Supergirl (2015) s05e07 Episode Script


Previously on Supergirl My fiancee died fighting on the front lines.
I saw Alex almost die.
Give me the medallion.
Can you translate these markings? [SUPERGIRL.]
I got something from Rip Roar.
A name.
I can use Supergirl to achieve my ends.
That is easier to do if she believes there is trust.
Malefic's back in the Phantom Zone.
You like it here, don't you? I like it very much.
You're off your game today, Supergirl.
I could say the same to you.
Not so fast.
I need to be ready.
We don't know when Leviathan will strike next.
We don't even know what it is.
And what are they after? All these unknowns make me feel anxious.
And when I feel anxious, I want to punch things.
We've faced unknown dangers before.
This feels different.
I have a bad feeling about it.
Well, Alex has the DEO working overtime on Leviathan.
Are you sure something else isn't bothering you? Before I told Lena I was Supergirl, I was terrified how she would react.
I was so afraid I was going to ruin the friendship.
I still hate thinking about it.
Watching William lose his friend hit a little too close to home.
J'onn? J'onn? [ALARM BEEPING.]
You can come out now.
Give me the medallion.
I don't think so.
I have the most intricate security system in the world.
I know all about Leviathan.
No one knows all about Leviathan.
Leviathan is unknowable.
I'm not afraid.
You will be.
She's gone.
I've reactivated heightened penthouse security.
You were right as always, Ms.
Leviathan will attempt to retrieve the medallion at all costs.
But why would you provoke them over something of no value? It has value to me.
The medallion was special to my mother, and the fact that Leviathan wants it makes it useful.
Lex theorized that Superman kept every weapon that was ever used against him in a special facility, a fortress.
And although he never found it, I think Lex was right.
I think the perfect dispersal device for Project Non Nocere is hidden there, gathering dust.
And Leviathan is gonna help me find it.
Please don't underestimate the danger of Leviathan.
You should cancel the L-Corp event at the park.
They will come after you.
Let them come.
Supergirl will save me.
Tell us exactly what happened.
I already told you, I'm fine.
Alex, you should be tracking Leviathan.
Yes, and Rip Roar, but Brainy's on that, so just stop deflecting.
Before I fell, I was seized by another vision of Malefic.
"Another"? You've had more of these? Yesterday.
I felt Malefic during the psychic attack.
It's as if I can sense him all around me.
But how? We sent him to the Phantom Zone.
All I can think is these flashes are maybe symptoms of my guilt.
I know we had no choice but to send Malefic back to the Phantom Zone, but I mean, he's too dangerous to be contained here on Earth.
Even so, I can't help feeling I've wronged my brother again.
This is the third time he's been sentenced to confinement by my hand.
No, your brother made his own decisions.
You can't blame yourself for that.
But it seems like you're going through some sort of trauma.
Maybe Kelly can help.
She can't provide the help I need.
I'll deal with this the Martian way.
Where's the medallion? [MARGOT.]
I I couldn't retrieve it.
It was a simple task.
It would have been simple with any other human, but she is a Luthor.
Do you know how long that I've been safeguarding this planet? Since the beginning.
And since our ship, as big as an asteroid, wiped out the dinosaurs.
Then humanity rose and became a scourge to this planet, and for eons we have kept their destructive behavior at bay, but now They're ravaging the Earth like never before, and I granted you the privilege of serving our cause, and you failed.
Is it her failure, Rama Khan? Or is it yours? You can go, Margot.
Using a carrot instead of a stick is not what we need right now.
Well, they are known as the "snowflake generation.
" So what does that mean, they melt? Never mind.
You and I both share the same goal of wanting to put a stop to people who disrespect this planet.
I'm here to offer my help.
How can you help? The world is shifting, evolving.
Moving faster than it ever has.
We have to remain ahead of the curve.
The old ways aren't working Oh, the rising of oceans and the raging of rivers will always work.
Give the brute force a rest, Rama Khan.
Let's try my technology.
Our elder left the caretaking of this planet to me for a reason.
You want something done, you have to do it yourself.
Thank you all for coming on such a wonderful day.
[WOMAN 1.]
What was that? [LENA.]
Running these trails has always been my favorite way to clear my mind.
- [MAN.]
What was that? - [WOMAN 2.]
Did you feel that? [CHUCKLES.]
It means so much to me that L-Corp can have a hand in preserving these grounds.
You have something that belongs to me.
- What was that? Leviathan.
Thank God for selfie culture.
Because of this generation's constant need to livestream everything, we've got a clear image of your attacker.
And I knew I had seen that face before.
Do you recall Antioch, 526 AD? It was an earthquake.
It was the eighth-largest natural disaster in modern history.
It's good to have you back, Lena.
A myth was born that this man was the cause.
Now, of course, scientists insisted that the natural disasters were natural, but, in an ironic twist of history, they were wrong and the fearmongers were right.
Several reliable sources place this man at the scene of the crime throughout history.
Pompeii, the Yellow River flood of 1887, the Bhola Cyclone, even as far back as Noah's flood, this Earth-Bender has been spotted.
Excuse me, did you say "Earth-Bender"? How else would you describe him? He He literally manipulates the earth.
Wait, Pompeii? Noah's flood? I mean, what is he, thousands of years old? [BRAINY.]
Which means that he is an alien with powers of longevity this civilization has never conceived of.
No wonder people thought he was a myth.
With all this destruction, his existence is still shrouded in mystery.
He's managed to convince the world he doesn't exist.
It seems so.
The word "Leviathan" occurs six times in the Hebrew Bible.
Never once does it appear in any historical scientific literature.
So how are we supposed to fight a highly secretive, thousand-year-old alien with powers that we have no idea how to beat? [LENA.]
Well, I know one person who spent his life fighting aliens, - both real and imagined.
- Your brother.
I know most of his minor weapons are in Fort Summit, but his truly horrendous ones, they were all destroyed by Superman.
That's not necessarily true.
A lot of Lex's weapons are in the Fortress of Solitude.
Oh, it's It's a place Superman created.
We keep things there that can harm us.
Well, you just go to the Fortress, and I'll give you a list of every weapon that Lex ever created.
Why don't you come with me? I mean, there's no telling what weapons we'll encounter.
And then, Brainy and I will stay here, and we'll continue our search for Rip Roar and this Earth-Bender.
Supergirl, remember the strongest, most potent weapon is knowledge.
So send me whatever you can find from the Fortress database.
You ready for a road trip? Are you sure me going is a good idea? Of course.
Why wouldn't it be? I don't know.
A Luthor in the Fortress of Solitude? [SUPERGIRL.]
It's gonna be great.
But you're gonna need a jacket.
Father, I haven't been this lost since after I killed Manchester Black.
You came to me then.
You helped me find myself.
I need your help now.
J'onn, my son! [BOTH LAUGH.]
It's good to see you.
I am I am so sorry.
I know now what I did.
It was unforgivable.
When I wiped your mind of Malefic I committed the greatest sin.
No, J'onn.
It was I who failed.
All you did was ease your father's suffering.
I forced your hand.
I take full responsibility.
But that's not the reason I'm here, is it? Uh, no.
Father, I need your counsel.
Malefic came after my family, and history repeated itself.
To protect them, I had to send Mal back to the Phantom Zone.
I have tried to move on, but it's like I can feel him nearby.
That's because he is nearby.
- What? - Your brother is here.
You mean here in my mind? No.
I mean, he's across town.
Anything? I went back to the scene of Lena's attack and collected samples of the soil.
I am also scanning for the Earth-Bender's seismic wave signature.
Nothing so far.
Earth-Bender? It's Rip Roar.
We found him.
He's not moving.
Did they take him out? Why? [RAPID BEEPING.]
Fall back.
Are you okay? Are you hurt? I am intact.
You're the fragile human.
Are you harmed? I don't think so but I am furious.
They dangled Rip Roar, knowing that we would take the bait, and now we've got nothing.
Not nothing.
We still have Rip Roar's armor.
We should start studying it immediately.
- Oh - Alex.
- Are you all right? - Yeah.
I'm okay.
Oh, but you have a nasty cut.
Perfect as always.
Director Danvers! Wow! This is breathtaking.
It's our Krypton on Earth.
Intruder! Intruder! [LENA.]
What's happening? [AUTOMATED VOICE.]
Luthor DNA detected.
L-Protocol engage.
"L-Protocol"? No.
No, no, no, no, no! [AUTOMATED VOICE.]
Luthor, relinquish your Kryptonite ring and your transmatter portal watch immediately.
I don't have a ring or a watch.
Hand over the weapons at once, or the Fortress will take offensive action in ten seconds.
She's unarmed.
- Ten, nine, eight - I'll fix this.
- seven, six, five - Come on, come on.
four, three, two - [ALARM STOPS.]
L-Protocol terminated.
I had no idea Superman would take such extreme measures.
No, if Lex knew about this place, he would do anything or kill anyone to get in here, so [SUPERGIRL.]
Well, you are not Lex.
And you are not your cousin.
We're miles beyond those boys with their sticks and their stones.
Yes, we are.
Malefic is in National City, and he needs your help.
My help! If what you say is true, then everyone I love is in danger.
Your brother cannot harm them.
He is a prisoner.
A prisoner? Of whom? That you must discover on your own.
Father, you have to help me.
How can I find him? You must make a choice.
Banish your brother once and for all or save his soul.
However, there is only one way to reach Malefic.
And it requires you to risk your own death by his hand.
What're you doing here? Brainy texted Nia that you were both involved in an explosion.
So I rushed over.
Really, you have You have nothing [GROANS.]
You have nothing to worry about.
No, no.
No, don't do that.
Don't cry.
Because if you cry, then I'm gonna cry, and you know I really hate crying at work.
You should have called.
I should have, I'm sorry.
And next time, I will.
I promise.
What're you doing? I have to go back to work.
You were nearly just blown up, and you have a mild concussion.
You can't go back out there until you're 100 percent.
We're almost to the central database.
Assuming the Fortress doesn't attack me again.
Thank you for saving me back there.
I shouldn't have had to, but it does seem like dangerous saves are sort of our thing now.
Yeah, it does.
Of course, it used to be me being the one that's saving you.
Imagine, I thought I was protecting my fragile, vulnerable friend.
I'm so sorry.
Remember when we went to Kaznia and the jet was crashing? And I was frantic to try and save us, desperate to save my friend before myself Little did I know that that friend could actually fly.
I'm so sorry I put you through that.
No, it was impressive how often you saved me without me realizing I mean, you're an excellent actress.
Telling you the truth was such a relief, and I'm so glad that now we can be honest with each other and all of that is behind us.
Me too.
It's this way.
Are you happy now? No.
I've searched the globe.
I can't find them.
With all your power, you were defeated, you still don't have the medallion, and you lost them? I will fix this.
Rama Khan, we're on the same side.
Let me help you.
Your power has kept things in alignment for ages, but the world has changed.
Humans are connected by vast networks, information flows across the globe at the speed of light.
My technology is a tool we need.
The way to reach them is beyond you.
They are beyond me.
But if I can't feel the presence of Supergirl or the Luthor girl on Earth, then that means they're in the one place on Earth that is not of Earth.
Is that a polyphasic quantum processor? They've long been theorized, but I had no idea one actually existed.
I think it is.
My name is Kara Zor-El.
I seek information on ancient Earth-bending aliens.
The only alien matching that description comes from a sister planet of Krypton, Jarhanpur.
The planet was destroyed after years of civil wars, but five of its leaders fled.
One of those leaders has the extraordinary power to bend the earth to his will.
How do we stop him? [AUTOMATED VOICE.]
There are weapons in the Fortress armory that can wound him.
Weapons thought to weaken Kryptonians.
Those created by Lex Luthor, brother of Lena Luthor.
Thank you, that's all we need.
Well, we better get to the armory.
If there are more of these aliens, we're gonna need a really big gun.
We should warn Brainy.
- Yeah.
- Do you mind if I do it? I've never interfaced with a quantum processor before.
It'd be a bit of a thrill.
Knock yourself out.
Let's go.
The only chance of saving your brother is to let down your psychic shield entirely.
Open your mind to him like a flower.
Complete vulnerability.
Allow him access to your memories and innermost thoughts, so he can see your truth.
If I bond with Malefic he can choose to poison my mind.
How can I make that choice knowing that he will most likely murder me and kill everyone I love? Then retrieve the Phantom Zone projector, send him back to isolation.
And punish him again? I'm sorry, my son.
In my lifetime, I faced this test.
Should I attempt to reach Malefic and risk the utter decimation of my people, my family, and myself by his destructive power? Or should I lock him away where he cannot harm others? I made my impossible choice.
There is no such thing as right or wrong.
There is only peace in one's heart, something I never found.
The sins of the father are visited on the son.
You must make your own choice, J'onn.
Then ask H'ronmeer to guide you to your brother.
No matter what you decide, I will love you for it.
Just as I loved both you and Malefic long ago.
This gun is so tiny.
Yeah, Lex designed that to fit under his many human hair wigs.
- Ugh! - So, yeah.
Right, so the computer said we need to look for something that will hurt Kryptonians.
Seems to be a lot of that in here.
What's this? That is Myriad.
My My family created it.
I think I was still in Metropolis when Myriad hit.
The news footage, though, it was pretty horrific.
And reality was even worse.
My Aunt Astra and her husband turned all of humanity into mindless zombies in less than a second.
If there is one weapon in this room I could destroy, it would be that one.
Oh, well, this could be the ticket.
It's a sonic cannon.
It sends concentrated blasts of high-frequency ultrasonic waves at whatever you aim it at.
With a few slight adjustments, we can maybe use it to destabilize Rama Khan.
I mean, at least long enough to put the power-dampening cuffs on him.
It was designed for evil, but perhaps we can use it for some good.
evidence that the Psions affected the Czarnians' evolutionary process.
It's obvious.
Hydrogen molecules synonymous with Thanagarian atoms Good God, it [CHUCKLES.]
It's just It's clear! My inhibitor.
Of course.
I'm less inhibited.
It's spectacular, truly and absolutely.
Great Scott! Of course! Tuesday, croissant Pilates meaning Leviathan headquarters are in National City.
You know, I know I said that I really wanted to get back to work, but this is so much better.
Look, I really appreciate being taken care of.
I'm so used to doing all this by myself.
But being with you, it It feels like home.
What's wrong? When Nia texted me that you were hurt my stomach dropped and I checked my phone for a text, and there was nothing there, so I assumed the worst.
Because I've been through the worst, and this isn't the first time that I've been terrified.
Last week, I thought that I was gonna lose you.
But then you got me that helmet, and you were so wonderful and so excited.
And so I pushed past my fears, and I convinced myself that I can handle it all.
But I'm not that strong.
And I would never ask you to change or ask you to deny the amazing and brave woman that you are.
Kelly, what What are you saying? [STAMMERING.]
I can't.
I I think I have their location.
We must leave immediately.
Please, go.
This is it? Choosing an unobtrusive structure is how Leviathan keeps their base a secret.
Except from me.
I must tell you that in the wake of the explosion, it is as if the peripheral vision of my mind has expanded.
I can now see 20/20 out of the corner of each metaphorical eye.
Which is how I saw, when examining Rip Roar's tech, some peculiar markings on his headpiece.
When joined together, it formed a symbol that can be seen countless times throughout history.
A symbol that has been seen at disasters and catastrophes, events of mass destruction.
A symbol that has connected Rama Khan and Leviathan, but also every Tuesday before Pilates, I get a morning tea and croissant at a delightful patisserie right past this building.
Okay, let's just hope that you are right.
I mean, look.
This is a fact-finding mission, so please just be cool.
I am cool.
You see, I chose this coffee shop because of its close proximity to National City's ancient tar pits, a site of great importance in history, but also a site of terrible eruption.
You see, despite its sulfuric scent, its emitted energy boosts my brain function.
And I believe Leviathan has picked this building for the very same reason.
The ancient energy.
Behold The same symbol appears on this building's cornerstone.
It's impressive.
Not just impressive.
Very impressive.
Cloaking tech.
In order to eliminate this barrier, we'll have to hit it with something similar to the creator something ancient.
I've got it.
The dust from the majestic tar pits emits Veridian radiation, redistributing power, and [ALEX.]
No, no, no.
Don't push it yet! [ELEVATOR WHIRRING.]
If this elevator leads to where you think it's going, we're gonna need Supergirl.
Supergirl, we've located Leviathan.
Send us the coordinates and we'll come to you.
Okay, and I'll have the DEO start a broadband scan ASAP.
Time to go.
Is that It is.
Stay here.
Get the gun ready.
You thought you could hide her from me? I am ancient.
I am the earth.
What are you? Me? I'm just peeved you didn't knock.
I don't understand.
Every piece of evidence led here.
At least we know my security measures are working.
Let's get out of here.
I told you, I am the earth! [SUPERGIRL GROANING.]
"The earth.
" But the Fortress isn't made of earth.
I'm curious, how did you find us? When I searched the globe and couldn't find you, I went to the one place that I knew that you could hide.
I think you overlooked something.
Oh? You're in my house.
I have home court advantage.
Welcome to Krypton, old man.
Forget about me? You won't survive me again, Kryptonian.
Lena? Lena? Lena.
Why do you have Myriad? Well, you caught me.
I have Myriad because I'm using you like you used me.
I never used you.
Do you remember when you finally told me you were Supergirl? You were weeping.
Big crocodile tears.
Well, I wept real tears, bitter tears over you weeks before.
What? I I thought [SUPERGIRL GASPS.]
How long had you known? I found out the day I killed my brother.
Lena, you didn't kill Lex, that was me.
I I watched him I saw him fall.
You saw him fall, but did you see him land? Did you see him die? I did, and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty.
That's impossible.
Anything's possible when you're a Luthor.
Lex used his transmatter portal watch.
I knew exactly where he'd go.
To the cabin we loved when we were children, so I was there waiting for him.
I had the gun ready loaded.
I could feel the weight of it in my hands.
Every fiber in my being rebelled, but I I didn't want to do it, but I knew I had to because if Lex lived, the world wouldn't be safe, my friends wouldn't be safe.
So I forced myself to pull the trigger.
I shot my own brother in the chest.
His final words to me were that I was a fool, that my best friend, that every friend I had was lying to me.
With his dying breath, he told me that you were Supergirl.
Lena, you have to believe me, I never meant to humiliate you.
When I came to this city, I promised myself that I would never trust anyone again, and then I met you.
You chipped away at my armor with your warmth and your earnestness, and you convinced me to trust in people and friendship again, and against my better judgment, I did, all the while telling you about my Achilles heel betrayal.
I confided in you that everyone in my past had betrayed me.
About how much it hurt to have someone you love lie to you and betray you.
I spelled it out to you over and over again, essentially begging you not to violate my trust, begging you not to prove that, once again, I was a fool.
You reassured me ad nauseam that you would never lie to me, that you'd never hurt me.
And all the while, there wasn't a single honest moment in our friendship No! No, that is not true No! I killed my brother for you, for our friends! Don't you understand what you've done? [CRYING.]
When you found out, why didn't you come to me right away, so I could explain "Explain"? Yeah? If you hate me so much, why Why not out me at the Pulitzer party? Why pretend to still be my friend this long? Because I wanted you to experience what you did to me.
Feel what I felt.
I understand your pain and your fury and And you're right.
I made a big mistake, maybe the biggest mistake of my life, but please Lena, please don't leave the Fortress with Myriad.
Please don't let my mistake push you to do something terrible.
- You are a good person.
- No! No, you don't ever get to tell me who or what I am again.
Intruder! Intruder! [SUPERGIRL GRUNTING.]
Did you reprogram the Fortress defenses to attack me? Yes.
And I rigged it to answer to this little button I have in my hand.
Are you going to try to kill me? [SCOFFS.]
Supergirl, I'm not gonna kill you.
I'm not a villain.
You shouldn't have treated me like one.
And now you've come to finish what you started? [J'ONN J'ONZZ.]
I have.
But I will not send you back to the Phantom Zone, brother.
I spent lifetimes there, brother.
Lifetimes of nothing.
No air, no time, no sight, no smell.
Nothing but my heart suspended mid-beat.
An excruciating suspense that never stops.
A breath you can never exhale.
Is that where you suggest I send you? You can if you wish.
But I bring this only now as an offering to show you that I mean it when I say that I have come here to make amends.
Liar! Mal, I wish I could've broken you out of that cave when we were children.
Found some way to show you.
You were my brother and I loved you! You didn't love me.
You were ashamed of me.
You hid me away.
Banished me like a monster! We were afraid of you.
We were all afraid of you.
I was afraid of yo And we were so wrong.
I destroyed my honor when I wiped you from our memories.
But, Mal, what I did, I did for love.
Now that I remember I cannot live with this pain.
And so, brother I beg your forgiveness by submitting myself to the bond.
Look into my mind, brother.
It's that easy? You hand yourself over to me.
I will look with pleasure, brother.
Right before I kill you.
I'm willing to risk everything in order for you to see my truth, my heart, my soul, and my mind.
I saw.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- I was - No, it's I know.
Um You have been through an unbearable experience.
You lost your fiancee, and I can't even begin to imagine losing someone that you love in that way.
You're just so strong that I didn't I didn't realize that you were still suffering, and I'm really sorry that I wasn't more sensitive to that.
- No, don't - Just Just Listen When you met me, I was just half a person.
I was still hurting from my own wounds and you You helped me heal.
You know, from wounds to scars, to just memories.
That's That's all I want to do for you.
Hey, I want to help you heal.
I want to be with you and face down your fears and do it together.
I want to help you heal.
And what if that's not possible? Well, I know that it is.
How? Because you healed me.
I meant it when I said that you feel like home.
You feel like home, too.