Superstition (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

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1 Last time on Superstition You should just go ahead and live your life, Calvin.
- As you wish.
- Who are you? - The Dredge.
- My mother died, too.
- [SOBS] - Reflected in this, you can see stories all around the globe.
You can go on playing Mayor.
I'll be expecting your full support.
You've been searching for that ring for a long time, haven't you? - This ain't goodbye! - Ahhhhh! We're not doin' this.
Calvin's right.
- Might only make things worse.
- It can't get any worse.
It won't stop it.
How do you know? I don't know.
- I just have a feeling.
- Not good enough.
- Easy, easy.
- Ah All right.
Nobody wants this.
I didn't think Vajras actually existed.
What exactly is that? Hindi legend, it harnessed the power of lightning and Ruins days.
The hell it won't work.
You see, he agrees.
- No, I don't.
- Put it down, Mayor.
She's the cause of this.
I'm ending it now.
- [SHOT] - [GROANS] - Calvin! - [GROANS] Calvin! [MAY GASPS] See, I didn't wanna have to do that.
Your gun won't work on me.
Flee, May, as well.
Go on.
If you knew what was happening here, you wouldn't stop me.
It ends here.
[RUMBLING] Son of a bitch! [LOUD EXPLOSION] [TILLY] What's a six letter word for immature? Jejune.
- C'est un mot français.
- Oui.
learn something new every day.
Hey, nice work kickin' that jinn's butt over at the Camp Bridges the other day.
But we've gotta set down some rules because that Ring of Solomon's the most powerful weapon we got, son.
If you bounce outta here and you take it without telling me, we're vulnerable to attack here at home.
Haven't we had this conversation already? [BEA] Hey, you guys, come have some eggs before they get cold.
Hmm? I need more.
More what? You haven't even eaten yet.
And Tilly, I made you an omelet - with soy milk, just the way you like.
- Yay, you're reading my mind.
Thank you.
[BEA] I planted some hydrangeas at your mother's grave site.
Thought I'd go with a more distinctive flower than the usual lilies.
That's very thoughtful of you.
I feel bad about missing the service.
I mean, you were away.
I'm more surprised that Aunt Nancy didn't show up.
I figured she'd be there for like moral support or something.
Aunt Nancy's a trip, but she'll show up in her own time.
Eh, I'll check on her later today.
But I do have an intake first.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Peters passed away.
Really? Mr.
Peters? I liked him.
What happened? [TILLY] Well, he was 86 and ran a red light.
Honestly, I feel like at a certain age, we should just take away their keys.
Oh, no, hell no, don't even look at me.
Oh, was I? I didn't Did I I didn't notice.
Um, by the way, do you mind picking him up? I'm not honestly sure what condition he's in, but body - Yeah, sure.
- [TILLY] Is that okay? Yeah, definitely.
Maybe after, I could borrow the car.
Russ and I wanted to Um, Russ and you have nothing going on except for a date with me.
I left you guys alone for two days and I am still trying to scrub up that boy's blood from my wood floors.
What's wrong? Got this little headache that's not going away.
You got a lot on your mind, baby.
Maybe I need a nap, because someone very beautiful kept me up half the night.
- [TILLY] Guys, come on.
- Now you say that.
- What, hater? - Isaac.
No one.
- Huh? - [PHONE RINGS] - Mmm.
- Oh, excuse me for a second.
Are all of you okay? Yeah, we're good.
What's going on? It's imperative that I speak to you in person.
Right now.
You kids aren't ready for gravity magic.
So we're gonna go back to basics, hmm? Like, driver's ed.
- Do we really have to do this? - No, I wanna know.
So everyone in this family gets a significator card.
Even you, Russ.
And a significator symbolizes a dilemma or decision you're trying to decide and how and where you're seeking resolution.
So we have the Empress, the Hermit, the Fool, Justice, the Emperor, - the Star.
- I wanna be the Star.
- Russ, you're the Fool.
- [CHUCKLES] It doesn't work that way.
[CLEARS THROAT] - Then we have the Devil.
- [RUSS] Ooh.
And the Devil Why are there two Devils in my deck? That's impossible.
Well, what's wrong? Russ, you try it.
[RUSS] Whoa.
[RUSS] Whoa.
These all died and head to Vegas, right? Kids, go and find Calvin.
Tell him it's urgent.
Thought you were workin' today.
Had no food at the house.
I was headed this way.
You shouda told me.
- I woulda picked up a few things.
- Hey, let's not do this.
- Do what? That whole knight in shining armor thing.
- Isn't that just a little bit playing? - It's called extending a common courtesy.
Yeah, but with how many strings attached? No strings.
You opted out of us trying to rebuild, I respect that.
Don't make it to be like I'm out here tryin' to run game on you.
I'm just tryin' to help put groceries in the house that my daughter lives in.
That's it.
How very chivalrous of you.
You might find this hard to believe, but May Westbrook is resistible.
[GARVEY] Calvin.
Grandma read her Tarot cards and they - They all came up evil.
- Evil.
She said something really bad's gonna happen.
Okay, I've heard her Armageddon stories before.
It's fine.
Hastings, she's serious.
Dad, I don't think she's kidding this time.
You kids head back to the house.
- And stay there.
- [MOUTHING] Okay.
Aunt Nancy, have you been trying to Oh, my god.
Don't touch her.
[TILLY] What's going on? What are you doing to her? The question is, what is she doing to us? Okay, wait.
Do you remember anything different or unusual about the last day? Now that you mention it, I've been experiencing some déjà vu, - but a lot of people experience that, and - Wait, wait.
Mayor Bickley, what are you doing here? I've come to save us, but you're not gonna like it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
The hell it won't work.
You see? He agrees.
- [CALVIN] No, I don't.
- No, he does Now easy.
None of us want this.
What exactly is that? Vajras.
In Hindi legend, it harnessed the power of [ALL] Lightening.
And [ALL SCREAM] - Why? - You have to trust me, May.
I have to kill her.
Same goes for anyone who gets in the way.
It's for our own good.
I know what you're thinking, it's rune bullets.
No one else need to die.
And you'll never make it.
All right.
You're right.
[CRYING] Why did you kill them? So we can finally move on.
[RUMBLING] Oh, no, what's happening? No! [RUMBLING] [LOUD EXPLOSION] What is a six-letter word for immature? Jejune.
It's a French word.
[TILLY] Right.
How'd you know that? I don't know.
Impressive SAT verbal, I guess.
[TILLY] Fair enough.
Didn't you want to talk to me? About the ring? I thought we talked about that yesterday.
- We did? - Yeah.
[BEA] Guys, come and get some eggs before they get cold.
- And, Tilly, I made you - Omelet with soy milk and you planted hydrangeas at my mom's grave.
I did.
How did you know that? Déjà vu.
Okay, we clearly all need vacations.
We know each other way too well.
Have you heard from Aunt Nancy? I would've thought she'd have made your mother's funeral.
Yeah, so did I.
But I'll check on her later.
Um, I have an intake first.
- He ran a red light.
- [TILLY] He was 86.
'Cause at a certain age, we take the keys away.
What's wrong? I have a little headache.
It won't go away 'cause maybe I need a nap.
- This is not right.
- [PHONE RINGS] - Mayor.
- My caller ID's blocked.
How'd you know it was me? I'll be right there.
[BEA] So everyone in the family gets a significator card.
Including you, Russ.
Significator symbolizes a dilemma or decision you're trying to decide, and how and where you're seeking resolution.
Okay, we have the Empress, the Hermit.
Uh, the Fool.
Then it's the Justice.
Russ, have you seen a tarot card deck before? No.
How'd you know that? Well, um, I don't know.
What's next, Russ? The Emperor.
And then it's, uh Then it's the Star.
Then it's Lovers, and uh, then it's followed by uh, the Devil, lots and lots of the Devil.
Kids, go and find Calvin.
Tell him it's urgent.
[DOOR CLOSES] How have you been feeling these days, Isaac? You're not a small talk kind of guy.
What's up, Bickley? I'm not engaging in pleasantries.
I'm attempting to prove a hypothesis.
How are you feeling? Other than a little headache that's not going away, I'm good.
Feels like an ice cream brain freeze, doesn't it? No, no, no.
We are utterly irredeemably screwed.
What the hell did you do? What do you know about a Zurvanian loop? They're extremely rare.
It's like a time sand trap.
I've been around for centuries and I've never encountered one.
What I know is mostly through legend.
Well, guess what? Come on.
You and I don't experience time the same way normal people do.
When time goes out of phase, we develop symptoms.
You, with your cerebellum.
Me, with my, my vision.
We're stuck in a time loop, and time cascades upon itself over and over.
So I suppose you're saying we've had this conversation multiple times? Likely many times before.
Then I guess you know what I'm gonna ask next.
It wasn't me.
I'm stuck here right along with all the rest of ya.
When did this start? I've been workin' on it, and I need you to be, too.
Why? In case you're wrong? In case the loop starts again.
Subject is Jasper Peters, 86 years old.
Time of death, 8:17 p.
Let's see what God has wrought.
Hmm, and the worse for wear.
Deep laceration along the right side of the cheek, most likely due to airbag.
Nose is broken.
Injuries to the manubrium corpus sterni seem to be consistent with blunt force trauma due to vehicle accident.
[CALVIN] The hell it won't work.
You see? He agrees.
- No, I don't.
- No, he doesn't.
Take it easy.
- No one wants - Wants this to happen.
Of course not.
You didn't think Vajras existed.
How do you know what that word is? I don't know.
Hindi legend says that it harnesses [BOTH] The power of lightening.
Have a closer look.
[MAY] Tilly! [GRUNTING] Calvin! [GUNSHOT] Calvin! It ends here.
[RUMBLING] No! [RUMBLING] [LOUD EXPLOSION] I planted some hydrangeas at your mother's grave site.
- I feel bad, missing the service.
Save yourself.
Release us, Calvin.
We mean you no harm.
- [CLOCK TICKING] - Set us free.
Set us free.
Don't tell 'em our business! [CLOCK TICKING] [PHONE RINGING] - Hastings.
- Isaac.
I need to see you in person, right now.
Who have we got? Subject is Jasper Peters.
86 years old, ch-ch-ch-chu.
Time of death, 8:17 p.
Let's see what god has wrought.
Deep laceration on the right side of the cheek.
His nose is broken.
Injuries to the manubrium corpus sterni seem to be consistent with blunt force trauma due to vehicle accident.
What is going on? Interesting.
Hey, it's Tilly, where are you? [BEA OVER PHONE] On my way home.
I had this funny feeling you were going to call.
Bea, there isn't much reading on time looping.
Well, there probably was at one time.
With all the burning and pillaging of the great libraries of the ancient world, there isn't much left.
No, there is a demon associated with the ancient Egyptian god Khonsu.
He and Thoth mark the passage of time.
But they're not known to be malevolent.
I'm sorry, I'm so tired right now.
[EXHALES] So am I.
We have to keep pushing.
Okay? [SIGHS] We can sleep when we're dead.
That's comforting.
Wh What about Cronus? Governor of chronological time, sure.
I'm not really sure how we pissed him off, but So Bea, if you're right, and we're stuck in some sort of time jail, do you think the world's moved on without us? Or is this more like Time Travelers life, you know, where Henry ages really slowly and then his family and loved ones on earth just grow old and forget about him and then he disappears the night you're supposed to consummate the marriage.
Is it more like that? I hope we never find out.
I've never wanted to be so wrong about something.
[SIGHS] What is that? What is with these spider webs? Is this Aunt Nancy's? What is she up to? [SIGHS] [VOICEMAIL] If you've reached who you are looking for, you know what to do.
Aunt Nancy? [BEA] Oh, my god.
Wait, don't touch her.
What's going on, what's happening to her? Question is, what's she doing to us? Mayor Bickley, what are you doing here? I've come to save us, but you're not gonna like it.
Nor are you.
May, what are you doing? Are you crazy? You're gonna have to trust me.
It was the only way.
Aunt Nancy, Aunt Nancy, can you hear me? Okay, Tilly, call the paramedics, help me get her up.
This isn't right.
What do you mean? It's obvious she is the way - for us to get out of here.
- [CALVIN] How can you be so sure? Don't you feel in her the spiders, that damn rock, all of it.
I feel it.
The key is right here.
- Calvin, what are you doin'? - No.
It's okay, Ma.
May, you gonna shoot me now? May.
This is how we're gonna end it? [RUMBLING] [TILLY] Oh, my God, what's happening? What's happening? [LOUD EXPLOSION] It's called a Zurvanian loop, named after Zurvan, the God of infinite time and space.
We're repeating time in an endless 24-hour cycle.
So this moment, this meeting, we've all been here before? Oh, yeah, multiple times.
It's like that movie, Groundhog Day.
Or Happy Death Day.
Or Edge of Tomorrow.
Or episode 518 where the Enterprise was stuck in that Yeah, yeah, look, everybody focus, all right? Something one of us does or something we do collectively today re triggers the event.
We start all over.
Okay, how do we know what to do and what not to do, Pop? [ISAAC] That's our riddle, son.
We've probably come close to discovering the answer multiple times.
We just don't know how or when.
[ALL] The phone.
- It's a Zurvanian loop.
- [MAYOR OVER PHONE] It's worse than that.
It's imperative that I speak with you person, right now.
How you feeling these days? This is a version of hell.
It's worse than Dante.
It's altogether Sisyphean.
Now we made our way into this loop, we can make our way out.
I think you should do so quickly.
I'm watching my human staff, they're wilting.
With each new cycle, their energy is drained, they're losing their cognitive abilities.
It's the same fatigue my family's feeling.
And over time, they and everyone in La Rochelle won't have the mental capability to save themselves.
They'll be trapped in the time loop forever.
Except you and I will remain cognizant.
Yeah, that's a version of hell.
I know someone who's got all the time in the world.
Okay, so we're not going crazy.
Going crazy would probably be a better option.
Wish I could've been trapped in a better day.
But how do we break the cycle? It would help to know how long we've been stuck in the loop.
Bea, have you found anything else? No.
What about the Egyptian sand clock? It's uh, what they called hour glasses.
We have one of the first from the 1300s.
Wh What does that mean? It means, if we don't break this cycle, like this sand, forever moving in the wrong direction.
[CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] [THUNDER RUMBLING] [ISAAC] Did you see the hills? They're drenched in blood.
How could you do such a thing? [NANCY] Each crimson hillside will hasten the war's end and we can all sip from the sweet wine of liberty.
All except for the poor souls that died up there.
And my men who fought and died up there as well.
The tree of liberty must be replenished from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots.
[GUNSHOTS] And how many more would perish if I hadn't Hadn't what? Played God? Do you know how many people you got killed who are fighting for our freedom? And grays, too, who think we are animals.
And did your behavior show them any different? [NANCY] I did this for us.
I did this so we could be settled.
So you could get the funeral home you wanted.
Wait a minute.
You knew I begged you, I told you not to do this.
No man, even an immortal, tells a Nancy what to do.
We are two of a kind.
And as we stroll into eternity together, you will come to realize the necessity of this and you'll thank me.
[ISAAC] Darlin', I thank you right now, because I have erred and you have shown me unequivocally who you are.
And I would rather go through eternity alone than spend one moment of it with the likes of a monster like you.
What do you remember about today or think you remember? Uh, well, me and Garvey were walkin' through the woods.
I remember May and I in the Alchemy room.
Why would I be there? I was there, too.
Yeah, you, you taught us to read Tarot cards.
Peters died in a car accident, and I knew all the injuries on his body before I even saw it.
That doesn't make sense.
Maybe your fatigue is allowing the memories of your past time-loops to seep into your consciousness.
[MAYOR] I think you come to my office, Isaac, - but why? - [ISAAC OVER PHONE] Was it about you? Could have been.
But that also means that one of us has the memory of how to break the cycle.
And the answer could be right under our feet.
We just keep walkin' by it.
- Maybe a hundred times.
- May? What's wrong? I think I have a memory.
I I think I killed someone.
[ISAAC] Aunt Nancy.
[MAYOR] I remember talking about her.
Same here.
[BEA] Me, too.
And me.
And me.
Garvey? Russ? No.
Who's Aunt Nancy? She's our most common psychic link.
I think it's time we all paid Aunt Nancy a visit.
Garvey, Russ, you two stay here.
Any trouble jumps off, I don't want you in it.
What? - No, but what if we're a part of the solution? - [RUSS] Yeah.
We'll have plenty of time to deal with that tomorrow, or the next day.
- Mom? - [MAY] No.
[RUSS SIGHS] This isn't exactly staying put.
What are they gonna do? Ground us? We're all grounded.
Yeah, well, being caught in a time loop isn't so bad if it means spending all of eternity with you.
- [LAUGHING] - Seriously? Russ, that was so corny.
I tried.
Okay, but seriously, what are they gonna do? Who cares? Russ, we get a free do-over.
We can do whatever we want.
We could steal the hearse and drive off into the sunset.
We could rob a bank like uh, Bonnie and Clyde.
Wait, stay right there.
- What, no, Garv Come on.
- One, last one, please.
Please, and then I'm done.
I'm done.
- [LAUGHING] - Stop, stop, it's all - I got you.
[LAUGHING] - Okay, okay.
- Oh, my god.
- [EXHALES] Seriously, I wasn't joking earlier.
[RUSS EXHALES SOFTLY] If we are really stuck in a time loop, I'm glad it's with you.
[CALVIN] Looks like some kind of memory crystal.
Not like anyone I've seen.
What do you all remember? I mean, I don't even remember being here at all.
I remember being here.
I just don't remember why.
[CALVIN] I remember being cold.
This is madness.
She's the cause.
And she has to be stopped.
What are you gonna do, kill her? - Whatever it takes.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait Hey, we're not doing this.
- [ISAAC] Bickley.
- They're right.
That could make things worse.
That won't stop it.
How do you know? I don't.
I just have a feeling.
And then we get to do this all over again? That's not good enough.
No [DREDGE] She is not the cause, dark soul one.
You can remain trapped here forever or we can strike a bargain.
Who the hell is this? [DREDGE] my true voice without a host, Coo-coo-ca-choo, the walrus has returned.
You imprisoned me in the ring, son of .
- The Dredge.
- Nnow we're closer than ever.
[DREDGE]You musn't dread the Dredge.
Point your ring at infernal Bickley all you want, it won't work in this time loop.
The hell it won't work.
[DREDGE] I know the only way out.
Make a deal with me or your family will remain trapped here, forever.
[RUMBLING] - What's happening? What's happening? - Oh, god.
No! [LOUD EXPLOSION] [TILLY] What's a six-letter word for immature? Jejune.
- C'est un mot français.
- Oui.
something new every day.
[DREDGE] The human mind has its limits.
Your family only has days to live.
But you, Calvin, can stop it.
Hey, son.
Nice work kickin' that jinn's ass at Camp Bridges.
But we gotta set up some rules.
We've had this conversation.
You guys, come have some eggs before they get cold.
- Hmm? - I need more.
More? You haven't even eaten yet.
Tilly, I made omelets with soy milk, just the way you like it.
Reading my mind.
Thank you.
[PHONE RINGING] Tell the Mayor we don't need him.
Pop, I need you to come with me.
[ISAAC] Obsidian rock.
More potent than a memory crystal.
- What'd she do? - Don't touch it, Pop.
[MAYOR] Step away from her.
[CALVIN] Can't do that.
Then I am so sorry.
Okay, I'll do it.
We have a deal? Just tell me what to do.
What happened? I made what I thought was a killer of a deal, amazing stories locked in that rock you destroyed.
But the seller booby-trapped it, froze me in a time loop.
And us, too.
The time loop was meant just for me, but with each cycle, it just spread farther and farther into the whole town.
- I tried to send an SOS.
- Spider web.
The only way to stop the loop was to destroy the property.
How long have we been in the loop? Oh, what I can reckon, 307 days.
Almost a year.
But you won't remember a thing.
When you wake up, it'll be like nothing ever happened.
Time will just go on like before the loop started.
Then we're free.
- We're free.
- No, hold on, hold on.
Who'd you make this deal with? An old friend of ours.
And a new enemy of mine.
That loop he trapped me in was a repetitive memory, one that has haunted me for over 100 years.
Sometimes the past is best left in the past.
[CALVIN EXHALES] How did you know how to break the time loop? Musta been a memory echo.
I don't believe you, son.
What did you do and what did it cost you? Not now, Pop.
[LAUGHTER] I totally forgot how long it took to play this damn game.
Well, you need to take some time off, Dad.
A day's not gonna hurt you.
You got nothin' but time on your hands.
[GARVEY] Park Place, that's a property.
[TILLY] That's a bad investment.
I'm a doctor, trust me.
Tilly, trust me, I do.
- Yeah, I knew you'd say to that.
- Shut up, Russ.
Yeah, I knew you'd say that, too.
- What did That's jail.
- Oh! - [STUTTERS] Jail.
- Jail.
- Wow.
- Another incarcerated brother.
On your side of the family.
Okay, here we go.
[DREDGE]Looks like you should purchase the Park Place.
Insight is 20/20.
You stroke a bargain with me, Calvin, I'll soon demand repayment.