Supergirl (2015) s03e22 Episode Script

Make It Reign

Previously on Supergirl [SCREAMING] Sam? Do you have some aspirin? If we don't begin The Reach before the beginning of my end, all of my Mars memories will be lost forever.
[WOMAN] Selena is our high priestess.
I call upon you, Worldkiller.
Bring blessed darkness to Earth, so that it may be reborn.
Where's the ship? [ALURA] It's gone.
[SELENA] Welcome, sisters.
We three, together on Earth, just as the prophecy foretold.
Did you doubt it? I only doubted that I would live to see this wondrous day.
The Earth's yellow sun will restore you, Vita.
You will be stronger than you ever dreamed.
I can feel it, the power coursing through my veins.
We have powers beyond reason here.
You must summon Reign.
Let us begin.
Give me the Harun-El.
[GROANING] The Earth's atmosphere has made the Harun-El toxic to us.
What will we do? [SELENA] Our faithful servant will assist.
The human.
A human who bows down to the Daughters of Juru.
Prepare the ceremony.
This is Selena's house.
There must be a back way in.
Or a hidden way.
[ELECTRONIC BEEPS] [ALURA] It's an atlas of the Earth.
I've seen these writings before in Coville's journal.
They're instructions.
Instructions for what? For making Worldkillers.
Seems the Daughters of Juru created Reign, Purity, and Pestilence years ago on Krypton and sent them to Earth.
And now, they're following.
We have to find a way to let the DEO know that Selena's headed back to Earth.
Our protecti dome makes communication impossible.
There has to be something here that can help us.
Mom? Mom.
Hi, baby.
What time is it? Is it morning? Something's wrong.
You're sick.
Please don't tell me you're fine.
Not again.
You're right, I don't I don't feel well.
And you're also right, I should've been honest with you from the very beginning.
That was a mistake.
But here's the truth.
I don't know what's going on with me.
But we're gonna call Lena and Alex, and they're gonna get to the bottom of this, okay? - Okay? - Okay.
Hey I love you more than anything in this world.
I promise you I will never keep you in the dark again.
[KEYBOARD CLATTERING] Alex, I hope we're not disturbing you.
No, no, no.
There's always time for my two favorite people.
I came because I wished to see you again, Alex.
To say goodbye.
It's time.
You have brought me much joy in my time on your Earth, Alex.
You and your friends showed me strange and wonderful things.
You know, you have a rare gift for intuiting the feelings of others.
You would've made an excellent Green Martian.
Most of all, you have given me the great gift of witnessing your love for my son.
Home is not a place, it is living among those who love and honor you.
I can depart this world with peace because I know my son is home.
It has been a great honor getting to spend time with you, Myr'nn.
And now I know where J'onn gets his dignity and his enormous heart.
There's no need for watering of the eyes, child.
All of life is change.
Doing The Reach allows me to live on forever, within my son.
I am very, very fortunate.
Time is slipping, J'onn.
We must get the Staff of Kh'ollar and go.
Yes, Father.
[ALEX] J'onn.
Is there anything I can do? I can come with you.
This is something I have to do on my own.
But knowing that you're there is help enough.
You're in charge.
[SIGHING HEAVILY] Kara, do you recognize this? "Whoever wields this sword shall bathe in the blood of the old worlds, and reign with might over the new.
" It's an ancient religious text.
According to lore, the scabbard holds the sword of Juru.
It would appear the sword is real, and missing.
Kara, look.
- Is that a hologram crystal? - Yes.
Hello, Alura.
I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye.
I was in a rush.
You may have left Argo, but you will never be able to escape yourself, Selena.
Your shame will follow you on any planet.
It is you who should feel shame.
You, who are responsible for the death of Krypton, you who are unrepentant.
I lost my home, just as you did.
I lost my husband.
I thought you and I had been rebuilding our culture together.
Our culture? For 20 years, I've been biting my tongue, masquerading as one of you, while my culture has been forced into the shadows, deemed unworthy.
Then why did you give us the Harun-El? My sisters and I have waited patiently for the Worldkiller to rise and make the Earth habitable for our people.
It was supposed to happen long ago, but the human in Reign proved strong.
Reign and Samantha Arias had to be separated.
I was going to do it myself, but you saved me the trouble.
Only one of them will survive the split.
How quaint that you thought it should be the human.
Sam is alive and Reign is dead.
I saw it happen.
You're naive, just like your mother if you thought that is what happened.
And you're naive if you think the people of Earth won't find a way to stop Reign.
It's not Reign who will need to be stopped, it's Earth herself.
What do you mean? Reign is the spark that ignites the eruptions.
Seismic catastrophes that would wipe out all humans and terraform the Earth.
It's almost a pity, really, - that you won't be around to see it.
- [BEEPING] We have to get out of here.
It's a trap! [ALURA SCREAMS] Kara! We need to get her help.
I was better, Alex.
I was me.
Now I feel like I can barely hold my head up.
What about the blackouts? Are you still losing any time? I just feel like my insides are wilting away.
Sam, your blood cells have mutated.
Before, they presented as human.
But now, they are transforming back into their natural state, which is Kryptonian.
Like Supergirl? Isn't that good? No, I don't feel stronger.
I've never felt weaker.
That's because your blood cells are oxygen-deprived.
They're shrinking.
In fact, they look like they're becoming dormant.
[EXHALES] We need to fix this.
I have not fought this hard to lose now.
- We will.
- We will.
If she's Kryptonian like Supergirl, can't you fix her with the sun? Yellow sun lamps.
She's right.
The sun lamps should heal you.
We're gonna supercharge you.
[WHISTLING] [BEEPING] Yo, Demos, punch me.
You heard me.
Punch me.
Seriously? You're not even gonna ask [GROANING] Eh? Huh? Eh? You know, that wasn't as satisfying as I'd imagined.
And I've imagined it.
What happened? An omnidirectional, self-maintaining, sub-atomic personal shield.
How does it work? Oh.
You know what, here.
Check it.
That literally looks like nothing.
Dude, it's a frequency conversion You know what, don't worry about it.
It's all good.
Point is, I invented it, and it's like the cornerstone of all the non-lethal tech that I'm creating for J'onn.
Oh, it's like a magnet for atoms.
You're a genius.
Change the world, that's what I do.
Oh! Check it.
You know what, this is top secret research.
[MYR'NN] I am ready, my son.
There's so much I wanna say to you.
But I'm afraid that once we start, I won't get a chance to finish it all.
Our thoughts, our words will flow freely as we begin The Reach.
[BEEPING] My mind is free again.
Shall we kneel? Yes.
The process will begin with my most recent memories, and travel back through my life, and then the lives of all those I am connected to.
It will be painful at times as we venture back through my imprisonment.
But we will break through those barriers, and you will touch the parchment of the sacred scrolls, breathe the air on Mars, moments after its creation.
I am ready to face it all.
I never imagined that my memories, the history of our people and our religion, would live on when I passed.
And now, all of it will in you.
[EXHALES] Let us begin.
Selena couldn't have known I was going to come back after she gave me the Harun-El.
She had to have another plan to get to Earth.
Are there any other ships on Argo? No, they were all destroyed, and we've rebuilt nothing.
What about the Legion? Can you call them with the beacon? Unfortunately, the beacon didn't survive the explosion.
All your father wanted to do was save us all.
He built this dome.
He saved Argo.
He was looking for another way, but he never got it completed in time.
Maybe that's what Selena was planning on using.
She knew it existed, she had years to get it working.
Get what working? The transmat portal.
Your father had been developing it to get every Kryptonian off the planet before it exploded.
But he failed.
Where's the portal now? Father's lab.
I can't believe it's still here.
I spent so many afternoons with him here, watching him work.
Sometimes, when he was working on a problem, he'd use me as a sounding board.
He talked to me like I was another scientist.
He'd make me feel the most important person that ever existed.
The stage is set for the ceremony to bring forth Reign.
Hold the Harun-El perfectly still when the transformation begins.
May my suffering appease the dark gods and grant us our salvation.
[GRUNTING] [CHANTING IN KRYPTONIAN] as we ask the one true goddess of Old Krypton, Yuda Kal, to bring us our Goddess, to bring us our salvation, to bring us Reign.
Ahh! She is born again.
- [CHANTING CONTINUES] - [SCREECHING] Something's wrong.
She is unformed.
She only has one bloodline, Reign's.
There should be three.
She needs to embody the Trinity.
Purity and Pestilence may be dead, but their blood still exists.
I can sense it.
We need to find the blood of Reign's sisters to make her whole.
I know where you can find it.
[LENA] We're nearly done, okay? You're doing great.
You look better already.
You're such a bad liar, but I am grateful for that.
Okay, Sam, I need you to count to three, and then look at us.
One, two, three.
[BEEPING] Yes, you're waving.
Is that supposed to mean something? [BEEPING] What? What's going on? It's a refractive scatterfield.
It's basically an eye test.
If your cells were expressing in a Kryptonian manner, then you wouldn't have been able to see us.
Your eyes would've hurt just trying to even look through.
So the sun lamps aren't working? Okay, so what's next? Environmental factors can influence gene expression, turning it on and off.
Maybe this Harun-El can rewrite the process.
I could take this blood back to the lab and see if the Harun-El will rejuvenate your cells.
We're gonna figure this out.
I promise, okay? Stay strong.
The portal doesn't look so bad.
Selena and her witches had it mostly working.
Even if we get it up and running, we'd need another portal to transport to.
They have one in the DEO.
We just have no way to contact them.
Are there any crystals here? I mean, maybe we can contact them the way we did Selena.
All he had are these.
Kryptonian cache crystals, like the ones I put in your pod.
I've seen those in the DEO.
AI room engaged.
Whoa, whoa.
That that's weird.
Oh, God, no.
No! Oh, you're creepy.
AI malfunction.
Be gone.
Whoa! Will you stop, please? You're fully wigging me out.
Winn, Winn, it's Kara.
I need your help.
Okay, not only are you now appearing at will, you are fully schizophrenic.
Winn, Winn, listen to me.
I am using cache crystals on Argo City to reach you.
It is the only way we have of communicating from under the dome.
I know I sound like Alura, but it's Kara.
My mom and Mon-El are with me.
We're stranded on Argo.
Sam's in trouble, and we believe that Reign is still alive.
Alex! Kara, is that really you? Yes.
Alex, this is an emergency.
No, I feel like we need to give her a test or something.
Like something only Kara would know.
What was the name of your first pet? - Streaky.
- No, no.
That's too easy.
Everybody knows that.
- Alex.
- Winn, shut up.
Okay, tell me what's going on.
Dark Kryptonians stole our ship and flew to Earth.
It turns out the Harun-El we used to kill Reign and save Sam split them apart.
But Reign is only dormant, not gone.
The Dark Kryptonian witches want to resurrect her and use her to terraform the Earth, turning it into a new Krypton.
Okay, tell me you have a plan.
Mon-El and I need to get back to Earth.
Father has a transmat portal, but we need to make it work.
Transmat portal? Okay, I can help you set yours up, then we will get ours working, and then we can interface them, yes.
And you are Kara, right? - Yes.
- Yes.
I knew that.
I knew that.
[CHUCKLES] How does it feel, my son, to now know all of the 500 million moves on the Ok'Rock'Tock board? Enlightened, Father.
Just don't share them with your imaginary friend, Zook.
- [LAUGHING] - Zook, Zook! It was Zook.
What are these empty rooms for? We could make this our home.
These are happy memories.
They should make you happy.
And they do, Father.
But they also remind me how much I'm going to miss you.
Every moment that passes between us brings us closer to that eventuality.
By the end of this, you will not feel loss, J'onn.
You will feel complete.
I promise.
How do you know? Because I know the hole that comes with not doing this, the way I felt when your mother was taken from me, when you were taken from me.
Be patient, my son.
Let the memories fill you up as they have filled me up.
So we should really be able to talk now.
I just need a few minutes to route the power from Argo's main grid.
Do you see a multi-phase descrambler which links to a power source? Uh, yeah, but the insulator is cracked.
Which means as soon as we go through the portal, the circuits will fry, which makes it a one-way trip.
Oh, hey, I mean, at least you don't really have any need to go back to Argo City.
In fact, I'm surprised that you're still there.
I thought you were gonna call the Legion and go straight back to the future.
Uh Yeah, yeah, I was.
But then, the time beacon broke, and Kara ran into some trouble, so I decided to stay back to Mmm-hmm.
Always the hero.
I lost her once, Winn.
I'm not sure I can do it again.
Really? Dude.
Dude, forget Reign.
You need to get back here fast, so we can get a drink.
[ALURA] He's a good man.
Yeah, yeah, he is.
The connection between you two is obvious.
He makes you happy.
Do you love him? No, mom, that's not an easy question to answer.
Why not? There's a history between us.
And complications.
When this crisis is over, I hope that we will find time for you to tell me all about it.
I'd like that.
Portal's on.
Now just fire it up and bring us home.
All right.
[SIREN BLARING] Winn? Winn, what happened? We got this.
Come on.
You guys, I think the Dark Kryptonians are here.
We were drawn by the blood of our fallen Worldkillers.
Hand it over, and we won't spill yours.
Get the blood.
It's in the lab.
- Destroy it.
- You got it.
Didn't they teach you how to knock on Krypton? Find the blood of our sisters.
Hello? Hello? Mon-El, can you hear me? It's Kara's mother.
[WINN] Listen, listen, we have three Kryptonians that have just attacked us.
We really need your daughter to come back like ASAP.
- [ALURA] Winn? - [DEVICE BEEPING] - Winn, are you still there? - Hi, there.
[GROANING] A-ha! Your friend was back, but now he's gone.
- We need to know what's going on there.
- Let me try.
[SUPERGIRL] This is the hologram's point of view.
Okay, now we know what's going on.
Can you get their portal online? I'm trying.
That's not good.
How did you survive? I'm faster than I look.
She took the bait.
Mom, we have to go.
I'll be too slow.
You go, baby, you go.
I'm not leaving without you.
I'll distract her.
You go.
[BEEPING] Come here.
You can't escape me for long.
[GROANING] I see you found the blood of our sisters.
[GROANS] Yeah, Kryptonite bullets.
[GASPING] Demos, run! I'm surprised Selena kept you.
You were never very smart.
What did you say? You were never very smart.
I'm through.
I'm coming with you.
Welcome to Earth.
He has the blood.
Demos, your belt! [BEEPING] No! No! She actually cares for these humans.
One would have thought that "The Girl of Steel" would know that caring makes you weak.
Give me the blood.
You want the blood? You can have it.
I'm so sorry, Alex.
You just keep monitoring Sam, and I'll keep you posted on my end.
More bad news? Yeah.
Sam's no better.
And there are three people in National City with the same powers as Supergirl that just murdered somebody.
Oh, that is not good.
And my news is no better.
I reworked the Harun-El to try and jump-start Sam's blood cells like you asked, but they're not responding.
They're getting weaker.
Maybe I can adjust the ratio of the solution we used and re-inject Sam.
This should still have the blood of Reign and Sam on it.
I think I know what's wrong with Sam.
This is This is like reliving this horror.
Perhaps we should take a break, Father.
The hardships we travailed are important.
As we reach through them, you will learn the lessons I have learned.
Be able to teach others to take a different path.
And when we reach past the painful memories, inevitably, we find the good.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Before the fires, there was your birth.
A gift from H'ronmeer who forced me to lift my head up out of the scriptures, and to have a life.
Since I have been here, I have tried to teach you balance.
I pray that now, as we journey together, entwining our consciousness, you will truly understand.
What happened? We lost the blood.
Don't worry, sisters.
The blood is not lost.
It is right here with us.
[ALEX] If they're regular Kryptonians, we should be able to track them down.
They're protected by magic.
I will find them.
Do you think we should call J'onn? No, he's with Myr'nn.
I'll get him if the situation becomes dire.
Imagine if we had Reign to deal with.
[SAM] Unfortunately, I think we do.
[ALEX] Sam, you should be in bed.
I need to be here.
This involves me.
I know why Sam's sick.
These are Sam's blood cells, and these are Reign's.
Sam's blood cells are getting weaker, while Reign's are getting stronger.
They share a symbiotic, non-local entanglement.
Reign and Sam are still connected.
Reign's back and she's getting stronger by the minute.
But I destroyed the Worldkiller's blood.
Demos gave his life to stop them.
I don't know how, but they have it.
If Reign is getting stronger, then couldn't the opposite be true? If Sam gets stronger, then Reign would get weaker.
My thoughts exactly.
But how? Nothing we've tried has worked.
The Fountains of Lillith.
Fountains of what? Years ago, when I sentenced Jindah Kol Rozz to prison, she spouted about vengeance.
One fountain gave infinite strength.
The other brought weakness.
She spoke of a woman born of the fountain with the power of destruction.
Reign was created in the Dark Valley, and she doesn't get her powers from the yellow sun.
Maybe she got them from this fountain.
Then it's settled.
I'm going back to the Dark Valley.
Sam, you're too weak.
We don't have Brainy to get you there.
Lena was able to do it.
That was using electric shock.
And in your current condition, Alex is right.
I don't know if you'd survive.
That's a risk I'm willing to take if it means ending Reign and saving the world.
And I have to do it for my daughter.
I promise you, I am not dying today.
[GROANING] [GASPING] You're real.
Of course, I'm real.
I made you.
[WITCHES] With the Sword of Juru, we plant these seeds that transform this planet into New Krypton.
We have no need of the human anymore.
[STUTTERING] But I have killed people for you.
My followers have prayed against your enemies.
I bowed down to you.
You promised.
You said that you were righteous.
And she is, for us.
Not for you.
How you doing, man? He trusted me.
And I killed him.
Kara told me that Demos got hit by three heat-vision blasts at once.
Nobody could have predicted that.
You know, for just a second, you really had me believing that I could change the world.
Winn, just stop, okay? A lot of people would have died today if it wasn't for your technology.
I mean I would've died a hundred times over if it wasn't for you.
Alex said that you were gonna go see the Mayor? Get CatCo to put out the word that the city needs to stay safe.
Yeah, but I came to see about you first.
Okay, well, you should get back to CatCo.
They're gonna They're gonna need you.
Your friend Sam is strong.
She's fighting for her daughter, like you.
Mom, this is Alex.
- Oh! - I You and your family rescued my daughter.
I am indebted to you.
Sometimes, I think she's the one that rescued us.
[LENA] Sam's ready.
Ruby, I really think that you need to wait outside.
No, I'm staying.
Listen to me, baby.
This is gonna hurt.
It's gonna look scary.
But your mom is a badass.
She can handle it, okay? You are a badass.
I'm ready.
Run, Samantha.
[INDISTINCT VOICES] We're coming for you.
Let us begin.
You go save the city.
- Let's go.
- Stay with Lena.
This planet is no longer stable.
I can hear the screams.
This world needs us.
It's starting.
0 earthquake, tornadoes and super storms over Madagascar? Tsunami warning? We got 100% chance of, you guessed it, Reign.
It's the terraforming.
On Zune, they terraformed her planet's natural resources, so they'd go right through the planet's core to create a genesis event.
Destroy all life in order to be reborn.
Go through the Earth's core, and you get pretty close to Madagascar.
Okay, so that's clearly what the witches are doing.
Can I ask how long it took this genesis event to be completed? Hours.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
The memories? This was too important.
Supergirl, Mon-El, damage control.
Alex, get every agent we have.
Boots on the ground, evacuating.
Winn, I want you to monitor everything from here.
I'm gonna find out where this is coming from and stop it.
[MYR'NN] Wait.
Take me to the nexus point.
If I shapeshift into the Earth, bond with it, I can stop this.
It'd rip you apart.
This planet is my son's home.
I intend to save it with him.