Supergirl (2015) s03e16 Episode Script

Of Two Minds

Previously on Supergirl Worldkiller unite beneath the standard of Reign.
Sam? When she takes over you lose all awareness, all control.
We're gonna get you through this.
The third Worldkiller.
In 1,000 years she evolves into Blight.
- Mmm-hmm.
Oh, thank you.
- Thanks, Addy.
- [CHUCKLES] [MAYOR] I know people are scared.
Well, it's kind of creepy.
But, hey, at least they'll stop complaining about the pigeons.
[LAUGHING] Always time for a laugh, Commissioner.
I'll be in touch.
Sir, your [GASPS] [ALEX] Well, that was a very sick creature.
And what's odd is that I can't find a virus or infection of any kind.
Well, something must have done that.
The Blight.
We went through this on Winath.
The Blight is preceded by mass wildlife death and plant life, crops rotting in the Earth.
Soon it will manifest in people.
[MON-EL] It's a short incubation period.
It's 100% fatal and extremely contagious.
Based on my tests, whatever this bird had, it wasn't transmittable.
Not even from bird to bird.
So it had to have come in contact with Pestilence herself.
It might not be contagious yet, but if Pestilence gets stronger, even half the strength of the Blight, the entire city would fall ill in a matter of days.
But we won't let her get stronger.
Now remember, the cure is written in our DNA.
With Brainy's help, we'll be able to extract it, weaponize it, and use it to kill Pestilence before she ever becomes the Blight.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're not killing anyone.
We got too aggressive with Purity, and that's when things got worse.
I'm not making the same mistake twice.
There is a human side to Pestilence.
We're gonna find her, and we're going to save her.
We came here to end the threat to our time.
And that means ending her life in this time.
It's just not how we operate.
That's not how I usually operate, but these are extreme circumstances.
Hey, stop right there.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Guys, it's Brainy.
Oh, of course.
I'm wearing a personal image inducer.
I had to purchase some apple cider vinegar, and I nearly caused a riot at the Piggly Wiggly.
I thought this would, uh, help me fit in better.
Hey, guys, I just got word from City Hall Hey, Brainy.
Wait, you recognize him? Yeah.
What is that, an image inducer? Eh? Ah, so our brains just think we're seeing a human, but no.
Hey, can I borrow that for Halloween? Agent Schott, you were saying Oh, yes! The mayor, the chief of police, uh, like, five city councilmen are all sick.
High fevers, bloody noses.
So either it was sushi day at City Hall cafeteria or [GRUNTS] It's her.
Let's go.
What? Hang on, hang on.
Wait! We have sick people now.
So, let's go run some tests on them.
Meanwhile, you guys extract the cure, so we can give it to the victims.
[MON-EL] It won't take long on our end.
So we'll meet up with you later.
Thank you.
Don't worry, we'll get her.
[SAM] Explain it to me again.
When Reign is triggered, your genome is rewritten.
And here's why you can't shoot heat beams out of your eyes whenever you want.
So you think there's an enzyme in my body that triggers a change.
And if we can isolate it, we can eliminate it.
And no more Reign.
But in order to find it, I need to study you while you're her.
And the only definite way to turn me into her is to electrocute me.
The pain response brings her out.
How much is it gonna hurt? - We're going to start with 500 volts.
- That's not what I asked.
A lot.
If we had more time, we could find another way.
But we don't.
So we have to do it.
[SOFTLY] Okay.
I see you.
- [GASPS] - They're coming for us.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] It's a nightmare, it happened so fast.
My chief of staff and the councilwoman, we ordered a quarantine immediately.
You did the right thing.
[COUGHING] You rest.
We've got this.
Did you see that mark on his hand? Yeah, it must not be airborne.
Alex, check and see if any other patients have similar marks.
I'll check the visitor logs.
Hey, are you okay? Do you need a doctor? No.
I'm not sick, just scared.
Everything's gonna be okay.
As you can see, most of the patients have scratches, but none of them remember being scratched.
They probably didn't even feel it.
But I think it's the origin of the infection.
Okay, so everyone who is sick was scratched by the source.
That confirms your theory that it was not passed person-to-person.
Well, if you're sure it's not contagious, then I need the quarantine lifted and the patients transferred to the nearest trauma facility.
We have a lead on a treatment.
You do? Already? Well, we work very fast on account of being really smart.
[CHUCKLES] Some people find humor charming during stressful circumstances.
I find it's a mask for a lack of confidence.
Well, I find that I have no retort.
We'll get the patients transferred as soon as possible.
And when the treatment is ready, we'll have it widely distributed.
You, I believe.
So mean doctor says we have to lift the quarantine.
She's not mean, she's just serious.
And she's correct.
If the same thing that happened to the birds happens to these patients, they could descend into catastrophic organ failure.
There's a possibility that Pestilence is still here.
Mon-El did say that there's an incubation period, but those scratches did not look new.
And she's probably not even here anymore.
Let's get all these people to the hospital and J'onn, you and I can fly the really sick ones.
All right people, let's keep it calm.
The last thing we need is a panic.
- [PEOPLE SCREAMING] - What is that? [SIREN WAILING] [MAN] Let me out of here! - So much for avoiding a panic.
- [SIGHS] - [SUPERGIRL] Take down the force field.
- [IMRA] Did you find her? Take it down, now! We have to get these people to a hospital.
Is Pestilence here? There's no sign of her now.
Just scared people who need real medical attention.
Take it down! Shouldn't you be working on the cure? Brainy and Mon-El are getting the transfer set up now.
Well, we can handle this.
You say that, but you do not know what you're up against.
[GROANS AND BREATHES HEAVILY] [SIGHS] Reign was there, in the dark valley.
What valley? I just thought it was in my dreams, my nightmares, but it was real this time.
And I remember everything.
She was talking to me like I'm talking to you.
It's a parallel dimension.
It's where you go when Reign takes over.
It's why you can't remember anything.
When your body transforms into Reign, your mind literally goes there.
Well, we were both there this time.
I mean, I've been suppressing Reign's consciousness.
She couldn't manifest fully in this world, so she existed in that one with you, together.
She said they were coming for us.
- Who's coming? - I don't know.
[SIGHS] Did you find what triggers the transformation? Not yet.
I need to increase the voltage.
I need more time to observe Reign.
You shouldn't have gone to City Hall.
Kara said she had it handled.
She's not taking it seriously enough.
No one takes the protection of this planet more seriously than she does.
Look, I know what this mission means to you.
This isn't about me.
This is about the Legion.
And our mission is to save the people of our time.
There has to be a way to do this without making a moral compromise.
We base the entire philosophy of the Legion on Supergirl.
Have you considered that she might have the right approach here? Success is the only thing that matters.
[AUTOMATED VOICE] Transfusion complete.
You're done already? You always were a little bit slow.
So, Winn's running through security footage to see who came in contact with everyone who got sick.
Well, I just got word that Brainy, Imra and Mon-El have extracted the cure, and they're manufacturing doses as we speak.
So, hopefully it's just a matter of time.
[SIGHS] Hey I know that you're frustrated, okay? But there's still a really good chance that Imra could come around.
You know, and that we can work with her on this.
She might have some really important insight into Pestilence.
Yeah, to kill her.
I don't kill.
I mean, you know it's possible to reach them.
You of all people understand how important it is to help whoever's in Pestilence.
Yeah, of course I do.
But I didn't see that at first.
You were the one who convinced me that the Worldkillers could even be saved.
So maybe Imra just needs a little more convincing.
I've been trying.
She's She's being irrational.
She's just not listening to me.
[WINN] I think I found her.
[PANTING] Hey! Okay, so there was one person who came in contact with everybody who got sick at the mayor's office.
Adelaide Swanson, an administrator known for her famous lemon poppy seed cookies.
A Worldkiller that bakes cookies.
That's unexpected.
Wait, let me see.
Yeah, I saw her at City Hall.
She looked Well, she looked terrified.
Just like Julia.
[ALEX] Supergirl, I'll have J'onn meet you there with a strike team.
Imra! Get away from her.
[SIGHS] What did you do? I didn't do anything.
She was dead when I got here.
It's not Pestilence, she's human.
A victim.
How did you know she was here? Brainiac-5 has all the same data you do.
So you came here without telling me.
Stand down, stand down.
We got the wrong person, she's a human.
A victim.
Winn, Alex, keep looking.
[WINN] Man, I was so sure it was gonna be her.
I mean, according to the security footage, she's the only person that came in contact with all the victims.
- Winn.
- Hmm? - Your nose.
- My nose J'onn, Supergirl, you need to get back here now.
It's Winn.
James! Hey, tell him I'm not dying.
Hey, James.
He's not dying.
- We're giving him the Legion's cure.
- [CHUCKLES] Which by my calculations should have him rebounding in approximately 2.
45 Three, four hours.
How you doing, buddy? - You should be at CatCo.
- It's called delegation.
I've got every reporter in the building working on this.
Which actually reminds me, the city is pretty panicked about this.
So if you have any information I can disseminate, that would be helpful.
Doses of the cure are on their way to all the hospitals.
And the Worldkiller is still MIA.
Yeah, but now that Winn is infected, doesn't that give us another lead? Yes.
The scratch on your hand seems to be the point of infection.
Don't touch that.
Winn, you're a slightly smarter-than-average human.
Please tell us you remember who scratched you.
[GASPS] Oh! Well, there was the guy with the gloves, and the knives and then the burnt face.
Go on.
This sounds like a very promising lead.
What else do you remember? Oh, so scary, man.
I couldn't even look at it It's Freddy Krueger.
You know him, too.
It's a character in a movie.
[LAUGHING] [BRAINY] Facetiousness.
It's my greatest weakness.
The scratches don't seem to manifest until the symptoms do.
And the only trace evidence I could find is a mild anesthetic.
Well, Alex, keep running those tests.
See if you can come up with something more promising.
In the meantime, get a team out.
See if you can talk to these patients and find a common link.
[LAUGHING] Um, I'll come check in, but there's something I have to take care of.
Okie dokie.
Um, hang in there.
Imra, why did you go behind my back? - [SIGHS] I didn't have a choice.
- You always have a choice.
No, I don't.
Look, I don't wanna kill her or anyone.
I have the same ideals you do.
You should know you don't get to pick and choose when your ideals matter.
You either live by them or you don't.
You think this is bad? The Blight is so much worse.
Every hospital bed in every city on every planet is overrun.
Mass graves So if it's between her and the millions of people who die by the Blight in the future, I'm going to kill her.
The best way to defeat the Worldkillers is by saving their human sides.
You're wrong.
I'm from the future.
I've seen what happens if you're left to deal with the situation the way you want to.
The Blight happens.
Pestilence survives.
Whatever you do in this time to try to stop her, fails.
You fail.
So if I get the chance, I will end this.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] [REIGN] I was here for so long.
You kept me here.
You're strong.
Much stronger than you should be.
But that will change.
Your friend, she's breaking your body.
- You should stop her.
- Why? Because you're afraid we're getting closer.
Because it will be so much better if you give in.
There's bliss in surrender.
I've seen your life.
All those sleepless, solitary nights where you stare into the dark.
Not even able to dream of an escape.
You've been trapped since Ruby was born.
It doesn't have to be that way.
There's another life.
One of power Control.
It's here for you.
Just reach out and take it.
You'll be free, Samantha.
Sam, it's okay.
Just deep breaths, deep breaths.
- Calm down.
- I can't go back in there.
We have to find another way.
There is no other way.
I know how hard this is No! No, you don't.
It's like facing your shadow.
Everything dark you've ever feared about yourself.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] If you don't do this, Reign will take control of your body, and she will condemn you to that place forever, okay? She will win.
Just give me a minute.
[BREATHING DEEPLY] - He's gonna be okay.
- I know.
It's not just that.
Do you think I'll get through to Pestilence? There's no way of knowing.
You just have to try.
That's not what Yoda would say.
[SCOFFS] Oh, yeah, Yoda.
"Do or do not.
" [SCOFFS] - He was wrong about that one.
- [CHUCKLES] You know, these days, I don't know what my father will remember.
I wake up and have the same conversation with him every day.
I keep at it because sometimes he remembers we've had that conversation before, and we actually laugh about it.
I keep trying.
I keep talking So that he can find those moments of clarity.
And laugh.
Just because something's hard doesn't mean it's impossible.
You break through impossible every day.
You inspire the rest of us to do the same.
You're a good son.
And thank you.
[SIGHS] [MON-EL] Did you talk to Kara? Yes.
And she didn't listen to reason.
You didn't tell her the whole story, did you? You keep saying this is a Legion mission, but you made this decision on your own out of vengeance.
I'm doing this to save countless lives in the future.
I'm perfectly capable of keeping my personal feelings out of this.
You brought me here.
You can't keep punishing me for it.
Are you two having a marital conflict which I should stay out of, or is this a work-related quandary where my intellect might be of use? Why didn't you tell me about this mission before we came here, Brainy? Because you would've never agreed to it.
- To come back.
- How do you know? Obviously, I ran simulations based off specific emotional behavioral data taken from your brain over the last seven years.
The results were troubling.
We took an oath when we formed the Legion.
To preserve all that is good and to never harm the innocent.
How is this mission in line with that? We should not kill Pestilence.
And you're obviously on Imra's side.
It's not about picking sides, Mon-El.
If we kill Pestilence when we find her, there is a 98.
459% chance the Blight will never happen.
Millions of people will be saved.
Now, if we try to rescue the person inside of her in order to defeat her, that chance is reduced to 52.
Some decisions can't be made with a math equation.
Mon-El, something's happened to Winn.
[GROANING] [STAMMERING] Just a thought.
I don't Don't think the cure is working.
[ALEX] All right.
This should keep him stable for now.
Come on, Winn.
[BREATHING SLOWS DOWN] What happened? [BRAINY MUMBLING] Oh, yes, there it is.
I see it now.
The cure is designed to cure victims of the Blight.
But because Pestilence is not technically the Blight but the forebearer of it, the cure we have needs to be modified to fight her particular strand of virus.
So, how do we do that? We need a piece of Pestilence's DNA.
So if we can't find her, more people could get infected and the people that are already infected Yes, finding her as soon as humanly or non-humanly possible would be - [ALEX GROANS] - No.
- Alex! - No, no, no! Alex, Alex! imperative.
[ALEX BREATHING HEAVILY] I should be helping.
- You need to rest.
- No.
Let me No.
We're on it, I promise.
Alex, whatever you have attacking you, you are stronger than it.
No one's more of a fighter than you.
Keep holding on, okay? [ALEX COUGHING] [WINN GASPS] [SIGHS] - [GROANS] I can't even - What's going on? No, it's just ironic.
After 20 years, I finally make peace with my mom and then I get infected by Pestilence.
- You're gonna get better.
- [GROANS] Maybe Dude, I was attacked by a Worldkiller.
There's no cure.
Hey, don't go there.
Winn, you cannot think like that, brother.
It's just This is just making me reflect on my life.
[SIGHS] You know what? After we reconnected, my mom and I, I hadn't realized, like, so much of my baggage was tied into her abandoning me.
Like, all my life I never felt like I deserved anything.
But you know what, I have done great despite circumstances.
I made some true friendships.
[SNIFFLES] That has been the best part of my life.
And now I can finally let myself imagine what I'd do if I could do anything.
Like, if I could really be anything.
Like, I could be the next Steve Jobs.
Or I could make a rocket for NASA.
I can build human transportation to another planet, show Elon Musk how it's done.
Like, I could.
[SOBBING] Like, I'm ready.
And I think it might be too late.
You are gonna do everything that you want.
- Get some rest.
- Yeah.
- [LINE RINGING] - [SIGHS] [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] James, this really isn't a good time.
Winn and Alex are sick.
- I'm so sorry.
- Lena.
You have the largest pharmaceutical company in the country I really need you to put your people on this.
- [COUGHING] - I'm already working on it.
- You are? - Yeah.
Well, that's great news, right? Have you told Supergirl? Listen, I can't really say anything and please don't say anything to her.
I don't want to over-promise, but I'm really close to a breakthrough.
I'm really sorry I can't be there with you.
Yeah, it's just, uh It's just tough being here with him like this and not being able to do anything.
You are doing something.
I'm glad you called.
Me, too.
Ready? [REIGN] Why would you hide from me? Now that you have seen what you can be.
The power you can have.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] I don't want it.
You're nothing but a cancer.
I know you think you're gonna escape and take control.
But my friend and I are gonna stop you.
Just wait and see what your defiance will cost you.
I will turn your world into ash.
Especially her.
Your heart, your strength.
- I will kill Ruby.
- [YELPS] - Burn her.
- No.
Cut her inside out.
[SCREAMS] - Stop, stop, stop.
Hey, hey.
- She said she was gonna kill Ruby.
- No.
No, she can't kill her.
Ruby's safe.
Did you find the trigger? No.
Then Ruby is not safe.
We need to stop Reign.
That is what we are doing, Sam.
We need to get some help.
Before we started this, Alex was trying to figure out what was wrong with me.
Or maybe Supergirl.
- You can call Supergirl.
You can - Sam.
- You can find her, right? - Sam.
Sam, okay? Reign is the most wanted criminal in the world.
If I go to Supergirl or the government before I can prove I can turn her off, they will treat you like you're the same, all right? They will lock you up, they will dissect you It wouldn't be any worse than this, Lena.
- We need to get help.
- Shh.
I swear I am the only one who knows how to do this.
I promise you, I will do it.
I'm not gonna let her hurt Ruby.
Okay? I promise.
Okay? It's okay.
[SUPERGIRL] Winn and Alex are going downhill.
With all the information we have, we have to be able to find something.
Well, I'm doing the best I can here.
I followed Agent Schott and Danvers on security footage when they were at City Hall, assuming they ran into Pestilence, but they spent 60% of the time in blind spots.
It's like they were trying to evade cameras.
What about Adelaide? I followed her like the others on every camera I could find in the city.
Didn't reveal any suspects.
What about social media? Social What? In this time, a generation called Millennials would share their whereabouts with family, friends and complete strangers on the Internet.
It's a short-lived trend.
- Sounds delusional.
- Yeah.
Twenty-four hours before her death she brought cookies to a mobile flu unit at City Hall.
That doesn't tell us anything.
She works there.
But look who's behind her.
That's that doctor.
She was talking to Winn and Alex at City Hall.
If she was there 24 hours earlier, she must have infected the mayor and everyone else.
I'm sure of it.
I didn't see her with him in the security footage.
But you said there were blind spots.
She's Pestilence.
She has to be.
Grace Parker, first in her class at Metropolis University School of Medicine, now practices emergency surgery at National City General.
She's a doctor.
She heals people for a living.
You can get through to her.
We're not gonna make the same mistake we made with Julia.
Is she still at the hospital? Actually, according to a simple scan of security cameras throughout the city, it seems she entered the Silvermine Health Insurance building five minutes ago.
- I'm going.
- I'll come with you.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ] I'll organize a strike team.
They found her.
is down 5%, it will affect personal bonuses.
Target lower income families.
Raise the rates.
We can't forget it's the evaluation itself that's in question Can I help you? You could have but you missed your chance.
You sit here wallowing in your own ignorance.
Looking for any reason you can to deny your customers the very service you have sold them.
- Can we get security in here? - You won't need them.
Life-and-death decisions are out of your hands now.
Just make your point and get out, okay? I was hoping you'd say that.
Don't take another step, Grace.
It's not Grace anymore.
You would save even these scabs? They who profit on the suffering of others? Everyone deserves saving.
Not them.
They're not good.
But you are.
Imra, wait.
Give her a chance.
Think of the lives you've saved.
You're a doctor, Grace.
The day you took an oath you swore you would do no harm.
"Do no harm.
" [SHUDDERS] Grace It's gonna be okay.
My mother used to always say that good would be rewarded with Grace.
[CHUCKLES] But when I became a surgeon I finally saw the truth.
There's no reward for being good.
Whatever's happening to you doesn't give you power over who lives.
Only over who dies.
You don't want that.
We can stop it.
"Stop it"? Why would I ever wanna stop it? This is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.
I don't have to worry about saving anyone anymore - because I don't want to.
- No - I get to choose who dies.
- Grace They say that surgeons have a God complex, but it's simple.
I am a God.
[GRUNTS] You honestly thought you could talk me into being redeemed? You're such a child.
Words will never hurt me.
What about sticks and stones? [GRUNTING] [PANTS] [CHUCKLES] Oh, Supergirl, you got a little something.
- [THUNDER CRACKS] [GASPS] Julia! [SCREAMING] [PANTING] Sister I found you.
She was dying.
Purity made her stronger.
[PANTING] Oh, wait! It's hers.
It's her DNA.
Is that enough for Brainy to alter the cure? It's more than enough.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay? [STAMMERS] Yes, I'm just fine.
Just a little weak.
Are you okay? I'm alive.
Hey, nice to see you both up.
You had us a little worried there.
Wait a minute.
Where's Winn? Against my better judgment, he's back at work.
Oh, what a suck-up.
You have no idea how happy I am to see you healthy again.
Did we get her? - Not yet.
- But, we'll keep trying.
- Yeah.
- I'll be downstairs.
You know, maybe I'm being a little selfish, but, um I couldn't imagine getting through the next few months without you.
Dealing with my father and all of the unexpected things to come.
I would never let you go through that alone.
It's been a big year.
Hey, come on We were so close.
There was no way of knowing Purity would show up.
Or that she would make her stronger.
You said I would fail I should have listened to you.
No, don't say that.
I've always followed my instincts.
But now, I [SCOFFS] I don't know what to follow.
I never came here to make you doubt who you are or what you believe.
I was wrong to try to make you change.
I never told you what I saw on Fort Rozz, when Psi got into my head.
It was my sister.
- I didn't know you had - I don't Not anymore.
Because of the Blight.
Her name was Preya.
She was quiet, and stuck to herself.
But she always had my back.
Then, one day she was gone.
I'm so sorry.
I saw you with Alex today holding your sister's hand while she fought the same disease my sister did.
If I had just killed Pestilence the Blight never would have happened.
Preya would still be alive.
I would probably do the same thing if Alex were gone.
You wouldn't.
That's what makes you who you are.
We're going to stop the Blight.
We're gonna save your sister.
Winn, welcome back.
Ah, against all odds.
Where are we with the Worldkillers? So, last time you fought Purity we managed to identify the frequency of the waves that she emits.
We put a tracker on that specific frequency which should alert us when it's present in [BEEPING] - The city.
- [J'ONN J'ONZZ] Already? She's on the move.
Hopefully with Pestilence.
[J'ONN J'ONZZ] Where is she heading? Toward L-Corp.
Sam Sam, I think I found something.
Sam? They're coming.
Lena, the Worldkillers are coming.
We have to get you somewhere safe.
What is this? I was gonna tell you.
Tell me what? About me.
[ALL STRAINING] El-may-arah.