Supergirl (2015) s05e02 Episode Script

Stranger Beside Me

1 [KARA.]
Previously on Supergirl - I'm sorry, who are you? - Andrea Rojas.
I sold CatCo to Andrea.
Tomorrow, we'll be joined by the renowned William Day.
From The Times of London? I quit.
But I have a calling, Hope, and it's to fix mankind.
I never thought Supergirl would tell me who she was, but now that she has, I have an opportunity, and I can use Supergirl to achieve my ends.
Who are you? You don't recognize me.
Stop me on the corner [CELL PHONE CHIMING.]
- I swear you hit me Like a vision - [CELL PHONE BEEPS.]
I, I, I wasn't expecting [CELL PHONE BEEPS.]
But who am I to tell fate Where it's Supposed to go with it? Don't you blink You might miss it See we got a right [TIRES SCREECHING.]
Thank you, Supergirl.
That woman shouldn't have been texting and walking.
as citizens of National City prepare to head to the ballot box for the upcoming midterms.
Obsidian North contact lenses, they let you do you, whenever, wherever, and whatever you want.
Seriously? As if you weren't amazing enough, you're also a gourmet chef? Hardly.
But I am famous - for this breakfast in particular.
- Oh.
So, we have poached eggs, crispy bacon, fresh whipped cream, and Danvers' blueberry pancakes.
- Um - I know, right? One bite of these and you will die for them.
I really will.
What's wrong? I'm not the biggest fan of blueberries.
- Oh! - In fact, I'm deathly allergic.
You are? When I was four, I ate a handful of them, and my throat closed up, and my face probably turned the color of those blueberries.
Oh, my God.
I I am so sorry.
It's okay.
I was four.
No, but I nearly just killed you.
Okay, you didn't just kill me, and I always carry an emergency EpiPen with me.
Really? I didn't know that.
Hey, it's all good.
Also, bacon and whipped cream happen to be two of my most favorite foods on the planet.
So, you don't really like poached eggs either, do you? Not so much.
But do you know what I like more than anything? Mmm-mmm.
Thank you.
I need breakfast.
And coffee.
Yes, this is your pattern, which is why I've prepared accordingly.
Breakfast burritos! With chorizo and crema, as you like.
Plus your nitro-coffee with an extra shot of cold brew.
This is the best morning ever.
"Best morning ever"? But that would include eons, both before and after this moment.
I really think you're misusing the ter Message received.
I can't believe I didn't see it before.
Andrea bought CatCo to get free global advertising for Obsidian North.
And then this morning on the jumbotron an important story about the election was swallowed up by a gigantic Obsidian commercial.
Well, speaking of the upcoming election, I got some interesting news last night.
I got a call from a group of people who want to back me for senator.
Senator? - Yeah.
- That's incredible.
I never imagined going into politics.
Are you kidding me? We would all be lucky to have you in Washington.
I also have an offer to be the media director at the Smithsonian.
Uh, so how long has it been since you left CatCo, what, 12 hours? That's [KARA LAUGHS.]
That's the universe telling me I'm on the right path.
Uh, well, I think the universe is just telling me that I have to keep my spirits up and fight the good fight.
Your spirits do seem remarkably high for someone who strongly dislikes her new boss.
Well, that's thanks to Lena.
I don't think I realized how burdened I was by lying to her.
And now that she knows I'm Supergirl, and she's forgiven me, I feel 1,000 pounds lighter.
Like I can do anything.
Bring it! J'onn, we got you a latte.
Oh, my God.
J'onn? J'onn? - [GROANS.]
- J'onn! Well, this should help take away the pain temporarily.
I don't understand.
You think that whoever did this to you was also the person that released Midnight? Yes.
He said he was my brother.
At first, I didn't believe him, but now I know it must be true.
How do you know? This is specifically a Martian form of agony.
In the early days of Mars, there were two brothers: Phobos and Deimos.
Their rivalry and bloodshed was the reason for the split of the Green and White Martians.
To prevent this ever happening again, a curse was placed on the Green Martians.
We called it Fa'ra'too'rik.
It is the punishment for brother attacking brother.
But you've never even mentioned having a brother.
I never knew of one.
Seems unthinkable.
But perhaps his existence was hidden from me by my parents.
And hidden by the entire Martian community by their hive mind? We're going to find him, but first we need to deal with your pain.
There is no cure for this on this planet.
There is in the future.
We treat afflicted Euphorians, an alien race with similar brain structure to Martians, with Q-waves.
They are narrow waveforms that exist between X and gamma rays.
You haven't heard of them because Q-waves don't get discovered until sometime in the late dark ages.
Actually, Kelly's been using Q-waves as part of her brain computer interface at Obsidian.
Well, no time like the present to create the future.
Oh Nia? Kara, you need to get here immediately.
Rojas is on a rampage, and she won't start the editorial meeting until everyone's present.
I'm on my way.
- You guys get J'onn to Kelly.
- Okay.
And I'll have the DEO start a broadband scan for Green Martians ASAP.
J'onn, we're going to find your brother.
Who hurt you? [AS MALEFIC.]
I went to see my brother.
He struck at me and inflicted us both with the sting of Fa'ra'too'rik.
I cannot cure your affliction, but I will do what I can to ease your suffering, old friend.
Once I am able, I will tear this new family of J'onn J'onzz's apart, for both of us.
Hope? [HOPE.]
Good morning, Ms.
Is it morning? I lost track of time.
I had an epiphany last night.
There's something in these lenses of the Obsidian technology that's going to allow me to change the course of humanity.
That is an exciting agenda.
What is your scientific hypothesis? Hope, could you hurt someone? [HOPE.]
I am incapable of causing pain.
It is against my prime directive.
Because you were built in the very image of perfection.
You have no selfish inclinations.
Your base code is morality, empathy, and logic.
Humans and aliens, however, are flawed.
They are driven by their emotions.
They lie, cheat, and hurt each other to protect themselves.
But it's not their fault, it's just how they're programed.
I am going to make them better with Project Non Nocere.
Do no harm.
I'm going to rid humanity of its instincts to hurt each other.
But you cannot reprogram organic creatures.
The VR lenses create a link between what we want and what we see, constructing a blank slate in the brain on which a new world can be projected.
If I can find the source of that link, I can redirect the blank slate to have one single rule.
Non Nocere.
Do no harm.
Is there anything I can do to assist you in this endeavor? You will eventually, but right now, I need more resources.
The subject is gaining consciousness.
I'm ready for her.
How did you sleep? [ANDREA.]
Kara! Nia.
There you are.
We can finally get started.
What's this? A gift! From Obsidian North.
From now on all work will be filed through a portal only accessible through these tablets.
Thanks, boss.
At The Times we were lucky if we got a legal pad.
Didn't you say your wife was a lawyer? Shouldn't you have a house filled with legal pads? Yeah.
Which just makes this all the more special.
Now, for writing assignments, I need interesting takes.
Kara, you're on the fashion beat.
Um That's not really my style.
Style? Cute.
You're witty.
I thought it would be meta for you to cover the "Who wore what?" to your Pulitzer party.
I think I'd actually prefer to do something a little more Elitist? Yes, we all know that you can do highbrow journalism.
I want to see how low you can go.
It'll be good for you to stretch that muscle.
Well, I'm always looking to stretch my craft.
In fact, I, uh I may have a beat on a new senate candidate.
Maybe I can get us an exclusive, have them announce their race on our website.
That is a good story.
So, you know what I think? I think you should do both.
But mine first.
And I want it on my desk by lunch.
Thank you.
Um I actually don't know if I have time, but Here you go.
Okay, we're gonna go slow.
And I'm going to be here monitoring your brain activity and your vitals the whole time.
And James is right outside, if we need anything.
All right.
- Initiating energy cycle.
Q-wave protocol initiated.
Please Please let me go.
I know that you're mad at me, but just know that I would be the most loyal to you, if you let me live.
Okay, I'm not mad at you.
- Then why am I here? - Why did you betray me? I swear I didn't want to, and that's true.
It's just - They made me do it.
- Who is they? Lex's cronies? I can't.
- They're everywhere.
- All right.
Blame the bogeyman.
Please, if they even think that I told you, they will kill me, and they will kill you too.
Why should I believe anything you say? Because it's true.
They recruited me when I was 16.
Same year my parents died.
I was already in college.
I had so much debt.
They said they could fix everything.
All I had to do was work for them.
- And betray me.
- No! I hated doing it.
It hurt me every time.
Eve, I asked you a question.
My mother always said actions speak louder than words.
And I was there, Eve.
I was on the other side of that gun you pulled, and I looked down the barrel, and I knew, that you would've shot me.
So don't tell me that you didn't have a choice.
There is always a choice, and you always chose the same thing.
You betrayed me because you wanted to.
You liked the power that it gave you.
So, if you want me to trust you, try telling the truth for once.
Hey, Alex, I'm so sorry.
I think I'm stuck here until I'm done with these assignments.
Andrea's been all over me today.
But the second you get a hit, I'll blow out of here.
Nia? Hey! Whoa.
You have a bento box fort.
Yup, yeah, I do.
- Can I have some? - Yes! - I'm starving - Yes, please, take them all.
I'm still stuffed from breakfast.
Let me guess.
Is this Brainy? This morning, he brought me my favorite breakfast, and it was perfect.
I don't know, isn't this a little excessive? Maybe giving food is Brainy's language of love.
I don't know.
Well, I think I just need to tell him in plain English that this is 35 boxes of sushi too much love.
Yeah, that sounds like a very healthy and mature thing to do.
But I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts.
All right.
Well [KARA.]
More reason to get this done quickly.
I just reconfigured all possible energy signatures based on J'onn's DNA.
You really are on top of it all, Brainy.
I really am, aren't I? I began this morning by executing a perfect breakfast for Nia Nal.
She called it "the best morning ever.
" And as of 10 minutes ago, she's having an even better afternoon.
She is welcome.
You see, the key to a good relationship is knowing each other fully.
Hmm, I don't know if that's really true.
Your voice just went up two octaves.
Is everything all right? [ALEX CLEARS THROAT.]
Everything is great.
Except I almost kind of poisoned Kelly this morning, but it was just a silly mistake.
Sounds like a deadly mistake.
I didn't know she was allergic to blueberries.
Okay? How could I? She never told me that.
And then I started thinking, "Okay, well, what else hasn't she told me? What else might I accidently kill her with?" Because [SIGHS.]
I really like her, Brainy, like, like a lot.
And I don't want to kill her.
You and Kelly are still in the "getting to know you" stage.
Okay, but that's what I'm talking about.
When did this happen? When did my feelings for Kelly get so strong, and how could I possibly feel this way about somebody that I barely know? From what I've learned, the heart is not logical.
Okay, we're going to 40 biohertz now.
Q-wave protocol initiated.
Turn it off.
What's going on? Pain has just got worse.
Oh, there's something off on your scan.
Okay, part of what this tech does is it maps and catalogs your memories.
Okay, these rings represent every year of your life.
Think of them like tree rings.
You see these? They're broken.
Have you ever had illness or brain trauma before? I've had many battles.
Didn't you also inherit Myr'nn's memories? Maybe that's causing a rift in your own? [KELLY.]
We should rule out everything.
And if you want, we can further explore the breaks.
It might help us figure out a better way to stop your pain.
Whatever you think will help.
I'm gonna go in with him, make sure nobody interrupts us.
- Got it.
- Okay.
Ready? Initiating Pushing to 60 biohertz now.
First, we build.
I find it's easiest for patients to create a method for organizing their memories.
Imagine somewhere familiar.
You see how some of these spines are blank? This must have been the breaks that I saw on the scan.
Battle of L'Zoril M'nt.
Battle of C'arel.
These are battles of the Martian Civil War.
There's something about this one.
I've never seen this before.
It's Martian.
What do you think that void means? Someone wiped my mind.
I just located J'onn's brother, five miles from here.
Get everyone out there, I'll call Supergirl.
I just It's him? Don't make contact with him until I'm there.
I'll sneak out of here and meet you.
Where you going? Everything okay? It's a family emergency.
I know the NSA doesn't do this anymore, but you owe me a favor.
I need you to track someone in National City.
Last name Danvers, first name Kara.
Glad to see you've escaped your tower, Rapunzel.
Yeah, and into a sewer.
Where's J'onn's brother? [TRACKER BEEPING.]
Who would mind-wipe you? Only another Martian would be strong enough.
But wiping a Martian's mind is the greatest sin in Martian culture.
Well, we could rebuild your memory based on what you already know.
Repairing the break could also help ease your pain.
I'm not sure I can face what's inside that void.
J'onn I I know that looking into your past can be terrifying.
When I did it, I thought I might lose myself for good.
But Kelly was right by my side, and I came back stronger.
Give me those contacts.
Brainy, are we close to J'onn's brother? There seems to be interference with the signal.
What kind of interference? It's unclear.
There's something else in here too.
Are you sure this is where Kara Danvers is? [MAN OVER PHONE.]
That's where she is.
- [ROARS.]
What are you doing here? Get out! Now! [KELLY.]
Remember, this world is a construct.
Nothing in here is by accident.
The book that led you to the void, you said it was about the Martian Civil War? It was the darkest moment in Martian history.
In fact, it ended our history.
The White Martians attacked us, sabotaging us on every front.
Including our minds.
How did they sabotage you? I don't know.
Yes, you do.
That's him.
My brother was a traitor.
He poisoned us with H'ronmeer's Curse.
We went before the High Council.
Malefic betrayed us, worked with the White Martians to poison our people.
He is not one of us.
Send him to the Phantom Zone.
You are still in the dark, Brother.
Q-wave protocol completed.
The pain It's gone.
Thank you, Brother.
Alex, watch out.
It's J'onn's brother.
No! [GASPS.]
He's gone.
That was Kelly on the phone.
J'onn's okay.
His pain is gone.
Well, that's a relief.
Are you finding anything? Negative.
I lost his signal when he and the White Martian phased out of the sewer.
I will reconfigure his signature to include both Green and White Martian energy.
Great, then we'll get back to the DEO.
- Wow! I'm sorry.
- What? - You smell.
But you smell of sewer.
Maybe a change of clothes could help.
He's not wrong about the smell.
Well, y'all smell, too.
How about that? Worry not, the work is handled.
- Oh, hey, Nia.
What is it? Kara, Ms.
Rojas is furious.
Where are you? On my way.
I'll stay with J'onn tonight, in case his brother comes back.
But I have to do some damage control - at CatCo first.
- Okay.
It's after lunch, and I haven't even received your first article yet.
I was just about to file that.
William already did.
He wrote my article? And it's excellent, I may add.
Perhaps the transition is harder on you than I thought.
Our copy editing staff is a little shorthanded.
Maybe you can help them out.
I'm I'm not a copy editor.
A beginner's mind is a Zen mind.
Really? Broken? Intentionally? And you're certain it's that user? I'll handle it.
The pile on the right is for you.
Don't ever steal one of my stories again.
Hey, I did you a favor.
Yeah? What kind of twisted logic is it that makes you think that by stealing one of my bylines you're doing me a favor? And tattling on me? What are you, five? Maybe if you focused on the work actually assigned to you, you wouldn't have this problem.
Well, maybe if you supported your fellow journalists instead of competing with them you wouldn't be such a jerk.
Do I look like a guy who does charity? You want someone to look out for you? Look somewhere else.
Well, since you enjoy doing my work so much, have at it.
I've been thinking about what you said.
You're right.
I wasn't motivated by fear or blackmail.
Every decision that I made, every crummy thing that I did to you, to everyone, I wanted to do it.
I liked doing it.
Andrea? How did you get down here? Oh, your assistant is my best friend's girlfriend.
Cute couple.
Surprised you didn't know.
You shouldn't underestimate me, Lena.
Do you really think that I don't know when someone is trying to steal my IP? You put trackers in the lenses.
And you shattered it, along with the Lumus pixellator.
But you already knew that.
That's what you were trying to anatomize, wasn't it? You know, I really thought more of you, Lena.
Caught trying to steal my technology? How embarrassing for you.
What would your shareholders think? Or the world? Oh, and I ran diagnostics before you shattered these.
I know how valuable they are to you.
How many hours you've spent in them.
You're cut off.
You won't get another pair from me.
Keep screwing with me, and you won't just owe me a story.
You'll be the story.
I could have called for help, and all of this would have been over in one minute.
But I didn't.
Because I meant what I said.
You can trust me.
Yes, it appears that I can.
No matter how I reconfigure the Green Martian energy signature, I cannot get a hit besides J'onn J'onzz himself.
Thank you.
Nia! You are welcome.
I assume you received the pizza delivery.
Thank you for the pizzas but my dress is bursting at the seams, and I'm pretty sure I have heartburn.
Hmm, yes.
My heart also burns.
You're not listening to me.
But this morning you said, "I love this.
" Remember "Best morning ever"? I I did, I do.
I just I appreciate all the stuff you're doing to make me happy.
But I love lots of things.
I love stupid buddy comedies and Taylor Swift, and quiet nights, and poetry, and just spending time with you.
I love that, too.
So you'll chill on the food? Indeed.
But just to be clear, chill doesn't mean you want gelato or a nice chilled shrimp cocktail, correct? No more food.
Hot or cold.
I'm sorry about your brother.
Thank you.
Knowing now that I am tied to someone who betrayed my people so violently is, uh, unsettling.
And it makes me worry.
If this memory was taken from me, what else might I not know about myself, good or bad? Well, you have us, and we know you.
Thank you.
And I appreciate you letting me be here.
But shouldn't you be working? Oh, please.
You are a welcome distraction.
Andrea is gunning for me, and that William guy I mean, who does he think he is? I caught him following me.
Following you? Did you confront him? No.
I couldn't.
I was Supergirl.
But he is sneaky.
And I think he's trying to sabotage me.
He just rattles around the office with his smug British accent.
And You know who I feel bad for? His wife, 'cause she's stuck with him.
J'onn, I don't know how much longer I can last at CatCo.
The Kara Danvers I know is not a quitter.
If someone's trying to sabotage you, you just ignore them.
They're spending all their energy on you, you spend yours on being the best you.
Kelly? Hey! Did I leave the door unlocked? Yep.
Oh, geez.
Uh, I'm gonna put on a sweater real quick.
You open the wine.
- To a successful day.
- [SIGHS.]
To an exhausting day.
And, um Thank you so much for helping J'onn.
You really are a miracle worker.
It was nothing.
You're the real hero.
Almost catching J'onn's brother.
I feel like I barely understand what you guys do.
How did you manage to track him? You know what Let's not order in.
I still have some of that blueberry pancakes batter in the fridge, so how about I whip some of those up? Sounds good.
You're not my girlfriend.
You killed my comrade.
- It's Alex.
She's in trouble.
We gotta go.
Alex? Hey, I got your signal.
Is everything okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, I must have just bumped it.
What did you do with Alex? Oh Humans are so fragile, aren't they? [SIGHS.]
That wasn't very nice.
I got this.
You go get my brother.
I'm going to help those people.
Why are Alex and Supergirl fighting? That's not Alex, that's my brother.
Alex may still be inside.
I'm gonna go find her.
Move, move, move, move! Let's go! Let's go! Alex? Alex? Alex, wake up.
- Wake up, Alex.
- [GASPS.]
- Don't touch me.
- Hey, it's me.
It's me.
It's you.
It's you.
We have to get out of here.
We gotta go.
There's a fire in the stairwell.
I barely made it up here.
We can get out through the roof.
Okay, go.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Alex, it's me.
Alex, listen to me.
Just hold us both here until help comes.
He's just trying to escape.
Shoot him.
No! No.
Well, the building's all right.
Everything's sound.
But I can't speak for your reputation with your neighbors or Mr.
Nelson's melted pint of Rocky Road.
So, that was your brother, the traitor? Yes.
I'm afraid this is far from over.
When our minds were joined, Malefic said I was still in the dark.
Perhaps if I could access more of my memories, I might be able to uncover what his next move will be.
Kelly, do you think we could go deeper with Obsidian's tech? Perhaps turn the energy up to 80 biohertz? That kind of power could reset your brain for good.
We can't take that chance.
All right.
William? You're here late.
Working on a new extracurricular story? No.
Actually, I'm just here to do my job.
That's a nice change.
You know what? I see you.
You're a saboteur.
You bring other people down to make you look better.
And maybe that's how you've made it this far, but that's a rotten way of making it to the top.
So you can try to get me in trouble and steal my stories, but while you're busy plotting and undermining me, I'm going to be doing my job, with heart and integrity, and I'm gonna be doing it well.
Nothing says sorry for the terror like cookies.
Oh, hey, I got you a little gift.
Oh! So this is the list of my allergies.
Blueberries, hazelnuts, bees, and cats.
This is very helpful.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You know, I I realized that my spiral this morning about the blueberries wasn't really about the blueberries.
What do you mean? We haven't been together for very long, so, you know, it just made me realize how much we still don't know about each other.
And, you know, I really frickin' like you like a lot.
And so That scared me.
Alex, you're safe with me.
I know that now.
Earlier when I When I touched her hand, I knew that wasn't you.
Because you can't fake how that feels.
Just like you can't fake being who you are.
So, on that rooftop, when you made that very selfless choice, I knew exactly in that moment which one of you was my Kelly.
And I might not know every little detail about you yet, but I know you.
Aw! - So sweet.
- Isn't it? - [BRAINY.]
Dearest, Nia - [GASPS.]
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" Brainy, wha [SIGHS.]
Why are you doing all this? Nia, I heard you loud and clear.
From now on I will shower you with poetry.
Oh! Have no fear.
Even without spicy tuna, I will venture to make each day the best day ever.
Which is theoretically impossible.
But you make me want to do the impossible.
Brainy you are adorable.
But sometimes you are the dumbest smartest person I know.
Thank you.
Eve, I've decided that it's time to fill you in on what I've been doing.
You will not regret this, Ms.
You can count on me.
For real this time.
I must admit, I had my doubts.
But now I know that there are aspects of your brain that I need.
And now that I know that I can trust you, I believe you and I are going to do great things together.
Eve, meet Hope.
You two are going to be working closely together.
How so? Well, first, Eve, we need to evolve you, and you yourself said that you wanted to be better.
I promise you, you will not feel a thing.
You've been mapping my mind? I needed to locate and highlight the centers of your brain that trigger honesty and loyalty.
Why? So Hope knows where to go.
"I didn't develop a sense of smell until the tender age of 14.
Kara, have you finished editing, yet? I have.
I also sent you 11 pitches ahead of tomorrow's meeting, all with eye-grabbing headlines and image options.
Well, I look forward to discussing them tomorrow.
Don't be late.
Without the powers that were stolen from me in the Phantom Zone, the power to incept, there's no way I can defeat my brother and his friends.
You listen, but you do not hear.
That woman gave you the answer.
That kind of power could reset your brain for good.
Reset your brain.
Reset your brain.
Hope? Good morning, Ms.
Since Andrea Rojas took my lenses, we need a new plan.
Luckily she confirmed my hypothesis about the interworking of her technology.
This pleases you.
We don't need Andrea's tech.
With your help, I can build my own.
And together we can rebuild humanity.