Swamp Thing (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


Come on.
Piece of shit.
Signal keeps getting dropped.
EDDIE: I hate being this far in at night.
I'd be sweating too if the law caught me fishing with this.
- JONES: Oh.
I got it.
Got it.
Looks like the last drop zone is Just beyond these trees.
Hey, hey, stop.
I think we're here, boys.
BLAINE: Sure about this, Eddie? Man said bring out three boxes and drop 'em that's all I know.
BLAINE: All right.
What just happened? It won't start.
BLAINE: What the hell you mean it won't start? It won't start.
That that was just a gator, right? - [LOUD THUDDING.]
Shit! [PANTING.]
Son of a bitch! What the fuck is that? [GASPS.]
JONES: Where'd he go? [GASPING.]
- Come on! - I got you.
Just swim.
- Please! Please! Please! - JONES: Come on! Just swim to me.
Swim to me.
Come on, man! Just come here! Swim to me, man! [GASPS.]
- Shit! - Where'd he go? EDDIE: Blaine! [ROOTS CREAKING.]
EDDIE: What? Listen.
Oh, shit! - Shit! Shit! Shit! - [LIGHTER CLICKING.]
Shit! - [ROARING.]
Swamp Thing 1x01 Pilot KAREN: Who was trapped in the castle? - ALL: Princess Cassie.
- KAREN: Princess Cassie.
- And who was angry with her? - - ALL: The Giant King.
- The Giant King.
Now, why was The Giant King angry, guys? ALL: They stole all his gold.
KAREN: Because they stole all of his gold.
But Princess Cassie was in there by herself.
- So, do you think she was happy? - ALL: No.
- KAREN: Excited? ALL: No.
- KAREN: How did she feel? - ALL: Afraid.
KAREN: She's scared She's very scared.
When you're scared, what are you supposed to do? [INDISTINCT AND MUFFLED CHATTER.]
Oh, my God.
Susie! Susie! - [BOY SPEAKING FRENCH.]
Hey Stop! Stop! [SPEAKING FRENCH.]
I'm trying to help you.
Put it down! Put it down.
Doctor, hey, don't! - [SPEAKS FRENCH.]
Go ahead.
Say it.
What, that you were great? That you're a hero? Oh! I thought for sure you were gonna tear into me for risking hemorrhagic fever for that girl.
It saved her life.
Plus, I know you're gonna beat yourself up over that later so just please I'll go through all the tests.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
And we dropped the last of the antibiotics and the test kits in the village in case the water goes south again.
What would I do without you, Harlan? - Work on finding us boyfriends? - No.
Well, if you're not gonna do that Uh, Atlanta called earlier.
There's a possible situation brewing back in the States.
Where? Ah You're kidding.
Well, it's not the Congo.
You want to make a left there.
You still remember.
How long has it been since you were home? A while.
Well, somebody forgot to tell beautiful Marais that 1962 was a long time ago.
CHOWODURY: I'm glad the CDC is here 'cause I'm running out of options.
So, it's still just the three infected? Fourth came in this morning.
Little girl presented first.
She had direct contact with her teacher and the school nurse.
- And today's patient? - A clerk.
From the Sunderland One Stop on Guidry.
It's spreading.
They all here? Yeah.
Okay, everyone.
For those of you who don't know my name is Dr.
Abby Arcane with the CDC's Epidemic Intelligence Service.
That is a real thing.
Um, my team is here to assist in caring for your patients and to find the source of this disease.
We need fresh blood samples and diaries of each patient's contacts before presenting symptoms.
If we can identify the disease, we can figure out how to treat it.
For now though, it is masks, gloves and goggles for anyone in direct contact with the patients.
Caregivers do not get sick on my watch, okay? Let's get to it.
- ABBY: Hey, sweetie.
How you feelin'? So I found this on her pillow.
Maybe transfer from the ambulance? I don't think so.
Has she been breathing like this since she was admitted? Our X-rays did find a stubborn mycosis in her lungs but it's not fungal.
I'll have the staff check for contamination.
Excuse me? - You can't take those.
- I'm not.
- You're not what? - Taking them.
I'm just looking as an interested party.
Are these blood tests, are they the most recent? Okay.
If you can give me the tests from when she first came in I can compare them with the latest results.
Who are you exactly? I told you before, this area is off limits.
- Fuck, again.
- I'm sorry, Dr.
Listen, you're not gonna find anything you need in the standard CDC rule book.
- I promise.
- Excuse me.
- Get security! - No, no, no.
It's fine.
- It's fine.
It's fine.
- Let's go.
I'm out.
I'm gone.
I'm out.
You're gonna wanna speak to me sooner or later.
Hey, can we just be friends? - See you tomorrow, Bob.
Who the hell was that? No idea.
We should find out though.
- Uh, where are we on Susie's parents? - Mother's dead.
Her father Eddie's MIA.
Cops say his boat's not in his slip so he could be out in the water.
ABBY: Mmm.
And the school bus picked her up as usual.
So maybe Dad made it home.
- Matt? - Dispatch said a Dr.
Arcane requested assistance.
I said that was fucking impossible.
- You're a cop now.
- Yeah, four years.
Jesus Christ, Abby.
Didn't think we'd ever see you again.
I wish it was under better circumstances.
- The Coyle girl.
How's she doing? - Not good.
And right now, she's patient zero.
What do you know about her dad? - Who, Eddie? - Yeah.
He's a fisherman, mostly.
Pulled him in a few times for game violations, a DUI ABBY: Child Services? MATT: Never had any complaints.
Well, around here, that makes you Father of the Year.
When the little girl got sick, we called, but no answer.
And since Eddie's boat was still out we didn't think anything of it.
Coyle? Coyle! [FLIES BUZZING.]
- Matt? - Yeah, I hear it.
MATT: Oh, my God.
Coyle? Coyle! [GUN CLICKS.]
- Hey! - [SHRIEKS.]
- Fuck! - Drop it, right now! - What? - I said drop it! Wait, hold up - Drop it! - I'm collecting a sample! I'm collecting a sample! What the hell are you doing here? - You know this guy? - Yeah.
He was at the hospital earlier - trespassing.
- Guys.
Guys! [PANTING.]
You're focusing on the wrong thing here.
MATT: What the fuck? - [CRACKS.]
- [GASPS.]
MATT: His name's Alec Holland.
Seen him around the past few months.
Some kind of, I don't know, scientist-type.
- ABBY: Seriously? - What? You're not arresting him, are you? He did break in.
Well, what happened with Eddie Coyle wasn't because of him.
So what the hell did this? It's what I intend to find out.
That's enough.
No more.
Excuse me, uh [CLEARS THROAT.]
Arcane, can I talk to you for Again? - What is up with you? - What? - You're clearly not a local.
- No, I, uh I'm just trying to help.
By being everywhere you shouldn't be? Listen, um, you saw the body.
Dealt with anything like that before? We have it under control.
It's okay.
Well, nothing's working, is it? Pyrazinamide? Ethambutol? Who are you again? Holland, like, the country.
Listen, listen, listen.
Avery Sunderland hired me to collect and analyze biological Congratulations.
He's a very important man around here.
Thank you very much.
The thing is is that I've been finding some serious fucking crazy.
- Crazy? - Yes, as in biological processes I've never seen before and I think that they could be connected to your infection.
How? [SIGHS.]
It's easier to show you than to tell you.
Sunderland's lab's on the water, 20 minutes out.
- I have patients waiting.
- Yes.
I know they're waiting.
They're waiting for a cure but I'm guessing the doctors haven't had any luck ID'ing the pathogen yet.
You like mysteries? You know, old mystery, like Murder She Wrote, Columbo - [LAUGHS.]
What? - What? Wow.
I like references that aren't from the 1980s It was the first thing that popped in my It doesn't have to - Well, no.
I don't like mysteries - Okay.
- I like solutions.
- Me, too.
So let me help you find one, okay? Okay? Going back to the hospital, spinning around, trying to find an answer It's not gonna get you any closer to the truth.
But going out there that will.
- Okay.
- Okay.
That worked, yeah.
That worked.
Here we go.
How'd you know I wasn't a local? You're wearing designer flip-flops.
Comfy suckers, though.
And the attitude.
It's a bit of a giveaway, too.
ALEC: Watch your step.
It's tight.
- Where is he? Oh! What were you doing? What were you doing? Come on.
It's a little steep, be careful.
ABBY: Aw! This is my, uh, buddy, Garou.
What kind of study is this? It's the kind dip-shit biologists like me dream about.
Check this out.
All right, um How much do you know about mutagens? The stuff that causes cancer, that blows holes in human DNA Right.
The ones we know about.
- Uh-huh.
- Right? [BEEPING.]
I'm close to identifying an entirely new strand buried deep in this swamp.
All right, here we go.
So, um, for the last seven months I've been out on the water mapping out biological hotspots where the mutagenic activity is the strongest and the thing is, is that for the last two weeks I've noticed a steady increase in speed of these processes.
- [BEEPS.]
- And this is a sample I took just yesterday, um at one of the most active sites.
This clear shit on top, that's just swamp water, right? But right there on the bottom, you see that? I do.
That doesn't belong.
ALEC: Green Spanish moss.
ABBY: Plant-based growth medium.
I've taken a few classes.
- You ready? - Mmm-hmm.
Oh, my God.
- Holland! - Fuck! Stop! - [STEAM HISSES.]
- What just happened? - Fuck.
I don't know, um [KEYS CLACKING.]
I think the stuff at the bottom of the tube, I don't I It's gotta be some sort of biological accelerant or something.
- Like a fertilizer.
- Yeah.
But it only jacks up mutagens.
What? What? You wanted to test Susie Coyle's blood from two days ago against today's to see if it had changed.
This really could be what's making people sick.
It's like Columbo.
All right, Coyle's body is ready for postmortem.
Tell me, please, that you have all this science fiction backed up.
- A hard-drive away.
- Okay.
- Can you get me to the hospital? - Okay.
Might not let me in, but [INDISTINCT CHATTERING.]
- RILEY: People.
Settle down, people.
Settle down.
I know this bug has got everyone rattled but the doctors are doing everything they can.
MAN 1: Big timber's coming in dumping their trash, burning trees The swamp puts food on our tables.
We lose that, we lose everything! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Just say it, Riley! The swamp's had enough.
This is payback.
WOMAN: Yeah! RILEY: We We don't know what this is yet.
The hospital is on it 24/7, and the CDC.
MAN 2: Bullshit.
AVERY: Hold on! Hold on! I'm not saying you're wrong, but right now, let the doctors do their work.
Hell, Avery, I don't got money for doctors.
It comes to that, you see me.
Goes for all of you.
You know that.
Maybe you ought to put some of that Sunderland money into this town and less in that nonsense lab of yours.
You know, the swamp took my father from me when I was still a boy.
You know that, right? But ever since, that same swamp has given me, you, and this whole damn town a way of life.
Yeah, there's something special about this place you know that, we all know that.
And you live here long enough, you feel it in your bones.
Now, my research is about the future uncovering what else the swamp can offer.
New medicines, fertilizers, God knows what else.
And if what we find is worth what I hope it is that could be the answer to this town's troubles.
Your troubles, more like it.
A rising tide lifts all boats, Leon even that shit box of yours.
Hell, yeah, I took a hit and we all did.
ALL: Yeah.
I could have pulled up stakes and left Marais high and dry.
But Marais is home.
Where my daddy is buried.
And my little girl.
Where I met Maria.
Now, if I was like most of you and 20 years younger, I'd get my ass back to work.
All right, folks, listen.
We'll, uh, post updates as we get 'em.
Thank you.
ALEC: Excuse me.
AVERY: Of course.
That was a nice speech.
What are you doing here, Holland? Did you get 'em? Did you get the findings I sent you last night? I did, and I was wondering why since I dismissed you two weeks ago.
Is that what that was? Well, I assumed you'd reconsider since things were just getting interesting.
Say what you came to say.
For the last two weeks, the evolutionary cycle of the mutagen has just continued to skyrocket and now out of nowhere, people are just getting sick? And you think there's a connection? Yeah, I mean, yeah.
I mean, I can't rule it out.
You don't need to set your hair on fire either, Holland.
I'm not a scientist but disease is not uncommon around Marais.
We had an epidemic in '86 and one in '92.
People get sick.
They always have.
Yeah, sure.
That makes sense.
- But you're not convinced.
- No, I'm not, Avery.
You, uh You hired me to follow the science and here I am.
I also hired a man looking for a second chance.
This town doesn't need a panic.
It doesn't need an epidemic either, Avery.
MARIA: Honey, Mr.
Adams would like a word.
Oh, boy.
Aye-aye! Go home, Holland.
We got it from here.
- ALEC: Hey.
- Hey.
Do you ever sleep, Dr.
Arcane? Not when everyone else does.
And it's Abby.
Have you ever seen an autopsy? Yeah, yeah.
Saw an alien autopsy once.
Pretty sure it was fake though.
All right.
I'm, uh, gonna set up the test gear.
You kids have fun.
How's the girl? The drug therapy is slowing the beast in the adults, but Susie had gone for two days before we got to her, so She's also only nine years old.
It's not your fault.
A plant sample, straight from the source.
Knock yourself out.
Thank you.
Got a reaction here.
- [GASPS.]
We gotta go.
We gotta go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Fuck! ALEC: Come on! Come on! Come on! [ABBY AND ALEC SCREAM.]
Daddy! Abby! Abby, wait! [ELECTRICITY CRACKLING.]
Go, go, go, go! Susie.
Clear! Clear! Clear! She's Code Blue.
Come on, honey.
Come on.
Okay, I'm getting something.
Restart the IV.
You all right? You have a, uh It's a piece of glass.
So what now? We can't just sit here.
I'm gonna go check something out.
You coming? Does it involve bourbon? Actually, yes.
ALEC: What? I was just kidding about the, uh, bourbon.
A friend of mine's inside.
She's a reporter.
Maybe she knows why Eddie was out in that water.
ALEC: This is where you used to hang out, huh? ABBY: This is where everybody in Marais hangs out.
Scary woman, 12 o'clock.
Can't believe she's still here.
Abby Arcane.
Goddamn! [CHUCKLES.]
- I heard you were back in town.
Delroy's on a supply run, but I know he'd wanna see you.
Uh, yeah, I'd love to see your dad, but it's, uh It's not that kind of visit.
Guess it'd take nothing less than a medical meltdown to bring you back to Marais.
Uh, Alec Holland, - this is Liz Tremayne.
- Hi.
I Yeah, you guys catch up, I'll get the drink.
What's with Sandals? He's all right.
So Heard you found something seriously messed up over at Eddie Coyle's.
Who said that? It's out there, Abby.
This town You still work for the Echo, right? I need a favor.
I gotta write the Coyle story before I can hold it.
I'm not saying that, I just, um Have you seen anything unusual at the docks lately? Wait, you're Abby's reporter? For the Marais Echo Weekly.
- ALEC: Hmm.
- Emphasis on the weekly.
So I have time to help out my dad when I can.
- No offense.
- Some taken.
Not a lot of people are talking, Abby.
So you already know it's bad.
Why do you say that? 'Cause it's Marais.
Mosquitoes and gossip Two things we get a lot of here.
But I have heard whispers of someone hiring boats to go out into the swamp at night.
Who? No one knows.
The who or the why.
- And Eddie Coyle? - His boat was never found.
And the guy he crewed with, he's AWOL, too.
Last thing anyone heard they were headed out to Skeeter Cove.
Oh, shit.
Abby No.
Could you give us a moment, please? [INAUDIBLE.]
- LIZ: Can I get you anything? - MARIA: No, thanks.
Five thousand people work at the CDC.
I looked it up.
That's 4,999 other options they could have sent.
I'm good at my job.
They knew I could help.
I wanted to help.
Where did you end up studying? Emory.
So, let's think about this just for a minute.
Your freshman year When you were going out to parties - I didn't - When you were going out to parties I spent your freshman year in Shawna's bedroom.
Sunderland I think about Shawna every day.
I'm speaking now.
Sophomore year Maybe that's just about the time you figured out what you wanted to do in life and declared a major.
That's about the time I stumbled out of her bed and into a bottle.
A lot of bottles.
Now, what I'm really trying to forget is your senior year.
Because while you were applying to medical schools my husband was talking to divorce lawyers.
It was the thought of losing him that finally made me quit drinking.
And I asked Avery where that kind of strength came from.
And he said because all that darkness wasn't my fault.
It was yours.
You said you're good at what you do and that you can help, that's why you came here.
And that's why I'm letting you stay.
But if that little girl dies She won't.
Promise me.
Go ahead.
I promise.
Within the minute she's better I want you gone.
We We should go check out Skeeter Cove.
ABBY: Oh, my God.
ALEC: What the hell? How is that even possible? ALEC: I have no idea.
ALEC: Found something.
ALEC: That could help.
Here, hold this.
What is it? [RATTLING.]
ALEC: It's like a Underwater release mechanism or something.
Releasing what? I don't know.
Let's take it back to the lab.
- Let's see what you are.
- [BEEPS.]
It's almost worth coming back just for him.
What are you doing, buggin' her? Come here.
Go downstairs.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
And now, we wait.
So, is, uh, Mrs.
Sunderland the reason you don't visit home much? Uh She'd say I'm the reason I don't come home much.
And she's right.
Do you ever feel like that? That's why I'm here.
One thing we have in common.
May I offer you a drink? I sure as hell could use one.
That's two things we have in common.
Let's see.
Hmm - Glasses - It's It's okay.
Here you go.
I have a confession.
You're the president of the Columbo fan page.
No, I I Googled you.
When? Earlier today.
Yeah, it's funny you think I haven't seen those.
- I'm sorry.
- No.
It's fine.
So, it's true? What? That I, uh, manipulated the data to better prove my conclusion? Yeah.
I still stand by what I found.
But you couldn't replicate the results.
Not yet.
So, why do it then? Why do it then? Yeah, um Can I have that? I don't know.
No, I know.
Um I always wanted to be known by my work you know, I wanted the work to define me and, uh Well, now it does, just not in the way I wanted.
So, how did all that land you here? Oh, in this palace? - [CHUCKLES.]
- Uh Well, when the smoke cleared, I realized pretty quickly that I was chasing after the wrong things, you know.
I don't need to be published in the big journals or, uh, [CLEARS THROAT.]
taught in high school biology classes although that would be pretty cool, but No.
Uh The joy's always been in the discovery.
So Guess sometimes the mistakes we make stay with us.
What I wouldn't give for you to Google my name, and it'd just say "Sorry, your query got back no results.
" Hmm.
Well, look at that it's three things we have in common.
What? What do you mean? Speaking of Avery Sunderland [SIGHS.]
Um He and his wife had a daughter Shawna.
And, um Growing up, we were We were best friends.
She was like my sister.
The Sunderlands were They were, uh [CHUCKLES.]
They were like parents to me.
And two days before we graduated I, um [BEEPS.]
Let's grab that.
I mean, two nights before you graduated What? [SCOFFS.]
I killed her.
Let's check that result.
- Oh yeah.
- Let's get those results.
- Shit.
What? This stuff in the box, it's a biological accelerant.
It's like the stuff we pulled from the swamp.
Like, it's times A lot.
So, someone's dumping it here? Okay.
Pull some samples I can take back to the hospital.
What, you think that could help? I mean, I think if this is what's turning our pathogen into what's making people sick maybe there's a way we can slow the infection.
Susie and the others aren't going to wait.
All right.
All the samples are here.
And you'll know what you need better than I do.
So, I'm gonna - Where are you going? - The laptop that we found on the boat this thing is showing these GPS locations and I'm thinking that they're markings where other accelerant boxes have been dumped.
So I'm gonna fish 'em out before other people get sick.
I'll see you at the hospital.
You okay? Yeah.
Abby Why'd you Google me? I'm sorry, but your query got back no results.
That was pretty good.
ABBY: Listen, I think I may have something that could help us get a handle on this disease.
HARLAN: We could use anything you got.
This drug regimen slowed this thing, but it hasn't stopped it.
What do you need from me? I need access to the hospital's lab and time to go through some new findings.
You bet.
I'll get on it.
Thank you, Harlan.
Hello? - Can I help - [GUNSHOTS.]
Oh, my God.
Alec! Alec! Alec! [RUSTLING.]