Survivor (2000) s01e14 Episode Script

The Reunion

BRYANT GUMBEL: Richard Hatch, congratulations.
Thank you, Bryant.
( applause and cheering ) You, uh You clean up nice.
You look a lot different than the guy we saw on the island.
Are you a lot different than the guy we got to know on the island? Um, I'm not sure who you think I was on the island, to tell you the truth, but, uh, I don't think I'm much different than that person.
We saw one poll, that, um, said, "Of the final four, who would you least like to see win?" And your total was equal to that of the other three.
( laughter ) Uh, does that make this a bittersweet victory? Uh, not for me.
I-I think, uh, the press made more made more out of my kind of being, uh, evil than people.
The mail I'm getting is really supportive.
People are, uh, uh, positive and-and say, "Go get 'em," and "We wanted you," and It's good to hear.
So I think it might be just the press.
That's good to hear.
Kelly, close but no cigar.
How often do you think about what could have been? Uh, every day.
( laughter ) Kelly! So much for it only hurts for a little while, right? Yeah, well, you know.
Um, it was hard not to notice at the end of the program that you didn't have a hug or a handshake for Sue.
Still hurt? Would you? I'm over it.
You're over it? Yeah.
Life goes on.
It was a mean game, so a lot of mean things, but, uh And you found out how mean it was? I'm over it.
SUE: Oh, yeah.
I told her she should, uh ( applause and cheering ) What she should have done was hauled off and hit me ( laughter ) when the game was over with, you know.
She may hit you before the hour's over with.
You never know.
They couldn't have done anything.
You never know.
Good evening and welcome.
I'm Bryant Gumbel, and these are the 16 castaways that we've gotten to know over the last 13 weeks.
Tonight marks the very first time they've gathered together off that island in the South China Sea.
So consider the next hour a new Tribal Council, one loaded with fun and consisting of a much larger tribe.
For in addition to the castaways, we have assembled an audience of family, friends and fans.
And tonight, we'll hear from them and from you, through exclusive scientific polling being conducted right now while we're on the air.
Tonight, there are no alliances, no immunity, no rules, no deep thoughts about Survivor's cosmic relevance, what it all meant.
Only the stories the castaways haven't been able to tell, questions they haven't been able to answer, and issues they haven't been able to resolve until tonight.
We think you'll want to hear what they have to say to each other and to you, and you will right after this.
( applause and cheering ) As we begin tonight, I think we can assume now that everyone is familiar with Susan Hawk, Rudy Boesch, Kelly Wiglesworth, and Richard Hatch, all of whom made it to the final four.
But since our other castaways spent less time before the camera, some introductions might be in order.
You might recall that Sonja Christopher and her ukulele were the first to leave the island, followed ( applause and cheering ) Followed in order by B.
Andersen, ( applause and cheering ) attorney Stacey Stillman, ( applause and cheering ) biochemist Ramona Gray, ( applause and cheering ) our bible-toting proud virgin Dirk Been, ( applause and cheering ) the free-spirited Joel Klug, ( applause and cheering ) and Gretchen Cordy.
( applause ) And then there are those castaways who may be more familiar to many of us.
They stayed on the island longer and played a critical role as the jury-- Greg Buis, the coconut phone man, ( applause and cheering ) Jenna Lewis, ( applause and cheering ) Gervase "Never Nervous" Peterson, ( applause and cheering ) America's sweetheart, Colleen Haskell ( loud applause and cheering ) and the island's resident doctor, the alphabetically-inclined Sean Kenniff.
( applause and cheering ) Thanks, Bryant.
That's all right.
Thank you very much.
You said it was the least objectionable.
Is that really what it came down to? I felt that he deserved it.
You know, he was a great He organized and engineered the alliance.
He's Darth Gaydar.
That's what we've been calling him.
The leader of the alliance.
( laughter ) And I think he did a fantastic job.
He's the puppeteer of the whole alliance that you see sitting on the couch before you, and BRYANT: Colleen, you ad Colleen admitted that she changed her vote.
Did any of the other, any of the rest of you-- were you swayed by anything you heard that night? The numbers.
( laughter ) Pure and simple.
Was that the number deal? Yeah, I Did he get it right? Was the number seven? No, it was number nine.
It was nine.
He was close, though.
Everybody picked seven.
So if Kelly would have said nine It would have been Kelly.
she'd be 900 grand richer? ( audience groaning ) Ooh! That many I know.
Who knew? Who knew? Well, you know.
Susan Mm.
( laughter ) Uh You proud of that speech? Yeah.
I was pissed at the time, ( laughter ) and, yeah, I'm I never regret what I say.
But, uh, yeah, it's over with.
What happened? At the time, it worked for me, Bryant.
No, that's okay.
Hey, it's cool.
It worked, it worked.
I'm just wondering what happened, because when you got voted off, you were all smiles, and you were like, "You know what? "That's good.
I wanted "to be in the final four, and I did.
And got it right there.
" And then you came back, an hour and a half later, and it's like, zing, pow, bang.
Well, yeah, when it ended up, being, uh, Kelly and Rich A long time early on in the game, me and Kelly were I told Kelly, "Let's stomp him.
Let's just" I wanted to beat him, just beat Rich.
I didn't want the million dollars, because you get a million bucks, and you got a lot of leeches that come out from under the leaves.
( laughter ) If I'm going to make a million bucks, I'd rather work for it.
And I'm not real Miss Nice like Kelly's nice.
You know, I talk to people, I'm polite to people, but I don't go out of my way to Yeah.
You know? Kiss their backside.
So, um, I thought, "Oh, the two of us, and then we get down to the end, and we can burn Rich.
" It would have probably worked Yeah, but then we got had the tiff, you know, and then Kelly was, like, doing that lopsided thing, and But didn't you think the speech? And then it was, like, "Okay, Kelly, "you're not in the alliance, you're in the alliance.
"Okay, you tell them you're not in the alliance, but you you are.
" Yeah.
"Don't lie to me and tell me that you told them.
" You know? But didn't you think the speech was a little harsh? It might have been, but, hey, that's the way I am.
I can take it.
If you want to give me one, have at me because No, I'm not going to pick a fight with you.
( laughter ) Um I don't recommended it, Bryant.
No way.
No, stay away.
Kel, in in retrospect, do you do you think about, "Hey, I should have gone at it with Rudy instead of Rich?" No.
What I had originally thought when the vote When we voted for these two, I thought, "Okay, "you know, I'm going to stick with my vote again.
"I'll stick with Rich, "and it will be a tie, "and then, they can fight it out "and have a tie.
And then, whoever is there is there.
" And that was my initial thought, was to do that.
And I probably should have stuck with that, because I knew I knew Sue was going to be bitter.
I-I knew she was, and I told Rich all that last day You haven't second guessed yourself? I mean, you had the chance to-to go head-to-head with Rich or Rudy.
And I was going to keep my vote for Rich and, you know, the vote for Sue.
And then, they could decide the tie-breaker between the two of them, and then Yeah.
you know, nobody would have voted them off, because that is what would have happened.
And, uh, but she told me she wasn't going to let me get down to the three, and so, I-I I couldn't let her RICHARD: She did.
On the final day, she talked, um, quite a bit about, uh, anticipating and trying to think about what it was going to be like when asked questions or talked to by people, and-and she knew something was coming, honey.
I knew it, I knew it.
Oh, yeah, we all knew something was coming.
This place reacted like a Super Bowl during that speech, I'm telling you.
( laughter ) Rudy, what were you thinking when you let the pole go? ( laughter and applause ) I, uh I must have fell asleep or something.
( laughter ) I mean, you know, poor Marge.
Yeah I mean, she's sitting up there.
Hi, Mrs.
Um, when you got home, did she turn to you and go, "Rudy!" Not her.
The kids.
( laughter and applause ) My kids are probably all All three girls turned and said Yeah.
I think they're all sitting at, uh, Gillian's tonight, and, uh ( Bryant laughing ) I don't know what.
Probably under the table.
( laughter ) You know, that last that last Tribal Council, you sat there saying, "I need oxygen.
" Mm.
Right? "I need air.
" Somebody talk to me.
I mean, was that at once the best and worst part of being on the island, the Tribal Councils? Worst all the time.
The-The last council Yeah? when we were sitting and waiting for votes and stuff? But throughout.
When anybody got SEAN: I think Richard's perspective is a little skewed.
It was probably the best moment of his life, you know? For the rest of us COLLEEN: Yeah.
I think in the jury box, it was kind of a downer.
No doubt about it.
He's the only one that doesn't know what it's like to be voted off.
It sucks.
COLLEEN: Exactly.
But, for example, I know that, for example, Colleen and Gervase told me before that they expected it when they got it.
But I also know that Ramona and Dirk-- you guys said you were shocked, that you were stunned.
Still shocked.
Oh, I And Joel.
DIRK: Yeah, it's just Yeah, it's, like, when-when it comes out of left field, I mean, this is like my family, you know, and then it comes out of left field, and you get the boot, and it's just like, whoa, you know.
RICH: Then Gretchen.
Oh, man, when Gretchen got it.
That's, oh ( whistling ) That was hurt.
Jenna was crying.
RUDY: The reason Joel went-- he was a a male chauvinist pig.
( laughter and applause ) BRYANT: Come on now.
SEAN: He is not.
Come on.
You got tell JOEL: It was the cow.
He said the cow thing, man.
This dude said the cow thing.
I just stood there and said, "Hey, whatever, man.
" I am not a chauvinist.
I did not say anything that was chauvinistic.
Okay, Gerv, how about that? I'll vouch for that.
Come on, throw it out there, man.
The truth is this-- I said the comment, but Joel lives and breathes it.
( audience groaning ) ( applause ) Isn't that true? JOEL: I cannot believe you're doing that right now.
JENNA: Okay, it's a little true.
How many we got? It is.
How many women have you got? One, two, three ALL: Oh.
That's not Oh, no, oh, no.
BRYANT: We're not going to go there right now.
Uh Sonja and B.
, uh, you were the first ones to get bounced.
Uh, you went a lot farther than any of us, but was there any embarrassment attendant to that? So much anticipation, and then, as soon as you get there, you're out of there.
You know, when you're on the island, it doesn't seem I mean, it happened for a reason, and it was just my tribe there and Jeff, and it was okay.
But then you come back home, and 40 million people are watching you get voted off.
It's sort of humiliating, but But it gave you a bigger platform.
So Right? B.
, did it feel that awful? Well, I, you know, where I helped engineer my own demise, I-I felt pretty stupid later on.
( scattered chuckling ) Um probably one of the worst decisions I've ever made, and, uh That's all right.
I regretted it, but, you know, that's the way the game is.
You make an impulsive decision, and and you regret it.
But, uh Let me close out this segment with a question to you, uh, Rudy.
Throughout the weeks, we heard some of your comments about homosexuals.
Didn't like them in a homosexual way.
"Queers," et cetera, et cetera.
And yet in the final analysis, you wound up voting for a gay guy, who you believed in, and who you trusted.
I'm curious if the experience on the island changed any of your preconceptions about the sexual orientation of individuals? Nah, nah.
( laughter and applause ) You've got to love him.
( applause continues ) B.
: That wasn't the answer you wanted, Bryant.
You want to try it again? It's not true.
We set up an alliance, and, uh, I gave him my word, and my word is good.
Uh, the reason I called him queer ( cheers and applause ) The reason I called him queer is so all my good SEAL team buddies will know what I'm talking about.
( laughter ) When we come back-- I'll get to it when we come back.
When we come back, more from the castaways.
And later, we'll hear what you have to say as we get the results of a special poll that we're conducting tonight.
All that and a few surprises, too, when Survivor: The Reunion returns right after this.
( cheers and applause ) Ten days inside my shower with this monkey and-and these giant insects.
And I forced myself to live off of the dirty bath water and whatever hair I could collect from the drain.
( sighs ) ( cheers and applause ) Thank you, Bryant.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
How do you like that? I didn't pick them, Sean.
Was that talent or what? See? How can you ignore talent like that? And they selected you! I know.
( chuckling ) Unbelievable.
And they selected you! It's their own fault.
Man, you know what? Hey, Rudy, is this true what I hear, that you applied actually to be on Survivor II? Yeah.
You wanted to do it again? SEAN: Till he wins.
( scattered laughter ) I'm going to keep trying till I win.
( cheers and applause ) You know-- Go ahead, Rich.
You know, Bryant, Rudy's comments, I mean, he comes from a different generation, but he is a kind and gentle and honest and amazing man who-who I feel um, uh, really close to.
We have a great relationship.
Not that close.
And the comments you hear are good-hearted.
Um, the words that you hear often sound as if they're, uh, um, un-P.
, if you will, but that's not what's in his heart.
He also gave, we should note-- he's too shy and too modest to admit it-- he's a legitimate hero who gave 45 years Absolutely.
of service to his country.
( cheers and applause ) ( cheering continues ) And Rudy I was-I was reading about I was reading about some of your adventures.
Is this true that you and four other guys spent 18 months on a decommissioned ship in Hong Kong after the war? Nine months.
Nine months.
Was that harder than this? Yeah.
( laughter ) Was the company better? Uh I was there with a guy named John Kennedy, and, uh, when Kennedy made president, I checked, 'cause if it was the same guy, I would have been the vice president.
He was a crook from way back.
We can assume it wasn't.
You know, speaking of the physical rigors there, um, Ramona, talk to me about the smell on the island.
The reason I ask is because Ramona described it as the smell of, what, hot garbage? ( laughs ): Yes.
I mean, we were all funky, and ( laughter ) after about three or four days, you know, we were sweating, we're working, we're traipsing through the jungle we just all stank, and so, yeah, it was hot garbage.
It was disgusting.
Not that bad.
It was bad.
Gretchen, how long did it take to get over the self-consciousness of the way you smelled? A couple of days.
You know what 'Cause we all smelled bad.
I don't remember it.
I honestly didn't.
I mean, we were swimming all the time, so I don't We all stank.
I don't recollect any odor either.
Besides Sean's odor.
That's the only one.
Yeah, my own.
Greg was pretty smelly.
I wouldn't say hot garbage.
BRYANT: So nobody stunk? There wasn't any hot garbage? No.
RUDY: Not in our camp.
Let's take a question from the audience.
We've got a young lady up here who's anxious to ask something.
Yes? WOMAN: This question is for everybody.
I was just curious as to what was the first thing that you ate once you got off the island, and if any of you are ever going to eat rice again? Love rice.
Ooh, rice.
I know, I still eat rice.
I buy rice Can't get enough of rice.
Actually, the first thing I had was I had shrimp.
I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich Jenna bought for me.
BRYANT: Sean, you have pizza? It was all about pizza for me.
Gerv and I hit Pizza Hut in Kota Kinabalu.
Who lost the most weight on the island? Rich.
Are you kidding? How much? How much? Uh, maybe 34 pounds, I think.
And I lost 100 before I got there.
( applause ) I needed it.
BRYANT: That's a nice look, Rich.
RICH: Thank you.
Who gained all their weight back already? ( laughter ) Let me talk a little bit about, um what some of you think is a dirty word, "alliance.
" Um dirty word, Kelly? Why did you feel so bad about it? 'Cause it, I don't know, it made the game not fun anymore.
It was just sort of like, okay, stand up in line and leave whenever everybody decides for you to, you know.
But the game was a little more fun than ours though.
( scattered chuckling ) 'Cause we're over here.
Well, you know.
No, for real, though.
I look back at the first show, and it's like, man, that was fun.
We're jumping off the boat, working as a team, it's all innocent.
And then you get to, like, the last couple shows, you know, and you're just like, and it's like, "Ugh," you know? It's like, just battle.
Too nasty? And, yeah, it just, it was just Joel, I heard you said something very interesting.
You said that the gen-xers in your tribe weren't really into Tagi-like alliances.
What does gender have? I mean, what does generation have to do with it? It's age group, I think.
You think? We were younger, we kind of, were hanging out, and we went there for a situation that was a little bit different, I think, maybe than theirs.
Right away when they got there, they were very corporate, very structured.
And if you look at our younger generation, we're just all kind of doing our own thing.
We don't want to follow a certain path.
And that how we're kind of doing things and that's what we did.
There's nothing wrong with that.
was happy about that.
BRYANT: Gretchen, you're sitting there disagreeing.
Why? No, I disagree.
I think, you know, you're either the type of person who gets sucked in emotionally or you're the type of person who can separate yourself.
And Rich and I even talked about this, and he, going into it, thought, I'm not getting emotionally involved.
And perhaps that's why he didn't do well when he was asked about everybody's families and what they were wearing and stuff because he was able to separate himself.
I can meet someone for five minutes and not be able to emotionally separate myself from them.
But it was still a game though.
Yeah, it wasn't, though.
I think the alliance was appropriate.
You thought it was fair? Absolutely.
I-I suspected that-that if, uh, if the Pagong tribe didn't-didn't establish some kind of alliance, they'd be dead.
And I felt that, and I think I mentioned it to Gretchen early on.
But, uh But on the other hand, B.
, you said you could never lie about it.
Well, that's all part of it.
No, but I think you can belong to an alliance and not lie about it.
If someone asks if you belong to an alliance you say, "Sure.
So, what?" Yeah, they went a step further than we were going to do.
We were going to have our team hold together.
But he just went a step further, he was a little smarter.
You know who I lied to? I lied to Jeff Probst, the host.
That's who I lied to.
Well, so did Susan.
Yeah, well, had to though.
Susan, you were a bad liar, too.
A terrible liar.
Oh, I'm, like awful.
I even told these guys, oh, I lie so bad.
You looked right at him and went, "No.
" It was bad.
It was bad.
So, I was glad to have that opportunity.
SEAN: Listen, I needed the alliance to stay alive and I knew it was going on, believe me.
We have another question up here.
Yes, young lady? Um, this question is for the whole group.
How do you feel now that you've seen the show on television? Awesome.
Love the show.
Great show.
A lot of what you see out there-- I'm sorry, Jenn.
A lot of what you see out there is very manufactured.
I mean, while my, you know, lightheartedness and whatever you want to say about my intellect, is a close approximation of the real thing, everyone here, including myself, is a lot deeper character than anything that you saw on television.
Does anyone think they were depicted in a fashion that was either unfair or inaccurate? GRETCHEN: Not myself, but I think Greg was.
Oh, I would agree with that.
He was a lot more boisterous.
He's very intelligent and he's not like a goofball And I got to stick up for Sean.
Sean is actually very intelligent.
BRYANT: Sean is not goofy? He is not.
He's very intelligent.
SEAN: Thank you very much.
You know, he said the show is manufactured.
I don't want people to get the wrong idea, because I think they really did a good job at depicting the sequence and the process pretty accurately.
I mean, CBS, Mark Burnett, and Craig Piligian, those people put together a program You got the million, Rich.
You don't need to do this.
No, amazing.
You got the million.
( applause ) The camera phone out of this world.
Coming up coming up, we're going to talk about romance on the island-- what did and didn't happen.
( audience whooping ) And Jeff Probst joins us from Australia with the first look at what lies in store for the next Survivor castaways.
That's right after this.
( cheers and applause ) But in my years growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm, I've learned many different survival techniques.
For instance, hunting for firewood.
( cocks gun ) Freeze, firewood, now! On the ground! ( cheers and applause ) That was good! That's the first time I've seen that since I made it.
My mom was so disappointed with that film.
She didn't like it so much it's the only thing she wouldn't copy, out of this whole thing.
After that, they put you on the island with us? Yeah, well, I mean, I'm good with a shotgun.
BRYANT: Imagine what the people who are applying for the second one are thinking.
They've seen yours, they've seen Sean's.
I mean, my goodness.
: We're going to have some fruitcakes.
Let's go back for another question.
Yes, ma'am? Yes, my question is for Colleen and Greg.
Was there a budding romance going on between you two while you were on the island, and is there something going on now? ( all oohing ) BRYANT: A two-part question.
I've talked about it enough.
And, uh, and so, I'm going to pass the pass the buck.
Well, um Actually, I want it back.
Nothing happened.
( laughter ) Nothing happened.
I was covering for another relationship going on.
( crowd gasping ) All I'm going to say.
That's all I'm going to say.
Pick a number.
( laughing ) Pick a number.
How would you characterize the relationship on the island with Colleen? With Colleen, um Yeah.
It was excellent; we had a great time together, and, uh it wouldn't have been the same at all.
We both played really well together and, uh, inspired each other to have a great time.
GUMBEL: Well, who's idea was it to tease the audience and-and leave everyone thinking that maybe something happened? We were there to make a TV show, I mean we were there.
Is that to say it was your idea? Sex and violence.
Duh! ( cheering and applause ) They want it.
They got it.
So it was your idea? I wouldn't say it was either person's idea-- we just had fun.
It was all a joke, real I mean, w-when people ask you questions, you know what they want, so give 'em the answer.
I-It's more interesting and exciting.
What about the second part of the lady's question? What about since the island? No.
Are you going to tell the truth this time? I live in Miami; he lives in Colorado.
So what? ( laughing ) They don't have planes in either place is what you're telling us? I I mean, I'm-I'm Did I miss something? She's-she's trying to say "No, there isn't, at this point.
" I mean, you know, young, have fun, see lots of people.
I mean, look, there are a lot of people who thought strange things.
They thought Sean and Jenna.
See, now, we did have sex.
( cheering and applause ) No.
Okay, we made an agreement That's not to talk about that.
That's sarcasm.
I do think we should talk a little bit about, um, Joel and Gervase.
Yes! You know It had to come out.
Let's bring it out.
GUMBEL: Oh, my God, they're out.
Well, now, wait a second, though.
I did read that Richard Richard said that on the day before Colleen was complaining about him walking around buck nekkid, Absolutely.
that Colleen and Gervase and Greg And Greg.
had been sitting around the fire nekkid.
GREG: Lying around on top of each other near the fire.
True? GREG: Yeah.
Sans clothes? Sans clothing? Clothes Clothing, sans clothing? Yeah.
Other languages.
I mean, it's raining; you're drying off, but I'm not going to play that game, like, "You were naked, too.
" You know, I mean, come on.
Oh! Oh! RICHARD: More naked than she is.
GUMBEL: You were naked? COLLEEN: I mean, yeah, I was.
There you are.
All right, not like that, though, not like that.
What was the deal there, Richard? Um, nudity is just something I'm comfortable with.
I mean, it's, uh and it's a deserted island, 110 degrees in the middle of the South South Sea Deserted? ( all talking over each other ) A few people on the camera crew, and I've got to say, "Hey, Chris.
" My son.
I forgot to say hi to my son.
Hey, you.
It didn't bother you that it might've offended some folks? Um, when it did offend some people, I immediately put my clothes back on.
It was my birthday; I'd intended to spend the entire day nude.
So it was your birthday suit.
Yeah, absolutely.
We intended to kick you off the island.
They tried.
But I but I but my intention isn't to offend.
It was just to be comfortable, and, actually, the Tagi team had plenty of time to get used to that, and got and didn't Once we combined, it changed a little bit, so I had no trouble putting clothing on Yeah.
most of the time.
Being from Tagi, I-I would think that you'd be more in the alliance thing, and I think that was everybody's problem-- was that you were alone and naked, like, naked and alone where Gervase and I were purely trying to come to the bottom of an age-old myth, and Colleen was judging.
( laughing ) ( cheering and applause ) GREG: We worked together.
There were a couple of people naked.
Let's-let's get another let's get another question.
Yes, what's your question? Um, so, what was it like eating the bugs: the live worms and stuff? Whoo! Gervase should answer that.
Yeah, Gerv and Stacey.
Um everybody just said, "Why not show my poker face?" and that was my poker face.
That was your poker face? Oh, yeah.
I want to play with you.
That was the worst thing I've ever done in my life.
GUMBEL: But Stacey got it done.
STACEY: I didn't think it was that bad.
GERVASE: Yeah, look what happened to her, though.
They voted her off.
STACEY: Yeah! GUMBEL: Gervase, you had a real hard time with it, and the minute Stacey got her two down, you wasted no time in ejecting.
GERVASE: Oh, yeah, I spit them out.
I The idea was to take 'em, throw 'em in my mouth, chew two times and swallow.
When I went to swallow 'em, they crawled across my mouth.
( crowd groaning ) Oh.
GUMBEL: Stacey, what was your take on it? How did how did you devour them? You know, I just really wanted to kick his butt and I knew I was in a precarious position in my group, and I knew that winning that for them Uh-huh.
might save me a little longer.
Um we've already had the handshake here between, uh, Susan and Kelly.
Let me bring back some, um, some other infamous pairings, can we say? Um, Stacey and Rudy sitting next to each other.
Yep, Rudy and I are great friends now, actually.
You know, we talked about this today.
I got a T-shirt on that says "Rudy loves Stacey.
" ( laughter ) Good friend of mine gave it to me.
( applause ) Yeah.
Um, another good pairing didn't get along real well: Joel and B.
Who, B.
? Oh, what? We loved each other.
We just Oh, buddy.
We just didn't show it.
GUMBEL: Now you do? Well, I guess you know what I think is I think that, you know, what, 150 years from now, I'll be just like B.
( laughter ) Oh And I can't even comment on that, because Years from now he's so young, he'll never make it.
I know that you, uh, you rationalized washing your clothes in the water can, Sure.
but what if Joel had done that? How would you've reacted? Well, I think he did, only I think he went over to the water hole and did it.
But, you know, we all wash our clothes in our drinking water, if you stop and think about it, y-you know? I didn't.
Don't you drink the water that-that-that GUMBEL: In the drinking water? B.
: Sure, I mean, before you drink.
GUMBEL: Oh, bef ID: Oh, oh, I never did.
: I'm not going to win this argument.
I wouldn't do it again.
No, you're not, but that's okay.
We'll go to another question.
Yes, sir? Good evening.
While you were on the island, you were with a lot of crew members.
What was that like, not having any privacy? What was it like not having any privacy? That's what I was trying to get to-- it wasn't a plug.
If you picture what you saw us doing, imagine the people behind the scenes: the-the-the-the cameramen and women, the sound people, in the torrential rains all 24 hours a day following us around.
They were absolutely, utterly amazing.
Unbelievable crew.
Thank you.
( applause ) GUMBEL: Did you not Did you not have any privacy, or did you just, at some point, just start to look at them as, like, plants? They were like trees.
They were everywhere.
I mean, one time, actually, Pagong snuck away to the mobile camp, GREG: Yeah, we did.
but they found us, like, in three minutes.
GREG: We thought we had 'em.
We thought we totally fooled 'em, and they found us somehow.
I don't know how.
They'd still find you? Yeah.
Even though we knew they were videotaping us 24/7, I-I was confident that and I took Mark, the executive director's, word that he wasn't going to show anything-- you know, us going to the bathroom or-or maybe naked if we if we didn't want to, um Nothing embarrassing, then.
you know, but, I mean, because his vision that it was going to be that this was a family show, so-so I felt confident.
GUMBEL: The only embarrassing thing they show is that little dance Rich did on the beach.
( laughter ) What was that? I have no idea.
I don't even remember doing it till I saw.
GERVASE: That was Rudy's fresh and fruity day.
RICHARD: There you go.
I mean, we-we've got the tape again.
I mean, check this dance out-- I mean, what do we what do we call that? ( laughter ) RICHARD: I have no idea.
Automatic reaction.
GUMBEL: Hey, you know what? It was natural; it was real; it was inspired.
Thanks, Bryant.
Let's go to another question.
Yes, ma'am? Um, my question is for Jenna.
Um, Jenna, one of the saddest moments on the show is when, um, you didn't get your videotape.
Do you regret leaving your daughters behind for 39 days? No, I don't.
I regret my mom not getting the tape out in time.
( laughter ) I made I made the conscious decision to leave them.
Um, I was just sad because I didn't get my video.
Everybody had to leave behind loved ones.
I left my two little daughters who are sitting right over there, but they came out uns unscarred from it, and they had a great time with Nana in the process.
GUMBEL: Um, before we leave this section, uh, which we're calling "Friends and Enemies," Rudy, I'm going to end with you again, because, uh, I'm familiar with some tough comments you had about these folks.
"Don't call me.
I won't call you.
" "These are not people I'd pick as friends.
" Change your mind? Uh not really.
( laughter ) ( cheering and applause ) Rudy! RICHARD: And he means that in a really kind way.
I know! RUDY: I, uh, you know, I-I hang around with military guys that don't swear and all that stuff, and, uh Problem is you can't get rid of us.
You're stuck with us.
That's right.
We'll always be hounding you now.
Coming to your house for Christmas.
I wouldn't doubt that.
( laughter ) Hey, look, while we've been on the air, we've been conducting a, uh, scientific poll to find out what you and other viewers think about who won and who didn't.
The first results are in.
We're going to check 'em out when we come back right after this.
Maryanne and me, born on a farm, who could do no harm, but honestly, don't I have a little charm? ( cheering ) Oh, my God! SEAN: What the hell was that? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Who wrote that? BRYANT: Were there any other lines to the poem that we missed? W-What's that? Were there any other lines to that poem that we missed? Yeah, that was just a little bit of me.
We liked the hairdo then, too.
Oh, you liked that? It was pretty interesting.
We, um, as noted, we ran a couple of poll questions this evening, and so we're going to share the results with some folks who um, of the 25-plus million who watched you on a somewhat regular basis.
Let's go to the first question.
Did the right person win tonight? Only 31% said yes.
Doesn't cost you anything.
( laughing ) Second question-- who would you have voted for? 45% went for Rudy.
( cheering and applause ) 42% went to Kelly.
Richard 11%, Susan 2%.
Did the winner play fair? How you guessing this one broke down, Rich? Oh no idea.
No idea.
I imagine people think I didn't, but I truly believe I played as fair and ethically as I could have.
Take a look at the numbers.
61% think you played fair.
( cheering and applause ) And lastly, this goes back to the question we were talking about about alliances, and why some people felt skittish about it.
The question was, for the $1 million, would you do what the winner did to win? And almost half Got naked? That's amazing.
Walk around naked? ( laughing ) If that's what was required.
I think if you'd ask those people, and you'd say "If I guaranteed you $1 million," that you'd have about 95% of them would do exactly what Richard did.
BRYANT: Well, you know what? We got to hand it to Rich.
Up front, he said, "I'm going to win the million.
" Paycheck's already written.
You were certain of it.
I played cocky.
In my interview tape and in walking into CBS' interview, I said, "What are you waiting for? "I know you're going to pick me.
"What you don't know is I'm going to win the million, "and what you need to know for next year is I'm going to host the next show.
" So I just played cocky, and they picked me.
And I'm not hosting the next show, so And yet, the woman to your right is the only castaway that never got one single ouster vote-- not one.
RICHARD: She's awesome.
BRYANT: Not a one.
( cheering and applause ) And man, could she win immunity.
( laughter ) Let me talk about fame a little bit.
Um, for how many of you has this show changed your career path? Your aspirations? Sean? All of us.
( everybody talking ) For what you want to do with your life.
: I'm pretty happy.
I wouldn't want to live it over.
You know, I might not be as lucky as I am now.
I'm pretty happy.
Change the future? I wouldn't want anything any different.
JOEL: I think all of us are just, uh Everything has changed a little bit, and what success we can get out of life, in any aspect that we choose, that it's just helped us a little bit.
But you're moving to L.
to look for some opportunities.
Yeah, I didn't mention that.
I'm moving to L.
Jenna moved out to the coast to take advantage of some opportunities, correct? I was going to move there a year ago.
Oh, okay.
Sean, you're coming up on Guiding Light, right? B.
and Stacey have been in ads.
Ramona's writing for, um, E.
, right? Entertainment Weekly, I'm sorry-- E.
I'd like to surf, and if anyone wants to pay me to surf I'm just putting that out there.
So Hey, look, there is one person missing from this reunion-- a man so familiar that he's almost been like the 17th castaway.
I'm talking, of course, about the show's host-- not Richard Hatch-- Jeff Probst.
Jeff has been in Australia, site of next Survivor challenge which is set to air early next year right after the Super Bowl.
Tonight he's got the first look at what 16 new Survivor entrants will have to outwit and outlast in the outback.
Soon 16 new strangers will volunteer to be stranded here, in the Australian outback.
This is a land so vast, so remote, that large portions of it aren't even charted.
Certainly majestic, stunning vistas, all sorts of exotic wildlife, but 39 days in this environment is going to be harsh.
The temperatures will be scorching.
And unlike Borneo, the trees here provide very little shade.
No relief from the heat.
Not to mention the fact that there are all sorts of deadly creatures scampering about.
It's going to be a tough environment, but there is hope.
The aboriginals have survived out here for centuries, simply by learning to adapt, and as a result, they're able to live in harmony with a land that is really unlike any other place on Earth.
How will the 16 survivors fare in this environment? Who knows.
The bigger question-- how will they fare with each other? Because as we have seen, surviving each other-- surviving the social politics-- is what this game is all about.
And this time, the delicious but dreaded tribal council will take place high atop a beautiful waterfall where each week the tribes will come, cast their ballots, and then boot somebody off the island.
The landscape may have changed, but the test remains the same-- outwit, outplay, outlast to be the sole survivor.
The first time was great.
Can't wait to do it again.
I'll see you in the outback.
( cheering and applause ) I think it was Sonja who said that this game is really about surviving the vote.
Is that what it is, do you think? Well, I think so.
I have said that I forgot the "outwit" part of it.
I had a very idealized notion that we should go there with teamwork, and the ultimate survivor would rise to the top, and we would support them.
( imitating buzzer ): Not.
And if that's what it had been-- if it had just been about surviving in the wilds, who would have won? Greg.
BRYANT: We're getting a lot of Gretchens.
If we would have stuck together, I think she would definitely have won, there's no doubt.
Just from, you know, who was going to vote against her? I think Gretchen would have.
BRYANT: She taught survival for what, six years in the Air Force? JOEL: There's no doubt.
I think Greg.
I think Greg has the natural instincts for it.
BRYANT: Joel's also very capable.
So are Sue and Kelly.
I was the big fish out of water.
They did a great job casting all 16 of us.
They did do a great job casting, there's no doubt about that.
We're going to come back with some final words from the castaways.
We'll do that after this.
( cheering and applause ) I'm going to do silly little tricks to entertain you, make you happy-- things like standing on their heads.
Well, that's really me.
But no games here, folks.
I'm going to be myself.
( cheering and applause ) Oh, my God.
BRYANT: Was that your thesis at Brown? GREG: Close, very close.
It was a partnership with my sister.
She really made it what it was.
We've heard about that partnership.
BRYANT: Tell her thanks for us, will you? Before we came on the air, Rich came up to me, and he said he wanted to do something before we got away So, Rich, why don't you go ahead and do it? Just really quickly, the poll that you saw the people take, and they talked about who ought to win, and they picked Rudy.
And Kelly and I had a chance to be there at the end, and close the camp.
And these were a couple of things that were left in camp that I think Marge and Rudy would like.
And one is the sign that said "Rowdy Rudy's Diner," and I want Marge to have it.
And the other is the clue that we got for the immunity challenge that Rudy won.
( cheering and applause ) BRYANT: Hey, Rich I started with you.
I'm going to end with you.
You said on the air that the million would change your life.
How's it going to? What are you going to do? Um, there are a couple things I've wanted to do.
One main thing is to start an outdoor adventure program for troubled teens-- something like I went on when I was 18 years old.
It's a goal that I've had for a long time.
( cheering and applause ) BRYANT: It's really nice, it's really nice.
You're a deserving winner.
Thank you.
You're a very deserving winner.
You played the game, you played it tough.
I had fun.
You played it upright, you played it smart, and you deserve big congratulations, as do all of you.
Thanks to all of you.
( cheering and applause ) And so, it is, uh so, it is time now for us to end this special tribal council, only this time, there are no votes to cast, no torches to snuff out.
The 16 people on this stage tonight began as strangers.
But now millions of us know them on a first-name basis.
Whether you view their efforts as some deep-seated microcosm of society or nothing more than a television game, there is no denying their impact.
These castaways will be appearing in advertisements, like this one out just this week, as well as on magazine covers and in newspapers for some time to come.
Tomorrow morning, some even will be joining me on The Early Show.
So, we'll see you then.
On behalf of these 16 now-familiar individuals, I'm Bryant Gumbel, thanking you for being a part of this reunion.
Once again, the tribe has spoken.
Good night.
( cheering and applause ) ( Survivor theme music playing )