Supergirl (2015) s04e21 Episode Script

Red Dawn

Previously on Supergirl Anybody who knows Supergirls secret identity is at incredible risk.
So, we wipe the minds of everyone at the DEO who knows I'm Supergirl.
I have to be mind-wiped, too.
- What happened? - [ALEX.]
She changed her mind.
She's gonna keep the baby.
What you're holding is an experimental serum that will, in all likelihood, kill you.
That means it might not.
A Kaznian invasion on American soil will be like a child throwing rocks at a tank.
- [EVE.]
Lex has a tank.
- [LENA.]
Red Daughter.
Lex Luthor has allied with the Kaznian government, and they are going to attack.
I thought it was important to warn you.
You did the right thing.
Hey, I I've got an idea.
Instead of going to college, how about not going to college? Kara, you'll be fine.
You just need to make some new friends.
Maybe you can make some friends with rhythm.
No one else gets me.
No one else can get me.
Oh, okay.
Next clapping part coming up.
Don't miss it.
I didn't miss it.
I was just doing like a jazz version.
Okay, ready? I did it.
Kara! - [RENAULT ON TV.]
exit visa.
- [GASPS.]
- Or, I should say two.
Why two? - [RENAULT.]
He has a lady.
- He'll take one.
I think not.
He certainly won't leave her in Casablanca.
You okay? That was a weird dream or a memory or I don't know.
It was about, um, it was about my sister.
Your sister who was adopted? Yeah.
An adoption falling through is a big deal.
And stuff like that isn't just emotional.
It can make physiological changes to your brain and to the connections that it makes.
It's weird, 'cause the last time I felt like this, I was, uh I was being questioned at the DEO.
It was a security sweep.
Something just feels off, and I think I think it has to do with Kara somehow.
Brainy, what's up? I'm on my way.
Jeez, this is America.
You can't just kidnap a reporter.
And you can't publish state secrets when it's a matter of national security.
My editor already has all my evidence.
We scrubbed the CatCo servers.
How long are you gonna keep me here? Until the President tells us you aren't a problem anymore.
You know, I don't really think that's gonna work for me.
A spider! You picked on the wrong girl.
Secretary Lockwood chose to cope with his grief by going on a superpowered rampage.
So he injected himself with Harun-El? Yeah, and he took our entire stock.
And then he came back to trash the place to boot.
He's the key.
And he's been in front of us the entire time.
- Lockwood? - Lockwood must be connected to Lex.
We went to Kaznia and we found Lex's lab.
He's been experimenting on aliens, trying to harness their powers.
And a lot of these aliens seem to come from a DEO facility in the desert.
Find the missing aliens, find Lex.
But whatever we do, we better do it fast.
- Lex is planning on invading America.
- What? You should've led with that.
Well, then you're gonna love this.
Lex has a clone of Supergirl.
- What? - You should've led with that.
A copy was made when Supergirl touched the Harun-El.
Her name's Red Daughter and Lex has taught her to hate America.
This explains how Supergirl was framed for the White House attack.
- Right.
So what do we do now? - I can hunt a rogue Kryptonian.
I will find her.
Brainy, go.
Get J'onn and find those aliens.
I will bring Dreamer with.
We will stop Lex from using them for his nefarious purposes.
And I will tell Dreamer that I am in love with her.
- Great.
- Okay.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
I will rattle Lockwood and see if he leads us to Lex.
I have a plan.
I just need to borrow something from the DEO.
- Whatever you need.
- Okay.
Hey, have you heard from Kara? She's not answering any of my calls.
She went to tell the President what we found.
Kara's okay.
I'm supposed to kill you, you know.
I see that.
Kryptonite makes me soft.
I bleed, you shoot me.
I went to Kaznia.
I saw those pictures you have of me, my sister.
- Know thy enemy.
- Please don't do this.
We are the same.
We have the same genes, the same I see we've come to the part where the villain says "We are not so different, you and I.
" I am not a villain.
"The devil can cite scripture for his purpose.
" Lex Luthor sent you here, right? So once you've done his bidding, what's he gonna do to you? You're a loose end.
Everything he's told you, he's lying.
He hurts people.
For God's sake, just look him up.
He did those things in service to the world.
You are so limited.
Your life could mean so much, and yet you fly around in a cheerleader skirt.
How did they do it? What did they say to make you believe? Look out the window and you will see fear, racism, strife.
This country is a fatted heifer.
I am here to cut its throat.
But first admit that you were wrong.
Go on.
That you defend the corrupt.
The American dream is snake oil.
Who sold it to you? Was it your Alex? You know, for saying that you want to know your enemy, you don't know me at all.
For instance, that pain you're feeling, you've only felt it for the past couple of months.
But me I've been dealing with Kryptonite for 15 years.
What happened? [KARA GROANS.]
Just hold still.
Nearly got it.
I got it.
I was so close.
I had him.
I Now they've destroyed all my evidence, so I've got nothing.
Lockwood walked, and people think Supergirl's an assassin, and the President is working with a man who's almost blown up the world - more than once.
- Come on.
Don't do this.
I told myself, "Pen's mightier.
Let's do what Ms.
Grant would do.
" And it all fell apart.
Look, you'll find a way.
You always do.
Lex knows who I am.
He wants me dead.
Which means Alex is in danger.
I J'onn, I have to tell her why.
She has to know I'm Supergirl.
- She has to know.
- You can't, Kara.
Look, when I wipe somebody's mind, I close off neural pathways.
Alex's psyche has already compensated for the missing memories.
They're walled off.
If you tell her the truth, it's like you're taking a sledgehammer to that wall, forcing two realities together.
She could go insane.
This can't be forever.
There has [SNIFFLING.]
There has to be a way.
I mean, maybe if she [SIGHING.]
Finds out on her own, remembers on her own.
Is that possible? [J'ONN J'ONZZ.]
I don't know.
J'onn, I need your help.
You're hurt.
I was, but I'm fine now.
Where's Alex? She's looking into the Supergirl clone.
Red Daughter.
Lena told us everything.
- She's gonna get herself killed.
- Don't do this.
Now I could use your help finding some aliens.
How did you manage this? Well, the nice thing about for-profit prisons is that you can buy them.
You bought a prison to get me out? Just for the weekend, which is long enough for what I need.
It's a baby Truth Seeker, and I need the truth.
- You mean, I can't lie? - Nope.
My middle-school boyfriend, Taylor.
I paid him $14,000 to never speak to you again.
I knew it.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask you if you love me.
I already know the answer.
If you had 24 hours, would you be able to extract the Harun-El from Ben Lockwood's system? Yes.
Why? You don't think you can do it? Lex has figured out how, and I haven't cracked it yet.
But your mind works like his.
Well, as much as I love a challenge, we both know who this is really for.
And why would I ever do anything for Jimmy Olsen? Oh, because your lunch was laced with an exotic neurotoxin, and, no, I'm not gonna tell you which one.
I have the antidote, and you have 24 hours.
I've just given you the gift of focus.
If this is so important, why don't you stay and help me? Because I've got to find Lex.
You don't happen to know where he is, do you? When you find out your child was plotting matricide, it tends to cast a pall over the relationship.
Oh, did he hurt your feelings? Couldn't you just waterboard me like a normal person? - Where are you going? - To confront Ben Lockwood.
If he's taken the Harun-El, you should wait until I finish.
Oh, are you worried about me? Of course.
I love you.
You have gotten me to say it.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I just came to tell you I know you're trying to find Red Daughter.
You can't be here.
If the President finds out He's working with Lex.
- What? - Yeah.
You need me, especially if we're gonna have to fight another me in the process.
What do you mean he's unavailable? I Well, you can tell President Baker that it's an emergency, and Ben Lockwood Hello? Hello Hello? Ben.
If you've, uh, come for your super-sauce Too late.
I know you're working with Lex.
I need to know where he is.
Why do you people keep insisting that I know him? 'Cause you're running around with Otis and Mercy Graves and they're his henchpeople.
Come on, Benjamin.
Last year, you were an out-of-work history professor and now you're a cabinet member with superpowers.
Do you expect me to believe that just happened? The President of the United States made me a cabinet member.
The President works for Lex.
You really didn't know.
Lex played you.
He gave you the training, the weapons, the fancy job, and now you've served your purpose.
Did you never stop to think that this was all a little too easy? Oh, easy.
You think this was Okay, listen to me.
This was my idea, this was my vision, this was my work! You wanted to save the human race.
Instead, you handed its future to a psychopath.
So? He had no idea.
The look he gave me, he hadn't even considered it.
So everything he believed in is a lie? And there's another thing.
I think he's deteriorating because of the Harun-El.
- That's not gonna happen to me, is it? - No.
Ben injected the untested serum.
And by tomorrow, it won't matter anyway.
I'm working on an extraction.
Is it just me, or is that a man who needs answers? Maybe this wasn't such a dead end after all.
This is where the latest Alien Affairs raid took place.
Three aliens were taken.
I can feel their fear.
- Does this mean anything to you, Brainy? - What? I I don't know.
Where's Nia? She should be here by now.
There's something very important I have to tell her.
Okay, but shouldn't we try and save the world first? No! No, that's exactly why I have to tell her now.
I need to get this out of my system before all the punching and exploding starts.
Causality be damned.
If I tell her how I feel, normal function will resume.
I'm not sure that's how love works.
How does it work? [DREAMER.]
How does what work? Uh, tacos.
I just had a vision.
That keychain An alien girl was riding that unicorn.
She was being chased by a wolf.
Wolves are symbols of danger Uh, phone.
Chordata, Mammalia, Carnivora Uh, no, no.
Um The archaic word for wolf in Irish is faol Faolan Shipping maybe? They're a subsidiary of a subsidiary of Lex Luthor's favorite shell company.
All right.
Private security cameras everywhere, power-dampening clubs.
They're guarding something important.
I have an idea to get us in.
- We do a Wookiee Gambit.
- Absolutely not.
A Wookiee what? You haven't seen Star Wars? I believe I've been adequately shamed for that in the past, thank you.
Basically, J'onn shapeshifts as a guard and pretends to bring us in as prisoners.
It's the best way to get in.
Why does everyone always think getting captured is the best plan? [GUARD.]
Stay in line! Brainy, tell me the odds.
There is a 56.
3% chance that faking our capture will lead to our actual capture.
So, no Wookiee.
Look, I'll fly the perimeter, see if I can find a safe place to get us in.
You two stay here, watch the gate.
Log anything important.
Uh, look, now that we have a moment alone, I have something to say to you.
These past few months, I've really I can't believe it! - [BRAINY.]
What? - That's her.
The girl from my vision.
The keychain must have belonged to her.
Brainy, something terrible's gonna happen to her in there.
You know what, 56.
3 isn't that bad by our standards.
Let's go get her.
Image inducer? Yes.
I'll have to be someone they can't say no to.
It is I, Secretary [CLEARS THROAT.]
Secretary Benjamin Lockwood.
I have captured the alien outlaw Dreamer.
Open the gate and allow us entry.
- It's working.
- Obviously.
How many times do I have to I tell you, we cannot keep enslaving these animals for our own, uh, nefarious purposes.
Sorry, sir, but we have to check.
Our odds of being captured just went up.
How does it feel to burn sunlight? Warm.
I feel it in my toes first.
- Is it working? - I think so.
She's gotta convert solar radiation the same as you, so I am having the satellite scan for your solar signature and eliminate every place we know you've been.
The rest must be her.
Supergirl! Colonel, I thought you were in Washington.
Are you insane? You brought an enemy combatant into the DEO? No, she's here because the real enemies are on the way.
We were right.
A copy of me attacked the White House.
A clone, more or less.
The President knew, too.
Baker's been working for Lex Luthor.
And now Luthor is planning on attacking the US.
Then, I guess that's why we should work together on this.
- Brainy! - Hey, where are you taking her? Let her go! [STRAINING.]
Where is she? If you hurt her [ELECTRICAL CRACKLING.]
You'll what? Everyone else in here, they've got these crazy powers.
You, far as I can tell, are blue.
The girl, on the other hand Please, please Do whatever you want with me, but do not hurt her.
Don't worry, she's next.
You will not hurt her! [MACHINE WHIRRING.]
Why would anyone hurt her [HEAD GUARD.]
He's done.
On to the other one, boys.
No! No! No, you can't! You can't! Little boxes.
Eventually boxes get opened.
There's a story about that, right? It's Greek? [GRUNTS AND EXHALES.]
You're just primitives.
And I have worked so hard to get back here.
You people forget that time travel is also space travel too.
You see, Earth is moving at 67,000 miles per hour.
And at different times, it's in different places, so you got to do the math or else you end up in space.
And the math is not easy! [LAUGHS.]
My point is My point is, my point is, I'm from the future.
I think you knocked the dots off his dice.
What I'm trying to tell you is that my species has ancestral memory.
And my ancestors, very bad people.
They were collectors, conquerors [CRYING.]
I remember everything! [BEEPING.]
Uh-oh! [LAUGHS.]
Don't want [GRUNTS.]
In short, you rebooted me.
Aligned me with my more emotionless ancestors.
And that was a calamitous mistake.
- Stop! [GUN FIRING.]
What happened? I'm free.
Well, Red Daughter's been busy.
Project Claymore.
You remember it? I remember every secret government space laser I've blown up.
I hated that they hid it from me, so I went to DC to ask around.
The beam from Claymore was powered by an unknown energy source.
There were six engineers involved in R and D, and when I tried to track them down, I found out they all got put to bed with a shovel in the last two weeks in these locations.
Luthor's trying to get a hold of Claymore technology.
We need to find him and stop him from getting it, but right now, our priority is finding Red Daughter.
So if we triangulate these hits, can we get an address? These are all downtown National City.
Different times of the day and night.
Do you think she's living here? [COMPUTER CHIMES.]
We won't be able to send back-up.
Not without knowing who we can trust.
It's fine.
I'll find her alone.
Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
We'll find her.
I'm coming too.
No, it's too dangerous.
You'll be safer here, Director.
Why are you acting so weird? We're hunting her together.
I just need you to trust me.
I'm going alone.
Oh, Rao.
You're stalking me.
They're draining alien power and converting it to kinetic energy for use in what looks like a version of the Claymore particle weapon.
Yet there does not appear to be any extraction equipment on premises.
I did find a Transmatter Portal.
Then they must be moving the alien prisoners to a second location to drain their power.
We must find and disable it.
Yeah, sure.
But, Brainy, what about Dreamer? Yes.
She could be useful.
I believe I know where they took her.
Hey, are you Are you feeling okay? I am not experiencing any pain.
Didn't think you'd die today.
Dine on bullets.
Oh! If it isn't Secretary Liberty.
Big Ben! Proud of you, buddy.
What's up? Kind of busy here, lying low, waiting on the next step of the plan.
In the old safehouse.
Lex didn't want me to use it, but I had to.
I'm sentimental, you know? My sister, she loved this spot.
Your sister When you and your sister approached me were you working for Lex then? [CHUCKLING.]
Of course.
Luthor wanted me to become Agent Hey! Nobody told you to wear the mask.
That was all you.
But the rest of it, yeah.
Well, I don't see the problem, man.
It's a win-win-win.
I lost everything.
You get power, I get money, Lex gets more money.
Otis, so you're saying that everything that's happened, all of this, you're telling me that it's all about money? And world domination.
It's kind of his thing.
I get it.
Supervillain, right.
I get it.
Otis, what's he planning? Fun time in Kaznia.
Paper tigers, man.
Paper tigers.
It's "paper tigers.
" It's a false flag operation.
Lex convinces Kaznia to invade the US, betrays them And then he stops it himself.
Lex becomes the hero he always thought he was.
You know the rules, now that I told ya I gotta kill you.
Kind of fits.
Seeing as I'm the one who picked you.
Boring old Ben Lockwood.
Otis, the, uh The name [BOTH GRUNTING.]
- is Liberty.
No, no, no, no, Lockwood.
We need him to find Lex.
- [LENA.]
James! - [GRUNTING.]
- [OTIS.]
Now you're dead.
Harsh, bro.
Game over.
James? James, I'm gonna fix this.
- Brainy.
- The fifth.
Give me four seconds to release your bindings.
But how'd you get out? Your hands are free.
Give me four more seconds.
You can hack the network now? Yes.
I am much more focused.
Then you can free all the captive aliens.
Actually, there's something I have to tell you.
Brainy I'm not going to release you.
What are you doing? You have to go through the portal.
What? Once you're on the other side, astral project.
Inform me of the location and we'll liberate the camp and foil Luthor.
Brain Brainy, you can't do this.
I thought you would be happy.
After all, this was your idea in the first place.
Brainy! Brainy! Brainy, where's Dreamer? I left her behind.
She'll send us an astral projection when she arrives at the next location.
We are not leaving her alone.
You're right.
We double our odds if you're taken through the gate with her.
You will regain your ability to move in two minutes, 14 seconds.
Just enough time for you to be captured.
And if you both fail, well, then I'll just think of something else.
I always do.
Alex, what are you doing here? I told you, you're not leaving me behind.
Why does this place look so much like my sister's apartment? [SUPERGIRL.]
Alex I know [STUTTERS.]
This is all very strange.
Oh, my God.
I can see Kara's loft from here.
It's like she's stalking her.
But Kara's gonna be okay.
You don't have to worry about her.
Unless you have a sister you don't understand this feeling.
I had one.
Well, then you know it It's like a piece of my heart is out there and it's just wandering around in the world, and it's on its own and I can't protect it.
I can't protect her.
And no matter what, I mean, there's always gonna be danger.
But I can't always be there for her, and this is [VOICE BREAKING.]
This is not [SOBBING.]
I'm sorry.
Mom, hey, um, is everything all right? Oh, yes, honey.
Just wanted to let you know that Kara just got here.
Oh, good.
Is she okay? [ELIZA.]
Oh, yeah.
She asked me to call you just to make sure you knew she was safe.
- Red Daughter is there.
- What? Eliza, uh She's in danger.
Tell her to get out! Mom, are you still there? Mom? Eliza? Kara Don't hurt her, please.
I've been here for hours.
You have all these things.
You think they will make you whole? I had none of it.
- You can still have it.
- I don't want it.
Then why do you have an apartment in the city? I know you have doubts about Lex His name is Alex! Okay, okay, easy.
You protect individuals.
That is weakness.
I serve the collective.
What about Mikhail? I know he's important to you.
Interesting that you should bring Mikhail up.
Americans killed him.
Ahhh! [SIGHS.]
Mom, Kara, please pick up.
I don't know what's wrong.
Supergirl's headed to you and I'm on my way as well.
Luthor will betray Kaznia.
And he will betray you.
- No, he fights for - Himself! - [GRUNTS.]
- That's all he's ever done.
Not everyone is as selfish as you.
Hope, help, and compassion for all.
That's what I stand for.
You will not be able to stand at all when I am done with you.
How do you think this ends? We have the same powers.
Not exactly.
I am evolved.
Not while I'm still breathing.
Here's to the Danvers sisters.
Let me save you this time.
No, no, no, no.
No! Hey.
You can't go now.
I remember everything.
Kara, we're here, we're here.
We're here together.
And I know you.
I know you better than anybody knows you.
And I know that you don't quit.
So you can't go now! [SOBS.]
Kara, you can't go! No, no! [SOBS.]
It's okay.
Mom, she's She's okay.
She's gonna be fine.
It's just dark, so there's no sunlight, but there's There's sunlight in everything.
There's sunlight in the grass.
So, Kara, just take it.
Take the grass! Please.
Kara, no.
Please don't leave me.
Alex, she's doing it.
She's pulling the sunlight.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I've missed you so much.
I really missed you.
- Lillian.
- Is it ready? - [LILLIAN.]
Bring him here.
- It's okay.
- Here.
- Starting extraction.
- No! We don't know what's coming.
I need my strength.
- You're unstable.
- Then stabilize me.
- We don't know how.
Actually, another dose of the Harun-El would do it.
We don't know what that would do to him.
I've been studying it all day, dear.
I've learned things.
Would I lie? Do it.
Thank you.
You're welcome, Jimmy.
Drink this.
Oh, come now.
You didn't really poison me.
You should drink it.
- Colonel Haley.
I found the connection with Claymore.
It was a prototype.
They made a compact version.
How compact? Small enough for a Lexosuit.
Has he used it? [PRESIDENT BAKER.]
an invasion of our country Turn on the television.
by the dangerous rogue state of Kaznia by none other than Supergirl.
These images, captured moments ago, prove that one man single-handedly thwarted the invaders and killed the terrorist, Supergirl.
That man is Lex Luthor.
Luthor, a grateful nation thanks you.
How did this happen? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]