Supernatural s15e11 Episode Script

The Gamblers

1 SAM: Not everything we did was because of Chuck.
It was us the blood, the sweat, the tears.
That's us.
There's no way that Chuck lets us die like this.
- CHUCK: Hi, Sam.
- You're weak.
We're connected by these wounds.
But all good things must come to an end.
You cannot change my mind.
MICHAEL: God lied to me.
I will help you.
To bind the spell together, the nectar from a Leviathan blossom that only grows in one place.
DEAN: Sam, smash it.
- Now! - [GROANS.]
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I Sammy lost hope, and now I'm free.
They were some of the first angels on Earth.
SAM: And they've been hunting humans, feeding off them.
It's time.
- Being normal - Is fine.
But you and me? There's zero about our lives that's normal.
If we don't fix this, we might kill each other by accident.
So, uh Alaska? Alaska.
To Alaska North to Alaska Go north, the rush is on North to Alaska Go north, the rush is on Big Sam left Seattle - [SIGHS.]
- In the year of '92 - With George Pratt, his partner - Come on, Joey.
Give me a chance.
And his brother, Billy, too They crossed the Yukon River And found the bonanza gold - Below that old white mountain - [SCOFFS.]
Just a little southeast of Nome - Sam crossed the majestic mountains - Bank side.
To the valleys far below He talked to his team of huskies - What? No.
- As he mushed on through the snow With the Northern Lights [SHIMMERING.]
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no! [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Hey! No fights.
- Lonely, lonely man - [KISSES.]
I'd trade all the gold that's buried in the land" Aah! Hey! Hey! Hey! - Hey! Stop! Come on! - You know the rules.
Just Just one more game, please.
You know I'm good for it.
Aah! Sorry, pal.
You're out of luck.
Come on! Come on! [SIGHS.]
"Remember, Sam, a true love is so hard to find [PANTING.]
I'd build for my Jenny a honeymoon home G-Great, Leonard.
- Below that old mountain - Great.
Just a little southeast of Nome Where the river is windin' Big nuggets they're findin' North to Alaska - Go north, the rush is on - [TRUCK HORN BLARES.]
Supernatural 15x11 The Gamblers [DOOR CREAKS.]
CASTIEL: Sam? Dean? Alaska.
Silent mode's always an option.
And how's Eileen doing? She's hanging in there.
She thinks our plan sounds a little too good to be true.
You know, maybe she's right.
I mean, how long have we been on the road looking for some place Garth says will supercharge our luck, maybe? And I mean, luck? Is that really even gonna fix our whole "problem"? [CHUCKLING.]
Well, it couldn't hurt.
And I don't know how much more of this "normal life" crap I can take, between the credit cards, the car trouble, the constant freaking heartburn.
Well, you know, if you changed your diet You All I'm saying is that this place it's not even in the lore.
Other than Garth, no one's ever even heard of it.
No, it's there.
It's gotta be.
I mean, Chuck didn't do this to us just to teach us some messed-up lesson.
You know, he wants us off our game.
He wants us weak.
'Cause he's coming for us, Sammy.
And when he does, if we haven't figured this out, we're DOA.
Uh, yeah, uh, uh, Jeb Evans, Sheriff's Department, Cushing, Oklahoma.
Uh, uh, I'm looking for an FBI Agent Watts? Um, yeah, Agent Watts is working a case in, uh, Alaska.
This is Agent, uh, Lizzo.
Well, I guess a fed's a fed, right? [CHUCKLES.]
Listen, we got a homicide down here, and my file says that our suspect might be one of yours.
The murderer is someone we're looking for? It says Agent Watts started a file on him last spring and to call with any information regarding a, uh, Jack Kline? Jack.
That name ring a bell? Yeah.
What are we doing? Why did we stop? Last call on food for the next few hundred miles.
Grab something out of the cooler.
Oh, yeah, no, I polished off the last of the sandwiches while you were out.
We're on a budget.
What can we get for, uh, $4.
60? Um, a slice of pie and a cup of coffee? Of course.
Two forks? Damn it, I was hoping for a cheeseburger.
You can't even digest cheese anymore.
So, if Garth is right, we take this road, but, honestly, it doesn't look like there's anything up there.
Hey, how long have you lived here? All my life.
- Great.
Can you tell us what is up that road? No.
Are you for real? Did Candy put you up to this? No, nobody put us up to this.
We're We're just headed that way and wanted to know if there's anything up there.
Um, forget it.
Sounds nuts.
Nuts is good.
A couple of Mister Freakin' Peanuts here.
There's There's kind of this, um, urban legend around here, about this place in the middle of nowhere.
It's a-a pool hall that is magic? Magic pool hall? [CHUCKLES.]
I told ya.
They say that if you get up there and you win, then you come back lucky.
Like, hit the Powerball lucky.
Sounds good to me.
Except for no one ever does.
What do you mean? Um, one of our regulars, Leonard.
The bank was coming for his house, so he went out to find the place and he never came back.
Heard he had some sort of accident.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
I guess now we know what the downside is.
Eh, not from where I'm sitting.
A-A pool hall that makes you lucky or might kill you? I mean, it sounds like a demon or a witch or Or it could be awesome.
It's pool.
The The The game of champions, kings.
My game.
Hell, our game.
How many honest-to-goodness great memories do we have hustling pool? Yeah, because we had to.
To eat.
Okay, well, my point is, is that if pool is the way that we get our mojo back, then maybe we ain't as screwed as we thought.
Hey, you guys drive an Impala? I, uh, think you have a flat.
SHERIFF EVANS: Okay, you got the video, right? Uh, yes.
Okay, so, so, Vic was a local doctor, and the office security cameras gave us a good idea of what went down.
Just an idea? Y-You'll see.
Now, Dr.
Sariel was a good man.
He delivered both of my kids.
This thing's got people pretty spooked.
I don't understand.
Me, neither.
Signal goes out for about 2 and a half minutes, during which time, the suspect kills the doc in his office.
Why? Keep watching.
Is that ? That's his heart.
DEAN: Relax.
We might actually have some fun.
SAM: Right.
Dean, we don't even have beer money, much less whatever the buy-in is here.
Hey, we'll figure something out.
Get you something? - [CLEARS THROAT.]
- Yeah.
Two waters, por favor.
Hey, uh - Evie.
- Evie.
Say, listen, if, uh, me and my brother here wanted to get ourselves a game ? [BILLIARD BALLS CLACK.]
Two more for ya.
Hey, you remember a guy who was in here a few weeks ago? Uh, name was Leonard? No.
Follow me.
So, how'd you guys find us? Uh, a friend.
Did your, uh, friend say how we wager? Yeah, listen, uh, money's a little tight right now.
Yeah, we don't bet with money.
We use this.
What are we looking at? Go ahead.
Touch it.
Not great.
Not the worst, either.
And that means ? Well, you see, everybody walks in here with a certain amount of luck.
That glow that's you.
About average.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
But you set that coin on on that table, you get yourself a game.
And you win? You just might see your fortune improve.
And if he loses? Play again.
Have a good time.
You know, keep playing.
But if the coin goes blank, that means you're out of luck.
You gotta leave.
Questions? Yeah.
What is this place? Who owns it? I just work here.
Look, if you don't like it, uh, the door's open.
When I win, can I split it? The luck? It's yours.
You do what you want.
Uh, just give us a second.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
No way.
Man, I've been slinging pool cues since before you were born.
What? When you were 4? Really? What, between nap time and snack? Look, we barely made it out of that monster fight club, okay? We need this.
And you know it.
Now, look, you're better than me at pretty much everything, okay? That's okay.
I'm not mad.
I'm proud.
But I can wipe the floor with you when it comes to pool.
Okay, pal, let's give it a go.
I'm a Grigori.
Each of our names inscribed on our swords.
A brotherhood of perfectly crafted beings.
So, how long are we supposed to just wait around? You know, if the fish aren't biting, throw 'em a little chum.
I don't know, Sammy.
I'm a little rusty.
Go on.
Rack 'Er up.
Mm, yeah.
Decide not to play? Uh, yeah.
It's not really my thing.
- Hmm.
So, what's her deal? Who? Moira? Been here a while.
Guess her sister's still in a coma.
So, she's playing to wake her up? Everybody wants something.
Hey, do you ever smell anything weird, like rotten eggs, or ? Just Charlie.
What about Have you ever noticed little bundles laying around? Uh no.
Look, you're new.
I get it.
You're trying to figure this out.
I guess it is pretty unbelievable.
Places like this don't exist for no reason.
Most people think it's a Godsend.
Take that guy.
Loves his wife, but she has expensive taste.
He came here from Atlantic City, not a dime left to his name.
Or her Three kids, works doubles, buys a scratcher every night.
They both deserve a lucky break.
And they almost got one.
They went on a streak, could have walked away winners, but they kept on playing till their luck went sour.
They're not actually winning? Not anymore.
Like I said, they should have walked away.
Damn it.
Why are you following me? It felt like a warning, like like she was telling me to cut our losses.
Come on, man.
I'm on a roll.
Dean, you won one game.
Listen, I think this place sucks you in, right? And if you keep playing, you'll lose.
And if you keep losing - You go all Leonard.
- Exactly.
Alright, so, we need to minimize our risk and maximize our profit, right? It's kind of like that action we took back in Tallahassee.
Remember that? The The The "Fast Eddie"? I don't remember.
It was Dad's favorite, from the movie.
Paul Newman.
"The Hustler.
" [SIGHS.]
Alright, fine.
One more game.
Now we just gotta find our Jackie Gleason.
What did you say your name was again? Well, my name's Dean Winchester.
And I'm gonna kick your ass.
Now, what kind of name is, uh, Joey Six? Oh, it's just something they used to call me back in PBR.
Professional bull riding circuit.
Tell me.
How was that? Corner pocket.
Good times.
And some not so good.
Double or nothing says you miss that shot.
You trying to hustle me, Rodeo? I thought you were gonna kick my ass.
Helluva shot.
Good game.
Guess you can hustle a hustler.
Yeah, I guess you can.
Stay back.
Damn it.
Let an old man go die in peace, huh? Wait, you're dying? Cancer.
I came out here to beat it.
I did win me an extra year.
Been saving this.
Yeah, I liked that leathery son of a bitch.
Yeah, when he bet double or nothing, you cleaned him out.
Okay, well, plan worked.
Let's hit the road.
What about everybody else? Just give me some time, alright? I-I need to figure this out.
Dude, we're in a fight with God, okay? And we just got our mojo back.
You really think there's enough luck in that coin to make up for whatever Chuck took from us? - Why don't I give it a whirl? - How? I'll go for a quick drive.
If Baby treats me right, then I know we're out of the woods.
But when I get back, it's adiós.
Oh, uh, Agent Liz Lizzo.
- Hi.
- Glad you came.
Glad you called.
So, local transient spotted our boy in some sort of an altercation.
Did they say with whom? No.
She ran the other way when she saw the other guy had a sword.
Looks like he used it.
Are there any abandoned buildings in town? Yeah, I-I guess.
I mean, there's, uh, plenty of old cattle barns, empty warehouses, old church, that kind of thing.
Where's the church? Uh, two blocks down on your right.
Thank you.
Uh, agent? I called you for answers.
I know.
And I intend to find them.
And then the Vikes finally win the Super Bowl.
Right, that's great.
It is.
But is it really worth your life? Look, man, just just one more game.
EVIE: Nice try.
Too bad no one will listen.
None of us are going anywhere.
Are they trapped here? Are you? - [DOOR OPENS.]
- Well, car's dead.
Didn't even make it out of the parking lot.
This coin [COIN CLACKS.]
I think you're right.
Didn't have enough juice.
Hold on.
No way.
- Hmm? - [SCOFFS.]
At first, I thought maybe these coins were were hexed or cursed.
Like the rabbit's foot.
When you win, you're you're taking luck from whoever you beat, right? - Right.
- But Joey Six beat how many people? 30? 40? More? All of that accumulated luck should have been passed to you.
Well, tell that to Baby.
It didn't.
Because what if someone's stealing, every game, skimming luck off the top? What What do you mean? Like, the house? Her.
I think.
"Atrox Fortuna"? She's the Roman Goddess of Luck.
Okay, say you're right.
What do we do? I-I can't help you.
I'm sorry.
Then why warn me in the first place? So you'd take your brother and go.
Wait, why are you here? Does she have something over you? I came to play.
I lost.
I'm only alive 'cause she lets me stay.
Long as I keep working.
So, if you don't play yourself to death, you work yourself to death.
Is that it? Yeah, that's it.
Is she here? I don't know.
I only talk to Pax.
Her son.
KABAIEL: You should heal that.
I know what you are.
You're powerful.
Why not use it? Fight back? [CHUCKLES.]
As a soldier, I respect your silence, tactically misguided as it may be.
For example, when I ask why are you killing my kind, you should answer so I won't hurt you.
Why did you kill them? We Grigori have our own frequency of angel radio.
Did you know that? Before he died, my brother called to me.
Did you want him to? To draw me out? Kill me, too? SAM: Pax.
Hey, uh, can I ask you a question? Where's your mom? Fortuna! We have your son.
Fortuna? That's one of my names.
We know you're skimming luck off what we won.
We want it back.
Or I kill him.
Well, you probably could.
His daddy was human.
But, no.
I'm sorry, baby.
I can always make more sons.
Then play me for it.
I played you already.
Then we go again.
When I play someone, I get a read on them.
And you you're just a beach read.
Sexy, mm, but skimmable.
Beach read? Lady, I'm Tolstoy.
That's very funny.
This one here He could be interesting.
No, no, no.
That's Unh-unh.
Yeah, I'll play.
But not for our luck.
I'll play for the lives of everybody in here.
Only for your luck.
And if you lose, I get your lives.
Come on, you threatened my baby, my livelihood.
An example must be made.
are you in? [GRUNTS.]
You can't kill me.
I can make you suffer.
You killed the last of my kind.
You ate their hearts! This is more than fair.
Fair? The last one I killed was pretending to be a doctor.
Feeding on the souls of humans he was supposed to heal.
You do it, too.
Only you like children.
Who told you that? Death.
Guess that makes me solids.
So, why do you need this luck so bad? Girlfriend problems? Liver failure? Accursed by God.
Life's a bitch, then you die.
The God literally cursed us.
You've met? Yeah.
Little guy, squirrelly as hell.
Yeah, that's him.
Well [SIGHS.]
welcome to the club.
The club? Yes, the club.
God created the world, but you know who created us gods? You did.
You humans.
Sort of.
When you apes first climbed down from the trees, you didn't pray to him.
You prayed to the the sun, the womb, the rain, and the stars.
Well, at first, the creator was furious.
How dare you not recognize his beneficence? But soon enough, he birthed us Ra, Anu, Hera, Mixcoatl, all the rest.
Why? Why? [SCOFFS.]
To take the blame.
Bad harvest? Stillborn child? Our bad.
Not his.
Plus, we made for epic stories.
But his ego could only handle that for so long.
Now he's happy to hide behind whatever religion has the best syndication deal.
While we survive on scraps in the wilderness.
Most gods, they're forgotten.
But I'm old.
I hold a grudge.
Oh, well.
What are you gonna do? We're gonna fight him.
Are you, now?! And when you lose ? SAM: We lose swinging.
Eight ball, corner pocket.
You little minx.
You got me talking.
You're good.
I learned from my brother.
Alright, you know the deal.
Even up.
What do you say we make it interesting? Okay? You're gonna fight God.
That's the stuff of heroes, right? So, you're gonna need the luck of heroes Hercules, Cuchulain, Gilgamesh.
I helped them all.
I can help you, too.
What's the catch? Another game.
Double or nothing.
That's how the cowboy died.
But not for more luck.
For them.
If I win, you have to let them go.
Honey, I'm not stopping them.
Okay, then when I win, you have to give back the luck you stole.
Close up shop.
What is with you and these losers? They're nothing! They don't matter.
They matter to me.
They matter to us.
Well, fine.
Rack 'em up.
Eight ball, corner pocket.
You challenged the Goddess of Luck in her own joint.
What did you think was gonna happen? Well, we had to try.
Well, that was stupid.
Thought she was gonna kill us.
Yeah, she doesn't have to.
Our luck will do that on its own.
Dean, we can't just Just leave them.
I know.
Alright, well, let's go find some Wi-Fi and see what kills Lady Luck.
Then we'll circle back.
What What's going on? - What happened? - She She shut it down.
- What?! - Why? Because of you.
She said she thought your kind had gone extinct.
Our kind? Heroes.
Like the old days.
And, uh, she gave me a message.
She said, "Don't play his game.
Make him play yours.
Come on.
Ohh! We're back, baby! Alright, this is it.
Last scratcher.
Come on, come on.
What the hell?! I mean, so much for that "Luck of Hercules" crap.
So, we didn't win the lottery.
But no car trouble.
Uh, credit cards work.
Oh, and back-to-back bacon double cheeseburgers didn't kill you, so That was beautiful, by the way.
I'm just saying would it have killed her to give us a little extra? Well, she thinks we're real heroes.
Maybe they don't get all the shortcuts.
Friggin' gods, man.
Cass? Hey.
Everything okay? Hello.
Jack? It's really him.
SAM: Jack, you you ate their hearts? I had to.
And you let him? Hmm.
You could have called us.
Every day I wanted to come home, but I couldn't.
Why not? Because if I don't stay hidden, if I use my powers, my grandfather he'll know I'm back, and he'll try and kill me again.
He's afraid of me.
And that's why we had to wait.
Billie kept him hidden in the Empty until Chuck went off world.
She let me out when it was safe.
Safe to what? Eat a bunch of angel hearts? Safe to do what I have to.
The hearts, they were just the beginning.
They made me strong, but I-I'm not strong enough.
I If I do exactly what she says, if I follow her plan, then I'll get stronger and I'll be able to kill God.

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