Supernatural s10e13 Episode Script

Halt & Catch Fire

Who are you, cops? You guys are “X-Files.
” Sure.
You could say that.
Cain still has the Mark, right? So he's lived with it for years.
The Mark is - is strong.
Maybe you have to fight that.
Dean, how do you think angry spirits are born? They can't let go, and they can't move on.
Like wounded animals.
In so much pain, they lash out.
Why? Why are they here? Well, there's some part of them that's keeping them here.
Some spirits hold on too tight.
Dean, you haven't left the bunker in a week.
And? You can't just live the rest of your life locked up in this room.
Look, I know you're worried about the Mark.
Yes, Sam.
I am.
Do I wish the Mark was gone? Yes, of course.
Absolutely, I do.
We'll figure it out.
We always do.
Damn right.
[ The Avett Brothers' “Head Full of Doubt/ Road Full of Promise” plays .]
You sure you're okay to drive? Not really.
But it's nothing a little grease can't fix.
- Trini, find me the nearest Taco Town.
- Searching Ooh, I'm gonna get a quesarito and a chi-chi melt.
Turn right in 50 feet.
Um, Billy, I don't think this is the way to Taco Town.
What do you know? Your phone's 3g.
Trini doesn't make mistakes.
Continue for.
3 miles, then turn left.
It's freezing.
Can you please turn off the air? It's not on.
What the hell? Trini doesn't make mistakes, huh? There was a dream Trini, find a different route.
Proceed ahead.
Go screw yourself.
You go screw yourself.
Janet, get out of the truck.
Um, how does she know my name? Janet, get out of the truck, now! With a head full of doubt Oh, my God.
So, I'll scream till I die and the last of those bad thoughts Help! No, wait! Stop! Aah! Billy! No! No! No! Help! Billy! Stop! Destination dead ahead.
There's a darkness upon me aah! That's flooded in light Hey.
What in the world? A croissookie.
A croissookie? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, they're the new cronuts.
So, what? Half cookie, half - Who gives a crap? They're freakin' awesome.
What did Cass say? Uh, good news, bad news.
Bad news - he discovered riverboat gambling.
Good news - he thinks he might be closing in on Cain.
Oh, wow.
Thinks he might be.
Just east of the Mississippi somewhere in Illinois.
So, maybe Cass finds Cain in the land of Lincoln.
And then what? And then we get him to tell us how to get rid of the Mark.
Don't you think that if Cain knew how to remove the Mark, he would have done it, like, centuries ago? We won't know till we try.
Sammy, I appreciate the effort, man.
I do.
But trying to find a cure for this thing, I- it's like a dog chasing its tail.
There's no end in sight and you just end up dizzy.
Dean, where there is a will - There is a case.
Hmm? Check this out.
“Iowa teen claims possessed pickup kills driver.
” Let's say we take our own trek to, uh, the Midwest.
So crazy.
Sorry I ever made you leave.
God, they're everywhere.
Uh, which one of you is Janet Novoselic? I am.
Agents Grohl and Cobain.
I already talked to the police like nine times.
Yeah, no, this is, uh - it's, uh, just a follow-up.
I have finals tomorrow.
Then we'll make it fast.
I promise.
It's like I told the detective.
I was drunk, but I wasn't hallucinating.
The truck had a mind of its own.
How so? Like, the air went full blast even though it wasn't on and the radio went crazy, and so did Trini.
And Trini is? You have to excuse my partner.
When it comes to technology, he is a little behind.
Uh He just learned how to poke on Facebook.
Uh, um, Trini is the nav app we were using.
It - it's like a talking map.
You're Gen X.
Okay, so, Trini and everything else in the truck went all “Christine.
” Who's Christine? It's a Gen X thing.
I don't expect you to believe me.
But I swear that truck was hell-bent on killing Billy.
Did Billy have any enemies? Anybody who might have had a beef with him? Maybe his brother Joey.
They fought all the time.
It's so sad.
They never got to set it right.
Because Billy died.
Joey did.
In Afghanistan.
Do you know where he's buried? He's not.
Poor guy never came home.
Did Billy happen to have anything of his brother's on him when he died? Uh, dog tags, a hat, something? Just his pickup.
So, the truck belonged to Joey? Yeah.
It was his pride and joy.
Billy got it when he died, and, you know, it's a thing.
Excuse me a sec.
So - so, what's a thing? You know, the truck thing.
You honor the deceased by driving their truck.
Sam, they wrote a whole country song about it.
Why don't you Google it? All right, so, we're looking for something that used to resemble a pickup truck.
All right.
Here we go.
Yeah, marine.
I'm guessing this ain't oil.
That is ectoplasm.
Look at this.
Joey? Looks like it.
All right, so, big brother didn't get along with little brother, was pissed that he was driving his baby.
I get it.
What are you saying? If you died and I drove your car, you'd kill me? If you stunk her up with tacquitos, probably.
All right.
Let's do this.
Makes it looks like a-a pool in Reseda.
I can't believe our art history final's tomorrow.
I know.
This semester, like, totally flew by.
Time flies when you're drunk.
Want to come to the library with me? I still have so much to memorize.
And I thought looking at pictures of naked guys was gonna be easy.
Thanks, but I don't really need to study for it.
I have a photographic memory.
Um, you don't need to study for it because you're screwing the T.
Aah! Aah! Aah! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I'm not gonna make it.
Delilah Marian - the roommate found her this morning after an all-nighter at the library.
Strangulation? Sicko used the power cord from the computer.
Suspects? None yet.
The odd thing was the door was locked.
Have you talked to any of the other girls who live here? Well, most of them have already left for spring break.
But the roommate was really helpful.
She gave us all of Julie's passwords.
And nowadays, the only way to find out anything about teenagers is through social media.
Trust me.
I got two of them.
Excuse me, agents.
Oh, yeah.
Revengeful spirit, much? Yeah, but is it Joey's or another ghost? I don't know.
So, first it possesses a - a truck, and then it possesses a computer? Both machine-related kills.
So, what? You think we're dealing with a “Ghost in the Machine”? Maybe.
But if it is the same ghost, I mean, they usually anchor themselves to a place or a thing.
How is this one jumping from one machine to the next? We really appreciate your help, Delilah.
We know this can't possibly be easy.
Did Julie, by chance, know a student named Billy Bass? Everyone knew Billy.
He was the president of Sigma Theta Delta.
STD? Yeah.
It's the biggest frat on campus.
Did, uh - did Julie know Billy's brother Joey, the - the soldier? I don't think so.
I didn't even know Billy had a brother.
Did she have any enemies? Any reason why someone might want to hurt her? No.
Julie was really popular, super-sweet.
I can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt her.
You know we're federal agents, right? Lying to us is a big-time offense.
I'm not lying, Agent.
There's just nothing else to tell.
All right And a café Au lait for the lady.
For me - a heart attack? This is unreal.
Look at this.
I got Italian.
I got Chinese.
Serve-yourself froyo.
College is better than Vegas.
What do you got? Unfortunately, a - a lot of nada.
I- I I hit up Julie's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instachat, Snapchat, A.
, nothing but posts on Rush and “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the movie, not the book.
Yeah, I didn't get half of that.
It doesn't matter.
Now I'm going through her deleted files.
You can do that? Yeah.
I mean, nothing ever really gets deleted from the Internet.
You knew that, right? Yeah.
All right.
Here we go.
This might be something.
It's a, uh - it's a deleted Instachat from last night right around time of death.
With who? With princesselsa8.
Look at this.
” “I know.
” “you'll pay.
” Well, this princesselsa's a bitch.
What is 810? Yeah.
Uh, it's a I don't know.
Maybe it's a date.
Maybe it's a time of day.
Or an area code.
Uh, area code is for southeast Michigan.
You know what? Here we go.
Uh, there are three address in Spencer that have “810” in them.
I'll see if I can get this to go.
You got it.
Thank you, Detective Petranzyk.
We will keep in touch.
So, princesselsa8 is not some crazed cyber killer.
She is a third grader from lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin, who is obsessed with “Frozen.
” and she was fast asleep when the Instachat occurred.
So, a hack job.
That's what I'm thinking.
Excuse me, ma'am.
May we, uh, ask what you're doing? Um, throwing away dead flowers.
Is that a crime? Well, it's not a crime, just a little strange, uh, seeing as how they aren't dead.
It's not so strange when it feels like they're taunting you.
My husband was killed in a car accident here nine months ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Our condolences.
Thank you.
We were newlyweds.
Never even made it to our first anniversary.
And to have to be reminded of that every time I look out my window or leave the house Understandable.
Forgive me, but did you notice anything weird after your husband's death? Any strange disturbances or? I'm not sure what you mean.
It's nothing.
Never mind.
Any idea who's leaving the flowers? Some teenage girl.
I think she goes to the college 'cause she's always in Greek letters.
Do you know her name? No.
Uh, she has long red hair.
This is Agent Grohl again.
Listen, I know I told you to call at your earliest convenience, but scratch that.
Call A.
Look at this.
Uh, Andrew Silver, “29-year-old Spencer high-school teacher “killed in fatal accident.
“Uh, car burst into flames.
“Silver's body was burned beyond recognition.
And he is believed to have been killed upon impact”.
So, Andy the angry ghost - he dies at 810 Downs Drive.
And then he torments Julie with 810 on her computer.
So, what's his beef with her? Yeah, and what's his connection to Billy? Does it say where he's buried? He wasn't.
He was cremated.
So, no bones, and he's not tethered to any object that we know of.
How is Andrew haunting his victims? Are you gonna eat all that? Yeah.
You want some? The feds called Like three times already.
Kyle, are you listening to me?! I think they know.
Maybe it's time we should come clean.
Uh, that's not gonna happen.
Look where keeping our mouths shut got us.
I think it's karma.
Maybe we're being cursed or something.
I don't know.
First Billy, now Julie? Look.
It totally sucks that Billy and Julie died.
But it's just a crappy coincidence, not a curse.
If we don't do something, I'm worried - Delilah, stop.
I'm serious.
You better keep your mouth shut or you're gonna have a lot more than a curse to worry about.
Hells yeah.
“Where are you?” Was that you? Nah.
What a tease.
Hello? What time is it?! Who the hell is this?! Aah.
Lower the tunes, brah! Trying to study! Aah! Are you okay? Not really.
What do you got? Death by decibel.
What? Kyle's brains were jellied by his speakers.
Oh, and get this.
The, uh - the clock on his stereo stopped at 8:10.
Again? Mm-hmm.
Look, we know you're the one leaving the flowers.
So, why don't you just tell us what happened the night of Andrew Silver's accident? Uh Delilah, please.
This is the third death in five days.
Who knows who's gonna be next? I am.
The car accident Wasn't exactly an accident.
Take me to church I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies Dude, I just retweeted your Tweet.
Dude, I just favorited yours.
Okay, here.
Oh, selfie.
Good god, let me give you my life take me to church o- m-g.
I am such a hag! I look like I'm 25.
Oh, that's what filters are for.
Ugh! Ew.
Check this.
Okay, wait.
Come on.
I'm sending it to you, dude.
Let's do one more so I can - Oh, my God.
Billy, call 911.
Call 9- call 911.
Aah! Aah! No.
No! What the hell are you doing? I'm getting out of here before the cops come.
We - we just killed that guy.
Hey, you're not calling the cops! 'Cause I already have a D.
, and if they find out I'm driving on a suspended license, I'm going to jail.
Come on, Billy.
This isn't right.
Help me out here, guys.
It's not our problem, Dee.
What?! Someone else will call the cops.
Not a word.
You hear me? I shouldn't have let them talk me out of it.
It was wrong.
And now we're being punished.
Seriously, what are the chances that three out of the four of us die in one week? It can't be a coincidence.
It's not a coincidence.
It's a ghost.
It's the vengeful spirit of Andrew Silver.
A ghost? Yeah.
They're real.
Yeah, it's sort of what we do.
So, you're, like Ghostbusters? Sure.
First things first, though.
You need to stay inside this salt circle while we take care of him, okay? How do you take care of him? Please tell me you know how to take care of him.
Usually a ghost is tied to a place or an object.
You get rid of the object, you get rid of the ghost.
But with Andrew, it's, uh It's different.
What's he tied to? We're working on it.
But if we can figure out how he's traveling, we can figure out how to stop him.
You know, this might be a shocker situation.
The paper said that he died from a collision, but Delilah says that he died from electrocution.
So maybe that's how he's surfing.
He's using the power lines as a conduit.
I mean, that would make sense with the computer and stereo kills, but not the pickup.
I mean, the truck runs on gas.
All right, it's got to be something else, then.
All right, I'll go back to the accident site, check it out.
Stay here with her.
You getting tired? No.
I'm used to it.
I stay up all night studying.
Mostly to avoid the nightmares.
My mom's thrilled with my GPA, but I'm just miserable.
I think about Andrew all the time.
And I've never even met the guy.
It's pretty crazy to obsess about someone you've never met.
It's not that crazy.
The truth is, I can relate.
Really? I have made more mistakes than I can count.
Ones that haunt me day and night.
So how do you deal? Whiskey.
I do my best to make things right, whatever that may be.
For you, maybe it's maybe it's coming clean.
You know, finding a way to ask for forgiveness.
But not breaking the bank at your local florist.
I mean real forgiveness.
You can't just bury stuff like this.
You got to deal with it.
What do you got? Dean, Andrew's not using power lines to move.
He's using Wi-Fi.
Come again? The - the wires that electrocuted Andrew, they - they feed directly into a Wi-Fi tower right across the street.
So, even ghosts are online? Apparently.
I mean, it would explain the truck kill.
Billy's cell must have been using the local Wi-Fi signal, so, uh, Andrew's ghost must have just hopped on to Trini, that - that - that nav app.
And then Julie's death by computer, Kyle's death by stereo with the wireless speakers.
I mean, it makes sense, Dean.
We're all just a bunch of electrical impulses, right? So, whenever Andrew died, his impulses just transferred to another current.
You got to get Delilah somewhere safe.
Turn off all the routers in that sorority.
Oh, yeah.
Sure, Sammy.
We'll just kill the Internet.
Wait, can we? Uh, no.
No, not really.
All right, so, then how the hell are we gonna deal with the lawnmower man? You know what? I have an idea.
Do what I said.
Stay safe.
I'll call you back.
You know where the routers are? I have no idea.
Aah! Is that gonna work? Worth a try.
No! Need you to turn off everything that's connected to Wi-Fi.
Aah! Hey.
Uh, I'm so sorry to bother you, Mrs.
Silver, but I have an emergency and I really need your help.
Now, this is gonna sound strange.
It's my husband, isn't it? Come in.
Come on.
Let's go.
Where are we going? Someplace that doesn't have a Wi-Fi signal.
The basement.
The reception sucks down there.
All right, go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go.
I thought the salt didn't work.
Because of the Wi-Fi.
There's no signal down here.
There's no computers.
There's no tablets.
There's no cellphones, so Andrew can't bypass it.
At least, I don't think he can.
It wasn't too long after the accident that Andrew started contacting me.
Contacting you how? Online.
At first, I thought it was just a joke, that someone was playing a cruel prank on a grieving widow.
But Andrew knew things, things that only he and I would know - inside jokes, the code to our alarm, my obsession with Lifetime movies.
It was then that I knew I had my husband back, even if it was just online.
Did you never think to ask him what he was? Come on, Agent.
I've read the books.
I've seen the movies.
I knew he was a ghost or something, but I didn't care.
He was my husband.
And it was great.
Romantic, even.
He'd send me love notes.
We'd stay up all night reminiscing.
But then he started acting strange.
What do you mean, strange? I don't know.
He'd just disappear, radio silence.
And then out of nowhere, he'd start e-mailing again.
But he was different, focused.
He was focused on what? Revenge.
When the kids at the college started dying, I thought it might be Andrew.
But what was I supposed to do? Call the cops and tell them the ghost of my dead husband was picking off co-eds? But mostly I just didn't want to face the truth.
Because I knew it was revenge that brought him back, and if I tried to stop him that he might go away.
And I didn't want to lose my husband again.
Just try to stay calm, all right? What was that? I don't know.
Aah! Please don't kill me.
We didn't mean to hurt you.
It was an accident, I swear.
If I could do it over again, I would have done the right thing.
Let's go.
Where? The door.
It's locked.
Andrew, listen to me.
You have every right to be pissed.
But take it from me the more you kill, the crazier you'll get.
The blood fuels the rage.
So, it looks like to me you've got two choices.
You can keep killing and become something that you won't recognize or you can move on 'cause that is the only thing that is gonna give you peace.
So, it's up to you, man.
Pain or peace.
Aah! Andrew? It's Corey.
Please listen to me.
You have to stop this.
Revenge - it's hollow.
And it's pointless.
It won't bring you back.
I should have said this earlier But I couldn't let go.
But it's time for me to let go and for you to do the same.
I'm begging you.
Do this for me.
Do it for us.
You sure you want to do this? Yeah.
I should have done this a long time ago.
Come in.
Looks like Andrew wasn't the only one who chose peace.
Looks like.
I think I'm gonna follow his lead, too.
What do you mean? My peace is helping people.
Working cases.
That's all I want to do.
Is this about the Mark? I'm done trying to find a cure, Sammy.
Dean, Cass is so close.
To what? We don't even know if there is a cure.
So far, we've got nothing.
We have found nothing at the Men of Letters library, Metatron may or may not know something, and maybe Cass is onto something with Cain - maybe.
Yeah, maybe.
Nothing is guaranteed, Dean.
So what? We can't just stop fighting.
Yes, we can.
So, this is it.
Y- you're just gonna - you're just gonna give up.
No, I'm not just gonna give up.
I appreciate the effort, okay? I do.
But the answer is not out there.
It's with me.
I need to be the one calling the shots here, okay? I can't keep waking up every morning with this false hope.
I got to know where I stand.
Otherwise, I'm gonna lose my freakin' mind.
So, I'm gonna fight it till I can't fight it anymore.
And when all is said and done I'll go down swinging.