Supah Ninjas (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

The Magnificent

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting so breathlessly for.
My signature illusion, the disappearing duo.
If my lovely assistant, Veronica, will kindly step into the box.
Poof! No! This isn't part of the act.
Somebody, please, help.
Mallini's gone.
He's really gone.
Hey, guys.
How'd you do on your chemistry test? I totally tanked it.
Yeah, well, it was pretty hard.
You aced it, didn't you? Well, it was still hard.
So I guess your chemistry study group's really working out for you guys.
Our what? Our chemistry study group.
When we get together every other night to study chemistry.
Hey, don't worry, I wasn't looking to join.
It's just that, I hardly get to see you anymore.
Cam, you know I'm always here for you.
I think he meant Amanda.
You really feel that way? Yeah, between cheerleading and all of the other stuff.
It's like I have to make an appointment.
Well, how about I make it up to you tomorrow night? I'll skip study group and we can have a rooftop picnic.
- Cool.
- Cool.
Ooh, picnic! So what's on the menu? Ah! Ow! Okay.
Hey, dude, you got a sec? Ah, yeah Sure, dude.
I know Amanda's like your big sister.
I don't know if I would say Is there something going on between her and Owen? You're not serious.
He was serious! How could Cameron possibly think that Amanda might have a thing for you instead of me? I can't believe he didn't even think of me as competition.
You guys decent? 'Cause I do not want to walk in on tighty-whitey-palooza again.
Come on in.
It's just your big sister.
Sorry I'm late.
I had to ditch Cameron.
What was your excuse this time? I told him I had to help Mike buy pants.
That's what you told him? Please do us a favor and don't drag us into any more of your excuses.
Well, what am I supposed to do? I can't tell Cameron I'm his girlfriend by day and a ninja by night.
No! It can't be! We gotta get to the dojo.
Give me the - Owen! Thud! Hologramps! Hologramps, where are you? Hologramps! I can hear you.
I am dead, not deaf.
You three have to lighten up.
We have an emergency.
A magician has vanished.
Isn't that what magicians are supposed to do? One of the world's greatest magicians, mallini the magnificent, has been kidnapped.
And you know this how? I've got a news alert from the empire city's magician society.
I've been a member since I was 8.
Did you know about this? I'd rather not talk about it.
Owen and Mike had a wonderful magic act when they were boys.
Please don't.
The amazing owenini.
And friend.
"And friend"? I'd rather not talk about it.
Oh, you two were so cute.
It was a summer to remember.
The summer of magic.
You know, ninjas and magicians actually share many similarities.
Both keep secrets, create illusions, and are masters of Slight of hand.
Did someone say "slight of hand"? Sorry, I had a frog in my throat.
How delightful.
How does he do that? Back to mallini.
What do we know about his kidnapping? The police just arrested his assistant, Veronica.
They found a ransom note in her apartment.
They're still searching for an accomplice.
We should check out Veronica's place, see if we can find any leads.
Good call.
You've earned yourself a quarter.
Please don't.
Seriously tell me how you do that! Think of a card, any card.
I can barely shuffle.
Ah! Our turn to deal.
Where'd he go? Unbelievable.
That was my card.
My guess is, that crazy card thrower was Veronica's accomplice.
I still don't get it.
Who'd want to kidnap a magician? Someone who needs rabbits, doves, and colorful hankies.
Don't mock the magical arts, when it's magic that will lead us straight to him.
A lot of magicians use personalized decks.
The patterns on the back are like fingerprints.
We just need to match it to the magician.
I know what you're thinking, and the answer is no.
We need to hit the magician society tonight.
And we're going undercover.
Uh, no, we're not.
I'll do it.
You have your date with Cameron.
This is a job for The amazing owenini.
Come on.
And friend.
What have I done to deserve this? I look like a figure skater on the 4th of July, and why don't these pants have pockets? I didn't want to draw attention away from your sparkly vest.
Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be dazzled.
And so it begins.
Assistant, hold my cape.
Clearly we're out of practice.
Assistants aren't allowed to mingle with magicians.
Amateur night's tomorrow.
I am no amateur.
I am the amazing owenini.
Never heard of you.
I'm huge in Denmark.
I have girls jumping up and down in their clogs.
And you are? Dominique the magnificent.
Love the guyliner, by the way.
Not a lot of dudes can pull that off.
Just saying.
Excuse me? Looking for the assistants Room.
You found it, cutey.
Pull up a chair.
Things have certainly taken a turn for the better.
I'm desiree, this is chantelle, and that's Paris.
I'm Mike.
Just plain old Mike.
NiceCostume, plain old Mike.
I keep asking my boss for a new costume, but he is so cheap.
Oh except when it comes to buying a new silk flower.
They put on their cape and presto they turn into jerks.
Ooh! I like this one.
You know, you think after what happened to mallini, our bosses would be much nicer to us.
So what happened to mallini? He treated his assistant, Veronica, like dirt.
Poor girl finally snapped.
Now she's in jail.
What did she do to him? Who knows? He hasn't been found.
Maybe someone should ask dominique.
Oh, that's right.
I said it.
So dominique and Veronica are an item.
You got that right.
They had their own secret love connection going on right behind mallini's back.
Tell it to me, girlfriend.
Hey, there you are.
Hi! Wow.
Very romantic.
Well, I have my moments.
The moon is stunning, isn't it? Well, it's nice to finally get to spend some time together.
You need to get that? Uh, no.
I don't know.
It's probably nobody.
Unless it's somebody.
That somebody really needs to talk to you.
It'll just be a second.
What's up? I might have a lead on Veronica's accomplice.
Really? Who is it? You know what? Why don't you tell me later? So where were we? Well, I was about to say That you look really amazing tonight.
I'm sorry.
What was that again? Uh, never mind.
No, no, no you were saying I looked amazing.
Or was it "really amazing"? You know what? It's pretty obvious that your mind is elsewhere.
If you'd rather be with Owen, fine.
Owen? You're not serious.
You're serious? Maybe we should do this another time.
I'll call you.
That seems to work.
Cam, I'm sorry! Don't leave.
What? Oh.
I meant to call Owen.
You must perform at a lot of kiddy parties.
If you think you can do better, please, be my guest.
Name a card, any card.
Ace of spades.
I know.
Impressive, huh? Listen, chantelle, you are a fabulous, independent woman, and if the enchanting Eric can't see that, find a magician who will.
Come on, girls.
Group hug, group hug.
I love magic.
Uh, excuse me? Ladies, if you're all done assisting each other This better be the most important thing you have ever said.
I found a match.
The police are on their way.
Close enough.
See you around, Mike.
And you are anything but plain.
Thanks, girlfriend.
What happened in here? That's right, guyliner.
Watch your last moments of freedom go poof.
Excuse me.
Hold it right there.
We're taking you in.
All right, get up.
I didn't do anything.
I'm innocent! Nice work, Owen.
That dominique was bad news.
According to the girls, he even got Veronica to steal mallini's tricks for him.
What'd you say? Yeah, the girls say they stole all the secrets.
They haven't found mallini, have they? No, why? I think we have the wrong guy.
Something the matter, Amanda? My date with Cameron was a disaster.
I feel like I'm lying to him all the time.
But you are also protecting him.
Sometimes deception is necessary, although it is never easy.
Maybe it's just impossible having a boyfriend and being a ninja.
- Hey how was dinner with - Don't ask! Don't ask! Don't ask! I don't want to talk about it.
So you guys caught the guy, huh? Well, some of us think we did.
But others aren't so sure.
Look, in the world magic, stealing tricks is the most unforgivable crime.
This vest is the most unforgivable crime.
You forgot your rabbit.
That's it.
When dominique did his card tricks, he used his right hand.
But the masked magician threw cards with his left hand.
So he couldn't have been dominique because he's not left-handed.
But you know who is? Mallini! I was just about to say that.
This whole thing has been mallini's greatest illusion.
He faked his kidnapping and pinned it on dominique and Veronica.
You want to know why the police haven't found him? Because he's been hiding.
Seriously? We need to draw out mallini.
And I know exactly how we're going to do it.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage the amazing owenini.
Good evening.
Tonight, I will be performing several of mallini's greatest tricks.
Beginning with his signature illusion the disappearing duo.
And if you stick around, I'll even tell you how it's done.
But first, my lovely assistant will step inside this box.
If mallini doesn't show, we're in big trouble.
Don't worry, he'll show.
Ooh, now, is this going to work this time? Should have stuck to balloon animals.
- What are you doing? - Stalling.
Do we have a backup plan? This is our backup plan.
Poof! Poof! No one steals my secrets.
- Surprise! - Surprise! Ah! Ah! Huh! And for our next trick, we're taking you down.
Well, enjoy mine first, because it'll be the last you'll ever see.
Or should I say, never see.
Poof! Look out! Ah! Hey! Ugh! Poof! This guy is good.
Ha! Ah! Don't fall for the puff of smoke trick.
And now for my encore.
Normally you want to stick around for his encore.
Under the cape! What? What? Poof! And now for my encore.
Abracadabra this.
Ah! Ahhh! Ugh! You'll pay for this! How did you do that? A magician never reveals his secrets.
You have no idea, do you? None.
Show's over, mallini.
No! Poof! Whoa.
I promised you a magical evening.
How did you do that? Is this dinner for two or three? Three? I'm right here.
Cameron, there's nothing going on between Owen and me.
In fact Wow.
Hold your applause for my big finish.
Beep! How much longer do you think we have to be here? I'm starving.
Ah! Wow! You really are the amazing owenini.
And friend.