Supernatural s07e17 Episode Script

The Born-Again Identity

BOBBY: You know what Cass did.
The dam inside your brother's head is gone, and all hell's spilling loose.
Every time I close my eyes, Lucifer is yelling into my head.
Good morning, Vietnam! You know he's not actually No, I know that, heh, try telling that to the volume control inside my brain.
DEAN: Well, did you try the hand thing? - Big brother is probably dead.
- Shut up.
He said shut up to me.
You let me in.
You wanted me, partner.
I do believe I've got you, bunk buddy.
No nap for you, Sammy.
Hey! Dick! MAN: Thattaboy.
WOMAN: No, l Dude.
Get the hell away from me.
You speak frigging English? Go away.
It's okay.
No one's after me.
- Why you running up in here like that? - Just Just leave me alone.
- What the hell did you take, anyway? - Ah.
- Nothing.
- Shut up.
LUCIFER: No, no, no, he's telling the truth.
Burned through that last beer hours ago.
Right about the time Dean passed out.
Come on, Sam, tell the nice tweaker.
You'd be sleeping now if the devil would leave you alone for five seconds.
Stupid Satan.
Chasing you all the way to - Where the hell are we? - Ugh.
I just need some rest.
- Try the hand scar.
- Ugh.
- How many days you been up, anyway? LUCIFER: Four.
Oh, wait.
Scratch that.
Hey, hold up.
Whoa, hold up.
Wanna knock out? I can knock you out.
Good morning to you Good morning to you Our day is beginning So good morning to you I thought you liked my singing.
Pills? You do get that you're just bringing free drugs to the party, right? I am inside you, Sam.
Hey, Sam.
What's the longest a normal human being has ever gone without sleep? Eleven days, heh.
Hey you always wanted to be normal, Sam.
If you are, you'll be dead in a week! [TIRES SCREECH THEN SAM GRUNTS.]
- You can't walk in.
- You Kadinsky? - You need to schedule.
- Then schedule me.
He was in a car crash.
Why the hell can't I see him? - You're Sam Smith's brother.
- What's going on? Uh, it's fine.
Thank you.
Sam was admitted.
He was treated for a broken rib and lacerations.
- Okay.
That's not too bad.
And? - And he's on our locked psychiatric floor.
- I mean, he's had some trouble - So you're aware Sam is experiencing a psychotic episode? Psychotic? Come on.
I mean, the guy is It's not like the guy is freaking Norman Bates.
I'm sure he isn't.
Need to determine whether his state was brought on by the insomnia or whether the insomnia is a symptom.
So we can figure out how to treat him.
Well, all I can say is that the, uh, sleep thing is kind of new.
Well, we've pumped him about as full of sedatives as we safely can.
So far, he won't go under.
I've never seen anything like it.
LUCIFER: I'm just saying.
Back when you had no soul you never had to sleep.
Ah, Mr.
Pull up a six-pack, buddy.
How are you feeling? Maybe you should cancel my UFC fight.
Keep that sense of humor, Sam.
It will get you through this.
- Sam, I'm gonna find you help.
- Heh.
Now, that sounded a little cynical.
- I don't think it's out there.
- We don't know that.
We know better than most.
It's all snake oil.
Last faith healer we hooked up with had a reaper on a leash.
Remember? [DEAN GROANS.]
Yeah, Sam, I remember.
- I'm just saying - What? - That you don't want my help? - Ah, no, I'm just saying [SIGHS.]
don't do this to yourself.
- Lf I don't find something Then I'll die.
You're upsetting me.
- Dean, we knew this was coming.
- No.
SAM: When you put my soul back - No.
Cass warned you about all the crap - Screw Cass.
Quit being Dalai fricking Yoda about this, okay? Get pissed.
Ah, I'm too tired.
This is what happens when you throw a soul into Lucifer's dog bowl.
I mean, you think there's just gonna be some cure out there? Oh, you guys are having a moment.
I'm a friend of Bobby Singer's.
I'm looking for some info.
If you could, uh, call me back, Thanks.
I'm so sorry to have bothered you.
LUCIFER: Narcissistic personality disorder.
Okay, now, this one I could have.
NURSE: Time for meds, Sam.
"Sets unrealistic goals.
" Check.
But "trouble keeping healthy relationship"? Hmm Not so sure about that one.
Thoughts? [COUGHS.]
Yeah, hi, uh, my name is Dean.
I'm a friend of Bobby Singer's.
I'm, uh, looking for some info.
If you could call me back at 785-555-0128.
KADINSKY: Sam, how we feeling today? Rib pain, scale of one to 10? It's not bad.
Um, ahem.
Three? You don't have to lie, Sam.
- I'm not.
- You've suffered terrible agony.
I mean, your 10 must be astronomical.
Uh, I guess I have a high threshold.
But the worst is knowing that there's always a new 10.
What are you talking about? Well, I'm talking about the truly elegant torture I have prepared for you today, Sam.
Just stay the hell away from me.
But it's so nice chatting.
Sam, I hate these one-sided conversations.
Come on, buddy.
Sam? You, me Iocked ward.
Is it me or is this just like the cage? [YAWNING.]
: This is Dean.
- Mackey.
Calling you back.
Real sorry about Bobby.
- Yeah.
Me too.
- Look, what you called about I might have something for you.
There's this guy.
Goes by Emanuel.
Kind of roams.
First started hearing about him a couple months back how he was healing the sick, curing the crazy.
Naturally I think something in the milk ain't clean.
- Find this sucker, punch his clock, right? - Right.
Heard the best way to get to him is through his wife, Daphne, in Colorado.
So I go tell her I'm going blind.
It's true.
My right eye is burnt out.
She says go home, he'll come.
So I go.
I set every trap, every test in the book.
- That's what I would have done.
- Emanuel shows.
He passes every one.
There ain't nothing weird about this guy.
Except he's the real deal.
What do you mean? He touched me and my eye was fixed.
I don't believe in much that don't suck your blood but I wouldn't call you on a maybe.
: Oh, my head hurts.
Please stop! GIRL: Hello? You want this or not? I saw you yesterday.
You didn't look happy with your in-flight meal.
Thanks, uh Marin.
No problem.
- Sam.
Right? LUCIFER: That's it.
I'm Sam.
I'm Sam.
Uh, is this Daphne Allen's house? I'm looking for Emanuel.
Well, you found him.
- Daphne is resting.
If you don't mind.
- Oh, sure.
Yeah, sure.
Um, ahem.
So I was hoping, uh [PANTING.]
You were saying, Dean? You know, I'd think twice.
Or don't you know that your boss issued a hands-off memo? [LAUGHS.]
What have you done for him lately? Roman's head on a plate? No? Whatever Emanuel is, Crowley is gonna want him.
A lot more than he wants you these days.
What was that? CASTIEL: Did that creature hurt you? I'm okay.
But, Emanuel, they were looking for you.
EMANUEL: It's okay.
I'm Emanuel.
- Dean.
I'm Dean.
- Thank you for protecting my wife.
Your wife.
I saw his face.
His real face.
He was a demon? A demon walked the earth.
Whack-Ioads of them.
You don't know about? You saw the demon's true face.
Emanuel has very special gifts.
Yeah, I've heard that about, uh, Emanuel.
That you can heal people up.
I seem to be able to help to a certain degree.
What's your issue? My brother.
Wake up, little Susie Wake up [FIRECRACKER POPS.]
You're actually keeping it together better than I thought.
Kind of the way someone pinned under a bus keeps it together.
None of this is real.
And yet, you know what really sucks? [FIRECRACKER POPS.]
It doesn't matter.
Because I won.
Your madness won.
I mean, look at you.
It's hard to believe you were the guy that saved the world once.
Hmm, Sammy.
What will it be today? Maggots again or, uh, tapeworm? - Thanks.
MAN: Yeah, no problem.
How you doing? Uh, little better.
That girl, uh, Marin Look, I'm not really supposed to talk about it.
Let's just say, unlike you, she didn't get here because of no accident.
So Daphne.
That, uh, your wife? She found me and cared for me.
Meaning? Oh, it's a strange story.
- You may not like it.
- Believe me, I will.
A few months ago, she was hiking by the river and I wandered into her path drenched and confused and unclothed.
I had no memory.
She said God wanted her to find me.
So who named you Emanuel? Bouncybabynames.
Well, it's working for you.
Must be weird not knowing who you are.
Well, it's my life.
And it's a good life.
Yeah, well, what if you were some kind of I don't know, bad guy? I don't feel like a bad person.
MARIN: Man, you must be really determined to wait out nap time.
Uh Share this with me, heh.
I don't know why I'm thanking you for a candy bar I stole.
- So how long you been here? - Five weeks and counting.
Going for the record.
- How come? - Doesn't matter.
A lot of bandages for "it doesn't matter.
" You want the doctor answer? I'm psychotically depressed with suicidal ideation.
And the not-doctor answer? I feel like crap.
I just want it to be over.
What? Everything.
Go on.
Tell me I'm young and have everything to live for.
Why would you believe me? True.
I heard you're here because the voices won't let you sleep.
Uh, just one, really, heh.
Who is it? Like Charlie Manson or the devil? Kind of.
Me too.
I hear a voice.
Is that why you set the fire? - Who told you that? - No one.
They're burns, right? I didn't set the fire He did.
- I don't know why I'm talking to you.
- It's okay.
No, it's not.
You are crazier than I am.
Charles Manson tells you what to do.
At least it's my own brother - It's your brother? - Yes.
It sucks when it's your dead brother saying kill yourself to be with him or he'll do it for you.
EMANUEL: So your brother - Sam.
- Sam.
What's his diagnosis? Well, ahem, it's not exactly medical.
That should be fine.
I can cure illness of a spiritual origin.
Spiritual? Okay.
Someone did this to him.
- You're angry.
- Yeah.
Dude broke my brother's head.
He betrayed you, this dude.
He was your friend? Yeah, well, he's gone.
Did you kill him? I sense that you kill a lot of people.
Honestly, I don't know if he is dead.
I just know that this whole thing couldn't be messier.
You know, I used to be able to just shake this stuff off.
You know, whatever it was.
Might take me some time but I always could.
What Cass did I just can't.
I don't know why.
- It doesn't matter why.
- Of course it matters.
- No.
You're not a machine, Dean.
You're human.
Your friend's name was Cass? That's an odd name.
Oh, hey, hey.
Just, uh, sit tight.
I'll be right out, okay? [DOOR OPENS.]
Come on.
Emanuel, you son of a bitch.
MEG: Emanuel.
Yeah, not so much.
- Meg.
- Dean, Dean, Dean.
You got some explaining to do.
Rumors are really starting to fly about this Emanuel fellow.
- My curiosity sure got revved up.
- Just tell me what you want.
Imagine my surprise when I track him down and he's snuggled up with you.
And he's the spitting image of poor dead Castiel.
So Dean, what's poor dead Castiel doing in that junker out there? Christmas caroling.
But how's he alive? Last I heard, he played God, went poof.
I don't know.
And neither does he, so you gotta keep it shut.
- Oh, I do? - He doesn't know he's Cass.
I know.
Been watching you for hours.
So here's the deal.
You might remember Crowley and me were frosty back in the day? - Well, times haven't changed.
- Good.
That hurts my feelings.
I've been good to you, Dean.
No, you've been good to you, sweetheart.
Right now, rumors of this wandering healer are strictly low-level.
But body count is getting high enough to change that.
Folks start poking, they sniff angel dust.
Yeah, and they start falling all over each other trying to tell Crowley.
Now, picture Crowley with his hands on harmless little amnesia Cass.
Don't get me wrong, I'm gonna burn that smarmy dick.
My time is coming.
But right about now, my army-of-one situation is not cutting it.
It's cold out here, there's a price on my ass and I need friends.
I get that.
But I ain't it.
That's where you're wrong, Dean.
Because I'm here to help you, and that makes us friends.
Help, huh? You mean see if you can't turn harmless Cass out there into an angel-sized weapon? Like you're taking him caroling.
And by the way, you really wanna keep going with no backup? Hey, I don't trust you either.
But I could really use Emanuel.
And he trusts you.
For now, it's in everyone's best interest to hold hands cross the street together, okay? We go straight to Sam.
No detours.
Love it.
And one more thing.
My knife.
You sure we wouldn't be safer traveling with a full-throttle angel? I could jog his memory.
We wouldn't wanna upset the poor guy.
- Her face.
She's one of - It's okay.
We come in different flavors.
She's, uh, a friend.
Just here for moral support.
I mean, after all, we go way back.
Dean and me.
Just met you, heh, of course.
But I think we're gonna be good friends too.
All right, can we go? Marin.
Marin, hey, uh, hold on.
Look, um I'm sorry I upset you.
It's okay.
Can I ask you something? About? - The fire.
- Look, you mean well but you have no idea - You said you didn't start it.
I believe you.
I can help you, Marin, before he tries to hurt you again.
You're worse.
Your organs need sleep, you know.
Your hair and nails are gonna fall out, your kidneys are gonna shut down.
I saw it in a movie.
So, um, your brother when did he pass? - Uh Last year.
And you see him? So he just talks to you.
I bet at first, it wasn't so bad.
You must've missed him.
- Did you just hear him at the house or? - Here too.
Whenever I'm alone.
I can always tell he's coming because I get these chills.
- You feel cold.
- Yeah.
I mean, you're right.
At first, it's like I knew I was crazy, but I didn't really care.
I did miss him.
But then he started saying he was Ionely.
And he started to get mad.
And one day he started yelling and I tried to run, but the door was locked.
And when I turned around, the whole room was on fire.
I barely got out.
How can you help me? I can put your brother to rest.
He's, uh He's stuck here.
- For real? Like - Like he is a ghost.
- Why should I trust you? - Because it's your only shot.
So your brother, was he cremated? Buried? - We cremated him.
- And do you have anything of his? This.
He made it for me.
And with a busted hand too.
Sliced it open doing stupid archery.
He bled on it? - Probably.
- Good.
That's good.
- Why is that good? - One more question: Is there any chance in hell you got a lighter? This silence is very uncomfortable.
Is there something I should know? I don't know.
Dean? No.
Meg has that effect.
Awkward, you know? That must be difficult for you.
Dean's making ajoke, Emanuel.
Oh, heh.
- Nice.
Where did you score that? - Grabbed it out of Marcus' pocket.
Being locked up is turning me into a decent criminal.
SAM: We're laying down a circle.
Help me open these, okay? [PANTING.]
You're gonna have to do this on your own.
- I'm okay.
Just having a little, uh - Brown acid moment? Dizzy thing.
It will pass.
When your heart stops.
Now, um, stay with me in the circle.
No matter what happens, okay? - What's gonna happen? - Give me the bracelet.
Marin, don't do this.
Give me the bracelet.
I'm so sorry.
I have to.
You gotta go.
Thank you.
MAN: Come on.
Sam? How are you feeling now? His soul is broken, doc.
- Can you give him a pill? KADINSKY: Can't give you more medication.
The potential for overdose is too great.
We need to talk about surgical solutions.
- Surgical? - Ooh, lobotomy? KADINSKY: We're not talking lobotomy here.
KADINSKY: Sam? Are you with me? Sam? Oh, gracious.
Damn it.
- All of them? - No grass growing under your feet.
How many of those knives do you have? Just the one.
Well, then, forgive me, but what do we do? Yeah, Dean.
Got any other ideas how we could blast through that? Excuse us.
Meg? MEG: Oh, for the love of Sam is in there.
I know you're enjoying the double dip with your old pal, but You think it's that cut-and-dry? Really? You know what he did.
You wanna tell him and just hope he takes it in stride? He could snap.
He could disappear.
Who knows? EMANUEL: I gather we know each other.
Just a dollop.
- You can tell me and I'll be fine.
- How do you know? You just met you.
I've known you for years.
You're an angel.
Uh, I'm sorry? Is that a flirtation? No, it's a species.
A very powerful one.
DEAN: She's not lying.
Okay? That's why you heal people.
You don't eat.
I'm sure there's more.
Why wouldn't you tell me? Being an angel, it sounds pleasant.
It's not, trust me.
It's bloody, it's corrupt.
It's not pleasant.
He would know.
You used to fight together.
Bestest friends, actually.
We're friends? Am I Cass? I had no idea.
I don't remember you.
I'm sorry.
MEG: Look, you got the juice.
You can smite every demon in that lot.
But I don't remember how.
It's in there.
I'm sure it's just like riding a bike.
I don't know how to do that either.
All right, I'll try.
This ain't gonna go well.
I don't know.
I believe in the little tree topper.
Hey, I know you.
- You're dead.
- Yes, I've heard.
I'm sorry, Dean.
That's my boy.
I don't think running will save you.
MEG: That was beautiful, Clarence.
Cass? I remember you.
I remember everything.
What I did what I became why didn't you tell me? - Because Sam is dying in there.
Because of me.
All these people.
- I shouldn't be here.
- Cass.
Cass! You stay here.
Cass! [MOANS.]
Whoa, where are we? Electroshock therapy.
Let's just get you settled.
Don't be freaked.
I've seen this help a lot of people.
Unh! Uh - My brother.
- Bite down.
Ordinarily, they keep this thing set on low.
But I was thinking we could experiment a little.
What do you say, Sam? Let's get that head strapped in.
You remember, then you know you did the best you could at the time.
Don't defend me.
Do you have any idea the death toll in heaven? On Earth? We didn't part friends, Dean.
- So what? - I deserved to die.
Now, I can't possibly fix it so why did I even walk out of that river? Maybe to fix it.
You just take those lickings, don't you, kid? Well, if it's meat, you can cook it.
Just gotta turn up the heat.
I should never have broken your wall, Sam.
I'm here to make it right.
You're not real.
Oh, Sam.
I'm so sorry.
I see that third little pig was smart.
- Went out and got bricks.
DEAN: What do you mean you can't? I mean, there's nothing left to rebuild.
Why not? Because it crumbled.
The pieces got crushed to dust by whatever is happening inside his head right now.
So you're saying there's nothing? Gonna be like this until his candle blows out? I'm sorry.
This isn't a problem I can make disappear.
You know that.
But I may be able to shift it.
- Shift? - It would get Sam back on his feet.
It's better this way.
I'll be fine.
- Cass, what are you doing? - Now, Sam, this may hurt.
And if I can't tell you again I'm sorry I ever did this to you.
Sam? - Dean.
- Sam! Cass? Cass, is that you? Hello, brother.
I don't know.
I mean, we can't just leave him.
DEAN: Can't bring him with us.
Everything on the planet is out for us, okay? Word gets out, we can't protect him.
Not really.
This is safer.
Every demon who knows about Cass is dead.
Not every one.
Look, Dean this enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend thing feels like a demon deal.
- It's not a deal.
It's - It's what? Mutually assured destruction.
Look, man, I get it, she's not our friend.
We don't even have friends.
All our friends are dead.
Well, you certainly have experience.
Uh, I'm impressed.
Tell me, why do you want to join our staff? I really just wanna help the patients.
Watch over them.
Not to be immodest, but I feel like I'd make a great fit.
I can't argue with that.
Welcome to the team Nurse Masters.

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