Supernatural s02e14 Episode Script

Born Under a Bad Sign

Dad wants us to pick up where he left off.
Saving people, hunting things.
Family business.
My dad had a partner on his last hunt.
Guy screwed up, got my dad killed.
- What does this have to do--? - It was your father, Dean.
Maybe that's what the demon's doing.
Pushing us.
Finding ways to break us.
I'm Meg.
She's possessed.
That's a human possessed by a demon.
The key of Solomon.
You get a demon in one, they're trapped.
Before Dad died, he told me something, something about you.
He said that I had to save you.
That if I couldn't, I'd have to kill you.
Did he know the demon's plans? - Am I supposed to go dark side? - I never said that.
Jeez, you're not careful, you will have to waste me one day, Dean.
It's me again.
Any chance you've heard from him? I swear, it's like looking for my dad all over again.
I'm losing my mind here.
No, I've called him a thousand times.
Nothing but voice mail.
I don't know where he went or why.
Sam's just gone.
Hang on.
Sammy? Where the hell are you? Are you okay? Hey, hey, hey, calm down.
Where are you? All right, don't move.
I'm on my way.
Sam, it's me.
Sam? Sam? Hey.
Hey, Dean.
Are you bleeding? I tried to wash it off.
Oh, my God.
I don't think it's my blood.
- Whose is it? - I don't know.
Sam, what the hell happened? Dean.
I don't remember anything.
What'd you find out? You checked in two days ago, under the name Richard Sambora.
I think the scariest part about this is that you're a Bon Jovi fan.
Your room's been quiet.
Nobody noticed anything unusual.
You mean no one saw me walking around covered in blood? - Yeah, that's what I mean.
- Then how did I get here, Dean? - What happened to me? - I don't know, all right? But you're okay, that's what matters.
- Everything else we can deal with.
- Oh, really? - What if I hurt someone? Or worse-- - Sam.
What if this is what Dad warned you about? Hey, whoa, whoa.
Let's not jump the gun here.
We don't know what happened.
We just gotta treat this like any job.
What's the last thing you remember? It's me and you in that motel room in West Texas.
- I went out to grab some burgers and - West Texas? That was over a week ago.
That's it.
Next thing I knew, I was sitting here.
- It felt like I'd been asleep for a month.
- Okay.
Retrace your steps.
The manager said you left yesterday afternoon.
They never saw you come back so Hey.
Recognize anything? Not really.
- What? - I think I was here.
Do you remember? Not really.
It just It feels familiar, you know? Try that one.
- Yeah.
Oh, please tell me you didn't steal this.
More blood.
Sam, back seat.
You think I used this on someone? I'm not thinking anything.
Okay, now this is disturbing.
Come on, this couldn't have been you.
Had to have been someone else.
Somebody who, uh, smokes menthols.
A gas receipt, few towns over.
All right, the receipt's for 10 gallons at pump number two.
You getting any goose bumps yet? "God, this looks familiar," déjà-vu vibes? Maybe someone inside will remember you.
Come on.
You, out of here, now.
I'm calling the cops.
- You talking to him? - Yeah, I'm talking to him.
Jerk comes in yesterday, stinking drunk.
Grabs a 40 from the fridge, starts chugging.
This guy? You drinking malt liquor? Not after he whipped the bottle at my frigging head.
- This guy? - What, am I speaking Urdu? I'm sorry if I did anything-- Tell your story walking, pal.
Okay? Po-po will be here in five.
Wait, wait.
He's leaving, he's leaving.
Put the phone down.
- Sam, go wait in the car.
- But, Dean-- Go wait in the car.
Hey, look, I just wanna talk to you, that's it, okay? When he took off, which way did he go? - Why don't you ask him? - I'm asking you.
You'd be doing me a huge favor.
Oh, do you a favor? Well, that is what I live for.
You know, your buddy didn't pay for the booze or the smokes, which he also illegally lit up.
- You saw him smoking? - Yeah.
Guy's a chimney.
This, uh, ought to cover it.
It's, uh It's coming back to me now.
He took two packs.
Of course he did.
He went north on Route 71.
Straight out of town.
What's going on with you, Sam? Hmm? Because smoking, throwing bottles at people I mean, that sounds more like me than you.
Dean, wait.
Right here.
Turn down that road.
- What? - I don't know how I know.
I just do.
Whoever lives here, I'd say they don't like surprises.
Should we knock? Yeah.
I guess.
Hey, Dean.
I'm surprised the cops didn't show.
Place like this, you'd think it'd have an alarm.
Yeah, you would.
Hit the lights.
- Dean, I did this.
- We don't know that.
What else do you need? How else do you explain the car, the knife, the blood? I don't know, man.
Why don't you tell me? Even if you did do this, I'm sure you had a reason.
You know: self-defense, uh, he was a bad son of a bitch, something.
He didn't have any ID.
- I need your lock pick.
- What? I need your lock pick.
Holy Either this guy's a Unabomber or a hunter.
Dean, I think I killed a hunter.
Let's find out.
Here we go.
How do you erase this, huh? Sam, come on.
I need your help.
I killed him, Dean.
I just broke in and killed him.
Listen to me.
Whoever this guy is, he's a hunter.
Other hunters are gonna come looking for his killer.
Which means we gotta cover our tracks, okay? His name was Steve Wandel.
This is a letter from his daughter.
Wipe your prints.
Then we go.
All right, we get a couple hours of sleep, then put this place in our rear-view mirror.
Look, I know this is bad, okay? You gotta snap out of it.
Sam, say something.
We should get some sleep and leave in the morning? Murder, Dean.
That's what I did.
Maybe, okay? Hey, we don't know-- Shapeshifter.
Come on.
You know it wasn't.
You saw the tape.
- There was no eye flare, no distortion.
- But it wasn't you.
All right.
Yeah, it might've been you, but it wasn't you.
I think it was.
I think maybe more than you know.
What the hell does that mean? For the last few weeks, I've been having I've been having these feelings.
- What feelings? - Rage.
And I can't stop it.
It just gets worse.
Day by day, it gets worse.
You never told me this.
I didn't wanna scare you.
Well, bang-up job on that.
Dean, the Yellow-Eyed Demon, you know he has plans for me.
We know he's turned other children into killers before too.
- No one can control you but you.
- Doesn't seem like that.
It feels like no matter what I do, slowly but surely - I'm just becoming-- - What? Who I'm meant to be.
You said it once yourself.
I gotta face up to who I am.
- I didn't meant this.
- But it's still true.
You know that.
Dad knew that too.
That's why he told you - if it ever came to this-- - Shut up, Sam.
Dean, you promised him.
You promised me.
Listen to me.
We're gonna figure this out, okay? I mean, there's gotta be a way, right? Yeah, there is.
I don't wanna hurt anyone else.
I don't wanna hurt you.
You won't.
Whatever this is, you can fight it.
I can't.
Not forever.
Here, you gotta do it.
You know, I've tried so hard to keep you safe.
I know.
I can't.
I'd rather die.
You'll live.
You'll live to regret this.
It's past your checkout.
- What? - It's past checkout and I have a couple here who need your room.
Oh, yeah, I'll bet they do.
- What time is it? - Twelve thirty.
The guy that was with me, have you seen him? He left before dawn in your car.
You should've gone with him because now I'm gonna have to charge you extra.
- Oh, son of a bitch.
- That's just the policy, sir.
I need to use your computer.
Why would I let you use my computer? Hi, uh, so sorry to bother you but, uh, my son snuck out of the house last night and, uh, went to a Justin Timberlake concert.
What? Yeah, Justin is quite the triple threat.
Uh, anyway, he's not back yet and I'm just-- I'm starting to worry.
Right, boys will be boys.
But see, Sammy is a, uh, a diabetic and, uh, if he doesn't get his insulin then I just-- I have to find him.
I'm begging you.
Yeah, no, no, no.
I'm on the website right now.
I just need to activate the GPS in his cell phone.
Yeah, right there.
Duluth, Minnesota.
Yeah, that is a long way to go for a concert.
I appreciate your help.
Good night, thank you.
Sorry, we're closing up.
How about just one for the road? You're about the last person I'd expect to see.
Well guess I'm full of surprises.
So can I get a beer? Sure, one beer.
So how'd you find me? Well, uh, it's kind of what we do, you know? - Speaking of we, where's Dean? - He couldn't make it.
So, what are you doing here, Sam? I mean, we didn't exactly part on the best of terms.
Um That's why I'm here.
I kind of-- I wanted to see if we could square things, you know? That looks like it hurts.
No, just had a run-in with a hot stove.
So you were saying something about squaring things? Yeah.
Uh Look, I know how you feel about my dad.
And I can't say I blame you.
He was obsessed.
Consumed with hunting.
And he didn't care who got caught in the crossfire.
And I guess that included your dad.
But that was my father.
That's not me.
What about Dean? Well, Dean's more like my father than I am, but he-- Boy.
You're really carrying a torch for him, aren't you? I'll take that as a yes.
It's too bad.
Because see Dean, he likes you, sure but not in the way you'd want.
I mean-- Maybe as kind of a little sister, you know, but romance? That's just out of the question.
He-- He kind of thinks you're a schoolgirl, you know? I'm not trying to hurt you, Jo, I'd-- - I'm telling you because I care.
- That's real kind of you, Sam.
I mean it.
I care about you a lot.
Sam, what's going on--? I could be more to you, Jo.
Maybe you should leave.
Sam, get off me.
Sam, get off me.
Let go.
Jo, Jo, Jo.
Sam, no.
It didn't have to be this way.
Or maybe it did.
What the hell's going on? What are you doing? So, what exactly did your mom tell you about how your dad died? You're not Sam.
Don't be so sure about that.
Answer the question.
Come on.
It's me.
You can tell me anything, you know that.
Answer the question.
- Fine.
- Fine.
Our dads were in California.
Devil's Gate Reservoir.
They were setting a trap for some kind of hellspawn.
John was hiding, waiting.
And my dad was bait.
That's just like John.
Oh, I bet he dangled Bill like meat on a hook.
Then what? Then the thing showed up.
John got too eager.
Jumped out too soon.
Got my dad exposed out in the open.
The thing turned around and killed him.
Not quite.
What? What? Oh.
You see, it hurt him.
It didn't kill him.
You really don't know the truth, do you? - I bet your mom doesn't either.
- Know what? You see, Bill was all clawed up.
Was holding his insides in his hands.
He was gurgling and praying to see you and Ellen one more time.
So my dad killed him.
Put him out of his misery like a sick dog.
- You're lying.
- I'm not.
It's true.
My daddy shot your daddy in the head.
- How could you know that? - I hear things.
- Why are you doing this to me? - Like daddy, like daughter.
You're bait.
Open up.
That's a girl.
Sam! I begged you to stop me, Dean.
- Put the knife down, damn it.
- I told you, I can't fight it! My head feels like it's on fire, all right? Dean.
Kill me or I'm gonna kill her.
You'd be doing me a favor.
Shoot me.
Shoot me! No, Sammy.
Come on.
What the hell's wrong with you, Dean? Are you that scared of being alone that you'd rather let Jo die? It's holy water, you demonic son of a bitch.
He was possessed? Dean! - So who are you? I got lots of names.
You've been in Sam since he disappeared, haven't you? You should've seen your face when you thought he murdered that guy.
Why didn't you kill me? You had a dozen chances.
No, that would've been too easy.
Where's the fun in that? You see, this was a test.
Wanted to see if I could push you far enough to waste Sam.
Should've known you wouldn't have the sack.
Anyway, fun's over now.
Oh, well, I hope you got your kicks.
- You're gonna pay hell for this.
- How? You can't hurt me.
Not without hurting your little brother.
See, I think you're gonna die, Dean.
You and every other hunter I can find.
One look at Sam's dewy, sensitive eyes they'll let me right in their door.
This is Dean, leave a message.
Dean? Dean.
Take it easy.
- Where's Sam? - I don't know.
I've been looking for you.
Come on.
Get up.
Unh! Okay.
Don't be a baby.
Oh, God.
All right, almost.
All right, got it.
Got it.
- God, you're a butcher.
- You're welcome.
All right, are we done? Would you give me two minutes to patch you up? You can't help Sam if you're bleeding to death.
So how did you know that he was possessed? Ah! Uh, I didn't.
I just knew that it couldn't have been him.
- Hey, Dean.
- Yeah? I know demons lie, but do they ever tell the truth too? Uh Yeah, sometimes, I guess.
Especially if they know it'll mess with your head.
Why do you ask? Nothing.
It doesn't matter.
So do you have any idea where he's headed to next? Well, so far, he's been going after the nearest hunter.
So the closest one I know is in South Dakota.
Okay, good.
I'm done.
Let's go.
You're not coming.
The hell I'm not.
I'm a part of this now.
I can't say it more plain than this: You try and follow me and I'll tie you back to that post and leave you.
This is my fight.
I'm not getting your blood on my hands.
That's just how it's gonna be.
Take these.
They'll help with the pain.
I'll call you later, okay? No, you won't.
Damn it.
- Sam.
- Hey, Bobby.
It's been a while.
Come on in.
So, what brings you? Working a job nearby and I thought I'd stop in to say hey.
Where's Dean? Holed up somewhere with a girl and a 12 pack.
Oh, yeah? Is she pretty? You ask me, he's in way over his head.
Well, it's good to see you.
To John.
To Dad.
What'd you do? A little holy water in your beer.
Sam never would've noticed.
But then, you're not Sam, are you? Don't try to con a con man.
Back from the dead.
Getting to be a regular thing for you, isn't it? Like a cockroach.
How about I smack that smart-ass out of your mouth? Oh, careful now.
- Wouldn't wanna bruise this fine packaging.
- Don't worry.
This isn't gonna hurt Sam.
You, on the other hand-- Feel like talking now? Sam's still my meat puppet.
- I'll make him bite off his tongue.
- No.
You won't be in him long enough.
See, whatever bitch-boy master plan you demons are cooking up - Ahh! - you're not getting Sam.
You understand me? Because I'm gonna kill every one of you first.
You really think that's what this is about? The master plan? I don't give a rat's ass about the master plan.
Doesn't seem to be working.
See, I learned a few new tricks.
This isn't going like I pictured.
What's going on, Bobby? It's a binding link.
It's like a lock.
He's locked himself inside Sam's body.
- What the hell do we do? - I don't know.
That's better.
You know when people wanna describe the worst possible thing? They say it's "like hell.
" Well, there's a reason for that.
Hell is like a Well, it's like hell.
Even for demons.
It's a prison made of bone and flesh and blood and fear.
And you sent me back there.
- Meg? - No.
Not anymore.
Now I'm Sam.
By the way I saw your dad there.
He says, "Howdy.
" All that I had to hold onto was that I would climb out one day.
And then I was gonna torture you.
Nice and slow, like pulling the wings off an insect.
But whatever I do to you it's nothing compared to what you do to yourself, is it? I can see it in your eyes, Dean.
You're worthless.
You couldn't save your dad.
And deep down you know that you can't save your brother.
They'd have been better off without you.
Sammy? Did I miss anything? By the way, you really look like crap, Dean.
Yeah, right back at you.
What is it, Bobby? You boys ever hear of a hunter named Steve Wandel? Why do you ask? Just heard from a friend.
Wandel's dead.
Murdered in his own house.
You wouldn't know anything about that? No, sir.
Never heard of the guy.
- Dean.
- Good.
Keep it that way.
Wandel's buddies are looking for someone or something to string up.
They're not gonna slow down to listen to reason.
You understand what I'm saying? We better hit the road.
If you can remember where we parked the car.
Take these.
- What are they? - Charms.
They'll fend off possession.
That demon's still out there.
This'll stop it from getting back up in you.
- That sounds vaguely dirty, but thanks.
You're welcome.
You boys be careful now.
You too.
You okay? Sam.
Is that you in there? I was awake for some of it, Dean.
I watched myself kill Wandel with my own two hands.
I saw the light go out in his eyes.
That must've been awful.
That's not my point.
I almost carved up Jo too.
But no matter what I did, you wouldn't shoot.
It was the right move, Sam.
It wasn't you.
Yeah, this time.
What about next time? Sam, when Dad told me that I might have to kill you it was only if I couldn't save you.
Now, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna save you.
- What? - Nothing.
Dean, what? Dude, you, like, full-on had a girl inside you for, like, a whole week.
That's pretty naughty.