Sweet Home (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[theme music playing]
[intense choral music playing]
[tense music playing]
[door opens]
I'm really okay.
Cha Hyun-su.
I need to talk to you.
You're only taking him?
What about me?
You know, he's using you.
Let me out, too!
[door knob clatters]
[Cha Hyun-su] It's important we keep
the front gate barricaded at all times.
We also need more wooden planks
and chains blocking the stairs.
Monsters could get through at any moment.
The same goes for the room back there.
Why do you think I took your side earlier?
I'll be honest with you.
You'll do all the dangerous work
from now on.
If you don't want to do that,
then I can't help you.
What do you mean?
The guy in Room 1408.
Can you bring him here?
[tense music playing]
[door creaks open]
- [heart beating]
- [door creaking]
[heartbeat continues]
[chilling music plays]
[poignant music playing]
The flowers at spring.
I can see them even now.
All I wanted was to show my daughter
the pretty flowers.
it was just for one second
You must miss her a lot.
Calling me "mom" for the very first time
turning over all by herself
I was so touched
by all those small things, you know?
Seeing those chubby red cheeks of hers
made me feel like
I had everything I needed in the world.
You have children as well?
I used to.
Before this happened to my leg.
I want
the same thing as Hyun-su.
If I end up turning, then please
just kill me.
[heartbeat continues]
[plaintive music playing]
[baby-like cooing]
[distant, echoing humming]
[heartbeat continues]
[echoing soft humming]
[gasps softly]
[Mr. Han] I can't do as you asked.
I don't think
I can take care of them.
Not without your help.
Is that so?
[heartbeat continues]
[door creaking]
[plaintive music continues]
Are you sure she is not in there?
No, she's gone, so
[sighs deeply]
We need to all let her go now.
[plaintive music rising]
Wait. Wait! [grunts]
I heard you're a gangster.
Don't gangsters do anything for money?
I'll give you everything.
Just help me go outside.
I [breathes heavily]
Move it.
I No, you can't
[Hyun-su] Open it.
Are you sure this is okay?
No, but I don't think we can stop him.
[Seung-wan] You're not supposed to
[atmospheric music playing]
[chain rattles]
[door creaks]
[Hyun-su] Wait.
[ominous music plays]
Is that it?
You want me starving, huh?
You're glad I'm locked up in here,
aren't you?
I bet you're enjoying this.
- [grunting]
- [groans]
If I turn into a monster,
I'll rip you to pieces.
So do something, you stupid bitch!
We have to save food for everyone
Listen to me.
All that stuff is mine.
They said we're all going
to share the food.
- Shut your fucking mouth, you hear me?
- [groans]
You should hold it in.
I do it all the time.
[tense music playing]
Rescuing Han Du-sik is the main goal.
The kids are secondary.
Focus on the main goal.
If things go south,
leave the kids behind.
[ominous music playing]
Are you playing with people's lives?
Then who should I have sent?
It was the best option.
We need that man in Room 1408.
And we just can't afford
to lose any more time.
Now let go.
There's got to be another way,
besides using other people.
My plan is to utilize golden hour.
Cha Hyun-su was critically injured,
but he woke up in just a few hours.
[loud crash]
If willpower can affect the turning stage,
and if he can successfully
fight it himself
he will be the strongest weapon we have.
This is what we call a weapon.
He's still human.
I completely agree.
For now.
And you sent him off to die?
It's in your best interest
to get used to using people
on the verge of turning.
You really are twisted.
I don't think you have any idea.
how dangerous our situation has become.
What did you think
of the voting results?
They're all marked with Xs.
I was thinking of secretly switching them.
- But I didn't need to.
- So you didn't switch the votes?
It was unexpected.
I didn't think people would vote
to let Hyun-su stay.
That's because you made them feel guilty,
talking about murder and
You think they voted not to kick him out
because of their conscience?
Well, the man with the sword
and the girl with the bat
may have felt close to him
because they were together.
But what about the others?
It's not easy to accept someone
you don't know anything about,
especially when your life is at risk.
- So what's your point?
- [Eun-Hyeok] You still don't get it?
Cha Hyun-su and Kim Seok-hyeon.
Do you think
they're the only ones turning?
No. Everyone's scared.
Because they don't know
when they might turn.
There was someone who knew about this
before the government announcement.
- Who's that?
- I don't know.
It was an online blog I found by chance.
What did it say?
- Despair.
- What?
It said it's a curse.
And that humans will never overcome it.
You believe a stupid blog post
when you don't even know who wrote it?
Under the circumstances,
I don't think we should
ignore even the smallest clues.
What's "Crucru"?
- Is it your blog?
- Hey, Yi-kyung.
when when when is it?
Our our wedding photo shoot?
Did you write
that you don't want to get married?
No, it's nothing like that.
It's not what you think.
[tense music playing]
- Where are you going?
- There will be more infected people soon.
- So?
- It's not going to be safe here either.
It's still safer in here.
- Do you want to come?
- To where?
A way to survival.
[tense music playing]
Hey, Ji-su.
[breathing heavily]
I think
there's a monster inside.
Let's go and kill it.
We can destroy it right now.
You're scared, aren't you?
[grunts, chuckles]
[door creaking]
[fire crackles]
[tense music intensifying]
Don't come!
Stay away, Sang-wook! [screams]
[frantic music playing]
[Mr. An] Okay, move.
Are you trying to burn
the whole building down?
We have plenty of time
to put out the fire later. Just relax.
It will take ages to get
to the first floor.
My goodness. I'm not sure anyone
will still be alive by then.
Be careful.
[Mr. An] Who's there?
He's alive.
The monster left him alive?
What's going on?
[man] I couldn't reach my son's hand.
I couldn't do anything
when the monster took him.
It was too fast.
If I had caught my son's hand
if I'd been able to reach that far
would my son be still alive?
I can't forgive myself.
I'm having nightmares every day.
The monster in my head is telling me
that it's all my fault.
Maybe it will be better
to just become a monster.
Become a monster
No! It's my fault.
I should've held onto him!
I should've kept my son!
No! There was nothing I could do.
There was nothing I could do!
[sobbing] It's not my fault.
It's not my fault!
Shouldn't we do something about her?
[Hye-in] Just leave her be.
She never associated
with people like us anyway.
Her daughter went
to a fancy school in Gangnam.
Why not sent her to a local school?
- Gonna dress your wounds now.
- I don't need that shit.
Yes, you do.
Your bleeding has stopped,
but you're still injured.
Is it okay to let him go like that?
There's no need to worry about him.
I bet he could take on a lion by himself.
Hey, you look pretty hurt yourself.
I'm fine.
Move that hand.
It'll get infected if you don't treat it.
I'll do it myself.
Can you give me a bandage?
Move that hand, pretty boy.
You're turning, aren't you?
Yu-ri, get away from him.
Move your hand now.
Or else I'll make sure your heart
will never beat again.
Come on.
[flesh squelching]
Get out of here. Go.
I wouldn't have helped you
if I knew you were a monster.
Get out!
You think you're so funny.
[laughter continues]
I was just kidding.
Don't worry, you don't have to leave.
Why in the world would I be scared of you
when I'm going to die?
- What?
- Yu-ri.
You're gonna stay here.
You're going to the 14th floor, huh?
You said there are little kids there.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm sure you can use someone
who's not at all afraid of dying.
- No way.
- Well, you're fired.
You've done well
nursing this grumpy old man
but it's time to come out of retirement.
I want to be a superhero before I die.
Can you let me join you?
You're just acting tough.
Don't fool yourself.
No one really wants to die.
Is rudeness one of the symptoms
of turning into a monster?
Let me explain something to you,
pretty boy.
Not being afraid of death
and wanting to die are different things.
Now, I'm gonna live longer
than all the rest of you kids, you'll see.
["I am a Soldier" by Shoon playing]
[ominous music playing]
What do you want?
What are you hiding there?
Are you crazy?
You really
don't care about me at all, do you?
If I turn into a monster,
I'm sure I'll kill you.
- You stupid bitch!
- [crying]
I don't really want to kill you
when you turn into a monster.
That won't be satisfying.
You're not making any sense.
[unsettling music playing]
Is that man outside the door still there?
No, he left and went upstairs.
So don't worry about it.
He went upstairs?
Son of a bitch
[breathing heavily]
[door unlocks]
[door creaks]
[unsettling music playing]
[unsettling music continues]
Son of a bitch
[Hyun-su] Have you been well?
Where's the lady?
Is anyone hearing this?
[poignant music playing]
[Eun-Hyeok] We're in despair right now.
We don't know what to do
what's happening,
or how long we can survive this.
But we are still alive.
We can't overcome our despair.
[heartbeat continues]
I'm sure there is an end.
And we will hold out and fight
until that end.
[Hyun-su] Rest in peace.
I'm going to fight a little longer.
[Eun-Hyeok] We will survive.
[Ui-Myeong] Hey!
Over here! Hey, I'm not turning! Hey!
Come over, check this out!
Please help me!
Look! Help!
Somebody help me!
My oh my. You must've been scared.
- Take care of this guy.
- All right.
Why were you in there?
- Sorry, just in case.
- I would've lost my mind.
- I'm out now, so it's fine.
- Are you really cool
or just pretending to be?
Yun-jae is really kind and patient.
- Are you a fan of Hanwha Eagles?
- Yeah.
- How did you know?
- He's from Chungcheong Province, right?
You're not speaking
Chungcheong dialect.
I lived in Seoul a long time, okay?
What's he so nervous about?
- I guess it was really tough for him.
- Maybe.
[scoffs] You guys are such hypocrites.
You pretended not to notice when he was
so obviously beaten up by someone,
now you're acting all nice.
Yes, of course, but
That hit way too close to home.
I feel like shit now. Damn it.
[door opens]
[loud bang]
[ominous music playing]
[Jae-hwan] Fucking stupid gangster!
Careful, he's gonna hear you.
[loud thud]
Son of a bitch
[main theme music playing]
[intense choral music plays]
He's a murderer!
That man's a murderer!
You fucking murderer.
[judge] He has no criminal record
and has no motive.
There's no evidence
to prove it was intentional.
And as his future shows great promise,
the court has decided
on the following sentence.
The accused, Hwang Seung-jae,
is sentenced to 11 months in prison
and two years of supervised probation.
You shouldn't die like that.
You don't deserve to die peacefully.
You don't deserve a humane death,
you bastard.
[choral music continues]
You fucking murderer
You don't deserve to live.
[wind gusting]
[tense music playing]
[thunder crashing]
[plaintive music playing]
[thunder rumbles]
[main theme music playing]
[intense choir swelling]
[door closes]
[somber music plays]
[Yeong-Su] Su-yeong,
why isn't Dad here with us?
Um, they
can't bring Dad back.
They said it will be too sad
for us if they bring him here.
That doesn't make any sense, though!
[poignant music playing]
[poignant music swells]
[poignant music soaring]
[delicate music plays]
Here, Grandpa
We were born humans
and we'll die as humans.
Are you okay?
I should be strong.
I'm a mother.
What are you going to do now?
What do you mean?
You can't do this all by yourself.
There's no choice. I have to.
I'll deal with this on my own.
you did a really
good job.
Dinosaurs used to rule the earth,
but they went extinct
about 66 million years ago.
But this also proves
that there is a possibility that humans
could also go extinct at any moment.
[pulsing music playing]
[electricity crackles]
However, our ancestors changed
in order to survive.
They called it "evolution."
[door unlocks]
But if we humans are forced
to face an apocalypse,
will we
choose another form of evolution?
Or will we choose to remain human?
[thrilling music plays]
[loud thud]
[echoing loud growl]
[chilling music plays]
[intricate string music playing]
["Side by Side" by BewhY playing]
Subtitle translation by Su-hyun Yang
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