Supernatural s08e09 Episode Script

Citizen Fang

What do you think it is that we're hunting? Animal, vegetable, mineral.
I know you boys think I'm a bag of loose screws.
Martin saved dad's ass more times than we can count.
He's a great hunter.
No, I'm not.
I'm useless.
You asked me if I lost someone.
I did -- my husband.
Amelia, you okay? It's Don.
He's alive.
I'm Benny.
I just might be that hunter that runs into Benny one day and ices him.
I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, won't we? Yeah.
Yeah, you keep saying that.
Now, when I was just a little boy standing to my daddy's knee my papa said, "son, don't let the man get ya do what he done to me" I sent Anthony home, so the kitchen's all yours.
And be sure to lock up the door and set the alarm, turn off the A/C, check the burners, check the griddle And clear off the cold table.
I got it.
Go on, now.
Thank you, Roy.
Oh, and don't forget to "Z" out the register And batch out the credit-card machines.
I know.
Darlin', it's not my first rodeo, all right? I'll see you tomorrow.
Hell of a girl, that Elizabeth.
Yeah, she really is.
Refill? Sure.
You got designs? Nah.
She's more like a little sister to me, you know? So you don't mind if I take a shot? She's all yours, chief.
Please? Thanks.
Supernatural 8x09 Yeah.
And you're certain? You sure? Okay.
Just, uh, just hang tight till you hear from me, okay? Who is it? No, listen to me.
I said hang tight.
We got to get.
Can I at least finish my burger? We got a vamp kill, Dean -- Carencro, Louisiana.
It's been a while since I've had some étouffée.
Who's the source? Martin Creaser.
Sorry -- for a minute there, I thought you said Martin Creaser.
Crazy Martin from the loony bin? Glendale Springs discharged him last month.
And? Shouldn't he be assembling toys in a padded room? What's he doing back on the job? I asked him.
You what? Look, he called me when he got out, okay, asked if I had anything for him that might help him ease back into the game.
He seemed okay -- mostly -- so I said yes.
I've had him tracking Benny for the past week.
You put "mostly okay" Martin on Benny? What is "mostly okay" doing hunting at all? Not hunting, Dean -- tracking.
Observe and report only.
I was crystal clear about that.
I can't believe that.
Really, Dean? You don't believe that? Because Benny's a vampire.
And any hunter worth his salt isn't gonna let one just walk around freely.
So I had Martin keep tabs on him.
And right now, it's looking like I made the right call.
So Martin's saying Benny did this? Yeah.
"Okay"? If Benny's in Louisiana draining folks We should look into it.
You said "look for an eruption.
" How's Mount Vesuvius? I got into town about a week ago.
Up until last night, nothing.
He's been clean.
Doing what? Just minding his own business.
Working at the gumbo shack.
Benny's working at the gumbo shack? Yeah.
Slinging hash, pouring coffee -- the whole bit.
And he may be Benny to you.
Folks around here call him Roy.
Martin, you sure you're running on a full charge? Y-yeah.
L-little s-shock therapy in the morning, and I-I'm good to go.
Tell us what happened last night.
So, I followed him home, just like every night.
He turned up a path.
I hear a scream.
I catch up.
Boom -- there he is.
The old coot that Roy was eyeballing at the joint -- vamped.
Wait -- did you actually see Benny kill the guy or not? I saw enough.
Well, then, how can you be sure it was Benny if you didn't actually see him do it? B-b-because I saw Benny turn up the path, and then two seconds later, I trip over a body with its throat ripped.
Look, man, you ever hear of occam's razor? "Keep it simple, stupid?" It's not that complicated.
There's a lot of holes, Martin.
Holes?! The only holes we should be looking at are in the vic's neck.
This sound like the Benny you know? I don't know Benny.
The Benny you know? Say what? Why am I getting the distinct impression that your brother is vouching for a vampire? Guys, let's not argue.
Nobody's arguing, but if this is Benny -- and that's a big "if" -- Oh, it's him.
I got history with the guy, okay? I'm not signing up for a witch hunt.
I owe him more than that.
What in God's great creation could a Winchester possibly owe a vampire? Am I hearing this right? Look, until we get the facts, we stow the bloodlust and we work this case right, or we work it separately.
Doing it right would be separating his head from his shoulders.
I just need some time, Sammy.
Oh, yeah.
Let the fang take another life? I don't think so.
How much time do you need? You're not actually considering this? Couple hours, tops.
And what if it turns out to be Benny? Then it's Benny, and I'll deal with it! Couple hours, Dean.
No more.
I'll be in touch.
Oh, look.
Hey, uh -- you're joking, right? We're doing this as soon as he pulls away.
No, we're not, Martin.
We're gonna give him a little bit of time.
Hey, it's your brother.
It's your call.
How long are you gonna let him go on like this? It's staring him right in the face.
Well, sometimes it's not easy to see things for what they are.
Get the ball.
Come here! Come here! Come here.
Good job.
Thought about what you're gonna say to him? I've thought about it and thought about it, and I still don't know.
Look, I'm sure you have a lot of people telling you what the right thing to do is here.
Sam He's your husband, Amelia.
But I-I don't I don't want to do the right thing.
I mean, this is the right thing, you and me.
And maybe I'm going to hell for saying this, but I'm not ready to give this up.
Neither am I.
Would it bother you if I just took a few days to clear my head? Um Of course.
Uh, take whatever time you need.
Actually, I already know what I want.
Let me guess -- gumbo? Was gonna be the gumbo till I saw pie.
Well, the special's pecan.
'Course it is.
Let's do that.
Bad news.
You're out of pecan.
Story of my life.
Uh, that's all right.
Maybe you can make it up to me.
I'm actually looking for an old friend of mine.
I heard he's kicking around these parts.
His name's Roy.
Well, Roy works the night shift here.
I mean, if we're talking about the same Roy.
Uh, yeah, he, uh, putts around in a beat-up camper.
Thing looks like a rolling deathtrap.
Yeah, I thought I was the only one who gave him trouble over that piece of junk.
You wouldn't happen to know where he's parking that thing these days, would you? Well, he, uh, was parking it out back, but just called to tell me he's gone up the road to Mill creek for a few days.
Uh, did he say why? Oh Fishing, I think.
He really deserves a break.
He's been working doubles for the last two weeks straight.
Um, listen, I, uh, I tell you what.
If he pops up before I can find him, you do me a favor and just have him give me a buzz.
Or could just drop a dime yourself.
Sure thing Dean.
And, uh, you are? Elizabeth.
All right.
Take a rain check on that pie.
Leave a message at the beep.
I got a body here in Carencro with two holes in it, and I just found out you went fishing.
Do I need to tell you what this looks like? It's not me, Dean.
Now, which "me" are we talking about -- Bennyor Roy? I'm just trying to blend in.
"Blend in"? Who'd you plant, Benny? Victim number two.
If you're concerned about the missed calls, I didn't want to get you involved.
Now Want to safety that thing, talk a little bit or what? I'm all ears.
Rogue vamp.
Came into the café a couple nights ago -- youngster goes by the name of Desmond.
He, uh, he remembers me from the good old days.
The good old days? I know it's hard to believe, but I haven't always been this cute and cuddly.
He's chasing a memory, Dean.
That's all.
He's crewing up a new nest.
He's hoping I can give him some cred.
I told him no.
All right.
So far, so good.
Let's get to the part about the blood.
Didn't want to take no for an answer.
He's trying to roust me out, leaving dead bodies in my wake till I sign up.
Two bodies in two days.
No amateur is gonna kick me out of my hometown, Dean.
Not this time.
"Hometown"? You grew up here? Born and bred.
With Andrea gone and you hunting again, seemed like the right time for a homecoming, you two being the only ones who keep all my ducks in a row.
Went back to my old job at the café, and I even found someone I hold myself accountable to.
Best kind of someone, Dean.
My great-granddaughter.
Really? Now, hold it, now.
You didn't -- Uh, no.
Does she know? No.
No, as far as she's concerned, I was just another drifter.
I'd like to keep it that way.
It's been tough walking the line here after all those years in Purgatory not having to deal with the hunger.
But Elizabeth She keeps me honest.
I finally feel like I got a handle on this thing.
Handle on things? Benny, you've got two stiffs on your hands and two hunters on your ass.
Oh, please.
The half-wit who found me at the café? I'll take my chances with him.
That half-wit was sent by my brother, and trust me -- my brother's not someone you want to mess with.
I don't have time to worry about them, Dean.
I didn't think Desmond had an ounce of steel in his spine, but I was wrong about that.
So now I'm gonna do what I should have done two days ago, which is put him back where he belongs.
You know there's only one way to do that, right? And that is for you to sit on the sideline while I convince Sam and Martin to go after Desmond.
They see you out there, they don't care if you're gonna be collecting for the March of Dimes.
They are gonna slice first and ask questions later.
You know that.
You really think they'll go for that? Let me get this straight.
I follow your boy down a freaking path and trip over fresh vamp kill, and then you practically catch him in the act of burying a second body and you're still taking his side? Vampires pick people off from the outskirts of town, okay? Pfffft! Not in the cafés that they work in with their great-grandkids.
In fact, killing any human -- it's not his style.
"Not his style"? "Not his style"? Listen, Dean, we came here on a dead body.
You asked for some time, and now there's another dead body.
Are we just going on trust here? Yes.
Because we've killed for a lot less, and you know how these things turn out for us.
Yes, I do -- too well.
In fact, every relationship I have ever had has gone to crap at some point.
But the one thing I can say about Benny -- he has never let me down.
Well, good on you, Dean.
Must feel great finally finding someone you can trust after all these years.
All I'm saying is that Benny is innocent.
You're too close to this.
You're not gonna find him.
And if you do, I'm gonna tell you this.
You'll be lucky to get out alive.
And you -- you go with him, you're a dead man -- period.
These are innocent lives we're talking about, Dean.
And you're willing to risk that on Benny's word alone? Damn right I am.
Whatwas that? Dean made his choice.
Let's go do our job.
Glad your dad wasn't around to hear that.
He'd have a mind to take you both out the woodshed and show you what's what.
Half inclined to do it myself.
You listen to me.
I brought you into this.
I can bring you out just as easy.
So the only thing you're gonna be inclined to do is shut up and follow my lead.
You say so.
Just saying -- brother chooses a vampire over a brother? I know how I'd feel.
You are Sam, right? Relax.
I ain't here to fight.
I heard about what happened to you.
Rough deal.
Yeah, well, I appreciate that.
We got ourselves a situation here now, though, don't we? Guess we do.
Truth is, I can't blame either of you for what happened.
Hell, there were days there I thought I was a dead man.
But when I do come back and what I come back to is this, well, it ain't no great mystery if part of me is thinking, "What's wrong with this picture?" Don -- Sam, let me finish.
I know part of her loves me.
And now part of her loves you.
But the only one that knows what's best for Amelia is Amelia.
So when all of this is said and done and she's made her decision, I'll respect it.
And if you truly love her, you'll do the same.
He could use another.
Come on.
What'd they say? They didn't go for it.
They're on their way to you.
I'd get scarce.
No offense, Dean, but your little brother doesn't exactly put chills up my spine.
Benny, listen to me.
Do not underestimate my little brother, okay? He can and will kill you given the chance.
All right.
So, what now? I go find Desmond.
You take me with.
Hey, I just told you -- best thing you can do is lay low.
That ain't gonna work this time, bub.
You take me with, or I don't tell you where he is.
You know where he is? He said he's not gonna stop the killing till I join his little nest.
Two bodies is enough.
I told him I'm in.
Dean, this is my fight.
Are you in or are you out? Something spooked him.
Sam! Sam! Sam!! Winchesters.
Man! This the place, huh? So, what's the plan? I hang back while you guys do some trust falls and binge-drinking? Man, if I didn't know you better, I'd say you have an extremely low opinion of us vamps.
Call it healthy skepticism.
Benny never told me he was bringing a friend.
You're not gonna talk a lot, are you? I've been dealing with crazy all day.
Son of a It took you long enough.
You've lost a step, friend.
You need to lay off the junk food.
Aah! You okay? I'm fine.
My life here is over, isn't it? Afraid so.
Once word gets out the machete swingers that'll come for you You can't take them all.
It's impossible.
And even if you could We'd have a problem.
Guys like us, we don't get a home.
We don't get family.
You got Sam.
Benny, you got to go deep underground, where nobody knows who you are.
I got one last thing I got to do.
The person you are trying to reach is unavailable.
What are you doing? I'm, uh I'm leaving.
What? Don found you at the bar.
Amelia -- He threatened you.
Amelia, no.
He didn't threaten me.
Look, I'm just trying to do the right thing here.
"The right thing"? This morning, you and I were the right thing, remember? I know that you and Don deserve a chance, okay? AndI think you know that, too.
Just give him a chance -- like you gave me.
I mean Amelia, you saved me.
Time to go, buddy.
Thanks for not giving up on me, brother.
Don't give me a reason to.
Hey, Dean.
Look, I'm just calling to let you know that the situation is resolved.
Benny was not lying.
There was another vamp, and we ganked him -- together.
That's good, Dean.
Yeah, shut up and listen to me.
Benny's long gone, and he won't be coming back ever.
So for your own sake, do not follow him.
Are we clear? You don't have to worry about me, Dean.
I'm long gone, too.
Oh, and, Martin? Yeah? Find a new line of work.
Hey, Liz.
How's your shift going? Mm.
I'd say she's covering for you just fine Benny.
But us regulars -- we miss you.
Who is this? I think you know who this is.
How the hell you get her phone? You enjoy the cherry? No! Sorry.
Not quite done yet.
Did you, uh, reach your friend okay? I did.
I can't believe I left my cell on the bus.
Wife says I'd lose my own head if it wasn't screwed on.
I'll just be another minute.
Well, you take your time.
Thank you.
She's a nice girl.
Takes kindly to strangers.
You leave her alone -- now.
How far away are you? An hour.
You got 45 minutes.
Miss? Your cellphone.
Lay down your arms, you unholy thing! You got me here, now.
Why don't you just let her go and walk away? I don't think so.
You realize I'm not asking.
I realize that completely.
Roy, what's going on? It's okay, Lizzie.
He ain't gonna hurt you.
Ain't that right? Come on, now.
I got no beef with you.
You got no beef with me.
I got plenty of beef with your kind.
All right.
That may be so, but not for anything that happened here.
I did not kill those people.
I heard.
You and Dean had a little Purgatory reunion.
Roy Please just tell me what's going on here.
I'm asking you -- do not do this.
The bad guy is gone, okay? She doesn't know Benny.
Roy? Who's Benny? "Who's Benny"? Let's find out, shall we? Stay back! Look.
See that?! Dilated pupils! Hair standing! Signs of hunger! Don't worry.
He won't feed off his own flesh and blood.
"Flesh and blood"? Tell her, Benny.
Tell her how you're her long-lost grandpappy.
Tell her about all the dead you left behind.
Tell her about the monster that you are! What do you want? Isn't it obvious? I want your head on a stake.
Ohh Roy, no.
I'm sorry.
Well, hope they're saving a special place for you Wherever it is you come from.
No!! just go away I feel all right I feel all right tonight Feel all right Yeah? Dean? H-hang on.
Elizabeth? Y-you told me to call you if I sawhim.
What do you mean? Roy? Is -- is he there right now? Elizabeth, what's going on? Just come.
Tears keep falling down like rain here it comes, that old familiar pain it's not like I'm trying to account for every love Sammy? "Sam, I need your help.
Come quick.
" Nice one.
Swapping Amelia's phone out with a burner, sending a distress signal You got me good.
When did you do that? While back, in case I needed it.
Looks like I made the right call.
So, did you see her? Yeah.
Yeah, I saw her.
And she's doing just fine.
But, 'course, you know that.
Actually, I didn't.
I did know it was the only way to get you to lay off.
So? Is it done? Yeah, it's done.
Any casualties? Martin.
Was it Benny? He had it coming, Sam.
I'll tell you what happened.
I-I know what happened, Dean.
Okay, you want to listen to me or not? Damn it.
in my brain tears keep falling down like rain here it comes I knew that was you.
Here it comes, that old familiar pain ==
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