Supernatural s13e23 Episode Script

Let the Good Times Roll

1 My name is Dean Winchester.
That big fella's my brother Sam.
- We kill monsters.
- Oh, this is boring.
Is there I don't know, music? Kansas: Carry on, my wayward son There'll be peace when you are done Lay your weary head to rest Don't you cry no more We've got portals to apocalyptic worlds.
We've got shape-shifting demons.
Dealing with a whole new set of tiddlywinks.
So much for simple.
Jack: Your mother, she's alive.
Sam: We're gonna save Jack and Mom, together.
Once I rose above The noise and confusion Bobby.
Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion Castiel: Michael wants to come to Earth and destroy it, and we need your help.
Mary: Let's go.
But I flew too high - Welcome to the team.
- Hmm, hmm.
Though my eyes could see, I still was a blind man Dean: We grab Satan and we use his grace to open up a door between two universes.
Then we get Mom, we get Jack, and we get out.
Team Free Will 2.
Here we go.
I can hear them say Carry on, my wayward son We're running out of time.
Let's pick up the pace.
When you are done Aah! Lay your weary head to rest No! Don't you cry no more That was awesome.
The ice caps are melting.
People marching.
A little bit of, uh, craziness in the movie world.
Businessman billionaire mogul turned President, embroiled in yet another controversy.
And that [ Sighs .]
is pretty much the world -- uh, our world -- right now.
Let me get this right -- the ice caps are melting, a movie where a girl goes all the way with a fish [ Chuckles .]
wins Best Picture, and that damn fool idjit from “The Apprentice”, is President.
- Yeah.
And you call where we come from “Apocalypse World”.
[ Laughs .]
Good point.
[ Cellphone ringing .]
Excuse me.
[ Cellphone beeps .]
- Dean.
- Hey, Sam.
Got something.
All right.
I'm on my way.
[ Thunder rumbling .]
All right, gang's all here.
How many are inside? I can hear three.
Wait, maybe -- maybe four.
They're talking about whether Kylie Jenner would make a good mother.
The consensus is no.
Yeah, well, that's why I'm a Khloé man.
All right, we're talking werewolves, which means Silver bullets.
That's right.
[ Clicks .]
So you know the play.
Let's do it to it.
[ Thunder rumbling .]
[ Door creaks .]
[ Match striking .]
[ Boat engine whirring in distance .]
[ Dock creaks .]
[ Squish .]
[ Groaning .]
[ Growls .]
[ Thud .]
[ Laughs .]
And that that is why I'm a Khloé man.
[ Werewolves grunting .]
[ Gunshots .]
[ Bodies thud .]
Mary: So you really like the rain? Bobby: When it's this beautiful, I do.
So what are you gonna do now? Honestly, I got no clue.
[ Sighs .]
Everyone seems to be settling in okay in town.
Ketch is out doing Ketch things.
Rowena and Charlie are road tripping it through the Southwest.
[ Chuckles .]
That's trouble.
Ginger trouble -- the worst kind.
Anyways [ Sighs .]
without an archangel, it's not like we can go back home.
And I'm not sure I'd want to.
II like it here.
Is that Blood.
Supernatural 13x23 Let the Good Times Roll Kid did great.
Yeah, no kidding.
I mean, he keeps this up, and And what? I don't know.
Hey, you remember remember when you asked if we could stop it? All the evil in the world? Yeah.
If we could really change things? Well, maybe with Jack, we can.
Maybe you're right.
[ Chuckles .]
But then what will we do? Mm.
[ Inhales deeply .]
A whole lot of this.
But on a beach somewhere, you know? Can you imagine? You, me, Cass, toes in the sand, couple of them little umbrella drinks.
Matching Hawaiian shirts, obviously.
[ Chuckles .]
Some hula girls.
You talking about retiring? You? If I knew the world was safe? Hell, yeah.
And you know why? 'Cause we freaking earned it, man.
- I'll drink to that.
- Yeah.
Hell, yeah.
[ Inhales deeply .]
Jack: Stop! [ Grunts .]
No! [ Grunts .]
[ Grunts, gasps .]
[ Growls, grunts .]
Jack? Hey.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're just having a bad dream.
[ Exhales sharply .]
It's okay.
You don't have to apologize.
I have 'em, too.
All the time.
You do? Sure.
You, um What do you see? Well, depends.
Mostly mostly people I couldn't save.
Me, too.
Over there in the other world, I said I'd protect those people.
But I saw so many of them die.
AndI tried to save them.
II tried, but I'm sorry.
I wasn't strong enough.
Jack [ Bottle thuds .]
it's not about being strong.
I mean [ Scoffs .]
Look, I don't know what you saw over there and I don't know what you went through.
I know it was bad.
But I also know that you came out the other side because you are strong.
But even when we're strong, man, things are gonna happen.
We're gonna make mistakes.
Nobody's perfect.
Right? But we can get better.
Every day, we can get better.
So whatever you're dealing with, you know, whatever whatever comes at us, we'll figure out a way to deal with it, together.
You're family, kid, and we look after our own.
Dean? What's wrong? [ Thunderclap .]
I-I I said I'd protect her, and, Sam Stop, Jack.
This isn't your fault.
What happened to her? I don't know.
Doesn't look supernatural.
Looks like some son of a bitch beat on her until Who would do something like this? [ Thunder rumbling .]
[ Train whistle blows in distance .]
Word is, you're friends with Maggie.
Uh, yeah, since we came over.
Me and her, we didn't have anybody else, so we kinda stuck together.
So I'm sure you know she went out last night.
Well, she didn't come home.
Um is Maggie in trouble? She's dead.
She No, that's not We were supposed to be safe here.
Sam: We need to know where Maggie went, who she was talking to.
I don't [ Exhales slowly .]
There was a boy.
What boy? Nate.
He works at that store out on Route 281.
Maggie, she had a crush.
That's why she snuck out last night.
She was going to meet him.
All right, well, let's go talk to this boy, Jack.
Jack? [ Music playing through earbuds .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Loud thud .]
[ Choking .]
Why'd you do it?! [ Gasps .]
Tell me! I-I didn't.
Liar! Jack! No! [ Grunts .]
Jack? - Let him go.
- All right.
Jack! [ Gun cocks .]
[ Gunshots .]
[ Grunts, gasps .]
[ Thud .]
Youyou shot me.
[ Coughs .]
To get your attention.
You're acting like a psycho! - Jack.
- He killed Maggie.
Maggie? Maggie's dead? Jack, listen to me.
He didn't kill Maggie.
[ Exhales sharply .]
Look at him.
I'm sorry.
Jack! [ Door opens .]
No, hey, just -- just let him go.
[ Door closes .]
[ Smacking .]
You keep hurting people! [ All shout .]
[ Voice breaks .]
You keep Aah! Uhh! [ Glass shatters .]
hurting [ Thud .]
Aah! Why do you keep hurting people?! [ Crying .]
You shot him.
Uhrubber bullets.
Sam: Yeah, a training exercise.
We're FBI.
I'm Agent Rowland.
This is Agent Knowles and Agent Williams.
[ Ground rumbling, bottles rattling .]
You need to go.
[ High-pitched ringing .]
[ All groaning .]
[ Ringing continues .]
[ Birds chirping .]
[ Grunts .]
[ Wings flutter .]
Hi, son.
[ Wings flutter .]
[ Thudding footsteps .]
[ High-pitched ringing continues .]
[ Ominous music playing .]
Run! [ Windows shatter .]
Aah! - It's not possible.
- Yeah, tell him that.
Hey, fellas.
Miss me? No, no, no, Cass.
Don't! No, Cass.
Run! [ Car door closes .]
Dean: Go, go, go, go! [ Tires peal .]
Is this Are you real? Always.
Sam said you're dead.
He said Michael killed you.
Yeah, I don't like to speak ill of people, but Sam is a big fat liar and he's a bad person and like, freakishly tall, so I-I don't understand.
No, Michael didn't Sam was the one who left me behind.
- What? - Yep.
I mean, I think he thought I'd be trapped over there in “Giant Litter Box World” forever, 'cause that worked so well the first time.
I don't blame him, though, okay? I mean for everything that I've done to him, I think, uh, I had it coming, you know? But you know what? I'm moving on.
But if the rift is closed, then how are you here? Oh, no.
Not “how.
” “Why.
” I'm here for you, Jack.
Because, you know, even though the Three Amigos -- Sam, Dean, and the other one -- won't admit it, you need me.
You do, 'cause we're blood.
And we're not human, no matter how much we pretend to be.
See, humans are [ Inhales deeply .]
limited and fragile.
And I'll admit, they bring out the worst in me, I gotta say.
It seems like, you know, no matter how much you try to do right around them, something always goes wrong.
Follow? I I know.
Right? And that's not their fault, or ours.
It's just, us and humans, we're like oil and water.
You know, sardines and strawberries.
It's just a bad combination.
What do we do? Leave.
I mean there's a whole universe out there, buddy.
Why should we stay here on Earth when we can go anywhere else? Heck, everywhere else.
Like, um, like "Star Wars"? Exactly like "Star Wars.
" [ Chuckles .]
You want a lightsaber? I can make you a lightsaber.
Heck, I can make you a Wookiee.
Sam, Dean, and Castiel, they'll miss me.
Yes, they will.
They will.
It'll be hard.
But you have to live your life for you.
Right? This is our second chance, kiddo.
This is our opportunity to escape our past and our sins and start over.
What do you say? Father, son.
You up for an adventure, buddy? I I'd like that.
But there's something you need to do first.
Talked to the other refugees.
No one's got any idea who'd wanna hurt Maggie.
[ Sighs .]
Maybe it wasn't one of them.
Maybe there are monsters in this world that aren't monsters.
Jack! Hey -- Hey.
Kid, what the Sam Hell? It's all right, okay? He's here to help.
- He is? - You know it, Longmire.
[ Whispers .]
Call Sam.
So you're leaving dead bodies on tables now.
We were waiting, to give her a Hunter's funeral.
You won't have to.
My father, he's gonna bring Maggie back to life.
I am? Yeah, boys, we got a problem.
Jack, what are you doing? What I have to.
This it's my second chance.
Yeah, uh, Jack, about this, uh, resurrection stuff -- It's not always a great idea because, uh [ Inhales sharply .]
you know, people come backdifferent.
Well, Sam didn't.
Well, Sam's always been [ Chuckles .]
sort of different.
You know what I mean? Some would say "special.
" No offense.
You said you'd do anything.
[ Inhales deeply .]
[ Whispers .]
Has he done something to you? I heard that.
Heard it.
Mary, everything's gonna be fine.
[ Gasping .]
Jack? Jack! Mary: He's not He's gone.
How did Michael and Lucifer both get here? How did they open a rift? You know what? It doesn't -- We -- we've gotta find Jack before Michael does whatever the hell he's gonna do, okay? I-I'll call Jody and everybody else.
You're gonna put out an APB on the Devil? Yeah, I am.
I'll check angel radio.
[ Departing footsteps .]
[ Exhales sharply .]
Sam, even if we find Lucifer, how we gonna stop him? [ Crow cawing .]
Maggie? Hey, sorry.
You okay? I'm alive, so yes? Right.
Listen, I-I know this is weird -- soweird -- but, um, before youdied, do you remember anything about the person that killed you? Does it matter? Kinda seems like you have bigger, you know, Satan-y problems.
Yeah, but -- but we're -- we're dealing with those.
Um But yes, it does matter.
It matters to me.
I I never saw his face, but, uh [ Inhales sharply .]
I saw his eyes.
Magnificent, isn't it? It really is.
All right, Jody's lookin'.
So far, Nada.
Yeah, angel radio is nothing but static, which is disturbing.
Well, we'll just add that to the list.
So what do we do now? [ Loud boom outside .]
[ Electricity crackling .]
What's happening? [ Loud boom outside .]
What the hell? [ Thudding, door rattling .]
Oh, no.
[ Rattling continues .]
What the hell is that? Mom, Bobby, take Maggie, get her out of here.
Go through the garage.
We'll buy you some time.
No! - Mom! - Please! Go.
‭Bobby: Go.
[ Rattling continues .]
[ Ominous music playing .]
[ Guns cock .]
[ Bullets ricocheting .]
Aah! [ Grunts .]
You really thought you could run from me? Aah! Uhh! [ Blade clatters .]
[ Strained voice .]
Yeah, how did you -- ‭Get here? Easy.
I made a deal.
I saw they do the spell.
I know what it takes.
It's some blood, some fruit, a glowy rock, and then Bam.
We step through, both of us.
[ Grunting .]
And now, this world is mine.
I can save it, purge it of sin.
Oh, yeah, 'cause that really worked on your rock.
[ Choking .]
‭I'm not perfect.
Yes, I made mistakes.
But second time's the charm.
And you ‭Aah! [ Gasps .]
Dean Winchester, will be the first life that I take in this world, first soul I save.
[ Grunts .]
Some would consider that an honor.
Well, as Shakespeare once said, eat me, dickbag.
[ Crunch .]
‭[ Grunts .]
Jack, Jack.
Jack, I don't know where you are, and I don't even know if you can hear this prayer, but we need you.
[ Breathing heavily .]
We need you.
Look at all those worlds, Jack.
We're gonna take the grand tour, buddy.
We're gonna explore every nook and cranny of creation.
We might even learn something, maybe come up with some improvements.
[ Insects chirping .]
Improvements? Yeah, yeah.
We'll -- we'll talk about that later.
Sam: Jack, Jack, I don't know where you are, and I don't even know if you can hear this prayer.
We need you.
[ High-pitched ringing .]
What's up, buddy? You all right? [ Gasps, grunts .]
Could've done this quick, but I wanted to enjoy it, that moment when the soul leaves the body ‭[ Choking .]
[ Whispers .]
it's beautiful.
[ Gasping .]
[ Whoosh .]
[ Thud .]
Aah! [ Whispers .]
I heard your prayer.
[ Wings flutter .]
Yeah, it's me.
[ Chuckles .]
Yay! Uh, we done, buddy? [ Breathing heavily .]
Buddy? You hurt my friends.
[ Squishing .]
[ Groaning .]
You hurt my family! [ Screaming .]
[ Groaning .]
[ Strained voice .]
Lucifer, we -- we had a deal! Okay, game over.
Hey, buddy, let's, uh, let's, uh [ Snaps fingers .]
split, okay? What does he mean? I-I-I don't know.
I didn't -- I didn't hear.
They had a deal.
Lucifer gets you, and Michael gets everything else.
He's gonna nuke our world, Jack, just like he did his.
- Is that true? - ‭No! It's not.
Is that why you wanted us to leave? Leave? He said -- he said we'd go to the stars.
What, and you're just gonna leave the rest of us here to burn? Okay.
Hold on a second.
Let's slow down, 'cause I I'm not currently the bad guy here.
Yeah, tell that to Maggie.
What about Maggie? Maggie saw the eyes of the person who killed her -- the glowing, red eyes.
[ Laughs .]
You're gonna -- you're gonna believe this guy? [ Wheezes .]
- Come on, man! Sam's a hater! -Tell me.
He would say anything to get you on his side.
Tell me the truth! [ Whoosh .]
[ Flatly .]
She saw me when I was scouting out the bunker.
She saw me and she screamed, and then so I crushed her skull with my bare hands.
And it was warm and wet, and I liked it.
You're not my father.
You're a monster.
Come on, man! [ Sighs .]
[ Roaring scream .]
[ Breathes deeply .]
I tried with you.
I really tried with you.
Everything you told me was a lie.
Because I told you what you wanted to hear, man.
So what?! I killed the girl! Big deal! She's a -- she's a human! She doesn't matter! So am I! Yeah? And that's your problem.
You're too much like your mother.
Jack Stay back.
I'll handle him.
Will you? [ Lowered voice .]
Oh, buddy.
We could've been something, you and me.
We could've remade the universe.
It would've been great.
We could've been better gods than Dad.
And I really wanted that, pal.
I wanted that.
But now if I can't have it with you, I I don't need ya.
I just need your power.
[ Slices .]
‭- Jack! - ‭No! [ Grunts .]
[ Exhales slowly .]
- Jack.
- Sammy! Jack! ‭[ Whoosh .]
[ Grunts .]
Sammy! What just happened? I don't know.
The Devil won.
[ Sighs .]
That's what happened.
[ Grunts .]
[ Gasps, groans .]
[ Grunting .]
Really, Sam? Hitching a ride? I mean, do you ever quit? - Go to hell.
- ‭Hell, yeah.
Been there.
Done that.
[ Thud .]
‭Aah! [ Groans .]
How do we stop him? You don't.
After consuming the nephilim's grace, Lucifer's juiced up.
He's super-charged.
He'll kill the boy, your brother.
Hell, he could end the whole universe if he put his mind to it.
And you thought I was bad.
No, you beat him.
I saw you.
When he was weaker, and I was stronger.
Believe me, I'd love to rip my brother apart.
But now in this banged up meatsuit [ Wheezes loudly .]
not happening.
This is the end, of everything.
What if what if you had your sword? [ Gasps loudly .]
You know [ Sighs .]
it's been real fun.
I really had a great time with you, but I think we should see other people.
[ Choking .]
What do you say? ‭[ Gasps loudly .]
[ Grunts .]
Aah! ‭[ Roars .]
[ Growling .]
[ Groaning .]
Stop! [ Sam grunts .]
[ Thud .]
[ Breathing heavily .]
Now why should I listen to you? Because - I'm your son.
‭- Oh, yeah.
Well, you had a chance with that, but [ Grunting .]
‭Now? As for kids Ah, I can make more of those.
[ Grunts .]
[ Groans .]
Wow, Daddy Sammy coming to the rescue.
But your little Jackie, the nougat-loving boy that you had before, he's killed people.
He's got lots of blood on his hands.
[ Breathing heavily .]
I don't care.
He's family.
Ha! What's family done for anybody? My dad left me.
My brothers tried to kill me.
A lot.
Family blows.
And I'm gonna prove it to you.
What, by killing me? Go ahead.
No, I'm not gonna kill you.
He is.
Dean, no.
I am your sword.
It's you.
‭You're the Michael sword.
Your perfect vessel.
Why do you think you two are the vessels? Michael and Lucifer.
You were born to this, boys.
With me, you'd be stronger than you've ever been.
Oh, I know what you are.
If we work together, can we beat Lucifer? - Dean -- ‭- Can we?! We'd have a chance.
Dean, you can't.
Lucifer has Sam.
He has Jack.
Cass, I don't have a choice! If we do this, it's a onetime deal.
I'm in charge.
You're the engine, but I'm behind the wheel.
Understand? Now I could -- I probably should -- execute you.
I mean, really, really use my imagination.
But I'm feeling generous today.
So one of you is gonna walk out that door, and the other one will be laying dead on the ground.
You choose.
Or you could do that, and I can murder you both and end all life in the universe.
[ Chuckles .]
Remake it in my image, better than Dad ever could.
I'm thinkin' mm fire-breathing dragons, sassy talking robots.
[ Chuckles .]
I might give humans another chance if they know their place and worship me, 'cause I've earned it.
But hey, it'll probably take a few days to unravel the universe, Maybe, uh, 7, 10 days tops.
So maybe, just maybe, one of you could stop me.
Well, let's see.
Clock's ticking, guys.
[ Breathing deeply .]
Kill me.
- What? ‭- Kill me.
You can stop him, Jack.
You can get your power back.
No, I-I c-can't.
I can't beat him.
But you can.
‭What? I know you can.
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't! Jack! Jack! I love you.
I love all of you.
Jack, don't! Don't! [ Whoosh .]
Dean? Hiya, Sammy.
[ Breathing heavily .]
You let my brother in.
Well, turns out, he and I have something in common.
We both wanna gut your ass.
Aah! [ Grunts .]
[ Shouts .]
[ Groans .]
[ Punches landing .]
[ Dean grunts .]
Well ‭Uhh! Good try, Dean.
‭I'll give you that, buddy.
I'm not just powerful now.
I am power.
[ Groans .]
And I don't need a blade to end you, pal.
Dean! Bye-bye, Dean.
[ Grunts .]
[ Gasps loudly .]
[ Screams .]
[ Electricity crackling .]
[ Screaming .]
[ Grunts, groans .]
[ Continues screaming .]
[ Whoosh .]
[ Thud .]
Is he He he's dead.
Holy crap.
You did it.
No, we did it.
We did it.
[ Laughs .]
[ Groaning .]
Dean? [ Groans, gasps .]
[ Grunts .]
Dean! [ Strained voice .]
We had a deal! Michael.
Thanks for the suit.
[ Wings flutter .]
[ Exhales sharply .]
[ Ominous music playing .]
[ Dog barks .]

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