Sweet Home (2020) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

[theme music playing]
[baby crying]
[both gasp]
Seung-wan, you have to be quiet.
[Seung-wan grunting softly]
You can't make a sound, all right?
[muffled] Mm-hmm.
I need your help, Seung-wan.
I can't do this without you.
Me? Uh Uh help you, Chief?
I'm ready to do anything
at your bidding whenever you'd
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
[knocking on door]
[Dong-jun] Sir?
Sir, may I come in?
[unsettling music]
Sir, can you hear me?
[unsettling music rising]
[exhales deeply]
What is it at this late hour?
Uh, the thing is
[metal cabinet clanks]
[Dong-jun] It wasn't a defect, sir.
Someone deliberately cut the wires.
The door to the level-one basement
was locked during the blackout.
[In-hwan] Who's in charge of the keys?
Sergeant Bang and Chief Ji, sir.
As I'm sure you recall,
both Chief Ji and Sergeant Bang
were present at Central Plaza that day.
Why would someone do this?
They have something to hide.
[Dong-jun] Sir?
Whoever's responsible likely
used the blackout to their advantage.
[Dong-jun] But who, sir?
But, ma'am, are you, uh, sure
I can help you?
I mean, there are more
qualified technicians out there after all.
I've spent most of my days studying,
so I'm not very handy with tools.
Do you like it here?
Oh, you know, I'm only alive
because I don't have the guts
to kill myself.
But I've got used to living here.
Oh, I must've grown quite attached to it.
[Chief Ji chuckles]
Is that so?
The monsters have taken over
every part of the world, and
in this place, I feel like
I'm still in touch with humanity.
So, Chief Ji,
what do you want me to
Could you come and take a look at this?
Uh, what is this?
[Chief Ji] This is our living area.
Pretty cramped when you see it
in context, right?
So I'm thinking of expanding a little.
Oh. I didn't know.
I assumed what I saw was all of it.
Not everything is what it looks like.
[inhales deeply]
I expect Sergeant Tak
to try to stop me, though.
Why would he?
symptomatic people would use it
as another place to hide.
[nervous chuckle]
Yeah, all right.
Isn't that good to hear?
Uh, I mean, if you can't keep
everyone under control,
wouldn't this place be more dangerous?
But you're fine, aren't you?
What was that for?
You said you would help me, right?
That's why I'm trying to return the favor.
What favor?
I knew something was off with this.
I'm telling everyone!
Go for it.
But who exactly would you tell?
The Crow Platoon?
Sergeant Tak?
Do you even have the guts?
After all,
you have symptoms, Seung-wan.
[suspenseful music]
[Seung-wan sighs]
[breathing heavily]
Come on, get up.
[Ye-seul grunts]
- Come on!
- Seriously?
What's this about?
Someone needs their beauty sleep,
you know that.
What if my skin breaks out?
That should be the least
of your worries right now.
This belongs to you, doesn't it?
[tense music]
No, it doesn't.
Whose is it then?
I'm telling you, it's not mine!
I've never seen it before, I swear!
Come on, why won't you believe me?
Excuse me, sir. It's Seung-wan.
He's not in his bunk.
He's usually afraid to use the bathroom
alone at night, so this is odd.
Please look around again.
And get back to us
if you still don't find him.
[Ye-seul grunting]
Come on. It really hurts, okay?
Please let me go.
Working late, I see.
Thank you for your hard work.
From the monster incident
to the blackout, Sergeant,
this day feels like
it's dragged on forever.
I've purposely avoided
getting in your way until now.
Because I deemed you
to be a necessary asset for our safety.
[Chief Ji] And?
A light bulb went off in my head.
What if I was wrong about her?
You don't think I'm a threat
to this place's safety, do you?
We'll find out soon enough.
[Ye-seul] You have the wrong person!
I'm telling you, it's not me!
For fuck's sake, let me go!
[In-hwan] You've seen it first hand,
therefore, no explanation is needed.
Someone went and cut the wires
in the control room, and
in there, we found a ring
that belongs to your daughter.
I told you, I didn't do it!
I told you to let go of me!
[Ye-seul] Mom.
Please say something. It wasn't me.
Did you know about this?
I knew nothing about this.
Well, I'm glad.
Mom, why are you doing this?
Come on, don't do this. Mom!
Let go! No!
Mom! Let me go!
[breathing shakily]
If they catch you right now,
you won't be treated poorly
or sent into exile.
After the whole incident
with Jun-il's mother,
they changed their treatment of infectees.
[breathing nervously]
So, what now?
I should at least be here to rot.
[whimpering, gasps]
[keys jangling]
I I thought you wouldn't come back
for me, Chief.
I was so scared and all.
I told you I'd come back, didn't I?
Yes. Yes, you did.
Uh, I'd like to apologize
for doubting you before.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- [door opens]
Thank you.
Uh, Chief, what is this place, by the way?
- Seung-wan.
- Yes?
[grunting, groaning]
[breathing shakily]
- [gasps]
- [Seung-wan] Chief Ji.
Why, Chief? Please, Chief Ji, help me.
Why are you doing this?
Why on earth did you wake up, Seung-wan?
I wanted to make this painless!
What are you talking about?
I I want to get out. I want to get out.
- [gasps]
- Please, let me out, Chief.
I won't cause you trouble.
I'll be good. Please.
[Chief Ji] Seung-wan.
The ship has sailed now.
Please, I'll do whatever you want.
Please, I'll be good.
I'll listen to you, please.
I'll be nice. Chief Ji!
[Seung-wan crying]
Help me!
Help me!
- [Seung-wan screaming]
- [monster growling]
Sergeant Min!
Sergeant Min!
Damn it.
Kim Yeong-hu!
Fucking hell!
Is your radio not working?
Check the beacon.
What about Yong-seok's location?
Is it coming through?
I got nothing, sir.
Sir, is Yong-seok even here?
What if Sergeant Kim had all of it wrong?
What if we fucking die here
for nothing? Goddamn it.
I would've come for any one of us.
Even for you, you bastard!
Isn't that what families do, huh?
Sir, I'm sorry.
I let the fears get to me.
Like I'm some wuss.
Of course, it's terrifying.
I totally understand that.
But let's see this through to the end.
We have to find Yong-seok, man!
That's what we're here for.
Jong-hyun, got that?
Come on.
The signal is feeble, sir.
It must be because of the monsters.
They're probably
just hiding out somewhere.
What should we do then?
First, we're gonna find Jeong and Min
in the research lab.
Then resume the search for Yong-seok.
Can we leave Dr. Lim unsupervised, sir?
I'm just worried about him.
I've warned him enough.
If he's in danger, he'll radio us.
So listen closely.
Yes, sir.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Choi Yong-seok.
[monsters snarling]
[Seo-jin] What the hell are those?
They're all monsters.
Don't you think it's strange, though?
What's strange, sir?
The picture's too perfect.
[Seo-jin] It's almost
as if someone's partitioned them.
[monsters growling]
[Seo-jin gasps]
- [gunshots]
- [screaming]
Fuck off!
[screaming continues]
They'll make their way up soon.
Let's get both of you to safety.
[Seo-jin grunting]
[unsettling music]
[door closes]
[Seok-chan] There's nothing here, sir.
Look around and gather everything useful.
What kind of person were you?
Did you have a family?
Oh, you were alone?
Alone is good.
Some of us turned into monsters,
and people like me
get to keep living as humans.
What's it like to be a monster?
Is it better?
I guess there's no way of telling
unless I experience it for myself.
What a shame that can be.
[Seok-chan] Sir.
About Yong-seok.
What should we do about him
if he's already turned?
[breathes deeply]
I know I shouldn't worry, but
Will I kill him if he's a monster?
I don't fucking know.
If I hesitate, do whatever feels right.
You're leaving it up to me?
Who are you? Are you human?
[Yeong-hu] Open your eyes. Look here.
Open your eyes!
[Seok-chan] Are you all right?
We won't hurt you.
You're human, right?
[breathing shakily]
Would you look at me?
[breathing shakily]
Okay, that's good.
Are you unwell?
Could you please move outside?
[woman grunts]
Are you cold?
Hey, Kang Seok-chan.
Sir, you told me to do
whatever feels right.
Are you soldiers?
Uh, not anymore.
We're also survivors.
[Yeong-hu] Are you alone?
Are there other people with you?
This is where we live.
Isn't it dangerous
because of the monsters?
The monsters don't come in here.
Did you see somebody
in a military uniform like us?
He was probably here not long ago.
- Yes, I did.
- Are you sure?
Where is he now?
[Seok-chan] We have to find him.
Could you come with us?
[Chan-yeong grunts]
What happened to her?
A fire started where she was staying.
I think there was no way out.
She was already unconscious
by the time I made it in.
It's carbon monoxide poisoning.
Something like a small gas tank
should be lying around.
Go look for some.
[Chan-yeong] I found one!
[air hissing]
Does it work?
- [sighs]
- [Eun-yu] What?
What is it?
It's out of oxygen.
So what happens now?
Her organs will start to fail without
a steady supply of oxygen.
- Fuck me.
- Enough of that crap.
- Is there any other way?
- It's already too late.
Don't say that
unless you've tried everything.
If you don't want to help, get out.
Cha Hyun-su, help me carry her.
Let's get her to the stadium.
We have to leave now.
I said help me carry her!
[Eun-yu panting]
[Eun-yu sobbing]
[Ha-ni humming]
God, you're so pathetic.
You're ugly on the outside,
but you're even uglier from the inside.
You're cowardly.
You're a liar.
[tires screech]
Enough of your bullshit.
Why keep me around
if you hate people so much?
What makes me so different?
By the way, those guys
It was almost like they were shining.
[Ha-ni chuckles]
Isn't it funny?
I really had butterflies, though.
Even that foxy bitch
looked hot, didn't she?
They were full of life.
I wanted that for myself.
But all that remains of me
is a hollow husk.
You wanna know how you're different?
I liked how you were empty inside.
I liked how you didn't shine at all.
That way, I won't worry
you'll be a monster.
I could care less if you're just
a hollow shell of a human being.
What matters is that
you're still alive.
So where do we go now?
Some place free of humans and monsters.
Sounds like a complete buzzkill.
Are you feeling better now?
We did the best we could.
Are you comfortable with this?
Is leaving her to die like that
really the right thing to do?
Now that I think about it
I think it's what she wanted.
Her boat was deliberately burned.
But she chose to stay aboard.
[Eun-yu] Why, though?
Why would Yi-kyung do that?
I wanna ask you something.
How's everyone doing?
[Eun-yu sighs]
Hye-in and Su-yeong are dead.
And Yoon Ji-su, too.
[breathing heavily]
Just like that, they're all gone.
Now let me ask you a question.
[Eun-yu] He must have had symptoms.
Were you the last one
to see Lee Eun-hyeok that day?
You met, right?
How was he?
He was the same as always, you know.
And I didn't notice
anything off about him.
[wistful music]
Then you
you don't know, I guess
what happened to him either.
Whether he became a monster or
Thank you, though.
You still came back to me.
Excuse me.
I know we just met, but
you're resisting it, right?
Sorry about that.
I didn't mean to be rude,
but I had to check.
It's okay.
The person Eun-yu was looking for
are you really him?
At least I don't think so.
There's someone that means more to Eun-yu.
Please take good care
of Yi-kyung and Eun-yu.
Where are you going?
[Hyun-su] I have to find someone.
Yi-kyung must say farewell now.
[mysterious music]
I know you're here.
We need to talk.
Yi-kyung is very sick.
She could die any moment.
Just tag along.
What does it mean to die?
It means to say farewell.
She'll never be around anymore.
I'm okay with that.
Hyun-su, you just don't get it.
Mom hates me.
She wished I just disappeared.
So I won't go see her.
No, you're the one who doesn't get it.
You may accept it for a while
but you'll regret it in the end.
Let's go.
[Kid] You don't want my mom to die?
Then why not save her life?
[Hyun-su] That would be nice.
But that's not an option.
Am I supposed to do anything?
No, you don't have to do anything.
You just
stay by her side to the end.
[Chan-yeong] Cha Hyun-su, was it?
That's the monster
that killed Mr. Kim, right?
It gets on my nerves
when you use the word "kill."
Well, nonetheless,
that's how it went down.
Your curiosity will cost you someday.
[Eun-yu sighs]
Mr. Kim was displaying symptoms.
I don't know when it'd begun.
- [growls]
- [grunts]
- [snarling]
- Die, motherfucker!
Wait. But why didn't you say anything?
You were branded a murderer.
The Chief and I have had
a long-standing grudge.
Yet we all lived
because she opened the stadium to us.
I can't deny that.
I just couldn't screw her over like that.
Lee Eun-yu.
Don't get me wrong.
That wasn't the only reason.
I didn't know it was Hyun-su, but
either way,
I didn't want to tell the Crow Platoon.
[Eun-yu sighs]
[Yi-kyung coughs]
[breathing heavily]
Could you step outside for a moment?
[heavy breathing]
Could you wake up, Yi-kyung?
I brought her over.
[Yi-kyung coughing]
[Yi-kyung breathing heavily]
[Yi-kyung] I'm
I'm sorry.
[Yi-kyung breathing heavily]
[mysterious music]
Why are you out here already?
Stay with her for a while longer.
Mom's not going to die.
So stop crying, please.
[clattering, glass shattering]
[Hyun-su] Yi-kyung.
[Hyun-su sobbing]
[Hyun-su sobbing]
[bone cracks]
[ominous music]
[skin ripping]
[Kid] You don't want my mom to die?
Then why not save her life?
[bones cracking]
Watch out!
No, don't do that!
[both grunt]
It's too late for her. She's already gone!
You guys should go back.
What about Yi-kyung?
How could she turn so suddenly?
She wasn't showing any symptoms.
Her daughter did this to her.
She turns people to monsters?
Monsterization is uncontrollable
by humans.
- [Hyun-su] She's not human.
- What the hell are you talking about?
- [screams]
- [gasps]
Leave! Now!
[both grunting]
Monsters, you all have to die.
[bones cracking]
[epic suspenseful music]
[Yi-kyung screams]
["The Monster" by SUSAN playing]
[Hyun-su] Eun-yu, I can see it all.
I can understand what people
who turn into monsters are after.
I can see through the illusion
they're in.
And in those dreams
they're all happy.
But Yi-kyung
is also miserable on that side.
I have to stop her.
It has to be me.
[Chan-yeong] Could it be true?
We did what we did because
monsterization can't be reversed.
Because they could no longer
be considered human.
That's why we've been killing them.
But what he said is true.
I've been killing humans all along.
[Eun-yu] No.
Well, it's not like you had a choice
in the matter.
What are you gonna do now?
I'm gonna wait for Hyun-su to wake up.
I should get back there.
I've been gone for too long.
Sorry for causing so much trouble.
Must be nice being you.
You're so quick to come to terms
with everything.
We might never hear from you again.
Do you have anything to say
to the people waiting for you at camp?
I don't.
I just wanna be forgotten.
You should go now.
And don't come back.
[Ho-sang] Fuck me.
You're awake.
- Boss?
- [Ho-sang grunting]
What's up?
You all right?
You little shit.
Ugh! Can't live this way anymore.
How do I reverse?
[engine starts]
- [tires squeal]
- Whoa!
All right. It's easy.
[suspenseful music]
- [monster snarls]
- [guns cocking]
Don't be scared.
They're just isolated.
We can't live with monsters after all.
Didn't you say there were people like us
living down here?
I wasn't lying to you.
Symptomatic people and monsters live here.
The person you described
He's over there.
He's symptomatic?
Are you sure about that?
[Yong-seok whispers] Sergeant Kim
Let me Let me out of here.
Please let me out here. Help me.
Are you all right, Yong-seok?
[Yeong-hu] Stop, Seok-chan.
It's dangerous.
Seok-chan! Hey.
[monster snarling]
Open it right now.
I don't know how.
There are other survivors here
besides you, right?
Oh, God, Sergeant.
Please don't go, sir. Please.
Seok-chan, you stay here
and guard Yong-seok.
- [Yong-seok] Sir
- Sergeant Kim.
I won't take long, okay?
Hey, Yong-seok.
- Yes, sir.
- Seok-chan stays with you. Hold tight.
Lead the way. Where do we go?
[Seok-chan] Hey, you.
Thank you so much for telling us.
Nice job.
You really did a good job holding it back.
Yes, you did.
You held back for long enough.
A greeting shouldn't hurt, right?
[breathing heavily]
Nice to meet you.
- [clanks]
- [gasps]
[clanking in distance]
Who's there?
[Dr. Lim] Who's there?
Are you a monster or a human?
[ominous music]
Hold on.
You'll stay put, won't you?
I'll be right back.
Damn it.
So did you find the meds?
Your girlfriend cried a lot over you,
you know.
You should go comfort her.
[Yong-seok] Seok-chan,
could you please give this to Jin-a?
What's this for?
Tell her I'm sorry
this is all I could find.
That, and
explain that I got scared and ran away.
Listen, bastard!
Get yourself together.
Sergeant Kim will never give up on you.
I won't give up on you, either.
So get a grip, okay?
[Yong-seok] Seok-chan.
Those things
have no intention of letting us go.
Run away.
Get the hell out of here!
What's going on?
We need to talk.
Well, I think you owe me an explanation.
I'm the one you should be talking to.
What's your business here?
We're taking the soldier
in the isolation area.
Sir, if you just don't get in our way,
we'll leave as quietly as we can.
No. I won't allow that.
I don't need your approval.
Let's try again, I guess.
Isolating symptomatic individuals
is protocol.
We follow the same rules as you soldiers.
[Yeong-hu] Cut the crap.
You knew he had no symptoms, right?
I don't know what the fuck
you're doing to innocent, healthy people,
but I'm not gonna play your sick games.
We were giving him a chance.
An opportunity.
We tried to mold him
into becoming like us.
[whistling continues]
[whistling continues]
[man laughing]
[man laughing]
[Jong-hyun screaming]
[Yong-seok] Those things
were lab rats here.
You disgusting piece of shit.
Sergeant Kim!
[suspenseful music]
[Seok-chan] Sarge!
[suspenseful music rising]
[door clanking]
[ominous music]
[somber music]
Cha Hyun-su.
[epic suspenseful music]
Are you going to hit me with that?
Bring him back.
Bring Cha Hyun-su back now.
He's hurt, you know.
Let him rest a bit.
I only came to help him
because the pain was killing him.
So don't be like that.
This is all your people's fault, you know.
I thought Hyun-su was in control?
I'm also Cha Hyun-su.
You're a monster. I need the real Hyun-su.
We agreed to help each other out.
I can't exactly have Cha Hyun-su
dying on me, you know.
Why don't you leave him be and get lost?
You mean it?
Sure that's what you want?
Are you sure you would be okay with just
a weak Cha Hyun-su?
[Eun-yu breathing shakily]
What are you doing?
Don't know.
What should we do?
What do you want?
I knew you would come back.
That is, if you hadn't
been slain somewhere.
I don't think we've met before.
For you too, this place meant everything.
Well, you know how it is.
Being a famous figure.
I simply can't recognize
everyone who recognizes me.
Were you a researcher?
I'm not all that interested in people, so
I don't like 'em, you see.
You showed a lot of interest in me
despite what you say.
So, uh
who exactly are you?
Your very first
test subject.
Don't look away.
You should say hi, at least.
[ominous music]
I knew this day would come.
I really wanted to show you this.
[Sang-wook] What is it you called me?
MH-1, right?
Remember now?
I'm your dear friend, Nam Sang-won.
I'm glad we meet again.
I was worried, you know,
that you might be dead.
[epic ominous music]
[dramatic tense music]
[monsters snarling]
[epic suspenseful music]
[closing theme music playing]
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