Surface (2022) s01e01 Episode Script


Here. Eat it while it's hot.
- I had fun last night.
- Me too.
I was talking about
the movie, obviously.
Yeah, of course.
first day back at the
hospital. You nervous?
A bit.
Hey. I'm proud of you for doing this.
Thanks. I mean it.
will see you later tonight.
Oh, I've got that dinner
thing with Caroline.
Right. Right. Say hi for me.
You're gonna be great.
Love you.
I love you.
stop, Civic Center.
Civic Center is the next stop.
[PERSON] I am so glad you
decided to come back, Sophie.
You know most of the rich
philanthropists' wives
we get around here just want to
brag about getting their hands dirty,
but you always took the time
to connect with the patients.
Hear their stories.
They all felt like they
knew you, right away.
That's so nice of you to say.
You seem like you're
in a much better place.
[PARAMEDIC] All right,
can you go in here?
Yep. It's self-inflicted.
Pulse weak and thready.
Sir, which way are you taking us?
Uh, you need to get out of this lane.
- This is the best way. Don't worry.
- No, but No, you don't understand.
T-Thi-This way goes over the
bridge. I can't go over the water.
Just Just pull over, please.
Let me out.
Hey, what are you doing?
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Let me out of the car!
All right. There. All right.
- Unlocked. Go.
- [DRIVER 1] Get out of the road.
- [DRIVER 2] Bitch, move.
- Fuck you!
[DRIVER 3] hell out the way!
I had the dream again last night.
[THERAPIST] It's the
first memory you have.
You're gonna come back
to it again and again,
however painful it may be.
If I could just get
back that one moment.
Sophie, you know that your
injuries make that impossible.
This is part of your condition.
You have to accept that
most of your memories
will never be recovered.
Do you know what it feels
like to not remember anything?
It's like I've woken up
in someone else's life
and everyone around me is walking
around as though nothing's changed.
Have you told James how you feel?
[CHUCKLES] I couldn't even
tell him what happened today.
[INHALES] There is a new therapy,
something called neurofeedback.
It could help with these panic
attacks. I could get you in.
Sure, can't hurt.
I wanna tell you something
but I don't want you to
take it the wrong way.
[INHALES] There are a lot of
ways to try to kill yourself.
You jumped off of a boat into
the middle of the fucking ocean.
The fact that you survived is a miracle.
You set out to do something
and you did it in the most
intense, deliberate way possible.
That tells me something about you.
You are determined.
That determination, that's
what's gonna help you
move on from this.
But how can I move on
when I don't even remember
making that choice?
[INHALES] Let's try this.
Tell me, what's so wrong
with your situation?
You have a beautiful home, friends,
a husband who wants to love you.
Exactly. That's what I don't understand.
If my life was so perfect,
why did I try to end it?
[FRIEND 1] Is that the
second bottle or the third?
- [FRIEND 2] Oh, who's counting?
I mean, being married is nice and all,
but the whole thing's
a little monotonous.
If you catch my drift.
- Oh, yes. [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah.
Yeah, that's it. Thank you.
Sophie, I can't believe you're
here. It's just so nice to see you.
- You look gorgeous.
- Honestly.
Have you lost weight?
She got a Peloton.
- [FRIEND 3] A Peloton? Oh, my God!
- [INHALES] You have a Peloton, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, my God. I had to get one.
- Yeah, it's amazing.
So, is this who I used to
spend time with, these women?
Yeah. Why?
I just don't feel a
connection. That's all.
Well, I hate to break it to you,
but you don't have any other friends.
Nobody likes you. You're very pretty.
Okay, there is this guy at the bar
that has been scoping
you out the entire night.
You're being ridiculous.
Mmm, I don't think so.
You think you know him?
You're up early.
Couldn't sleep.
What's that?
I don't know.
Had it in the back.
You like it?
Um, I'm just not used to seeing you
in something so daring. [CHUCKLES]
[INHALES] You know, I always loved
this one.
It really suits you.
What's this for?
The investors event at the firm.
I found the invitation.
Oh, I figured you wouldn't be up for it.
Let's go.
Yeah. You were right. I
need to get back out there.
This is gonna be fun, I promise.
[INHALES] You know
You you probably
You probably don't remember this
but, um, I'm a fantastic dancer.
You want to see?
- It's like, um like a shoulder dance.
Wear the one with the flowers, okay?
I'll see you tonight.
[STRANGER] Sophie.
I'm sorry. Do I know you?
You were at the restaurant.
We need to talk.
Who are you?
Your husband's coming.
Look, he's not who
you think he is, okay?
He's not telling you everything.
What are you talking about?
You ever think there's more to
what happened on the boat that day?
Left on Fremont Street, yeah? Thanks.
Who was that?
Soph, who were you talking to?
Just some guy wanted directions.
Okay. Come on.
[JAMES] You okay?
Yeah. Why?
Well, you just seem a little shaken up.
I'm fine.
- Yeah?
- Let's go.
How about a drink? You
want some champagne?
James. Sophie. You made it.
It's been a long time.
This place is so beautiful.
Yes. Of course. [INHALES SHARPLY]
What a lovely idea to have a party here.
I never would have
thought of it. [LAUGHS]
Uh, I'm just going to excuse myself.
I'm I'm sure you guys
want to talk business, anyway.
You okay?
Didn't you guys get married here?
[FRIEND] Can't believe
you showed. [CHUCKLES]
How you holding up?
[JAMES] Good. I know
this sounds crazy, but
[SIGHS] sometimes I feel like this
whole thing was our second chance.
- You know?
- [FRIEND] Uh-huh.
[JAMES] Well, we get
to reinvent ourselves.
You know, forget all the
mistakes we made before
- and start again, it's
- I don't know, man.
I would have gotten the fuck
out a long time ago, but
- [JAMES] Yeah, well
- [FRIEND] Hey, I'm an asshole.
- [JAMES] Yep.
Sophie. Oh, love the dress.
You're looking at me
funny. What did I do?
What? No, I'm not.
Your champagne. I'm sorry.
Um, excuse me.
[FAINTLY] Wh-what happened?
You jumped, dear. You jumped.
Sophie, I heard you
were back. How are you?
Good, thanks.
744. 602.
- Long night? [LAUGHS]
Back-end of a double. I'm a zombie.
It's dead up here. Go get a
coffee. I'll watch the desk.
[SIGHS] Thank you.
Jesus, Sophie. Didn't you
see that call light going off?
Oh, God. I'm so sorry.
Uh, don't worry about it.
It's probably just Mr.
Greene wanting more juice.
I'll go check on him. Sorry again.
How was the hospital?
Boring, actually. Slow day.
You want some more?
I need to talk to you about something.
Victoria called yesterday.
Needed your driver's license number.
- Ah.
- Said you were going to Seattle.
Well, they they wanted
me to go, but I said no.
It's been five months, James.
You can't babysit me forever.
I just don't think that
now is the right time.
I need you to know something.
What happened before will
never, ever happen again.
The girl who did that,
I don't even recognize.
However fucked up I might
be, I don't want to die.
I know.
Then you should go. [CHUCKLES]
You would call Caroline, right?
If-If-If anything happened.
[LAUGHS] It's a two-hour
flight, James. I'll be okay.
Okay. I'll tell Victoria.
There's a flight in the
morning. I'll have her book it.
therapy isn't going to replace
your other coping mechanisms,
like exercise and talk therapy.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Great. There's no drugs involved.
It's all mental and physiological,
so what I need from you,
Sophie, is to answer honestly.
Of course.
So, Sophie, how are you feeling today?
On a scale of one to ten,
what would you say your
level of anxiety is?
Let's revisit the last time
you experienced a trigger.
What was it that brought on the anxiety?
I was revisiting the trauma.
Shh, don't look.
What would you say your
level of anxiety is now?
You jumped.
Okay, great.
Now close your eyes.
Imagine yourself in a garden.
Flowers. Birds chirping.
- What are you seeing there?
- Sorry?
Are you able to tell what's
going on inside my head?
Not exactly.
It's more like a visual
representation of activity.
Too bad.
All right. [SIGHS] I'm
in a garden, flowers
What else was it?
- Birds.
- Right. Birds. [SIGHS]
[SOPHIE] Caroline,
what are you doing here?
I thought you'd be
bored, so I brought booze.
Sorry, is it too late?
Did James ask you to check up on me?
Sorry, I can't lie to
you. Come on. Come eat.
So, what have you been doing
with the house all to yourself?
I don't know. Trying to relax.
Can I ask you something?
Yeah, sure.
I was at this doctor's
appointment the other day
and you know how they run through
your medical history and all that?
Well, she asked me
how my arm was healing.
Turns out I broke it maybe
a year and a half ago.
Of course, I have no
memory of it at all.
- Do you?
- [SIGHS] Sure, I do. I was there.
You were?
You and I were shopping, and we'd
had a couple of drinks at brunch.
[LAUGHS] And we were
strolling down Maiden Lane,
and you tripped right
in front of Chanel.
- [CHUCKLES] Seriously?
Yeah, the manager was in quite
a state. He thought you'd sue.
Anyway, I took you in for the X-ray.
And then by the time
they put the cast on,
you forced me to leave and
tend to the gallery and
and swore me to secrecy.
I mean, it's such a silly story really.
Sophie, is something wrong?
No, no, it's, um
it's nothing, really.
Sometimes it's hard not
knowing your own secrets.
[JAMES] Hey, babe. [SIGHS]
I know it's late. It's been a long day
and I just got back to the hotel.
It's weird going to bed without
you. [SIGHS] I hate it. [CHUCKLES]
I left you something by the
record player. Take a look.
Anyway, two more days. Love you, Soph.
The usual.
Are you following me?
Tell me who you are, right now.
You really don't remember, do you?
Remember what?
I'm Officer Thomas Baden.
I was assigned to your case.
I didn't realize the
police were involved.
Routine investigation.
All suicides gotta get
cleared for foul play.
Why did you say that about my husband?
It's usually the person who's closest
to the victim that's responsible.
But I'm not a victim.
That's only because you survived.
You know, I realized something
the other night when I saw you.
There's just this this feeling I have
about your case,
something I can't shake.
What feeling?
People with perfect lives don't
usually jump off of ferries.
My life is far from perfect.
I know.
You used to love this place.
You said it was named
after a famous poet.
A guy who spent his whole life
drinking, until he drowned.
He jumped off a boat into the river.
You seem to know quite a lot about me.
Thank you, Officer, but
I don't need your help.
[THERAPIST] How was the neurofeedback?
Do you think it could be helpful?
Maybe. Can't hurt, right?
Lately, I've been having memories.
New ones. Things I haven't seen before.
It's natural for details to come
back, especially around the trauma.
What I saw happened right before.
Do you remember when I
told you about the ictus,
way back when we started?
The catalyst.
The moment that your injury
essentially rebooted your brain.
When you opened your eyes in
that water, you were reborn.
Anything that comes back before
that moment, you can't trust.
Uh, so there's n never a
chance, not even the tiniest sliver,
that I will ever get back that moment?
The moment before I jumped?
Someday, maybe. Probably not.
The oldest memories
have the best chance,
the newest, close to impossible.
Sophie, it's time to move
forward. Face your fears.
You have to stop focusing on the trauma,
you're giving it more
power than it deserves.
But don't you think
knowing what really happened
would change everything?
We do know.
No, we think we know, based
on what we think happened.
You had been hurting for a
long time, you said so yourself.
Whatever made you this way,
it happened a long time ago.
Those are your own words.
And now you're using them against me.
Maybe you need to stop
being so afraid of them.
"Whatever made me this way
happened a long time ago.
I don't know what happens after
today, after I cross the sea alone.
But it's a chance I've got to take.
Go find a new life without
me. This one just isn't mine.
This one just isn't mine."
There you are. I got
the last flight home.
I didn't want to spend
another night without you.
Oh, you're reading the suicide
note. Where'd you find it?
I don't know.
I thought we agreed
to put that behind us.
Maybe that's easier for you than for me.
You know what happened. You were there.
For me, it's all a blur.
You wanna know what
happened, I'll tell you.
It was the shittiest day of my life.
I got a call that my wife
was in critical condition,
that she tried to end her own life.
A life I thought was pretty damn good.
I was just praying that I would
make it back home before you died
so I could at least say goodbye.
You weren't here?
No. I was, uh I was
in Portland, working.
You know that, Soph.
I spent that first
night holding your hand.
[SCOFFS] Thinking that if
I just kept holding on
maybe you'd be okay.
You never told me that.
No, of course not. [CHUCKLES]
Because I wanted to forget it.
Look, whatever happened,
whatever made you feel like that
was the only way out, it's done now.
It's over.
It doesn't matter anymore.
It never did, okay?
- [BADEN SCOFFS] What are you doin'?
Get over here. Come on.
[BADEN] This is a terrible idea.
[SOPHIE] It's no big deal. No
one's ever gonna see it but us.
You're no fun at all.
[BADEN] Have you thought
about what I said?
You and me, just the
two of us somewhere warm.
What am I supposed to do,
just pack up and
leave, write him a note?
two of us somewhere warm.
"Go find a new life without
me. This one just isn't mine."
[SOPHIE ECHOING] You're no fun at all.
You know the camera's still on?
[BADEN] I know.
What are you doin' here?
When exactly were you gonna
tell me that we were fucking?
Or was that piece of information
not relevant to your investigation?
What was I supposed
to do, walk up to you
in the middle of the
street, outta nowhere,
- and tell you we were having an affair?
- Is that what it was? An affair?
Whatever we had is done.
Stay out of my life.
I can't.
What are you doing?
Trying to frame my husband for
a crime that never happened?
- So you can have a second chance?
- You don't know what happened.
I jumped, that's it.
That's the sad fucking truth. I
have to live with that, so do you.
Leave me alone.
Excuse me. Hi, s-sorry to bother you.
But do you remember me?
It was a coast guard rescue
about five months ago.
You're alive. [CHUCKLES]
We always wondered what happened.
I just wondered [SIGHS]
was there anything
unusual about that day?
What do you mean?
Did I say anything strange?
Listen, you were saying
all kinds of crazy things.
A man pushed you from the boat.
Your ID said one name,
and you kept insisting
it was something else.
Tess, you said your name was Tess.
I never forgot that. [STAMMERS]
It's my daughter's name.
Anyway, I-I wouldn't
put too much stock in it.
You weren't in your right
mind. You know what I mean?
It's so nice to see you looking
so good. A real fresh start.
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