse having anything to do with that man.
I mean, Jesse is finally getting his act together-- he's working and he's doing better in school.
And I'd much rather focus We'reon our familyaway.
and our life here than the remnants of my old life.
And my old mistakes.
You know? That's it.
Mom What is sex? What is what? And don't skimp on the details.
We want the "PG-13" version.
Uh uh w uh (grunts) Katie! Why are you doing that all alone? Kids, I'll be right back.
Where is Jesse? Did he just blow this off? No.
No, um he, uh, we were, um the barn door is really broken, so we were gonna fix it.
So he went to go get some nails.
Why are you covering for him? Am I really that transparent? I can't even lie? Not even a little white lie? And I won't even break the rules to go see the cutest boy in school! I won't.
That's why we love you, Katie.
Well, that's, that's just great.
I guess Jesse's right about me.
You found it in the road? Off on the side.
I went to take a closer look and I saw all the blood.
Tumelo, get a drip bag started.
I need corticosteroids.
We gotta clean this wound out.
What were you doing at Mara? You were supposed to be here.
I-I went to pick up Emily.
She said that she was gonna keep me company.
Drip bag now, please! Does Colin know about this? I just thought it was more important to get the animal here to you.
That's a good call, 'cause this animal's losing a lot of blood.
Anesthetic machine, please.
Okay, both of you put gloves on.
I can't risk infection.
Gloves on now! This cheetah's been shot.
Hey! I've been looking everywhere for you.
Sorry I was late.
Oh, that's cool.
Jesse told me you couldn't make it.
Oh, no, I just had to maneuver my way out of some chores.
But and I just left, so What have you been up to? Uh Nothing, really.
Don't tell me to calm down.
Well how the hell did this happen? Uh What's going on? Uh, I don't know.
Is everything all right, Dad? Do you wanna get out of here? Yeah, I'm ready to go swimming.
Uh, no, I mean like out of here.
I thought we were gonna hang out by the pool today.
I hang out by the pool every weekend.
We could go to Johannesburg.
Just the two of us.
You know me.
I'm always up for anything.
Okay, let's go.
Now, you listen to me.
I want the game warden over here right now.
I want to get to the bottom of this.
Whoever shot that cat, I want them found.
cars? Not that I remember.
Where on the reserve were you? I t ow.
' It's not like there's street signs.
Do you realize how serious this is? Colin, take it easy.
Come on.
Hey, I paid a mint for that cat! We're t only lodge south of Botswana to have one! I want some answers! I've told you everything that I know, all right?! Look, you know what? I have chores to do, so I'm out of here.
KATIE: A museum.
This, this is "showing me Jo-burg?" I know you like this kind of thing.
You're always raising your hand in Art History class.
I really think you have the wrong impression about me.
I-I do? Everyone does.
I mean, I guess some people like to spend their Saturdays arguing the finer points of Calder versus Rodin-- which, actually isn't even an argument-- But I I like to, uh live a little.
I never really got that impression, but what'd you have in mind? Let's get a drink.
Like, like a drink drink? Yeah.
Like a drink drink.
Like a Cosmo.
Let's go.
I've never heard of a Cosmo.
Haven't you ever seen Sex and the City? Okay, do you have beer? Just regular old beer? Can I see your I.
? I don't have it with me.
I'm from New York.
I went out all the time.
To the Bowery Bar.
To the Kit-Kat Club.
I mean, I can't even remember the last time I get carded.
No I.
, no drink.
Uh, Katie, we should forget this.
Why would I embarrass myself and order a drink if I wasn't of age? See, that's more like it.
That's the famous New York attitude I've hea so much about? Mmm.
Got a problem with it? Two colas.
Um All right, Colin.
Let me know.
JO: Danny! I think they're out.
Thank God.
I was worried about their health.
Lipton? Mrs.
Lipton? Where are they? I have no idea.
Lipton? Mrs.
Lipton? Liptons? Hello? (sighs) I don't know where they are.
Maybe they took a walk, you know.
Got some fresh air.
So weird.
Lipton giggling) Meow! Are you kidding me? Whoo! Whoo! (chuckling): Oh, man.
Now that is adventurous.
That is my pantry.
I've got food in there.
It should be you and me in there, right? Do something! What am supp (clears throat) (sighs) Yeah.
Lipton, Mrs.
Lipton, can we help you with something? Sorry.
We couldn't wait for dinner.
We just popped down for a quick snack.
Feels like we haven't eaten in days.
Uh, well, uh, maybe I could cook something up for you.
That would be terrific.
Oh, could you? Terrific.
Yes Oh.
(chuckles) I'm gonna go check on the cat.
(laughs) DANNY: Hey.
Where's Katie? Wow.
(laughs) Amazing job.
I bet this place didn't look this good when it was new.
Just trying to help out.
So, is something bothering you? Mm-mm.
Like what? I don't know.
I would think finding that cheetah would be tough.
Look, Jesse, I know you don't think you can talk to me, but anything that's going on I hear Colin's got a suspect.
Really? Who? A valet used to work at a competing lodge that catered to poachers.
Colin thinks he brought some poachers onto the Mara property.
You mean Carlson? I don't know.
Who's Carlson? He's a valet.
I met him the other day with Oliver.
Well, I don't know.
This kid asked Colin for a raise.
He turned him down, the kid got upset, which is motive enough for Colin.
You know, he's, uh he's fired this guy, and he's bringing him up on charges.
Anyway I hope he's got the right guy.
Hey! Where did you go this morning? (door slams) (scoffs) (music blaring) (sighs) JESSE: What's "Fed Pen Sys"? Dad? JO: I can't interest you in a game drive? A trip to the township? I mean, it's your first time in Africa.
No, no, no.
We've been ten times.
Ten times! Wow.
So, I guess you've seen enough wildlife.
Yeah, we don't come for safari.
We love Africa because it's so far away, literally, from everything.
No phones, no kids, no nothing.
(sultry laughter) I get it.
Out here, you can pretend there's no outside world.
(sultry laugh) I need to talk to you.
Uh, excuse me a minute.
Mm-mm Why didn't you tell me Dad called? Jesse He sent me an e-mail.
You weren't going to tell me, were you? Jesse please, you-you have to understand.
It wasn't an easy decision, but I know it's for the best.
Is that right? Look, if I thought for one second that he would follow through And what makes you think that he won't? Has he ever before? One soccer practice, one school play, anything? I was given custody of you for a reason, and all I am trying to do is, I'm trying to protect you.
You don't even trust me to make a phone call.
It's not even about me.
What is that supposed to mean? You hate him because he left you high and dry.
You will not talk to me that way.
Look, I can understand your being upset, but to me to me, it is as clear as day.
He's not the kind of role model that you need.
'Cause you're afraid I'm going to turn out just like him.
Maybe I already have.
Jesse, please Jesse.
You sure about this? Definitely.
I always hear people say it's everywhere on the Internet.
Is that what they say? It's unbelievable.
There are books, television programs.
A five-minute conversation is all it would take.
one's answered your questNope.
There's the male lion.
The fele lion should be somewhere.
MIA: I see her! ART: You never see the male and female lion together unless they're mating.
ART: And I know nobody wants to tell you, but it's okay to know that sex is the most primal urge of any warm-blooded animal.
(roaring) (roaring) Do you need to go? Uh, no.
Uh, I'm good Things have been a little bit crazy at home today.
When my dad's in a mood, it's best to steer clear.
Why is he mad? I don't know.
He expects the best.
Well, then, he must be very proud of you.
I don't I don't know about that.
Right now, I'm just happy to be chilling, staying out of trouble.
You know, it's funny, I found some people are just magnets for trouble.
They just attract trouble.
Like my stepbrother.
He always seems to find trouble, and it just never really gets through to me.
Well, you're lucky then.
(weak laugh) I think you're just saying that.
I mean, guys-- they like troublemakers.
They like Veronicas, you know? Veronica who? There you go.
OLIVER: Thanks.
Um, let's have some fun.
Let's go.
Well, we need to pay.
No, no, no.
I mean, let's let's dine and dash.
What? Let's just go.
Are you nuts? (laughs) Maybe a little! (siren blares) That's right, Colin Banks from Mara Lodge.
I've been holding on for ages.
Well, now, I've got a business to run.
I can't keep holding on.
Excuse me.
Oliver and Emily are around here somewhere.
I need to talk to someone, please.
I need to talk to you, sir.
Look Colin I've been hold It's important.
I'll have to ring you back.
What is it? I shot your cheetah.
What? I was out shooting with your rifle.
It was an accident.
How would you get your hands on my rif? Oliver.
It wasn't Oliver's fault, though.
It-It was all me.
And then I made him promise not to saynything to anybody about what happened.
I just wanted you to know, sir, because you can't fire Carlson.
It wasn't him.
It was me.
He's not the bad guy.
I am.
It's nothing new.
JO: What were you thinking? It's just It's It's flat-out wrong, Art, on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin.
It's how I learned the facts of life.
It was so cool.
We saw lions, zebras.
Okay, uh, you guys, go inside.
Please? Thank you.
They enjoyed it.
They are nine and 11 years old.
It is just so incredibly irresponsible.
I'm irresponsible? You and Danny have been avoiding them all day.
Do not even try to turn this around on us.
I don't even have to try.
These kids have questions, they need answers.
You don't like my methods? Fine.
You know, I've lived a long life, and I've made a lot of mistakes.
But one thing I know, your problems don't go away by avoiding them.
(scoffs) (phone ringing) You want me to answer that? No.
Blue Antelope.
(clears throat) I'm-I'm sorry.
Could you repeat that, please? Wh?! Okay, just wanna keep some compression in the arteries so that Danny, I need you to come with me right now.
Sweetie, I can't just leave the cat.
What's going on? I'll tell you in the car.
You have to come on.
All right, listen.
I'm gonna call Mara Clinic, have them send a doctor over, all rit? Well, I can watch the cat.
Tumelo I can do it.
You can trust me, Dr.
If the bag empties, change it.
If there's blockage, you gotta-- Reposition the needle to get it running again.
I'm sorry.
This day has been such a nightmare.
You mean the part when you were hanging out with me or this part? This part, Katie.
The part where I became your partner in crime.
What were you thinking? I guess I, um, I thought you'd like it.
I thought you'd think it was fun.
And what next? We're gonna rob a convenience store? I guess I just thought that you would like this certain kind of girl.
Katie Yeah.
Come here.
The only reason I've gone for that type of girl is because I've never met anyone like you.
I mean You're the most smart, funny, centered criminal I've ever met.
I mean, what's not to like? That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.
It's the truth.
Jesse?! Dad! Why are you in here? What did you do? I've been calling you like crazy.
I've been busy dealing with your friend.
Whare you in here? Jesse, what's going on? You should worry about yourself.
Get us out of here, Dad.
I don't know why you're in here, but maybe you should stay.
Sir, I need you to help me with the paperwork.
Yes, yes, but why is he in here? We will know with the paperwork.
Please, sir.
You told him you shot the cheetah? Carlson was gonna take the fall.
KATIE: Wait.
You shot the cheetah? It's complicated.
No, it's not complicated.
Look, there's no reason anyone else should take the blame for this.
I'm the one that everyone expects to be in here, anyway.
Dad, I can explain.
This has got to be an all-time low for parenting.
Wait a second, what's he doing in here? He shot my cheetah.
And I'm pressing charges.
Hold on a second.
I'd like to hear the details, please, Jesse.
What happened exactly? Jesse.
He coerced my son into stealing my gun, trespassed on private property, and shot an endangered and extremely expensive animal.
Wait, is that true? All right, Colin, look.
He's a kid.
Kids make mistakes.
Whatever this costs, we'll make up to you.
No, I don't care; he needs to learn his lesson.
Listen, I don't know what kind of kids you're raising here-- Watch it, Colin.
What?! They're a terrible influence.
I mean, look at this mess.
Dad Stop.
Come on.
It wasn't him.
Stop covering for him.
He didn't do it.
I shot the cheetah.
I pulled the trigger.
Jesse was there, but the whole thing was my idea.
And if he wouldn't have insisted on bringing it to Danny it would have died right there.
Will someone please let my kids out of jail? Now.
Let 'em out, please.
Ma'am, the boy is free to go.
But there is still the small matter Tumelo.
I'm over here.
He woke up and seemed hungry, so I moved him down here.
Was that all right? Yeah, hungry's good.
You saved him, Dr.
We saved him.
You're going to make a very proficient vet one day, my friend.
Go home and get some rest.
I'll take care of him.
You did good, Tumelo.
You all finished? How's the cheetah? He's fine.
Tumelo did a good job.
He's much more responsible than I give him credit for.
No one asked you to paint that.
Yeah, well, when you realize you're never going to get around to planting a garden, I'm going to put a couch in there and use this table for my Xbox.
So, um, Jess, the whole thing with Oliver why would you say that you did it? It just seemed What's one more strike on my record? You should never think that about yourself.
Come on, Ma, we both know how far an apple falls from the tree.
That's a terrible metaphor.
Um, apples fall out of trees and the birds eat the seeds and two weeks later they disintegrate; they're gone.
No one ever knew they were there.
Yeah, um You're right, Jesse, I am still angry at your father.
And I haven't found a way to deal with it yet.
But I need you to know that my issues are with him, they're not with you.
I know.
I'm sorry about what I said.