Supernatural s12e21 Episode Script

There's Something About Mary

1 [ Grunts .]
[ Gasps .]
These Hunters are out of control, the brothers Winchester in particular, which Lady Bevell has exhaustively documented.
[ Screams .]
The grand experiment of recruiting American Hunters has failed.
[ Silenced gunshot .]
What would you like me to do? Exterminate them, everylastone.
Cass: This is not a baby.
This is the spawn of Lucifer.
Dean: Cass? No! Cass: And I know now that this child must be born with all of his power.
Ketch: Dr.
Hess wants to know everything about the Winchesters.
Sorry I couldn't pick up before.
I've been on a hunt with Ketch.
Dean? We've got a problem.
What are you doing here? It's the end for the American Hunters.
But I can keep you safe, if you play nice.
[ Groans .]
I don't play nice.
[ Bone breaks .]
Aah! [ Electricity crackles .]
[ Groans .]
[ Panting .]
[ Heartbeat thumping .]
[ Hellhound barking .]
[ Snarls, growls .]
[ Gunfire .]
[ Growls .]
Aah! [ Screaming .]
[ Bones crack .]
[ High-pitched whistle blows .]
[ Panting .]
[ Growls .]
Good puppy.
[ Growls .]
[ Snarls, chomps .]
Supernatural 12x21 There's Something About Mary [ Switch clicks .]
Mom? Mom.
Well, looks like she hasn't been here for a while.
All her stuff is gone.
Did she say she was moving on or No, I told you what she said.
She said, “Dean, call me.
We have a problem.
” And then that was it.
She didn't sound happy.
Okay, well, when she's not here, she's been bunking with the Brits.
So maybe -- Well, dude, I've called Mick, like, six times.
He's been radio silent since they sent him to London.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
Ketch, calling to see if my Mom's with you.
It's Dean.
Because I'd like to speak to her, that's why.
No, I'm not being terse.
Look, if you haven't seen her, do you know where she is? No, I'm not being curt either.
Look, I don't have time for Manners 101 from you, okay? If she's with you, I wanna know about it.
[ Beep .]
Such a dick.
And? He says he hasn't seen Mom in over a week.
But Mom called two days ago, said she was working a case with him.
Which means he's lying.
But why would he -- [ Cellphone rings .]
[ Ring .]
[ Ring .]
[ Ring, beep .]
Jody, hey.
No, what? No.
Uh No, we hadn't heard.
Mom? Um, when? What the hell happened? Oh, no.
No, I-I Yeah, thanks for letting me know.
[ Beep .]
Who? Eileen.
How? She was, uh, mauled by a wild animal in a wooded area that doesn't have animals that do that, in South Carolina.
But I thought she was in Ireland.
Sam Dean, that's the second Hunter death we've heard about in two weeks.
I know.
But two doesn't mean a pattern.
Three would.
Meaning? Mom's a Hunter, and no one knows where she is.
People who do what we do, you know there are gonna be deaths, but This These wounds -- I mean, we've only seen something this bad a few times.
Hellhound? Yeah.
But it doesn't make any sense.
Why would a -- why would a demon sic a hellhound on her? Why did she leave Ireland? I don't know, Dean.
All right, well, counting Eileen, that makes seven Hunters in three weeks.
Yeah, and those are the ones we know about.
Seven monster-related deaths.
I mean, what, did all the things out there suddenly start working together? Dean, monsters and demons don't team up.
Seven Hunters are gone.
We can't grab a signal from Mom's phone.
Cass has Kelly Kline who knows where.
Mick has slipped off the grid.
Ketch is lying to us.
I-I [ Exhales sharply .]
I wanna punch something in the face.
Hold on to that, 'cause it looks like we got a hellhound to deal with.
Which means How many times do I have to repeat myself? Find me Kelly Kline! As a concept, it's ridiculously simple, as are you! Please don't yell.
I'm trying.
“I'm trying.
” Well, try harder! As if your almost-life depended on it.
Yes, my King.
Bear down.
What do you know? We know Dagon is dead and can't protect Kelly.
Which makes your task even easier.
We know Lucifer's son is almost due.
Which makes your task more crucial.
We know we don't know how powerful he'll be when born.
Which makes you an idiot.
I know that, too.
Apparently, you and the legion of demons that I've assigned to this task haven't been motivated properly.
- Follow me.
- You going to skin me alive, Sire? Would it be that simple.
I have to remind you and your team of screwups of the pride of superior work, the thrill of pleasing me, and the gratification of living one more day.
[ Door creaks .]
[ Switch clicks .]
[ Clanks .]
[ Door creaks .]
[ Siren wailing in distance .]
Hello, Rick.
[ Exhales sharply .]
[ Mail thuds .]
No, please come in.
Have a seat.
So you have my address, but not my phone number? Spur of the moment.
Someone dropped a dime on a vamp nest near here.
You got anything? No, news to me.
You want in? Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
How ya been? Well, uh [ Sighs .]
taking plenty of heat from the Brit Dicks to join the tea and crumpet squad.
Yeah, they do not want to take “no” for an answer.
Really? Yeah.
Want a beer? Sure.
I mean, screw them, right? [ Groans .]
What do they think, after all these years [ Blade clicks .]
[ Glass shatters .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Groans .]
[ Bottle clinks .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Bottles rattle .]
[ Choking .]
[ Inhales sharply .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Inhales sharply .]
[ Sighs .]
[ Beeps, unlocks .]
How are we doing today? Oh, Mary.
[ Locks, beeps .]
Those eye bags again.
Did something happen last night? Could you be more specific? Was I out of this building? Well, you would know that better than I.
Unless you're having trouble distinguishing fact from fiction.
So what's going on, Mary? I'm fine.
Are you? [ Muffled groans .]
[ Muffled groans .]
You're brainwashing me? You're beingrealigned.
Soon, you won't differentiate between your thinking and ours.
All of your thoughts and actions will come from us.
What are you talking about? Well, not about this illusion of you that you hold on to.
The perfect life.
Loving husband and kids.
But it never really was perfect, was it? All those secrets you kept from your beloved John -- that you were a Hunter.
That you invited Azazel to visit when he spared John's life.
How do you -- I have sources, Mary.
After you died, your beloved John was a man slowly going mad, searching for revenge.
What? Your boys didn't tell you? The drunken rages? The weeks of abandonment? Child abuse, really.
It's no wonder they're damaged.
So [ Claps hands .]
enough with the fairy tale.
We are returning you to a more pure version of yourself -- Mary Campbell, natural born killer.
The American Hunters haven't fallen into line as we'd hoped, so they're being eliminated, repealed and replaced by our people, and you, Mary, you play a key role in that.
I won't.
Or maybe you already have.
[ Grunts .]
[ Groans .]
Interesting choice.
Soon you won't be making any.
[ Door beeps, unlocks .]
[ Locks, beeps .]
[ Inhales sharply .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Groans .]
[ Exhales sharply .]
Good afternoon.
Stunningly beautiful as ever.
Revoltingly unctuous as always.
Let's cut to it.
You have your people slaughtering the American Hunters, which, naturally, I applaud.
You know about that? I provided Arthur Ketch with a hellhound.
I didn't think he was looking for a pet.
Obviously, your organization is looking to put down roots.
I just want to make doubly sure that you and I have the same arrangement in the States that we do in the U.
I don't see why not.
No point being at war.
No sides lose.
If your demons limit their involvement to humans idiotic enough to sell their souls Done.
And share information? As needed? I assume finding that infernal nephilim is a top priority.
Since it could kill you, me, and the entire universe, probably.
I am a team player.
My demons are scouring the country as I speak.
Did you notice my sigh of relief? [ Gasps .]
Oh, right.
There wasn't one.
Crowley, one more thing.
What? Your relationship with the Winchesters.
It's a bit cozy for my taste.
I hope you don't expect me to spare your friends.
[ Door creaking closed .]
[ Whoosh .]
[ Heartbeat thumping .]
That completes my examination.
Okay, Drexel, as much as I enjoy playing doctor with you day after day, I need to blow this joint now.
I beg you to be patient.
Until I get the security device shut off, you completely belong to Crowley.
Okay, if it's at minimum power, and I'm at maximum power, I'll roll the dice, man.
Crowley: I'm telling you, I don't know anything about it.
The name Eileen Leahy means nothing to me.
Sam: Crowley, only a demon can control a hellhound, which means that one of your people was involved.
If that were the case, I would know about it.
There are no missing hellhounds.
I was cuddling with them just last night.
And you know nothing else of the other Hunters who are dying? Not only don't I know, I don't care.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
[ Sighs .]
Never thought of you as a cuddler, Crowley.
Tell me more.
More? I've been giving thought to your future.
As my slave, you could be useful as a weapon, laying waste to my enemies, starting with a certain British bitch who's far too comfortable giving me ultimatums.
Are you done? No.
If you do have any information as to the whereabouts of Kelly Kline and the spawn of your loins Ooh.
you may want to give that information to me.
And why, oh, why would I do a thing like that? Because turns out that Kelly's been chumming it with an old friend of yours.
So? SoDagon dead.
Kelly's now in the clutches of the Winchesters' love slave, Castiel, who's no doubt dragging her to a gruesome death.
As opposed to the fun-packed death you have planned.
My plan may just be to save your son's life, raise him as my own, give him the chance to use his power in my service.
I may be the only hope you have of seeing him alive.
Think about it.
[ Door creaking .]
[ Lock clicks .]
[ Exhales sharply .]
I need to get out of here now.
[ Beeps, unlocks .]
[ Door closes .]
[ Rick chokes .]
[ Glass shatters .]
[ Groans .]
[ Bottles rattle .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Muffled groan .]
We just completed another session.
She's coming along nicely.
I know you wanted me to accelerate her progress, Dr.
I believe I've achieved that.
That is why you brought me in.
I'm sorry, were you expecting a pat on the head, Your Highness? Oh, no.
I would never expect civility from you.
You two are such fun together.
Of course, she may be reporting to you.
[ Scoffs .]
I'm not really an administrator.
[ Chuckles .]
You kill without mercy.
You'll be fine.
I mean, here you are, watching this woman suffer.
And only days ago, you were sleeping with her.
Of course I knew.
Once the U.
Hunters are gone, I'm seriously considering putting you in charge.
You're too kind.
Of course, Lady Bevell is also desperate for the job.
Oh, that's right.
You slept with her as well.
Sam: Yeah.
Yeah, no, I appreciate it.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
So I've been calling around about all of the Hunters that died.
Um, every one of them had years of experience.
We got a letter from Eileen.
Eileen? She sent it four days ago.
It went snail mail 'cause she thought that her phone and her computer were both hacked.
She left Ireland because she was scared.
Scared of what? Well, after she accidentally killed that -- that Brit douche Renny, she thought that the British Men of Letters were on her.
“I know they're following me, watching me.
“They tapped my phone.
I found a microphone in my room.
” “I hate to be all girly, but I could bunk with you guys for a days until I sort this out”" You think the Brits were watching her? If Eileen says they were -- Then maybe they're the ones that killed her.
[ Sniffs .]
Those Hunters you were talking to, is one of them Terry Marsh? Yeah, Terry Marsh in Missouri.
I talked to him.
He, uh, he's also thinking it's not monsters doing the real killing.
Okay, well, I got a text from him.
He's been nosing around, says he's got a fair idea of what's going on.
And? He doesn't feel safe talking about it on the phone.
He wants to meet.
The old iron works off the interstate.
Tomorrow night at 9:00.
He says park off the road by the warehouse.
All right.
The timing of your escape is crucial, my Lord.
If the device isn't sufficiently impaired, the King's hold on you will only increase.
And, of course, I'll be -- [ Grunts, chokes .]
Let me perfectly clear, okay? My only son is in jeopardy, and I'm running out of patience.
[ Grunts .]
Check it again.
[ Coughing .]
[ Exhales slowly .]
[ Huffs .]
Thisthis can't be.
[ Heartbeat thumping .]
Do not tell me it's powering up.
It's powering up -- I asked you not to tell me that.
But in the opposite direction.
This is amazing.
What? The device, it's cemented directly into your DNA and that of the King's.
As it's powering down in you, the polarity is somehow reversing.
English, Drexel.
The ability to control is transferring from Crowley to you.
So you're saying that Crowley's gonna be my puppet.
[ High-pitched whistle blows .]
Good dog.
You sat for Lady Bevell.
[ Low growl, chomp .]
[ Slurping, chewing .]
How can you even tell? Am I gonna say “bad dog”? He can be unpleasant.
[ Glove snaps .]
[ Sighs .]
Hess says that you have designs on Mick Davies' job.
Did she? She assured me it was mine to turn down.
She told me the same thing.
Well Pitted against each other, like our days at Kendricks.
I always did rather well in those situations.
You slaughtered the competition.
Sometimes literally.
And yet, I never slaughtered you, Ketch.
Well, we were having a lot of sex at the time.
I've been studying the American Situation and how to fix it for years.
So this? Is mine.
Trust me.
The cream always rises to the top.
Oh, I agree.
[ Beep .]
Woman over P.
: Mr.
Ketch? The prisoner is asking for you.
[ Beep .]
[ Chuckles .]
[ Sighs .]
Arrogant bastard.
Lady Bevell, I have news.
[ Beeps, unlocks .]
[ Door closes .]
I didn't think you'd come.
I'm losing my mind, Ketch.
I actually don't know if thisis real.
What do they want me to do? Exactly what you're doing, Mary, and you're doing it splendidly.
I killed somebody.
[ Inhales deeply .]
He was a-a friend.
I do it all the time.
I believed in what you people were doing.
I fought with you so that my boys could maybe live in a world without monsters.
How can you just -- I'm not sure what you're expecting.
That I'll intervene? We made it clear to each other, we don't have a relationship.
We worked together.
We We know each other.
I don't know you, Mary.
Not really.
You certainly don't know me.
Youwouldn't want to.
[ Crying .]
I need your help.
[ Sobs .]
[ Sniffles .]
Mary [ Cocks gun .]
[ Gunshot .]
Ow! Ah! [ Inhales deeply .]
Then you do it! [ Exhales sharply .]
Kill me.
[ Sniffles .]
All my life, all I ever had, other than my family, was my will.
[ Crying .]
And it's going away.
[ Sniffles .]
I'm -- I'm putting people in danger.
I'm putting my sons in danger.
Youhave toplease.
For God's sake, kill me.
Just do it! Mary, listen to me.
It won't be long now.
This will all be over.
I promise.
I promise.
[ Crying .]
[ Inhales sharply .]
[ Sobs .]
[ Locks, beeps .]
[ Crying softly .]
[ Engine turns off .]
[ Car doors open .]
[ Car doors close .]
[ Door creaking .]
[ Pounding on door .]
[ Cocks gun .]
[ Glass shatters .]
[ Gunshots .]
[ Groaning .]
[ Strained voice .]
You keep that up, we're gonna have to start dating.
[ Door creaks closed .]
Before long, of course, I will get rid of you.
But I will miss our little chats.
Hmm, you mean the ones where you prattle on about your imagined power, and I prepare to care? Those chats? How is Lucifer Jr.
? Dead yet? Hmmno.
Still alive and kickin'.
Kid's a bruiser.
Sort of proud.
Well, before you book a Daddy and Me class, I must assure you there is no heir to your throne.
The Winchesters wouldn't mess up a second time.
I don't know about that.
Seems to be sort of their thing.
I mean, they thought they would stuff me back in the Cage again.
And yet, due to my cunning, here you sit, a virtual slave to my will.
And the hubris -- you and your pseudo son? I mean, it's delusional.
[ Clears throat .]
[ Clears throat .]
Despite your epic collapse, you persist in the fantasy that you will best me.
Your bluster is no match for my masterful strategies.
And in the end, you have to concede that I have What's going on? [ Laughs .]
[ Chains rattling .]
“Master strategist”.
More like Kermit the Frog.
Oh, my little Muppet! Crowley, what will I do without you? Why you spying on us? Oh, and what do you know about Eileen Leahy? Who? Did you -- did -- did your people, did they kill her? Probably.
Rule of thumb -- if you think we killed someone, then we probably did.
Speaking of, you do realize that by attacking me, you invite the retribution of the entire British Men of Letters? No investigation, no trial.
Just punishment and ruin.
Possibly at the hands of Mary Winchester.
The hell is that supposed to mean? Your mother -- she's our permanent guest.
She's your prisoner? Why? Prisoner? Who said anything about prisoner? No, Mary's joined the team.
Even has her own super secret decoder ring.
[ Scoffs .]
You're lying.
You're right.
There is no ring.
Oh, boys and their mums.
See, you see her as Mummy.
We see her as one of our best killers.
You know, just 'cause she works with Ketch doesn't mean she likes him.
Or you.
Oh, that Oedipal myopia again.
And did you really think she was just “working” with Ketch? All of those days and nights? That's enough.
He said it was some of the best sex he'd ever had.
[ Tires screech .]
You wanna rethink that? Fine.
[ Engine idling .]
He said it was the best sex he'd ever had.
Dean, Dean.
Ah! [ Chuckles .]
Sam: All right.
Dean: Keep it up.
What about Mick? Where is he in all of this? Mick? Yes, Mick.
Oh, Mick's dead.
He's dead? Quite.
It was determined he was too sentimental for the job.
Turns out, he was too much like you two and all the other U.
Ergo, soon each and every Hunter in this country will join him.
Jody Mills, Claire Novak, all of your other flannel-wearing, whiskey-swilling friends.
They're dead.
[ Groans .]
Ooh! Yeah, that feels awesome.
[ Laughs .]
Oh! Muscle cramps.
You know a good Pilates class? [ Forced chuckle .]
So to be clear, I accept that you are now in charge.
I-I like this new arrangement better.
You're more the big picture guy.
I'm the day-to-day minutiaeguy.
[ Grunts .]
[ Groans .]
Aah! [ Groans .]
8 ball, corner pocket.
Aah! [ Coughs .]
Well, I could do this all day, but since I'm King, et cetera, et cetera.
I'll wrap it up.
[ Groaning .]
[ High-pitched ringing .]
[ Gasps .]
Oh, you had to know this was inevitable.
[ Grunts .]
This is gonna hurt.
[ Groans .]
[ Grunts .]
Clean up on aisle 7.
[ Blade clatters .]
So we're clear? You call Ketch, tell him if he wants to see you alive, he gets his prissy ass over here.
Interestingly, his prissy ass is already here.
[ Gun cocks .]
Lady Bevell, would you mind disarming them? [ Gunfire .]
Get up.
All right, Ketch, how many more guys are in here? Our mom -- Where is she?! Don't move.
Ah, speak of the devil.
Perfect timing, Mom.
Just stay where you are.
Hey! You heard her.
I was talkin' to you.
Mom? Hey! Ketch, stop.
I really wouldn't move.
She will shoot you.
Mummy always was a talented Hunter.
Just somewhatconfused about obeying orders.
What did you do to her? Lady Bevell cleared up thatconfusion.
And I suspect she told you that the American Hunters are a dying breed.
[ Ascending footsteps .]
For heaven's sake, where do you think you're going? Ketch.
Remember at Kendricks, how they taught us that we were all expendable? That wasn't idle chat.
Mom? Look at me.
It's us.
What's wrong with you? Mom! Your bunker is an excellent fortress.
An even better tomb.
So we've rejiggered the locks, we've shut off the water, and once we leave, the pumps that bring in the air shall reverse.
Your oxygen should be gone in two days, maybe three.
You dying in here, it's almost poetic, hmm? Come along, Mary.
Ketch! [ Door opens .]
[ Bolt locks .]
[ Door handle rattling .]
[ Pounding on door .]
No! [ Bunker powering down .]
[ Air pumps whirring .]
He wants this done before he returns.
What are we supposed to do withthat? [ Sighs .]
Toss it.
I do have to hand it to Lady Bevell.
Your treatment's been most successful so far.
And so you know, this will becomeeasier.
Easier to hurt people I love? Easier to hurt people you don't remember loving.
How do you feel? Fine.
I'm fine.
[ Inhales deeply, exhales slowly .]
My son.

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