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Man, these are some phat houses, huh? I'd like to live here.
Too bad you can't afford it.
Yeah, you're right.
This neighborhood will be damn expensive when it's done.
This place is perfect ow! Except for the mosquitoes.
Aah! Dustin? Help me, I'm trapped! I broke my ankle.
I'll get a rope! Oh, damn.
Oh god! Travis, help! Hang on! Travis, help! Aah! Aaah! It's okay, Dustin.
It's okay.
Dustin? Dustin, I'm here.
Oh, god.
I got something to say.
ow! Yeah, you're doing all right.
gonna start a fire You know, we could get day jobs once in a while.
Hunting's our day job, and the pay is crap.
Yeah, but hustling pool, credit-card scams? It's not the most honest thing in the world, Dean.
Well, let's see Honest fun and easy It's no contest.
Besides, we're good at it.
It's what we were raised to do.
- How we were raised was jacked.
- Yeah, says you.
- We got a new gig or what? - Maybe.
Oasis Plains, Oklahoma.
Not far from here.
Gas-company employee.
Dustin Burwash, supposedly died from creutzfeldt-jakob.
Huh? - Human mad cow disease.
- Mad cow? Wasn't that on "Oprah"? You watch "Oprah"? So this guy eats a bad burger.
Why is it our kind of thing? Mad cow disease causes massive brain degeneration.
It takes months, even years for the damage to appear, but this guy, Dustin, sounds like his brain disintegrated in about an hour, maybe less.
- Okay, that's weird.
- Yeah.
Now, it could be a disease, or it could be something much nastier.
All right, Oklahoma.
Man, work, work, work.
No time to spend my money.
We got the power, we got the glory Just say you need it Travis Weaver? Yeah, that's right.
Are you the Travis who worked with uncle Dusty? Dustin never mentioned nephews.
Really? Well, he sure mentioned you.
He said you were the greatest.
Oh, he did? Huh.
So, we wanted to ask you what exactly happened out there? I'm not sure.
He fell in the sinkhole.
I went to the truck to get some rope, and by the time I got back What'd you see? Nothing.
Just Dustin.
No wounds or anything? Well, he was bleeding from his eyes and his ears, his nose, that's it.
So do you think it could be this whole mad cow thing? I don't know.
That's what the doctors are saying.
But if it was, he would have acted strange beforehand, like dementia, loss of motor control.
- You ever notice anything like that? - No.
No way.
Yeah, but if it wasn't some disease, what the hell was it? That's a good question.
Can you tell us where this happened? Yeah.
What do you think? I don't know, but if that guy Travis was right, it happened pretty damn fast.
So what? Some sort of creature chewed on his brain? No, there'd be an entry wound.
Sounds like this thing worked from the inside.
It looks like there's only room for one.
You want to flip a coin? Dean, we have no idea what's down there.
All right, I'll go if you're scared.
Scared? Flip the damn coin.
Call it in the air chicken.
I'm going.
I said I'd go.
I'm going.
All right.
Don't drop me.
So, you found some beetles in a hole in the ground.
That's shocking, Sam.
There were no tunnels, no tracks, no evidence of any other kind of creature down there.
You know, some beetles do eat meat.
Now, it's usually dead meat, but - How many did you find down there? It would take a whole lot more than that to eat out somebody's brain.
Well, maybe there were more.
I don't know.
It sounds like a stretch to me.
We need more information on the area, the neighborhood, whether something like this has ever happened before.
What? I know a good place to start.
I'm kind of hungry for a little barbecue, how about you? What, we can't talk to the locals? - And the free food's got nothing to do with it? - Of course not.
I'm a professional.
Growing up in a place like this would freak me out.
Why? The manicured lawns, the"how was your day, honey?" I'd blow my brains out.
There's nothing wrong with normal.
I'd take our family over normal any day.
- Welcome.
- Is this the barbecue? Yeah, not the best weather, but - I'm Larry Pike, the developer here, and you are? - Dean.
This is Sam.
Sam, Dean, good to meet you.
- So, you two are interested in Oasis Plains? - Yes, sir.
Let me just say that we accept homeowners of any race,religion, color, or sexual orientation.
We're brothers.
Our father is getting on in years, and we're just looking for a place for him.
Great, great.
Well, seniors are welcome, too.
Come on in.
You said you were the developer? There was nothing here but scrub brush and squirrels, and you know what? We built such a nice place to live that I actually bought into it myself.
This is our house.
We're the first family in Oasis Plains.
This is my wife, Joanie.
- Hi, there.
- Hi, - nice to meet you.
- Sam and Dean.
- Sam.
- Joannie.
Tell them how much you love the place, honey.
And lie if you have to because I need to sell some houses.
Boys, if you'll excuse me.
Don't let his salesman routine scare you.
This really is a great place to live.
Hi, I'm Linda Bloom, head of sales.
And Linda was second to move in.
She's a very noisy neighbor, though.
She's kidding, of course.
I take it you two are interested in becoming homeowners.
- Well - Y-yeah.
Well, let me just say that we accept homeowners of any race, religion, color,or sexual orientation.
Uh, I'm gonna go talk to Larry.
Okay, honey? You have three choices carpet, hardwood, and tile.
Whoa, someone likes bugs.
My son.
He's into insects.
He's very inquisitive.
Who can say no to a steam shower? I use mine every day.
Sounds great.
You also have three different whirlpool tubs to choose from.
The hardware for the tubs include nickel, brass, - and when you see the kitchens, you can choose from - Excuse me.
Um, okay.
Is this yours? - You gonna tell my dad? - I don't know.
Who's your dad? Yeah.
Larry usually skips me in the family introductions.
First-name basis with the old man sounds pretty grim.
Well, I'm not exactly brochure material.
Well, hang in there.
It gets better.
Alright? I promise.
When? Matthew! I am so sorry about my son and his - pet.
- It's no bother.
Excuse us.
Remind you of somebody? Dad? Dad never treated us like that.
Well, dad never treated you like that.
You were perfect.
He was all over my case.
You don't remember? Maybe he had to raise his voice, but sometimes you were out of line.
Right, like when I said I'd rather play soccer than learn bow hunting.
Bow hunting's an important skill.
How was your tour? It was excellent.
I'm ready to buy.
So you might be onto something.
Looks like Dustin Burwash wasn't the first strange death around here.
What happened? About a year ago, before they broke ground, one of Larry's surveyors dropped dead while on the job.
Get this severe allergic reaction to bee stings.
- More bugs.
- More bugs.
I've heard of killer bees, but killer beetles? What is it that could make different bugs attack? Well, hauntings sometimes include bug manifestations.
Yeah, but I didn't see any evidence of ghost activity.
Yeah, me neither.
Maybe they're being controlled somehow by something or someone.
You mean like "Willard"? Yeah, bugs instead of rats.
There are cases of psychic connections between people and animals, elementals, telepaths.
Yeah, that whole Timmy/Lassie thing.
Larry's kid bugs for pets.
- Matt? - Yeah.
- He did try to scare the realtor with a tarantula.
- Think he's our willard? I don't know.
Anything's possible, I guess.
Ooh, hey, pull over here.
What are we doing here? It's too late to talk to anybody else.
We're gonna squat in an empty house? I want to try the steam shower.
Come on.
Come on! Atoko valley county began mandatory insecticide spraying across a wide swath of the district today.
Authorities say the decision to spray was made because of several recent cases of west nile virus, coupled with a dramatic increase in the mosquito population in some areas.
Although some residents cite concerns about the high levels of pesticide being used Aaah! Aaah! You ever coming out of there? What?! - Dean, a police call came in on the scanner.
- Hold on.
Someone was found dead three blocks from here.
Come on.
This shower is awesome.
Come on.
Okay, look, I don't know anything more right now.
I'll have to call you back.
All right.
Hello, you're back early.
- Yeah, we wanted to take another look at the neighborhood.
- What's going on? You guys met Linda Bloom at the barbecue? The realtor.
Well, she, uh, passed away last night.
What happened? I'm still trying to find out.
I identified the body for the police.
I'm sorry.
This isn't a good time.
It's okay.
Excuse me.
You know what we have to do, right? - We got to get in that house.
- See if we got a bug problem.
This looks like the place.
From spider boy? Matt.
Isn't his house that way? Yep.
So where's he going? Hey, Matt.
Remember me? What are you doing out here? We want to talk to you.
You're not here to buy a house, are you? Wait, you're not serial killers? No, no.
No, I think you're safe.
So, Matt you sure know a lot about insects.
So? Did you hear what happened to Linda, the realtor? I hear she died this morning.
Mm, that's right.
Spider bites.
Matt, you tried to scare her with a spider.
Wait, you think I had something to do with that? You tell us.
That tarantula was a joke.
Anyway, that wouldn't explain the bee attack or the gas-company guy.
You know about those? There is something going on here.
I don't know what, but something's happening with the insects.
Let me show you something.
So, if you knew about all this bug stuff, why not tell your dad? Maybe he could clear everybody out.
Believe me, I've tried, but Larry doesn't listen to me.
Why not? Mostly? He's too disappointed in his freak son.
I hear ya.
You do? Matt, how old are you? Well, don't sweat it 'cause in two years something great's gonna happen.
- What? - College.
You'll be able to get out of that house and away from your dad.
What kind of advice is that? A kid should stick with his family.
How much further, Matt? We're close.
I've been keeping track of the insect population.
It's part of an A.
Science class.
You two are like peas in a pod.
What's been happening? A lot.
I mean, from bees to earthworms, beetles you name it.
It's like they're congregating here.
Why? I don't know.
What's that? There's something down there.
Oh, come on.
So, a bunch of skeletons in an unmarked grave.
Yeah, maybe this is a haunting some pissed-off spirits, - some unfinished business.
- Yeah, maybe.
The question is, why bugs and why now? That's two questions.
So, with that kid back there how could you tell him to just ditch his family like that? Just, uh, I know what the kid's going through.
- How about telling him to respect his old man? How's that for advice? - Dean, come on.
This isn't about his old man.
You think I didn't respect dad.
That's what this is about.
Just forget it.
Sorry I brought it up.
I respected him, but no matter what I did, it was never good enough.
- What are you saying, that dad was disappointed in you? - Was? Is - always has been.
- Why would you think that? Because I didn't want to bow hunt or hustle pool, because I wanted to go to school and live my life, which in our whacked-out family made me the freak.
Yeah, you were kind of like the blond chick in "the munsters.
" Dean, you know what most dads are when their kids score a full ride? Proud.
Most dads don't toss their kids out of the house.
I remember that fight.
In fact, I seem to recall a few choice phrases coming out of your mouth.
You know, truth is, when we finally do find dad, I don't know if he's even gonna want to see me.
Sam, dad was never disappointed in you.
He was scared.
What are you talking about? He was afraid of what could have happened to you if he wasn't around.
But even when you two weren't talking, he used to swing by Stanford whenever he could, keep an eye on you, make sure you were safe.
What? Yeah.
Why didn't he tell me any of that? It's a two-way street, dude.
You could have picked up the phone.
Come on, we're gonna be late for our appointment.
So, you two are students? Yeah.
Yeah, we're in your class.
Anthro 101.
Oh, yeah.
So, what about the bones, Professor? This is quite an interesting find you've made.
I'd say they're 170 years old, give or take.
The time frame and the geography heavily suggest native american.
Were there any tribes or reservations on that land? Not according to the historical record, but the, uh relocation of native peoples was quite common at that time.
Well, are there any local legends, oral histories about the area? Well you know, there's a euchee tribe in Sapulpa.
It's about 60 miles from here.
Someone out there might know the truth.
All right.
Joe Whitetree? We'd like to ask you a few questions, if that's all right.
We're students from the university.
No, you're not.
You're lying.
Um, - the truth is - You know who starts sentence with "truth is"? Liars.
Have you heard of Oasis Plains? It's a housing development near the Atoka valley.
I like him.
He's not a liar.
I know the area.
What can you tell us about the history there? Why do you want to know? Something something bad is happening in Oasis Plains.
We think it might have something to do with some old bones we found down there native american bones.
I'll tell you what my grandfather told me, what his grandfather told him.
a band of my ancestors lived in that valley.
One day, the american calvary came to relocate them.
They were resistant calvary impatient.
As my grandfather put it, on a night, the moon and the sun shared the sky as equals, the calvary first raided our village.
They murdered, raped.
The next day, the calvary came again, and the next and the next.
And on the sixth night, the calvary came one last time, and by the time the sun rose, every man, woman, and child still in the village was dead.
They say on the sixth night, as the chief of the village lay dying, he whispered to the heavens that no white man would ever tarnish this land again.
Nature would rise up and protect the valley, and it would bring as many days of misery and death to the white man as the calvary had brought upon his people.
That sounds like nature to me.
Six days? And on the night of the sixth day, none would survive.
When did the gas-company man die? Let's see, we got here tuesday, so friday the 20th.
March 20th.
That's the spring equinox.
The night, the sun and the moon share the sky as equals.
So every year about this time, anybody in Oasis Plains is in danger.
- Larry built his neighborhood on cursed land.
- And on the sixth night that's tonight.
If we don't do something, Larry's family will be dead by sunrise.
So how do we break a curse? You don't break a curse.
You get out of its way.
We got to get those people out now.
Yes, mr.
Pike, there's a main-line gas leak in your neighborhood.
God, really? And how big? Well, it's fairly extensive.
I don't want to alarm you, but we need your family out of the vicinity for at least 12 hours or so, just to be safe.
And who is this again? Travis Weaver.
I work for Oklahoma gas and power.
The problemis I know Travis.
He's worked with us for a year.
So who is this? Uh give me the phone.
Hello? Matt, it's Sam.
Sam, my backyard's crawling with cockroaches.
Matt, just listen.
You have to get your family out of that house right now, okay? What, why? Because something's coming.
More bugs.
Yeah, a lot more.
My dad doesn't listen in the best of circumstances.
- What am I supposed to tell him? - You got to make him listen, okay? Give me the phone.
Give me the phone! Matt, under no circumstances are you to tell the truth.
He'll just think you're nuts.
- But he's my - Tell him you have a sharp pain in your right side, and you got to go to the hospital, okay? Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
"Make him listen.
" What are you thinking? Damn it, they're still here.
Come on.
Get off my property before I call the cops! - Mr.
Pike, listen.
- Dad, they're just trying to help.
Get in the house! Sorry.
I told him the truth.
We had a plan, Matt.
What happened to the plan? Look, it's twelve a.
They are coming any minute now.
You need to get your family and go before it's too late.
Oh, yeah, you mean before the biblical swarm.
What do you think really happened to that realtor, huh? And the gas-company guy? You don't think something weird's going on around here? Look, I don't know who you are, but you're crazy.
You come near my boy or my family again, we're gonna have a problem.
- Well, I hate to be a downer, but we got a problem right now.
- Dad, they're right.
We're in danger.
Matt, get inside now! Why won't you listen to me?! Because this is crazy! It doesn't make any sense! Look, this land is cursed.
People have died here.
Are you gonna really take that risk with your family? Wait.
You hear it? What the hell? It's time to go.
Larry, get your wife.
Oh, my god.
We'll never make it.
Everybody in the house.
Everybody in the house! Let's go! - Is there anyone else in the neighborhood? - No, it's just us.
Honey, what's happening? What's that noise? Call 911.
Joanie! Okay.
I need towels.
We got to lock this place up.
Come on, doors, windows, the fireplace, everything.
Okay? Phones are dead.
They must have chewed through the phone lines.
And the power lines.
Maybe my cell.
No signal.
You won't get one.
They're blanketing the house.
So, what do we do now? We try to outlast it.
- Hopefully the curse will end at sunrise.
- Hopefully? - Bug spray? - Trust me.
What is that? The flue.
I think everybody needs to get upstairs.
Everybody upstairs now! Go! Go! Go! Go! Quick! Okay, Joanie, go, go, go.
Matt, go.
Hurry! - You in? - Yeah.
Come on! My god, what's that?! Something's eating through the wood.
All right, everybody get back.
Get back! Get back! Get back! Matt.
Huddle together.
Cover your faces.
Look! What, no goodbye? Good timing.
Another hour and we'd have been gone.
For good? Yeah.
The development's been put on hold while the government investigates those bones you found, but I'm gonna make damn sure no one lives here again.
You don't seem too upset about it.
Well, this has been the biggest financial disaster of my career, but, somehow I really don't care.
What's this? I don't know.
They kind of weird me out now.
Yeah, I should hope so.
I want to find dad.
Yeah, me too.
Yeah, but I just I want to apologize to him.
For what? All the things I said to him.
He was just doing the best he could.
Well, don't worry, we'll find him, and you'll apologize, and within five minutes, you guys will beat each other's throats.
Yeah, probably.
- Let's hit the road.
- Let's.

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