Supernatural s04e03 Episode Script

In the Beginning

Good night, love.
Sweet dreams, Sam.
Sammy, you're my favorite.
Does this mean I have demon blood in me? It's you.
Ah! Mary.
Our whole lives, we've been searching for this demon.
That thing killed Jess.
That thing killed Mom.
- Sam, I'm sorry.
- For what? - Who are you? - Castiel.
I gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.
- What are you? An angel of the Lord.
Samuel Colt made a special gun.
This gun can kill anything.
Why would an angel rescue me from hell? Because God commanded it.
Because we have work for you.
Ready? Definitely.
Hello, Dean.
What were you dreaming about? What, you get your freak on by watching other people sleep? - What do you want? - Listen to me.
- You have to stop it.
- Stop what? Move it, buddy.
- You can't sleep here.
- Okay.
- Sleep where? - Anywhere but here.
Hey, where the hell am I? Jaybird's Diner.
I mean city and state.
Lawrence, Kansas.
- Lawrence.
- Hey, you okay, buddy? Yeah.
Tough night.
- Hey, coffee here, Reg.
Okay, coming right up.
Can you tell me where I can get reception on this thing? The USS Enterprise? Thanks.
Nice threads.
You know Sonny and Cher broke up, right? Sonny and Cher broke up? '73.
Hey, Winchester.
Son of a bitch.
How you doing, corporal? - Hey, Mr.
- I heard you were back.
A little while now.
Good to have you home.
- Damn good.
Dad? - Well, say hello to your old man for me.
- You got it, Mr.
Do we know each other? I guess not.
- Take it easy, pal.
- Yeah.
- What is this? - What does it look like? - Is it real? - Very.
Okay, so, what, angels got their hands on some DeLoreans? How did I get here? Time is fluid, Dean.
It's not easy, but we can bend it on occasion.
Bend it back.
Tell me what the hell I'm doing here.
I told you.
You have to stop it.
Stop what? What, is there something nasty after my dad? Oh, come on.
What, are you allergic to straight answers, you son of a bitch? A fine young man like yourself just starting out.
How about I take off another 250? - Let's do it.
- I'll get the paperwork.
Lamont, you got a customer in the waiting room /ooking for a trade-in.
That's not the one you want.
You following me? No, no.
I was just passing by.
I never got to thank you for the cup of coffee.
- I was a little out of it.
- More than a little.
Let me repay the favor.
- This is the car you want.
- Oh, yeah? You know something about cars? Yeah.
My dad taught me everything I know.
And this This is a great car.
Three-twenty-seven 4-barrel, 275 horses.
Little TLC, this thing is cherry.
You know, man, you're right.
Well, what are you buying that thing for? Kind of promised someone I would.
Over a '67 Chevy? I mean, come on, this is the car of a lifetime.
Trust me, this thing's still gonna be badass when it's 40.
John Winchester.
Dean Van Halen.
And thank you.
I was in pretty rough shape this morning, huh? No kidding.
I've been hung-over before, but, hey, I was I was getting chills in that diner.
- You didn't feel any cold spots, did you? - Nope.
I swore I smelled something weird too, you know? Like rotten eggs.
You didn't smell any sulfur, by chance? - No.
- No.
- There been any cattle mutilations rec? - Okay, mister, stop it.
If only I knew what to stop.
Listen, watch out for yourself, okay? Yeah, sure.
Johnny, there's a customer for you in the waiting room.
- Johnny, customer in the waiting room.
- So? I'll take this one.
What's this? - My car.
- What happened to the van? Mary, this is better than the van.
It's got a 327, a 4-barrel carburetor.
Sammy, wherever you are Mom is a babe.
I'm going to hell.
- I should just talk to him.
- My dad's being my dad, John.
- It's not you.
- How's it not me? - He's been like this for how many years? - He's protective over me, that's all.
He doesn't want me to Hook up with a mechanic from a family of mechanics? No.
Hey I love you for exactly what you are.
I'll be right back.
Why are you following us? Are you crazy? - You've been trailing us since my house.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
Okay, how about we talk about this, huh? Let me go.
Are you a hunter? - See you later? - Lf you're lucky.
Dean, right? - I'm not sure you should come in.
- You can trust me.
I mean, come on, we're all hunters, right? I mean, we're practically family.
- Yeah, thing is, my dad, he's a little - Oh, I gotta meet him.
You've heard of him? Clearly not enough.
So you're a hunter? Well, tell me something, Mr.
You kill vampires with wooden stakes or silver? Neither.
You cut their heads off.
- So did I pass your test? - Yep.
- Now get out of my house.
- Dad.
I don't trust other hunters.
Don't want their help.
- Don't want them around my family.
Knock it off, Samuel.
He's a hunter.
Who passed your little pop quiz, and now I'm inviting him to dinner.
You hungry? - Starving.
- Good.
I'm Deanna.
You've met my husband, Samuel.
Now wash up.
Samuel and Deanna? Really? - First time in Lawrence, Dean? - Well, it's been a while.
Yeah? - Things sure have changed.
I think.
You're working a job? - Yeah, maybe.
- What's that mean? It means I don't trust other hunters either, Samuel.
Hey, so why were you following me and John? I thought something was after your boyfriend.
But I don't think that anymore.
John Winchester mixing it up with spirits? Can you imagine? I saw that.
- What? - That sour-lemon look.
Hold on.
John's a really, really nice naive civilian.
So what? You'd rather me be with a guy like this? - What? No, no.
- Mary, of course not.
It's just that That's enough.
Both of you.
We have company.
So, what about you, Sam? You working a job? Might be.
He's working a job on the Whitshire farm.
- Why does that name sound familiar? It's been all over the papers.
Tom Whitshire.
Got tangled up in a combine a few towns over.
- That kind of thing happens.
- Why was he on it when his crops are all dead? - Demonic omens? - That's what I gotta find out.
What about the rest of town? Did you find anything on the web? Of information that you have assembled.
Electrical storms, maybe.
The weather-service graphs should be here on Friday.
- By mail? - No.
We hired a jetliner to fly them to us overnight.
You know, it sounds to me like we might be hunting the same thing.
If we go in numbers, we'll take care of this real quick.
What part of "we work alone" do you not understand, son? - And I'm here because? - Family business, Mary.
What, you'd rather be waving pom-poms at a bunch of dumb jocks? - Where you going? - To do the job, Dad.
- I see you beat me here.
- The Lord is funny that way.
Beth Whitshire, this is my associate our senior, senior priest, Father Cheney.
Please accept our deepest condolences on behalf of the county diocese.
Thank you.
Miss Whitshire was just telling me all about Tom and how normal and ordinary things were on the day before his death.
I see.
So you didn't notice anything unusual, ma'am? You mean like my husband's guts fertilizing the back forty? Excuse me.
Charlie, would you like to tell the Father here what you just told me? Dad drank sometimes.
- Sometimes he got rough with Mom.
- And that's when the stranger came? I just thought he was some Bible-thumper, like you all.
He showed up about a week ago.
- Saying what? - Did I want the beatings to stop? I just thought he was crazy.
I didn't think And the next thing I know, Dad's dead.
- Am I going to jail? - You didn't do this, Charlie.
Did the stranger want something in return? - He didn't want anything.
- He wasn't just handing out freebies.
He did say something about coming to call in 10 years from now.
- Maybe he'd want something then.
- Something like what? I don't know, okay? Look, I told you he was nuts.
What do you think? I think he just pimped his soul to a demon, and he doesn't even know it.
Charlie, do you remember what the stranger looked like? Yeah.
He was about 5' 10".
- He was kind of normal-looking, really.
- Anything else? - There was one thing.
- What? It's just, the light hit his eyes in a weird way and for a moment, I could've sworn What, that they were black? Or red, maybe? No.
They were yellow.
Pale yellow.
- Slow down and talk this thing through.
There's nothing to talk about.
You say it was a demon.
None of us has heard of a demon with yellow eyes.
Yeah, well, I have.
- This thing killed my family.
- Just calm down.
You don't get it, do you? We're all in danger.
You need to get yourself someplace safe.
Not until we know what we're dealing with.
It could be a demon, Shapeshifter, any number of things.
I know what this thing is.
And I'm gonna kill it.
- That's all the talking I need to do.
- You're gonna kill a demon? How? There's a hunter named Daniel Elkins.
Lives in Colorado.
He has Colt's gun.
- The Colt.
- Yeah.
I heard about the Colt.
Used to tell it to Mary as a bedtime story.
Well, it's real.
All right, say that it is.
You got some kind of a crystal ball telling you where this demon's gonna be? Yeah, maybe I do.
- What's this? - It's a list.
- Of what? - My dad wrote down anyone he thought came in contact with the yellow-eyed demon.
Who, where, when.
- Why? - Because the more he could learn the more he could figure out why he killed my mom.
Whitshire farm.
I told you that name sounded familiar.
Whitshire farm? That was two days ago.
How the hell is that on your dad's list? My dad could see the future.
He's gonna hit here tomorrow night.
Liddy Walsh? - Haleyville.
That's close.
Well, yeah, it's about three miles, but - I know you guys think I'm crazy.
- You seem like a really nice kid, Dean.
- But, yeah, you're crazy.
- Yeah, maybe.
But I know where this bastard's gonna be, and I'm gonna stop it.
Once and for all.
I'm shoving off.
- I just wanted to say bye.
- Really? So soon? Yeah, well, job to do.
Hey, I wanted to tell you you know, for what it's worth doesn't matter what your dad thinks, I like that John kid.
- You do? - Yeah.
Yeah, I think you two are meant to be.
Hell, I'm depending on it.
- What? - Nothing.
Can I ask you a question? What's he like? John.
Why do you ask? Just curious.
I don't know.
He's sweet.
Even after the war, after everything he still believes in happily-ever-after, you know? He's everything a hunter isn't.
No offense.
None taken.
Can I tell you something? He's gonna ask me to marry him.
Tomorrow, I think.
- Yeah? - Dad's gonna explode.
But I don't care.
I'll run away if I have to.
I just I love John, and And what? I wanna get out.
This job, this life I hate it.
I want a family.
I wanna be safe.
You know, the worst thing I can think of, the very worst thing is for my children to be raised into this like I was.
Well, I won't let it happen.
You okay? Yeah.
No, I'm fine.
Hey, Mary can I tell you something? Sure.
Even if this sounds really weird will you promise me that you will remember? Okay.
On November 2nd, 1983 don't get out of bed.
No matter what you hear, or what you see promise me you won't get out of bed.
So, what, God's my copilot, is that it? Well, you're a regular Chatty Cathy.
Tell me something.
Sam would've wanted in on this.
Why not bring him back? You had to do this alone, Dean.
And you don't care that he's tearing up the future looking for me right now? Sam's not looking for you.
All right, if I do this, then the family curse breaks, right? Mom and Dad live happily ever after and Sam and I grow up playing Little League and chasing tail? You realize, if you do alter the future your father, you, Sam, you'll never become hunters and all those people you saved, they'll die.
I realize.
- And you don't care? - Oh, I care.
I care a lot.
But these are my parents.
I'm not gonna let them die again.
I can't.
Not if I can stop it.
Hold it right there, friend.
Drop the gun.
Be on your way.
Can't do it, Daniel.
Who the hell are you? - A hunter, just like yourself.
- Thief's more like it.
- I just need it for a few days.
- Not happening.
Look, I have a chance to save my family's lives.
My family.
But I need this gun to do it.
So if you wanna stop me, kill me.
There are some hunters in Lawrence, the Campbells.
- Never heard of them.
- That's where she'll be.
- Dean say where he was going? - Said he was gonna kill a demon.
- Kill a demon? That's impossible.
- Yep.
- Where? - I don't know, over in Haleyville.
The Walsh's, maybe.
- Oh, wait.
Not Liddy Walsh? - Well, yeah, I think so.
Dad, she's a friend of mine.
We gotta help her.
- What's wrong? - I'll be in the car.
She wants to hunt, she doesn't wanna hunt.
Is this some female, time-of-month thing? What? I'm sorry, Liddy.
It's metastasized.
- Where? - His liver, his lungs.
- It's time we talked about arrangements.
- You have to do something.
There is one way.
A cure, actually.
But I'll need your help.
- What do I have to do? - Nothing.
Just, in 10 years, I'm going to come to you and ask for something then.
- What? - Nothing you'll miss.
Ah! Oh, my God.
- Hold that thought.
You son of a bitch.
Hello there.
Where the hell have they been hiding you? I like you.
You've got a lot of spunk.
Mary! - Let her go! - Where'd you get that gun? Ah! Damn.
- Mary, what else did he say to you? - I told you.
Just that he liked me.
What did he mean by that? Liddy's a strong kid.
She'll be fine.
- Are you okay? - No, Dad, I'm pretty far from okay.
Can we go? - Nice job in there.
- I missed the shot.
Take the compliment, son.
I'm saying that I was wrong about you.
We need to talk alone.
We have to kill this thing now, or Mary dies.
- How do you know that? - I just do, okay? - When? - Maybe today.
Probably years from now.
But it's happening.
So, what are you, some kind of a psychic now too? No.
All right, listen to me.
Now, this is gonna sound a little Actually, it's gonna sound massively, massively crazy.
- Mary is my mother.
- Excuse me? And I am your grandson.
- I know what I'm talking about.
- You wanna run that by me again? My real name is Dean Winchester.
I was born January 24th, 1979.
My parents are Mary and John Winchester.
I don't have to listen to this.
Mary gets killed by a yellow-eyed demon in 1983.
And I think that this, what happened tonight is the moment that he caught her scent.
Now if we don't catch this thing now and kill it, and it gets away then Mary dies.
So I'm asking you, please Hey.
You okay? You promised you'd take me away.
Of course I did.
Do it now.
How did I know about the Colt? How did I know about the demon or where it would be? I'm not making this up, Samuel.
Every bone in my body is aching to put you six feet under.
But there's something about you.
I can't shake it.
Now, I may be crazier than you, son, but I believe you.
- Thank you.
- All right, how do we find this bastard? - Right here, the list.
- And with the Colt? Yeah.
Okay, let me see it.
Sorry, I don't let anybody hold it.
I'm your grandfather.
- Nothing personal.
- Sure, it is.
Especially when it's me you're trying to kill.
Future boy, huh? I only know one thing that's got the juice to swing something like that.
You must have friends in high places.
So I kill your mommy? That's why you came all this way to see little old me? Oh, I came here to kill you.
Wait a minute.
If that slut Mary is your mommy, are you? Are you one of my psychic kids? No.
Not you.
Maybe you've got a sis.
Or a bro.
That's terrific.
Means it all worked out.
After all, that's why I'm here.
So that's what this is about.
These deals you're making.
- You don't want these people's souls.
- No.
I just want their children.
I'm here to choose the perfect parents, like your mommy.
Why her? - Why any of them? - Because they're strong.
They're pure.
They eat their Wheaties.
My own little master race.
They're ideal breeders.
Oh, get your mind out of the gutter.
No one's breeding with me.
Though Mary Man, I'd like to make an exception.
So far, she's my favorite.
So why make the deals? I need permission.
I need to be invited into their houses.
I know, I know.
The red tape will drive you nuts.
But in 10 short years it'll all be worth it.
Because you know what I'm gonna do to your sibling? I'm gonna stand over their crib, and I'm gonna bleed into their mouth.
Demon blood is better than Ovaltine, vitamins, minerals.
- It makes you big and strong.
- For what? So they can lead your discount demon army? - Is that your big plan? - Please.
My endgame's a hell of a lot bigger than that, kid.
Endgame? What endgame? Like I'm gonna tell you.
Or those angels sitting on your shoulder.
I'm gonna cover my tracks good.
You can cover whatever the hell you want.
- I'm still gonna kill you.
- Right.
Now, that I'd like to see.
Maybe not today.
But you look into my eyes, you son of a bitch because I'm the one that kills you.
So you're gonna save everybody, is that right? Is that it? Well, I'll tell you one person that you're not gonna save.
Your grandpappy.
No! Ah! Mary.
Mary! I guess it's no secret why I brought you way out here.
- John - I just - Just let me get through this, okay? - Okay, wait.
There's things you don't know about me, John.
So? I will always love you for exactly who you are.
- What did I tell you? - Dad.
- Sir, just listen.
Now, come on.
- Dad.
Stay away from her.
You're hurting me.
Hey, take it easy! No.
You killed him.
Oh, not just John, sweetie pie.
Mommy and Daddy too.
They're all dead.
- No.
- Yep.
Afraid so.
- You're little orphan Mary now.
- You son of a bitch.
Sticks and stones may break my bones.
And they won't bring your family back either.
I'll kill you.
I swear to God.
Oh, let's not get nasty.
Now, look, we've both said some things that we regret.
Let's kiss and make up.
I'll tell you what.
I'll arrange to have lover boy here brought back breathing.
- My parents too.
- Nope.
Sorry, doll, it's not on the table.
Think about it.
You could be done with hunting forever.
The white picket fence, station wagon, couple of kids.
No more monsters or fear.
I'll make sure of it.
- What, and all it costs is my soul? - Oh, no, you can keep your soul.
I just need permission.
For what? In 10 years, I need to swing by your house for something.
- For what? - Relax.
As long as I'm not interrupted, nobody gets hurt.
I promise.
Or you can spend the rest of your life desperate and alone.
Mary? It's a good deal.
So, what do you say? No! Ah! - Mary? - John.
I couldn't stop any of it.
She still made the deal.
She still died in the nursery, didn't she? Don't be too hard on yourself.
You couldn't have stopped it.
What? Destiny can't be changed, Dean.
- All roads lead to the same destination.
- Then why'd you send me back? For the truth.
Now you know everything we do.
What the hell are you talking about? Where's Sam? We know what Azazel did to your brother.
What we don't know is why.
What his endgame is.
He went to great lengths to cover that up.
- Where's Sam? - 425 Waterman.
Your brother is headed down a dangerous road, Dean and we're not sure where it leads.
So stop it or we will.