Super Monsters (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Practice Makes Perfect ; Henri in Boots

1 [THEME SONG PLAYING] We're Super Monsters The Super Monsters [IGOR] Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! [GRUNTING] Hey, everybody! Look what my granddad sent me! Oh, what is it? [DRAC] It's an Abner K.
Dabner Magic Kit! I can use it to perform all kinds of awesome magic tricks, just like him.
Oh, I love Abner Dabner! Me, too! He's the best magician ever! - [CHUCKLES] Hi, Katya.
- Hi, Zoe.
Drac, do you want to borrow my beginner's spell book, so you can practice your magic tricks? Thanks, Katya, but magic tricks don't use real magic.
You pretend to do magic.
So there aren't any spells to practice.
- [ALL EXCLAIMING] - What is it? It's the Abner K.
Dabner Book of Magic Tricks.
And now that I have this cool magic kit, all I have to do is follow the pictures and I'm ready to put on the best magic show ever! - You should use the school theater! - I can help with snacks.
I'll help you set up.
- Me, too.
- And me! Sounds very exciting, but right now it's time for something else that's just as exciting.
Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! [CHUCKLES] Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Zoe! [GIGGLES] Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [CHUCKLES] Ah.
Aw, man.
I wish I could see myself.
The only thing better than being a magician is being a vampire magician! Oh! You should call yourself the Vampire Magician! Mmm.
Maybe [KAZOOS PLAYING] We're practicing the music for your show.
And I'm practicing a new spell so I can make a special snack for us to eat at the show.
"How to magically make a magnificent chocolate cake.
" Magnificent? [GASPS] That's it! Drac the Magnificent! Music and cake and my amazing new tricks [CHUCKLES] This is gonna be the best magic show ever! [ALL CHEERING] Drac, are you sure you're ready to perform for an audience? Of course I am.
But didn't you just get this magic kit? I did! My granddad sent it yesterday.
So you haven't really had much time to practice the tricks, have you? That's okay.
I've seen Abner Dabner do these tricks lots of times.
They're super easy.
Well, Drac, seeing someone do something isn't always the same as doing it yourself.
Oh, don't worry, Igor.
The show is going to be awesome, I promise! [LAUGHS AND WHOOPS] [SUPER MONSTERS LAUGHING] - Ooh, I can't wait! - Awesome.
- Yeah! [LAUGHS] - [KAZOOS PLAYING] Welcome to Drac the Magnificent's Magnificent Magic Show! [ALL CHEERING] Thank you.
Thank you.
My first trick will be the magic ring trick.
[ALL EXCLAIMING] As you can see, these rings are all attached to each other.
Drac the Magnificent will now magically separate them before your eyes.
I wonder how's he going to do that.
[GRUNTS] Oh, yeah! [GRUNTS] Uh Give me a second here.
Just [GRUNTS] - Whoa! - [GRUNTING] Ta-da! Whoa - [ALL GASP] - [FRANKIE] I'm okay! Thanks for including me in the show! Uh you're welcome.
With the wave of my magnificent magician's wand, I am going to turn these magic gummy bats into gum balls, right before your eyes! [HUMMING] [GASPS AND GROANS] Oh, that's not good - [GROANS] - [BOTH GASP] [GRUNTING] - Oh, no - It's okay.
Don't worry.
Uh I will now magically get these gummy bats out of my hair.
- [CHITTERING] - [ALL GASP] [SUPER MONSTERS CHUCKLING] I have one more magic trick, if you guys want to see it.
- [ALL EXCLAIMING] - For sure, for sure, for sure! As you can see, there is nothing in my hat.
Nothing at all or is there? [LAUGHS] [GRUNTING] Whoo-hoo! - [EXCLAIMS] - Uh Ta-da! [WHOOPS AND LAUGHS] Drac, that was amazing! Do it again! Do it again! Super Monsters, why don't we go outside and play and we'll let Igor and Drac clean up.
[IGOR CLEARS THROAT] Well None of my tricks worked! Talk about bad luck I don't think luck had anything to do with it, Drac.
Do you? Maybe I should have practiced the tricks a little.
But there are so many tricks! It's gonna take forever before I can get them all right.
Well, perhaps you could start by just practicing one trick, one step at a time? Like learning to dance! When I practiced that one step at a time.
Exactly! And while you practice, I'll go fix your bunny.
Okay! Step one.
Step two [GRUNTS] Mmm [GRUNTS] Aw, bats.
Step one! One, two, three! Ta-da [GROANS] [SIGHS] Poor Drac.
He really wanted to put on a good show.
But I liked the part when he made the bunny explode into a million fluffy pieces.
[LAUGHS] Looked so funny! Maybe it looked funny, but it still made Drac feel bad.
I don't want Drac to feel bad.
I want him to be happy! We all do.
Maybe we should ask Drac to do another show.
But what if his tricks still don't work? We know how those tricks are supposed to work.
So if Drac does another show we should give him a little help? Super secret Super Monster help.
- Uh - Hey, everybody.
I've been practicing a magic trick.
Would you like to come and see it? - [ALL AGREEING] - You bet! [ALL EXCLAIMING] Welcome to the Magnificent Magic Show of Drac the Magnificent! [ALL CHEERING] I am about to do my famous magic rope trick.
As you can see Drac, could you do the magic card trick first? I really like card tricks.
But that's not the trick I practiced.
Okay, let's see In this trick, the magician, that's me, is supposed to make the cards appear to fly! Hey! [LAUGHS] Wow, Cleo! Thanks! [ALL CHEERING] [LAUGHS] Oh Poor Drac.
I've got to help him! Drac, why don't you try the bunny in the hat trick again? Uh okay.
[KATYA] I'm sure it'll work this time.
Stardust, starlight, with all your might, bring Drac's bunny into sight.
Hey, that's not a magic trick! That's real magic! [ALL GASP AND EXCLAIM] Um Katya, was that you? I know you were just trying to help me.
We just wanted to help you so your magic tricks would look great and you'd be really, really, really happy! [CHUCKLES] Thanks, everyone, but it's okay.
I've got this.
I practiced one trick really hard and it's a really good trick.
- Just watch! - [ALL LAUGHING] Drac the Magnificent will turn these two pieces of rope magically into one piece before your eyes.
Ah! [WHOOPS AND LAUGHS] - Ta-da! - [ALL CHEERING] You hid the magic rope in your ear, didn't you? A magician never tells.
[ROOSTER CROWS] [ALL] Sun up Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! [ALL] Super Monsters! [BUNNY SQUEAKS] - Um, Katya - [GASPS] [SQUEAKS] Hey! He's supposed to go back in my magic hat! But he's so cute.
Can't we let him stay and play, just for today? Okay.
But tomorrow, I need him back in my magic hat.
I still have a lot more tricks to practice.
[BOTH LAUGH] Good afternoon, Esmie.
I hear the kids are going on a field trip tonight? We're going to the library.
Oh! I love libraries.
All those books, filled with amazing characters and stories.
Where's the fun in sitting around with your nose in a book? [CHUCKLES] Books are loaded with fun.
And excitement and adventure Especially for a werewolf, reading by the light of a big, full moon! [GROANS] These were great! I can't wait to return them for new ones! [GROANS] Snore.
Have you read Jack and the Beanstalk? There's a castle way up in the sky with a giant that says, "Fee-fie-fo-fum" [SIGHS] More like "Fee-fie-ho-hum.
" Give me a good game of tag any day! Gather around, kiddos.
It's our favorite time of the day! Sun down [ALL] Monsters up! [CHUCKLES] Drac! Katya! Lobo! [HOWLS] Frankie! Zoe! [GIGGLES] Cleo! Super Monsters! So, who's ready for a trip to the library? [ALL EXCLAIMING] [IGOR] Have fun exploring, kiddos.
After all, in a library there's always something new to discover! - Uh-huh - [IGOR CLEARS THROAT] [LOBO GROANS] If we were outside, we could be running around, climbing trees and having all kinds of fun! Wouldn't that be better, Henri? Here's something I bet you'll both enjoy.
"Puss in Boots Meets The Three Musket" Musketeers! The best adventurers in all of France! This story is filled with excitement and fun! Well I'll take a look.
[GRUNTS] [EXCLAIMS] - Come on, Henri! - [MEOWS] I'll read it to you.
[CLEARS THROAT] "Long ago, in Paris, France, a kitty found found two boots by chance.
" [STAMMERS] "The boots were grand and oh-so-shiny, but they were big, and his paws were tiny! He put them on and felt so strange, as something magic Magic! Made him change.
The boots got small as he grew big, it made him want to dance a jig! Resting in an oak tree's roots, - that cat turned into" - [BOTH] "Puss in Boots!" [LAUGHS] Let the fun begin! "Swinging off into the sun, Puss in Boots sought thrills and fun! Puss scampered all over town, playing tricks on the folks he found.
" Wow.
Have you ever seen the moon so big and round? Huh? - Huh? - [PUSS CHUCKLES] - Huh? - What? [GASPS] - [LAUGHS] - [KATYA] Henri? What are you doing? Why are you dressed like that? And how did you get so big? [IN FRENCH ACCENT] Who is this Henri? I am the most delightful rogue in all of France, Puss in Boots! [GASPS] You can talk? Talk, sing, dance and most importantly, swash and buckle! - En garde! - [LAUGHS] Okay.
Ha! Huh? [GIGGLES] [LAUGHS] - [ALL LAUGH] - Hey, come back here! "As Puss in Boots dashed with his big furry tail, the crowd followed him over each hill and dale.
" Hmm Get back here! I'll get you! [KATYA LAUGHS] Stop right where you are! "When sounds of trouble reached their gallant ears, a trio arrived, The Three Musketeers! They looked so dashing in cape, boot and hat, as they darted after that big, silly cat!" [HOWLS] "And away they go!" - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - Come back here! We're gonna get you! - Huh? - [LAUGHS] Fleeing is futile, you foul, furry fiend! When we catch you, your clock is going to get cleaned! We'll grab your long tail or your big, furry ears No one escapes from The Three Musketeers! Whoa! Where'd you get those neat costumes? [ALL GASP] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - Wait up! - Hey! [GRUNTS] Which way did they go? "The royals appeared, the king and the queen, surprised by what their eyes had just seen!" We'll pursue Puss in Boots over lands far and wide.
That kitty can run, but he cannot hide.
[LAUGHS] - Give up, you naughty kitty.
- [LAUGHS] [ALL LAUGHING] Alley-oop! - Oh - [CRASHING] [ALL LAUGH] [GROANS] That cat is the worst thing that I've ever seen.
How come Zoe gets to be queen? [LAUGHS] Give up! You know there's no escape plan.
Nothing can save me, except the cancan! [VOCALIZING] Puss in Boots has the best moves in France.
And now look at us, we're starting to dance! [ALL VOCALIZING] - [ALL LAUGH] - Whoa! Fun! [HOWLS] - Olé! [LAUGHS] - [CRASHING] - What? - Ha! [FRANKIE LAUGHING] - [ALL CHUCKLE] - This is great! A queen, a king, Musketeers, Puss in Boots, just like in my book! - Just like in my book! - [ALL LAUGHING] Igor, Esmie, my dad said reading books is extra exciting for werewolves during a full moon Is this what he was talking about? Moonlight has all kinds of magic for werewolves.
So my reading in the moonlight made this happen? Cool! Uh, so, how do I make it stop? Everything comes out okay at the end of the story.
If you finish the book, that will fix everything.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] But how can I read with all this noise? Just try and concentrate, Lobo.
You can do it.
[STAMMERS] "The Musketeers looked this way and that, and became quite cross with that big, silly cat.
" [LAUGHS] Puss, while you danced and you ran and you played Just look at the gigantic mess that you made! [LOBO] "Gazing around, Puss' eyes soon filled with glee" We can clean this mess up, if you all work with me! [LOBO] "Everyone there used all of their skills, to gather the things that had piled into hills.
The job was quite fun, not at all like a chore, and when each job was done they went looking for more.
Working together made cleaning up fun, and before they all knew it, their work was all done.
The cat and the others made quite a crew, and soon everything was all good as new.
Then all together they shouted this call" [ALL] All for fun, and fun for all! - [BOTH APPLAUD] - I knew it would have a happy ending.
"Still dressed in cape, and hat, and suit, Puss gladly returned each borrowed boot.
" [GRUNTS] [GASPS] [MEOWS] "The end.
" - What? - Cool! Why did I ever think books were boring? They're great! [ALL] Whoa! [ALL] Whoa! [ALL] Sun up! Drac! Katya! Lobo! Frankie! Zoe! Cleo! Super Monsters! [ALL LAUGH] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [PUSS LAUGHS] [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]