Supernatural s07e22 Episode Script

There Will Be Blood

We think it may have been an Alpha.
- An Alpha? Like - Like all monsters come from somewhere.
Bag me a live Alpha.
- The first of your species.
- The very first.
SAM: Prison full of monsters.
Can't leave them.
- Can't let them go.
- I understand.
DEAN: GeoThrive is part of Roman, Inc? Dick's funding an archeological dig.
Factory in Saudi Arabia.
Fishery in Jakarta.
FRANK: A research center.
It's everywhere.
It's all tied together, Dean.
SAM: He's not in control.
- That was vengeful spirit crap.
- But it's still Bobby.
- What the hell are you? - I'm, uh Kevin Tran.
- I'm in advanced placement.
CASTIEL: He's a prophet of the Lord.
SAM: And that's the word of God? CASTIEL: One of them, yes.
SAM: What's it say? KEVIN: It's about Leviathan.
Does it say how to kill them? "Leviathan cannot be slain but by a bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen.
" We need to start with the blood of a fallen angel.
I'm always happy to bleed for the Winchesters.
Hello, Kevin.
PHIL: Business Watch with our own Gloria Jane.
Thanks, Phil.
And now we turn our attention to agriculture where an unlikely personality has now come onto the scene in a major way.
Richard Roman a CEO whose company dominates the defense and aviation sectors not to mention being a giant in the motivational speaking world.
What can I say, Gloria, I'm a multitasker.
Clearly, and now you've recently purchased controlling stock in SucroCorp among the world's leading manufacturers in high-fructose corn syrup.
- It's a pleasure to have you, Richard.
- Please Dick.
- So tell us, Dick why the recent fascination with big foods? Well, it's no secret we all love to eat but now SucroCorp will focus on eating well.
GLORIA: Help me connect the dots.
How will pumping sweeteners into our system make us healthier? DICK: One word: Purity.
We're dialing back the additives to deliver the highest-quality all-American products you people deserve.
America is for go-getters folks who get off their butts and make it happen.
And we need you just as healthy as you can be.
Which is why we're diving whole hog into what keeps Americans living longer and tasting better.
You do of course mean to say the food will be tasting better.
That's exactly what I mean.
Yeah, I like that.
Your 11 a.
Is in the conference room.
Thank you, Susan.
Susan, aren't we still looking for a rep in mainstream media? Yes, we are.
Put a replace order on Gloria there.
- And with the corpse? - Call Chef Fieri.
I feel like barbecue.
I'm very excited to meet you.
You nervous? Don't be.
I'm your biggest fan.
I brought you a present.
What's that say, Kev? - I don't know.
- Cute.
Easy, Edgar.
Don't scare the boy.
You know, I've checked, Kevin.
Number one in your class, winner of the Chad Kennedy Top Young Scientist Prize.
All that on top of being Keeper of the Word.
You're a clever young man.
I'm confident you'll make the right choice here.
But I see this is a negotiation.
Well, I will sweeten the pot.
What is it? DICK: My sources tell me you're applying to Princeton.
Letter of recommendation like that from a man like me? Done.
- I can't do it.
- I admire your gumption, kid.
But I still think there's some wiggle room here.
I tell you what.
Let's kick it up a notch, see if I can't change your mind.
Edgar, that live feed up yet? Course.
- Mom! - Well, I think this negotiation is completed.
You drive a hard bargain, kid.
Okay, man, I have read this more times than the Playboy I found in Dad's duffel.
Anna Nicole? Anna Nicole.
Oh, the good, they die young, huh? [CHUCKLES.]
Look, we could read this till our eyes bleed.
It ain't getting any clearer.
Okay, then, what does it mean? Uh "Cut off the head and the body will flounder.
" - Yeah.
- Okay, well, I think we both agree that, uh the head is Dick, right? - Right.
- So bottom line is we go grab the stuff and we mix ourselves a weapon, end of story.
Look, I'm all for killing Dick, I'm just saying, what then? What about the rest of the Leviathan? What, are they gonnajust drop dead? - I don't know, maybe.
Maybe? Maybe is good enough for you right now? - One problem at a time, all right? - Okay, but it's not a crazy idea to figure out what the catch is before we go crashing the gate.
Maybe this is the catch.
God's not telling us every detail, you know? The word is from God.
I don't know how much better it's gonna get.
Hey, Bobby.
- How you feeling? - Stronger than ever.
Now, while you two have been chasing your tails, I've been thinking on that weapon.
- Shouldn't you be saving your strength? - For what? You might wanna slow down.
You don't look so hot.
I'm in the veil.
My Brad Pitt days are over.
Now, the kid says that the only way to kill Leviathan is with a bone washed in the three bloods of the fallen.
It's gotta be from a human as light and good as the Leviathan are hungry and dark.
- Yeah, good luck with that.
- The rest is doable and doable now.
You've already got the fallen angel blood.
Next up is blood from the Ruler of Fallen Humanity.
Best I can tell, that's Crowley.
Numero tres is the Father of Fallen Beasts.
- Which means? - You gotta bleed an Alpha.
But they're all dead.
We rounded them up for Crowley, and then Cass whammied them all.
Well, make this Cass' problem too.
Cass ain't exactly in the problem-solving mode, Bobby.
Then Crowley.
- All right, I get it.
Just saying.
I have faith that you boys will figure it out.
Relax, I'm fine.
Just got a little carried away.
: Here at SucroCorp, your well-being is our number one priority.
Eat well.
Live well.
Little FYl: Bobby's officing out of the john these days.
- Uh, awkward.
- You're telling me.
He does have some ideas about the weapon, though.
- Really? DEAN: Yeah.
Well, uh, he may be just in time.
Roman acquires What's SucroCorp? They make food additives, namely, high-fructose corn syrup.
That crap is in just about everything.
Uh, soda, sauces, bread.
- Don't say pie.
- Definitely pie.
- Bastards.
- Heh.
So now what? Roman's moved past restaurants? And into grocery stores, Gas N' Sips, vending machines What can we do about it? Short of going al Qaeda on their trucks and plants, there's nothing we can do about it.
Like I said, uh Bobby's got some ideas.
Hello, boys.
That's some bracing prose you're putting down there, Kevin.
You all done? Mm-hm.
You've done well.
Princeton will be lucky to have you.
KEVIN: What about my mom? Make the call.
Release her but stress the consequences of talking.
Kevin, I'm gonna request the pleasure of your company a tad longer.
You, on the other hand, I need to drop in on an old friend.
So that's what all the rumble-rumble was about.
Who translated it for you? Never mind.
You gonna give us the blood or not? Happily.
But not quite yet.
I'm all for chopping Dick, but I can't have you running around with a vial of my blood.
You know the sheer number of nefarious spells my enemies could use it for? - Well, then when? - Last.
After you've got all the other components.
Most difficult the angel part, I'm assuming.
Given your role in their little apocalypse, I can't imagine the choir boys upstairs are wetting their vestments to do you What's the word? A solid.
Unless, of course, you have an angel up your sleeve.
Well, that'd be convenient, but, uh, no.
Don't worry, we'll get the angel blood.
- We just need you to be ready next time.
- Fine.
Oh, here's a tip.
I have it on good authority there's one Alpha still among us.
Whose authority? Mine.
Wily character, that Alpha vampire.
Somehow made good his prison break before Cass went nuclear on the place.
- And you know this how? - Keep your friends close your enemies, blah, blah.
Needless to say, I keep tabs.
He moves around quite a bit but I have an inkling I know where to start the Easter egg hunt.
Happy trails.
Okay, where, jackass? Hoople, North Dakota.
Piece of paper would have worked.
SAM: He seem angry? Course he's angry.
If you were Bobby, wouldn't you be? But was he showing signs of fatigue, like fritzing? No, actually.
Just the opposite.
He said he never felt stronger.
That's what I was afraid of.
The stronger he gets, the closer he comes to going full vengeful spirit.
That's reality.
And we need to talk about what we're gonna do with him.
- Do with him? SAM: Yeah.
Three weeks ago, you were talking how this could work.
Now you wanna go Kevorkian on his ass? I'm just saying that the lore doesn't have a single real life Casper the Friendly Ghost.
It's all basically Poltergeist until a hunter comes along Yeah, well, the lore sucks.
I'm talking pure hatred, Dean.
No humanity.
I mean, he could kill, possess people.
Bobby could burn this freaking building down.
- Lf he goes off the rails - Hey.
- What? - Check out that guy over there.
He seem a little out of it to you? I don't know.
What about Paula Deen over here? Yeah, they look like, uh like those turducken people.
It's starting.
It's the corn syrup.
Everything in the store is laced with it.
Everything? Hey, man, I'm gonna go into toxic shock, okay? I need my road food.
That's what Roman is banking on.
Hey, hey this one says natural.
That means it's safe, right? I hate to break it to you, but corn syrup is natural, technically.
Well, then what the hell are we supposed to eat? DEAN: It's totally dark.
I can't see inside.
Should we wait for daylight? Hell, no, we're not waiting.
I'll scout it, see if we need to bring in the big guns.
I don't know, Bobby Okay, place is clear.
But there's something you're gonna wanna see.
You know a way to kill vamps with battery acid? Only way I know is beheading.
Well, something didn't agree with them.
Check out that wall.
Something seem weird to you? See if you can find a switch or lever or something.
BOBBY: Don't need one.
Dean, machete.
Look we're not gonna hurt you, okay? No fangs.
See? We just wanna talk.
I was 8.
My mom left me at the playground while she ran to the store.
A man approached me and said I was the prettiest girl there.
And I've been living with these things ever since.
At least until now.
Do you have any idea why? I'm one of his special girls.
All the others, it was theirjob to make sure I was ready for the Alpha whenever he came.
Wash me, give me my IV bags every day.
It's my only food.
So my blood's pure.
And they've been doing this for 12 years? Virgins are a delicacy.
He always has at least one of us on hand.
Well, don't worry, okay? We're gonna get you back to your mother.
- Think she remembers me? - Of course she does.
I mean, don't you remember her? Hey, these, uh these guys.
They, uh, friends of yours? They take care of the Alpha when he's here.
Or did.
- What happened to them? - A week ago they came back from what they said was an easy hunt.
Three humans just came didn't put up any fight.
But when they started on them, the vampires screamed in pain.
- The ones who ate died immediately.
- And the ones who didn't? There was only one.
When he saw what happened, he moved to animals.
He's out hunting as we speak.
Never heard of vamps being allergic to humans.
You think maybe it's the corn syrup? I mean, think about it, that Gas N' Sip was Iousy with stoners, ripe for the picking.
- She did say it was an easy hunt.
- Do you know where the Alpha is now? - I don't know maybe.
He has a place he goes when something's wrong.
He calls it his retreat.
What is that? That's, uh That's Sam's douche tracker.
Helps us find the Alpha.
All we need's an address.
I don't know.
But I remember things that could help.
It's okay, just do the best you can.
EDGAR: Finally.
I'd run out of magazines.
Quick question: Where's your boss? [GRUNTS.]
Let's try that again.
- Where is he? - Go to hell.
No My neighborhood is worse than that.
: Missoula, Montana.
Was that so hard? [GRUNTS.]
I can't do this.
Man, I can't live on rabbit food.
I'm I'm a warrior.
Dean, you'll be fine.
- You don't know that.
- Heh.
So, what's next on the list? Well, if we're bum-rushing the Alpha then we're gonna need dead man's blood, which means a morgue, or Or what? [SLURPING.]
Or forget the morgue, we are swimming in vamp poison.
SAM: Excuse me, sir.
Hi, we, uh We're with the, uh, Red Cross.
See, we have an emergency shortage and we're gonna need you to You're not getting a word I'm saying, are you? Hey.
- Hold out your arm, we need your blood.
- Dude.
DEAN: All right, Sam.
- Tap the keg.
- Here? Sam, look around.
It's freaking Woodstock.
Everybody's hopped up on the brown acid.
We don't need the song and dance.
Give him a little prick.
That hurts.
- This is for Hurricane Katrina, you said? - Yes.
Yes, I did.
SAM: So look, uh when we get there - Yeah? Bobby's gonna have to hang back.
- Do you disagree? - He ain't gonna like it.
He helped us in getting Emily.
I'm Team Bobby too.
But there's a reason we left him in the car with Emily.
The more action he sees the more chance he gets to spin out.
- All right, fine.
So we keep him off the front lines, and he can just you know, keep calm and carry on, right? - And if he can't? [POLICE SIREN WAILS.]
Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? [SIREN WAILING IN SYNC WITH MUSIC.]
When they hauled you off to vamp camp, do you remember how long the drive was? We left at night, got in before dawn.
- So six, seven hours? - I think so.
- You remember any highways? - No.
We only took back roads.
So figure they averaged - Couldn't have been more than 300 miles.
- Right.
What direction were you going? - I don't know.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Em, you're doing great.
Um, is there anything else you remember? Bells.
- As we pulled up, I heard these loud bells.
- It was still dark out? - You thinking church? - No, it's too early.
Could've been a monastery.
Monks get up at 4 a.
To pray.
Can't get laid, can't sleep in.
What a freaking tragedy.
Okay, so Alpha's camping next to a monk-y house.
How many we got in range? Looks like one, just outside, uh This is where he took me.
SAM: Are you sure? What now? We get you someplace safe, circle back, and Ginsu these leeches.
The house she wanted, but couldn't get it.
: Yes, the famous Fleur-de-Lys Mansion a $125 billion estate right down the street from Katie's place Ah, all right.
Here we go.
Ten cc's of Vamptonite.
It's a thing.
What's a Kardashian? Oh, that's, uh, just another bloodsucker.
No, it It's ajoke.
SAM: Here.
If we're not back by dawn, call this number.
Jody Mills.
She's a friend.
She'll take care of you.
- Use this phone.
- You gotta hang here for your own good, capiche? EMILY: Sam, thank you.
You bet.
It was the wind, heh.
Chill out, Bobby.
We'll be back soon.
SAM: He didn't take that well.
- How'd you think he was gonna take it? MAID: Excuse me.
- Sorry.
Hi, Daddy.
Why, you little schemer.
No, I'm close by.
- Sending you a present.
- And that's Dick Roman.
Yesterday, I introduced you to this rising star in American business.
In this hour, we'll go behind the scenes and answer the question everyone's been asking: What makes Dick so hard to beat? You son of a bitch.
DEAN: Oh, this time of day, most of them will be catching Z's.
They won't know what hit them.
Hey, you with me? Yeah.
But? You sure you wanna charge in there, machetes blazing? Last time, it took a dozen hunters to take down the Alpha.
Most of them didn't make it out.
Yeah, well, you got a better idea? Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Maybe we're too late.
SAM: Whoa! Sam! You know, where I'm from, you have to bite and claw your way to the top.
Once you get there, trust me, the view is incredible.
Dean's birthday.
Sam's birthday.
DICK: I'm making some very big moves Damn it! [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- Son of a bitch.
MAID: Everything okay in there? My birthday.
Hello? [GASPS.]
- I need your help.
- Get away from me.
- Listen, I need out of here.
- Please.
Just need you a little while.
Just until I get the bastard.
The Winchesters.
I'm intrigued.
- Emily? - Hi, Sam.
Wow, for a girl raised in a basement, you're a hell of an actress.
- You were gonna hurt my daddy.
- Mm.
Wow, you get a trophy in Stockholm syndrome.
And sorry to burst your bubble, but, uh, we weren't.
Sam here had a better idea.
We're here to talk.
That's it.
Now that my guys have taken your blades, and your syringes of tainted blood is that what you mean? Well, we, uh, figured you might hold a grudge.
ALPHA: And why would I? Because you captured me? Tortured me? Sold me to the king of hell? That was more our grandpa.
Thank you.
That was awesome.
I'm going to peel off your faces and drink you slowly.
- Just listen, you need us.
ALPHA: Oh, yes.
- I am thirsty.
- The plague.
We know what it is.
What do you know about Leviathan? A bit.
You know they're poisoning the food supply? Roman didn't mention that when we met for dinner last fall.
We made lots of plans.
- We are on excellent terms, he and I.
- You sure about that? Did he mention that he was going to, uh, Maui Wowie the human population? Oh, of course.
He said grabbing a snack would be easier than ever.
He said you'd all live together, didn't he? You really believe him? You think your children are dying by accident? There is pesticide in the formula.
It suits you to think so.
You need me on your side.
Look, we're not the ones burning from the inside out.
Think about it.
Whatever deal he made with you was crap.
Trust us.
- Why are you telling me this? - Because we can stop Dick, stop all of it.
We just We need your blood, for the weapon.
So now you want to prevent the extermination of the vampire race? No.
But it beats going down with you.
Allan, darling come.
Wow, and the creep gets creepier.
ALPHA: What's wrong? - Edgar's here.
DEAN: Wow, what a funny coincidence.
All right.
We need soap, uh, cleanser, anything with borax in it.
We need knives.
- Put them in the study.
SAM: What? No, no, no.
- No, wait.
ALPHA: Word of advice, boys.
You do not live through centuries of fire and ice and continental divide by jumping to conclusions.
- Okay.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
SAM: Wait.
You're making a mistake.
Listen! Wait! Never hurts to get the story first.
Hey! Hey! [DOOR SLAMS.]
I would have whipped you up a meal.
I'm dying to know why you're here.
I think you know.
- And how is that? - I smell Sam and Dean Winchester.
Anything? Nothing.
You think Edgar's here for the same reason we are? If they figured out that we're here to get Alpha blood for a weapon I think you got Pac-Man and True Blood in the same room, and that's bad news.
He's not stupid.
He locked us in here.
Dean, we're his enemy, heh.
They're like monster cousins or something.
Who would you give the benefit of the doubt to? You know, maybe the sucro is poisoning the vamps on accident.
Maybe they'll fix it.
I think you got the oldest monster on Earth thinking that he can hold his own, because he always has.
- Edgar's gonna eat him alive.
- Yeah.
You think you can pick a lock with this? - But, Dean, we gave up all our Vamptonite.
- Did we? [CHUCKLES.]
Do you want the boys? Yes? You're welcome to them.
- I'll have them sent up.
- How kind of you.
Oh, Edgar.
You do know why Sam and Dean are here, don't you? They insist that you're exterminating us, and I thought, well that's impossible.
Must be a mistake.
You're right, of course.
- Vamptonite.
- Freaking Vamptonite.
We need knives.
There's gotta be a prep room or a kitchen somewhere.
Come on.
ALPHA: Here's what I don't understand, Edgar.
You are aware that your little additive has side effects, yes? - Dick warned you there might be kinks.
- Yes.
He also said he'd be in touch.
My children are in a panic.
You don't call, you don't write, you don't send cookies.
Where exactly on the list is fixing our plague? My dear friend.
We want you to burn like the little roaches you are.
Roman said if I kept quiet, I would get my reward.
And now you get to lay down and die.
Nothing personal.
Our additive kills the wolves too, the shifters and those disgusting little things that eat corpses.
Anything with a taste for human.
Except us.
Mankind's a limited resource, after all.
There are seven billion of them.
Only seven.
- We come from you.
- Barely.
I am the son of Eve.
- A pathetic mutt.
Hardly one of us.
I knew Eve, and honestly your mommy was a whore.
Don't squirm, I need every last drop.
Grab a glass.
We're juicing this freak.
EMILY: No! DEAN: Stay back.
Leave her alone.
She's been through quite enough.
That's rich, coming from the guy who took her off the swing set.
Do you want to do this fight or do you want my blood? For taking care of Edgar.
Now go.
- What about the little boy? - Heh.
Are you joking? DEAN: Do we look like we're joking? How many other kids you got in here, you freak? At the moment, just him.
Emily, help Allan with his coat.
He's leaving with Sam and Dean.
Now, take it.
What, no thank you? Oh, right, right.
Your flesh is crawling.
All you really want to do is kill me now.
You hate having to wait and come back and try again.
Pretty much.
I wouldn't leave that head too close to that body for too long.
See you next season.
Looking forward to it.
Well, let's never do that again.
Cops thought we took that kid, heh.
As long as he gets back to his folks, I don't care.
We had to jump out a freaking window, man.
Bobby? Dean.
He's gone.
I'm getting trace bits of EMF, but it's fading fast.
Bobby's probably been gone three or four hours.
He's got the flask.
How are we supposed to track him? - Look, I hate to say this - Well, then don't.
He's gone, heh.
How could he do this? Now? We've got half the freaking weapon we're almost there.
- It's not him.
He's not thinking.
So we just keep going while he's out there like this? - Do we have any other option? I mean, it's what he'd want us to do, right? Yeah.
Him and Frank.
And Cass, if his marbles were in the bag.
It's a good thing we got Crowley in our corner, right? Seeing as how it all comes down to him.
What could possibly go wrong? Hello Dick.
We have so much to talk about.
Take a seat.