Supernatural s11e21 Episode Script

All in the Family

1 You both know who we might need to help deal with the Darkness.
Castiel: You're Metatron? The Metatron? I'm not an archangel, I'm the scribe of God.
Chuck Shurley? Castiel: He's a prophet of the Lord.
I don't know how prophets are chosen.
I don't want to be a prophet.
No, you don't at all.
- Obviously, I'm a god.
- You're not a god.
God?! I'm hoping that you and I can finish what I started a few months ago.
Metatron: You weren't alone in the beginning.
Your sister was with you.
Amara: I was the beginning, and I will be the end.
I will be all that there is.
We're bonded.
You're the one who set me free.
[ Glass shatters .]
Sam: Our priority is to set Lucifer loose on Amara.
After we exorcise Lucifer out of Cass and put him into a new vessel.
Lucifer's hold on him is too strong.
Archangel plus God power doesn't trump God's sister.
I think you and I need to have a nice long chat.
[ Screams .]
If Amara wipes the slate, everything is destroyed.
My partner and I have seen this before, okay? Wes, Deputy Harris were infected by something in this fog.
The amulet -- it burns hot in God's presence.
Metatron: I mean, that's why you're back, right? This isn't her story.
It's mine.
What the hell's going on here, exactly? I'm happy to fill in the blanks, but maybe we should go somewhere where we could actually sit down.
We're not going anywhere with you.
Okay, how do we even know that you're really Chuck and not just some crazy spell or manifestation.
Kevin? Guys! You're looking stressed.
Especially you.
I-It's cool.
Trust Chuck.
Whatever it is he needs you to do, he must think you can handle it.
I always trusted you.
Yeah, that ended well.
How did you -- Are you okay? Um Yeah, I mean, you know, given the circumstances.
Chuck: Yeah, I don't mean to interrupt.
Kind of a plateful here.
And, Kevin you've been in the Veil long enough.
It's time you had an upgrade.
Holy crap.
Supernatural 11x21 All in the Family @elderman Okay.
So, wow, um, Chuck -- [ Chuckles .]
Well, I guess we don't call you that, huh? I prefer it.
Okay, uh, “Chuck” it is.
[ Sighs .]
I'm sorry.
You're gonna have to, uh, give Dean and me a moment to start to process.
We didn't even know you were around.
I mean, we knew about Chuck, but we just didn't know about Chuck.
I mean, I-I-I was hoping you were around.
I-I-I prayed and I -- but I don't know if they got, uh, lost in the spam or if -- Sam? - Yeah? - Babbling.
I'm getting that not everyone's totally on board.
Here's the thing, umChuck And I mean no disrespect.
Um I'm guessing you came back to help with the Darkness, and that's great.
That's, you know -- It's fantastic.
Um, but you've been gone a -- a long, long time.
And there's so much crap that has gone down on the Earth for thousands of years.
I mean, plagues and wars, slaughters.
And you were, I don't know, writing books, going to fan conventions.
Were you even aware, o-or did you just tune it out? I was aware, Dean.
But you did nothing.
And, again, I-I'm not trying to piss you off.
You know, I don't want to turn into a pillar of salt.
I actually -- I didn't do that.
People -- People pray to you.
People build churches for you.
They fight wars in your name, and you did nothing.
You're frustrated.
I get it.
Believe me, I was hands-on -- Real hands-on for, wow, ages.
I was so sure if I kept stepping in, teaching, punishing, that these beautiful creatures that I created would grow up.
But it only stayed the same.
And I saw that I needed to step away and let my baby find its way.
Being overinvolved is no longer parenting.
[ Sighs .]
It's enabling.
But it didn't get better.
Well, I've been mulling it over.
And from where I sit, I think it has.
Well, from where I sit, it feels like you left us and you're trying to justify it.
I know you had a complicated upbringing, Dean, but don't confuse me with your dad.
[ Lucifer groans .]
[ Screams .]
[ Panting .]
[ Screaming .]
Amara: End your suffering, Lucifer.
Call out to him.
Beg him to save you.
[ Laughs .]
Want me to beg Daddy to come rescue his screw-up of a son? [ Chuckles .]
I'm no fan of Pops, but he did make all of you know, everything.
And that's something that you could never do, because all you ever wanted was nothing.
It's not too inspiring, is it? because all you You're strong, Amara.
You may defeat him.
But you will never be him.
You have to understand this about the Darkness -- she's relentless, a force beyond human comprehension.
It's the only reason I came off the sidelines.
Must have been great being her brother, huh? It was the worst.
Always telling me what to do, making me do what she wanted.
I mean, you guys know how that works.
So, where is she? No freakin' idea, fellas.
She's warded herself specifically against me.
What have you come up with? Zip, and we've been at it for months.
Wellmatter of time.
I've always had faith in you even if you didn't return the favor.
Where's the guest room? I could use a shower.
Uh, it's, um just down the hallway -- the fourth door on the left.
[ Clicks tongue .]
[ Sighs .]
Hey, Chuck.
You know that she's got Lucifer, right? Uh-huh.
The way we heard it, um last time when you bottled up the Darkness, it -- it took more than just you.
I mean, we heard that Lucifer was involved.
No? Lucifer was perhaps my greatest hope and my bitterest disappointment.
Do you think if I could have trusted him for a moment, I would have put him in the Cage? And I wasn't gonna mention this, but thank you so much for springing him.
That wasn't really the plan, um Now, as bad as he was, after all this time in prison, he's probably worse.
And by now, he could have formed an alliance with Amara.
Not walking into that trap, guys.
So, no.
Thus spake the Lord.
Amara: Something's out there.
Lucifer: Hmm, always is.
This is new.
Something's changed.
Maybe Dad picked up on your latest slaughterfest.
Spoiled brat.
I needed solitude and he needed a fan club, so he made all that.
Then when I complained, he stuffed me in a hole for eons -- with your help.
Stop whining.
I don't need this.
[ Groans .]
[ Sighs .]
Come on, Amara.
Where are you? Amara: I've missed you, Dean.
It's been a while since we've spoken.
I'm aware my brother has surfaced.
If you should cross paths, if he should reach out to you, he should know this -- Lucifer, his favorite, isn't doing so well.
Say nothing of the vessel, your friend Castiel.
By choosing to ignore me, my brother is allowing this to happen.
These and other things.
I thought you should know.
[ Insects chirping .]
[ Tires screech, crash .]
[ Wind howls .]
[ Indistinct shouting, screaming .]
[ Coughing .]
[ Keyboard keys clacking .]
Anything? Nada.
Yeah, thanks.
- Yeah.
You know, I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but, for once, I actually wish Rowena was here.
I mean, maybe she could track down Amara.
She's done it before.
Yeah, but you can bet she and the Book are gonna stay stashed until this whole thing is over.
Where's Chuck? Sleeping in, I guess.
Does God sleep? I know he takes really long showers.
Right, and sings, too -- like, crappy old folk songs.
I had to tell him to cool it three times.
You told God to cool it? Yeah, I sleep.
You know, I know this is a really strange situation and all, but it's also really amazing, you know? I mean, it's God.
[ Chuckles .]
There's so many things I want to ask him, uh, like, uh, t-the planets, you know? Why are they round? Or ears.
I always thought they were strange.
Okay, fanboy, calm down.
Let's stay focused.
We got to find Lucifer before it's too late.
Too late? Amara is -- she's in my head.
Hey, I didn't ask for it, okay? She just showed up.
But she's showing me visions of -- of Lucifer.
By Lucifer, I mean Cass, and he looks like crap -- like she's really doing a number on him.
Is that my robe? I'm telling you guys, it's a mistake to get mixed up with Lucifer.
Much as it pained me, I had to walk away.
Too much drama.
Do you have any bacon? You eat bacon? Yeah.
Hey, guys, this just came up.
Looks like that fog, the, um Amara fog, uh, hit another town.
And? And this one wasn't as lucky as the last one.
Thousands died.
Uh, everybody died.
But, uh, except for one man.
How'd you miss that one? She's baiting me.
I can't respond every time.
I won't be manipulated.
Yeah, but thousands of people are dead.
So find her.
Man: We have breaking news at this hour on the most recent freak weather event.
State police are now confirming that a mysterious toxic fog engulfed the town of Lewis, Oklahoma, late last night.
Reports are also confirmed there were mass fatalities.
Descriptions of the event are identical to those of the fog that overwhelmed another town in the days -- [ Cellphone ringing .]
What? I notice you've been in touched with Chuck.
Well, I've got some information you're gonna need to know.
Okay, say it.
It's got to be in person -- something I got to show you.
Professor Redfield.
- Call me Donatello.
- Yeah.
I'm named after him.
[ Chuckles .]
The Mutant Ninja Turtle? The, uh, Renaissance sculptor.
Right, of course.
The cops think I'm a terrorist.
I-I teach chemistry at the university.
I-I lead a quiet life.
I have a cat! Had a cat.
Well, we are, uh, sorry for your loss.
Just a few questions.
Um, other than the fog, did you notice anything or anyone that seemed out of place on the street that night? It -- It all happened so fast.
I, uh It was like it came out of nowhere.
We hardly ever get fog, and never like that.
[ Chuckles .]
It was horrible.
They were clutching their throats like -- like -- like they were choking.
Their bodies -- Oh, my God -- these terrible black streaks.
[ Gasping .]
And that's when it happened.
It was like nothing I've ever felt before in my life.
[ Screaming .]
It was like my head was exploding, only not with pain -- with -- with -- with knowledge and -- and clarity! Things that I'd never known before.
Symbols and -- and voices -- in languages I don't speak! Then horrible horrible visions of destruction and death.
You think I'm crazy.
No, uh, not at all.
Just, uh, you know, will you give us a moment? I mean, you get that this is all sounding familiar, right? Yeah.
Yeah, like when Kevin found out he was a prophet.
So, what, this guy's a prophet? Yeah, but I thought Crowley rounded up all the future prophets and tried to kill them.
Yeah, but we rescued them and Donatello wasn't a part of that, but, yeah, it's possible Crowley missed a few.
And, obviously, he had no idea he was next in line after Kevin.
How would he? He hadn't gotten hit by the God power yet.
So, Amara's fog -- could it have been Amara's God power? It's still God power.
All right, I need a coffee.
Um am -- am I under arrest? No, just, um want to check out a few more aspects of your story.
Here we go.
Would you look at this? Try and read it a little.
Oh, I can't.
I -- I don't know anything about it.
“Behold the face of God”" That came right to me.
Who speaks this language? - Angels.
Amara: I need to see you, Dean.
Events are moving swiftly and everything will change.
I need to meet with you, but not like this.
Somewhere alone.
Donatello: I can't be a prophet.
I'm an atheist and a chemist! I-I believe in molecules, not God.
All right, well, we're pretty sure that prophets don't even know they're in the game until they've actually been touched by God, so I-I was touched by God? Or possibly his sister, Amara.
- He has family? - Yeah.
She wants him gone so she can annihilate the universe.
That's the headline.
- What? And since you might have a hotline to her, we're hoping you can help us find her.
W-Why would you want to find her? We got to rescue this guy she's holding.
- Who is? - Lucifer, her nephew.
Who's possessing an angel at the moment.
[ Door handle rattles .]
It's locked.
Yeah, that, too.
Sometimes we keep monsters in the back.
I -- I -- I can't do this! - Yeah, you can.
- No, I promise you I can't.
Look, we can't force you to do this.
You've got to want this.
It -- It's like asking me to believe in Santa Claus.
- Oh, well, actually -- - Dean, not now.
Okay, look, we -- we're not asking you to believe that this is true, just act like you do.
People do it all the time.
[ Shudders .]
What? I -- I-I don't know.
I -- I think I'm sensing something.
Something big.
Like Amara? I don't think so.
Although, how would I know? [ Sighs .]
Could it be Him? [ Door opens .]
[ Door closes .]
Hey, Chuck.
We, uh, found someone.
I think he's the next prophet.
Is that my computer? I've never seen so much porn.
Not in one sitting.
It's -- I'm gonna So, uh, listen.
He -- He's -- He's a little nutted out about the whole booga-booga of it all, so maybe just dial back the -- the God stuff.
[ Clicks tongue .]
[ Door opens .]
No pants on.
Sam? - Yeah? Yeah.
All right, you're safe.
Come on.
[ Sighs .]
Donatello, good to see ya.
Sorry about your cat.
You -- You know me? I made you.
I made all of you, even the ones who aren't born yet.
Oh, my God.
It's you.
G-Good to meet you, Sir! Your -- Your celestial magnificence, your -- Hey, hey, hey, it's okay.
He -- He just kind of goes by Chuck.
So, we good? Y'all signed up? UhI-I-I guess you know that I was an atheist, until 10 minutes ago.
Is that an issue? Not for me.
I mean, I believe in me.
But your skepticism is to be expected.
I did include free will in the kit.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Clicks tongue .]
Welcome aboard.
Don't let the rain come down Oh, no, don't let the rain come down O no, don't let the rain come down Oh, uh, barkeep, dos margaritas! Top-shelf tequila please for my amigos.
Their treat.
All right.
We're here.
Don't try to pull any crap.
And what variety of crap could I possibly pull? I've lost my grace.
Look at me.
I got nothing.
Okay, why did you have to see us? What's so urgent? - [ Sighs .]
So, I, uh, notice you've been in touch with Chuck.
, you know who.
Yeah, yeah.
Is this going anywhere? Yes, Chuck agreed to take on Amara.
He said that? Used those words? - Pretty much.
So, what -- he's not confronting Amara? Oh, no.
No, no, no.
He's -- He's going to -- He's gonnameet with her.
He's just not gonna take her down.
He's gonna sacrifice himself.
Let her do whatever she wants with him.
Do you really expect us to buy this? No.
Of course not.
Buy this.
[ Thuds .]
Ignore the typos, but read it.
It's in his own words.
It's not an autobiography.
It's a suicide note.
[ Child laughing .]
You wanted to talk.
This seemed as good a place as any.
Look at them -- endlessly optimistic.
The wind blows over his tower, he rebuilds.
Always gets me.
If that's so, why are you bailing? When you see Amara, you're throwing in the towel? [ Sighs .]
Loose lips.
But you think I'm a dick.
Why do you care? Because before you went M.
A you did a lot.
Thank you.
And what you call throwing in the towel, I call strategy.
How is death by your sister a strategy? I know her.
Her beef is with me.
Yeah, but I still don't understand how -- how dying is a -- a blueprint for success.
I don't be dying.
I'll be caged.
I trade myself for everything I created.
It goes on.
Okay, well, the, um, Amara that I know is a mountain of -- of pissed off.
I mean, she spent a -- a gazillion years in solitary.
The only thing she's thinking is -- is it's her turn.
And I'll give it to her, as long as she accepts the deal.
The deal? What She's gonna eliminate you, and then she's gonna destroy everything that you've created.
She's told me this personally.
[ Sighs .]
You started this.
You started all of this, but does that give you the right to end it? You know, we're not just some toys you throw away.
I think you owe us more than that.
If my plan doesn't work, then humans will step up.
You, Sam, others that are the chosen will have to find a way.
It's why I saved you years ago.
You're the firewall between light and darkness.
No, I Look, give me a -- a vampire, and I'm good.
But this -- God's sister? That is way above my pay grade.
I It Bottom line is i-it's you who has to take her out.
And look, and then after that, you know, get a condo in Cancun.
I don't care! [ Footsteps approaching .]
I got you a beer.
I don't know if you drink.
I do now.
Well [ Sighs .]
I don't know if Chuck is leaning our way.
You don't know? If we do get Lucifer for the added muscle, thenmaybe he'll play ball.
I thought they hated each other.
Yeah, they do.
[ Door opens .]
I so miss being an atheist.
Sam: All right, Metatron.
Make it quick.
Don't touch anything.
Dean! Thanks for inviting me.
Inviting you? You've been circling the building all night.
You sent me 200 text messages with dumbass emojis.
You got three minutes.
Donatello! Pleasure to meet you.
Metatron, scribe of God.
I was there when you were designed.
I wrote your name on the inside of the angels' eyelids.
He's freaking me out.
You said you wanted to help.
Besides world-class douchery, what do you have to offer? Oh, nothing.
I just transcribed the angel tablet and know all the spells.
And I know what makes Amara tick.
And I had a relationship with the big guy for eons.
Shall I keep going? Ah! That's mine! As much as I hate to admit this he kind of has a point.
- I don't know.
- [ Scoffs .]
You need all the help you can get -- even douche help.
And since when did you jump on the God wagon? You never used to give a damn.
Well, I didn't -- at one time.
Now that he's gone all kamikaze, leaving us with the Darkness, I [ Sighs .]
I was by his side since the creation.
He believed in me.
If there's something I can do to help save him and his creation, then uh, it seems like I should.
The plan is to rescue Lucifer from Amara.
Then he teleports us out of Amara's hideout and we convince Chuck to use him to fight her.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Scoffs .]
That's your plan? Do you even know where Amara is? Um, I think I might know where she is.
I've been getting this vibe.
Uh, it's like a ping in my cerebral cortex.
Oh, so either Amara or a stroke.
And how are we supposed to keep Amara busy while we're liberating Lucifer? Thank you for reaching out to me, Dean.
You said you wanted to meet.
I missed you.
And the sensations you arouse.
I know you feel the same way.
Sowhat do we do? There can be no us.
We should just walk away.
Then why don't you? [ Sighs .]
[ Engine shuts off .]
[ Panting .]
Oh, goody.
Larry, Curly, Moe.
Search and rescue? Oh, wow.
It's one of Dad's favorites.
Your ticket finally got punched, huh? It's wacky, isn't it? One minute, you'renobody.
And then -- Shazam -- you're Joan of Arc.
Let's, uh -- Let's hope this ends better than that.
All right, can the small talk.
We're busting you out of here.
Well, it seems fair since I wouldn't be here if you lunatics hadn't set me up to be grabbed by Amara.
You're gonna help us take her down.
If you say no, we'll just leave you here in Abu Ghraib.
[ Chuckles, coughs .]
Say no? You see what she's done to me? Do I look like a fan?! Amara: This place, this world hasn't been especially easy for you.
Why not at least consider my offer? This world is flawed.
I will give you that.
But I am not ready to say goodbye to it just yet.
But one way or the other, you will.
It's inevitable.
My brother won't stop me again, because he can't.
Dean, give up your smallness, your humanity and become boundless within me.
Eeroh, mahday saytah! Did you grabbed this from the steno pool? You understand you'll be working with your father.
Is that gonna be a problem? [ Groans .]
That's family.
This is bigger.
So, you'll table all the old stuff? What happens in Heaven stays in Heaven.
Kahtoh, mahday, tayroh! Metatron, are we getting any closer? Dean can't stall forever.
I'm -- I'm -- I'm narrowing it down.
[ Stammering .]
You're right.
I am drawn to you.
And it bothers the hell out of me, 'cause I can't control it.
Then why fight it? What you're feeling is that I am the end of your struggle.
Something stops you.
Keeps you from having it all.
Sahboh, taylah! Oh, oh! - Yes.
- [ Groans .]
Where are your thoughts? Something's different.
Hey, Lucifer, zap us out of here -- quick! Oh, no can do.
What do you mean you can't do it? Temporarily grounded.
Equipment malfunction.
You've spoken with God.
You've seen him.
You betrayed me.
Guys, I'm -- I'm feeling her! She's coming! All right, we're out of here.
Come on.
[ Grunts .]
[ Groans .]
All right, Metatron, come on.
It's okay, Sam.
You go.
What?! Come on! I'm serious.
I got this.
[ Panting .]
[ Engine revs, tires screech .]
The secretary.
You were kidding with that, weren't you? He meant well.
Spare the universe.
Spare this.
[ Screaming .]
[ Donatello muttering indistinctly .]
[ Tires squeal .]
[ Engine revving .]
You really aren't worth sparing.
None of you.
[ Tires squealing .]
What happened?! [ Sam coughs .]
Where are we? [ Scoffs .]
[ Sighs .]
Occasionally, I do answer a prayer.
[ Bottle opens .]
[ Sighs .]
You've changed.
You've changed.
Well, still I'm really pretty much the same.
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