Sun Records (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Never Better

1 Well, that's not good.
Call immediately if you hear from him.
What did he say? Sam never showed.
Dewey figured he went on home.
Let's try the hospital again.
How much is that doggy in the window WOMAN: Lucas, you best roll up that hose before your bus gets here.
The one with the waggly tail How much is that doggy in the window (DOG BARKS) I do hope that doggy is for sale I read in the papers there are robbers (DOG BARKS) With flashlights that shine in the dark My love needs a doggy to protect him And scare them away with one bark (SNIFFLES) I don't want a bunny or a kitty Morning.
Mom, there's a man in my swing set! I don't want a bowl of little fishies (THEME SONG PLAYING) (DOG BARKING) Morning, Nadine.
Are you all right, Sam? - (BARKING CONTINUES) - Never better.
Here you go.
What kind of life is this, Marion? I mean Me and Sam, we're broke.
I don't have much of a husband, Knox doesn't have much of a father.
I know why I'm doing this.
I just can't really understand why you are.
Sam? Oh, dear Lord.
Are you all right? (SAM GROANS SOFTLY) What in the world happened? (SIGHS) Well, uh, I tried taking a shortcut on the way home.
It didn't go so well.
(CLEARS THROAT) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) I've got to get Knox up for school, so I sure could use a cup of joe myself.
I surely don't believe life will ever be the same again, cuz.
Oh, we need to avert our eyes from this, Jerry Lee.
So you've been saying for the past couple of hours now.
Only your eyes seem to have a mind of their own now, don't they? - Whoo! - Oh.
I wonder if Peggy looks like that.
Don't you dare talk about my girl like that.
Huh? Your girl? Pretty sure it was me she was eyeing after I dazzled her with my exquisite ivory tickling.
Only look that angel was giving you was one of pity for your unsalvaged soul.
Well, why don't we let Peggy decide who's right in this little difference of opinion? Huh? MRS.
LEWIS: Jerry Lee, Jimmy, I need a lil' help! JERRY: Okay, Momma.
May the best man win.
JERRY: Well, suits me, cuz, 'cause you know what? I always do.
Hey, sugar, got some more for you.
Oh, you are a godsend.
We sure can use the work.
- (SIGHS) - Is everything okay? Uh, fine, fine.
How're you? How's Sam? This morning, he looked like something the cat dragged in and the goat wouldn't eat.
(SIGHS) Just a little mishap.
Now, Becky (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) I'm not one to gossip.
But, I'm just saying the paperboy told Gladys Twain from down the street that he saw Sam take his trousers off outside for God and country to see.
And she told the widower Mr.
Petty down at the garage who told Betsy who can't keep her mouth shut (GRUNTS) Sam! (GASPS) Sorry.
Always a pleasure to see you, Nadine.
(NADINE GRUNTS SOFTLY) (SMACKS LIPS) Bless your heart, dear.
(SNIFFLES AND INHALES SHARPLY) (GRUNTS) Where are you off to? Got a session.
What? Well, it's just 5:00 in the afternoon, and my husband, who's now the talk of the town, just woke up having been out all night without letting me know where he was.
And after smashing the family car, he just walks around like it's all la-di-da, and then asks, "What?" You know what, Becks, I'm jammed up all day long with sessions.
Night time's the only time I got to find new acts.
I gotta go.
Sam I thought we came here to build a stable recording business.
Commercials, testimonials, recitals And if you haven't noticed, you've taken in half the neighborhood's sewing, 'cause the recording part ain't cutting it.
I I thought Rocket 88 was the big hit we needed? Huh.
Turns out that drunk Brenston ain't nothing but a damned one-hit wonder.
Look, I can't pay today's bills on yesterday's hits.
I'm worried about you.
I made an appointment with a new doctor, and I think that we Thanks for consulting me.
You're my wife, Becky.
Stop acting like my damn mother! Well, you stop acting like a damn child! (IMITATES CHILD YELLING) Well, I don't need this.
I've got work to do! Two Japs, out of ammo, rushed me with bayonets.
Time I was done, you couldn't have matched up the pieces to tell "chop" from "suey" if they paid you.
Uh, Mr.
Dean, sir, may I please have a word? Get out of here, boy.
You don't have a thing to say I wanna hear.
- Sir? - I'll be back.
You just cost me a sale.
What do you want? To apologize.
Look, I'm sorry if I did anything to disrespect you or your family.
- That wasn't my intention.
- What was your intention? - I just like the music is all.
- (SCOFFS) You don't drink from colored water fountains, do you, boy? Well, no, sir.
Well, you see my point? You may be kissing my daughter with those lips of yours someday.
(SIGHS) It won't happen again, sir.
I care deeply about Trixie.
I'd never do anything to harm her.
- I believe you.
- (MECHANICAL WHIRRING) And hell, boy, can't have you climbing up my house every night.
You'll ruin the siding.
Hey, you know, I talked to your daddy.
That so? Oh, honey, everything is hunky dory.
And? - Well, he forgave me.
- Did he? Well, maybe you two should go steady.
Stop pestering her.
(SIREN WAILING IN THE DISTANCE) I tell you, Beau, this better be one hell of a bar.
Johnny boy, this ain't just any old bar.
Come on.
(SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY IN RUSSIAN) (SOLDIERS LAUGH) (SPITS) (SPEAKS RUSSIAN) (SERGEI SPEAKS RUSSIAN) JOHNNY: Uh (SPEAKING RUSSIAN) Why you here? This Russian sector! What the hell is he saying? Well, I think he's saying we're in the Russian sector.
- Well, we know that.
- We do? Soon, all Russia.
All world Russian sector! (RUSSIAN SOLDIERS LAUGH) Hey, y'all would be goose-steppin' to Sieg Heil if America hadn't come to save your sorry asses.
(SPEAKING RUSSIAN) CARMINE: Well, lookie what we have here.
Can't you read a map? Italy's that way.
We got the commies, and we got the hillbillies.
(LAUGHS) They're telling us they gonna rule the world.
Is that so? Da.
Hell of a choice.
On one hand, we have sorry excuses for American GIs.
And on the other (GRUNTING) Guys, let's get the hell out of here! RUSSIAN SOLDIER: Hey, you left this vodka! (WHISTLE BLOWING) (CARMINE SIGHS) No wonder these Russkies are miserable bastards.
Their damn booze is made out of potatoes.
BEAU: Oh, man, who cares if it's made out of dirty socks, sure does the job.
ANGELO: What do you expect from a hick who drinks whiskey made from corn? JOHNNY: Well, that ain't whiskey, that'd be, uh, corn liquor.
Paesanos! - What do you mean, paesanos? - It means stand-up guys.
- Oh.
- But we're all stand-up guys tonight.
Party time, boys.
JOHNNY: I I got me a girl waiting back home.
She got Sam Spade keeping tabs on you? JOHNNY: Who? ANGELO: Maltese Falcon? - Bogie? - Man, even I know Bogie and Bacall.
Guess you are just a rube after all.
You sneak into East Germany just so you can window watch? - (WOMAN SPEAKING GERMAN) - Hello (SPEAKS GERMAN) (BOTH SPEAKING GERMAN) ANGELO: How you doing? I don't know what you're saying, but I like it.
(LAUGHS) (SPEAKS GERMAN) Uh Uh, no, thank Um (BOTH SPEAK GERMAN) CARMINE: "No, thank you"? (SPEAKS GERMAN) Uh, I spent all my money on my guitars, so I CARMINE: Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll pay for it.
- JOHNNY: Besides, I don't - WOMAN: Danke schoen.
I don't really feel like it, that's all.
Ah, you never did it.
He never did it.
Guys, he never did it.
I done it plenty of times.
You never did it.
He never did No (SPEAKING GERMAN) Man, you didn't tell me that.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) CARMINE: Jungfrau? Jungfrau? Jungfrau! - ALL: (CHANTING) - Jungfrau! Jungfrau! Jungfrau! Jungfrau! Jungfrau! Jungfrau! That's all that's left.
(MOVIE PLAYING ON SCREEN) And I still wouldn't let her go A train kept a-rollin' all night long Hey, Trix.
A train kept a-rollin' all night long A train kept a-rollin' all night long A train kept a-rollin' all night long A train kept a-rollin' all night long And I still wouldn't let her go - (SIGHS) - I had me a similar situation with Betty Caldwell last year.
Every time I tried to talk to her, damn girlfriends pulled her away.
What'd you do? Disguised myself with a big old Stetson and followed her one night after Billy Bean's party.
How'd that turn out? (CHUCKLING) Guess I kind of startled her.
She kicked me so hard in the knee.
Blew up big as a honeydew melon.
(BOTH LAUGH) Well, I wouldn't be writing no advice columns if I were you.
FROGGY: Don't get yourself caught with a pig in a poke.
I'm Froggy, and here at Froggy's Hoggies, I guarantee you the most top quality hogs for all your smoking, roasting, broiling, and barbequing needs.
We do the killin', you do the grillin'.
Come to Froggy's off of Tadpole Street.
Tell them Froggy sent you.
(CLICKS SWITCH) What do you think, Miss Keister? (CHUCKLES) It's Keisker, and it's certainly sincere.
- Uh, maybe a little fast.
- Wrote it myself.
Would never have guessed.
Uh, take a break.
Practice reading it three times in a row, and we'll try it again.
(CLEARS THROAT) (SNIFFLES) Man, oh, man, Becky just does not get the music.
And she doesn't get me.
I don't blame her.
Sometimes, I don't get me.
I mean, I spend all my time here, trying to keep this place going, single-handed.
And all for what? Oh, so I can record oink-oink here? - (SIGHS) - What? It's all yours.
I don't follow.
Go ahead.
Record Mr.
- It's Mr.
Hutchins, Sam.
- Who? The WHBQ station manager? My other boss? - Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, Mr.
Welcome to the Memphis Recording Service.
What can we do for you? Well, actually, I'm here to see Marion.
But if I've come at an inopportune time, - I could just come back - Not at all.
Well, then - Oh.
- I - (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) - I was, uh, (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) wondering if you were free for dinner this evening? Well, I am actually.
Uh, Marion, we have a recording session tonight.
MARION: Do we? Oh, well, I'm sure you can handle it, Sam.
- Let me walk you out.
- I would love that.
- Was a pleasure.
- So long.
Do you think I should mention my finger-licking baby backs? They are something! Sure.
Don't get yourself caught with a pig in a poke.
I'm Froggy, and here at Froggy's Hoggies, I guarantee you the most top quality hogs for all your smoking, roasting, broiling, boiling, and barbequing Anytime you're feeling lonely Anytime you're feeling blue Anytime you feel down-hearted That will prove your love for me is true Anytime you're thinking 'bout me That's the time I'll think of you (SNIFFLES) Anytime you say you want me back again That's the time I'll come back home to you - MAN: There you go.
- WOMAN: Thank you very much.
(UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) MAN: Well, I'm sorry, sold out.
Thank you, ma'am.
(INAUDIBLE) - Tickets? Tickets? Thanks.
- CALVIN: Excuse me.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
- Yes? - Have you seen my mom? No, I have not seen your mother.
Well, she said she was going in and I could go right in.
Hey, kid, come back here! - CALVIN: Mom! - Hey, wait! My mom said she was in there.
Mom! When you're done selling, you come straight back to me.
You don't talk to anybody but me, you understand? Aye, aye, Captain.
You can count on me.
It's Colonel.
Go on.
(SIGHS) - CALVIN: Get your tickets! - MAN: What you got? - CALVIN: Standing room only.
- MAN: Here you go, boy.
Can't see Snow without a ticket to the show! - CALVIN: Hello.
- Yes, tickets, please, I want to go.
WOMAN: Thank you.
CALVIN: Tickets! Get your tickets! Tickets! Get your tickets! MR.
HENDRICK: Seven fifty-one, and that makes 752.
It's a pleasure doing business with the Colonel.
You sure that wouldn't be 772? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Pleasure doing business with you, sir.
- Major.
- Scram, kid, we're busy.
Here you go, Major, I sold all 200 tickets you gave me.
Uh, what's wrong with you, son? Now, I've told you to see me right after the show.
Now, I thought you had skedaddled on Mr.
Hendrick here.
I was I was going to set the sheriff on you.
Now, go on, get.
Go on! (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) The Colonel is always working extra hard to sell as many seats as possible.
There is your cut.
(CHUCKLES) Okay, good day to you! (SOFT PIANO MUSIC PLAYING) - Thank you.
- WAITER: You're welcome.
(SIGHS CONTENTEDLY) Would you like to order? - I'll have - The lady will have a Waldorf salad to begin, and for the main course, the, uh, coq au vin with creamed spinach.
And I'll have the calf's liver with Brussels sprouts.
Uh Uh, would (STAMMERING) You care for a cocktail, Marion, or a sherry? Wild Turkey.
- Sidecar.
- Right away, sir.
Thank you, ma'am.
So Did you, uh, grow up here in Memphis? (INHALES) Born and raised.
Graduated Southwestern College.
Went to Nashville for a time, but now I'm back here.
So, what did you study in school? Medieval French.
(SMACKS LIPS) You don't say.
It's some of the most romantic literature ever written.
(CLICKS TONGUE) You don't say.
There's a beautiful story of Tristan and Isolde.
He was a handsome knight sent to Ireland to retrieve her to become King Mark's wife, but the two drank a love potion, and alone in the woods You can imagine.
I certainly can.
(LIGHT SWITCH CLICKING) (DOOR OPENS) Did you have a nice time? I did, actually.
Earle's educated, respectful, and stable.
It's just what I need.
Is that right? You know what I need, Marion? (MARION LAUGHS) You really don't want me to answer that.
I need someone who does the administrating of this studio, to be here when I'm doing sessions! Do you know where I could find me someone like that, Marion? Only if you can find someone to produce the sessions when I'm doing the administrating.
Which seems to be more my problem than yours lately.
Aw, come on, just how hard can all that administrating be? (SCOFFS) Who answers the phones? Who makes sure we got enough acetates, tape stock, office supplies, while making sure there's fresh coffee, not to mention cleaning the filthy toilets? Are you finished? The Rocket 88 deal.
How much money does Chess Records owe us? Hmm.
Who checks the BMI statements? Who writes the checks? Not just signs them, but makes sure we got enough in the bank, and deals with the bill collectors when we don't? Who's working a second job which I'm doing to help you? Screwing your second job's boss part of helping me? Well, I suppose it's my fault for setting a precedent.
Never, Marion.
(SOFTLY) Never.
(MARION MOANS) (BOTH GRUNT) - (MARION BREATHING HEAVILY) - (GROANS) - (BRAKES SCREECH) - (HORN HONKS) (PLAYING BLUEGRASS MUSIC) It was on a moonlight night You mark my words, by this time next year, Bob Hope's people gonna be asking you for an appearance on your Christmas special.
(CHUCKLES) I know you can sell snow to an Eskimo, but I ain't no Eskimo.
(LAUGHS) Blue moon of Kentucky Keep on shining Damn.
Shine on the one that's gone And said goodbye (GRUNTS) Oh, Cole, I was just coming to see you.
Is this about that paltry balance due I have with your employer? Double.
Every week till you come up with the whole kit and kaboodle.
- Understood? - What's not to understand? I'm in the business of making money.
Peggy I believe it to be nothing less than providence that we found one another.
You're so sweet.
I know.
Being here with you, I almost could forget about Jerry Lee buying me that ice cream in town.
(SIGHS) Jerry Lee.
Peggy, you are the daughter of a respected preacher.
I am on the road to becoming a respected preacher.
Love is patient, love is kind.
- It does not envy - Mmm-mmm.
- It does not boast - Mmm.
- It is not proud.
- No.
- It's not rude.
- It surely is not.
Now who do we know who's arrogant, boastful, and rude, Peggy? I don't know.
Well, now, we just mentioned him a few seconds ago.
Jerry Lee! Now, this is a happy day.
A happy day indeed, Reverend.
We were just discussing love and the Lord, - weren't we, Peggy? - That we were, Daddy.
Well, Peggy May, you can discuss it with Jimmy's cousin now, too.
'Cause brother Jerry Lee here just enrolled in the Waxahachie Texas Bible Institute on the righteous path to becoming an associate of my humble ministry.
- Praise Jesus.
- Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus.
Praise Jesus! - Amen.
- Amen.
BECKY: Sam had some incidents of anxiety, and deep depression back in Nashville.
The pills seemed to help but then, with the move to Memphis, and the stress of the new business, he's been drinking, staying out late, he crashed his car the other night, and The pills stop me from thinking, Doc.
There is another option.
It's a new procedure called electroconvulsive therapy.
Zapping my noggin? - I don't know about that, Sam.
- It sounds worse than it is.
The brain has electrical impulses, and ECT short-circuits those brain waves that cause this anxiety.
I gotta get my head straight.
Look, uh, I drink to relax, but then I do ungodly things.
Now, one night, me and a buddy agreed to press up 300 records and damn it if I ain't got 289 left.
A souvenir.
Oh, hell, Doc Cure me or kill me.
You're not having your brain zapped.
That's final, Sam Phillips.
Well, then, you heard Mrs.
Phillips, Doc.
Might as well give me some more of them pills.
(SIGHS) ELVIS: (SIGHS) I don't know what to do, Mama.
I talked to her daddy, he said it's all right, thinks I'm a good kid.
You should keep your mind on your studies, but I can see you're keen on this girl.
(CHUCKLES) It ain't her daddy whose heart you're trying to win.
I just don't know what to do, Mama.
Now, pumpkin, don't you fret none.
I'm gonna give you some guidance from the female perspective.
Now your daddy, he's had his setbacks over the years, out of work, that little time away from us.
But back when he was your age (INHALES SHARPLY) He was quite the ladies' man.
(BOTH LAUGH) He took a shine to me and did the three things he needed to win my heart.
Like what? First, get a after school job.
Girl likes a man to wine and dine her some.
Oh, that sounds awful fancy.
Pumpkin, that's what's called a figure of speech.
Earn some pocket money, you take her to the A&W.
In fact, I saw an advert Crown Electric was hiring.
Vern, you bring me the want ads? I'm busy here.
(SIGHS) Second, what's she like? Well, the last time I checked, it was the captain of the basketball team (LAUGHS) And, well, I ain't no good at dribbling a ball.
All right, well, find something she likes that you do real good.
What's number three, Mama? One of the oldest, most fiercest parts of human nature.
(CHUCKLES) (WESTERN SWING MUSIC PLAYING ON JUKEBOX) Well, I met a pretty gal She was tall and thin I asked her what she had She said, "A fox four-ten" - (MUSIC STOPS) - (JUKEBOX CLICKING) (COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYING OVER JUKEBOX) (SINGING ALONG) Said, hey, good lookin' What you got cookin'? How's about cooking somethin' up with me? Hey, sweet baby Don't you think maybe We can find us a brand new recipe I don't understand.
Shut up, Archie, and kiss me.
I got a hot rod Ford and a two dollar bill And I know a spot right over the hill There's soda pop and the dancing's free So if you wanna have fun, come along with me Say, hey, good lookin' What you got cookin'? (PLAYING BLUES MUSIC) Operator, operator, get my baby on the telephone Operator, operator Get my baby on the telephone Could you please help me find my baby? Ask her to come on home Hey, Mr.
Conductor - Hey.
- Hey, cuz.
- Better bring another glass.
- Hmm.
What's shakin'? Well, Becky's all over my ass about not being home enough, Marion's on my ass for not being at the studio enough and well, they're both all over my ass for not making enough dough.
Yeah, well, all that ass stompin', it's a darn miracle that you're sitting down.
- (CHUCKLES) - Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, I been gobbling these things like M&M's - trying to keep my sanity.
- Hmm.
- (GRUNTS) - What? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, man.
WAITRESS: Here you are.
These pills are definitely a problem.
Well, doctor prescribed them.
- Okay.
I wouldn't quarrel with anyone who'd claim I'm not the brightest bulb on a Christmas tree, but I'm a bonafide Albert Einstein when it comes to two things, boy.
Music and Self-prescribed medication.
Here, try these.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Come on, come on, come on.
All right.
Here's to, uh Amnesia.
(EXCLAIMS AND LAUGHS) (CHUCKLES) (BOTH SNORING) (MARION SIGHS) Mmm, what did you go and do that for? Man, my head feels like a gravy train with biscuit wheels.
Oh, don't I know it.
Well, it's time to pull your brain out of the ruts.
We got a session, jingle singers are here.
(SAM GRUNTS) Excuse me.
(SIGHS) MARION: You stink.
Get yourself together.
(GRUNTS) (GROANS) (PEOPLE SINGING INDISTINCTLY) You like Ike, I like Ike Everybody likes Ike Ike for President Ike for President Ike for President Ike for President You like Ike, I like Ike Everybody likes Ike For President ELVIS: Hello? Hello? - Come in.
- Crown Electric delivery.
Just get in Step with the guy that's hep Get in step with Ike You like Ike, I like Ike Everybody likes Ike for President Hang up the banner Beat the drum We'll take Ike to Washington - SAM: Again.
- Can I help you with something else? Uh, y'all make recordings in here? Ike for President Ike for President - Uh, we do.
- Ike for President - You like Ike, I like Ike - Thank you.
Everybody likes Ike for President Hang up the banner Beat the drum No, no, no! (IMITATES JINGLE SINGERS) I like Ike! I like Ike! It's nothing but a damn rhyme.
(ENUNCIATING) I like Ike! I need to feel it.
Again! Ike for President Ike for President Ike for President Ike for President You like Ike, I like Ike Everybody likes Ike for President Hang out the banner Beat the drum We'll take Ike to Washington Six inches! I said, six inches from the mic.
Not four, not nine.
Six! Can you do that? Mr.
Phillips, take it easy on her, okay? Take it easy? You want me to take it easy? Oh, well, here's the deal, ace.
I take it easy and you know what we wind up with? You soundin' like three alley cats in a tin shed! Is that what you want? - No, sir.
- I spend a lot of time trying to make people sound good, boy.
Placed a Shure 55 right there to capture the piano, and an RCA 77 right there for your voices, which I have determined, after careful consideration, to be most effective if you sang into it from a distance of exactly Exactly - Six inches? - Yes! Damn it! (GASPS) Six inches.
What in the hell is your problem? Oh, nothing, Marion, I am peachy.
These people are customers, Sam.
We need them to pay the bills.
Oh, don't I know it.
We record (SING-SONG) "Anything, anywhere, anytime.
" Nothing too low or corny or humiliating for old Sam Phillips.
Sam, you need to take a break for a second and go outside Doc says I need electro-shock.
No! You just need to stop taking those pills.
Hey, I got an idea.
Instead of just funerals, why don't we set up in the TB ward, so people can actually hear their loved ones gurgling to death? Yeah.
Hey, tiger.
Dad, you said that we'd go see the Chicks play at Russwood tonight.
(GRUNTS) I'll get us tickets real soon.
(SIGHS) Wanna play catch? (CHUCKLES LIGHTLY) Hmm.
Nice catch, buddy.
Daddy's not feeling himself right now, baby.
Why don't you go play outside and I'll let you know when supper's ready? - Okay.
- Okay.
(SIGHS) I know I'm no good to anyone like this.
Becks, I'm going down that rabbit hole again.
You should call Dr.
- Sam - It's okay.
I'm going to be all right.
ELVIS: (SINGING) If I told a lie If I made you cry When I said goodbye I'm sorry From the bottom of my heart, dear I apologize - MARION: Wait! - Sam - MARION: Becky! - Marion.
Sam, wait! No, no, no.
I have to stay.
I would like to stay Can I please just stay? (INAUDIBLE) Believe me From the bottom of my heart, dear I apologize I realize I've been unfair to you.
Please let me make amends Don't say you forgot the love we knew After all we were more than friends If I made you blue I've had heartaches, too Now, I beg of you Forgive me From the bottom of my heart, dear I apologize SAM: Next time on Sun Records WARDEN OWENS: That's Johnny Bragg.
Six consecutive life sentences.
I will die in Birmingham! And I will die here.
MERLE: Is you Dewey Phillips? COLONEL PARKER: Smitty, I realize the debt is now 1,200 and you will have another 50 tomorrow as promised.
Think about what it'd look like with your first hit on it.
- What'd you say your name is? - Uh, Elvis Presley.
Let's lay one down for real.
MARION: It's time for us to be together.
Sam and me are gonna have another baby.