Superstition (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Uncle Bubba

Last time on "Superstition" Calvin and I have agreed to figure us out before we involve you.
I'm offering you an ear and comfort.
Come on! This is your sanctuary.
It's a place just for you.
I think me and my pals are doing just fine.
No matter what, parents protect their children from monsters.
- Bea! You know what we got? - What do we have? We have that magic life square I always talk about.
- One leg is health.
- Mmm-hmm.
- One leg is wealth.
- [BEA CHUCKLES] - The most important is love.
- Uh-huh.
- Last is? - Time.
- Time.
- I know that smile of yours.
- [CHUCKLES] - Huh? It's not every day we get "me and you" time.
No infernals to fight.
No services to perform.
[LAUGHING] No kids interfering.
I see those mimosas have stirred up a little mischief in you.
You'll see how much mischief when I get you inside.
The lock's upside down.
There is an old wives' tale that doing so keeps evil spirits from entering the home.
But who flipped it? - [CAT MEOWS] - [BEA] Nothing but Huey.
That cat didn't flip the lock.
No! But a cooler cat did.
Uncle Bubba! But y'all look like Bonnie and Clyde comin' in here, man.
How you doing? - I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
- Just everything.
[IN FRENCH] [IN FRENCH] C'est ma famille, alors sois gentil.
Ignore Issac! He's just playing.
[UNCLE BUBBA] None of that French stuff in here, okay? - [BEA] Okay.
- Now you know what I want.
We gotta make a do with a dude.
You best to give it me or I'm gonna have to take it.
Oh, no! Already know what it is, Uncle Bubba, just wanna make sure.
- Measure twice, cut once.
- [BEA] Okay, okay.
Twenty-six, I'm feeling it.
Hello, 26! All right, all right! You up, Buttercup! Buttercup? Okay, Uncle Bubba, maybe enough with the tape, okay? Okay.
I get it, I get it.
Y'all wanna challenge Uncle Bubba.
Tapeless it is.
Cool, cool.
Now come on here and let me see what's up all up in there Let me see.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Man, if I do this you gonna owe me, right? - Yeah.
Waist, 34, chest 42, inseam 35.
- You got me.
- Come on, bring it in, bring it in.
How you doin'? He cannot stand this, you know what I'm sayin'.
- Yeah, no, no.
- But I just love seein' you guys.
And little brother, actually, it is good to see you.
You just You caught us by surprise, is all.
Oh, y'all just wanna know why this crazy negro is in here.
- No.
- Yes.
Why is Why are you here? I have a spiritual problem, that requires a particular set of skills.
The kind only my family can provide.
What's the problem with your spirit? Mine is a dandy, Bea.
It's the evil one that follows me around, is a whole bucket of bad.
- [CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMES] - [UNCLE BUBBA] That evil clock Well So thoughtful of you to leave that evil spirit to us.
I knew you guys will understand.
Only Uncle Bubba can put that smile on Garvey's face.
I'm gonna have a big old smile on my face.
Once I bounce his crazy ass back where he belong.
He's not crazy.
Eccentric, OCD.
Acutely superstitious but Ultimately harmless.
And he knows how to get on my last nerve.
[LAUGHS] Hey, the man adores you.
Show Uncle Bubba a little kindness.
I'll make it worth your while.
I was gonna make it worth your while, before he showed up.
You can still.
After you help Uncle Bubba.
I'll be upstairs.
Bea! Tick-tock! That is no fair.
Check this out right here.
[WHISPERING] Oh, my God.
Uncle, this is beautiful.
You know, I was gonna send it two-day postage, but it woulda been $13.
13, and three-day would have been $6.
66, so I thought it would be best if I just bring it to you myself.
That's, uh Cautious of you.
Do you feel me? 'Cause the Druid says those numbers will make you have very bad nightmares.
Uncle Bubba is an expert on global superstitions, - and an incredible tailor.
- Thank you.
- Uncle? - Yeah? Wanna see if he measures up? Girl, I was thinking the same thing.
Good God almighty He can tell if we're a good match, through our measurements.
I call it the measure of love.
Yeah, it's a science.
Come on, let me look at ya, man.
Shoulder to wrist is a perfect 36.
All right, normal on the chest.
That can be something to worry about.
He's got an impressive inseam, and not for a white boy neither.
Now had I said, "For a white boy " That would have been racialistic.
But I said not.
He's sizing up to be a perfect match.
- [RUSSELL] We are? - You got a 14-inch neck there, Russell.
You should be proud of that shit.
And confident.
See, why don't the rest of your family see me the way he does? You know what I'm thinking, baby girl? I'm thinking paisley and pleats.
[CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMES] I'm gonna get right on it after I rid myself of that evil-ass clock, which is harmless unless you touch it the wrong way.
I'm a magnet for all things paranormal.
I've been struck by lightning 47 times so far.
I can feel it coming though.
Gives me a chance to get my feet planted.
You gotta get your feet right when lightning come.
Because if you don't, Lord, cancel Kwanzaa.
It's been a minute though, so I'm probably due.
And that particular devil right there keep finding its way back to me.
It's a prison that holds an angry ghost, that just won't leave me be.
[CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMING] Okay, don't touch it.
Okay? 'Cause you gotta get some salt, a lavender candle and a goat's horn, and don't even look at it.
[GARVEY] Okay.
I'm digging this dude.
I mean, 47 times stuck by lightning Come on.
I'm sure there's nothing wrong with this clock either.
- [CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMING] - Is that a raven or a crow? Russ, we actually probably shouldn't touch that.
- [THUNDER RUMBLING] - [INDISTINCT ROARING] You have to stay with us! I don't even wanna know.
Well, hey there, Chief! - Hey, yourself! - [CELL PHONE CHIMES] I have set up my phone to give me an alert anytime Garvey's phone gets near Russ' car.
- Russ? - Russ.
- Good old Russ! - [LAUGHING] - I don't know about that kid.
- He's not a bad kid.
I knew guys like Russ when I was in the service.
They all look at women like some hill to climb.
At one point, wasn't I that hill for you? - More like a mountain.
- Yeah.
- More like a mountain.
- I climbed it though.
Oh, my God! - I fully embrace this double standard.
- You do.
But she still shouldn't be with him.
- You should shut it down.
- Oh, yeah.
Remember when my parents tried that with us? Worked flawlessly.
I persisted.
Russ isn't exactly my first choice for Garvey, but he does make her feel like a normal kid and that's important too.
For your lovely date.
Thank you, but this is not a date.
Deny all you want, but I'm an expert on such matters.
The look in your eyes says it all.
Personally, I wouldn't argue with an expert.
But if this isn't a date, then I only have to pay for one meal, right? Wrong, very wrong! Thank you.
You tried it.
You know, this might not be a date but The chemistry is certainly undeniable.
We are two old friends who fell into the familiar.
- Is that what we're calling it now? - Cute.
Classic case of sparks versus emotion.
Do I even wanna know what that alert means for our daughter? Actually, you are off the hook, this is work.
Some big guy in a derby and a plaid suit got all freaked out and started running around the place backwards because a black cat crossed his path.
Who does that? I just don't understand.
I do not understand.
Where could they go? Where did the kids go? - And Garvey left her dress, man - Bubba! Bubba, calm down, relax.
I want you to tell me why you think you're haunted.
Someone brought it to me.
A weird clockmaker sent it to me.
Ah, you calling somebody else weird.
You hear that? Okay, Uncle Bubba, we are doing whatever we can.
We're trying.
But Garvey wouldn't leave without saying goodbye.
She's a teenager, Bubba! You barely get a hello or a goodbye.
She probably was in a hurry and she'll be back.
Well, check the cars.
- Really? - Yes.
[SIGHS] Checking the cars.
All right, Bubba, you got us.
This is what we're doing with our day now.
So, help us help you.
Tell me about this damn clock.
Okay, I'll tell you what When this clock was restarted, not only did the spirit stay here, it got attached to me.
It got attached to you? - Yes.
- Bubba, if we can't prove it, how we gonna help you out? And if we can't help you out, then you know what time it is? What time is it? Time to get your ass back to Shadybrook.
Oh, not until we get this fixed first.
- Bubba! - [BEA] Russ! Garvey! The cars are still here, but there is no sign of them.
[RUMBLING] Uh-oh! Uh-oh, what? They're in that clock.
What? They must have touched it the wrong way.
I told them not to do it.
Kids today! [BOTH SCREAMING] [BOTH GASPING] Oh, Russ! Did you have to touch that clock? Where are we? Well, take a guess.
- I don't know.
- We're in the clock, or some sort of clock dimension.
That's impossible! Garve, people can't just go into clocks.
Yeah, tell that to my mom.
She spent a few days in a mirror.
What? Look, forget it.
- We just gotta get the hell out of here.
- [CLOCK CHIMING] Russ, Russ, grab my hand! [GARVEY] What the hell? Look, there's a door.
Give me my phone.
[GASPING] No service.
I guess that's the way to go.
Oh, no.
Garve! Oh, Garve! This is amazing.
I mean, we could sell these clocks.
You might see spooky, but I'm a visionary, 'cause you know what I see? Hamilton staring at me from 20-dollar bills.
Andrew Jackson's on the 20.
Yeah, whatever.
Plenty of room for all the dead white dudes in my wallet.
Brilliant! Russ, we are definitely in some supernatural space.
If we are in a clock, I mean And fiddling with one got us in here.
Maybe we just need to fiddle with the right one to get us out, okay? - Um - Russ, Russ, Russ Look.
That could send us somewhere really worse or trigger something really bad.
We just We need to evaluate our situation, feel our options and go from there.
How do you know this? Grandpa always said the best decisions are the informed ones.
I'm guessing that's the way to go.
[ISAAC] Wait a minute.
You brought this into our home and you're telling me the kids are stuck in it? Yes.
[TAPPING] How do we get them out? Apparently, we're dealing with a stage four poltergeist here.
[BEA] Let's classify later, Uncle Bubba.
We need to get the kids back now.
Yeah, but in order to get through this, we gotta find out which spirit or spirits that are in this clock.
You know what I am saying? Because, one of them seems not to be in a very chatty mood.
And the only reason I stopped by here - [THUDDING] - was to meet Tagert, you know, the clock man The clock repairman, he made this clock.
Tagert is the one that sent you the clock? Yes.
Or one of his minions.
I thought it was a gift.
- Why? - Hell, I don't know.
I borrowed some money from him, and I slept with his wife, but what does that have to do with him? Wait a minute, wait a minute, you Wait a minute.
My grandbaby is in this clock 'cause you couldn't keep it in your big old pants? Hey, he wasn't embracing none of his spousal duties.
- Naturally, I had to.
- Naturally? Yeah, but you know what though? She went back and told him everything.
Man, like Dr.
King said, "Bitches be tripping.
" Okay, I don't think Dr.
King ever said that.
And Bubba, we're not gonna refer to women that way in this house.
- Thank you.
- I'm sorry.
Okay, why don't you call May and have her scoop up this Tagert guy and bring him back here? And I'll continue to work on contacting the spirit.
Listen, just because we fight like a couple doesn't make us one.
You just don't wanna admit to what the rose lady already knows.
A way to sell another rose to another idiot.
Still, it's gonna die, it's gonna dry and the petals are gonna be blowing around with the wind and we still have 16 years of stuff we don't know about each other.
I mean, you're sexy, but that still doesn't change You do understand what I'm trying to say, right? - Yes.
- Thank you.
You think I'm sexy.
- Oh, my God! You gotta be kidding me.
- [CALVIN LAUGHS] Hold on.
Issac, hi! I am here with your son, Casanova.
- What's up, Pop? - Hey, I need you guys - to pick up a man named Tagert.
- What? Why? He may have Garvey and Russ captive in an enchanted clock.
Don't ask.
Just get over to Edgewood Drive.
- On it.
- Turn right.
Wait, Russ! Russ! Come on! [CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMING] Okay, okay.
[BALLET MUSIC PLAYING] Russ, we gotta get out of here.
- Garvey, come here - Wait, Russ What the God! Don't [CLOCK CHIMING] [GARVEY] What did I tell you? Did it ding because I touched it? Oh, sorry! Just keep your hands to yourself, all right? Okay, so, since the spirit is tied to the clock, I constructed a Ouija board in a paper plate as a means to communicate with it.
- That is clever, Bea.
- Thank you.
This clock looks just like the Wheel of Fortune, except the prize could get the kids back.
- Well, thank you for that insight.
- Yeah, you're welcome.
Okay, shh, shh! Help us, lost spirits.
Tell us Who are we communicating with? Agnes! Agnes, that's her name.
- Ask Angus - Agnes! Whatever.
Ask her her favorite color.
Ask her why she took the kids.
Wait a minute, I know this clock and this clock knows me.
I could have been giving it my own command.
I'm not commanding it, Uncle Bubba, I'm simply asking it.
Come on, I got this.
Come on, come on.
I got this.
Back up! What's up, Angie? It's the Bubster here.
Look here.
You snatched up two of the kids and we need to be with them right now.
[CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMES] [THUNDER RUMBLING] - [ISAAC] Hello! - What the hell? Angie may have misunderstood me.
Oh, you think? Garvey! Russ! No doors.
[CLOCK CHIMES] What the hell is this? No service.
- What are you doing, man? - It's a Mazuza-fix.
It's a cross and a Mazuza hybrid, to dispel on a cross spectrum between that and your ring.
Bubba, my ring is back in the Alchemy room.
- What? - We weren't planning - to leave the way we did, brother.
- Oh, man! - You wanna know what I think is going on? - What's going on? I think your boy Tagert teamed up with that evil spirit, Agnes, and they're using this clock environment like some kind of Venus flytrap.
And you know who they wanna trap, Bubba? - Who? - You! And they got your ass.
They got me, they got Russ and they got Garvey, and our job is to get those kids and get outta here, as quickly as we can, by any means necessary, Bubba.
This is why I wore my superstition jacket, baby! I got a rabbit foot, I got crosses.
I got soap, Greek isles.
Yeah, and check this out.
Brass knuckles, with runes.
You likey? - Runes, huh? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I likey.
- I thought you would.
[DOOR OPENS] I didn't wanna leave it in the Alchemy room, for obvious reasons.
- So, Uncle Bubba said that and then - And then he Commanded the clock and they were both gone.
- I know, it sounds - Perfect! Good riddance.
No, no I just think she I got it.
I got it.
Tagert, do I need to remind you that you have four people in that time trap you made? One of them happens to be my daughter.
Do you have enough to arrest me? I think not, because you have rules.
May, you thirsty? Yeah.
Yeah, come to think of it, I'm parched.
Bea, do you have anything that could help with a light head? - Well, I got sweet tea.
- Sweet tea will be great.
Let's take a walk.
I see what this is.
You two are playing "good cop, black cop.
" But I'll tell you the same deal, brother.
[GROANING] This is not a game.
And I am not your brother.
My daughter and my father are trapped in that clock.
You gotta tell me where they are.
Here's something else for you to consider.
I'm not a cop.
I have no rules.
You're gonna tell me where there are, Tagert.
No, no, no! You need to tell me where they are.
No, we don't do this.
We do not do this.
Not today.
Excuse us.
This needs to be done, Ma.
Now, it doesn't have to happen under this roof, but it needs to be done.
We are running out of time.
Hush your mouth.
[CAT MEOWING] [GROANING] Nice kitty, nice kitty! Stay away! Get him out! Just get this thing off me! Get it off! Please! It's all right, I did it! [KISSES] Well done! I thought you said we don't We don't do this.
But Huey That's a different story.
We keep our focus.
We improvise, adapt and overcome.
Yeah, as long as that involves running.
[GARVEY] It's human.
It's using human souls for the clocks.
- Oh, God! - Run! Go! God! Oh! Hold on! [GROANING AND GASPING] Come here.
[GRUNTING] - [RUSSELL YELLING] - Russ! Russ! Russ! Garvey! Go! Go! Russ.
Come on, , hold yourself up.
Russ! Russ, come on, you're so close.
You're so close, Russ, come on.
[GRUNTING] Grandpa! [ISAAC] Garvey! What the [GARVEY] Grandpa! - [RUSSELL] Where did he go? - [ISAAC] Garvey! Grandpa! Grandpa! Where are you? Exactly where I want them.
Garvey! Russ! - What are you, a cutter? - Shut up, I need to focus.
[PANTING] [DOORS BANGING] What was that with that crazy X-Men stuff? You know the rumors about my family, that I said were lies? Well, it's all true.
Ghosts, infernals My family We fight against all that.
Whoa! Okay! - Look, Russ, I know you must have some questions.
- Some? How did you do all this? Look, Russ, no time now.
She's coming.
I can't hold it forever.
Do your X-Men thing then.
I can't, I'm getting too weak.
Use me as like a boost.
Like, my energy.
Like, leveling up in a video game.
I've never done that before.
Maybe it's about that time.
[GROANING] [RUMBLING] [PANTING] Come on, come on, I got you.
I feel it, she's gone.
You did it.
We did it.
Come here.
Come here.
It's okay.
Come here.
We're gonna get out of here, okay? All right, follow me.
Garvey! - Russ! - Am I a lost cause? Bubba! This is a maze, brother, that's all.
And there's always a way out of a maze.
Well, I mean this from the heart.
I never meant to hurt Garvey and Russ.
- [RUSSELL] We're gonna find them.
- Now, brother, you are a walking encyclopedia for anything having to do with superstition.
We gotta take that energy, that know-how, that smarts, and just apply it to getting the kids back.
Hell, yeah! [CLOCK CHIMES] Agnes said she was cursed, and made into this clock, and she now believes she's God there.
I outsourced that part, but you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs.
She is not the only spirit banished in the clock! There are 83 others in here.
It's a poltergeist trap for a reason.
It snagged a lot of them - because it's so well-made.
- Why? Why? For banging my wife.
[CHUCKLING] I wanted Bubba to receive a warm welcome when I caught him, so I projected my own visions of evil from my favorite horror movie.
Okay, so all of that is going on in this little clock.
Yes, and no.
The clock launches them to a dimensional space.
Since I fed souls to Agnes, she sees me as her master.
So asking her questions would only confuse her.
So ask, don't ask, just get them the hell out of there.
Tilly picked the worst time for a vacation.
There may be some racket.
The lights may flash.
But say nothing.
Your master requires your devotion, obedience and I guess his time ran out.
One, two, three, don't touch me.
One, two, three, don't touch me.
- One, two, three - Could you keep it down, brother? One, two, three, don't touch me.
I gotta go do my cleansing rituals.
I have to rescue Garvey.
Is that Garvey's blood? Or Russ.
Left their breadcrumbs.
Look! Garvey! Russ! Hang in there, Garve, hang in there.
No one departs without my consent.
Hand over the girl, and I'll let you go.
[SIGHS] Screw yourself.
[GRUNTING] [RUSSELL PANTING] Your mistrust of your father is a waste of resentment.
He is eternally dedicated to you, - and will never let you down.
- That's not the point.
He still left me.
- And my - And my mother.
Guilt, regret, resentment, sadness, and all forms of non-forgiveness are the cause of too much past and not enough presence.
When we allow ourselves to miss the present moment, we miss the opportunities of this life.
Thank you.
Are you, like, my great-grandmother or something? No.
We are a lot closer than you think.
Russ, he is He is pure at heart.
But his love and devotion to you will be his end.
Take care of him.
His life is in your hands, Garvey.
His life is in your hands, Garvey.
His life is in your hands, Garvey.
[GASPING] [SCREAMING] Russ! Russ! - Oh, my God! - [RUSSELL] Garvey! [RUSSELL] Garvey! Help! Help! - Why are you draining souls? - To absorb them.
This grandfather of yours who comes for you I want him.
Carve a rune onto this clock face to draw him in.
- Right! - Don't do it please! - Anything else when I'm at it? - You, I need alive.
- Not the boy.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no! Care to see how fast I can pierce his throat with a second hand? Oh, no! Don't do it, please.
Please! Okay.
Okay, stop.
Wise choice, now draw it.
A false rune earns him instant death.
You think your grandfather is immune because he is immortal.
[CLICKS TONGUE] The joke's on you, girl! That is exactly why I want him.
The fruit of the soul lies within its experience, and this immortal is rich with hundreds of years of experience.
What the hell is that on your forehead? I feel like some kind of spell is overtaking me.
Oh, man.
I'm telling you, death ain't ladylike and it's coming looking for me.
I know it, I can feel it.
I feel it.
We gotta keep moving.
[GARVEY] Grandpa, she's coming for you.
Grandpa, I'm sorry.
She made me carve the rune, she was gonna kill Russ.
Welcome, immortal! I sensed your presence the moment you entered my realm.
A soul so rich in experience will be deeply savored.
[GARVEY] Look out! She's behind you, behind you! There's more.
- You can't stop all of us.
- [GRUNTING] - [GARVEY] She's multiplying! - [AGNES] It's pointless, immortal.
Get it done, Buttercup.
Issac, you looking like Sugar Ray Oh, Bruce Lee! - Mr.
Hastings, please! - Look out behind you! What is happening to you, I wonder? We're waiting on you right now.
Come and get us.
Come and get us.
Come and get us.
Struggle or no, this soul key will unwind the immortal times of your soul and give it all to me.
Bea! Come and get us, right now.
We're waiting on you.
It says, take the clock to Alchemy room, - moon mirror.
- Okay, let's go do that.
No, if this were from Isaac, I'd know.
He'd make sure.
- We can't just assume.
- Whatever it's asking for, it could be a trap.
Wait, wait, wait.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] "We gotta do that do, baby girl!" - What is that? - It's Uncle Bubba! Okay, now, we've gotta get up there.
Come on, Bea, we're waiting on you.
Bea! [ISAAC] Bubba, the clocks! Hit the clocks! Oh! Oh, I guess Yeah, yeah! [CLANKING AND CRASHING] No! No! Bubba, now! [UNCLE BUBBA] Come over here, grab my hand.
Grab my hand.
Plant your feet, plant your feet! [CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMING] [THUNDER RUMBLING] Hold on! They've got you, babe! [INDISTINCT] - Breathe.
- Baby? [MAY] Sit up, sit up.
Take your time.
I'm okay, baby.
You got my message.
- How about that, baby girl? - Yeah.
Uncle, how did you get us out of there? Like Benjie Franklin said, "Lightning can be your enemy but every now and again it can be your boy.
" - Amen to that.
- Yeah.
Russ, so how does it feel to help save 83 souls? Oh, well Uh, you know, actually, Ms.
Hastings, I'm about it.
You know, as you guys know, I'm a man of action as I am.
Oh, man! - Hey, Russ.
- What? That hurts! Oh, no, I'm not I'm ready to go, I'm ready to go.
I am ready to go.
I know, I know, but you just got to find a way to go on without me.
You know what I mean? All of my stuff is at Shadybrooks.
They make a great BLT.
But mostly It is wonderfully boring, you know what I'm saying.
And I do wanna say, as savior of the day You did save the day, but you know it was your clock that got us in the mess in the first place? I just wanna say something.
Even though I have all the lucky charms, brother, you got the best one of all, family.
Thank you.
- I got something for you.
Close your eyes.
- Bubba, I'm good.
Close your eyes.
No peeking.
Bea, make sure he do not look.
Oh, man, hold your arms out, hold your arms out.
Right there, right there.
Put all that on.
Yeah, we got you.
I'll guide you on.
There you go.
Bea, don't let him peak.
- I'm not.
- Okay.
If something happening crazy, Bubba Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm, you're gonna love this.
Now open your eyes.
[LAUGHS] Now we can be twinsies! Twinsies, just what I always wanted, Bubba.
Okay, let me run Uncle Bubba back, - and give us some quality time together.
- Mmm-hmm.
And in the meantime, you can have some mimosas waiting, and nothing else.
Hmm? But wait, wait Wait a minute.
Russ drives for all of them companies, Uber, Lyft taxi, - Russ could take Bubba home.
- I'm gonna take No.
We could kill two birds with one Bubba.
No, I can drive Uncle Bubba, thank you.
Come here.
Give it here.
Man, I appreciate everything.
Thank you.
- You're welcome, brother.
- All right, all right.
- Gotta go.
Let's go, Bea.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Take care of Buttercup.
Let's go, Bea.
Garvey? Russ? Look, I know I'm a freak.
Spent my whole life trying to hide it from everyone, now you know.
So if it's too much, I get it.
I mean, if it was me I wouldn't even wanna I've always thought you were the most unique girl in this town.
Today's just confirmed it.
Forget about the thousand questions I have.
I have an answer for you.
- Didn't ask you any questions.
- But you've gotta be thinking it.
Garvey, I'll keep every secret that you ever trust me to share, to my death.
For letting me see you today and making me a better guy, for the most part.
Russ, it's beautiful.
It's so small and delicate.
When people ask you where you got it from, you know, only if down the road you feel okay about it, maybe you could say it's from me.
You don't have to, it's just if you want to and I don't Hey.
She returns to the scene of the crime.
Sparks versus emotion, the debate continues.
No, I'm not staying.
Come on, we've been dancing around this, Calvin.
I'm really glad that you are in Garvey's life, but whatever this is between me and you has just been happening - way too fast.
I should have never - Quit apologizing for any of our moments.
I'm grateful for them.
You just Now we have time to figure it all out.
Do you have any idea what it's like to be a single mother? I had her so young and I lost myself in you and then you left.
And then I lost myself in Garvey and now she's finally [CHUCKLES] She's finally old enough to where I have a second to try To find May again.
Or are you afraid I'll leave again? If I don't do this now, or at least try to, I'm just I'm not gonna be any good to anybody.
I understand.
I won't pester you anymore then.
I don't want you to sit waiting for me to come around.
I think you should just go ahead and live your life, Calvin.
As you wish.