Swamp Thing (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Long Walk Home

1 AVERY: Previously on Swamp Thing Alec Holland is alive.
- Bullshit! - LUCILIA: Matt saw him.
Matt, don't shoot.
If he gets to town and starts talking, all three of us are going down for murder and conspiracy.
ABBY: Whatever's gotten ahold of you, it was born in the swamp.
ALEC: It's lashing out in anger.
ABBY: I need to understand this "rot", if I'm ever gonna cure you.
- Where's Avery? - Avery isn't here right now.
Until he returns, you'll be answering to me.
- Please, Avery.
Ellery, I'm so sorry that Avery has been delayed.
I was promised data regarding a major breakthrough, and now, he can't be bothered to show? I'm just wondering if you could live with killing your own father.
All these years, you already knew.
- Give me the shotgun.
- I wanna know the truth! [MATT SCREAMS.]
I'm not gonna die.
All right, then.
What you waiting for? [BREATH TREMBLING.]
The moss Moss grows on the north side.
That means Marais is southeast.
Marais is southeast.
AVERY: What the hell? Somebody there? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Who's there? [RUSTLING.]
Oh, okay.
I'm walking out of this hell-hole, you understand me? Moss grows on the north side.
You'll never get me.
You'll never get me.
You'll never get me! [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]
Swamp Thing 1x08 Long Walk Home Did you prep molecular biology? They're ready and waiting.
You know they love a mystery.
Not that it's any surprise, but you made it from Marais to Atlanta in record time.
- Dr.
Arcane - Hi.
I need you to rush this sample into sterilized isolation and start preliminary labs.
And, Caitlin, full containment on this, okay? What the hell are we dealing with, Abby? I don't know, but it's all toxic and virulent, so please watch yourself.
On it.
I need to assist.
I need a decontamination suit, and a work space.
And maybe six cups less coffee.
- This one is important.
- I get that.
But even "the little engine that could" needs a break once in a while.
I'm not that bad.
But we both know it's going to take hours to run the labs.
And you look like you haven't slept in a week.
Did I mention I missed you? Not yet, but I'll take that.
Um It's been a while.
There's some new faces.
Not anyone I've seen around the cafeteria, but the new assistant director started while you were away.
So you have that to look forward to.
How is she? She's right behind you.
Arcane? I heard you were on your way in.
I'm glad you're here.
I've discovered a dangerous new pathogen - in the Marais swamp and I'm - I know.
Harlan forwarded your email.
Which was the first word the CDC has heard from you since you were left in Marais.
What happened to daily reports? You must be aware that I stayed on to monitor the green flu patients.
All of whom have been released, have they not? I understand.
But but I do have reason to believe that this disease is still active.
Reason to believe? [DR.
I take a results-oriented approach, Dr.
Have you observed any new symptomatology? Can you show me any fresh blood work, recent lab results? No, not yet.
But the labs are coming back.
Well Then we'll have a few things to discuss, especially given what I've heard from Marais.
Excuse me? I spoke with the hospital.
They said you've barely been there.
You've been spending days on end in the swamp.
We'll run the tests.
But this is to be continued.
LUCILIA: I never thought I would live to see the great Avery Sunderland down on his knees.
You know, I think this old swamp hates you even more than I do.
Can't say that I blame it much.
You have pissed all over this place just to get what you want.
You come to finish the job? Looks to me like I don't have to.
One hell of a trick you pulled, telling my Matt how you're his daddy, like you ever gave a shit about him.
You never gave me the chance.
Because I was afraid.
Of what? You would do exactly what you did.
That you would drag him through the mud and turn him into a monster just like you.
How did it go so wrong between us? I want you to know something.
That no matter what happens, I'll always love you.
It's a little late for that now.
It's never too late.
We got the chance now, you and me Lucilia, please! I'm just asking you for a chance.
Lucilia, please.
Goodbye, Avery.
: Matt, where the hell are you? We talked about this.
I know this hasn't been easy on you, but I need you down at the station today.
Call me.
ABBY: You didn't have my back up there.
You barely said a word.
HARLAN: How am I suppose to defend you when I have no idea what's going on? It's not just no daily reports.
It's not just paperwork.
It's like you fell into a black hole over in that place.
Okay, okay, I know I should have called more.
Okay, wait we've barely spoken in days.
But swear to God, what little you did tell me, it didn't make much sense.
So, so you agree with her now.
I mean, she clearly thinks I'm not doing my job I didn't say that.
But this radio silence of yours it's not like you.
Or like us.
What is it with you and that town? Abby, stop.
Where are you going? You're right, the test will take hours.
I, uh, I just need to think.
Ellery? I'm afraid I've no pecan pie to offer you.
I wanted to continue our discussion of your work.
Excuse me.
Hardly ideal conditions for research.
It's like working out of a high school cafeteria.
And I'm not talking about a magnet school.
I assumed as much.
It's why I've ordered a fully equipped mobile biological lab down from Chicago.
And I've already spoken with Mrs.
Sunderland about which of their properties would be best suited for continuing your research.
There's an abandoned facility on the outskirts of town.
With your approval, we'll start fitting it up immediately.
I assumed your organization would have dedicated laboratory facilities already in place.
A project of this delicate nature requires discretion.
We prefer to keep it off the books until we know exactly what we're dealing with.
I'll take a look at it.
I'm sure you've missed something.
The Conclave's guiding principle, Dr.
Woodrue, is to find the best and then get out of their way.
You'll have everything you need ready when the specimen is located.
How's that going, by the way? Well, I'm afraid that the subject has been a challenge to locate, but it's only a matter of time.
I agree.
Only a matter of time.
Hey? Hey! BURRITT: Avery? You getting distracted again? No, Dad.
I'm here.
I'm, I'm here.
Get 'er loaded, son.
We make it to town before the cafe closes, we'll get burgers to go.
What's going on, son? What's eating you? It's just this this particular tree.
- People say it's got special powers - Special powers.
AVERY: Special powers.
You know what's got greater powers than a tree? An ax.
Be careful.
Careful? Careful is for cowards.
Yeah, I'm talking to you.
BURRITT: Thing is, a man takes what he wants.
A man looks out for number one.
- Paying attention? - AVERY: No, not again.
Not again.
Not again.
Not again! Dad! [GRUNTS.]
Dad? Dad! - Avery.
- Dad! - Avery, Avery.
- Dad! Avery! Avery! Avery! [SCREAMING.]
Dad - [SOBBING.]
Oh, God.
Veggie pizza and booze.
Only took a deadly pathogen to bring the band back together, but I won't take it personally.
Where are they on that? They'll have a full analysis by morning, just let 'em do their work.
So this is different.
When I was little, I assumed that the insides of the dolls looked like the outsides.
I know, so since they have little hands and feet and teeth, I thought that if you looked inside you'd find little organs - Aww.
- and a tiny blood stream.
And little Dr.
Arcane just cut it open.
I did.
I was so disappointed.
And yet you kept it around.
- To remember.
- Hmm.
My mom, she didn't laugh much, but she, she laughed that day.
I've never heard you speak about your mother.
I always assumed it's because you didn't remember her.
Yeah, bits and pieces.
You know, I was only eight when she died.
Earlier today you asked me what it was about Marais.
I'm beginning to wonder whether or not I came back for a reason.
I have to tell you something.
There is a man in the swamp who is very, very sick.
In the swamp? Yes.
And I think it has something to do with the green flu but I've been protecting him, I've been trying to find a cure, trying to find the answers, having no luck.
So this - patient - Hmm.
is not in the hospital or quarantine or included in any of the reports because Because he is more than just a patient.
I don't I don't know how to say this, but he's he's been challenging the way I look at the world.
Does this miracle man have a name? Yeah.
Alec Holland.
Oh, God.
Ooh! Damn.
SWAMP THING: Leave them.
It's Sphagnum moss.
It can help heal the wounds.
Who's there? Who's there? What's happening? You told me once that if I kept spending so much on boat gas you'd let me swim back to the lab.
Is that you? What happened? I don't know.
They said They said that you died.
Had some kind of an acc accident.
You were shot.
Who did this to you? People.
People that I care about.
And I thought cared about me.
You're still not well.
Well, you got that right.
I'm pretty goddamn unwell.
I've been shot, nearly drowned and I've been having these crazy visions.
I I think that the swamp wants me dead.
You hate this place.
Oh, this place hates me, this place is a killer.
This place It took my daddy and it took It took my little girl.
But it's been damaged, it's been abused.
What are you talking about? The swamp is damaged and abused? The swamp is a killer.
The swamp is supposed to be our livelihood.
It's been put here for me.
For Marais.
It was, once.
But after the abuse it suffered, the balance here shifted, releasing a darkness.
What are you talking about? What do you mean by darkness? There's a force here, Avery.
A "green" that connects me to the plants and trees.
It told me you were here.
It told you? I think the green saved me, made me this way to restore the balance, and to protect the swamp from people just like you.
No, no, no.
Whoa! No, no, no.
Holland, no.
You know, I have you to thank for what I've become, Avery.
Me? - You and the others.
- No! Who have been taking and taking and taking.
Help! Holland, No.
No! You see this? Feeling all right, buddy? Just a little under the weather, I'll be fine.
I was wondering if you had a chance to sign off on that accident report I gave you.
The, uh, collision down on County 9.
Look, I haven't gotten to it yet.
All right.
Well, the insurance company called again, - they're just wanting to know - Look.
I said I'll get to it.
May I see you for a moment, please? What was that all about? That was a pain in the ass.
I know that you're hurting, but right now you need to keep it together.
It won't be long before people start to notice that Avery's gone AWOL.
And? Maria Sunderland can play dumb for a while, but sooner or later there are gonna be questions.
The last thing we need is for you going off the rails the day after he disappeared.
Well, lucky for us, we got all the answers.
Being with the police and all.
We're gonna get through this, okay? We're gonna get through it.
You even still think about him? My father? [SCOFFS.]
Oh, Jesus.
- After what Avery did to you - No, not Avery.
My father.
The man who actually raised me until he left because you couldn't let Sunderland go.
Matt I swear, I never meant to hurt him or you.
I'd better get back to work.
HARLAN: So you're saying Alec is like, what? - Transformed? - Mmm-hmm.
It's hard to explain.
It's He can control plants.
He can make them grow, he can make them do whatever he wants.
He can access memories from the past.
He can bring up memories of things that have happened in the swamp.
Okay, so this is Alec Holland.
Right? The guy we saw when we first arrived.
The, the guy who was blown up.
I know.
I know you're thinking professional help.
I, I get it.
I would too - if I hadn't seen what had happened myself.
- Hey, hey, hey.
I was with you in Marais, remember? Mmm-hmm.
I mean, I saw a man with a tree growing out of him, like And if you recall it, I had some pretty odd symptoms myself.
Does that mean you believe me? Always and forever.
And the hell with Palomer.
She comes at you tomorrow, she'll have to get through me first.
Thanks, Harlan.
And for whatever it's worth [SIGHS.]
I haven't seen you so passionate about someone in a long time.
He's worth it.
It shows.
I missed you.
Oh, God, I missed you, too.
- Good night.
- Get some sleep.
The lab results should be in first thing in the morning.
Edwards? It's 1:00 in the morning.
Who are you? I need you to get in the car, sir.
Man, bullshit.
Get in the goddamn car.
AVERY: I've never took anything from you, Holland.
I helped you to resume you work.
To regain your reputation, you remember that.
I've lost all that now.
I've lost her.
Her? What do you mean? Are you talking about Dr.
Arcane? She's known about you for quite a while, hasn't she? She brought that sample back to study and I think that that sample came from you.
That's true, isn't it? [GROWLS SOFTLY.]
She's been trying to find a cure for you.
She is a friend.
And I'll bet she's moving heaven and earth to make you better.
Because she cares about you.
And you care for her.
Don't you? Listen to me, Holland.
I want to I want to tell you something now.
I know this must be hard for you up here, but my daddy always used to say to me, "A man takes what he wants.
" Now I know that you don't want to just hide out up in here in this green hell forever [YELLS.]
Do you think that I wanted this? No, I don't think that you wanted it.
I think that you want to be Alec Holland again.
And I think that you want to be with Abby.
And I think, Holland I might be able to help you.
What can you do? Not me.
There's a scientist who works for me and his name is Jason Woodrue.
He's a little bit odd, but he's brilliant.
I've heard of him.
Abby thinks very highly of him, too.
That's why she brought the sample to him to study.
You know, he's extremely well respected, an expert in his field and that's why I brought him down here to study what the hell is going on here in the swamp.
The mutagens.
Mutagens, yes.
And I know what that word means.
That's, that's how things change, right? That's what he studies.
How things change.
And that means he studies how to change things back.
- [GASPS.]
You need to go.
Go to the window.
What for? A boat's coming.
How the hell do you know that? The green told you the boat was coming? The green brought it here.
Vines rose up, blocked the channel, turned the boat in this direction.
You brought a boat? [CHUCKLES.]
The swamp would have let you die I couldn't.
I don't see it.
Yeah, well, look at that.
You did Here it come.
I'll be Hey! Holland.
Listen, I'm going to come back tomorrow, okay? And I'm going to bring Woodrue.
And I want you to meet us.
There's a There's There's a clearing just beyond the channel.
You know where that is? And if you do this, there's a chance that you can be a normal man again.
That maybe you can walk down the street again, and maybe you can sleep in a bed again.
And that you might even be able to when the right song comes on, ask a woman for the next dance, you know.
You saved my life, Holland.
Let me save yours.
Holland? - [DIGITAL BEEPS.]
Well, what's going on? Why isn't my card working? The sample you brought in, it's been placed on full lockdown.
I need to see the results of the analysis.
No, Dr.
Arcane, you don't.
Come with me.
Where's Harlan? Harlan's been reassigned.
What? There's been an outbreak of dengue in Bangladesh.
His flight left at 5:00 this morning.
It was out of my hands, Doctor.
Where're we going? Hi.
Well, what's going on? What the hell is this? Dr.
Arcane, please, take a seat.
Uh, not until I know what this is about.
Of course, of course.
We're here to discuss one of your patients.
An Alec Holland.
I don't I don't have a patient named Alec Holland.
Before you interject, we know he's still alive and we're fully aware of his condition.
Edwards was very concerned after your conversation last night and What, how do you know Where is Harlan Doctor, how we learned about this man isn't important.
The fact remains that you've been treating a possibly infectious patient totally off the medical radar.
He needs to be brought in for treatment for the safety of the surrounding community.
He is not a threat.
That is not for you to decide.
Or him, either.
Where you can be useful, Dr.
Arcane, is in helping us defuse a potentially harmful scenario.
What do you mean? If Alec Holland, or what he's become, has to be brought in using force, things could get violent.
Now, he trusts you and you could make him see that this is all for his own good.
Who are you? Someone who values your relationship with Dr.
Holland and believes that you can help both him and yourself by cooperating.
I've work to do in Marais.
Well, no one's stopping you, Dr.
I'm not asking for permission.
Stay the fuck away from Alec.
Please tell me you're all right.
I have to go back to Marais.
Call me, please, as soon as you get this.
You've been in some sort of accident? I'm not in the mood for questions, Woodrue.
Got a medical bag in here? Some kind of antibiotics? What? I know that you don't practice, but - You must have MD in there somewhere - In my bag.
with all those fancy letters.
Surely you can treat a couple of simple wounds.
I'll leave you two alone.
Woodrue? Shouldn't you be doing this in your house? What did I say about asking questions? I want you to look at this.
I got shot.
These wounds are very strange.
Yeah With apologies for yet another query um where have you been? I've been in the swamp.
Where I found the source of those cells that make you so happy.
Now you go ahead and you clean, clean these good, 'cause I don't care if it hurts.
The source.
It's not an animal.
It's a scientist who worked here before you came.
And he's completely covered in some kind of crazy plant skin.
He's barely human.
You know, I think that I think that he somehow miraculously healed me.
You're right, Alec Holland did almost completely heal you.
I didn't say it was Holland.
I didn't say anything about Holland, how did you Nathan Ellery's been following up.
Your chief investor.
My chief investor, who I haven't met.
Well, Maria took the meeting I, um I assumed that you knew.
She showed them my work while you were away and suggested that you [CHUCKLES.]
had left the project in her able hands.
She has always been a smart one, my Maria.
Well, regardless They are eager to see more.
Ellery set me up with a brand-new facility.
Assistants, I assume are somewhat vaguely competent, and he's obtained an impressive amount of information on Holland already.
Well, thought of everything, huh? Yeah.
He's, uh he's even offered personnel to aid in bringing the subject in for study, so Let me ask you something, Woodrue.
Do you think it's possible to cure Holland? To bring him back to the man he once was? Do you want to cure the goose of laying golden eggs? What? What the hell are you talking about? Alec Holland normal man is very unlikely to produce regenerative cells.
Think of what we Think of what you would accomplish.
The secrets of cell regeneration Avery you could cheat death.
You could cure all sorts of disease and This wouldn't This wouldn't just make you into a billionaire.
I mean, there are plenty of billionaires that no one's ever heard of, but you, your name would be everywhere.
You could change the world.
That man saved my life.
Yes, indeed.
I suggest that we let him save millions more.
AVERY: Holland? You out here? Holland? JASON: Alec Holland? It's Avery Sunderland.
JASON: This is Jason Woodrue.
Maybe you're familiar with some of my work.
SWAMP THING: I've read your work.
AVERY: I didn't think you were gonna show up.
Any particular piece of mine? The Journal of Molecular Biology.
The use of transgenic DNA to Create new plant forms.
The transformation intrigues me.
Cells dividing, growing, dying.
It's the essence of truth.
But can you go back? Can you make me an ordinary man? It's a shame.
There's so much ordinary in the world already.
But I But I can try.
But we'll have to bring you back to my facility.
No! No, I can't leave this place.
We have great work to do, Holland.
Now don't turn away from it.
It's the only way.
Who else is here with you? Don't, just hold on.
MAN 1: Jesus Christ.
MAN 2: Watch yourselves.
: Move in.
Go away.
Leave now while you can.
- MAN 1: Watch it.
Watch it.
- MAN 2: Hit him with the nitro.
- MAN 1: Look out! - [SCREAMING.]
- WOMAN: Where is he? - MAN 2: Where'd he go? Where are the fucking trees? MAN 4: Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
AVERY: Hey! What the hell? - I said no! - [SCREAMING.]
Holland! [GROWLS.]
What are you waiting for? That's just slowed him Hose him! Okay.
ABBY: Alec? Alec? Alec! [EXHALES.]