Supernatural s14e16 Episode Script

Don't Go in the Woods

1 Monsters! Those guys hunt monsters.
That is so cool.
Come on! Sam: Mom doesn't want to leave these people, so let's take them with us.
I hate this place right now.
Those Hunters, t-that's on me.
I brought them here.
Everywhere I look, I see them.
I see Maggie.
Sam! [ Screaming .]
You know, I think I just need some time.
And what about that kid with the dumb Bambi-look on his face all the time? Hello.
I am a Winchester! Castiel: You killed Michael.
You consumed his grace.
Do you have your powers back? I'm me again.
And your soul? You want to know how much of my soul I had to burn off to kill Michael.
I don't know.
Dean: So, what's the verdict? I'd keep an eye on him, but I think if he seems okay, he probably is.
I feel different now.
[ Sign creaking .]
[ Wind whistling softly .]
[ Melodic whistling in distance .]
What was that? It was nothing.
Just the wind.
[ Melodic whistling in distance .]
Okay, that -- that wasn't the wind.
[ Whistling continues .]
I'll check it out.
- What are you guys doing? - Dad? Barbara.
Hi, Sheriff.
Do your parents know where you are right now? Why do you care? You're supposed to be studying.
At Mom's.
This is not your weekend.
Besides, she's -- Out of town.
With Todd.
I know.
She called you.
You weren't home.
She called me.
She's worried.
Well, you found me.
Good for you.
- Hey.
Watch it.
- Or what? Hey, where you going? Umbathroom.
Barbara: You guys need some space.
[ Door creaks .]
[ Electricity hums .]
[ Electricity crackles .]
[ Door creaks .]
Oh, God.
[ Groans .]
Tom, you shouldn't be out here.
But I didn't mean to embarrass you.
Yeah, you never do.
[ Breathes deeply .]
[ Lock clicks .]
[ Electricity crackles .]
[ Melodic whistling in distance .]
[ Soft thudding .]
[ Low growl .]
[ Growling .]
[ Screams .]
- Barbara?! - Stay here.
[ Barbara screams in distance .]
Barbara! Barbara! Barbara? Hey! [ Grunts .]
[ Thomas screams .]
Thomas! Thomas! [ Sobbing .]
No! No! No Supernatural 14x16 Don't Go in the Woods [ Footsteps approach .]
Morning, sunshine.
What you looking at? Porn? Sex tapes? Nip slips? The Internet is more than just naked people.
You do know that, right? Not my Internet.
[ Coffee pot thuds .]
All right.
Check this out.
So, this girl -- her body was found just outside Big Creek State Park in Iowa.
Uh, covered in bite marks.
The police are saying it's an animal attack.
But? But I did some digging, and I found that there weren't a lot of bodies, but a lot of people do go missing in that park.
Look at this.
Park ranger back in '06.
A poacher in '98.
And on and on and on.
I mean, I've only gone back to 1943, and I've already found 54 missing people.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Sounds like our kind of thing.
You sure you're up for it? I mean, I know you wanted to take some time.
No, I-I'm -- I'm good.
Honestly, I-I'm good.
[ Chuckles .]
All right.
Well, let's hit it.
You got it.
I'll grab Cass.
He actually left.
What? Early this morning.
Why? I don't know.
Something about being cooped up in the bunker for a few weeks.
We all need to stretch our legs.
I get it.
All right.
Uh, then, Jack.
Uh I don't want Jack on this.
I thought you said Donatello gave him the all clear? Yeah, he did.
And I'm -- I'm sure he's good.
But Jack's got his mojo back.
His powers have gotten us in trouble in the past -- the security guard.
So I just want to make sure that, you know, he's right before we put him back out there.
- Hey, uhgood reading? - Yes.
Did you know Article 246 of the Haitian criminal code officially makes it against the law to turn a human into a zombie? Good.
Jack, listen.
Dean and I are heading out on a case.
Andyou don't want me to come? Look, truth is -- We don't want to leave the bunker empty.
In case, uh, Mom or some of the other Hunters call and need help, so And this place is long overdue for a restock.
So, uh, your mission, should you choose to accept -- made you a list.
My mission is shopping? [ Both chuckle softly .]
Beer, TP, eggs beer again.
- Twice? - Yeah.
I'll do it.
Great! We'll be in touch.
I'm sorry.
I just don't really see how this is an FBI thing.
Wildlife preserve is government property.
We're the government.
Yeah, well, it is a large piece of land -- coyotes, rough terrain.
We try to limit hikers to the trails, but some of them don't listen.
Okay, but the girl who died, she wasn't a hiker.
Dean: Do you know what happened to her? [ Police radio chatter .]
Like I said, coyotes.
You know, do you mind if we take a look at the body? Do I have a choice? Not really.
Whoa! Mo-- Seriously? [ Clears throat .]
How long you been doing this? Well, got catlike reflexes, okay? What can I say? Said a coyote did this? Not even close.
Look at the skin around the bite.
It looksburnt.
So, what the hell can do that? [ Cellphone beeps .]
We face them all, ghost! Ghostfacers! We face the faceless, we face the dead! Stacy: Eliot, stop.
What? The Ghostfacers are cool.
They're really not.
Man: Pure power at hand Uh Is that what's his name? Bambi? Hey! [ Engine starts .]
Are you lost? Um no.
Shoot that ghost right in the face! Boo-yah! Winchesters still suck ass, though.
You live with Sam and Dean, right? They're not here right now.
Are they fighting ghosts?! What's a ghost? I should go.
Hey, it'scool.
We know.
About their whole Hunter thing.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Sighs .]
I don't like to lie.
It makes my stomach hurt.
Like when you have to burp, but you can't burp.
So, you need something? I do, but the store's closed.
Not anymore.
[ Siren wails .]
[ Police radio chatter .]
Hey! [ Door closes .]
Come in.
You okay? No.
I think I should talk to them.
[ Stammers .]
Who? Barbara's parents.
[ Sighs .]
Tom, that's not a good idea.
I've already spoken to them.
They're grieving.
This was my fault.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is.
[ Sighs .]
Tom, they just need a little time.
We all do.
I feel bad for him.
Max: Same.
I mean, living with a bunch of dudes.
Their whole place must smell like beer, Kleenex, and [Inhales deeply.]
Old Spice.
I've been watching these guys called the Ghostfacers.
You heard of 'em? No.
They're awesome! They know all about ghosts, and I'm reading books.
Oh, I like books, too.
I'm reading about zombies.
Zombies are real? Well, no.
Not really.
It's kind of disappointing.
- But there are other monsters.
- Like what? Oh, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters -- I've seen one of those -- djinn, rugaru -- [ Chuckling .]
That's a funny name.
Wraiths, sirens, demons, ghouls.
All sorts of things.
And you know about all of them? Wellyes.
Jack, will you be my best friend? Dude, stop stalking him.
Ever since he found out about this stuff, he's been obsessed.
Jack: It's fine.
[ Chuckles .]
Max: Do you ever, like, hang out? Well, we have movie nights on Tuesdays.
Dean usually picks.
I've seen "Lost Boys" like 36 times.
I mean with kids your own age.
Well, I'm two.
I'm twenty.
I'm twenty two.
Well, we're going to the Stoke place tomorrow, if you wanna chill.
Max: It's this old farmhouse outside of town.
No one goes there.
So we can talk about monsters.
And other non-freak things.
[ Register beeping .]
Jack: I I think I'd like that.
[ Register beeping .]
It's $37.
But for the beer, I need to see some ID.
[ Chuckles .]
ID? Kohonta.
No, not -- [ Sighs .]
It's a -- It's a local Native American legend.
I can't find much about it, but they're sort of twisted monsters that roam the woods "driven to consume sweet mortal flesh.
" - You think this is our Hot Lips? - Could be.
I mean, according to the lore, Kohonta get so starving, they spit up stomach acid.
If that is our monster, it's old and[Chuckles.]
How much longer? Keep up, old man.
[ Chuckles .]
[ Melodic whistling in distance .]
What was that? Nothing.
It's just the wind.
[ Melodic whistling continues .]
We should head back.
[ Rustling .]
Sara? Hey! Who the hell are you?! I'm talking to you, freak! I -- [ Hissing .]
- [ Screams .]
- Sara, run! [ Creature growling .]
[ Whimpering .]
[ Sizzling .]
[ Screaming .]
[ Growling .]
Hey, did you know when some animals get a taste of people, that's all they'll want to hunt? I mean, I'm reading on here that tigers, even bears -- Tom, you've got to stop.
You won't let me talk to Barbara's parents.
I have to do something.
You said it was a coyote, right? Mason: [Echoing.]
Barbara! Yeah.
It was.
Sheriff, there's a situation at Big Creek.
It got somebody else, didn't it? [ Siren wails, police radio chatter .]
But did -- did they find him? No, not yet.
Sara, what did you see out there? There was this guy.
I thinkit was a guy.
He looked like he was covered in something.
And he was whistling.
I ran, but Fitz, he Can you tell us exactly where you were when this thing attacked you? I think a few miles past the old Parker cabin.
Parker? [ Siren chirping .]
[ Engine shuts off .]
Okay, wrap it up! Sheriff, we've got a search party out there.
Not anymore.
You're bringing everybody in.
Dean: What's going on? What does it look like? We're done here.
I'm not wasting time and money hunting for a rabid coyote.
Okay, Sheriff, this wasn't an animal attack.
Then what was it? Look, if you want to pull your men out of there, that's fine.
But we still need to get in there.
It's not happening.
Look, I don't care if you guys are the FBI.
Nobody goes in those woods without my say-so.
Understood? Mm-hmm.
- Hm.
- Good.
Man: He wants us to call off Well, we should probably do what he says.
Oh, yeah.
[ Radio chatter .]
Man: We're done.
It was love It was real [ Sighs deeply .]
I'm gonna fail.
I'm gonna fail the SATs.
No way.
I mean, you get 400 points just for spelling your name right.
So, I mean you'll at least get that.
- Maybe.
- Shut up! [ Both laugh .]
It's not my fault you're so cute when you're angry.
It was love It was real If you two are going to kiss, can you go to the other room? - Myeh! - Hmm I'm trying to work here.
[ Knock on door .]
Come in.
You came.
You invited me.
We know.
- Are these -- - Books.
On monsters.
- Awesome.
- [ Chuckles .]
again Can you teach me how to love again? What's that? [ Pop music playing on radio .]
Music? - I like The Who.
- Who? Oh, my aunt listens to them.
Well, Dean says any music made after 1979 "sucks ass.
" That's because Dean is also old.
[ Chuckles .]
Sit down.
But it was love It was real What's the sat? TheSAT's? You were homeschooled, huh? Uhyes.
Do demons really look like this? Uh No.
They don't have horns.
They actually look like smoke, unless they've possessed a human.
Then, they can look like me or you or anybody.
Really? And you've seen one before? I've killed one.
Yeah? [ Chuckles .]
How? This is an angel blade.
Soit's made out of angels? Uh, no, it kills angels and demons.
- Cool.
- Hey! Unh-unh! You're not going to go swinging some giant knife around.
- I was just gonna -- - Remember that time you almost killed yourself with a Slinky? I didn't.
- He tried to eat it.
- [ Chuckles .]
I was 3.
Max: So, how do you use it? Well, there are standard hand-to-hand combat moves.
Like a lightsaber.
Or you can throw it, likethis.
[ Dog barks .]
[ Owl hooting in distance .]
That sheriff was definitely hiding something.
Yeah, either that or he's scared.
Oh, by the way, uh, "Kohonta" means "whistler.
" All right.
How do we kill it? Well, here's the thing.
The lore doesn't really specify.
Well, my vote? Shotgun, head, done.
[ Branch snaps .]
[ Melodic whistling in distance .]
[ Melodic whistling in distance .]
Mason: Drop your weapons! You boys don't listen, do you? Told you.
Stay out of these woods! I don't care if you're FBI.
All right.
We're not FBI.
Does the word "Kohonta" mean anything to you? No.
- You're lyin'.
- I'm not.
You're coming in with me.
Now! Sorry, Sheriff.
Max: Getting closer.
I-I'm just a little rusty.
It's cool if you can't do it, dude.
I can do it, okay? Justwatch.
[ Whooshing .]
- What - The - Hell? [ Chuckles softly .]
Dude! Are you like a Jedi or something? Kinda.
Watch this.
Holy [ Chuckles .]
This is so cool.
[ Chuckles .]
Max? Uh Okay, Jack.
Cut it out.
Don't worry.
You're safe.
I can control it.
I don't care! Just stop! Jack? What? Seriously, Jack! Stop! Stacy! [ Knife plunges .]
[ Gasps .]
[ Breathing shakily .]
[ Gasping .]
[ Whimpering .]
No, no, no, no, no, no.
[ Gasps .]
- Stacy! - Oh, God! Oh, God! [ Sobbing .]
It's okay, it's okay.
[ Sobbing .]
E-Eliot, go call 911.
It's okay.
You stay with me, okay? Please.
I was in control.
E-Everything was fine.
She moved.
Get away from her! Woman: 911.
What's your emergency? Stacy.
It's okay.
I'm here.
Okay? Okay? Stacy.
[ Sobbing .]
I can fix this.
[ Both sobbing .]
- [ Gasps .]
- What are you doing?! Trust me.
[ Soft humming .]
[ Squishing .]
[ Stacey panting .]
Woman: Sir? Sir? Hello? Are you still there? [ Gasping .]
Stace? [ Breathing heavily .]
How? I-I fixed you.
[ Sobbing softly .]
[ Both sobbing .]
But she's okay.
Everything's fine.
Right? No! Okay? Justget away.
Eliot? I don't know what you are.
But stay away.
Dean: We hunt things.
Fight things and kill things people don't understand.
So Kohonta.
Uh I-I I didn't think it was real.
The Kohonta was a tribal legend, an old story.
I haven't heard about it since I was a kid.
But then I s-saw it the night Barbara was killed.
Wait a second.
So that's why you've been trying to keep people out of the woods? So what the hell is this thing? It's not what.
The Parker family, they were some of the first white settlers around here.
They set a homestead up in these woods -- the cabin.
And then? Things went bad.
There was a hard winter.
Their oldest son, Henry, survived but he did things.
What kind of things? Like Donner Party? Pretty much.
They say that boy not only ate his family, they said he went mad with hunger.
He went after my people, and then when my tribe caught him, they Killing him would have been too easy.
They wanted that boy to suffer.
For his crimes against our people, crimes against nature.
They cursed him.
[ Screams .]
He's doomed to roam the woods [ Melodic whistling .]
always starving.
And if he didn't feed [ Grunting .]
his body would eat itself.
[ Screaming echoes .]
The Kohonta aren't born.
They're made.
So they just let some flesh-eating freak loose? They bound him to this forest.
They marked the trees to keep folks away.
But that was a long time ago.
Yeah, people forget.
- Even me.
- Well, it's a good thing.
Like I said, we hunt these things.
- What do you mean? - Kohonta, werewolves, demons.
Those are real? Oh, yeah.
And we kill 'em.
You -- Just the two of you? - We know what we're doing.
- Do you? Look, if those monsters are out there, why don't you tell people? Give them -- well, us -- a chance to fight back? Because telling people about this stuff -- they don't always believe.
Your people tried to warn you about this whistling freak.
Nobody bought it.
Not even you.
So? Just record them, put it on YouTube.
Knowing about monsters and fighting 'em are two different things.
So you make that choice for everybody? Imagine telling them.
Imagine the lives you could save.
It doesn't work like that.
People die.
Even when they know how to fight, people still die.
[ Cellphone vibrating .]
[ Cellphone beeps .]
- I can't do this anymore.
- Where are you? Just listen.
Whatever's out there I just want you to know I'm going to find it and kill it.
Tom! No! To-- [ Cellphone beeps .]
[ Melodic whistling in distance .]
He's alone out there.
We gotta find him.
- Okay, slow down.
- Look, I-I lied to him.
I told him it was a coyote.
We're gonna help you protect your son, okay? We're not entirely sure how to kill this thing.
I am.
The story says a silver blade through the heart.
Silver blade.
Can do.
[ Soft hissing .]
[ Twigs snap .]
[ Soft growl .]
Thomas! Thomas! [ Snarling .]
[ Growling softly .]
- Hey! - [ Screeches .]
Aaah! [ Screams .]
[ Screams .]
[ Screaming .]
[ Growling .]
Dean: Go! Go! [ Screeches .]
You don't like that, huh? Come on! [ Screeching .]
Come on, come on.
- [ Screeching .]
- Aaah! [ Sizzling .]
That was like full-on "Raiders.
" [ Exhales deeply .]
He's alive.
- Easy.
- D-Dad? Thomas.
[ Groans .]
Did we get it? The coyote? [ Police radio chatter .]
- Okayready? - Yeah.
[ Mason groaning .]
You want an ambulance for you? [ Inhales sharply .]
I didn't know what to tell him.
How about the truth? He's your son.
[ Stretcher clatters .]
He deserves the truth.
[ Ambulance doors closing .]
[ Siren chirps, wails .]
Dean: So, telling the kid -- you think that's the best idea? [ Scoffs .]
What? You don't? It doesn't make his life any better, you know? Do what we always do.
When in doubt, lie.
[ Chuckles .]
Yeah, right.
Like we did with Jack? I took care of it, okay? We took care of it.
No, no, Dean.
We did not take care of it.
You did.
[ Scoffs .]
And do you think you really took care of it the right way? Jack said he was fine.
He's a kid.
And when we were kids, how many times did we tell Dad that we were fine just to make him happy? [ Doors open .]
[ Doors close .]
[ Footsteps approach .]
Hey, kid.
We're back.
You still at it? Almost there.
How was the Hunt? Oh.
Well, I got the supplies.
Except for the beer.
I didn't have ID.
- You have tons of IDs.
- They're fake.
[ Chuckles .]
Dean and I, we -- we want to talk to you about your powers.
W-What about them? This Hunt, we, uh we didn't want you coming along because we didn't want you using them.
Not yet.
Not for now.
You know, you just got 'em back, Jack.
We want to make sure you're comfortable with them again before you Before you go all X-Men.
[ Chuckles .]
It was crappy of us not to tell you.
You know, we were trying to be nice.
'Cause we care about you.
But because we care about you, you deserve the truth.
You understand that? Jack? I understand.
I won't use my powers without permission.
And I guess I'll go get some beer.
What about everything else? You good? I mean, anything happen while we were gone? No.
[ Chuckles nervously .]
[ Chuckles .]

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