Summertime (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I'm back to the black again Getting fucked up again ♪ Oh no! Oh no! ♪ Old man trouble back again ♪ Thought I had the upper hand ♪ Oh no! Oh no! ♪ I'm back to the black again Getting fucked up again ♪ Oh no! Oh no! ♪ Now I drink, smoke Poke with my kinfolk ♪ Gimme drink, smoke Whatever you selling, I'm a sick joke ♪ My president's a felon, and I can't cope I'm in love with the pain ♪ We're taking on the system cause it broke, woo ♪ Hey.
Well? What's wrong? - If I lose? - If you lose? Why would you lose? You never lose.
You always win.
What if I lose? If you lose, we go home.
We rest a little bit.
We start all over again, so next time, we'll crush them all.
Okay? - Come on.
- Dad? - What? - You think I'm good though? Come here.
Do you know who's the best rider I've ever met in my whole life? - No.
- I'll tell you.
It's you.
- You only say it because you're my dad.
- No.
I'm telling you because it's true.
Incredibly enough, I also happen to be your father.
Have I convinced you? - Yeah? - Yeah.
- Shall we go now? - Let's go.
Are we crushing them? Yeah? Cool! Come.
Let's go win.
He ranks third, and him second.
I'm back to the black again ♪ Getting fucked up again ♪ Oh no! Oh no! ♪ Old man trouble back again ♪ Thought I had the upper hand Oh no! Oh no! ♪ I'm back to the black again ♪ Getting fucked up again Oh no! Oh no! ♪ One more minute and your arms would have fallen off, right? Yeah, your time was great.
Yours too.
Well, it's all thanks to the latest changes we've made to the bike.
It's not just that, and you know it.
Well, I guess I'm more relaxed now.
I only focus on racing.
Clear mind.
Oh shit, Miguel.
Come on.
Run! All I need to be happy in life Is love and a good bank account ♪ But if I'll be poor, never mind An average car will do ♪ - Why are you avoiding Miguel? - Huh? What are you doing? I'm hiding because I'm tired of him telling me about this race tomorrow and that I must win the championships.
But he's right, isn't he? If you get finish before Jacopo, the championship is yours.
Yes, I know, but repeating it constantly won't make me win any quicker.
You don't think his method works? Not sure.
It's actually the only one I know.
Except your father's Yeah, exactly.
Miguel's gone now, I think.
Let's go.
You know, you've improved a lot.
- You think so? - Yes.
After all, with a teacher like me - I could even outshine you soon.
- Missy, behave.
I mean, I think with a couple of these, you could even enter a competition.
- Really? - Yes, this one, for instance, would get you first place.
I wish.
- I've never won anything in my life, mm.
- Poor thing.
I guess I must admit, your friend is very photogenic.
Did you have sex with her? Busted.
Was that not allowed? No, it just would have been nice to know.
Are you jealous? She's my best friend, Jonas.
Perhaps she should have told you then.
She no longer tells me anything.
Have you tried talking to her? Sometimes, it's the easiest way to solve these things.
- Hi, Summy.
- Hi, Edo.
Thank you for coming.
I wanted to give these back to you.
Thank you.
Did you just come to drop off the keys? No.
I've been meaning to talk to you for a while.
I wanted to know if you've finally decided.
About Paris? I have decided, and I'm not going.
Seems like the best thing.
And you? Have you decided? - I have stuff to figure out at home.
- What stuff? - My parents are splitting.
- I'm sorry, Summy.
I had no idea.
If you and I We'd both end up staying here, we could see each other more.
I don't know if that's a good idea.
I have to get going.
Okay then bye, Edo.
Bye, Summy.
We've grown so distant.
It's like we don't even know each other anymore.
Two perfect strangers.
Well, it happens sometimes, Sofi.
You change.
You make new friends.
- You even grow.
- I mean, I didn't think it was possible.
Summy and I have been friends forever.
- Like me and Ale.
- Exactly.
I'm not in love with Ale though.
I know because you're in love with me now.
Well, the time has come.
Don't overdo it now.
You're not disappearing.
You're going back to Piero's.
See, that's the thing.
I dunno.
I mean, yeah, for a few days, but then I might go back to visit my friends and family in Rome, and uh I've got nothing going on here anyway.
All right, when are your parents arriving? - They should be here any minute.
- Hm.
A moment, a love, a dream aloud ♪ So stay there ♪ How big is it? Uh it's big enough.
There's enough room for both of you, a wonderful room with all your things, and it's just ten minutes on foot from here.
What's wrong? What's with the long face? Nothing, it's just I'm sorry you're leaving.
I know.
But you can always come to see me.
Even now.
- Now? - Yes! Of course, the apartment is a bit of a mess, but if you want.
Of course, I want.
- Come on.
Let's go, then.
- Okay.
Good morning, Mr.
Hi, Alfredo.
So then, why don't we do it next time? Hm? - Do you mind? - It's all good.
When you come, it'll be ready.
See ya.
When did you learn that? - Of all your songs, it's my favorite.
- Oh yeah? Shouldn't you be at the beach for the concert? It's early.
Are you excited? It's the end of summer festival, the crowd will be huge.
Are you trying to make me nervous? Besides a record producer will be here tonight to see me, and he's a big shot too, according to Leonarda.
He's been following me, so it's kinda cool.
- It's a wonderful thing, Mom.
- Uh-huh.
And when I think that I was about to give it all up It's also thanks to you that I didn't.
I know it's sad to see Dad moving out.
It's sad for me too.
All right.
I'm going to go get ready for the soundcheck.
But you are coming later, right? - Blue and I will be in the front row.
- Great, now I'm nervous.
- See you later.
- See you.
Sounds good.
Of course, you can stay.
You can stay as long as you want.
Thanks, Piero.
A few days, and I'm taking off.
Off to where? I hope you're not being shy.
In fact, now you can grab the tools and help me fix this baby, who is driving me nuts.
You know I quit, right? You can't say no.
Accommodation in exchange for work.
- That's exploitation.
- A bit.
DO YOU REMEMBER ME? DO YOU WANT TO COME TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY TODAY? - What's up? - Uh I was invited to a birthday party.
- Well, is it for a pretty girl, huh? - It's for a friend's son.
Well, just go then.
Don't worry.
Go where? It's not a good idea.
Hey! Hurry up, and go clean your face.
And don't forget to bring a gift to your friend's son, all right? "They become your breath your breath.
Hamburg is the sky, and its expectations, and its silences they all become a breath, your breath.
And even now that you startle, and inside me you are restless, and like me, you don't sleep, I am rich.
I am filled with the painful joy of dawn, anxiously awaiting your arrival, eager to know your face, and to reveal mine to you.
" - Hi.
- Hello.
I didn't order anything.
That's not it.
It's for the birthday.
Birthday? Isn't it Davide's birthday? No.
So it's not his birthday, but he sent me a text message.
His birthday is in January.
In January? Davide? No, wait.
Don't scold him.
I mean, it's nothing.
- Thank you.
- Davide.
- What did you get him? - Just a little something.
Mom, look at the gift Dario gave me.
I'll show you.
So with this, you go right.
With this one, left, forward, and back.
Yeah, yes.
- Got it? All right, turn it on.
- Yes.
It's super fast.
Thanks! - He got it right away.
- It's awesome! - Hey, hey.
- Hey.
Well, uh So, I'll, uh go.
Dario, wait.
Do you know how to make a cake? - Make a cake? - Uh-huh.
We could celebrate.
Yeah, what? Davide's unbirthday.
Yes, of course.
I mean, no Actually, well, no, I don't know how to make a cake.
Shall we try together? - If you want.
- Yeah.
It's not like I'm but - Let's try.
Come on.
Let's try.
- Sounds good.
Hearing the same things over and over is completely useless.
I feel good physically, I feel good mentally, but he really ruins it for me.
That's exactly what I wanted to talk about.
I'm tired too, and these could be some of our last races together, as a matter of fact.
I'm thinking of changing teams next year.
I mean, if if you think it's my fault, - we can we can talk about it you know.
- It's not.
It isn't because of you.
Don't always act Mr.
So Important.
Come on.
No, it's because of Miguel, mostly.
While we were dating, he always treated me horribly, and now he's always so nice to me.
You think he did it to pull us apart? We perform better when we're on our own.
But now, in these last races, we have to give all we've got.
Will you promise me? Deal.
Come on.
Look at how good he is.
This summer, he even learned how to cook.
- No! You made it, Edo? Nice! My goodness! So, Son, are you ready to come out of hibernation yet? - Hey.
- Hey, quiet.
Do you know how bears are? Well, he's the exact opposite.
He sleeps for the whole summer.
- Then when the summer is finally over, - Yeah.
poof, he reawakens.
Magic! Can't you leave him alone for just one minute? - Come on.
- Pour the wine, so we can toast.
You're right.
It's good for you.
- Sure? - Yeah.
- I've got it.
- She's got it.
To summer which is almost over.
Thank God for that.
Oh, come on.
Don't worry.
I know.
Next year, it will be your summer.
Trust me.
- Yeah, well, you say that every year, Dad.
- Yeah, I mean, sooner or later.
You know what? Uh it could be that this time you're actually right.
Meaning? That, if everything goes well, next summer, I might not be here.
- What are you saying? - I'm saying, who knows if I'll come back.
I've decided to leave.
Where to? Well, Hamburg.
It's your mom's city? Yeah, in fact, I'm not sure what I wanna do yet.
I saw that there are a lot of universities, or I could find some odd job.
I don't know.
But I feel that I need to live there for a while.
I, uh I really didn't expect this.
But you can't imagine how happy I am about this.
And and you could visit me.
Well, both of you can come visit.
Thank you.
Come on, let's eat before the crostata gets cold.
It must be delicious.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Thirty-six bags of plastic bottles and cans, not to mention the cigarette butts.
- You did a good job.
- We did a great job.
Have I ever told you about the gnat story? One gnat will never be able to stop a rhino, but a million gnats can at least make the rhino change its direction.
I think that this summer you have found one more gnat.
You don't like it? Blue.
I have to leave soon.
- When? - Now.
I mean I mean, soon.
My parents are coming to get me.
We're going home to Bologna.
But we can keep in touch.
And we can see each other when I visit my grandparents.
You wanna do long-distance? You don't think it would work out? I don't know, but it seems like with everyone else, it never works out.
But we're not like everyone else.
You're like a crystal wall ♪ How was it? If I think about it ♪ Sweet.
♪I faint ♪ You see, this year ♪ Give it.
I'll throw it away later.
♪the weather is changing ♪ The glaciers are melting ♪ But you never change ♪ Have you ever thought to quit it all ♪ And try again from scratch? ♪ I dive ♪ And you pretend You're feeling better ♪ The end ♪ The end ♪ This word is horrible ♪ But we need a clear point ♪ Or a boundary ♪ Until it will all be over ♪ And it will just be eye drops ♪ Falling from our eyes ♪ Summy? Hi.
Want to go for a walk? Yeah, there's still time before the show starts.
Leonarda? Can you turn down the monitor speaker a bit? Why are you so quiet? Why didn't you tell me you slept with Jonas? What's the problem? You really don't get it? No, I didn't think you were interested in Jonas.
That's not it, Summy.
I'm not interested at all.
- What is it, then? - I had a nice friendship with him.
It was open, relaxed.
I don't know what you mean.
Because you never understand, do you? What's the problem? Why are you mad at me? The whole summer, I've been asking myself, "What did I do? What happened or changed?" Oh, come on, nothing.
Nothing? How can you tell me that, Summy? We barely talk anymore.
I never ask you anything.
And it's painful as hell.
I've loved you so much, Summy.
But you already know that, don't you? Yeah.
I loved you right away, from the first time I met you many years ago.
You were the first, Summy.
The first person I ever loved, and this has always scared me so very much.
I was scared myself, Sofi To talk about it and to ask you.
I didn't know how to do that.
It doesn't matter.
What do you mean by that? I don't love you anymore, Summy.
We can still be friends, can't we, Sofi? Summy, I feel like we are drifting apart, and I don't know how to go back.
I need to stay away from you.
Sofi, please.
I didn't realize He's asleep.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Wanna go outside? - Yeah.
In the end, he did it, right? You can't imagine how many times in the last few days he asked me to text you.
He wanted you to come here.
Who knows what's gotten into him.
At least, he likes me apparently.
I was joking.
Listen, so so, I honestly thought about the things you said to me the last time we saw each other.
And, actually, it's true.
I don't know how to raise a kid, but I do know one thing.
I'd never behave like the guy who came before me.
And how do you know that? Because, Rita, I love you like I've never loved anyone before.
Did I say something wrong or Do you want to stay over? My heart has been caught ♪ By demons and all their thoughts ♪ So if I let them grow bigger ♪ Won't you let me stay nearer ♪ In loneliness ♪ As the meanest thorn ♪ As the meanest thorn ♪ As the meanest thorn ♪ How did it go with Alfredo? When all I have is you ♪ He left actually.
When all I have is you ♪ When all I have is you ♪ Thank you so much.
Guys, everything good? You've got it mapped out.
Right? Right? You know where to cut in? Miguel must have said not to let you pass.
Lola may throw you out at every turn to let Ale through.
- Follow him and pass him on the inside.
- Right.
It's Ale's track, not yours.
It's your favorite.
One thing you can do.
We're going to win, right? - Start first and finish? - First.
- I can't hear! First! - First! Yeah! Then smile, damn it.
You're the best.
Clear mind, guys.
Let's go now.
Let's do this.
- What? - Clear? - Mind.
- Mind.
IMOLA CIRCUI ENZO E DINO FERRARI They're off! Ale Alba pounces immediately.
Great start by Jacopo Sandri too, followed by Lola Ortega! In this last decisive race for the championship.
The order: Ale Alba, Jacopo Sandri, and Lola Ortega.
- It's not bad.
- You think? Yes, it's nice.
Yeah, it's still a bit messy, but I wanted to arrange things with the girls in the next few days, - so they feel at home too.
- Hm.
There's a large room over there with two beds.
And I thought you'd be here sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
You've always underestimated me.
Listen, I know it's weird, but we'll get used to it.
That´s not the problem.
Something's happened, Anthony.
What? I am late.
Uh you're late? What do you mean by that? What do you think? I am late.
- Are you sure you? - I took the test three times.
So what now? What do we do, Isa? I don't know.
Last night, I acted impulsively.
I just packed and left.
And your friends? They'll manage.
I wanted so badly to see you again.
I brought you this.
Does it smell nice? - Actually, it doesn't.
- No.
Okay, please hug me now.
So, shall we go somewhere? Uh actually, I can't.
I'm sorry.
I mean, I can't stay long.
I have to go home to, you know, take my exams, and Okay.
No problem.
No, you don't understand.
I thought I'd take you with me.
With you? Where? To my place, in Milan.
Are you serious? Yeah, never been more serious.
How's it going with your photos? You still working on them? - Yes.
- Maybe we could check out some galleries.
Or maybe you could even find a school to attend this winter.
How's that? And we're watching it go in silence ♪ You touch my lips ♪ And you promise we'll meet soon again ♪ And the sand will vanish ♪ Swept away by the wind ♪ That square is empty now ♪ I remember when we all filled it ♪ Lying on the beach Or from the middle of the sea ♪ I have seen so many sunrises ♪ The lights are off now in that club ♪ Where we would go out of pity ♪ Hello, Edo.
My last night I'll spend it with you ♪ Get some drinks and take me ♪ - You talk to Sofia? - More or less.
She was a bit pissed off, wasn't she? - Uh-huh.
- Here it is.
That's mine.
You know, I'll miss you a bit, but just a bit.
Oh, just a bit? Are you in love with me too, now? Look, I'm leaving anyway, you know? - I'll never fall in love again.
I promise.
- Yeah, yeah.
We'll see about that.
Anyway, you really helped me a lot this summer.
Even though it was very rough, and I'm sorry it's almost over.
It's not over.
It's just starting.
See you, silly girl.
- Safe travels.
- Safe travels to you too.
- Go, or you'll miss it.
- Here I am! I don't care about anything ♪ My last night I'll spend it with you ♪ Get some drinks And take me where the stars go ♪ Remember, we can't let your mom see us.
As soon as we go in, you go to the bathroom, and I'll come right after.
And we'll wash my shorts, so she won't notice anything.
Exactly, just make sure you walk softly.
On the tips of your toes, okay? Don't forget.
Go ahead.
- We're so busted.
- Run to the bathroom! He just has dirty shorts.
- You're off to do the laundry.
- I do have to.
On the other hand, I brought dinner.
Thank you, but you still have to do the laundry.
I'm going to, later.
I'm going to watch the race, otherwise, I'll miss it.
Alba, Sandri, and Ortega are going all in for the win.
An amazing race to decide the fate of this championship with lots of thrills.
So far, Ale Alba has maintained the lead, but Jacopo Sandri is close, and very menacing right behind him.
It is absolutely anyone's game.
Keep an eye on Lola Ortega too.
Now Sandri is trying to shine, perhaps he found his space, trying from the inside.
Let's see, yes, he completes a takeover! He's now leading! It's a fundamental phase of the race! Who knows, perhaps of the championship too? Jacopo Sandri has taken the lead, with a certain edge too! Jacopo Sandri's still leading the race.
He has been for the last laps.
Ale Alba, for the time being, hasn't found a Hello, Sandro.
Hello, Summer.
Check out your friend's racing.
It's pretty impressive.
He's the rider for DeCara Racing.
It's Alessandro Alba's moment to shine now.
Alessandro Alba from the outside, attacking from the outside.
And he makes it! And he makes it! Riding on the curb fearless.
He opens up the gas early to try and take the lead in the championship.
Lola Ortega moves into second position, stealing more crucial points from Sandri.
But look at that, Lola Ortega is getting aggressive What's she doing? An inexplicable attack by Lola Ortega! She's getting very close to Ale Alba.
What's she doing? It's a huge risk! They're very close! They touch! And Sandri arrives, running her over! No, that's terrible! Sandri couldn't do anything to avoid Lola Ortega, who is now lying on the track.
No time ♪ - Where the hell is he going? - Alessandro Alba stops! What the fuck! The victory and the championship were in his hands.
Fuck, no! Why is he doing that? Hey, hey, hey! What's going on? - What? There's a rider off their bike.
- Stop the race! What an asshole, such a crappy rider.
- What the fuck did you say? - That your son's a crappy rider.
- Say it again.
- Don't touch me.
Hey! Maurizio! Stop it! Fuckhead! Lola! Lola! Oh my God.
Oh my God.
 Oh my God.
Oh, my God, no.
Stay with me.
Lola, stay with me.
Don't close your eyes.
Don't do it.
Come on, Lola.
Don't close your eyes, Lola! - Lola! No! - Let's go.
Stay calm.
- Hey! Don't touch me! - Get outta my way, sir.
- She's gonna be fine.
Sir! - Lola, don't close your eyes.
No! Lola! Lola! Don't close your eyes, Lola.
What the fuck do you want? Let go of me! Lola! Lola! Move! Lola! Fuck off.
 Lola! Lola! Lola, come on.
Stay with me.

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