Supergirl (2015) s03e19 Episode Script

The Fanatical

[SUPERGIRL] Previously on Supergirl Supergirl saved me.
[TANYA] Coville's teachings are so misguided.
[CULTIST] In the name of Coville, please bring us back the journal.
That was her.
I saw her face.
I will do everything within my power to keep you safe.
[SUPERGIRL] Without your Kryptonite, we wouldn't have stopped her.
I'm gonna go work on a cure.
I broke into your lab.
For Supergirl, she asked me to.
She crossed a line.
I can never trust her again.
[LENA] It's a biolistic delivery system.
It's usually used for overwriting genes in crops, but Reign's cells are closer to plant cells than you'd think.
Part of how Kryptonians process sunlight.
How does it work? You take particles of heavy metal, coat them in DNA, deliver the payload, and then overwrite Reign's DNA with Sam's.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Payload rejected.
I thought this would work.
I just need the right vectors with the right metal.
I just need more time.
[REIGN] Yes.
Give Lena more time.
She doesn't have much left.
Because when I'm free, I'm gonna rip out her spine.
And when that's done, I'm gonna crack this planet in half, and you'll hear every scream - Okay, we don't need to hear that.
- [REIGN SCREAMING] What was that? It's a refractive scatter-field.
She can't see us now.
[STAMMERS] Even with the X-Ray vision? [GROANS] Yeah.
Even with X-Ray vision.
The wavelength interference of the force field hurts any Kryptonian that looks at it, and the shock seems to keep her in check.
Lena, I thought we talked about this.
You said if you developed any weapons that could hurt Kryptonians, you would put them on my radar.
- This isn't a weapon.
- It might as well be.
I told you about Kryptonite.
And I will tell you if I make it again, 'cause I agreed to that.
But with regards to other things I work on, this may come as a shock to you, but I don't think about you while I'm doing it.
Something happened with Reign? No, actually, it's Lena.
Why did you tell her that Supergirl asked Guardian to go into her lab to find Kryptonite? Now she has a problem with me.
She does not have a problem with you.
She couldn't wait to see you this morning.
She was talking about it.
She can't wait to see Kara, not Supergirl.
She has a problem with Supergirl.
[SIGHS] Supergirl can't tell her that she can actually trust me because I'm her best friend, Kara, but Kara can't tell her why Supergirl took it so personally that she was using Kryptonite behind her back because Lena doesn't actually know that I'm Supergirl.
You know what you said is really confusing, right? You should've had my back.
Look, I'm sorry I told her, but I felt like it was important to be honest.
- At my expense? - I really like her.
And for this to move forward, I have to be honest about my life, about everything, about Guardian.
And because I was, she opened up to me.
I'm really happy for you, James.
I really am.
But I can't be honest with Lena, and you know it.
You were straight with me.
My secret identity is there to protect people, and if Lena knew I was Supergirl, people might use it against her.
For the past two years, I've had to be dishonest with her while she's been opening up to me.
Lillian Luthor said it, and she was right.
If Lena ever found out that I was Supergirl, she would be devastated, and she would lump me in with every other person in her life that's betrayed her.
[EVE] Oh, can I help you? This is a meeting.
You can't - Are you James Olsen? - [MOUTHING] Sorry.
[JAMES] It's okay, Eve.
Yeah, can I help you? Are you okay? You know Supergirl? I need you to get this to her.
What is this? It's Thomas Coville's journal.
How did you get this? I stole it from his cult.
Can you get it to her or not? I thought you two were close.
I think his followers are using it to make a bomb.
I was a teacher.
Linguistics and semiotics.
You helped Coville learn Kryptonian.
He found me.
I'd been saved by her.
I I just wanted the miracle to mean something.
But when Reign came, the followers started making me translate his journal.
It had everything he'd ever learned about Krypton, and I was the only one left who knew how to read it.
But what I read, it was like a recipe.
Where's Coville now? He just vanished.
The others were saying that he died serving Reign, that he's a martyr.
They'd become fanatics.
And where are his disciples now? This is where I ran away from.
Look, I know I should have left earlier, but at first, it was so nice to believe in something, to connect to people.
But then Reign came, and Coville got word to us that we were worshiping the wrong god, that Reign was our deliverance.
I-I should go.
They'll be looking for me.
- They need this book.
- [JAMES] No, no, hey, hey.
[KARA] Wait.
Why don't you stay here? I'll call security here.
Where are you going? To get this to Supergirl.
She'll find the cult, and she'll stop them.
I'm also friends with her.
[ALEX] If you thought I was a badass before, you just wait until you see what I just bought.
It's parked right outside.
You wanna go see it? Look, it's a 1962 Item.
I have always wanted this bike.
What do you say? You wanna take a ride around the block? I got you your own helmet.
No, thanks.
Oh, um Yeah, that's okay.
Uh Um, well, what's something that you've always wanted to do? I mean, didn't you tell me once that you wanted to dye the ends of your hair blue? No.
Um Well, what if we got you a pet? Why don't we get you a cat? My mom's allergic.
Uh Would you wanna play Scrabble? Or we could just talk.
No offense, but I just wanna be left alone right now.
I know you can't be 100% honest with Lena, but maybe you could, I don't know, go to her as Supergirl and explain why you had James do what he did, and see if she understands.
You see shadows like this after nuclear strikes, but this whole building's intact.
What kind of bomb were they making? Excuse me? I know you, right? You're, uh, Olivia.
We met at Coville's meeting.
I need to know if Tanya is here.
We got separated, and I need to know that she's okay.
She's fine.
Just calm down.
Everything's good.
- It's not safe here! - Were you followed? - [GUARD] Let her go! - [EVE SCREAMING] [EVE] James, help! They're taking Tanya! [JAMES] Hey! - [GUN COCKING] - You could say that.
- [PEOPLE PANICKING] - Hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
- [TANYA] James, help! - Tanya.
[TANYA] Let me go! Take it easy.
Just take it easy, okay? - [GUNSHOT] - [TANYA] Let me go! Call 911.
- You okay? - Yeah.
[BEEPS] Coltrane.
She needs to finish what she started.
[GRUNTING] [COP 1] Freeze! [COP 2] Don't move.
Don't move.
Show me your hands.
- I am not armed.
- I said freeze! No, no.
Don't, please.
He's protecting me.
Down on your knees! [TANYA] No, it's not him, it's them.
[EXPLOSION] Wait, hold up.
You're Guardian? Yep, just try not to put that on social media, I'm trying to keep it on the low.
I just That is so awesome.
I had no idea.
I thought you were just friends with Supergirl, but you're Super Well, not "man", uh, because that's already taken.
- But you're super.
- They're super.
I'm just Guardian.
Oh, no, come on.
Don't downplay it.
You're Guardian.
You're a superhero.
[JAMES SIGHS] And they still would've shot you.
You forget, they did shoot me.
In the face, with armor-piercing bullets.
[METAL CLANGING] No, not the acolytes, the police.
I've seen it happen to my father, my brothers.
I just never thought it would happen to Guardian.
I should get changed.
Come on.
Some light reading? Yeah.
I'm just trying to figure out how to reach Ruby.
I mean, I lost my dad as a teenager, so I figured, "Hey, I should be a natural at helping her get through this whole ordeal with her mom.
" But nothing I have tried is working.
- [CLICKS TONGUE] - So I bought every book that I could find on helping kids deal with trauma.
I'd imagine none of those books have chapters on what to do when your mother's a Worldkiller who tried to murder you.
Yeah, they left that one out.
She's been in her pajamas for over a week, and she hasn't even left the apartment.
[SCOFFS] I know all about that.
[SIGHS] All about that.
My father is growing more and more withdrawn, and intransigent.
I mean, he still has his good days, you know.
Unfortunately, those days are few and far between.
[ALEX] Mmm.
[ALEX SIGHS] I'm sorry, J'onn.
I just wish there was some way I could slow down the illness.
I mean, now that he's wearing that psychic inhibitor, his brain is almost identical to that of a human.
I've been doing some research on the plasticity of the brain.
You know, studies apparently show that playing three-dimensional video games actually could reverse the decline.
Sounds like you should take him to the arcade.
Do you think you could help us figure out what kind of bomb did this? Yeah, well, Lena's spectra analysis equipment is sort of running on overdrive, so we're gonna have to go back to the DEO.
- Sure.
- [MON-EL] Yeah, we'll go with you.
And we can go over Coville's journal while we work.
Good idea.
Hey, hey.
Um You guys go ahead.
I'll catch up.
I'm gonna try this out.
I'm no closer to finding a cure for Sam than I was this morning, so I don't like this tension between us, Lena.
And I know it's my fault.
I know James told you what I asked him to do, and, look, I feel terrible about it.
I made a huge mistake, and I'm sorry.
It's easy to admit your mistake when you've been exposed.
That's fair.
I just don't want one mistake to ruin our friendship, that's all.
It won't.
We don't have a friendship, Supergirl.
All this time we've been working together, it's been about work.
We have a mission to complete.
And I am not about to let any tension between you and I get in the way of that.
- Are you? - Of course not.
I-I just hope, um, when we solve this, we can work to rebuild our trust.
Why is it so important to you that we're friends? I have friends, Supergirl.
Friends that don't scheme behind my back or lie.
Given my family history, they know how painful that would be.
They also know I would never enter into a friendship with anyone who's already breached that trust.
[MYR'NN] Where's the arcade? It's right there, Father.
Do you think I'm a fool? The arcade is a high form of architecture of ancient Rome.
Archways resting on columns.
Where are the shops? The marketplace? This is a different kind of arcade, Dad.
Let's go, team, huh? Oh.
Um [EXHALES] Well, I'll catch you inside.
- Yeah.
What happened? - Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
They came for me.
You'll never believe who the heavy was.
Olivia? But she was the first one to turn on Coville at the stadium.
Yeah, you're right.
She was lost after that.
More than the rest, but she kept visiting him in prison.
You should've called me.
[TANYA LAUGHS] Oh! Guardian had it handled.
[EXCLAIMS] Don't worry, I'm not gonna start a church or anything.
[JAMES CLEARS THROAT] About that, um So, any luck finding the cult? We went back to where you escaped from.
They weren't there, but we did find evidence that they were trying to build the bomb you told James and Kara Danvers about.
But they failed.
Um, we think someone might have died there.
[GASPS] This was Liza's.
She was my friend.
[CELL PHONE CHIMES] What is it? James.
"Give us Tanya and the journal, or the world will see your true face.
" They're gonna tell National City I'm Guardian.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] You must deliver Tanya and the journal to the corner of Pacific and First at 5:00 p.
If you fail to show up, we will go live with this video and reveal James Olsen as Guardian to all of National City.
" I'm so sorry I put you at risk.
No, no, it's not your fault.
If they expose your identity, then you're a vigilante.
They could arrest you, and then all of those people that you put in jail, they'd know who you are, they could go after you.
Tanya, it is not about that right now.
This is about protecting you.
We have three hours.
We can find Olivia and her followers before anything happens to James.
Hey, look, there's no line at Dance Dance Revolution.
I don't wanna do it.
[SIGHS] Look.
Ruby, I know you miss your mom.
And I know that you're in pain.
Please, let me help you.
You forced me to come here.
I told you I didn't want to.
I know.
Sometimes, when we're in pain, it can feel like we're sinking.
Like quicksand.
And experts in this kind of thing, they say that when we are in pain, the best thing to do is surround ourselves with loved ones who can bring us back to life.
So I'm just trying to help you.
You're not helping.
I hate it here.
Just take me home.
No, don't take them! [GUNSHOT SOUNDS] [LOUD VIDEO GAME SOUNDS] No! You will not harm them! [GRUNTS] [HANK HENSHAW] Father! It's all right, Father.
It isn't real.
Who is shooting at us? Oh, my God.
Where is your mother? - Is he okay? - He's just confused.
Let's get him out of here.
Let's go.
It's okay.
No matches on any traffic cams or ATMs throughout the city.
Hey, let's run it against all open security feeds.
Olivia was so sweet and innocent when I first met her.
And now she's a cult leader.
I can't help but think this is my fault.
Wait, how? Coville and his followers were going to hurt people in my name, so I cut my hand to prove to them I wasn't a god.
And the second she saw my vulnerability, she became disillusioned.
I let my mask down for one second, and look what happens.
You can't be all things to all people.
All you can do is be true to yourself.
Which self? [CHUCKLES] I'm supposed to stand for truth.
How am I supposed to be truthful? Really truthful.
Well, if you tell Lena the truth, you'd be doing it to make yourself feel better, not her.
So maybe, in this case, it's, uh Not telling her the truth is the noble thing.
It's a sacrifice you're making to protect her.
Hey, guys.
We found something.
I just finished analyzing that residue that you found.
What killed the girl wasn't a bomb at all.
It was caused by a heavy metal reaction.
A heavy metal not found on Earth.
[SUPERGIRL GASPS] I've seen this before.
The Rock of Yuda Kal.
He says he found a statue of her in Addis Ababa made of Kryptonian stone.
Yuda Kal, isn't that the Kryptonian goddess of life? I don't know anything about a goddess, but this is the exact inverse of what I need to cure Sam.
We were wrong.
They weren't using the rock to make a bomb, they're making a new Worldkiller.
Well, if the Rock of Yuda Kal can be used to make a Worldkiller, we could just reverse the process and use it to unmake one.
We could turn Reign back into Sam permanently.
We can cure her.
What happened? Was there another attack at CatCo? No, no.
I'm sorry to bring Tanya here, but I figured with all the threats out there, this is the safest place for her.
Are you all right? I have decided to hold a press conference to reveal that I'm Guardian.
No, you can't do that.
I have to do that.
It's my only choice.
It's already 4 o'clock.
In an hour, they're gonna out me anyway.
This is the only leverage they have on me, so if I can get out ahead of this, maybe I can cause them to shake up their plan or make a mistake.
Dude, that is just like that movie Ransom, right? With the guy, his son gets kidnapped, and instead of paying the ransom, he flips the table.
I just - I'm gonna stop.
- They're just Thank you.
If they use this again, someone could die.
Or worse.
They can make a Worldkiller.
It's what I have to do.
[LENA] James.
James, if you're doing this, I'm coming with you.
- I wanna stand beside you.
- I really appreciate that.
But you should continue working.
Sam's life depends on it, right? I know this is scary, but maybe it's a good thing, you know, you coming out.
It's a little more complicated than that.
Why? [JAMES SIGHS] For one, I'm a black man.
But everyone knows that Guardian's a hero.
Yeah, but not everyone knows that Guardian is black.
You know how old I was the first time cops put cuffs on me? Seven.
I was seven years old.
My family and I were taking a vacation.
We were staying at this nice hotel and, uh, my cousins and I, we decided to go out on the grounds, and play hide-and-go-seek.
One minute, I'm trying my damnedest not to be found, and in the next, I'm shielding my eyes from police lights.
And these four huge cops, they came and they pulled us out of our hiding places.
And the whole time we're saying, "Wait, what are you doing? We're staying here.
" But none of them believed that we were supposed to be there.
None of them believed that we belonged.
So my oldest cousin must have been about 11, and I was the smallest.
But they slapped cuffs on all of us anyway, and my arms were so little they had to put them around my forearms.
And then they marched us into the hotel lobby like a bunch of criminals.
And my mom was there.
And then they believed us.
[LAUGHS] She kept yelling, "Get those cuffs off my boys.
" [VOICE BREAKING] Those cuffs.
[SHUDDERS] James, that's horrible.
Racism is the oldest form of bullying.
I'm so sorry that happened to you.
But when I became Guardian, I put that mask on It was strangely liberating.
But it was the first time in my life that I had the opportunity to be judged on my actions and my heart, not how I look.
You shouldn't have to wear a mask to be seen as how you really are, James.
Just, it shouldn't be that way.
But it is.
And it's like that for every seven-year-old boy who looks like me, but it's not gonna be like that if I have something to do with it.
You will effect change.
You already are.
Are you sure you wanna come out in the open? I don't think anybody likes to be backed into a corner, especially not me.
And I don't know how people are gonna react when they realize that their neighborhood vigilante is black.
But there's just too much at stake for me not to.
[TANYA] I'm sorry to interrupt.
Can I talk to you for a second? Yeah, of course.
Thank you.
You don't have to reveal yourself for me.
I'm gonna give myself up.
I wanna face them.
I wanna fight.
No, no, Tanya.
It is way too dangerous for that.
No, I need to do this.
For once, I need to take a risk and stand up for what I believe.
I need to be myself.
Well, you're not doing this alone.
This was a bad idea.
A very bad idea.
I'm sorry.
[SIGHS] I should've known the stimulation would be too much.
I am burning those books.
Oh, right.
I've gotta go deal with this guy.
- Why don't you go get the car? - Okay.
Uh, stay seated, Dad.
Ruby, can you please stay with Myr'nn? What is this? A foosball.
Strange material.
Buoyant, light substance.
It's made of cork.
What is cork? I'm not sure.
I think it's made from trees.
We do not have cork trees on Mars.
Mars? Wait, you're from Mars? Of course.
Really? Wait.
What's it like there? It was once a place of great nobility.
People lived simply, yet with joy.
I long for that place.
What happened? War.
My family was killed.
A very long time ago.
How did you recover? I mean, after that happened.
I believed if my heart remained pure, H'ronmeer would provide for me.
It was difficult, but I was strong.
Like you.
H'ronmeer is like a god on Mars? [MYR'NN CHUCKLES] Did he come through? He brought me back my son.
What is the purpose of foosball? I can show you.
Thank you.
Where did they go? Father? [MYR'NN LAUGHS] My little man hit it! [RUBY] You scored a goal.
I love the foosball.
Yes! No.
- Yes! - [EXCLAIMS] [WINN OVER COMMS] Don't worry.
As soon as you turn yourself over, he will find you.
Be safe.
I will.
You have decided to come back to us.
I wasn't given a choice.
[MON-EL] Awesome.
This is, uh, this is for Mike, right? Oh.
I'm pretty sure this is my lift.
We're kind of in the middle of something, guy.
Wait, are you Are you guys kidnapping this woman? Just get out.
That is, okay.
That's a highly illegal situation, and I'm gonna have to insist that Okay.
I'm not scared of you.
I'm very scared of you.
So, should we put some music on, or [GROANS] - Let's go.
- [ENGINE STARTS] Uh, you guys, uh, we cannot track them.
The van has some sort of scrambler on it.
We lost comms, too.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] Should've never let Tanya go.
Wait, wait.
If they use the rock, then it will give off an energy signal.
Which we can scan for.
Wouldn't that get us there after they've already made a Worldkiller? Don't worry, there's a reason we sent Mon-El with her.
He's smart, tactical, he's a legionnaire.
If anyone can find us a signal, it's him.
We'll deal with you after the ceremony's done.
- Just one question.
- [HANDCUFFS CLANKING] Do you by chance know where I can find the Rock of Yuda Kal? [GRUNTING] So, no? You guys have no cell phones in cults? [TANYA] "Into the flame, one oronc of Sedenach dust.
The final element is seven lak-mar of" [OLIVIA] Of what? Nitrogen.
[TENSE MUSIC PLAYING] Before the leaders of Krypton erased her with Rao, with their science, there was a goddess of life, of birth.
Yuda Kal.
The faithful gathered in her orpheum in tribute, as we are now.
And she will give us one final birth.
There it is.
[HIGH-PITCHED SCREECHING] - What is it? - Kryptonian Sunstone.
Mon-El found a frequency I can hear.
Let's go.
Uh, James.
[SIGHS] Safety first.
[LAUGHS] With the power of Yuda Kal, I will be the fourth.
Right on cue.
The girl I saved was a good person.
The girl you saved was weak.
Now I finish Reign's work.
[MAN] Move.
[ALL GRUNTING] [GROANING] [MON-EL GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] Wait, Olivia, let me just say this.
You once believed in me.
You thought I saved you for a reason, and I did.
I saved you so that you could have a life.
This is a life.
No, this is someone else's life.
This is Coville's life.
I know what it's like to not know which role you have to play.
But you have so much to offer this world.
So much.
And this is not it.
But Who am I without it? [GRUNTS] Let go of that rock, and you'll have a lifetime to figure it out.
[SIZZLING] - What's wrong? - I can't get it I can't get it.
- Help me.
- I can't touch it.
- [OLIVIA] Please, help! [CRIES] - [SUPERGIRL] Mon-El.
[SOBBING] Please, please, please.
Get it off, please.
It won't budge.
Olivia, this is gonna hurt.
[OLIVIA SCREAMING] - [CRIES OUT IN PAIN] - Let me see, let me see.
- You're okay.
- [SOBBING] You're okay.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
[JAMES] Hey there.
I just wanted to apologize for putting you in a tough position with Lena earlier.
Oh, it's fine.
I did it.
I asked you to do something I shouldn't have.
I knew there were consequences.
I do understand the complex issues about your identity.
But I gotta tell you, there was a moment when I decided to unmask today where I felt powerful.
Don't get me wrong, I was definitely afraid of what changes may come or how people may perceive me, or the fallout.
But I wanted to fight that good fight, because I think people like Tanya need to see heroes who look like me so they know what they're capable of.
So when the time is right, on my own terms, I'm gonna take that mask off.
I'm proud of you.
That's my story.
Yours is different.
You can't take yours off because you're doing it to protect us, the people you care about.
I know it takes its toll.
Well [CHUCKLES] But I'm here to tell you that I respect it.
I understand it.
I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Come here.
And now for the big reveal.
- Ta-da! - It looks so good.
I love it so much.
- Yeah? - You did such a good job.
Well, thank you.
At least I know now that if this whole FBI thing doesn't work out, I have a calling as a hairdresser.
I'm sorry I was so rude to you before, Alex.
No, I, um I'm sorry that I kept pushing you to feel better before you were ready.
But I'm really happy that you taught Myr'nn how to play foosball.
How long has he been sick? Not very long.
A few months.
But he's very old, like hundreds of years old.
Do you think J'onn ever worries about what happened to his father will happen to him? I don't know.
Are you worried that what happened to your mom might happen to you? I wish, more than anything, that I could take this burden from you.
I really wish that I could tell you that you never have to worry about that.
But the truth is I don't know.
But I'll tell you what I do know.
Some of the smartest people on the planet love your mom.
And they're working day and night to find a cure.
And those very same people, they love you.
And I give you my word, Ruby, I will fight to protect you as long as I live.
[SUPERGIRL] Have you started? No.
The rock you brought us was drained of all its power.
Yeah, it all went to Olivia's transformation.
How come the two of you don't seem too devastated by that news? Because Ms.
Luthor and I very intelligently recorded the radiation signature of the sacred stone during the cult's ritual.
And with a little scan of the heavens, the heavens obliged.
Now, it is very rare, but the exact same rock is hurdling through space on a meteorite about five light-years away.
J'onn, can your ship make it that far? Tuned up the FTL drive a couple of weeks ago.
I could go with you.
No, no, you have to stay with your father.
[MON-EL] I'll go.
The Yuda Kal rock seems to have some kind of effect on Supergirl, but I can handle it fine.
She broke the chains.
How'd she do that? That Kryptonite is supposed to keep her weak.
Her body's adapting, like Pestilence to the anti-virus.
She's becoming immune.
How long till you won't be able to keep her contained? I don't know.
A couple of days.
Then we better get a move on.
Thank you for going with Supergirl and allowing me to stay with my father.
Oh, yeah, of course.
Although I sense there's more to your decision than just the mission to stop Reign.
Yeah, well, I spoke to Imra, and it turns out despite all of my attempts to bury my feelings, it was pretty transparent for her, so she told me to come back here and sort it out.
And all I wanna do is just tell Kara exactly how I feel.
'Cause I don't wanna keep secrets.
Telling her might make you feel better, but I think it would be selfish.
Yeah, I know.
You grew older in the future, but you also grew wiser.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] You're doing the right thing.
I appreciate you saying that.
Thank you.
You ready? Yeah, uh, let's go get us a rock.
Home by midnight, Dad.
This is a crime scene.
You can't be here.
Are you okay, buddy? Actually, I've never been better.