Supernatural s14e14 Episode Script


1 I can feel him in my head.
Michael gets out, that's it for this world.
She said that there's only one way that this ends right.
Ma'lak box.
Secured and warded.
Once inside, nothing gets out, not even an archangel.
Plan is, charter a boat to take me out to the Pacific.
Sam: You and Michael, trapped together -- for eternity? [ Grunts, gasps ] Rowena: When Jack's grace was taken from him, his being fell into chaos.
The cells are gobbling each other up.
He's gone.
My magic draws power from the soul.
- It could save him.
- How much of it? As long as he's only using it to sustain his body, it won't cost much.
He'll never miss it.
[ Grunts ] We're the guys who save that world.
Sam, I have tried everything.
- I believe in us.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey! [ Strained ] Why don't you believe in us, too? Okay, Sam.
Maybe Billie's wrong.
But I do believe in us.
And I'll keep believing until I can't.
But when that day comes -- if that day comes Sam, you have to take it for what it is -- the end.
All right.
All right.
[ Up-tempo music playing ] [ Retro French pop music plays ] [ Snake hissing ] [ Sizzling ] Noah: Now, we keep getting interrupted, don't we, Felix? So let's just make sure we have enough time for a proper supper tonight, shall we? [ Dramatic music playing ] [ Singing in French continues ] They're on their way again, Felix.
Time to go.
[ Grunts ] A snack for later.
Supernatural 14x14 Ouroboros [ Ticking ] [ Water bubbling, pot rattling ] [ Sizzling ] Oh, no.
He's cooking the body parts again.
I got nothing.
[ Door closes ] Aw, come on.
Seriously? How does this keep happening? I thought we had him this time.
Look at this.
He's all cut up.
No restraints, like last time.
And he was killed recently.
I suspect he was very much alive when the cutting started.
I don't understand.
Why don't any of them fight back? Yeah.
Who would just let themselves be eaten? Hey, I'll say it again.
My money's on witchcraft.
Rowena: Och, you.
Always blaming witches.
'Cause a lot of times it's witches.
Rowena, your tracking spell was supposed to make this easier.
Huh! There I was, in the middle of a glorious rosewater and vanilla-oil massage, hidden away at an exclusive desert spa, when you called me, begging for my help.
Well, because we've been chasing this guy for weeks.
What's your point? My point, Dean, is that you asked for my assistance, and I obliged.
And while the killer eluded us, it certainly looks as if he was here quite recently.
I'd call that a success.
Oh, yeah, that's a success.
Hello, Castiel.
Okay, looks like our dinner guest here, his name is Dennis Barron.
He's 43, and this is his house.
No signs of forced entry and no restraints.
- It's all the same.
- Yep.
Well, noteverything.
Maybe it's his pet.
I mean, no pictures in his phone.
And, uh, this place doesn't exactly scream "snake guy.
" Not enough Pantera posters, for one.
[ Jack coughing ] [ Clears throat ] There was some pepper on something.
I don't know.
I'm fine.
I'm not dying.
Okay, so, what? This guy's some real Houdini? Well, however he's avoiding us, he's now claimed the lives of at least six people in northern New Mexico.
That we know about.
Aye, but this is the first one I've seen in the flesh.
Did they all have these blackened lips? Sam: Yeah, or just black patches of skin around their face and neck.
Yeah, but we've been more focused on the "missing eyeballs and cannibalism" angle.
Do the black lips mean something? Darling boy, everything means something.
Be a dear and bring the snakeskin.
You know, the last time I saw Jack, he was on death's door.
You say, "Oh, it's just some magic," and you think I'll leave it at that? Okay, listen.
Jack is all right.
You don't need to worry.
Oh, I wouldn't say worried.
More curious.
Speaking of which, I'm also curious as to how your brother is managing to keep an archangel locked away inside his mind.
Becausehe's Dean.
And Dean is Dean.
He's fine.
For how long? We're working on it, Rowena, another way to -- to keep Michael locked up or -- or kill him -- But? But, for now, staying busy is good.
For all of us.
[ Pages flipping ] Okay.
You know, I got to say, I got a pretty good feeling about bringing Rowena in on this one.
I think her and Sam have a chance of cracking it.
They do have many books.
Yes, they do.
[ Sniffs ] [ Rumbling, pounding on door, screaming ] Hey, Dean? I'm fine.
What you're doing, even just sitting here and having a cup of coffee, is a Herculean feat.
I can't imagine the willpower it's taking to keep Michael imprisoned.
[ Faucet squeaks, water shuts off ] [ Coughing ] [ Coughing continues ] [ Faucet squeaks, water running ] Are you really fine? I don't know, Cass.
But that's what I'm supposed to say, right? "I'm fine," keep on moving? That's what we all say.
No, Dean.
[ Chuckles ] There's this pounding in my head.
It never stops.
Michael's in there, and he is fighting hard to get out.
[ Screaming ] [ Pounding on door ] And I can't let my guard down not for a second.
I'm barely even sleeping.
[ Chuckles ] Well, that's not sustainable.
It's probably not.
Butno point in complaining about it.
It's on me.
It's on us.
We are here to help you.
I know.
I know that.
And I appreciate that.
I do.
[ Coughing ] [ Sizzling ] Look, before the kid gets back -- I know I agreed to give you guys time.
Hey, Dean, and we will find a solution.
But if -- if you don't we still have Plan B.
Dean, come on.
[ Bell dings ] Woman: Here's an order for 18.
[ Clears throat ] [ Exhales sharply ] Are you all right? I'm fine.
Hey, see? Look at that.
Everybody's fine.
- What? - Nothing.
Okay, um these killings -- it seems like there's a ritualistic quality to the crime scenes, right? It's almost liturgical.
It means religious.
See, that one I knew.
Maybe we're wrong and -- and this isn't a monster at all.
Maybe this is just a deranged person who's been getting lucky.
Anyone who could do this is a monster I mean, even if they're human.
[ Cellphone ringing ] Kid's not wrong.
[ Cellphone vibrating ] [ Keypad beeps ] Yeah.
Got it.
Looks like Sam and Rowena have something.
Okay, so, we've made some progress.
This is like an A.
Club presentation.
What's an A.
Club? It's a special group for people who do not play sports.
Yeah, him.
He's A.
Excuse me, boys, but this is a bit more pressing than your hilarious banter.
I believe we are hunting a gorgon, an ancient, cursed being with an affinity for snakes and a hunger for human flesh.
Snakes for hair? That's like Medusa.
You know about Medusa? [ Chuckling ] Oh, yeah.
"Clash of the Titans"? Turns guys to stone? [ Sighs ] Oh.
That's the exaggerated version.
It's not stone.
More of a venom-induced paralysis.
Hence, the blackened lips.
And the fact that the victims didn't fight back.
And the snakeskin, which, frankly, was a bit on the nose.
So we expanded our search based on this new information, and we found 17 unexplained deaths that could fit our guy, last three months, moving west across the southern U.
- 17 people.
- Yeah.
Legend has it, every few months, the gorgon goes on a spree and gorges itself.
Like a snake.
That makes sense.
So, is there anything in there that explains why this gorgon keeps eluding us? Uh some lore says that a gorgon can tell people's fates, and, by consuming human eyes, they may "glimpse the future.
" Yeah.
We think that's how he sees us coming.
So, then even if we use your tracking spell again, he'll know.
So how do we get him? [ Sighs ] I don't know.
[ Truck air brake hisses ] [ Yawns ] Need something, fella? I really need a ride.
Not a taxi.
And some food.
I'm kind of starving.
I'm not a cook, either.
Really appreciate any help.
And I'd find a way to pay you back.
Yeah? Definitely.
Anything you want.
And I've always had a sense about people.
And I can tell that you definitely want things.
Get in.
We'll work it out.
[ Door opens ] [ Sighs ] So, uh you ready to do, uhanything? [ Chuckles ] [ Chuckles ] You're gonna have to do better than that if -- I'm so glad we got in the truck.
So much easier this way, isn't it? [ Groaning ] Right now, my poison -- it's paralyzing you.
But, sadly, the numbing takes a little while to kick in.
So, uh, you're gonna feel this.
[ Whimpering ] [ Noah grunts ] [ Police radio chatter ] [ Indistinct conversations ] - Agents Page and Jones, FBI.
- Why is the FBI -- We had a few more of these across state lines.
Anything unusual? Other than the guy missing his eyes? Is this amusing to you? Uhn-no, sir.
I, uh I'm just a little freaked out.
I've never seen anything like this.
And, uh Yes, there is one other thing -- a note on the body.
A note? Yeah.
It's made out to some guy named Dean.
Can I see that? Thank you.
Excuse me.
What does it say? "Dean, I see you standing alone by the truck reading this note.
" "I see you and the tall man and the red-headed witch chasing me.
I will always see you.
Stop, or I will make you stop.
Regards, Noah.
" I'm on a first-name basis with some psycho pen pal.
That's aces.
Somehow he knows you.
But you're not standing alone.
Why doesn't he mention me? Maybe you're not his type.
Dean: So, Noah can see you, me, and Rowena.
Rowena: For the record, I don't love being included on his little hit list.
But can't see Cass and Jack? It's an odd and glaring omission.
[ Chuckles ] It's our shot.
I mean, this guy -- for some reason, he -- he can't see angels.
I'm not an angel.
Well, apparently you're close enough.
So, if Jack and I approach Noah on our own, we -- we may surprise him.
I-It's risky.
But I-I think it's probably our best play.
Rowena, get your tracking spell ready.
[ Keypad beeps ] Okay.
[ Keypad beeps ] - Everything you need? - Aye, but I should mix up an antidote to the gorgon's poison in case one of you boys gets sloppy.
I'll just need a wee bit of antivenom.
Antivenom is a controlled substance.
How do you -- Don't worry.
I have a plan.
Help! Please help us! It's our wee doggie -- he's so sick! He's not responding.
He's lethargic.
We -- We think he might have eaten something.
"We think"? "We think"? He means that it's my fault for not keeping an eye on the poor dear.
He thinks that everything is my fault.
Can we not fight in front of the vet? - [ Scoffs ] - I mean, I guess it's not entirely your fault that you looked away! He blames me for everything! I let his mother ride the Jet Ski one time! Here, I'll just -- Let me take him.
What's his name? Jack.
Wee Jackie boy.
His breathing's okay.
Let me set him down in the back, check his vitals.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Please help him.
[ Sighs ] What are you doing? Oh, I mean, I realize it's not [Deep voice ] pretending to be the FBI.
[Normal voice] But there are other ways of doing things, Samuel.
Plus I thought my performance was quite magnificent.
[ Dog whimpers ] Well, that was easy, wasn't it? You're the sweetest boy, aren't you? I'm going to have Mommy and Daddy fill out some forms.
You wait right there.
[ Sighs ] Well, he seems okay, but we're gonna do some blood work just to -- Jack?! Jack?! [ Siren wails in distance ] - Oh, this will work perfectly.
- Great.
Just wish I could've got it before she took my temperature.
Rowena: Ohh.
All right.
Let's get.
Oh, uh, a moment, Samuel.
What? What did you do to that boy? When I cast the transformation spell, I felt something else pushing back, some other thing inside him.
It's volatile magic, powerful, and it's stitched to him like some kind of parasite.
I was curious before, but now I am worried, so I'll ask you again, Sam.
What did you do? Okay, listen.
Jack's being careful.
We're all being careful.
That's all you need to know.
Don't tell me.
But using dangerous, mysterious magic, regardless of the cost, that's a very on-brand me thing to do.
Well, thank you.
Of course, Samuel.
Until very recently, I was the villain.
[ Scoffs ] [ Car door opens ] [ Whimpering ] [ Sobs ] Mmm! [ Chuckles ] He's being good and quiet, isn't he, Felix? Because we made a deal, didn't we? He stays quiet, no talking, no screaming, and he doesn't have to die like all those other men.
Do you think he has any vegetable oil? [ Whimpering ] 'Cause Felix can't actually talk, so you should respond.
It's in the cupboard by the oven.
Oh, that's perfect.
Honestly, it's not like I enjoy eating people.
It's a lonely way to live, and there's only so many ways you can cook human.
But sometimes fate is cruel and boring.
Am I right? You're not -- You're not serious.
Maybe you just have a concussion.
Maybe this is all a hallucination? Ha! "Serious"? Ask the men of New Mexico if I'm serious.
That's a pretty biased sample at this point, really.
The men of You're just preying on -- on helpless men? [ Laughs ] "Helpless men" -- that's rich.
No, I do eat ladies, too, but women have become so cautious lately.
Must be all that finally waking up from centuries of misogynistic oppression.
Good for them.
Bad for you.
[ Whimpers ] It's so bad for him, isn't it, Felix? [ Sobbing ] No! Help! Help! Someone! Ohh! Unh-unh-unh, ohh! you know the rules.
Help me! Screaming's a deal breaker.
I -- Now let's go figure out how to work that oven, shall we, Felix? [ Gasping softly ] - Do you have it? - Maggie: According to the lore, the only way to kill a gorgon is by cutting off its head with a silver blade.
[ Chuckles ] Why couldn't it just be bullets, right? Yeah.
What about over there? Everything okay? [ Indistinct conversations.
laughter ] It's quiet.
We're good.
Oh, and Mary checked in.
She finished up that case in Oregon.
She's starting her drive back tonight.
Maggie, hey, I really appreciate you stepping up and handling things while we're gone.
- Be safe.
- You bet.
[ Keypad beeps ] All right.
- Everybody ready? - Yes.
Rowena: He's less than an hour west of us and not moving.
Sam: All right, well, break out the silver blades.
Maggie says decapitation is the only way to kill these things.
But if we cut off their head, then is more creatures gonna crawl out? Wait.
Other creatures? H-He's talking about "Clash of the Titans" again.
We don't know.
A few drops of this concoction should counteract any poison.
" That's comforting.
Yeah, well, assuming you're not all paralyzed or eaten off with his head.
[ Dramatic music playing ] [ Knock on door ] I'm not expecting anyone.
Are you? [ Chuckles ] Oh, no fair.
You're not human.
And you're a monster.
Demi-god, technically.
You stay where you are.
[ Chuckling ] Hey.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Jack, watch him.
I didn't see you coming, but I see you now.
- Shut up.
- [ Moans lightly ] Have you ever heard the story of the black snake? Hey! Hands up.
Once there was a crafty black snake who kept eating this poor chicken's eggs.
She couldn't watch them all the time, you see? The black snake would wait until she was gone [ Gurgles ] and then slide one of the eggs into his mouth and crush it in his throat.
Now, this went on until there was only one egg left.
But when the chicken left that egg, just for a moment, the snake swallowed it up.
But for some reason, he couldn't crush it in his throat.
The chicken had hard-boiled her final egg just to choke the snake.
And the snake died.
Why are you telling this story? [ Chuckles ] Because I can't quite tell if he's the chicken or the snake.
We're done here.
Cass! Hello, Dean.
Wish I could say it's nice to meet you in person.
It's a real pleasure.
Dean! [ High-pitched ringing ] Dean! Ready? [ Groans ] [ Body thuds ] [ Breathing heavily ] [ Panting ] Check on Cass.
I got Dean.
Cass, can you breathe? Hey, hey, hey.
Dean? [ Groans softly ] It's not working.
Why isn't it working?! Cass? [ Coughing ] Jack, what are you doing? You're okay.
Wake up! Hey! Dean? Guys! Hey.
Wake up.
[ Engine revving ] [ Grunts ] W-Why won't he wake up? Is he -- - It's a head injury.
- I'll get ice.
Cass, do it.
Well? I still can't heal him.
I can't even see what's going on inside his head.
I can help.
I appreciate what you did for me, but you cannot afford to burn off any more of your soul.
So that's what you have him doing? We'll talk about it later, Rowena.
Now is not a good time.
Maybe the gorgon did something to Dean before he -- Smashed his face into the wall? What do I do? Clean his wound.
Make him comfortable, then we'll see.
- [ Grunts ] - Hey! Hey! [ Grunting ] [ Michael screaming ] It's okay.
It's okay.
[ Gasping ] It's okay.
[ Snake hissing ] Castiel: Jack.
I hate seeing him like that.
But he's gonna be okay, right? I mean, it's Dean.
He It was a fight.
It was -- It was just a fight.
Every time we go out, there's always a risk.
I-I can't think about losing him or -- or Sam or you.
I-I just -- I hate -- I hate thinking about it.
So do I.
But, Jack you know, Sam and Dean, they're human, and they're very extraordinary, brave, special humans, but they're -- they're still humans.
And humans burn bright, but for a very brief time compared to, you know, things like us.
And eventually, they're gone, even the very best ones, and we have to carry on.
It's just -- It's part of growing up.
Losing people? Yes.
What's the point? The point? What's the point of being a cosmic being if everyone I care about is just gonnaleave? The point is that they were here at all and you got to know them, you -- When they're gone, it will hurt, but that hurt will remind you of how much you loved them.
That sounds awful.
It is.
But it's also living.
So when Dean wakes up -- and he will wake up -- we just have to remember to appreciate the time that we all have together now.
What if he doesn't wake up? [ Sighs ] What about Michael? What if -- I don't know, Jack.
Okay, but I could use my powers.
No, Jack, I know you want to help, but you cannot -- What is the good of having these powers if I can't help the people that I love, if I can't help them when they need it? Jack -- It's selfish of me not to.
I understand how frustrating it is.
[ Sighs ] I know.
You're keeping the snake? Yeah.
Rowena said that the gorgons can see people's fate.
And Noah said he could see me.
That -- That story.
The story about the chicken and the snake? It was just He was stalling.
What does it mean? Well, it's a story about greed mostly.
But I guess it's also -- it's also about being willing to give up the thing you love in order to kill the thing you hate.
He said that he didn't know if I was the chicken or the snake.
Does that -- [ Clattering ] Dean.
Where is he?! Where is he?! No, wait! Dean! Dean! No! Stop! Dean, stop it! It's -- It's me! - You're in the bunker! - I know where I am! That's not -- [ Rumbling ] Dean.
He's gone.
[ Electricity crackling ] Michael.
He's gone.
How? [ Exhales sharply ] This is my fault.
I let my guard down.
This is my fault.
- No, Dean -- - I told you! I told you to let me take that coffin ride to the bottom of the ocean! - Okay, Dean, j-just -- - [ Maggie screams ] Maggie?! Sam! [ Breathing heavily ] - [ Screaming ] - Maggie! No.
[ Footsteps approaching ] Hello, boys.
I could've burned them all, but I'm feeling very hands-on.
That's right.
I thought you'd appreciate this vessel.
You let her go.
She's much sturdier than she looks.
Must be the hundreds of years of magic.
Rowena never would have let you in.
She didn't want to say yes, but [ Ghostly whispering ] Hello, Rowena.
This is all in your mind.
You're not Dean.
I wasfor a while.
But it didn't work out.
It was him, not me.
And now I'm looking for a new home.
- A-And you think -- - If you say yes, I'll make you this promise -- I'll leave you alive.
I'll live either way.
Excuse me? Fate says Sam Winchester's going to off me, which makes dinners a bit awkward, but does give one a certain sense ofsecurity.
So whilst I'm flattered, I think we can both do better.
Then how about this -- I'll leave you alive, find another host, and then I'll kill every one of the people in this bunker everyone you care about.
And you do care about them, no matter what you tell them, no matter what you tell yourself.
So say yes.
Choice is yours.
Michael/Rowena: I had no intention of keeping my word, but I think she knew that.
If only Dean had used that coffin when he had the chance.
Never too late for a good idea.
Sam, get the cuffs.
- [ Scoffs ] - [ Grunts ] That's not very nice.
And if we're not being nice, what if you couldn't breathe? [ Fingers snap ] [ Gasping ] That's a terrible feeling, isn't it? What if you were also blind? [ Fingers snap ] - [ Groans ] - [ Gasping ] Sam.
[ Grunts ] And what if you just hurt? [ All groaning ] Butfun as this is, I thinkno more games.
This time, you all die.
This time, the world burns.
Michael! Let them go.
You think you can match me, boy? This power you have now -- it's nothing, just a crutch.
[ Gasping ] How dare you! Burning off your soul? You'll run out soon enough.
It's worth the cost.
I should have killed you when I had the chance.
[ Chuckles, exhales sharply ] I feel the same.
I am the commander of the host! I am the cleanser of worlds! I will not be challenged by a child! I'm not a child! I'm the son of Lucifer.
I'm a Hunter.
I am a Winchester! [ Screaming ] Jack! No! You won't hurt anyone ever again! [ High-pitched ringing ] [ Ringing fades ] [ Breathing heavily ] Jack? Michael.
He's dead.
Jack, a-are you, uh -- I'm me again.