Supernatural s10e01 Episode Script


Your love has set my soul on fire burnin' out of control We're in this together.
You taught me the ways of desire now it's takin' its toll No! You're the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasy How's that stolen Grace inside you working out? And you know that you were born to be It's the bloody mark of Cain.
You're a heartbreaker Magic that powerful comes at a price, and right now we don't know what that price is.
You're a heartbreaker, dream maker Drop the blade.
Love taker, don't you mess around no, no, no First time I touched that blade, I knew that I wouldn't be stopped.
I'm starting to think the blade is doing something to you.
You're the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasy the invincible winner and you know that you were born to be you're a heartbreaker dream maker love taker, heartbreaker No! Open your eyes, Dean.
Let's go take a howl at that moon.
I heard the rumors.
I said, “No, that can't be.
A Winchester? One of us?” but it's isn't it? Whatever soul you had, whatever boy scout code you cuddled up to at night, it's all gone.
Leaving what? Look at you.
Where is Crowley? Eat me.
Aah! One more time.
Where is Crowley? Where's my brother? I don't know! Then you're gonna call somebody who does.
No one knows! T-they won't answer! Make the call.
We're under orders! Make the call! Please.
Where's my brother?! Right, right.
So, no noticeable crop failures, no mass cattle DEA ING? No.
Nothing on the radar.
Nothing on the scope.
I'd say that's a good thing.
No, yeah, yeah, yeah you're right.
I-I hear you Mike.
That is a good thing.
All right.
Well, keep me posted if anything does pop up.
All right, watch yourself, Sam.
Yeah, I will.
You got it.
I think I might've found something.
Oh, good.
Cass? You there? It's okay.
I'm -- I'm okay.
Uh, go -- go on.
Okay, get this.
A John Doe who was murdered in Wisconsin a week ago turns out to be this guy named Drew Neely who went missing from some religious order in Northern Ohio, okay? Yeah.
Now, Drew Neely has been missing for three years.
Killed his wife, his kids, andjust disappeared.
I know it's thin but if this guy possessed Well, that would make him the first -- The first lead, the first anything we've seen in Sorry.
Actually, you know what? Now that I'm looking at this more, I-I think I, uh -- I think I jumped the gun here, buddy.
No, Sam, you said it was something.
Uh, it's -- it's not.
I was wrong.
I can help.
We tried that.
Sam, you can't blame what that demon did to your shoulder on -- on me.
You were out of -- I'm not, okay? I'm not blaming anything on you.
What happenedhappened.
And You need to be worrying about yourself.
I-I really shouldn't have bothered you.
How are you, Sam? I'm good.
I-I'm all right.
I'm just tired, you know? I'll be better when we get him back -- a-after I kick his butt.
I miss him.
Why would he just disappear? Who says he had a choice? Well, then who wrote the note? You think there's any chance Any chance at all that Dean is still -- still even remotely Dean? I'm too sexy for my love, too sexy for my love love's going to leave me and I sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts And I'm too sexy for Milan, too sexy for Milan - Turn it off! - Get off the stage! Everybody! Oh! Okay.
What time is it? Darryl's gonna kill me if I'm late from my break again.
Damn! I told you to hurry it up.
But then you had to go and do that thing with thething.
Oh, you mean that thing that you were begging me for? Begging you to hurry it up, maybe.
Well, let's not argue about good sex.
It was good, wasn't it? Mm-hmm.
Just, uhdon't get too excited, you know? Ortoo attached.
'Cause I'm just rollin' through.
You know, there's about a million other ways you could have said that.
Whoa! “Whoa”? What's going on here? What's it look like? In my bed? What? Oh, yeah.
Get a room, you two.
Had a room till you two soiled it.
Love you, Crowley.
Love you more, sweetheart.
Anne Marie, jackass.
Knew that.
Pants? Best of three.
Losers buy the beer.
Lots of beer.
Girl seemed nice.
Slightly damaged.
I could see the old you falling for that.
Yeah, well, not to worry.
She means nothing.
Good, good.
'Cause you and I, we're rolling stones.
No distractions.
Lock it down.
Lock it down.
Stop talking.
You're bodging it! Aw.
If you'd shut up -- keep talking -- I can't play the game.
Come on, we'll talk about it.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hang on.
Get off me.
Why are you doing this to me?! You need to calm down.
Where were you? Stop it! Hey, is this him? There a problem? Yeah, are you Matt? Dean! You need to get away from here.
Don't try and contact her.
In fact, don't even think about her.
You understand me?! Just a moment.
I'm sensing awkwardness.
SoThere's no -- no leader? You're governing yourselves? Mostly.
There's lot of meeting on rebuilding and reorganization -- lots of reconciliation.
And Metatron? Still in jail.
His door has been made permanent.
I would've thought we'd see you sooner.
I would've come sooner but -- I'm glad you didn't.
You see, I I need your help.
Heaven needs your help.
Most of the angels who fell during the fall have returned to heaven.
A few have not.
Some out-and-out refuse.
Two of them have killed one of our own for only attempting to bring them back home.
Who were they? Daniel and Adina.
They must be found.
They must be brought home, and they must be punished for the sake of all.
Will you help me? Yes.
Appreciate you coming down, agent.
But I'm afraid you may have just cost Uncle Sam a tank of gas.
Oh, why's that? You came up here to investigate Drew Neely's murder, right? Right.
Problem is, no one's certain it was a murder at all.
Okay, then what are we dealing with here? A suicide? Self-defense, more likely.
Uh, the surveillance footage was corrupted.
Our techies finally managed to clean up the file.
Hold on a sec now.
We can do this however you want.
Don't pretend I didn't see you this afternoon.
Did you get a good look? You see my moves? I hope so, 'cause I sure could use the competition.
That John Doe right there is the one you want to keep your eye on.
Son of a bitch.
Well, all you Abaddon groupies are the same, you know that? You, the douche that jumped me at the gas station, you can't just can't accept that the queen is dead, can you? Maybe we just can't accept that a douche like you was the one who killed her.
Yeah, that's got to hurt, doesn't it? Okay, now, porn guy's just minding his own business.
And there's Drew Neely.
See the knife? Yeah.
That's intent right there.
Now watch this.
Aah! Looks like a cutlass or something.
I don't know what the hell this is.
Problem is, we don't know if this guy's a hero or a psychopath.
That's the image that's getting uploaded to the wires.
Detective, do you mind if I, uh, take another look at this? Knock yourself out.
I'll be back in a few.
All right.
Fax, Dad.
Who's it from, buddy? Doesn't say.
There's a picture.
Thanks a lot, bud.
Is it him? I didn't know angels could get nauseous.
I just need a moment.
It's my fault.
I'll take the curves faster.
And you, Castiel? You're feeling well? Oh, yes.
Like a million dollars.
That's not true.
It's my truth.
When you left heaven, your borrowed Grace was failing.
By the looks of you, you've only gotten worse.
I'm fine.
You're dying, Castiel.
You need more Grace.
And we have a mission in front of us that supersedes my needs -- all of our needs.
Don't you agree? You're a good soldier, Hannah And one of the best.
Metatron certainly could not have been brought to heel without your bravery.
Or yours.
You must take care of yourself, Castiel.
And another angel should die so that I can be saved? Is this really that hard to understand? Hannah.
I'm feeling better now.
Oh, yeah.
Porn guy was an animal.
Bro came at him like, “what?!” and he was all like, “wh-a-a-at?” “say my name! Say my name! Say my name.
” And there was a lot of blood.
Um When the guy, uh -- when -- When “Porn guy” came in, did hesay anything? “W-where's the porn”.
That's all he said? Did he buy anything? Did he -- did he use a credit card? Nothing? So some guy comes in, kills another guy in your store on your watch, and you just -- you what? Just keep on keepin' on? You mean when porn guy was stabbing the other guy to death and I was having a total code-brown moment in my favorite freakin' pants because I thought I was next, did I conduct a field interview? No.
Oh, hey.
Uh, can you do me a solid? Found this wedged under the T.
I think it's the dead guy's phone, and, uh, if you're heading back to the station You're dead.
Just using a dead man's phone.
Took you long enough.
Your brother and I were beginning to wonder if you'd hit another dog.
You know? My brother is dead, Crowley.
I know you have some freaking demon parading around in his meatsuit, and trust me, you are gonna pay for that.
I'm afraid you haven't allowed yourself to dream quite big enough here.
Your brother is very much alive, courtesy of the mark.
And the only demonized soul inside of Dean is his and his alone.
Wee bit more twisted, a little more mangled beyond human recognition, but, I can assure you, all his.
There, now.
Feel better? And the, uh, Abaddon supporters you've been sending to kill my brother, how does Dean feel about that double-cross? If that's what you think is happening, then you're more out of your depths than I thought.
I don't know how you did this, what kind of Black-magic stunt you pulled, but hear me -- I will save my brother or die trying.
You know what tickles me about all this? It's what's really eating you up.
You don't care that he's a demon.
Heck, you've been a demon.
We've all been demons.
No, it's that he's with me and he's having the time of his life.
You can't stand the fact that he's mine.
He's not your pet.
My pet? He's my best friend, my partner in crime.
They'll write songs about us, graphic novels.
“The Misadventures of Growley and Squirrel.
” Dean Winchester completes me, and that's what makes you lose your chickens.
I am going to find you, I am going to save my brother, and then I'm going to kill you dead.
Well, that's the operative phrase, isn't it? “Find you.
” good luck with that.
What are you fishing for? Trout, mostly.
They do love a good curlytail grub.
Trick is to find that special spot just outside the run, where the big ones -- the smart ones -- are holding low.
Do they -- do they put up much of a fight? The ones who truly want to be free? They do.
You're here about our brother who died.
Does that surprise you? I can assure you Had he just left us alone, no one would've been harmed.
His orders were to not leave you alone.
And you killed him.
And heaven sends two more.
What is it about us angels that we can't seem to get the message? Perhaps it is you who has failed to get the message? All of us serve at heaven's command.
I suppose.
But that was before the fall, wasn't it? You are an angel, once and forever.
Dropped unwillingly Unknowingly Into a strange land, a land that, as it turns out, celebrates the free, the individual.
For the first time in thousands of years, I have choices.
And with each choice I begin to discover who I really am.
This is nonsense.
Because they don't teach you this in heaven? Perhaps they should.
Then you would understand why it's worth fighting for.
He's taunting us.
And then what? We kill him? Or he kills us? There are orders.
And there is time.
To hear more of this? To convince him to do the right thing.
Besides, Hannah, we still don't even know where the other one is -- the woman.
You'll have to stay for sunset.
Nighttime around here is a revelation.
You sent those demons to kill me? To keep you sharp.
Really? If it wasn't for me throwing demon chum your way, what do you think would've happened? The mark needs to be sated.
Otherwise -- otherwise, I turn into a demon.
Yeah, yeah.
I sort of got that six weeks ago.
Just trying to help.
You lied.
Who do you think you're talking to here? Does the tin man have a sheet-metal Willy? Of course I lied.
Sit down.
I needed to keep you sharp for our future, about which we need to talk.
Our future? Our professional future.
How to put this? If I have to spend one more night in this fetid petri dish of broken dreams and B.
, I will cut off my own face.
I don't know what you're talking about.
'Cause I'm good.
Hell, I'm great.
Really? How many suicide wings can you eat? How many one-hit wonders can you karaoke to death? Okay, see, the deal was we howl at the moon -- no time stamp, no expiration date.
We've howled.
We've bayed.
W-we've done extraordinary things to triplets, all of which have been massively entertaining.
I will treasure our Flickr albums forever.
But now it's time for us to accept what we are and go back to work.
Think of it -- the king of hell, Dean Winchester by his side.
Together we rule.
Together we create the perfect hell.
And all of this that's bloomed between us never ends.
We're not ending the party.
We're just moving the party.
Out with the club circuit, in with the stadium tour.
Did I forget to mention I spoke to moose earlier? What? Yes.
Uh, apparently, he's been tracking us for some time now.
He got my text from the cell of that demon that you stabbed in blah, blah, blah.
It was -- words were spoken -- emotions.
I realize, in retrospect, perhaps too many words, too many emotions.
He traced the call.
My bad.
I guess he'll be here by morning -- the latest.
You sold me out.
Well, that's just lovely.
I don't know what's going on with you.
I truly don't.
But I've had just about enough of it.
Sold you out? Try “doing you a favor.
” everything I've done for you for the past six months -- the mark, the First Blade, midwifing you back to life, offering you a seat by my side -- has been a favor, a gift, whether you see it or you don't.
Take the night.
You know where to find me.
Need some help? Uh Yeah.
I-I think so.
It just died on me.
Out here? Yeah.
Your ride really has it out for you, huh? I guess so.
Give you a hand with that? Yeah.
Yeah, I'd appreciate it.
Ah These new cars and their computerized brains, huh? One zero out of place, and the whole thing just goes kaput.
Well, right there.
There's your problem.
What the hell is that? Well, that's a kill switch.
This here is the remote.
Guessing you're a righty.
imaginary lovers never turn you down - Tone deaf! Awful! - Enough! When all the others turn you away they're around it's my private pleasure midnight fantasy someone to share my wildest dreams with me You all suck.
Imaginary lover You're mine anytime imaginary lover you're mine anytime mm, mm, mm Drink, tough guy.
Nah, I'm good.
Your funeral.
What? Let's go somewhere, you and me.
We are somewhere.
Somewhere else.
Sweetie We barely know each other.
And you're drunk.
Yeah, but, uh I-I protected your honor, didn't I? Yeah.
I thought so, too.
Seeing you take on Matt, I was like, “wow”" no one's ever done that for me before.
But then you kept going and going, and I realized whatever is going on with you has nothing to do with my “honor” at all.
You got all that from a bar fight? Wow.
You're good.
I wait tables at a roadhouse.
I meet the bad guys.
I meet the good guys.
And maybe for a second there, I thought you were a good guy playing bad.
I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
Maybe you're just -- The kind of guy who sleeps with every skank in every small-town dive that he passes through? Well, you really do know how to read people, 'cause that sure as hell sounds like me.
Now, see? I'm so screwed up myself I'm gonna walk out of here thinking I actually deserved that.
What I'll never understand is why angels won't acknowledge the wisdom to be found down here.
What wisdom is to be gained from humans? I'm not speaking to you.
Do you understand what he's Fine.
But if you are to be free, that is to be decided by all angels.
There's that angelic irony.
We're not going back there.
Not ever.
This is Hannah and Castiel.
Stow the blade, please.
When she stows hers.
Hannah, what are you doing? We'll never get a chance to argue our freedom from a prison cell.
You should've thought of that before slaughtering one of your own.
No, no.
We were talking.
We were getting somewhere.
Okay, everybody just -- You want to be free? Go ahead.
Be free.
Stop this.
No! Aah! We have to get her.
She's gone.
We have to.
It's over.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Home, sweet home.
There you go.
You good, partner? How's that chicken wing? Who are you? First time I broke my arm, my older brother, Davey, had me riding on the handles of his three-speed.
Decided to pop us a wheelie, look real fancy for all the little pretties outside the DQ.
Well, we were looking mighty good for a little bit.
And then, “whoop”" ass end over teakettle, boy.
Hurt like a son of a bitch.
You're Sam Winchester.
I think we both can agree on that.
And your older brother, Dean, well He and I, we go way back.
You're a hunter? Sure.
Yeah, we can go with that.
Hunting your brother counts, right? I wouldn't do that.
Trust me.
Look, buddy, I-I don't know who you are, all right? I don't what you want or what my brother did, but if you got any sense, I suggest you turn tail and run back to that army recruiting ad that spit you out in the first place.
He's a monster.
Well, he was.
Yeah, he was Many, many moons ago.
But now he's prey.
And I'm the monster now.
We have to report this.
And say what? Things got out of control? Another angel has died.
He was going to kill me, Castiel.
They just wanted to be left alone.
Without rules, there is chaos.
Out of chaos rise angels like Naomi, Bartholomew Metatron.
Well, perhaps I've been down here with them for too long.
There's seemingly nothing but chaos.
But not all bad comes from it.
But t-those are human things.
I left you an open tab at the bar.
Knock yourself out.
Well, hell, I just may take you up on that.
And who is this? Me? Well, I'm karma, brother.
On my brother's phone? On your brother's phone.
Is he dead? No.
Not yet.
And as long as you show up where I tell you to show up, your brother will be just fine.
And how do I know he's still alive? Speak.
Aah! Proof of life.
Dean! Got a pen? No, you listen to me.
There's no trade.
There's no meet-up.
There's no nothing -- except the 100% guarantee that, somewhere down the road, I will find you, and I will kill you.
Well, that'll be a cold comfort to your dead brother.
I told him to let me go.
So whatever jam he's in now, that is his problem.
Yeah, well, I'll be sure to pass that on to him as I'm slitting his throat.
Yeah, you do that, 'cause he knows me.
And he knows damn sure that if I am one thing, I am a man of my word.

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