Sweet Home (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

[theme music playing]
[intense choral music playing]
[poignant music playing]
You died when you should have lived,
and I lived when I should have been
the one to die.
[sobbing softly]
[Jae-heon] I'm scared
and nervous.
And I know it's crazy to say
in a situation like this,
but I do think I should say it.
I want to be with you, Ji-su.
Is that
God's will, too?
It's not.
This is my will.
- [thuds]
- [cries]
[footsteps approaching]
Eat this.
You know you are always ugly,
but you really look like shit right now.
[heavy breathing]
You want to live, right?
Just act like you did before.
Nothing good will happen
if you're near me.
Get away from me if you want to live.
I'm nothing but bad luck.
Oh, jeez.
- [sniffles]
- You really hate yourself, don't you?
Everyone around us keeps on dying.
Whether they
kill themselves
or get killed by monsters
Enjoying your pity party?
[clicks tongue]
Well, you know,
I have really bad luck too.
You know I'm an orphan, right?
My family went to see
a ballet performance once,
and we got into an accident.
[inhales deeply]
[Eun-yu] Both my mom
and my dad were killed
My dad said he was tired,
but I wanted to go.
I made Eun-hyeok become an orphan, too.
And I basically ruined his life.
We're not even blood-related.
And honestly,
we're more like strangers
than we are family.
But he left school
to help me study ballet.
[deep exhaling]
He's crazy. He's really crazy.
He said it's okay.
That it wasn't my fault.
Does he think I'll be okay because he is?
I didn't want to owe to him anything.
I was determined to become
a famous ballerina
and pay him back later, but
[delicate music playing]
my ankle's so busted I can't even turn.
So tell me
Do you pity me?
[Eun-yu] You seem to think
your life is the most pitiful.
Sorry but it's not.
I'll prove it to you.
I'm going to survive with you
until the end.
[Eun-yu] I have nothing else to do anyway.
You don't need to make yourself miserable.
Things are bad enough already.
[delicate music continues]
[Jae-heon] It's been about 30 years.
I picked a knife on my first birthday.
[beating herself, grunting]
[delicate, poignant music continues]
Jung Jae-heon
Drink all you want.
[scraping continues]
Five more days.
I already endured 30 hard years.
Five days is nothing for me.
[tense music]
[man] We should find him.
Burn them.
Let me ask you a favor.
There's something inside this place.
- We must find it.
- Find what?
I don't know. An underground tunnel
or a bunker or something.
What do you plan to do?
To hide.
People keep dying.
Young people with their whole lives
ahead of them are dying.
I believe that you'll survive this.
I can tell from your face.
[Yeong-su] Grandpa.
[foreboding music]
Is the army coming to rescue us?
Are they?
Move out.
On your own.
I'll greet our guests.
The soldiers, you can't trust them.
You might not understand.
I do understand.
[soft chuckle]
You have a sidekick.
She's a secret agent. She's just like you.
[tires screeching]
It's coming this way! Guys, guys! Come on!
Ah! Damn it!
It's coming right at us! Ah, run!
[woman screaming]
[tense music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[woman] Oh, my god he has a gun!
Let's go back!
[people screaming]
Have you been well? Huh?
- Hold him down.
- Help!
- [man 2] What are you doing!
- Okay, one, two
[Ju-seong cries]
Not it.
[man] We failed again?
[Ju-seong cries]
[indistinct chatter]
Find everyone who's hiding.
[tense music continues]
[Min-woo] It'll be easier
to just shoot them.
You always talk about killing everyone.
We should have fun with them. Ha!
[Gil-seop] A robbery
in the middle of the day?
Didn't your mother buy you any paper?
Why the hell did you scribble
on your face?
[Nam-il] You stupid fuck.
You're so old.
How are you still alive? Huh?
- It's not even a good world to live in.
- [chuckles] You think?
What kind of losers just intruded and
Say one more word,
and I'll tear your jaw off.
[foreboding music]
[Gil-seop] Your mission
is to stay hidden.
You have to stay in there.
Don't ever get caught.
You can do that, right?
But But
- [thuds]
- [gasps]
What about Yeong-su? Where is
It's okay. Everything's fine.
Everything's fine. Everything's fine.
[Nam-il whistles]
It's a bit bigger than last time.
[Nam-il] Should I measure
the area every time?
This is your jail now.
[Nam-il laughs]
- [gunshot]
- [grunts]
[man 3] No!
- No!
- Ji-eun!
[Ji-eun] Please. Don't kill me!
[overlapping dialogue]
- Oh, my legs hurt.
- [man 4] Mr. Han
- [man 5] What are you doing to us?
- [panting]
We're We're not infected.
No, Mr. Han! Stay here.
They're going to kill you too!
- [man 6] Please!
- What are you doing?
Come on. [laughs]
How could you kill her? How could you?
People's lives are useless these days.
You're so emotional.
Are you going to cry for everyone?
Mister, you crossed the line. Go inside.
Stay here.
Just squeeze in. That's your home.
A tiny home.
[clanking in distance]
[gang member] Hey.
Where are you going?
You stink like shit.
[gang member] You shit
[tense music plays]
Oh, it's a girl.
A girl.
She's hurt.
[flesh squelching]
Look at you.
[Ui-myeong] That's enough.
Get out.
[clicks tongue]
Jung-seop is looking for you.
Stop calling him by his fucking name,
you sad little pussy!
It's really not the time to do that.
You could be killed
by Jung-seop.
[tense music]
My name is Shin Jung-seop.
Why don't we all
just get along without fighting?
How can you say that after what you did?
How can you treat people like this?
We're not animals!
I'm sorry. This is all I know.
If you all do as I say,
I won't kill any of you.
What do you want from us?
We should get to, uh, know each other.
I bet you're curious about us, too.
Why don't you tell us?
[chewing gum loudly]
Where were you before you came here?
What happened out there?
Dead. All of them.
Did they just die?
Or did
you kill them?
[suspenseful music]
[Jung-seop] It was a small church.
They'd had it fortified well,
so I got my hopes up,
but all of them were already dead.
What's interesting is
there were no signs of a monster attack.
They had all killed each other.
You shouldn't be worrying
about monsters. No.
Humans are
the scariest.
- What?
- Ui-myeong said you were looking for me.
Hmm? I wasn't.
You son of a bitch!
Did you find anything?
It's a girl.
She's hurt.
Stop frowning.
These people are already scared.
[Ho-yeon] You just left her alone?
Why? Was she not your type?
Can I have her?
I'm saving her for later.
[Eun-yu] Are you crazy?
Stop standing up to them.
- Do you want to get yourself killed?
- I did it because I wanted us to live.
- We have to wait.
- Until when?
It seems like they killed soldiers
and stole their weapons and ammo.
They only have a few guns
and there are dozens
of monsters out there.
We have to do something.
When the time is right
we'll act.
[Eun-hyeok] You're not
the only weapon we have.
[thrilling music playing]
You don't know how to shoot.
No, I do not.
You asshole
[neck cracks]
Weren't you a firefighter?
I used to be Special Forces.
How did you get the rifle?
I saw you hiding it.
[Jung-seop] Huh.
You really made an effort.
Who's the leader here, huh?
Who made this?
I did.
I heard someone performed surgery.
Who did that?
I did.
Everyone here is completely useless.
There's an old man, and a cripple,
and even a patient.
This place is the worst so far,
but there's so many survivors.
You're young, but capable, yeah?
I like you. So what do you say?
Will you abandon them and join me?
[brooding music plays]
Or will you
just die?
[Jung-seop] Hey
Good choice.
Smart guy.
[Nam-il] Sir!
- Huh?
- There's a monster here.
[tense music plays]
[Sang-wook] Come here.
Why did you go in there?
Well, my mission was to stay hidden,
but I saw Yi-kyung here.
She's a secret agent, too
and Grandpa wasn't coming
and I was scared.
It saved me! Don't hurt it!
[tense music playing]
I don't think she's dangerous.
She's still human.
- There are monsters that don't harm
- [Jung-seop] So?
She's going to turn.
You locked her up because you were scared.
You're a hypocrite.
I thought you're pretty smart,
but you're just a kid.
Uh [groans]
I'm Shin Jung-seop.
I want you to know
that it's nothing personal.
Do you have any
final words?
Hey, hey, hey.
You're the toughest
of all the fucking trash here.
Watch and learn.
[all gasp]
[Seung-Wan] What just happened? Who
Did they Did they kill Eun-hyeok?
He's on their side now.
They killed Seon-yeong.
They're different from you.
They could all get killed.
[Eun-hyeok] When the time is right
we'll act.
[brooding music playing]
Doctor boy. You should declare her dead.
[plaintive music playing]
Hypocrisy is expensive.
If we wait any longer,
more people will die.
[Sang-wook] What's your plan?
You can't shoot a gun,
can you at least run fast?
I'm usually the one who's chasing.
Well, let's hope you're fast
you're not alone anymore.
"I'll get things cleaned up first,
He's acting like he's so nice.
Why doesn't he just hold
a funeral for her?
Sir, I'm telling you,
Ui-myeong really doesn't suit our group.
- [gunshot]
- [screams]
Get her!
[rapid gunfire]
[propulsive music playing]
What the fuck was that shit?
- Cha Hyun-su! Now!
- [grunts]
[tense, thrilling music]
Close your eyes.
Not you, you shit!
[rapid gunfire]
Get off him! Get off him!
[tense music]
Everyone, stop!
Oh, shit!
[slams shut]
Let them go
or I'll just blow his fucking brains out.
[Nam-il] Sir.
[Nam-il] Sir.
[flesh squelching]
No, Ms. An
- [thud]
- [gasps]
- [Hyun-su grunts]
- [sudden intense music playing]
I'm sorry
[both gasp]
[flesh squelching]
You have secrets, huh?
Sir, he'll recover soon.
[Jung-seop] We should kill all
[flask clatters]
[tense music playing]
She's really gonna die, isn't she?
Shut up, you idiot.
Where the hell have you been?
[Kyeong-mo] Shut your trap.
Your breath stinks.
[Ho-yeon] What? You son of a bitch
You smell like disinfectant.
You'd better go over there.
The patient's in bad condition.
I think she might die soon.
No. No.
I'm hurt, too.
Do you want to see my wound?
Taste me
- Damn it!
- [grunts]
- [grunts]
- [groans]
What? Do you want to go first? Good.
[inhales deeply]
[breathing heavily]
- [gunshot]
- [people screaming]
[thrilling music plays]
[Yi-kyung] Hurry.
[woman screams]
I knew this would happen!
[Yi-kyung] Drop your gun.
Want to bet who could kill more?
- [gunshot]
- [screaming]
You're gonna lose!
Now, drop your fucking gun!
Drop it!
Drop it, you bitch!
You little bitch!
This is just the beginning, you bitch!
- [grunting]
- [gunshot]
Come on, now.
[brooding music plays]
- Wait here.
- [Yu-ri wheezing]
[panting softly]
killed a person.
It's okay.
[delicate music playing]
He wasn't human.
[Nam-il] Here.
Let's just burn him.
That's no fun.
Will the fall kill him?
No, wait.
Let's gut him, huh?
Or should I cut off his head
and keep it as a souvenir?
[Jung-seop laughs]
- No
- He's not human anyway.
It doesn't matter even if he was.
Just look at him, though.
What's with him?
[cocks gun]
[gunshot echoing]
[foreboding music]
[Hyun-su] Nobody
gets down from here.
I see.
You're pretty tough.
You don't seem
to get the picture here.
I'll kill you slowly,
as many times as you want.
[gun clatters]
You crossed the line this time, Jung-seop.
You want that, too?
No No, no. I don't
I don't want that, please.
Thank you.
I like that look on your face.
It's nice to meet you.
[helicopter rumbling]
[haunting music playing]
[Ui-myeong] It must hurt.
I know how it feels.
You can never get used to it.
Why did you kill him?
Well, I thought you'd be grateful.
You're on the same side.
How can a wolf and a rabbit
be on the same side?
The rabbit was pretending to be a wolf,
so I just played along.
But there's no need for that now.
It's not a crime
for a wolf to kill a rabbit.
That just makes sense
in this crazy world now.
There are monsters that don't harm
[intense music]
All alone now, huh?
Where's Hyun-su?
Stop. Stop. We don't have time for this!
What do you mean?
If they come down, we are all dead!
- What are you talking about?
- Damn it.
I'll put it down, okay?
I've never seen such a thing before.
It can't kill anything in this state.
All right.
I guess I have to leave you now.
[heart beating]
But will there be humans
that don't harm monsters?
Look. Look at this.
"Special Infectee Report Guide.
We guarantee the safety of anyone
who reports a special infectee.
You will be transferred to a safe camp."
- [man] What does that mean?
- They want us to report them.
Do you still think those people
you're trying to protect
will welcome you after reading this?
Let's find out.
They're coming. They're coming.
[propulsive music playing]
[clock ticking]
[ticking continues]
[elevator dings, echoing]
[chilling music plays]
[intricate string music playing]
["Side by Side" by BewhY playing]
Subtitle translation by Su-hyun Yang
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