Survivor (2000) s01e11 Episode Script

Long Hard Days

1 ANNOUNCER: Last week on Survivor: Rich woke up with a Tribal Council hangover I got bombarded at the council.
A little alliance tried to attack Richie on my birthday.
ANNOUNCER: So he decided to fight back by catching fewer fish.
And I'm, like, you backstabbers, Colleen and Gervase.
First, you want him out of here and then you're all over the food.
Uh ANNOUNCER: But Sue did some backstabbing on her own I never trusted Rich.
He's a snake.
ANNOUNCER: And cracks appeared in the alliance.
Making a deal with Rich is kind of like making a deal with the devil.
ANNOUNCER: But it was Rich who burned the competition Yeah! ANNOUNCER: And won the big prize, immunity.
Unable to vote for Rich at the council, Sue and Kelly stuck with the alliance and sent Gervase packing.
ANNOUNCER: Only six remain.
Who will be voted off tonight? ( birds chirping ) RICH: Just woke up.
I'm wet.
So, I guess it rained last night, but I slept through it.
Today is the 31st day I think.
All I know is, this is the ninth day till the end.
KELLY: People were kind of miserable this morning.
I was one of the miserable.
I mean, every day's a little tough because we don't have a lot to do and we're-we're low energy.
Rich has gotten really, really weak and really crabby and really hungry an-and Sean also.
I got to try to put on some weight before I go home.
Everyone's telling me I look ugly.
The food I miss, but not as much as my parents.
The hardest part, uh, for me, about being here, um is that I miss my family and, uh like I've reiterated a thousand times over I'm no mama's boy, but I'd really like to see my family.
It would mean an enormous amount to me.
When you think of their smiles and their hugs and stuff like that, I just can't wait to see them.
( birds squawking ) KELLY: Colleen's legs are pretty beat up.
She's gotten some pretty bad gashes and she has some sores up higher on her legs that she doesn't know how she got.
COLLEEN: My legs are bothering me.
I mean, I would be lying if I said my legs aren't bothering me.
They-they hurt a lot.
I have all these and then, I have these new ones.
I can't sleep because they itch so bad.
So, I get a scar and then I itch it off and it and it's just like this never-ending cycle and they're going to be like this for the next three years, you know? And bugs live in them.
I mean, it's just awful.
It's so awful.
I am feeling like I've been here for 59,000 days.
The past five days have been the longest five days of my entire life.
I miss my old team.
I miss my old beach, you know? I am the last sole survivor of the Pagong Tribe.
I am a dying breed.
Pagong gets picked off one by one.
That's obvious.
Now, I'm very confused at where alliances stand, and I think they're confused at where alliances stand.
RICH: Try and follow all this.
I'm going to give you all of what's happened.
COLLEEN: Rich and Sue are promising one thing to Sean promising another thing to Kelly.
Sue and Kelly are promising one thing to Rich promising another thing to Sean, and then, Rudy just sits back and watch it all happen.
RICH: It seems like Kelly might be flip-flopping and planning strategies at our expense and that just ticked Sue off to no end.
Kelly is staying in the alliance at this time, but she's trying to make herself look good to the other team in case it comes down to the end, and she's one of the last two standing that she will be, like, "Oh, I didn't align with them," and we're, like, "This time, no, baby doll.
You're not going to look good.
" I'm here to play the game.
I'm going to play the da game.
I don't give a rat's ass what people think about me.
I don't have to prove anything to anybody.
I know who I am.
So, who cares? COLLEEN: That's what's so interesting about this is, I'm getting to see the breakdown of the Tagi alliance, which is really funny.
Everybody is very concerned of the money at this point.
Like Sean would say, "It's a one-in-six chance of winning $1 million" and nobody's going to throw that away.
They'll be gunning for us if they're not already.
I think they are.
We'll beat them, man.
There comes a point where you have to turncoat a little bit, be a little more strategic, a little more self-preservative.
It's a serious contest.
There's a lot of money at stake and, uh, I'd better start treating it that way.
No one's here just to make friends and shake hands and have relationships for the rest of the time.
Where's-where's Kelly and, uh, Sue? They went for wood.
They went for wood-- that way? That way.
So, now, it's you and me to the end, period.
I've given you my word.
You know, if-if I got ( no audio ) along the way like somebody had gave me the word, I'd do something to them.
You're the only one I've been able to trust from the beginning.
And you can right to the end.
COLLEEN: This is definitely what happens when you put a big chunk of cheese in a maze and let all the mice go at it, you know? And see who eats who and who scrambles on top of who and I don't want to be any part of it.
It's not a fun game, no.
KELLY: What does it say? "Survivor Trivia.
" "This time, it's not "your muscles you'll strain "for tomorrow's event.
you'll workout your brain.
" RUDY: Well, we got a clue last night and, uh, it says you can use your brain, not your muscles, which is good news.
Not that my brain's any good, but, uh I'd rather use that than my muscles 'cause the muscles hurt now.
Yeah, I suck at trivia, but I love it 'cause I fi you know? And I'm real slow at the buzzer, but you know what I was thinking before I went to bed last night? I was thinking, "It's going to be just like a game show.
This is going to be so cool," and then, I was like, "Wait a minute.
We're on a game show.
" My friends, today decadence speaks.
Oh, we're liking this.
We've taken the visa and created a really cool night tonight for one of you.
Oh! No, come on.
One night on a yacht That yacht! That yacht.
( laughter ) You got your TV and your stereo, sure.
You got your luxury dinner Oh, my God.
With your waiter, fresh sheets, beautiful bed and a hot, hot shower.
Pretty simple-- you guys are going to start at the end-- A-B-C all the way through true/false or multiple choice.
You're going to start on the blue squares.
As you answer questions correctly, you move forward through the different colors.
Now, if you're the last one left on a color that the others have already moved beyond, you're out of the game.
First one on the mat gets the night on the yacht.
Let's do it.
Take your spots.
For a night on the yacht, here we go.
"True or false-- "pound for pound, insects are a better source of protein than beef?" Stare straight ahead.
Everybody take a step forward.
You are right.
Almost 80% of an insect is good for protein.
All right.
"What must be done to water "collected from inside green bamboo "before it's safe to drink? "A) nothing "B) it must be strained, C) it must be boiled or D) it must be distilled.
" "Nothing" is right.
If it's inside the bamboo, it's okay.
Richard, you had it.
Rudy, Colleen, step forward.
What? Oh, sh You're out, buddy.
Bad! "If you do not have water, you should "A) not sleep, "B) not eat, "C) stay on your feet or D) stay active?" Everybody, move a step forward.
"Not eat," because digestion removes even more fluid.
Susan I'm sorry.
Yeah? Yeah, I was just saying yeah Last one.
JEFF: Join your pal Kelly.
"True or false-- "if you eat a poisonous mushroom and survive the first 24 hours, you have a 90% chance of full recovery?" Richard, move into the lead.
That is false.
Some mushrooms, in fact, you recover from in the first 24 hours and then die two to ten days later.
Oh, baby! I can still see the boat through the fog, Jeff.
"What is the longest venomous snake in the world-- "A) king cobra, "B) giant sea snake, "C) reticulate python or D) Kinabalu pit viper?" Sean, move up with Richard.
It was "A) the king cobra.
" "True or false-- the dangerous female black widow spider "is identified by a blue hourglass pattern on her abdomen?" What's the right answer, Richard? Red-- "false.
" Red.
You and Sean move forward.
We have a showdown.
( groaning ) Colleen and Rudy, sorry, guys.
"Which of the following can you drink "to kill intestinal parasites-- "A) distilled water, "B) mango juice, "C) kerosene, "D) ginger ale?" Both ready? Yeah.
Richard, you really wanted that, didn't you? Did I lose it? Sean, congratulations.
"C) kerosene.
" Oh, I thought that would kill you.
Good job.
JEFF: Sean, congratulations.
That yacht right there is all yours-- one night, hot shower, hot towels and everything else we talked about.
Way to go, man.
Good job, Seanie.
Oh, Sean, here's one more thing to consider.
One other person may be able to join you for breakfast on that yacht.
So, I'll let that sort of ruminate in your head as you contemplate this whole thing.
Otherwise, it's going to be a great night.
Party on the boat.
Whoo! Listen SEAN: Yesterday, I won a challenge-- an island trivia contest.
The reward to the challenge was lucky for me, is a night on this luxurious yacht.
I understand there's going to be food I hope dessert, a warm shower, television, maybe a newspaper.
But, uh, hopefully I'll get to bring some company with me.
If I'm allowed one person, I owe Kelly a dinner, so she's coming with me.
I really like Sean.
I've probably talked a lot of trash about Sean 'cause he's neurotic and talks a lot, but he's really a good guy.
If he does get to bring one person, he said he's going to bring me, so I'm a little stoked up about that.
I might get to go spend a night on a yacht, which would be cool because if I could spend a night on a yacht and shower and eat some food, I'd be good to go for another seven days.
( distant thunder rumbling ) SEAN: This is an ungodly type of rain that we're not used to in the States.
You know, I've seen some heavy rain-pours in New York City, but this is heavy, heavy rain, I mean, serious rain.
This is really horrible.
Survival of the fittest-- who can stand under an umbrella in the rain the longest.
But that piece-of-crap parachute thing has been the most waterproof thing we've had on this whole island, so a lot of people have been crowding up underneath that.
COLLEEN: Today it's raining.
Last night was raining, and I think tomorrow it will probably be raining.
This is definitely the worst day.
SEAN: Definitely the worst day by far.
And it's really bad because it's probably going to be like this tomorrow.
SUSAN: As far as the rain, well, I think it was a big deterrer on a lot of people.
Really kind of ate at 'em.
Oh, my God.
I don't know if I'd want to live with some of them right now.
Might be ornery, tired, hungry, cold the quickest way.
It beats driving a semi through Chicago at 4:00 on a Friday summer afternoon.
KELLY: Thank God for the sun.
The sky's really clear and everybody's drying out and warming up.
Good stuff.
That's a great rainbow.
Hey, Jeff! Check out the rainbow you came in under.
Wow! That is great! Whoo! What's happening, Jeff? Well, I wish I was coming here to say that everybody was going on the yacht.
So do we.
Yeah, we do, too.
Let's go.
See you, buddy.
Guys Enjoy.
See you in the morning.
See you guys tomorrow.
Bye, Rude.
Have fun.
See you guys.
Bye, guys.
Sorry you're not coming.
SUSAN: Sean finally leaves to go off to his yacht excursion and then he hollers out "Hey! I can invite somebody for breakfast!" I can invite someone for breakfast.
Who wants it? Take her.
Kelly, do you want that to be your meal? Sean, it's your decision.
Don't pawn it off on me.
Yeah, Sean, get some balls Decide.
and make a decision! Richie, scrambled eggs tomorrow morning.
JEFF: We'll see you in the morning, hatch.
Sean makes up his mind and he invites Rich.
Tomorrow, Rich.
You need a boost.
KELLY: Sean kept saying how he was going to take me and then, last minute he said, "Oh-- oh, Rich, "you like eggs for breakfast, don't ya? Okay, me and you, Rich.
I'll take you.
" SUSAN: The guy's dumb.
So dumb.
Is he not? Hi.
Sean is probably eating lots of food.
I wonder if he got pizza.
KELLY: You know, we're all hungry and tired and dirty and bored He'll probably shave and bathe.
Ah Maybe he might get a massage.
I don't think he's ever had a massage.
Oh, that feels so good, yeah.
I just hope the poor kid doesn't make a fool out of himself.
Does my ass look as bony as it feels? JEFF: The captain-- he's not going to be steering all night.
He's going to go to sleep.
I just wanted to introduce him to you.
Just for, you know But this guy just really wanted to say hi and, you know, he's familiar with the show.
He's certainly familiar with you and everything that's going on, so come on in and take the oars or whatever.
Hi Captain Captain! Hey, Dad! Oh, my God! Holy Toledo! How's my boy? Oh, Pops, I love ya! I miss ya! I love you, too, son.
Oh, my God! You look fantastic.
Oh, my God.
Did I tell ya that? I can't believe you got my father here.
Oh, my God, Dad, you made my whole adventure.
Hey, shrimp.
I cannot tell you how much more this is worth than a million dollars to me.
I can't Money's nothing.
SEAN: I thought the reward ample enough to spend a night on a yacht and get a massage, a shower, a shave and to see my father then, I mean it was just a dream come true.
So, so much.
He's got his heart twice as big as this body.
It's twice as big as your body.
It's the truth, son.
I'd walk on nails, coals, I don't care.
Yeah, me, too.
Me, too.
I don't know why the bond's so strong.
It is.
We got a very strong bond.
You're the best, Dad.
Your dad is looped.
Yeah, yeah.
Have my wine.
I am so happy right now.
I just wish Sean would just get a backbone sometimes.
It irks me the way he tried to put it on me.
Like, "I'm going to bring you, "but you can pass it on to Rich if you want to," like he didn't want to be the .
you know, he didn't want to have to make the decision that was his to make.
It's dawn and I'm looking at the yacht and Sean's probably still sleeping.
But it won't be long before they come get me for breakfast.
Rich, get your skinny ass up here.
Let's go.
My skinny ass.
Oh, I love it.
Hey, tell Sean he's in big trouble.
Tell Sean he's got to deal with Wiglesworth when he gets back.
Oh, that'll, that'll spoil his whole morning.
And she's hungry.
KELLY: You know, it's not even the food.
I don't give a about the food.
It's the point that he's been going on and on and on SUSAN: About how he screwed you out of a meal.
How he screwed me and he owes me.
And then when it comes down to it, he can't even he's a , man.
So where's Sean at? RICHARD: Hey! There he is.
Hey, captain.
I take it it's captain.
That's his captain, all right.
Did you have a good night? SEAN: I know you needed something to pull you out of your doldrums.
This is going to do it, buddy.
Off we go.
Sean, hey.
Nice shower and everything.
My pleasure.
Good to see you.
Meet the captain.
How are you doing, sir? He's also known as Jim Kenniff, my father.
That's my father from New York.
It's not! Jim, all right! Isn't that wild? Holy Moses! It was good.
It was enjoyable.
I just kept eating while they talked and answered questions as I chewed.
JIM: It was rocking for me.
SEAN: We had an hour boat ride here and then we polished off two bottles of wine.
We confessed how much we loved each other and all that good father-son stuff.
Oh, my God.
Just dump it out.
This is all your guys' food.
What is this? Cinnamon rolls? Yes.
Thanks for picking me, Sean.
Nice to meet you, Dad.
No worries.
SUSAN: Six more days of rice.
I might even skip the last day of eating altogether just not to eat rice.
Mexican food.
Shrimp fajitas chips and salsa.
Guacamole and enchiladas.
COLLEEN: Sean is seeing that he's in a little bit of trouble, and he should probably have Rich out there because Rich is going to make sure that I get booted off tonight and not him.
Maybe somewhere he's thinking that.
He's smart if he's thinking that.
I like that.
Good job, Sean.
I can't figure out why he switched at the last minute, but all them ladies are pissed off at him.
Rich had better made a haul back.
Jeff, literally I have so much to tell you guys.
I am definitely getting Oh, you all right? You all right? I got caught in the rope.
Six out of six votes tonight.
Unless you came back with something, we don't care if you're back.
This is my father, guys.
What? Rudy, come on over here.
Sean's father.
( laughing ) SEAN: I have so much to tell you guys.
Maybe we could tell him how dumb you were not to take Kelly with when you owed her.
He's catching food for everybody.
Pay back your debts before you Hi.
Hi, Sue.
He's provided food for us 50 times.
When Sean's dad first came, to the tell you the truth, I almost cried because I started thinking about my mom and I miss her a lot.
You know, Sean just gets all the breaks.
But, uh, you know, it was good.
I felt happy for him and he is the family kid, you know.
So, it was good for him.
It was nice to have a new face around and stuff.
Never caught a fish? Never caught a fish.
Superpole 2000.
JIM: And nothing has been happening in the news.
I know you're all wondering what's There's nothing.
SUSAN: What's the stock market been doing? Staying steady or going up? Oh, no.
We had some bad days there.
Did you? 400 and something points on the NASDAQ.
SUSAN: What's it down to? JIM: Then it bounced up I haven't the last few days, I don't know.
Actually, for him to come and visit the camp was sort of cool, but he didn't know anything.
So that war over in Russia sort of mellowed out? What? They had that one there Chechnya.
I don't know.
We're like, what's going on in the world? He didn't know none of that.
What about the college play-offs? Dad, you know anything about that? Oh, yeah, wait a minute.
Duke? No.
Indiana? No.
Who the hell won? See, I'm not really a sports person.
Oh, he's just like Sean.
He's lovable but a doof.
Come say good-bye to my pop.
COLLEEN: Are you tired? Pleasure to meet you, Jim.
I brought something for all of you.
Oh, yeah? Oh, geez.
Oh, boy.
It's like Santa Claus.
Daddy Claus.
What's this stuff? This is J.
Peterman hat.
Guess what this is? He needs clothes.
Thank you.
He's been smelly.
When he goes to leave this afternoon an hour and a half ago, he has this gray bag.
And in it's a care package for each one of us.
JIM: Somebody rich.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, look at this! Oh! ( shouting ) So, in it we each got a little something from one of our loved ones from back home.
You got a toothbrush.
Thank you.
I don't know.
You know what that is, don't you? I'm getting nauseous already.
SUSAN: "Even though we are apart, just remember you are always in my heart.
" COLLEEN: We all got thrown a bone, which was amazingly, wonderfully great, because now I feel like I can do this for six more days, and I definitely will I'm on a sugar high right now, more than I have been in a month, so I feel like I can do anything right now.
Thank you so much.
My pleasure.
Jim, thank you for being the bearer of good treasures.
Good meeting you all.
Loves you all.
Pop, I love you.
My son, my son, my son.
Tell my mother I love her.
Oh, I will.
I'll tell everybody.
Tell them I'll see them soon.
Bye, Pop.
Bye, Jim! Thank you! Plenty of food.
I don't care.
I'm drifting away for a while.
Just kind of going home.
That's phenomenal.
God, I can't wait to get out of here.
Sean's father came back with a bag filled with things for each of us from particular people, and this made it from the most wonderful woman on the planet-- Valerie.
She just printed out the e-mail that she was having with her husband who's another incredible man-- a close friend of mine-- and it just takes me back to my real world life and has my brain engaged and rejuvenated and out of these 16, whoever they are, people, and into who I am and just knowing what's going on and that's it's back there and what I'm about to experience when I go back and, you know, I can last the other whatever's left, seven days, six days.
Hey, guys.
Hi, Jeff! JEFF: This challenge is for immunity.
Whoever wins gets the talisman and cannot be voted off at tonight's Tribal Council.
It's all about will, this game.
You're going to be standing on planks.
Over a period of time, I'm going to remove certain planks till we get down to one plank.
Last person standing gets the talisman and is safe tonight.
This game could take 15 minutes, it could take 15 hours.
You will decide that.
Only rule: You can't touch anybody, but you can taunt all you want.
All right? Let's go out and do it.
Survivors, ready? ALL: Ready.
Got it.
Did you think somebody would be gone yet? No.
You know why I'm cutting this.
I'm pulling this board.
ALL: 81 bottles of beer You take one down and pass it around 80 bottles of beer on the wall 80 bottles of beer on the wall 80 bottles of beer You take one down, you pass it around 79 bottles of beer on the wall! It's moving.
I can't help that.
79 bottles of beer on the wall 79 bottles of beer You take one down, pass it around 78 bottles of beer on the wall 78 bottles of beer on the wall 78 bottles of beer ( yelling ) JEFF: You just gave up? No, I fell.
He couldn't take it anymore.
77 Bottles of beer I slipped.
65 bottles of beer You take one down Pass it around 64 bottles of beer on the wall I'm sorry to leave you without my music.
See you on shore.
RICHARD: So it's ironic that Colleen is even trying, because she thinks she's dead tonight.
I asked her today, "Colleen, what makes you happy?" And she said, "You know, Rich, irony makes me happy.
" So I think it's ironic that she's trying to stay on the board and she's not even in danger of getting voted off.
Kelly, on the other hand, has no idea that she's leaving this evening.
But it's still RUDY: I'll bet Sean gets two votes from the girls.
Yeah, Sean may get votes from Colleen.
Colleen and And maybe Kelly just to throw a vote.
Yeah, 'cause Kelly's trying to look as if she's not part of the voting bloc.
There they go ooh, ooh, ooh.
Go! Go! Look at her.
She's almost gone.
But she's Miss Dancer, so maybe she's got balance.
He's cut one side.
Now he's cut the other and they're all wobbling.
Look at the wobble.
And the play-by-play as we look at Sue, she's got the arms up level across the side, but Kelly, holy Moses, she looks like she's going.
Back and forth.
Oh, no.
( Rudy chuckling ) RICHARD: Colleen looking rather stable, although determined.
Really trying to hang on, thinking she's about to be ejected this evening.
Sean's just as goofy as ever and there he goes.
Sean falls off the board and it is down to three.
Look at them.
Oh, Sue! It's Kelly and Colleen.
Holy Moses.
Okay, Sue, so if it's if Kelly wins immunity what happens? Sean or Colleen? I'm thinking Sean.
Are you thinking Sean before Colleen? What are you thinking? I'll go with what you guys say.
What do you say? I say Sean.
SUSAN: Take the wisdom of the old man.
Take the wisdom of the old man.
Rudy says Sean, so if Kelly hangs in there, Sean is out of here tonight! So, we've got to watch 'cause it's down to the wire.
You aren't cold after being out there for so long? I've got to dry off before I put clothes on.
No, I'm fatter than you, remember.
There goes Kelly.
They're both gone.
I think when one wobbles, the other wobbles.
Oh, God, Colleen.
This is really good.
Am I getting voted off if I fall? Not by me.
By the rest? I don't know, honey.
I'm guessing yes.
JEFF: Kelly, you got immunity.
JEFF: Colleen moved.
SEAN: Good job, Wiggles.
Whoo! Well-earned.
Very well-earned.
Because this is so all you guys were doing out there, were saying, "My feet are dying, my feet are dying.
" What are you wearing to Tribal Council tonight? Shoes? Shoes.
Okay, insoles from Dr.
Hopefully, they'll give you a little padding on that.
SUSAN: Good job, Kelly.
KELLY: Thank you.
KELLY: This stupid alliance thing-- I don't even care about that anymore, you know? I say I'm not I'm not in it anymore, I'm voting my conscience, and, you know, I want to be true to myself and who I am and keep my dignity-- who cares? COLLEEN: Kelly-- she was a double agent, so to speak, you know, talking to the Pagong people, really trying to get in with them and then relaying everything we said to her teammates.
The, uh, the Pagong people, fortunately picked up on that, 'cause they all came to me in unison and they said, "I think Kelly's up to no good," and, uh, so so it was very plastic, very see-through, and even her biggest advocate on this island, Sue, saw right through that.
KELLY: I'm voting strategically.
So are they, and they still think I'm in the stupid alliance because if I told them I didn't want to be, they'd vote me off, so I'm trying to save my own ass.
So how bold and wonderful is that? SUSAN: Me and Kelly, I thought, had a real friendship going.
I really did.
But, uh, when I turn around and see somebody starting to dig a knife into my backside, it just really pisses me off.
I don't care what I say to people.
I don't care if I'm nice to anybody at camp anymore.
I do not give a , and it feels so good.
It's great, I love it.
Welcome to Tribal Council 11.
We're going to bring in our jury now.
It consists of Greg, Jenna and, as of last week, Gervase who was the last person voted off.
Two of you will make it to the final vote.
The other four will join these three and will decide who gets the million dollars.
So let's talk about what's gone on since the last Tribal Council.
A busy, busy time-- a lot of it hovering around you, Sean.
One decision, though, you had to make was, right as we left, heading out to the yacht, I said, "you know what? Why don't you invite somebody for breakfast.
" Correct.
Puts you in a tough spot.
Very tough spot.
You had to pick somebody.
So what made you change your mind at the last minute? Rich provides food.
KELLY: Yeah, but let's not forget the fact that you said, "Kelly, all right, I'm going to take you, "but you can give it to Rich, so I don't know, it's in your hands.
" I'll tell you why, and she knows this.
Rich also gave us tons of food.
He goes out every day fishing for four hours, comes back with something in his basket nine out of ten times, which is really great for the tribe.
But you didn't say that.
This is what I'm thinking, so A day later.
What do you mean, a day later? Not at all.
He was in my thoughts when I mentioned breakfast.
He really wanted to go on that ship during the contest-- I factored all that into it and I said, "Kelly, who wants to come?" And I yelled from the ship and I just made an instant decision.
If it was the wrong one and it gets me a vote from Kelly I'm sorry, Kelly.
It's not about the food, Sean-- it's the fact that the whole day before, you were saying, "Oh, I'm going to take you, and" I mean, you don't owe me anything.
It's not about that.
So It's just the fact that you were saying I felt obliged, that's all.
JEFF: Okay Richard.
Yeah? Two Tribal Councils ago, you got three votes.
The only thing that saved you was the now-infamous "alphabet system," which cast a vote for Jenna was the swing vote.
I mean, other people voted for Jenna, but it was that swing vote that was based on the alphabet that saved you.
It looked that way, yeah.
It seems like at this point, if I'm just looking at it on paper, you would be in a very precarious situation tonight.
I could be going home tonight.
JEFF: How about you, Colleen? Last Tribal Council, you said, "I'm either going tonight, Jeff, or I'm going the next Tribal Council.
" I mean, I'm feeling I'm feeling, uh I'm feeling like I'm going, yeah.
I mean, I'm the last I'm the last of my kind here.
I'm the last Pagong.
So, uh, yeah.
JEFF: What's your gut on how nasty it's going to get? Mm what's my gut on how nasty it's going to get? It's going to get pretty nasty.
There's a lot of, uh a lot of stuff going on.
Okay, it's time to vote.
Um why are you going tonight? Because you screwed up.
It wasn't your turn.
You were supposed to stay, so you're actually being sacrificed even though you were supposed to stay.
But good night.
I can't vote for myself, so I've got to vote for Sean, because, uh same reason as last week, really.
He knows.
He knows.
24-7 is all I have to say.
I'm voting for Colleen.
Even though she calls me a putz all the time, I know we're good friends, and I like her a lot.
She's a cool girl.
So, I'm voting changing her name to "Cooleen," and, uh, she's a really cool girl.
I enjoyed her company, and I'll probably see her next vote in the jury.
JEFF: Across from you now are ten torches representing the first ten people voted off.
Tonight we will add one more staff to that group.
I'll go tally the votes.
Once your votes are tallied, the decision is final.
The person will be asked to leave the island immediately.
They will return, however, to the next Tribal Council as the fourth member of our final jury.
I'll read the votes.
First vote Sean.
Two votes for Colleen; two votes for Sean.
Three votes Colleen.
Colleen, you need to bring me your torch.
( quietly ): Be nice to each other, okay? I swear to God, I'm watching you.
Play fair, okay? Colleen, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.
No regrets.
Okay, bye.
Bye, Colleen.
Well, I heard Colleen's last words: "Play fair; be nice.
" She's a wonderful person.
You guys can grab your torches and head back to camp.
Next week on Survivor: SEAN: This is the most conniving bunch of people I have ever met in my life.
There's not an honest one in the bunch.
Things are falling apart here at Rattana Beach.
And you told him you weren't aligned with us.
'Cause Colleen told me that.
That's bull.
I don't give a because I trust her more than I trust you.
I had a lot of fun, and the past week was actually the hardest part of the whole thing.
I'm excited now for the next step.
I want to sit in the jury box.
If I came into this game on Tagi's team, I think I could've won.
I'm just going to say it, you know.
No harm in saying it now after I've been kicked off and I didn't win, but really, I think I could've won.