Supernatural s02e11 Episode Script


Dad wants us to pick up where he left off.
Saving people, hunting things, the family business.
Before Dad died, he told me something.
Something about you.
- What? - That I might have to kill you.
- What's that supposed to mean? - I don't know.
Did he know the demon's plans for me? Am I supposed to go dark side? Who are you? - Please.
You're in danger.
- What's your name? - Ava Wilson.
- You must be one of us.
- One of who? - One of the psychics, like me.
There are others like us out there.
And we're all a part of something.
I'm not part of anything.
Okay? You see this? I am getting married in eight weeks.
You can't run from this.
And you can't protect me.
I can try.
- Maybe I can help.
- You've done all you can.
Go back to your fiancé.
You'll be safe there.
Promise me you'll call then.
I promise.
Most of the stuff is up here.
I can't believe you're closing, Ms.
You know, my parents got engaged here.
My grandparents too.
Yeah, a lot of people did.
Boxes are at the end of the hall.
- Need any help? - Oh, no, ma'am, I got it.
He's gonna take our toys? Only the ones you don't play with anymore.
It's not like you don't have enough already.
- Son of a bitch.
- Son of a bitch.
- Watch your mouth.
- Maggie said it first.
Watch your mouth too, Maggie.
Good night, Tabitha.
Ah! Oh, God! Yes, yes, are you there? You have to send someone, right now! An ambulance.
There's been an accident.
He fell on the stairs.
I don't know.
I think he's Tyler.
Don't look! Don't look! Yes.
Susan Thompson.
Just-- Just hurry! Hurry.
I-- No, I don't know.
I didn't see it happen.
Thanks, Ellen.
What'd she say? - She got nothing.
Me, I've been checking every database: federal, state and local.
No one's heard anything about Ava.
She just-- Into thin air, you know.
What about you? No.
Same as before.
- Sorry, man.
- Yeah.
Ellen did have one thing.
A hotel in Cornwall, Connecticut.
Two freak accidents in the past three weeks.
Yeah, what's that have to do with Ava? It's a job.
I mean, a lady drowned in the bathtub.
A few days ago, a guy falls down the stairs, head turns a complete 180.
Which isn't exactly normal, you know? I don't know, Dean, it might be nothing, but I told Ellen - we'd think about it.
- You did? Yeah.
- You seem surprised.
- Well, yeah, it's just, you know not the patented Sam Winchester way, is it? - What way is that? - Just figured after Ava there'd be, you know, more angst and droopy music and staring out the rainy windows.
Yeah, I'll shut up now.
Look, I'm the one who told her to go back home.
Now her fiancé's dead and some demon's taken her off to God knows where.
You know? We've been looking for a month now and we got nothing.
So I'm not giving up on her but I'm not gonna let other people die either.
We gotta save as many people as we can.
Wow, that attitude is just way too healthy for me.
I'm officially uncomfortable now, thank you.
All right, call Ellen, tell her we'll take it.
Dude, this is sweet.
We never get to work jobs like this.
Like what? Old school haunted houses, you know? Fog, secret passageways, sissy British accents.
Might even run into Fred and Daphne while we're inside.
Daphne, love her! Hey, wait a sec.
I'm not so sure "haunted" is the problem.
What do you mean? You see this pattern here? That's a quincunx.
It's a five-spot.
- Five-spot? - Yeah.
- That's used for Hoodoo spell work? - Right.
You fill this thing with blood weed, you got a powerful charm.
Yeah, I don't see any blood weed.
Don't you think this place is a little too white meat for Hoodoo? Maybe.
May I help you? - Hi.
Yeah, I'd like a room for a couple of nights.
Hey! - Sorry about that.
- No problem.
Well, congratulations.
You could be some of our final guests.
Sounds vaguely ominous.
I'm sorry.
I mean, we're closing at the end of the month.
Let me guess.
You guys are here antiquing? - How'd you know? - You just look the type.
So a king-sized bed? What? No.
We're two singles.
- We're just brothers.
- Yeah.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
What did you mean that we looked the type? You know, speaking of antiques you have a really interesting urn on the front porch.
Where'd you get that? I have no idea.
It's been there forever.
Here you go, Mr.
- You'll be staying in Room 237.
- Okay.
Sherwin, could you show these gentlemen to their rooms? Let me guess.
Antiquers? I could give you a hand with that bag.
- I got it.
- Okay.
- So the hotel is closing up? - Yep.
Miss Susan tried to make a go of it.
But the guests don't come like they used to.
- Still, it's a damn shame.
- Oh, yeah? It may not look it anymore, but this place was a palace.
Two different vice-presidents laid their heads on our pillows.
My parents worked here.
I practically grew up here.
Gonna miss it.
Here's your room.
You're not gonna cheap out on me, are you, boy? What the--? What? That's normal.
Why the hell would anyone stay here? I'm amazed they kept in business this long.
All right.
Victim number one.
Joan Edison, 43 years old, a realtor.
Handling the sale of the hotel.
And victim number two was Larry Williams.
- Moving some stuff out to Goodwill.
- There's a connection.
- They're shutting the place down.
- Maybe someone doesn't wanna leave.
- They're using Hoodoo.
- Who is our witch doctor? - That Susan lady? - No, it doesn't seem likely.
- I mean, she's the one selling.
- So, what then? Sherwin? I don't know.
The most troubling question is, why do they assume we're gay? Well, you are kind of butch.
I think you're overcompensating.
Look at that.
More Hoodoo.
Hi there.
- Hi.
- Everything okay with your room? - Yeah.
- Yeah, everything's great.
- Good.
Well, I was just in the middle of packing, so Hey, are those antique dolls? Because this one.
This one, he's-- He's got a major doll collection back home.
Don't you? - Big time.
- Big time.
You think he could-- We could come in and take a look? - I don't know.
- Please? He loves them.
He won't tell you.
He always dressing them up in tiny outfits and you'd make his day.
She would.
Huh? Huh? It's true.
- Okay, come on in.
- All right.
All right.
This is a lot of dolls.
And they're nice, you know, they're not super creepy at all.
I suppose they are a little creepy.
But they've been in the family forever.
Lot of sentimental value.
What is this? - The hotel? - That's right.
Exact replica, custom-built.
His head got twisted around.
What happened to it? Tyler, probably.
Mommy! Maggie's being mean.
Tyler, tell her I said to be nice, okay? Hey, Tyler.
I see you broke your doll.
You want me to fix it? I didn't break it.
I found it like that.
- Oh.
Maybe Maggie did it? - No.
Neither of us did it.
Grandma would get mad if we broke them.
Tyler, she wouldn't get mad.
- Grandma? Grandma Rose.
These were all her toys.
Really? Where is Grandma Rose now? Up in her room.
You know, I'd really love to talk to Rose about her incredible dolls.
I mean I'm afraid that's impossible.
My mother's been very sick and she's not taking any visitors.
What do you think? Dolls? Hoodoo? Mysterious shut-in Grandma? Well, dolls are used in all kind of Voodoo and Hoodoo like curses and binding spells and-- Maybe we found our witch doctor.
I'll go see what I can dig up on Booming Granny.
You get on-line, check old obits, freak accidents.
- See if she's whacked anybody.
- Right.
Don't go surfing porn, that's not the kind of whacking I mean.
I've been meaning to ask.
What sort of renovations are you planning? They never told you? Told me what? Ms.
Thompson, we plan on demolishing the hotel.
I see.
Excuse me.
Thank you again.
What happened? The maid went in to turn down the sheets, and he was just - hanging there.
- That's awful.
He was a guest? He worked for the company that bought the place.
- I don't understand.
- What? Had a lot of bad luck around here.
If you'd like to check out, I'll give you a full refund.
No, thanks.
I don't scare that easy.
There's been another one.
Some guy hung himself in his room.
I saw.
We gotta figure this out and fast.
What'd you find out about Granny? You're bossy.
What? You're bossy.
And short.
Are you drunk? Yeah.
So? Stupid.
Dude, what are you thinking? We're working a case.
That guy who hung himself.
- I couldn't save him.
- What are you saying? - You couldn't have done anything.
- That's an excuse, Dean.
I should've found a way to save him.
I should've saved Ava too.
You can't save everyone, even you said that.
No, Dean! You don't understand.
The more people I save, the more I can change.
- Change what? - My destiny, Dean! All right, time for bed.
Come on, Sasquatch.
Come on.
- I need you to watch out for me.
- I always do.
No, no, no! You have to watch out for me.
All right? And if I ever turn into something that I'm not - you have to kill me.
- Sam.
Dean, Dad told you to do it.
You have to.
Yeah? Well, Dad's an ass.
He never should've said anything.
You don't do that.
- You don't lay that crap on your kids.
- No, he was right to say it.
Who knows what I might become? Even now, everyone around me dies.
Yeah, well, I'm not dying, okay? And neither are you.
Come on, sit down.
No, please, Dean, you're the only one who can do it.
- Promise.
Dean, please.
- Don't ask that of me.
You have to promise me.
I promise.
Thank you.
Find any good antiques? No.
Got distracted.
Have a drink.
So poor guy.
Killing himself.
That kind of thing seems to be going around lately.
Yeah, yeah.
I heard about the other ones.
It's almost like this hotel is cursed or something.
Every hotel has its spilled blood.
If people only knew what's gone on in some of those rooms they've checked into You know a lot about the place? Down to the last nail.
I'd love to hear some stories.
Boy, you should never say that to an old man.
This is little Miss Susan and her mother, Rose.
Happier days.
They're not happy now? Well, would you be, leaving the only home you ever knew? I don't know.
I never really knew one.
Well, this is Rose's home.
It's been in the family over a century.
Used to be the family estate.
And now she gets to live in some senior living graveyard and they tear this place down.
That's too bad.
- I hear Rose isn't feeling well either.
- No, she isn't.
What's wrong with her? It's not my business to say.
Who's this? That's Rose.
When she was a little girl.
Who's that with her? That's her nanny, Marie.
She looked after Rose more than her own mother.
How are you feeling, Sammy? I guess mixing whiskey and Jager wasn't such a gangbuster idea, was it? I'll bet you don't remember a thing from last night, do you? I can still taste the tequila.
You know there's a really good hangover remedy.
It's a greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray.
- Oh, I hate you.
- I know you do.
Hey, turns out when Grandma Rose was a tyke she had a Creole nanny who wore a Hoodoo necklace.
- So you think she taught Rose Hoodoo? - Yes, I do.
All right.
I think it's time we talk to Rose.
You need to brush your teeth first.
Hello? Susan? - Clear? - Mm-hm.
Thompson? Mrs.
Thompson? Rose? Hi, Mrs.
Thompson, we're not here to hurt you, it's okay.
Rose? This woman's had a stroke.
Yeah, but Hoodoo's hands-on.
You gotta mix herbs and chant, build an altar.
So it can't be Rose.
Heck, maybe it's not even Hoodoo.
You know, she could be faking.
Yeah, what do you wanna do, poke her with a stick? Dude, you're not gonna poke her with a stick.
What the hell? What are you doing in here? - The door was-- - We wanted to ask Rose-- She's scared out of her wits.
I want you out of my hotel in two minutes or I'm calling the cops.
Your turn.
Have you started packing yet? - No.
- Why not? - I don't wanna move.
- Yes, I know.
But we have to.
- Maggie says we're not allowed to.
- Yeah.
Tyler, enough.
Maggie is imaginary.
You're too old to have an imaginary friend and I'm done pretending.
I don't like her.
- I could lug those boxes for you.
- I got it, Sherwin, thanks.
Okay then.
See you later.
- You okay? - I think so.
Come on, come on, let's get inside.
Let's go.
Come on.
- Whiskey.
- Sure.
I know the feeling.
What the hell happened out there? - You want the truth? - Of course.
First we thought it was some sort of a Hoodoo curse.
But that out there? That was definitely a spirit.
You're insane.
It's been said.
I'm sorry, we don't exactly have time to ease you into this.
But we need to know when your mother had the stroke.
- What's that have to do with--? - Answer the question.
About a month ago.
Right before the killings began.
See? What if Rose was working Hoodoo but not to hurt anyone, to protect them? She was using the urns to ward off the spirit.
- Till her stroke.
She couldn't anymore.
- I don't believe this.
Listen, that car didn't try to run you down by itself, okay? I mean it did, technically, but the spirit can-- Forget it.
Believe what you want.
You and your family are in danger.
All right? You need to clear everybody out: Your employees, your mother, your daughters, everyone.
I only have one daughter.
- One? - Tyler had a sister named Maggie.
Maggie's imaginary.
Where's Tyler? She's going to stay here with me.
And you can't stop me.
There's nothing you can do about it.
Maggie, don't.
You're not supposed to bother Grandma.
I know.
Come on.
Let's play.
- Can we have a tea party? - We can have lots of tea parties.
Forever and ever and ever.
Tyler? Oh, my God.
Tyler? She's not here.
Tell us what you know about Maggie.
Tyler's been talking about her since Mom got sick.
Did you ever know anyone by that name? - No.
Could be someone that lived here.
Passed away.
My God, my Mom had a sister named Margaret.
Barely spoke about her.
Did she die here when she was a kid? She drowned in the pool.
Come on.
I don't like it up here.
I'm scared.
It's okay.
All you have to do is jump.
I can't swim.
- I know.
But it won't hurt, I promise.
And then we can be together.
And no one will bother us.
Why don't you just come with me and Mommy? Because I can't leave here.
And you can't leave me.
Please? I don't want to be alone.
- Tyler.
Come on.
Ah! - Is there another entrance? - Around back.
All right.
Let's go.
Keep working.
It'll all be over soon.
Stand back.
Son of a bitch.
Oh, my God, thank God.
Yeah, baby.
I'm here.
Tyler, do you see Maggie anywhere? No, she's gone.
You'd really do that for me? Yes? If you did, I'd let them go.
But I don't understand.
You kept me away for so long.
I thought you didn't love me anymore.
Okay little sister.
Don't worry, honey.
We're leaving in two minutes, we just gotta get Grandma.
I don't get it.
Did Maggie just stop? - Seems like it.
- Where the hell did she go? The paramedics said it was another stroke.
You think Margaret could've had something to do with it? - We don't know.
- But it's possible.
Susan, I'm sorry.
My God, you have nothing to apologize for.
You've given me everything.
- Ready to go, kiddo? - Yeah.
You're sure Maggie's not around anymore? I'm sure.
I'd see her.
Well, I guess whatever's going on must be over.
You two take care of yourselves, all right? Thank you.
Both of you.
I think you could've hooked up some MILF action there, bud.
- I'm serious, I think she liked you.
- Yeah, that's all she needs.
Well, you saved the mom, you saved the girl, not a bad day.
I could have saved them myself but I didn't want you to feel useless.
All right.
I appreciate it.
Feels good getting back in the saddle, doesn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, it does.
But it doesn't change what we talked about last night, Dean.
We talked about a lot of things last night.
- You know what I mean.
- You were wasted.
But you weren't.
And you promised.
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