Supernatural s04e19 Episode Script

Jump the Shark

You left.
Your brother and me, we needed you.
You walked away, Sam.
You walked away.
You're the one who said don't come back, Dad.
You closed that door, not me.
Sammy, I just couldn't accept the fact that you and me, we're just different.
We're not different.
Not anymore.
Ruby, it's been weeks.
I need it.
Do you even know how far off the reservation you've gone? How far from normal? From human? Your brother is headed down a dangerous road, Dean.
It's already gone too far, Sam.
If I didn't know you I would wanna hunt you.
No! Go away! No! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
No! Oh, my God! No! No! Hey.
How'd you sleep? How do you think? I'm starving.
Let's get breakfast.
Where? We're, like, two hours from anything.
But I'm hungry now.
There's probably still a sandwich in the backseat.
It's tuna.
Isn’t that Dad's phone? - Hello? Uh, is this John? He can't come to the phone.
Can I help you? No, no, no.
I really- I need to talk to John.
This is Adam Milligan.
He knows me.
Well, sorry to break this to you, pal, but John died more than two years ago.
Who is this? I'm his son.
Dean, look, the best I can tell, Adam Milligan is real.
Born September 29th, 1990, to Kate Milligan no father listed on the birth certificate.
He's an Eagle Scout, graduated from high school with honors and currently goes to the University of Wisconsin, biology major, premed.
Dean? You listening? This is a trap.
Dean, I'm telling you, the kid checks out.
So he's an actual person on the planet Earth.
- Sucks he's got a demon in him.
- Welcome to Cousin Oliver's.
- Thanks.
- Can I-? - We're actually waiting on somebody.
Thank you.
What are you-? - Holy water? Yup.
One sip of Jesus juice, this evil bitch is gonna be in a world of hurt.
- And what if he's not possessed, Dean? - Then he is a Shapeshifter.
Hence, the silver.
Look, either way, this thing is gonna bleed.
I mean, using Dad as bait? That's the last mistake of its short, pitiful life.
What? What? Dean, listen.
There's an entry in Dad's journal from January of 1990 saying he's headed to Minnesota to check out a case.
That's roughly, oh, about nine months before the kid was born.
- Coincidence.
- Coincidence.
The next two pages in the journal, torn out.
- You're not actually buying this, are you? - I don't wanna believe it.
It's possible.
I mean, Dad would be gone for weeks at a time, and he wasn't exactly a monk.
I mean, a hunter rolls into town, kills a monster, saves the girl sometimes the girl's grateful.
Well, now I'm thinking about Dad sex.
Stop talking.
- Maybe he slipped one past the goalie.
- Dude.
Adam? You Sam? Yeah.
This is Dean.
So, um - how'd you know my dad? - We worked together.
All right.
- How did he die? - On the job.
- He's a mechanic, right? - A car fell on him.
- Hey, Adam.
How you doing? - Oh, I'll take that.
I'm very thirsty.
The usual, Adam? - Uh, yeah, thanks Denise.
So, uh, when's the last time you saw John? I don't even know.
It's a couple years.
Why'd you decide to call him now? I didn't know who else to call.
He's the only family I got.
- My mom's missing.
- Really? I'm sorry.
For how long? It's tragic, really.
But if you're John's kid, how come we've never heard of you? John and me didn't really know each other.
Not until a few years ago, anyway.
- What do you mean? - My mom never talked about him.
- I knew some stuff.
- What kind of stuff? My mom's a nurse, and Dad came into the ER, pretty torn up.
He was in a hunting accident or something.
I knew his name: John Winchester.
That's about it.
We're not exactly a nuclear family.
Yeah, who is these days? So when did you, uh-? When did you finally meet him? When I was 12.
My mom had one of his old numbers and after I begged her, God, 24/7, she finally called him.
God, when John heard he had a son, he raced to town.
I mean, he dropped everything.
He drove all night.
Here you go.
Oh, that's heartwarming.
- You mind? - No, please, dig in.
He would swing by once a year or so, you know.
Called when he could, but still He taught me poker and pool even bought me my first beer when I was 15.
And he showed me how to drive.
Dad, he had this beautiful '67 Impala.
Oh, this is crap.
You know what? You're lying.
- No, I'm not.
- Oh, yeah, you are.
Who the hell are you to call me a liar? We're John Winchester's sons, that's who.
We are his sons.
- I've got brothers? - No, you don't.
- Look, I don't know if you're a hunter- - I have never been hunting in my life.
I'm out of here.
Come on, Sam.
I can prove it.
- He took you to a baseball game? - Yeah, when I turned 14.
Dad was around for a few of my birthdays.
September 29th, 2004.
One word: "Minnesota.
" He took you to a freaking baseball game? Yeah.
Why? What did Dad do with you on your birthday? Oh.
You said you called Dad because your mom was missing? - Yeah.
- How long has she been gone? Three days.
Who was the last person to see her? Mr.
Abbinanti, our neighbor.
He saw her come home Tuesday night but she never showed up to work Wednesday.
Did you call the police? Mom's supervisor at the hospital did.
And then I drove down here as fast as I could.
I should have been here.
What'd the, uh-? What'd the cops say? They, uh, searched the house.
They didn't find anything.
She wouldn't leave without telling anybody.
It's like she just dropped off the face of the Earth, you know? The, uh, nightstand was knocked over.
Was there anything else? Well, not really.
The sheriff said there's no sign of a break-in.
What? You think the cops missed something? Maybe.
They don't have my eyes.
You're a mechanic.
That's right.
Dean, what else can you tell me about Dad? - You knew him.
- Not as well as you.
Trust me, kid, you don't wanna know.
Give us a minute.
- Talk to the cops? - Yeah.
- Like Adam said, no leads on his mom.
- Hm.
Shocker there.
But I did find this.
In 1990, there were 17 grave robberies in Windom.
Think that's why Dad came through here? I'd say so.
Check it out.
So he was hunting something.
What? No idea.
Those were the pages he tore out.
Last month, the corpse snatching started again.
Three bodies from the local cemetery.
So whatever he was after, he didn't kill it.
It's back.
What, it stepped up its game to fresh meat? I mean, Kate's missing and so is the local bartender.
A guy named Joe Barton.
Hey, does your mom know Joe Barton? I don't think so.
Why? - What is it? Watch out.
Give me a hand with the mattress.
Every time.
Why didn't I throw paper? - Who the hell are you? - Adam, hey.
Take it easy.
Don't tell me to take it easy.
My house is a crime scene, my mom's probably dead, and you two well, you told me to call the cops, but you gotta bail before they show? So who are you really? Cops didn't know where to look, but you did.
And I heard you talking earlier, something about grave robberies.
You're not mechanics.
I just wanna know what's going on.
We're hunters.
- Sammy.
- He deserves to know, Dean.
- What do you mean, "hunters"? Okay, so basically, you're saying that every movie monster every nightmare that I've ever had, that's all real? Godzilla is just a movie.
We hunt them.
So did Dad.
- Okay.
- Okay? What am I supposed to say? That we're liars, that we're crazy.
Nobody just says "okay.
" Well, you're my brothers.
You're telling me the truth, right? - Yeah.
- Then I believe you.
- Then what took my mom? We're not sure.
Something's in town stealing bodies, living and dead.
- But we don't know what.
- Long list of freaks that fit the bill.
You think maybe she might still be alive? Oh.
- How can I help? - You can't.
- This thing killed my mom.
I want in.
- No.
- Dean, look, maybe- - Maybe what? He lost his mother.
We can understand what that feels like.
Why do you think Dad never told us this? Why he ripped out the pages? - Because- - Because he was protecting him.
- Dad's dead, Dean.
It doesn't matter.
He didn't want Adam to have our lives.
- We're gonna respect his wishes.
- Do I get a say in this? - No! - No.
- Babysit the kid.
Where you going? I'm going out.
- Is he always like that? - Heh.
Welcome to the family.
I'm gonna teach you a few things.
- Uh, Dean said- - I know what Dean said.
And I know what it's like to want revenge.
This tomb was built in 1926.
Four generations of the Millsap family were interred here.
They don't build them like this anymore.
Tell me, Agent Nugent have you thought about where you might like to spend eternity? All the damn time.
So three bodies went missing.
Any idea who did it? Hooligans.
Sick, deranged hooligans.
- Ahem.
This isn't blood.
What is this? - No, it's embalming fluid.
Whoever committed this crime didn't just take the corpses they opened them up.
First beer's on the house for cops.
Feds too.
Am I that obvious? I know all the local badges and you've got that law-and-order vibe.
So, what's the FBI doing in Windom? Looking into the disappearance of Joe Barton.
- I assume you knew him.
- A little.
I'm his wife, Lisa.
What can you tell me about his disappearance? Same thing I told the sheriff.
He stayed late, Friday before last, to do inventory never came home.
- And the police? - Nothing.
Truth is, I was scared they stopped looking.
But now you're here.
Joe was a cop? Deputy for a little while.
That was a long time ago.
He didn't happen to work the grave-robbery case back in '90? He did, yeah.
Joe was the one who found those bodies.
He got an award for that.
That was an interesting case.
He ever tell you how he did it? Most of the time, he'd say, "Good, solid, police work.
" But after a few beers, he'd admit he had a little help.
- From who? - A specialist.
That's all he'd say.
Cops ever find the guy that stole the bodies? No.
But when I asked Joe about it, he'd say not to worry.
That, "We took care of what done it.
" Sam, how did Dad really die? A demon.
You hunted it down? Got revenge? - Dean killed it.
- So it's over for you.
It's never over.
What the-? Shh.
Stay here.
It's in the vents.
Go! Go.
- Where's your car? - Over here.
- All right.
- Here, here.
Sam! Dean, help! I winged it.
Did you see anything? I didn't get a good look.
What the hell is this thing? - Should we go after it? - No, no.
In that maze? That thing's gone.
All right, so we don't know what it is, but we do know who it's going after: - Joe Barton, Adam's mom- And Adam.
- It was under his truck, waiting for him.
- It set a trap, and I walked right into it.
Doesn't matter.
There's a pattern.
Joe Barton was a cop.
I'm pretty sure he helped out Dad.
So we've got him, Dad's girl - and his son.
- All the people Dad knew in town.
At least we know why it's back.
It wants revenge.
Grab your stuff.
We'll hit the road.
We shouldn't leave.
Yeah, stay where the kid's mom got ganked.
- Good one.
- I'm serious.
We're gonna take the kid, drop him off at Bobby's then you and me are gonna come back and finish what Dad started.
How? We got no leads, no witnesses.
We do have what this thing wants.
You wanna use the kid as bait? That's why you wanna stay? Maybe this thing will come back.
We could train Adam, get him ready.
- He could die, Sam.
- We could all die, Dean.
Even if we kill this, there are other freaks that want revenge.
On Dad, on us.
What if they find the kid instead, and he's not ready? I'll do it.
Whatever it takes, I'll do it.
I wanna do it.
It's easy.
Just feel the recoil and time the trigger pulls.
Three taps.
- Yeah? - Go ahead.
Beginner's luck, right? No, man you're a natural.
Good shooting.
So then we lit it on fire.
With a homemade flamethrower? Yeah.
They're easy to build.
I'll show you.
That is some job you got, man.
Being a hunter isn't a job, Adam.
It's life.
You're premed.
You got a girlfriend? Friends? Not anymore you don't.
If you're really gonna do this you can't have those kinds of connections, ever.
They're weaknesses.
You'll just put those people in danger, get them killed.
That's the price we pay.
You cut them out and you don't look back.
There's only one thing you can count on.
Sam? Can I talk to you? - What the hell was that? - What? "Hunting is life.
You can't have connections.
" Dad gave you that exact same speech, remember? It was just before you ditched us for Stanford.
You hated Dad for saying that stuff, and now you're quoting him? Yeah.
Well, turns out Dad was right.
- Since when? - Since always.
When I look at Adam, you know what I see? - A normal kid.
- No.
Because to the demons and monsters out there, that's all he is.
I hated Dad for a long time.
I did.
But now, I think I understand.
So we didn't have a dog and a white picket fence, so what? Dad did right by us.
He taught us how to protect ourselves.
- Adam deserves the same.
- Listen to yourself, man.
You think I'm wrong? I think it's too late for us.
This is our life, this is who we are, okay? And it's fine.
I accept that.
But with Adam, he's still got a chance, man.
- He can go to school, be a doctor.
- What makes Adam so special? - What are you, jealous of the kid? - Are you? Dean, all this it's not real.
The Dad Adam knew, he wasn't real.
The things out there in the shadows, they are real.
The world is coming to an end.
That's real.
Everything else is just the crap people tell themselves.
Dad didn't have a choice with us, okay? But with Adam he did.
- Adam doesn't have to be cursed.
- He's a Winchester - he's already cursed.
- No.
Whatever's hunting Adam, I'm gonna find it.
- You already looked everywhere, Dean.
- Then I'll look again.
Home, sweet home.
Sloppy Joe.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch.
All right, we've closed off every other way into the house.
If this thing's coming, it's coming through here.
You were saying? Adam? Adam? - Mom? - No.
- Mom! - Adam! - Mom.
Adam, wait! It took me, but I got away.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Step away from her.
- Sam, what the hell? - She's not your mother.
Adam who the-? What is going on? - Get away from him.
- What? - You listen to me.
- It's really her.
Too much blood.
Your mother's dead.
There was too much blood in the vent.
- Shoot it.
- He's crazy.
Honey, it's me.
- Adam! Look, that's not your mother.
Baby, please.
- Shoot it! It's not human! I know.
No wonder none of the tests worked.
You're not Shapeshifters you're ghouls.
You know, I find that term racist.
Fresh meat.
So much better than what we're used to.
I should have known.
It was the fresh kills that threw me.
Ghouls don't usually go after the living.
See, you're just filthy scavengers, feeding off the dead taking the form of the last corpse you choked down.
And their thoughts and their memories.
Like Adam, for instance.
- Yeah, well, we are what we eat.
- Monsters.
Aah! You use that word a lot, Sam.
I don't think you know what it means.
His blood.
It tastes different.
Our father was a monster? Why? Because of what he ate? He never hurt anyone, Sam.
- Living, anyway.
- No.
He was no monster.
But the thing that killed him was.
A monster named John Winchester.
Holy crap.
Thanks to your daddy, my brother and I grew up on our own.
At least we had each other.
Like you and your brother, inseparable.
Actually, it was very hard to get you on your own.
Like you said, the only thing you can count on is family.
And for 20 years, we lived like rats.
Graveyard after graveyard, all that stinking flesh.
We thought, "Why not move up to fresher game?" And we knew just where to start.
It's never over, is it Sam? First, it was John's cop friend, and then his slut, and then his son.
Then I called John, but son of a bitch was already dead.
So I guess you and Dean will have to do instead.
Dean won't interrupt us this time.
We're gonna feed on you nice and slow.
Like we did with Adam.
Oh, and by the way.
He really was your brother.
You should know that.
He was still alive when we took our first bites.
And he was a screamer.
Sam, the more you struggle, the faster you're gonna bleed out.
So you might as well lie back and relax.
Hey! Dean, they're ghouls! Which means headshot.
Dean! Here.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hang on.
All right, here we go.
Here we go.
Here you go, buddy.
All right, all right.
Thank you.
That's what family's for, right? Keep pressure on that.
You sure we should do this? Ghouls didn't fake those pictures, and they didn't fake Dad's journal.
Adam was our brother.
He died like a hunter, he deserves to go out like one.
Maybe we could bring him back.
Get a hold of Cass, call in a favor.
Adam's in a better place.
You know, I finally get why you and Dad butted heads so much.
You two are practically the same person.
I mean, I worshiped the guy, you know? I dressed like him, I acted like him.
I listen to the same music.
But you are more like him than I will ever be.
And I see that now.
I'll take that as a compliment.
You can take it any way you want.

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