Summertime (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Those Who Remain

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Children, this is Sofia.
Welcome, Sofia.
Would you like to sit next to anyone in particular? You haven't even looked.
Take a look, come on.
Want to sit next to her? And me? - You can sit there.
- Can't she sit there? - Come on, Edo.
Be a gentleman.
- Ugh Hi.
I'm Summer.
Summer? I don't know anyone with that name.
Summer like the season.
I really love summer.
I won I won! - I saw you come up before! - That's not true.
It's not true? One, two, three four, five - Are you out of your mind? - Sorry.
- What the fuck are you doing? - It was a joke.
You drown me as a joke? - I was joking.
- Fuck you, Dario.
I said I was sorry, what else can I do? Leave me alone.
Hey - Will you look at me? - Leave me alone! I didn't do it on purpose.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm not feeling well today.
What's wrong? You're making me worry.
What do you mean? Hey It's because of Summer.
What's Summer got to do with anything? The more this summer goes on, the farther apart we seem to grow.
She doesn't even take my calls, or if she does, she's always in a hurry.
She's in love, Sofi.
Oh, for God's sake why don't you just go tell her? You're one to talk.
- Don't you see how Ale treats you? - What's Ale got to do with it? You've come here because of him, you're doing something you don't like because of him.
And he's supposed to get you out of here? What do you know, anyway? He didn't force me to come here.
- Keep telling yourself that.
- What's wrong with you today, seriously? - Don't you realize how he treats you? - How? - He uses you when it suits him! Yes! - He uses me? And you feel guilty about hitting on Maddalena, even though he neither cares about you nor her.
Go fuck yourself, Sofia.
Weren't you coming after my shift? I couldn't wait.
- No? - No.
Need I remind you that I'm at work? Yeah, but these elevators tend to always get stuck.
It's a problem, indeed.
Ale I need to get back to work.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Which floor are you headed to? - Third, please.
People think I'm crazy ♪ Just because I'm dancing ♪ PARADISE BEACH People think I'm superficial ♪ Just because I'm laughing ♪ Surprise! Riccardo you startled me! You're looking at a rich man.
Sad and lonely, but rich.
Did you sell the house? Cheers! No, wait What do you say on such occasions? Congratulations.
No Many happy returns.
Come on, what do you say? Just tell me when I should pick you up.
I want to take you out to dinner.
It's the least I can do after annoying you with sappy stories for a month.
- You didn't annoy me.
- Tell me what time.
I don't know, I always finish late.
And besides, I'm wearing flip-flops! You're perfect! I'll wear flip-flops, too.
Come on I'm leaving tomorrow.
I've done everything I had to do here.
It's my last night.
At 9:00? And nothing can change my mind ♪ - Okay? - Yes.
♪my life ♪ No one can break my soul ♪ I want to live my life ♪ And nothing can change my mind ♪ Have you ever been here before? No.
All the better.
- It's funny, though.
- What? It feels like we've gone far away.
That's why I like it so much.
At times I get the urge to visit the whole world.
Yeah, don't we all It feels weird to think that I've traveled so little in my life.
And that I've spent all my life here.
Blue! - Hi.
- How are you? I'm fine.
And you? Edo, I get it.
You get what? Why you don't come over anymore.
I've been thinking about it lately, as I was waiting for you.
Blue, listen I really don't have time to come over.
- I'm busy here - It's because of Summy, right? You're in love with her.
But why take it out on me? Don't you want to be friends? Of course I want to be friends.
It's just that, right now it's impossible for me.
Blue, it's complicated.
It's fucking complicated.
I thought you didn't like the beach.
- No - Yeah, just look at you.
I thought you just hated summer in general.
Swimming, sunbathing hanging out, all that stuff.
Well, that's somewhat true, but not entirely.
- When I was young, I loved summer.
- Really? It was my favorite season.
We were always together, all the time.
Me, Mom, Dad, and Blue.
We spent days laughing, kidding around, killing time things like that.
Then I grew up, and I realized that my dad was sad back then.
Why? Because he wasn't doing what he really wanted to.
He's a musician.
- Cool.
What does he play? - The trumpet.
But he can pretty much play anything.
- So he must be good.
- He's really good.
What about your mom? My mom She used to sing.
The two of them had a band.
Then I was born and she had to find an ordinary job, while Dad kept doing what he wanted.
And eventually, he made it.
Since then, I don't like summer as much.
Why? Dad leaves in June and comes back in September.
Do you miss him? Not anymore.
You won't hurt me, will you? Because I warn you, I'm not the type.
I have no intention of crying, suffering, seeing you leave and having to wait for you.
Those things are not for me.
So if that's your intention, you might as well tell me now.
And we'll call it quits.
A handshake, and we go back to being friends.
So? What do you say? Let's not waste time, just say it.
I think I'm falling in love with you.
You've got nothing to say? I'm sorry.
Maybe I went too far.
I mean, I just Shh.
When you are here with me ♪ This room no longer has any walls ♪ But it has trees ♪ Infinite trees ♪ When you are next to me ♪ This purple ceiling ♪ No, it no longer exists ♪ I only see the sky above us ♪ As we lie here ♪ Abandoned ♪ As if there was nothing else ♪ What a drag.
- He keeps calling.
- Answer.
Dario, what is it? Yeah, but Yeah, I can't talk now, though.
Yes, we'll talk later.
All right.
- How about 9:30? - Ten.
- Ten.
- Ten.
- Okay.
- Bye.
What is it? Oh hello.
Yes, of course.
No, I haven't told anyone.
All right.
Okay, all right.
See you later.
- What's up? - The usual What do you think? All good? Listen remember when your brother said he found an alien in the garage? - Must have been fourth or fifth grade.
- Yes, I recall that.
What would he say, exactly? That he had found it at Villa Borghese, that it got lost, and he brought it home - otherwise it would piss off the police.
- Yes, right! - What a dork! - So funny.
He had just watched E.
and made all that up to scare us.
What made you think of that? I don't know.
Lots of memories are coming back to mind.
Little things I thought I had forgotten.
It must be Summy.
Meaning? I don't know.
She just has this weird effect on me.
I've never felt like this before.
It shows.
But that's a good thing, right? Yeah.
How about you? What's going on? I've got something to tell you.
No, stop there.
I get it.
- I know.
- You know what? - No, I mean I figured it out.
- You figured out what? Ever since I found that video on your computer.
What video? Maybe I should have told you about it, but I didn't know if you were in the mood.
Will you explain what you're talking about? I'm trying to explain.
I found a video of Maddalena on your laptop, but it was by accident.
You were looking at my laptop? What kind of fucking friend are you? Come on, I didn't do it on purpose.
It was an accident, but that's not the point.
The point is that if you want to hit on her, I'm cool with that.
Yeah, because I'd need permission to hit on her, right? No, I didn't mean that.
But as far as I'm concerned I can't do a thing without your permission, right? What? What are you talking about? - Dario - You know what? Maybe I will hit on her, so you'll stop worrying.
- Calm down.
- I'm not fucking calming down.
I'd chill out, if I were you.
No, listen up.
I came here for you.
I left home.
All to follow you.
Yet, you filled my head with bullshit.
You promised I'd make the team, what happened to that? You don't know anything, okay? I know everything.
What do you know? That ever since you've been with her, you've been pissing everything away.
You're a dickhead.
And you're just fucking jealous.
What the fuck are you doing? Are you out of your mind? You must be crazy.
I didn't know someone was in here.
Don't worry.
I don't have a clue what I'm doing, anyway.
Are you going out tonight? Yes.
Riccardo sold his house, so we're celebrating, going out to dinner.
Of all the things one could use to try to hit on you.
Come on, he's only a friend.
He'd never hit on me.
Are you going out? Mm Yes, later.
- Mom? - What is it, sweetheart? Uh technically, when can one say that she's a grown-up? Technically it depends.
It depends.
Like, when you don't like going on rides anymore? No, because grown-ups like going on rides sometimes, too.
- How do I look? Nice, right? - Yes.
You look great! In the fridge we have tomatoes, rice salad and I don't remember! It's late! You're late.
Sorry, I couldn't find my way here.
Why did you want to meet here? Because I wanted to talk somewhere quiet.
Where no one would see us.
But I've got nothing to hide.
Are you sure you won't go back to racing with your dad? Yes.
I'm sure.
Okay, very well.
Sit down.
Going out? Mm-hm.
- What is it like? - What? Having a boyfriend.
It's weird.
But nice as well.
- How long have I got? - Not long.
If we want to do it, we have to do it now.
Alessandro if you join our team, you'll be able to do things your way, at last.
And if I wanted to bring in someone as part of the staff? We can talk about it.
Think about it.
Dario! You got me worried with that "I have to see you" text.
Dario, what's wrong? I'm not well.
It's because I do things I don't want to, and I don't do the things I want.
- You want to sit down? - So I'm not well.
Maddalena, I love you.
What? I'm sorry.
You love me? Yes, I love you.
And I have for a long time.
I imagine telling you "good morning" and "good night" every day.
When I leave home, I hear your voice, but you're not there.
The music I write is for you.
When I'm alone, I talk to you.
When I look at the sea, when I drink a beer or smoke a joint I'd like to do that all with you, and you alone.
I'd ask you everything.
What you think, how you see the world And how you manage to smile this way.
And I'd like that smile to be only for me.
I'd like you to love me as much as I love you.
What do you say? Okay, people.
Let's make some noise! On three! Wait.
Just think we never had a fight, not even once, - until we bought that house.
- No way.
We couldn't agree on anything! Nothing.
Nothing at all.
Listen to this We even fought over which font to use for the name on our intercom.
- No! Come on - Yes, that too! But anyhow I'm doing all the talking.
You do talk.
In fact, I talk too much.
I promise I'll shut up.
So you can tell me something about you.
What can I say? Tell me about when you were a showgirl.
I wasn't a showgirl I wasn't a showgirl.
I was a singer.
Oh, right! - See how much I don't know about you? - A lot.
Anyhow, I stopped, and that was ages ago.
- Do you miss it? - Yeah, a bit.
It must have been hard to quit.
At the beginning, it was.
Then, you get used to it.
Or maybe, you know You get used to the fact that you miss it.
You get Think about it.
Okay, I will Actually, there's something I never asked you.
- But I'd like to - Go ahead.
Um How are things with your husband? We're not married, and we're going through a rough patch.
A rough patch that's been going on for a while.
It's just that I really miss I miss having a normal life.
- You understand? - Hm.
A normal life.
Doing things like this.
That's it.
So, you live here all year long? Mm-hmm.
What is it like? Normal.
Isn't it boring in winter? Listen, how about we stop telling ourselves our life stories and go somewhere quieter? - Don't worry, it's on me.
- What are you doing? - I won't waste your time.
- No wait! Sorry, I had a tough day.
You don't even remember my name, right? - Of course I do.
- So what is it? All right, I don't remember.
And I didn't make an effort to remember it either since we'll never see each other again.
You think I'm a bitch, right? The kind of superficial, insensitive liar who changes girlfriends on a whim? Maybe you're right.
By the way, I'm Sofia.
My name's Irene.
Can we start over? Let's do things properly.
What do you say? Okay.
Blue, I'm going out.
Blue? Blue? It was sweet of you to accept my invitation.
I've been wanting to try this for ages.
Sure thing.
It's my pleasure.
You're such a good dancer.
My dad's been pestering me about this liscio dancing since I was a kid.
I must have picked up some by osmosis.
- I'm so lucky.
- Why? You must be surrounded by girls.
- Come on, cut it out - No, I mean it.
You know you're really sexy? No one has ever said that to me before.
Thank you.
Sorry, wait a moment.
- What is it? - I'll be right back, just a moment.
Blue what are you doing here? Edo.
I waited for my turn.
Your turn for what? I think we should be together.
- Blue - Summy doesn't want you, - so I can be your girlfriend instead.
- Blue, it doesn't work like that.
I care about you, but you're like a sister to me.
You will always be.
Edo, I don't want to be your little sister.
- Wait a minute, Blue.
- Let go of me.
Everything okay? I don't know.
How did you endure it, all this time? How did I Ale is a friend.
You're sweet.
I'm not sweet.
I'm a loser.
You're not a loser.
You may think you are, but you're not at all.
Dario, no one has ever said such beautiful words to me.
Yeah, but they didn't work.
Yeah, but it's not because of you.
- Is there someone else already? - No.
It's just that right now I couldn't be with anyone.
I really suffered a lot, so I want to use this summer to be on my own, and to figure things out.
Just one thing.
By any chance, when you have figured things out, you think something could happen between us? Maybe.
I said "I'll be back soon" ♪ Like every time I get back at 4:00 ♪ And I strangle a Corona with lemon ♪ So she won't tell you what I did ♪ Like that cover, the black one ♪ The moon is white And you'll be my prism ♪ To color my life in a lighter shade ♪ With the bomber inside out I look like a Hare Krishna ♪ We started from the bottom With nothing to our name ♪ But in this world you need to make it ♪ And if you're surrounded by money As if it were corn ♪ It's likely you're nothing But a scarecrow ♪ Give me oxygen to breathe To keep me on the edge ♪ Help me think this day wasn't so gray ♪ Just like when you find the sand From the year before inside your bag ♪ Do you ever think about the two of us? ♪ About our mistakes ♪ And those who made fun of us Or the mood swings that cause drama ♪ It sucks so bad to be 20 ♪ But how beautiful it is to be afraid ♪ The path is nothing but a liner That colors the eyes of the plain ♪ How did you manage all this time without electricity? Huh? I said, how did you manage all this time without any electricity? Ah.
Like this, with candles.
Nice, it's old school.
Anyhow, nice house.
I see how it might have been hard for you to sell it, because it's beautiful.
But I realized that it just made me really sad.
So, all the better.
Now I feel a lot better.
- Good! - Yes.
- Very good! - Very good.
I'm glad.
What are you doing? I'm sorry, it's my fault.
I shouldn't have come.
I'd better get going.
No, wait We had a good time.
We had a great time.
Yes, so I'm taken, Riccardo.
Not just taken, but in love, which is different.
I'm sorry that you're not and you feel lonely, because you're nice, kind, and I admit you're not bad looking.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
But I really can't.
You understand, right? Hello? Yes, it's me.
, 10:07 p.
, 10:13 p.
, 10:20 p.
SUMMER: BLUE'S BEEN TAKEN TO THE ER SEE U THERE - Where is she? - The doctors are with her now.
What happened? I don't know.
She was hit by a car.
- Where were you? - Me? Where were you? I kept calling you.
Summy, the one night I go out Of all nights.
And all this happens? You're never there even when you are.
Do you understand? What are you doing here? I texted you not to come.
What am I doing here? You said you were at the hospital.
I was worried.
- I called you a bunch of times.
- My phone was turned off, I couldn't talk.
Well, now I'm the one who can't talk.
Get lost.
I came here for you.
Blue is hurt.
She's all that matters now.
Please, just go.
You're no use here, anyway.
Just go.
Just go.
And you haven't spoken since? No.
I texted her on her birthday, but that's about it.
You were really in love.
But I don't know what to do with Blue.
I wouldn't want to hurt her.
You think you can solve everyone's problems? Not everyone's.
- Just those I care about.
- But you can't.
Especially if you're the problem.
- So what should I do? - Nothing.
Life's simple.
You think so? Yeah.
If you want it to be Yes.
It's nice here, at this hour.
Usually when I stay up all night, I don't even know where I am.
I actually like waking up early.
At this hour, it's as if every place has a secret life.
You thinking of kissing me? No.
It's a good sign.
You're getting her out of your head.
- Who? - The girl you like.
The one you do everything to avoid thinking about.
Does she know? It's complicated.
You should tell her.
- I'd lose her.
- You don't know that.
I actually do.
You already know too much about me.
I'll have to get rid of you.
Or we can do something more fun.
- It's wonderful! - The water is so cold! It's wonderful! How are you? Darling, let's go.
Can we go? - We're going back home.
- Okay.
Look who's here.
- Good night.
- 'Night.
- Good morning.
- Night, because we are going to sleep.
Oh, right! Good night.
I didn't want to say those things I didn't mean them.
I'll take you somewhere.
- Where? - With this.
- Is it new? - It's really old.
It's so beautiful.
Let's break it in, then.
- But I can't.
- Why not? I don't want to leave Blue alone.
She's with your mom.
And I have to go to work later.
- Really? - Mm.
Shall I call them for you? No, don't bother.
Summy let's go.
It's important.
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