Superman and Lois (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Best of Smallville

1 Previously on "Superman & Lois" Let's just focus on what we came here for: family.
- Miss? - Sharon Powell.
My son was a miner at the Edge Facility.
Morgan Edge offered him "the opportunity of a lifetime".
Turns out, Miss Powell's son isn't the only worker who's gone missing.
How's Eliza doing? She's okay, she's okay.
Maybe maybe too okay.
Tag, Tag? I think my heat vision, it affected him somehow.
Don't try to tell me it wasn't my fault.
Captain Luthor? We need to stop Kal-El before he does to this world what he did to mine.
I've always loved Smallville during the fall.
The changing of seasons The turning of time.
The last warm moments before the cold.
But what I loved most of all was the one weekend every year when everyone came together and sacrificed to help those in need.
Harvest Fest? So, is that why you've been "Supermanning" all week? So you free up some time to go to this? It's a tradition! Goes all the way back to 1949 when Smallville was established.
It's one of the best things about being here.
I have been hearing about this from your dad since we first started dating.
Bedtime stories to help you sleep, or what? Either way, it doesn't sound like much of a festival.
Just sounds like a whole bunch of people selling stuff.
Not just sell.
Share! You know, whatever they can, with anyone who needs it.
Think of it as Smallville's version of Burning Man.
Minus the fires and BO, - I hope.
- Ha, ha.
Your grandmother loved it, okay? She used to spend weeks planning what we were gonna donate.
She made lists and spreadsheets.
Your dad learned a lot about giving and helping people in need from this.
Your dad's not Superman just 'cause he has powers, you know.
Aw, thanks, baby.
I know you guys aren't sold, but when you see everyone come together like this, the the sense of community, it's it's the best of what Smallville is.
It just doesn't sound like much of a festival.
Well, they have all that stuff too.
The food stands alone.
Funnel cakes, fried cheese curds Ooh! The Fishers! Every year, they have this "Sugar Bowl" stand.
They make chocolate bacon.
- So good! - Uh, Eliza's vegetarian, so.
- Oh.
- Hey, I'm glad she's finally able to come visit.
Look, the Harvest Fest is special, okay? Eliza's gonna love it, you're gonna love it all of you are gonna love it.
- Let's go! Corn, let's go! - We're gonna love it.
What? Two essays in one night.
It's ridiculous.
It's, like, he can't even - write himself.
- Hey, Sarah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Wow, um, they really go all-out with this Harvest Fest stuff, huh? I know it's kinda hokey, but it has its own kind of specialness.
You sound like my dad.
Shut up.
Um, you guys going tonight? Yeah.
Actually, Eliza's coming too.
- Ooh, Metropolis girl? - Yeah.
What about you? Do you maybe wanna go together? L like from beginning to end? That is how I understand the concept of "together".
Um, Sarah, let me just speak for my brother here.
He would love to go with you.
Right? Yeah, no, no, no, yeah.
I would love to go.
Um we'll meet up beforehand? For sure, yeah.
I'll text you when Eliza's coming.
Cool, okay.
Um Awesome, well.
Hey, babe, what's up? What? What are you what are you talking about? Eliza! Hey, hey.
Eliza, can we can we please just talk about this? Okay.
Yeah, bye.
That didn't sound good.
It's great.
Great If you consider getting dumped by your girlfriend of over a year the night you're supposed to see her "great".
Look, man, that sucks.
All good.
Welcome to Smallville, the place where you get dumped over the phone, right? Hey.
What are you up to? I was thinking we'd make this the home office of the world's most famous journalist.
But these are all your mom's things.
Yeah, I know, but it's what she would've wanted.
And the Harvest Fest is the perfect time to give this stuff away.
If this is really what you want.
No, no, no! Not that.
Hey, Chrissy.
Lois, are you coming in soon? Why, what's going on? Uh, Sharon Powell's here.
She okay? Yeah, she's okay, actually.
And so is her son.
You don't remember what happened? Uh, no, ma'am.
I was coming through the tunnel and I was reading my paycheck.
Hadn't seen a number that big in a long time.
Just wasn't paying attention, I guess, and hit it real good.
Next thing I know, I wake up in Stanton County.
They found him outside a church.
They helped me remember who I was.
I saw the flyer that you made.
That was the best call of my life.
What about the phone messages you left your mom? I don't know anything about that.
You said the job wasn't what you expected.
You sounded scared.
Well, the doctors said that with a hit to the head like that, it might take some time for his memories return.
Look, Miss Lane, we are so grateful for your help, but I'm just so happy that he's back.
All this other stuff, it just doesn't matter anymore.
Sharon, someone tried to kill you.
I have my son back.
T there's just no more story to tell anymore.
W we just came to say thank you.
- It's up to you.
- What? You were almost murdered by someone with superhuman strength, and you're just gonna let that go? You wanna write something? Write about how my missing son has returned.
That's a nice story.
Thank you for your time.
Okay, that phony story - was all sorts of rehearsed.
- I know.
Sharon almost got killed by someone who works - for Morgan Edge.
- Yep.
I'm acting like you right now? That's because we both know this is a big story.
And we will figure it out, but for now, let's just be happy she got her son back.
It appears we've successfully located Lois Lane, Captain Luthor.
Are you certain this is the best course of action? I am.
One thing I know for sure about this world wherever Lois Lane goes, Superman follows.
Great, housewares.
All we could give this year, Lana.
Oh, don't you apologize, Aidy.
Not after everything you've been through.
Thank you.
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
Couple bags of men's clothes.
Oh, great.
We always get so much women's clothes but not enough men's.
Can I get a name for recognition? Sure, it's Sharon and Derek Powell.
Derek Powell? From New Carthage? Glad you're back.
Yep, got a happy ending.
I-I'll go get the rest of the bags.
Larr, there's something wrong.
I I don't know.
I I feel off.
I need to see you.
Hello? Are you there? Ah! Well, it's a different look for you.
I feel like it really pops.
Yeah, it's definitely assertive.
You sure you want to wear that to the Harvest Fest, honey? You know, Lana's gonna be there.
You're right.
I should probably stick with flannel.
I know you don't like talking about it, but is Lana still seeing that Cushing boy? Mm.
See? No alarms.
Let's get out of here as fast as we can.
Easy, now! This is some real high-end equipment.
Which you need to put back.
I think you got the wrong idea, here, Ski Mask Guy.
Pretty sure you used that crowbar to break into this shop, where you stole 12 TVs, 10 VCRs, and more than a few salad shooters.
Put the stuff back.
Sorry, kid.
Put it back.
Our bad.
We'll put it all back.
Like we were never here.
I need more hoses on the roof now! Tamara's gonna get you looked at, okay? - Where's Mitch? - Thought he was with you.
Mitch! Mitch! Mitch, you in here? Mitch! Mitch! Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.
This is Chief Cushing.
I got eyes on Mitch.
Bravo, Charlie, corner.
Heavy smoke and fire.
You're gonna be all right, okay? Right, now, get your arm around my shoulder.
- Ah! - There we go.
You're gonna be all right.
There you go.
Just come on.
Let's pick up that pace just a little bit, okay, bud? Ah! Ah, ah.
Close one, boss.
Come on.
We got 'em, Chief.
- Come on, Mitch.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Here we go.
- Come on.
- Come on, let's just go.
Come on! Is that is that frost? I should've been there sooner.
By the time I got there, all the donations were already destroyed.
That's awful.
What are they gonna do? I don't know.
Most people already gave everything they have to offer.
Sharon Powell was hanging around outside the Center.
At the fire? - Yeah.
- Was Derek there? No.
It seemed like she was looking for someone, though.
- It could've been him.
- That doesn't sound right.
I'm gonna go down and start asking questions.
Guys, got your favorite pizza.
I'm not hungry.
Eliza dumped him this morning.
I'll go talk to him.
First breakups are rough.
Pretty much crawled into an REO Speedwagon rabbit hole.
Speedwagon? - Never mind.
- All right.
Jonathan? Jordan just had to go and announce it to the world, huh? He's just worried about you.
So am I.
Do you wanna talk about it? What is there to talk about? I mean, clearly, she knows that she can do better than dating some kid from some middle-of-nowhere town.
I'm sure it's complicated for her, too, sweetie.
Our move here was really sudden.
Are you seriously taking her side right now? No.
I'm just saying, as a former teenage girl myself, you gotta give it some time.
She might wake up and remember how incredible you are.
And if she doesn't, then it's her loss.
Well, thanks for your Cosmo Girl opinion, but, honestly, I just want to be left alone right now.
Trigger warning, Lane.
Don't want you having any flashbacks to what happened to your car.
Any idea what caused this? Not sure.
You know, I don't know what's more confusing, how the damn thing started or how it ended.
Was anybody hurt? Tom Mitchell.
I met him at your barbecue.
Nice guy.
He was the best man at my wedding.
You know, probably the bravest person we got on this crew.
Is gonna be okay? You know, it's not looking good.
So unless you got any more questions I do have one, sorry.
Have you seen this guy anywhere near the Center? Derek Powell? I might've seen him come around the back.
W why are you asking? I need to talk to him about a story.
Thanks for your time.
I'm sorry about your friend.
Chrissy, Kyle saw Derek Powell at the Center as the fire trucks arrived.
Well, that's 50 shades of suspicious.
We don't know anything for sure yet.
My big reporter energy knows something crazy weird's going on with Derek Powell.
I need you to get his mom and get her to The Gazette right now.
- On it.
- Miss Lane? I've been looking for you.
So you're a reporter? That's right.
Marcus Bridgewater.
Sounds vaguely familiar.
- "Politico"? - "Reuters".
Mainly do business coverage, focusing on big tech.
I have a background in engineering.
I used to work at LutherCorps.
Lex Luthor, the only human being worse than Morgan Edge.
Guy, uh Definitely has his secrets.
So what exactly brings a "Reuters" tech reporter to Smallville, Kansas? You.
I'm a huge fan.
And after reading your piece - on Morgan Edge - My heavily redacted piece.
I thought there might be a bigger story here, so I did a little digging.
- You trying to poach my story? - That's not my intent.
Just wanna be on team Lois.
Not sure I have much of a roster these days.
Still have Superman.
Unless someone else is covering him now that you've left Metropolis? He's a public figure.
Anyone can cover him.
Yeah, but, you're the one who seems to always have the inside track.
He's just someone I report on.
Sure, but, without you, I think we all know there'd be a lot more questions about the guy.
So, what is it you have on Morgan Edge? Nothing yet.
But I think I may have found a way to get a look inside the mines.
Doesn't exactly sound legal.
The less you know, the better.
Well, if you manage to dig something up, give me a call.
Maybe we'll split the byline? Let's see what you come up with first.
He really said that to you? Didn't even have the nerve.
He sent me a text, I mean I just got him back, and and out of nowhere, he needs "space"? He say anything about where he's going? Any chance I can see that text? Sure.
You and Derek wouldn't be sharing a phone plan, by any chance? - It's the only way anyone can afford it - these days.
- Why do you ask? - Um I just wanted to vent.
God, those phone companies are such crooks, right? Hey, Dad, um, mind if I leave early to meet up with Sarah at Harvest Fest? Uh any chance this meetup is, like, a like a date? I don't know.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yes.
- Yeah? Yeah! - All right, all right.
- Okay, yes! - Yes, of course you can! - All right, Dad.
What, what? This is what I was talking - about, Harvest Festival.
- Be cool.
If I have to hear anything else about this stupid Harvest Fest.
- Jon.
- Farming or community or basically anything else about this backwards-ass town.
I'm sorry about Eliza.
It's not about that, Dad.
I wanna move back.
I lost all my friends.
I'm probably never gonna play football again, and and now, what? You just expect me to drop my life for everyone else's? Look, I know, I know.
A lot has changed.
But I promise you, it's all gonna work out.
You don't know that! I get it.
There was a time in my life when I felt just like you.
Yeah, well, I'm sure.
When was that? When you were, I don't know, lifting an oil tanker or maybe flying laps around Saturn? - Jonathan - No, Dad! I'm not like you, and I'm not like Superboy over there, okay? And this town? It is my kryptonite.
I hate it.
Look, Dad, um Bryan Kelso's older brother has a place, okay? He just graduated from Met U, there's a spare bedroom.
It's just outside of downtown.
I I was thinking, maybe I could just stay with them.
Uh, no, no.
You are not going to stay with the Kelsos.
You know what? Maybe I'll just do it anyways, then, because that's what Jordan did with football, and you let him get away with it.
Jordan, come on.
If this Harvest Fest is so awesome, let's go have some real fun.
Will you listen to me? We've talked about this, Clark.
You can't be running around playing masked vigilante.
- They were stealing! - I understand that, but we've got rules in this family.
Those were Dad's rules, and he's not here anymore.
That doesn't mean you get to ignore everything he taught you.
It's been a year.
You know? We can't keep pretending everything's the same.
We have to move on with our lives.
Moving on can be a distraction.
Sometimes to heal, you've gotta you've gotta sit with the feeling, you know? - Let it run its course.
- Dad understood.
He knew I was sent here for a reason.
Your father and I both knew you were sent here for a reason.
Well, I'm pretty sure that reason wasn't to be Martha Kent's son.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Clark is gonna be so surprised.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
I'm sorry I'm late, babe.
It's okay.
How's Mitch? Well, he he took in a lot of smoke.
Doc's a little worried that the lung damage - might be permanent.
- Oh, God.
Yeah, it's it's a lot questions as to whether or not he's gonna be able to come back to the station.
I'm sorry.
Have you been drinking? Y yeah, you know, me and Tamara and the boys, I mean, we went out and had a drink in his honor.
Smells like you had a little more than one.
L let me just get a quick bite, - get showered up - I have people waiting on me.
We're trying to figure out what to do - about the donations we lost.
- Come on, babe.
It's been a long, hard day.
Okay? Just it'll only take a minute.
Mom? Just take Soph.
- Let me just - No, I got it.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
I really hope she's not having second thoughts.
Jordan, she's the one who asked you, man.
Just have a have a shred of confidence, okay? Hey, look.
It's the Kent sisters.
- What's up, boys? - Got your text, QB2.
We are locked and loaded.
- Hell, yeah.
- Better drink up before the big game.
Are you sure that's a good idea tonight? Uh Thanks for looking out, Mom.
- Why don't you go find Sarah? - Fine.
You do you, party guy.
We'll see how that goes.
We'll see.
Okay, we will.
Dad? Hey.
Hey, you, sit sit down for just a minute.
Hey, you remember that song I used to sing you when you were a little girl? De la Sierra Morena Cielito lindo, vienen bajando Un par De ojitos negros Cielito lindo, De contrabando Dad, stop! That was a long time ago.
Yeah, time really does fly, doesn't it? I should get going.
Yeah, I'll be I'll be right behind you, mi hijita.
I started that fire.
If he finds out it was me Nothing is going to happen to you.
This was an accident.
But if I can't control it We can fix this.
Follow me.
I'm sorry about earlier, Clark.
It's okay, Mom.
I shouldn't have gotten so upset, and you were right No, no, just listen to me.
I didn't want to admit that this home isn't the best place for you anymore.
You are special, and I know you're meant for for bigger things.
And that time might have come.
What is this? Your father found it in the pod when you arrived.
I don't know what it does or what it's for, I just I just know it belongs to you.
And it might be the key to figuring out what your future is.
Hey, hey, Lana.
How are you? - Hey, Cobb.
- How are you? I'm good.
I, uh I heard about Mitch.
- It's a damn shame.
- Yeah.
Listen, um is Kyle gonna be here tonight, or Oh, he he wanted to stay at the hospital.
He's a good man, that Kyle.
He is.
- Hey.
- Hey! I'm really sorry I'm late.
It's all right.
You okay? No, not really.
Um, but, I don't really wanna do sad stories tonight, so.
All right.
My dad can't shut up about these.
You probably shouldn't eat anything here that's on a stick.
Come on, let me buy you some elephant ears.
All right.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah, that sounds great.
- Okay.
What makes you think this time, it'll be any different? Trust me.
You know, I think I'm starting to see what my dad saw in this place.
From this? Really? It's pretty great.
Look, about earlier everything's not okay.
It's just I don't know, the sheer weight of all of the really bad things that are going on in my life, and I'm pretty sure that my therapist is tired of hearing me talk about the same stuff.
So, try me.
Well okay.
My dad, he Yo, yo, guys, look! It's everybody's favorite Kent brother.
It's Mr.
Charming, baby! - Look at this guy.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Not now, all right? Not now, please.
Whoa, whoa, relax, relax, relax, relax.
Chill, chill, chill, chill.
Guys, guys, guys.
Get this.
It's this guy's first date ever.
It's his first date! What? First-timer.
You can't go one weekend without partying like idiots? It's kind of pathetic.
- Sarah, hey, look, you need - Don't touch me! - Hey, we're just kidding.
- Don't talk to me like that! Look, uh, he's he's having a really rough day, that's all this is, okay? Oh, you're having a rough day? You have no idea what real problems are like.
For people who don't come from a picture-perfect family like you, you all can just get drunk and act like total idiots and think that there's never any consequences? Yo, Sarah, we were just we were just kidding.
I'm I'm sorry.
Save it.
Have fun.
Talk to you later.
Move! - Wait, Sarah - Jordan.
- Hey, Jordan! - What, what, what? Jordan.
Look, I'm I'm sorry, man.
I didn't I didn't mean to ruin your night like that.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Let's just let's just get you some water.
- Okay? - Okay.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
These are severely underrated.
- Right? - Yes.
- You talk to Jonathan? - Whoa! Um, yeah.
He wants to move back to Metropolis.
He said that? Yeah, among other things.
Here he comes.
Oh, and he's been drinking.
What? You've been drinking? - What? - Your dad can smell it.
I can smell it.
The whole town can smell it.
It's it's not that big a deal.
- Excuse me? - Okay, both of you, call a rideshare and go home right now.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Fine, we were going anyway.
Go faster! Chrissy, now is not a good time.
Okay, so, Sharon Powell came into the office and I, like, totally sleuthed my way onto her phone to get Derek's location.
So then I thought, "WWLLD", "what would Lois Lane do", which is easy, dig deeper and follow the lead, only I never would've thought it would lead me to him making out with Leslie Larr.
Leslie Larr is there with Derek Powell? Yeah, she took him to this building where there's this crazy Bride of Frankenstein machine.
Did it work? What is this? Protect the asset.
Projectile in motion, sir.
Speed and flight pattern unique to Kryptonian air mobiles.
Kal-El's here? - They're two of them? - It appears so, though I have still yet to identify the other.
- Where'd they go? - Flight algorithm suggests a five-mile circumference.
Continue on this road, and we'll intersect in 23 seconds.
Take over.
Auto-drive engaged.
What did she do to you? She resurrected me, Kal-El.
You're not alone anymore.
45 degrees southeast, in three, two, one.
I can help you.
No, you can't.
I'm already dead.
Ah! No! Wait, wait, wait! I guess Harvest Fest was kind of a bust, huh? Hey.
I just wanted to say that I'm I'm really sorry - and I promise that - Stop.
It's okay.
This is your one "get out of jail free" card.
It is? Wait, seriously? Jonathan, I told you, I know how you feel, and I do.
When I was just a couple years older than you, I did leave home.
- Why? - Lots of reasons.
The main one was that I needed to become someone else.
Someone I thought was more important than Clark Kent.
And to do that, I had to leave Smallville.
And he never came back.
I still think about that decision.
That time that I gave up with my mom, I never got it back.
She only had so much time to give, and she sacrificed it for me.
Jonathan, you have your own path.
And it might not feel like it right now, but I know it's gonna lead to great things.
All I'm asking is that you give Smallville a little more time.
If, after that, things still aren't working out, then we can discuss other options.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Right, I wanna give you something.
Something from that time in my life.
Dad, there's nothing in here.
The box is the gift.
Your granddad gave that to my mom when he proposed.
And she gave it to me when it was my time to leave.
All right, it's getting late, you better go upstairs before we change our minds about that punishment.
Thanks, Dad.
See ya.
I know.
I'm still trying to process what happened to Derek Powell.
I feel so bad for his mom.
Can't believe he just killed himself like that.
I don't think it was Derek.
- It was his body.
- Yeah, but his powers were erratic, like Tag Harris.
And he said he'd been resurrected whatever that means.
Well, whatever Edge and Leslie are doing with that machine, it has something to do with the mines.
I know it isn't much, but every little bit helps, right? Aw, thank you.
That's so thoughtful.
Just wish that we could replace everything that was lost in the fire.
Oh, you're never gonna believe this.
- We already have.
- What? - How? - Morgan Edge.
He heard about what happened and wrote a check to replace everything, and then some.
Very generous.
I I guess he just wanted to help.
Okay, come with me.
One last donation you need to see.
Okay? As you know, the Harvest Festival was your mom's favorite time of the year, and we really feel her absence.
Martha Kent was everything this town aspires to be.
She was kind, she was generous, and she was always there when you needed her.
Everyone in Smallville can remember her sitting right here, talking with and laughing with whoever was right there beside her.
And though she is no longer physically with us, her spirit remains, and she will be right here for whoever needs her.
Did you know about this? Are you gonna sit down? The train will be here any minute.
Clark? It's time, Clark.
I was so selfish.
Everybody is at that age.
It's part of growing up.
Yeah, but Mom knew that.
And she let me go anyway.
Because she loved you and she wanted you to be happy.
And now we're at the point where our own kids are talking about leaving home.
It feels like they were just born.
It's easy for you to say, you didn't have to go through 27 hours of labor.
That's true.
Love you.
Love you too.
Biometric readings suggests your pulse is abnormally high.
This must be - about Lois Lane.
- Hmm.
It is worth reminding you that this is not the Lois Lane from your world.
Everything about her is the same.
Everything, except she marries someone else.
Come back to me.
I always do.
There are other variables that you have not t I'm glad that Jon didn't get into trouble.
Uh, my dad was pretty cool about it, it was nice.
Can you tell Jon that I'm sorry? I didn't I didn't mean to get so mad at him.
It's no big deal.
It kind of is, though.
I know that I asked you out on the date, only to completely and totally ruin it, but, I think I could really just use a friend more than anything else.
Yeah, um well, as long as we still get to spend some time together.
Yeah, I do believe that that's what friends do.
So You know, you were the one that ruined the date.
Hey! So now you don't - want to be friends? - Eh, you know I'll think about it.
Tag? - What did you do to me? - What? - Tell me! - Hey, man.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Greg, move your head!
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