Supernatural s13e11 Episode Script


1 [ Cellphone rings, beeps ] Well, I'll be damned.
Huh? Donna, what's shakin'? Donna: We have a case to solve.
This is Officer Stover.
He's lead on the case.
Nice to meet ya.
Call me Doug.
Looks like somebody might have a crush.
[ Both laugh ] Okay, so now you're sure it's vampires? What the cuss?! A vampire? Dean: I'm a monster.
We gotta deal with this before I hurt somebody.
Sam: The cure is good.
Trickiest thing on the list -- blood of the fang who turned ya.
All right, give me the damn cure.
We don't scare them anymore.
Donna: Says who? Huh! Now that's what I'm talkin' about.
- [ Giggles ] - [ Sam grunts ] Hey.
[ Clears throat ] - Yeah.
- Mmm! - There we go.
- You betcha.
[ The Chantels' “Look in My Eyes” playing ] Look in my eyes [ Grinding, rubber glove snaps ] And tell me you [ Volume raises ] Love me Tell me you love me [ Man screaming ] Or, darling, I'll be gone Gone, gone, gone Please! [ Sobs ] Please, no, no, no! No, please! No! Ooh No! Aah! [ Electric saw whirs ] [ Man screaming ] [ Song fades out ] [ Insects chirping ] [ Car approaching ] [ Engine turns off ] [ Ignition alert dinging ] [ Traffic passing ] Male voice: Card declined.
Card declined.
Please see cashier.
Of course.
[ Indistinct conversations ] Man: If I regard wickedness in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.
Psalms -- It's not just poetry.
[ Cowbell clangs ] [ Door closes, conversations stop ] Hey.
Um, excuse me.
Your card thing is broken.
Tried it a couple times, but it's not working.
, too.
That's kinda funny.
Old English.
Kind of reminds me of soap scum or -- Can I just get $30 on 2? Why don't you smile some? You can get whatever you want, darlin'.
[ Beeps, register whirring ] Hmm.
[ Cowbell clangs, door opens ] [ Door closes ] [ Gasps ] Wash your windows? No, I -- No.
No, thanks.
[ Tire flapping ] Come on.
Hey! You suck! [ Muffled screaming ] [ Grunting ] [ Grunts ] [ Screams ] [ Kicks ] [ Grunts ] Oh! [ Gasping ] No.
No, no.
[ Screaming ] No! Supernatural 13x11 Breakdown [ Knock on door ] Yo, makin' pancakes.
How many do you want? [ Sighs heavily ] [ Cellphone vibrating ] [ Pillow thuds ] Yeah.
All right.
Ho, ho, ho.
There he is.
Saved you a short stack.
Hey, Donna, I'm here with Dean.
I'm gonna put you on speaker.
[ Beep ] Uh, why don't you tell him what you told me? Oh.
It's my niece.
She's gone missing.
And the local cops don't [ Rain falling ] I know it's not your normal thing, but Text us the address.
We're on our way.
[ Voice breaks ] Thank you.
[ Beep ] [ Sighs ] [ Thunderclap ] [ Engine turns off ] Hey, Donna.
How you holding up? Oh, you knownot great.
I'm sorry for calling you guys, but Jody's got her hands full with the girls.
Hey, never apologize for calling us.
So what do we know? Uh, staties found her car side of the road.
Signs of a struggle.
And what was she doing out here? She was taking a gap year.
It's, like, this thing where -- Take a year off, run wild before you go to college? Mm-hmm.
I used to tell her about how much fun I had when I did it.
Well, she thought that sounded like an adventure.
She thought Donna, hey.
Whatever happened, it's not your fault.
That's what Doug keeps telling me, but [ Sighs ] I can't help but think -- Just focus on the case.
Doug here? Yeah, he's in there, talking to the locals.
I'll go check in.
[ Police radio chatter ] Excuse me! Hey! What are you doin'? Oh, I, um I asked you a question, son.
First off, I'm not your son.
Second -- Whoa, whoa, easy.
[ Chuckles ] Agent Clegg, this is Agent Savage, FBI.
Company man.
Wow, you should've told me.
Well, I didn't get a chance.
And what field office are you out of? I'm just curious who I should call about you walking through my crime scene.
[ Radio chatter continues ] Mm.
I think we got off on the wrong foot.
Uh, I'm not here on official business.
The victim, she's family.
She's my cousin, so I'm just here to get some answers.
I can respect that.
All right, come on, I'll fill you in.
You and Donna are related? Yeah.
So you were in Sioux Falls a couple of weeks ago at the family reunion.
I was there.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah.
Donna said it was a pretty wild time.
It was wild.
Clegg: Now this is where we found it.
This is an older stretch of highway, mostly used by long-haul truckers.
There's no patrols to stop the speeders.
Sam: So who found the car? Troopers got an anonymous tip.
Dean: Well, that's convenient.
Yeah, fits with the pattern, though.
Pattern? They think it's part of something bigger.
And Wendy's not the only one.
We found evidence that suggests she was targeted by a serial abductor.
Now that spike we found on the tire, that's classic Butterfly.
Butterfly? That's what we call him -- what I call him.
He's got kind of a migrating pattern.
Now in the winter, he makes his way southward, targeting people that are traveling alone, people who won't be missed.
Then in the summer, he turns around and he heads back up north.
Now what about the victims? Go on.
They disappear.
We've never even found a body.
So maybe they aren't, you know, gone gone.
Look, having you all here is not standard operating procedure, but if you wanna help Now, I've been chasing this psycho for the last 12 years.
I could use all the help I can get.
We're in.
[ Static crackling ] No one uses CB radios anymore.
Man: All that smokey saw was my rubbers.
No one except truckers.
Breaker, breaker 1-9, this is 67, the Midnight Rider.
Looking for the 4-1-1 on my Alice in Wonderland.
Man: Whoa, ho, Midnight Rider.
Sound like that piece ran out on you.
She's redhead, brown sedan.
She's family.
[ Static hisses ] Breaker, breaker.
Anyone? Hot diggity.
I'll find your Alice.
She'll be my family, too.
Man: [ Laughs ] Not if I get there first.
You see? [ Hanger clatters ] Told you.
This is stupid.
It'll work.
Dad used it all the time.
This isn't even our kind of case.
And you know, with the real Feds here, we should back down.
You're joking, right? - We're still fugitives.
- They think we're dead.
Do you really wanna get on the FBI's radar again? Okay, so what do you wanna do? Hmm? Wanna call up Donna and say, “Hey, sorry about your niece.
These kinds of things happen.
” And head back to the bunker so you can mope some more? I'm not moping.
You got up at 10:00 a.
this morning.
10:00 a.
You, Mr.
Rise and Freakin' Shine.
And then you turned down pancakes.
I wasn't hungry.
[ Cap fizzes ] They're pancakes.
Y-- Look, I know you're in a dark place right now, okay? I mean, we lost Jack.
Mom is I think about 'em, too.
All the time.
But you can't let it eat you up.
Now look, when I was -- when I was broken up, you were there for me.
Well, I'm here for you now.
And I'm telling you, the only way out of this is through.
Now when everything goes to hell, what do we do? We put our heads down and we do the work.
We'll find Jack.
We'll save Mom, we will.
But right now, Donna needs our help.
Woman: Breaker, breaker, Midnight Rider.
Okay? Felix the Cat here.
Breaker, breaker, Midnight Rider.
Felix the Cat here.
I, uh, think I got somethin' for ya.
[ Click ] 10-4, Felix.
What do you got? Better we talk live and in color.
You mind meeting up? There's, uh, there's a place off Gold Rush Byway, just past mile marker 980.
I'll roll through around noon.
[ Click ] It's a date.
All right.
I'll go check that out tomorrow.
Why don't you hang back in case something else breaks? Okay.
Look [ Sighs ] Obviously, I'm here for Donna, all right? I wanna help.
I know you do.
So let's find this son of a bitch.
[ Lon Rogers & The Soul Blenders' “Too Good To Be True” ] [ Chuckles ] [ Gasping ] [ Door opens ] I'm in love with you [ Door closes ] And I'm crazy 'bout the things you do You're more to me than any pot of gold You make me feel good deep in my soul [ Screams ] [ Mimics scream ] [ Crying ] Let me go! Let me go! Let me Please.
Please let me go.
Please let me go.
Why? Why are yo ] Oh, sweetheart, a girl like you What are you And if you ever depart from me Please, help me.
I'll live on in misery I can't believe that you're for real [ Camera beeps ] Because, because you give [ Hums ] Help me.
Help me, someone! Help me, please! Whoa Please, help me! Now we subpoenaed your niece's credit cards so we can retrace her steps.
Sorry I'm late.
Uh, what's this? That is the last 12 years of my life.
Right there is every person we think got taken by the Butterfly.
Really? Like I was telling Donna, the last place that we can put Wendy is at a gas station in Oshkosh, Nebraska.
Now based on the Butterfly's pattern, I have a short list of suspects that I like, but there's one guy in particular I've always liked more than the others.
You ever bring him in? No.
Could never get anything concrete to link up.
Until now.
You see, that night he was there, too.
That's your guy? Pastor “Diamond” Don Hankey.
Road preacher.
Ministers to truckers, mostly.
Don't let his squeaky clean act fool you, though.
He's got a jacket.
Arrests for lewd behavior, couple drunk and disorderlies.
Thank you for your service, son.
And when we picked him up we found this.
That's Wendy's.
So this girl of yours Mm, you saw her that night? Yeah.
Usually, I-I try to stay out of this sort of stuff.
I just run my route and keep out of trouble.
But [ Sighs ] that night, that girl [ Inhales deeply ] [ Indistinct conversations ] [ Sighs ] Like I said, I saw her twice -- uh, once at a station off Highway 26 and then later, I was driving off Road 88 and Hey.
Hey! [ Breathes deeply ] [ Bell dings ] I shouldn't have left her there.
But, um, I was running behind schedule and I just Well, it's the only reason I even gassed up there.
That place gives me the creeps.
And what's this place called? Manny's Truck Stop Cafe.
The other night -- we can put you there.
I go where my ministry takes me.
You know her? Her name is Wendy Hanscum.
Recent high school grad.
She had her whole life ahead of her.
No? [ Papers rustle ] What about him? Luis Fernando.
He had a family.
They're both missing.
The girl looks vaguely familiar.
I've never laid eyes on the immigrant.
Okay, let's focus on the girl, then.
Excuse me? I know my rights.
Do you think I give a tinker's damn about your rights? I don't care what you or your goon think.
I know my rights, so get me a lawyer.
Then you can ask me anything you like about your illegal and your whore.
Tough guy, huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey! Agent, Agent, Agent, Agent.
Agent, please.
Mind if I talk to him? [ Car door closes ] Thanks for coming.
[ Sighs ] Got that report you asked for.
Everything that's gone down at Manny's Truck Stop Cafe lately.
And? [ Exhales sharply ] Couple of D&Ds, four counts of public urination, but Nothing that screams secret hunting ground for a kidnapper.
Not exactly.
Can I ask you a question? About Donna? Okay.
Is she gonna be okay? I mean, I love Donna, but I've only known her for a couple years, and this I've never seen her like this.
I'm not sure what you mean.
I mean, she's barely talkin' to me, and we always talk.
About the Vikes, about the Real Housewives, about everything.
[ Sighs ] [ Sighs ] This is a tough time, I know, but I think she's hiding something from me.
Anyhoo, forget it.
It's probably nothing.
I'm probably just spinning.
It's nothing.
[ Chuckles ] Doug, you're a good guy.
And you're gonna be there for Donna.
You betcha.
So, you know, just trust her.
Okay? I said I want my lawyer.
You sure? I mean, the Bible doesn't have much good to say about them.
“But the Pharisees and the lawyers “rejected God's purpose for themselves, not having been baptized by John.
” You know your scripture.
Even the good book's got lawyer jokes.
I know what you're doin'.
And I want -- Lawyer.
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, but here's the thing.
[ Chair slides ] This is a small town.
And it's Friday night.
You know? So if you're lucky, they might be able to get you a public defender by Monday.
Which means you get to spend at least two nights in the big cell.
Just you and a bunch of guys who well, look at you and all they're gonna see is Sunday dinner.
Soif you wanna deal with that? Super.
Or [ Chair scoots ] You can answer a few questions, and I can get you outta here.
Your call.
She's good.
Yeah, she is.
[ Insects chirping ] Windows? Oil? How about a girl? [ Cellphone beeps ] Have you seen her? May have.
Keep talking.
She was in a couple nights ago.
Marlon liked her.
Marlon? He's the cashier.
After she left, he closed up early and drove off after her.
Didn't come back till dawn.
How long you been on the road? Oh, a long time.
Maybe 12 years, you'd say? Yeah, could be.
You just travel all over, huh? Across God's green Earth.
You a family man, Pastor? Married, two kids.
They know about that girl you flashed outside Cheyenne? [ Sighs ] How 'bout that teenage boy says you picked him up hitchhiking? I'm weak.
I am made of flesh.
That's your excuse? God knows I'm a sinner.
And my wife, she knows, too.
We're working through it.
Yeah? She know about this? Belongs to my niece.
What did you do with her? I don't That's not We found it in your van.
You hurt her, right? No.
No, no, no, no.
You made her bleed.
Don't lie to me.
No, I'm not.
[ Fists thud ] Don't lie to God! I'm not.
I've done wrong, but I've never hurt anybody.
[ Voice breaks ] Please, you have to believe me.
[ Whispers ] Please.
[ Crying ] [ Sighs deeply ] I believe him.
Yeah, so do I.
But the shirt Yeah, the shirt doesn't make any sense.
I mean, what? I'm -- I'm a criminal mastermind that avoids capture for 12 years and when I'm finally arrested, there's a blood shirt in my van that links me to one of the victims? It's too easy.
So someone planted it.
Definitely possible.
I mean, maybe back at the truck stop? But if it's not the Pastor, who is it? [ Cowbell clangs ] Where is she? [ Door closes ] Mmm.
I don't know.
[ Grunts ] Dean, what are you -- It's how we do things in the FBI.
It is? Try again.
I said I don't -- [ Grunts ] Look, I know you saw her and I know you went after her.
So where is she? You won't believe it.
Try me.
[ Vehicle passes ] [ Switch clicks ] [ Sobbing ] What? What's that? [ Continues sobbing ] It's like eBay.
[ Beeps ] Kinda.
[ Chirps ] [ Saw whirring ] No! No! They're selling him off.
Piece by piece.
[ Sobbing ] Somebody! [ Whirring ] Somebody help me! [ Crunch ] Oh, god, please! [ Continues sobbing ] Help me! So it ended about 30 minutes ago.
Show 'em how it started.
[ Sighs ] [ Taps key ] [ Bloop ] Somebody help me! [ Whirring ] Oh, god, please! Hey, come on.
[ Sobbing ] Help -- Aw.
What's the matter? You vegan? Ah.
[ Huffs ] How they do it in the FBI.
Who'd do this, buy pieces of people? For what? Trophies? No.
It's for food.
Look at the comments.
” “Tasty.
” “Can't wait to get my delivery”" It's takeout for -- Monsters.
What? We'll talk about it later.
What's there to talk about? Sam: Where does this broadcast from? I don't know.
Got me.
I mean, I don't run the thing.
I just [ Inhales sharply ] Look, I see someone I think nobody's gonna miss, I send a message, I get paid.
And you feel good about that? No, but, you know, like you don't got bills? [ Chirps ] Guys, guys, look at this.
[ Bloop ] Please.
If anybody's watching thisplease.
Please help me.
Oh, God.
Okay, can you -- can you -- can you hack into it and find out where she is? I don't know, Dean.
This feed's on an encrypted TOR server.
I mean, this is dark web stuff.
Even if I could crack it, it would take days.
Okay, well, you got 58 minutes.
I can't do it.
Then who can? The FBI.
So you're sayin' monsters are real? Pretty much.
Those guys, they're not related to you, are they? They're Hunters.
They kill monsters.
And so do I.
We gotta roll.
Clegg's got a 20 on that video feed, and we got 42 minutes.
[ Departing footsteps ] This is it.
[ Gun cocks ] You head around back.
we'll take the front.
All clear.
You okay hanging back? Someone's gotta watch him.
Dougie, we'll figure this out when we get back to Stillwater, okay? Here.
20 minutes.
Let's go.
- What are you doing here? - You called me.
I called you for an address, not for backup.
So you send me a link to a website that sells people, you don't expect me to show up? Look, I don't know what the hell's going on here, but I've been hunting the Butterfly a long time.
Now I need to see this through.
[ Train whistle blowing in distance ] All right, follow me.
Lady sheriff's pretty hot.
You two a thing? 'Cause, man, she is way out of your league.
Shut up.
[ Click, grinder whirring ] No.
Women: Yeah [ Grinding ] Please, please, just let me go.
Please, you don't have to do this.
Please! Please, just let me go.
Yeah No! There's a flame, a flame A big flame in my heart Yeah, yeah, yeah And believe me when I say Yeah, yeah, yeah [ Whistles ] I do Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, oh, ho Hey.
Remember what they said about monsters? Fun fact -- I am one.
Vampire, actually.
[ Hisses ] [ Growls ] [ Grunts ] [ Punches landing, shouting ] Let's have some fun.
[ Hisses ] [ Growls ] [ Gags ] [ Marlon grunts ] [ Whispers ] One - [ Doug grunts ] - Doug! [ Shotgun thuds ] [ Gasps ] What happened? Where's Marlon? Hold on.
Just hold on.
You're gonna be okay.
Where are you hurt? [ Sighs ] I'm not hurt, but [ Breathing heavily ] I don't think I'm okay.
Oh, Doug.
Oh, god.
I'm hungry.
- Okay.
- I'm so hungry.
- Aah! Aah! - [ Growls ] Doug! [ Thud ] [ Gasps ] Is he A vamp.
[ Whispers ] Oh, god.
The change -- sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow, just depends on the person.
I just shot him up with some Dead Man's Blood.
He should be knocked out for a while.
Oh, jeez.
[ Pants ] He'll be okay.
You call this okay? Look, he just got turned, okay? Which means that he hasn't fed, which means that there is a cure.
Huh? We just need to mix up some sage, a little bit of garlic -- And you need the bloodsucker who turned him.
Well, thanks for making it easy for me.
[ Chuckles ] You never even saw it comin'.
He got you.
He who? Clegg, man.
[ Laughs ] He's got your brother.
Where? Oh.
Wouldn't you like to know.
Shouldn't have been so rough with me.
I hold a grudge.
Well Bring it, Twilight.
[ Laughs ] [ Gunshot ] Aah! [ Groaning ] [ Breathing heavily ] You, get his blood and mix that cure.
And you Where's Clegg? I tell you, you'll kill me.
Oh, I'm killing ya either way.
You just gotta decide if you want it fast or slow.
[ Racks shotgun ] [ Gasps ] No, no, no.
Get further back with that.
[ Gasps ] He's a big boy.
We need him on a wide lens.
[ Grunts ] You [ Table rattles ] You're the Butterfly.
[ Grunts ] And you're Sam Winchester.
You and your brother are famous.
Hell, soon as I saw that fancy car, I knew who you were.
And I knew you'd be trouble.
Tried to give you that preacher, but you saw right through that.
So now it's on to Plan B.
[ Grunts ] Why are you doing this? Well, 'cause somebody has to.
How many monsters do you think are out there, Sam? You know, if you -- you had to guess.
Add a zero.
Actually, add two.
See, those freaks that you and your brother chase, those are just the ones that can't pass, either because they're too mean or they're too stupid, or both.
But most monsters hell, they could be your next door neighbor.
They work a regular job, mow the lawns on a Saturday.
And they need to eat, which is where I come in.
So you sell them people.
I sell them people other people won't miss.
And because I do that, I save lives.
[ Scoffs ] If my customers didn't have me [ Grunts ] then all those hungry, hungry hippos would be out there huntin' and killin'.
And you couldn't stop 'em.
No one could.
You should be thanking me.
[ Scoffs ] Huh.
All right.
Go to Hell.
[ Chuckles ] Mm.
I'll see you there.
Now I know you've been stalling because you think Dean's gonna show up, but Sorry, kid.
It's showtime.
[ Beeping ] [ Camera beeps ] Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you something truly special -- a new auction.
[ Growls ] Introducing Mr.
Sam Winchester! Donna: This it's gonna work, right? It worked on me.
There you go.
There you go.
$5,000 for the liver.
Going once going twice [ Chirps ] Sold! [ Ding ] And now, ladies and gentlemen, let's begin the auction for Sam Winchester's heart! [ Door opens ] [ Door closes ] [ Dean whistles ] [ Exhales ] Wendy! Aunt Donna? [ Wendy screams ] [ Grunts ] [ Crowbar clatters ] [ Squish ] [ Grunts ] [ Panting ] $50,000.
Do I have $60,000? [ Ding ] $60,000? $60,000, yes! Do I have $65,000? [ Ding ] Look at that jump! $100,000! Folks, there are many pieces to Sam Winchester[ Dinging ] but only one heart.
Look at that! $500,000! $500,000 going once going twice [ Chirps ] Sold! [ Growls ] Usually, we do this next part kinda slow, so you can feel it, but since Dean's out there quick and dirty.
[ Cocks gun ] Say goodbye, Sam.
[ Gunshot ] [ Gasping ] [ Thud ] [ Gasping ] Show's over.
[ Insects chirping ] [ Gasps ] Oh, jeez.
[ Exhales sharply ] Dougie Bear? [ Grunts ] Are you okay? I You feel like you wanna bite any of us? [ Exhales sharply ] Not really.
All right.
Then I guess it worked.
[ Handcuffs clinking ] W-Wendy? She's safe.
She's at a hospital.
She's gonna be fine, just like you.
- Fine? - Yeah.
I was a vampire.
For a couple hours.
Listen, Doug I know it's been a day.
But now you know what's out there.
Be nice to have another good guy on our side.
I No.
Maybe you all can live this life, but I can't.
I just wanna go home.
So we'll go home.
And what? I'm a cop 'cause I like helpin' folks, but [ Exhales sharply ] Vampires? That's I'm not Doug.
I'm sorry I lied to you but I can't give this up.
[ Whispers ] I know.
Donna, you kill monsters.
You're a damn hero.
But that's It's not me.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
[ Crying ] Doug, wait! Sam: Let him go.
[ Door opens ] [ Door closes ] Donna, when you choose this life, anyone who gets too close, eventually, they get hurt, or worse.
So let him go.
He'll be safer that way.
[ Stifles sob ] [ Crying softly ] [ Engine purring ] You were a little tough on Donna back there.
What? Just sayin'.
Was I wrong? I mean, when has knowing us ever worked out for anyone? I mean, we save people, Sam.
Yeah, we also get people killed, Dean.
Kaia, for instance.
She helped us and she died for it.
Hey, look, I know you're in some sort of a -- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, don't -- don't You keep saying I'm in a dark place, but I'm not, Dean.
Everything I'm saying is the truth.
It's our lives.
And I tried to pretend it didn't have to be.
I tried to pretend we could have Mom back and Cass and -- and help Jack.
But we can't.
This ends one way for us, Dean.
It ends bloody.
It ends bad.