Summertime (2020) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

1 I mean, there are some folks out there who don't even need to speak because a simple look says it all, ya know.
LAST WINTER That's me and him, just takes a look.
So you're gonna ask me why I don't want to be his mechanic anymore.
Yeah, about that.
Very good question.
It's just that we've got to put some distance between ourselves to get along.
Because if I get too close to him, I might get burned, but if I I get too far, then I am in the cold.
And I'm not making any sense right now.
It's just that Ale and me, his name is Ale, what we have is a bond.
A bond that's conflicted right now.
LOOKING FOR WORK? FIND IT HERE So, um, machines and motors is a no? No, no.
Definitely not.
"Food and beverage"? You mean cooking? But I can barely use a microwave.
Just pick up the food and bring it somewhere.
How's that? Ah.
That works, yeah.
Well then, uh, happy holidays.
- Yeah, good luck.
- Thank you.
With your friend too.
["Sosta" playing.]
I stare into the sun as if It were two meters above the ground ♪ With no direction and instruction ♪ RIMINI INTERNATIONAL AIRPOR [Dario.]
Oh! [laughs.]
Hey, super bro.
- Hey, what's up, dawg? - Hi.
- [Ale laughing.]
- Ah! [Dario.]
So how long ya here? [Ale.]
UhI leave on Monday.
- You're leaving? - Yes.
- Again? - Yeah.
How come you're suddenly coming back and forth so often? Oh, I came just to see you.
- Yeah, right.
- [laughing.]
Nah, it's to see my parents.
Whatever you don't want to tell me, fine.
- I've gotten back together with Summer.
- Huh? - Yeah.
- For real? - Hey.
- What? - Pull over a minute.
Explain to me.
- Pull over where? Pull over a second here.
What's a matter with you? - Come on! Hey! - [laughs.]
- When, dude? - [laughs.]
Uh recently, but it all happened just like that.
Bam! - Like, it was meant to be, I think.
- [groans.]
You sure it's the right thing to do? Absolutely certain, dude.
I'm positive, Dario.
It's like, I dunno if you know when everything's a mess, and you just want to headbutt a wall, but at some point you stop trying to do everything or the right thing, and it all just falls into place? - You're scaring me.
- Why is that? I dunno, you're like a love guru all of a sudden.
You're laughing about it.
You're not angry.
No, no, in fact, the truth is I don't know if I can handle a long-distance relationship, ya know? - So move back.
- Move back? I've got the team, the bikes, the races.
I've fought my whole life to be there.
I know but you can't spend your whole life racing and riding bikes, right? Yeah, maybe you're right.
I missed you last winter.
- You gonna kiss me or what? - [laughs.]
All right.
Let's go.
- Oh, Dario.
- Yeah? - Don't tell anyone, okay? - No.
- Dario.
- I swear.
Look me in the eyes.
That time at the fountain ♪ When you said to me ♪ - Come into the water ♪ - [Blue.]
What's up, hon? Can you buy some milk if you go out, it's finished, and some bags for recycling Milk and bags? Okay.
Was it Mom? - Uh-huh.
- Why did you pause it? [splutters.]
I can turn it back on.
Do you miss her? You know, Mom is doing something very important for herself, and I want her to do what she has to do.
She'll be back soon anyway.
That wasn't my question.
Why did I have to have such clever kids? ["Città Vuota" by Mina playing.]
The streets are full ♪ The crowd around me ♪ Talking to me and laughing ♪ They don't know about you ♪ Around me, people passing and going ♪ But I know that the city ♪ Will look empty ♪ If you don't come back ♪ How can you ♪ Live alone without me ♪ - How is it? - It's nice.
That our love hasn't ended ♪ The empty streets ♪ Deserted without you ♪ I read your name ♪ All around me ♪ Come back, my love ♪ And the city won't be empty anymore ♪ It's been so long since I felt this way.
Last summer, right? Yeah.
And I'll live with you ♪ All my days ♪ EDO: HOW ARE YOU? GIULIA, I'M SORRY I WAS AN ASSHOLE.
 ANSWER ME Hey, Edo.
Can you help me, please? [grunts.]
- Got it.
- Thanks.
Oh, wait.
[Wanda sighs.]
I am zapped.
How are you able to do all of this on your own? In theory, Dad was supposed to be here.
In theory.
Oh well, well then.
But also, work does me good.
Keeps me from thinking.
Well, it seems that you got that from your mother, huh? Your dad doesn't think about things at all.
- I don't think so.
- Yeah.
In fact, everyone says I'm exactly like my mom.
I guess she was a pretty smart woman, hm? Yeah.
But, ya know, being like your dad also has its positive aspects.
Because if you overthink everything, you might never take the plunge.
Anyone here? Is anyone home or? Hi.
- So, you're here.
- Hi.
- How did it go? - Good.
We had a good house.
- And here? - Uh we're fine.
It's been difficult pretending everything's okay.
Listen, Isa, I think maybe we should tell them.
You want to tell the girls? Like that? It's better to do it quick.
But why the rush? Because they know something's up.
And because I don't want to pretend anymore, and drag this out for too long, ya know.
[inhales deeply.]
Can you give me some time? I have my concerts now.
I don't want to mess them up.
I want to hug the girls.
And have a quick shower.
Whatever you want.
["Lucy" by Veneruse and MACE playing.]
To you and Summer.
To your MILF.
- [chuckles.]
Rita, her name is Rita.
- Rita, Rita.
How are things with Rita? How are things? She always uses her son as an excuse to keep me ten miles away.
But are you ready to take care of a kid, Dario? I don't know.
Uh it's that I've never felt like this, ever.
It's all so all so new to me.
So what are you doing here with me? - [chuckles.]
- Go see her.
Go where, Ale? Where? [clicks tongue.]
Hang on.
This grinds my gears.
I don't understand.
I gotta leave bikes, races, everything, just to just to come back here.
but you can't stay with a woman you obviously love because she's got a kid? - You see me being a father? - No one's asking you to be his father.
Maybe you'll be good at it anyway.
Who knows? It makes me so angry.
Spending your whole life in the pit.
Get in the race.
You sounded like your dad just now.
- You're insulting me now.
- [both laughing.]
- Hi.
Ale, you're here? - Hey, there.
Yeah yeah.
I'm here for a couple of days to sit on the beach.
No beach in Barcelona? - Yeah.
And - [laughing.]
I've gotta go because um I have to help my mother with some stuff.
And I promised her I would be back, so we´ll talk later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[clears throat.]
- A bit weird, huh? - Huh? - Ale.
- You think? Yeah, takes off as soon as I arrive.
Well he's busy.
He did say that.
He said that that he had to go.
- And what's up with you? - Me? What? I'm just I mean I I'm supposed to tell you everything that's going on? - You mean you or Ale? - Me? Have I ever kept anything from you? - So Ale is hiding something then.
- Absolutely not.
- Dario.
Is there anything you need to say? - What? No.
Absolutely not, I said.
I swore not to.
What did you swear? Okay.
Just tell me.
He's back with Summer.
I am an idiot.
I shouldn't have told you.
That was wrong.
Pretend I didn't say anything.
Oh Sofia, I'm sorry.
Don't It will be a disaster if you tell them you know what is going on.
She's my best friend, and she doesn't tell me anything.
Come on.
Maybe she will tell you herself.
We're in bad shape, huh? ["Blues By My Side" by Aaron Kaplan and Kevin Globerman playing.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Where's Mom? - Mom will be here.
- She'll be here soon.
- What are you doing? Cooking.
I told you.
No, it's just It's just that you're making a mess.
It's a mess all right.
I got three calls, then you show up, and I got egg whites in a bowl, but I'll fix it.
It's fine.
- You want a hand? - With what? Cooking.
- You? - I learned how to cube perfectly.
Go ahead.
- This? - Yeah.
But cut in slices, not cubes.
I'm making a carbonara.
- You mean strips? - It's not amatriciana.
- [imitates dad.]
- Yeah, slices.
- If you're going to be like that - Sorry.
- What? What? - No, it's weird.
It's just that I'm used to seeing you with engine grease and stuff on your hands.
Now you're here with olive oil and a dash of flakey salt.
- [shakes salt.]
- [salt hits pan.]
That's just me though.
Forget it.
So what's going on? - With who? - You're just here to see us, really? - No.
- No.
What's up? That one's okay.
- Did you fight with Miguel? - Of course not.
- Then what is it? - [whisking.]
It's that - I broke up with Lola.
- Oh.
I see.
It happens.
- [sighs.]
- And now I'm back with Summer.
Everything's fine.
If everything's fine, then why the long face? Pecorino goes in there.
- Like, between you and Mom - Yeah.
Since you got back together, everything's been fine? Yes.
It's no bed of roses, but, you know I'm a lot to deal with.
Hurry up.
Come on.
You do the honors.
- Listen to how it sizzles, all right? - Okay.
Go on.
Elbow grease.
- [Ale.]
What? Oh.
- [dad.]
Toss it! - [dad.]
Come on! - [Ale.]
More? - [dad.]
It'll stick! Come on! - [Ale.]
All right.
- Here.
- Thank you for dropping it off.
You're welcome.
The scooter, everything is fine.
I also checked the brakes, the oil, everything.
- Just like new.
- Yeah.
Thank you, really.
And tell me if I owe you something.
I dunno No, are you kidding me? You don't have to.
Yeah, no, it's fine.
And what's, uh - Davide.
- Davide.
My little troublemaker.
Come here, honey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Who are you? - [Rita and Dario chuckle.]
- Good question.
Uh A friend of Mama.
Come on.
It's time to go.
Let's go, sweetie.
- Thanks for everything.
- You're welcome.
Can I go on the slide one more time? No, sweetie.
You can't because it's late, and we have to go home.
We stayed longer just to wait for Mommy's friend, right? But now he's here, so we gotta hit the road.
I gotta make a phone call for work.
- Come on.
- Really, no, no, Davide.
I'm serious.
If you want, you can make your call while I keep an eye on him.
- No, no.
Absolutely not.
No way.
- Please! - He insists.
- [Davide pleading.]
- Fine.
- Okay? Okay.
- It's a deal, you see? - I give in.
- We won.
- [Rita laughs.]
- See ya.
- Yeah.
Can you take me to the rides after? [Dario.]
The rides too? We'll see, okay? ["Come Fanno Le Onde" by Svegliaginevra playing.]
But I don't know how to do it How I'll do it ♪ To feel good, good My head is bursting ♪ I promise I'll come drunk to your party ♪ To take the things I left behind ♪ You're the one who said That love has changed me ♪ Go.
They're waiting.
I'm sorry I can't bring you to the airport, Ale.
It's fine, don't worry.
We both know it's complicated for now.
It blows.
You barely spent any time with me.
I don't want things to end up like last winter.
I don't want that either.
Go, or you're gonna miss your flight.
Come with me.
Where to? To Barcelona.
Right now? [chuckles.]
No, like, in general.
I mean like, maybe move in with me.
Ale, that's just crazy.
Summy, I'm gonna lose my mind if I don't see you every day.
The only problem now is that I've signed a contract.
So, I can't come back here, but as soon it expires, we're free.
I mean, we can do whatever we want.
Um I don't know.
I've got to consider Paris, university, my grant.
I don't Okay, okay, okay.
It's fine, just think about it.
Take whatever time you need.
It's fine.
There's no rush for this.
Just tell me.
Tell me when you're ready.
Okay? Okay.
Hmm? Gotta go.
- Can you do it? - Can I do it? Yeah, I am a pro.
- Here, thanks.
- [laughs.]
Come here.
Go like this.
- [grunts.]
- [bell rings.]
- [laughs.]
- Wow.
- You wanna try? - Yeah! - Go.
- [Rita.]
Hit it hard.
- Yeah.
- It's a bit faulty, I think.
Come here.
One more try.
So, put your arm up here and put your hand here.
Stop, lock your wrist, and when you're ready to punch One, two - [grunts.]
- [bell rings.]
- Whoa! Awesome! That a boy! - Yeah! Wait, stay here.
Let's get Mom to try too.
Yeah? - I don't want to make you two look bad.
- We'll see about that.
- So like this, right? - Yeah.
- Aim here.
Keep your wrist steady.
- [bell rings.]
- [gasps.]
- Yeah! - Yeah! Great! - Yeah! Bravo! - Bravo! - [laughs.]
Oh, hey, Dad.
Oh, Edo, I'm sorry.
I knocked, but I thought you weren't in, so I - It's okay.
- I came because I wanted to give you this.
- What is it? Oh.
- It belonged to Mom.
She wrote everything down in this, her thoughts, her poetry - Poetry? - Yes.
She was a big writer of poetry.
But I wasn't ever allowed to read it.
It's in German anyway.
How could I? - [laughs.]
- I don't speak a word.
[Loris chuckles.]
See, Edo, I tried over the years to do what I could for you.
And I'm sure that your mom would have done better, you know.
What are you saying? Come on, Dad.
Anyway, I figured it would be best if I gave it to you.
First of all, because you understand German.
And you might still have one or two things to say to each other.
Oh, if you find something in there about me, tell me, okay? - Of course.
- [chuckles.]
I gotta shove off now.
Wanda's very strict with dinner time.
You wouldn't believe.
- See you.
- Bye, Dad.
[door closes.]
["Ventilatore Rotto" by Erin playing.]
What are you still doing here? I'm meeting somebody here.
I'm just waiting.
I brought you the tray though.
And who are you waiting for? - Milena.
- Ah.
She's a little late.
She's fun Milena.
- Yes.
She thinks you're fun too.
- Ah.
Well, waiting here or on the beach makes no difference, right? - Yeah.
- Hm.
With the job that we do, we hardly ever get to sit on the beach.
I've gotten used to it.
I've worked every summer over the past few years.
Poor thing.
Living here, I've always taken the beach for granted a bit But I'm pretty sure that if I were to live far away, ya know, I'd miss it probably.
You know that guy I liked? You remember? Of course.
Well, he asked if I would go live with him in Barcelona.
Well, they got beaches there too.
It's what I wanted, but now I don't know.
I don't know anymore.
Should I live with him, or stay here, or go study in Paris? Where they have a pretty respectable river.
You can swim all you want, even over there.
- [chuckles.]
- [laughs.]
All right.
Better, right? So, what's the problem with moving to Barcelona? Nothing.
It's just not what I had imagined.
Maybe I'm worried things with Ale won't won't go well.
I'm afraid I can't go back.
I don't know.
I can't seem to make sense of anything.
Two years ago, I was in Indonesia, alone.
Suddenly, I got so sick, like really bad.
I spent a whole week or more with a bad fever in a remote hostel, in a village that wasn't even on the map.
Who knows where I'd even ended up.
And my friends were all like, "What the fuck are you doing there? Just leave.
" But I didn't.
I just stayed put.
I don't know why, but I felt that, uh that that that was the right choice.
But then, all of a sudden, something, uh something happened.
- [makes suspenseful noise.]
- What? [chuckles.]
My fever just went away.
Really, it was just over, just overnight.
I wake up.
I look around.
I see this panorama, marvelous view.
Tons of people working, shopping, riding bikes, playing And then I realized that I I didn't want to leave.
I wanted to stay there.
I only got this idea because someone else put it in my mind, but I wanted to stay there.
Don't worry.
Just take your time.
Don't be in a rush.
As long asyou are making the decisions, not other people or or circumstances.
Hi, Alfredo.
Good morning, Mr.
Is Blue here? Blue, Alfredo's here.
- I wanted to give her this.
- [Blue.]
Hi, Blue.
They're disappearing.
The bees.
- This explains why.
- [chuckles.]
Wanna go to the movies with me? - [Isa.]
- Hi.
Take this.
- Hi.
I'm the mom.
- Alfredo.
- You wanna stay for dinner? - Sure, yeah.
Why not? [Isa.]
I got lots of food.
Some other time for the movies? [angrily.]
No! Some other time isn't the same thing! Blue, why are you being so rude? [sighs.]
[metal clanging.]
- [knocks at door.]
- [door opens.]
May I come in? [footsteps approaching.]
Your mom didn't do it on purpose.
You don't have to be so upset.
You know, when I was your age, I felt just like you do now.
I thought my parents only messed things up and always misunderstood.
I guess I was right.
Tell me, honey.
Why is it that when I fall in love I become invisible? Because when we fall in love with someone, we forget a bit about ourselves.
We want everything to go well.
But things happen the way they are supposed to and there's nothing we can do.
But we gotta keep trying, always.
Mom, can Dario stay with us for dinner? Maybe another time, okay? Go in now and start setting the table.
I'll be right behind you.
You're pretty good at punch ball, but I'll practice.
I'm gonna show you next time.
Was it anything I said or did? You were really wonderful.
It really was a marvelous day, but we can't be at the funfair every day.
I'm sorry.
What does that mean exactly? It means that it's a bit more complicated than that with a boy.
That's all.
I know, but I mean, we were Dario, it's sleepless nights, bad temper tantrums, vomit, asthma, anxiety eating you alive every second.
Your life isn't your own anymore, and you'll always be second.
Is this what you want? I doubt it.
- What do you know? - I know.
Trust me.
I know.
Dario, I like you.
- Really, I do.
- Yeah? But I know how it's gonna end.
We'll see each other for a while.
We'll be happy, you, me, Davide.
We'll go out or you'll come over.
You'll sleep with me.
We'll have breakfast together in the morning.
Then suddenly things will stop working, and Understandably, you'll go your way, and he will be so upset.
- Hmm.
- That's the way it went with my ex.
Yeah, but why does it have to end badly? Why mention your ex? There are a million reasons why things don't work out.
I can't.
Even if I like being with you, I I can't choose this just for me.
But now you're choosing for both of us, and that doesn't seem very fair.
- Maybe.
- Hm.
But okay.
I can't risk things going badly.
For you or for Davide? [sighs.]
I feel like he's just your excuse.
We slept together a few times, now you know me? - Yeah, "a few times.
" Nice.
- You don't know me.
- I don't know you? - No.
So it's not true that you're just afraid of getting close.
- Leave now.
- Leave? - Yes, please.
- Maybe you're right.
I should.
Fuck you.
["Amore Disperato" by Nada playing.]
She looks like an angel Fallen from the sky ♪ The way she's dressed When she goes to The Blue Saxophone ♪ [Sofi laughs.]
- It's a bit outdated, the music.
- [laughs.]
- But it's fun.
I'm into it.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Seems you have an admirer over there.
I think you've had a bit too much to drink.
I'm sorry.
Don't I have more experience than you at this? - I don't know about that.
- Oh really? [laughs.]
I tell you what, wanna bet as soon as I get up, she's gonna come over and talk to you? But isn't that her girlfriend over there? Yeah, so what? She doesn't need to be jealous.
- [laughs.]
- Seriously.
So if I win, tomorrow you gotta bring me 100 photos of the beach in black and white.
And I want them, really, and I want each one more beautiful than the last.
- A hundred photos of the beach? - Yeah.
But why? I don't know.
But you better bring them to me.
Bring the photos, then we'll see.
You have a deal.
Pinky swear.
- That's right, a pinky swear.
- [laughs.]
[clears throat.]
Ten, nine - [woman.]
- Hi.
Are you bored, drinking here by yourself? [both laugh awkwardly.]
- Oh man.
I embarrassed you.
- [chuckles.]
No, no.
- Yes, I'm sorry.
I embarrassed you.
- Yeah, a bit.
Sofi, you're so beautiful, you know that? Is that a boyfriend or girlfriend? [ringing.]
Neither one.
Ah! Then it's my lucky day.
[laughs[ - She's not picking up.
- Maybe she's out too.
- It's nice here, by the way.
- Uh-huh.
Isn't it? Yeah.
I really envy you, you know.
Why? Everything seems so easy for you.
For example, with Jonas, you slept together.
The end.
Friends again like before.
Zero drama.
It's easy when you don't care about someone.
When you're in love, it's more difficult.
May I, ladies? - Yes, thanks.
- Yes.
Where do we go now? There's Orion.
- Where? - There.
Do you see that bunch of stars? - It looks more like a pitcher of flowers.
- Yeah, precisely.
- Are you into astrology? - You mean horoscopes? - Yeah.
- No.
Not very much.
- Ah, bummer.
- Why? Are you? - Of course.
- [both laughing.]
Very interesting.
So you believe planetary alignments tell us who we should be with, things like that? - Well, they're pretty accurate.
- Come on.
So how about this then? If you can guess what sign I am, I'll do a dare.
And if not, you will.
- You are [laughs.]
- [laughs.]
I am Cancer.
You're a Pisces.
Yeah, a Pisces, ascendant - The ascendant too? - [laughs.]
- Ascendant - [laughs.]
No fucking way.
That's crazy.
- Did I get it? - No.
[both laughing.]
Pay the price.
I suppose I should.
What am I doing? [nervously.]
Oh, okay.
You gotta do something, right? Is that it? [both laugh.]
You're definitely not a Pisces.
- I can't.
I'm sorry.
- Why? There's someone else.
Yep, something seemed off.
What if we don't tell anybody.
Yeah, but I would still know.
"Liebe und Singen läßt sich nicht zwingen.
" "Zwingen" [keys clicking.]
" [pencil scribbling.]
"Love and singing can't be forced.
" ["Brodo" by Laila Al Hasbash playing.]
You're all kind to me ♪ Only if you see me empty ♪ I'm late Or maybe I have never arrived ♪ [rings.]
The more I try to stand out ♪ The more I find myself here struggling ♪ [phone ringing.]
What I'm asking myself is How do you cope? ♪ We will be beautiful like the sun ♪ - Hey.
- [Irene.]
Um Did you just call me? No.
Yes Uh Maybe like a butt dial.
It was deliberate.
It was deliberate.
That's unexpected.
Yeah, I know.
- But I'm happy you did.
- Oh, sorry.
How are you? Good.
You? What's the word in Greece? It's good.
It's good.
The sea is beautiful.
Yeah, I'm sure.
And there? How are things? It's okay, the usual.
- [whispers.]
I'd say fantastic.
- Hold on.
One sec, please.
We're wonderful.
Do you want a swig? - I'll be right there.
- Okay.
Sofi? Say hi to whoever she is.
Sofi? - Hey.
- Everything okay? You sound a bit weird.
No, Ire.
Everything sucks.
Do you feel like talking more? When? Like, in general.
You know? Sofi, of course, I feel like it.
So, how is it over there? [elevator bell dings.]
- Good evening.
- [Ale.]
Uh Do you have a room? - Would you like a single or double? - Single.
One moment.
[buttons clicking.]
Room 345.
It's on the third floor.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
["Dreamscape" by Beds and Beats playing.]
Did you see that guy? Who? That one.
He checked you out.
- Relax.
There's nothing wrong with it.
- [laughs.]
It's good now and then to take a little break, have a little fun! Come on! [laughs.]
Every morning, we bet on what breakfast the clients are going to select to eat.
And I win every day.
I mean, when they check-in, I need one look at them and I know.
Fruit salad, yogurt, or even croissant and cappuccino I'm never wrong, never.
ALE: 1 MISSED CALL Sorry, I'll be right back.
You give me All the strength that ♪ [phone vibrating.]
I mean, I don't know anything about my daughters anymore.
Me! Isa, I think it's time to tell the truth.
- Do we really need to talk about this now? - Yes.
We have to talk about it.
You think it's time for that? Right now? You've seen how Blue is so insecure, and who knows what Summy is thinking now.
Don't you think it could be because something's going on with their parents.
If they had gotten upset whenever things weren't going well with us, where would they be now? [sighs.]
What's that mean? Do you know how many times I thought of leaving you? Do you? I never did it, Anthony.
I never did it though you were never there.
And you gave me every excuse in the book for not being with the girls.
I kept this afloat with every ounce of strength I could muster.
What do you want me to say? Do you want me to say thank you? Huh? - For staying with me? [angrily.]
Thank you! - Bravo.
- [angrily.]
Thank you! - Yeah, yeah.
You should.
And you should probably also learn how to wait for people.
Because you don't have an ounce of patience.
- You've never had any patience.
- [sighs frustratedly.]
You can't wait to blame me for anything, so you can play the victim, but you've got to wait.
Isa, Isa, what are you saying? Have you lost it? No, I'm perfectly clear.
You've never been able to stay in sync with me.
You've never I apologize, but it makes it hard for me to sync up with you.
First, you wanna break up with me, and we can't tell anybody.
Hm? Then, fine.
We'll tell them, but who knows when.
Don't you get how that becomes like torture? What do you want from me? Huh? You've at least gotta be able to tell me what you want, Isa.
I suffered all your berating, and I kept quit the entire time.
And I lost my daughters too.
Now it's your turn.
You have to tell the kids! We aren't kids anymore.
["18 Anni" by ARIETE playing.]
You don't know who to talk to What to get high on ♪ What can we do about it? ♪ You ask me on Friday ♪ I'm 18, and I'm not like the others ♪ I'm not looking for a university ♪ I'm trying to calm down ♪ TO ALE: I MADE UP MY MIND I'LL COME TO BARCELONA Maybe I'll live like this ♪ I was dreaming Of Amsterdam and cigarettes ♪ Road trips with my best friends ♪ No one ever got a driving license ♪ No one ever got anywhere ♪ And if you passed by here I wouldn't mind ♪ Remembering school And remembering parties ♪ And if you passed by here I wouldn't mind ♪ I'd pretend nothing ever happened ♪ High school and then the Arts Academy ♪ You're out with your older friends ♪ But you don't talk about your problems ♪ I made so many mistakes ♪ But you are 18, and you can't relate ♪ Between clubbing And drinks with tranquilizers ♪ What can we do about it? ♪ I'll ask his friends ♪ I'm 18, and I'm not like the others ♪ You don't know how many times They've tried to change me ♪ And what can I do ♪ If I'm not good enough for you? ♪ I'll see you again when we're older When we're tired ♪ Yes, I'll see you again ♪ I'll see you again When we're older, older, older ♪ If we get there ♪ I'll see you again when we're older When we're tired ♪ Yes, I'll see you again ♪ I'll see you again When we're older, older, older ♪ If we get there ♪ I'm 18, and I'm not like the others ♪ You don't know how many times They've tried to change me ♪ And what can I do ♪ If I'm not good enough for you? ♪ I'm 18, and I'm not like the others ♪ You don't know how many times They tried to change me ♪ And what can I do ♪ If I'm not good enough for you? ♪ I'm 18 ♪
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